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2010 - 2012 Annual Report

Our mission ExplorOcean/Newport Harbor Nautical Museum is dedicated to sharing the adventure, history and natural wonders of the sea through fun and entertaining multi-sensory exhibitions, sciencebased educational programs, and enriching cultural events.


Message from The Board of Directors and President This last year marked a significant milestone as we celebrated our 25th Anniversary! A year with record breaking attendance with over 42,000 visitors, representing students, tourists and our community at large came through our galleries, and attended our programs and community events. Your personal support has contributed to our longevity and success – and we are grateful to you and our community for rallying around us and continuing to support our organization. The anniversary celebration set forth the opening of our new ExplorOcean Preview Center. This exhibit, (realizing 15,445 visitors in its first 9 months), allows us to share a glimpse of our exciting vision for the future by merging a dynamic mix of multi-media, immersive experiences and displays with a variety of artifacts and historic photos from our collection. We have worked hard to educate the community about our plans and listen to their concerns. Over 40 community presentations and events were held reaching nearly 54,000 residents, school district educators, and business and community organizations; we collected hundreds of comments cards and 89% expressed undeniable support. Together we will proceed to

offer an inspiring and gripping ocean experience that will set the scene for future generations of families and friends, as well as pay tribute to our harbor’s storied heritage. Combined, our efforts will infuse a new level of fun, enrichment and entertainment, and help build new memories of the Balboa Fun Zone that has been a part of our community for 75 years. Our new facility will present entertaining and inspiring experiences that will immerse visitors in the adventure and science of the sea. It will also house a significant exhibit space where our meaningful collection, exciting traveling exhibits and interactive permanent exhibits will be on display. Its most significant role will be to deliver extensive educational programming that will excite ocean discovery and appeal to all ages. More attention than ever is focused on providing bold new programs for school-age children and their teachers that will have an impact for years to come. As we celebrate our significant recent accomplishments and our newly defined positive and bright future, your steadfast support remains vital to sustaining and enhancing the cultural role of our institution in our community and to all that visit us.

2010-2011 Board of Directors Jim Reed, Chairman Robert K. Adams, Jr. John E. Clement, Vice Chairman Michael T. Nash William Johnson, Vice Chairman Douglas M. Pasquale Timothy C. Collins, Treasurer Ralph Rodheim Scott Calder, Assistant Treasurer Hon. J.E.T. Rutter Tom Pollack, Secretary Jim Salomon Craig Smith, PhD Douglas M. Tolbert, PhD Rita Stenlund, President

A N N UA L R E P O RT 2 010 - 2 012

2011-2012 Board of Directors Tom Pollack, Chairman William Johnson, Vice-Chairman Timothy C. Collins, Treasurer Ralph Rodheim, Secretary Scott Calder Michael T. Nash Douglas M. Pasquale Jim Salomon Robert van Schoonenberg Craig Smith, PhD Rita Stenlund, President

Making A Difference In Our Community Education

Since opening our doors 25 years ago, The Museum has worked to build and maintain partnerships with community organizations, schools, and social service agencies, offering programs and educational opportunities that connect diverse communities with the Museum’s rich collections, exhibits and resources. From our humble beginnings in the one-room facility to our location today in the heart of the Balboa Fun Zone, our education programs continue to provide unique content for children of all ages, families, teachers, adult learners, and special audiences alike through interpretation of the Museum’s collections and our commitment to ocean exploration and literacy. This year the Museum launched a science based, educational and entertaining, 4 minute video series designed to meet California Science Content Standards curriculum for biology, earth sciences, and geography. The series will describe specific oceanographic or coastal earth science phenomena to an online web audience for multiple grades for public, private and home-school use with focus on current issues in marine science. The first series of videos produced: The Wedge examines the famous surf location in Newport Beach; Tide Pools, helps to understand the delicate ecosystem along the coastline; and Deep Sea Exploration aids students understanding of the impacts of descending under water. In addition to the video, curriculum is available to download including science standard guidelines, activity sheets and vocabulary. Providing teachers with these classroom tools to augment classroom learning helps us to keep an active connection to the students that visit us and to those we look forward to seeing at a future fieldtrip.


More Community Impact, Highlights and Signature Programs Waterman Lecture Series

Our Waterman Lecture Series continues to grow with favorite and new educational and inspirational historians, explorers, adventurers and maritime experts such as Seafaring Tales lecturer David Grant, Michael Lawler, Don R. Preul, Chris Welsh and Roz Savage. Sea Dogs, Sailors and Scientists

Sea Dogs, Sailors and Scientists was our inaugural Spring Break Festival that celebrated both the famous and infamous characters in nautical history. Among the many activities, ExplorOcean/Newport Harbor Nautical Museum provided visitors with hands-on and interactive learning activities, edible constellation creations and sea monster making. Adventurous scavenger hunts, Pirate led gallery tours and navigational games all took place here at the Balboa Fun Zone during this special week. Five Dives Partnership

Five Dives Expedition co-founder and sub pilot Chris Welsh has named ExplorOcean as the exclusive Southern California educational partner for the Five Dives mission. Over the course of 2012 and beyond, Virgin Oceanic’s one-person sub will journey to the deepest part of each of Earth’s five oceans. The first dive will be to the deepest place on the planet: the bottom of the Mariana Trench – 11 kilometers (7 mi) straight down. Subsequent dives will carry a human pilot to the bottom of the Atlantic, Arctic, Southern and Indian oceans. Less than 3% of the seafloor has been explored, and none of the deepest points of the planet have ever been explored beyond a brief visit to one.

A N N UA L R E P O RT 2 010 - 2 012

Galleries Through generous donations, ExplorOcean/ Newport Harbor Nautical Museum has been fortunate to assemble a notable Permanent Collection which in great part is showcased in our four galleries. The Steele Model Pavilion features archival photos, ship models, video programs (featuring Transpac and extreme sailing), and a fully rigged Snowbird. The East Wing is home to Sea of Adventure – an interactive experience that furthers our mission to inspire relationships with the ocean. The Extraordinary People Gallery, founded on the premise that in everyday people there is the ability to become an inspiration to humanity, a hero to your community and an example of how to give back—even in the darkest of times, is currently home to the Nick Scandone Story. Our Preview Center integrates our historic collection with a sampling of exhibits from our new expansion.


Looking Forward New Plans

ExplorOcean, represents an exciting new chapter for the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum at the popular Balboa Fun Zone. By combining informative interactive exhibits with state-of-the-art entertainment experiences, this ‘unique’ facility will plunge visitors into humankind’s epic adventure of ocean exploration, so they too become inspired to uncover the secrets of Earth’s wild blue frontier.

With indoor and outdoor components, ExplorOcean will reenergize the Balboa Fun Zone, while giving Newport Beach a vibrant community gathering place. For all visitors, ExplorOcean will present an inspiring call to action. The ocean remains largely uncharted, yet it may hold the key to our future. It’s time to explore!

At ExplorOcean, visitors will sail through time to draw inspiration from the great explorers who braved the unknown seas before them. They’ll meet contemporary explorers investigatng the hotpots of ocean discovery today. They’ll journey to the deepest, darkest trenches of the ocean abyss to get a hint of the amazing discoveries that await them there.

A N N UA L R E P O RT 2 010 - 2 012

Condensed Statement of Financial Position The condensed statement of financial position and the operating highlights are derived from the financial statements of ExplorOcean/Newport Harbor Nautical Museum. The statements for the fiscal years ended June 30, 2011 and June 30, 2012 have been audted by SingerLewak LLP. These consolidated financial statements include the accounts of ExplorOcean/NHNM and NHNM Property Holdings, LLC. A complete set of the organization’s audited financial statements is available upon request.

June 30, 2011

June 30, 2012


CURRENT ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents 794,245 541,157 Accounts Receivable 39,090 21,976 Prepaid expenses and other current assets 1,208,343 1,136,203 Total current assets 2,041,678 1,699,336 Investments 6,562,208 Land 0 Property and equipment, net 10,488,638 Donated collections 1,798,373 Other non-current assets 1,907,462 Total noncurrent assets 20,756,681

6,011,162 0 10,744,505 1,141,269 1,875,490 19,772,426

Total assets 22,798,359 21,471,762


CURRENT LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued expenses 116,429 182,647 Current portion of note payable 233,131 6,157,026 Current portion of capital lease obligation 0 2,778 Total current liabilities 349,560 6,342,451 Security deposits 9,995 17,545 Note payable, net of current portion 6,156,898 0 Capital lease obligation, net of current portion 0 7,226 Total noncurrent liabilities 6,166,893 24,771 NET ASSETS Unrestricted 15,393,606 14,338,343 Permanently and temporarily restricted 888,300 766,197 Total net assets 16,281,906 15,104,540

Total liabilities and net assets 22,798,359 21,471,762


Contributions 1,187,216 Membership dues 74,775 Rental income, net of operations expenses 617,047 Special events 26,161 Admission 21,453 Donated collections 0 Interest and divident income 211,856 Net realized and unrealized (loss) on investments 783,078 Other income 0 Total revenue 2,921,586

814,210 54,165 606,041 181,315 27,086 0 237,679 (127,981) 0 1,792,515


PROGRAM EXPENSES Preservation and maintenance of collections 76,327 74,281 Exhibits 177,278 119,410 Education 194,057 265,709 Museum operations and maintenance 183,821 225,529 ExplorOcean project 188,195 304,591 Loss on impairment of collections and property held for sale 433,081 457,104 Total program expense 1,252,759 1,446,624

SUPPORT SERVICES General and administrative 279,090 256,778 Interest expenses 357,491 345,971 Fundraising 171,538 139,351 Depreciation 415,303 458,496 Rental Operations and maintenance expense 500,283 322,661 Total suppport expense 1,723,705 1,523,257 Total expenses 2,976,464 2,969,881 Total surplus (deficit)




It All Begins With You! Lighthouse Circle Founding Members

Mrs. Alan V. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Hancock Banning, III Dr. and Mrs. Neil Barth Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Belling Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Bents Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bents Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Berg Terry and Jay Bibbens Mr. William E. Blurock Ms. Marilyn C. Brewer Mr. and Mrs. James Brown Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Calder Mr. and Mrs. John Cashion Mr. G. Terry Causey Mr. Howard Chastain Mrs. Betty S. Clark Mr. and Mrs. John E. Clement Mr. and Mrs. Budge Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy C. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Oliver N. Crary Ms. Janet Curci Mr. and Mrs. Keith Curry Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Dossett Mrs. Roger A. DeYoung Mr. and Mrs. George Drayton, III Mr. and Mrs. Barry T. Faber Mrs. Richard S. Hambleton William and Lisa Johnson Mr. and Mrs. David K. Lamb Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pallette Mr. Matthew W. Paskerian Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pasquale Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pollack Ms. Judith F. Posnikoff Mr. James Reed Ms. Karen A. Rhyne, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rodheim

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Gail and Ira Rosenstein The Honorable and Mrs. J.E.T. Rutter Mr. and Mrs. Jim Salomon Mr. Lee Sammis Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Shutts Craig and Nancy Smith Mr. Hal W. Smith Jr. Mr. Lawrence Somers Ms. Anne R. Steele Ms. Patricia Steele Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Trane Mr. and Mrs. Robert van Schoonenberg Mr. and Mrs. James P. Warmington, Sr. Mrs. Sue Werner Linda and Tod White Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Wood

Thank You! Donors – July 1, 2010 – June 30, 2012

We can accomplish nothing without your support. Generations will benefit from your contributions, and for your generosity we are profoundly grateful. Mr. and Mrs. Don Aakhus AAUW-CA Special Projects Fund Ms. Sherlene Abdelnour Ms. Betsy Ackermon Mr. and Mrs. David Adams Mr. and Mrs. Ward Adams Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Adkinson Ms. Joann P. Akerman Ms. Dixie Allen Mr. and Mrs. William H. Allen, Jr. Amelia’s Seafood & Italian Restaurant Mrs. Mary Amundson Mr. and Mrs. James R. André Mr. Alan Andrews Mrs. Alan V. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Raymond D. Andrews, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Terry C. Andrus Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anslow Mr. and Mrs. Tim Antonoplos Dr. Richard L. Ardis Mr. Gordon C. Atkinson, Jr. Mr. Jim Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Ayres, Jr. Ms. Caroline B. Babott Mr. and Mrs. Mick Bacich Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Allen Baker Mr. and Mrs. Jim Baker Balboa Performing Arts Theater Foundation Balboa Yacht Club Ms. Susan Ballou Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Hancock Banning, III Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Barnard Mr. and Mrs. William B. Barrington Mr. Bill Barsz Mr. Michael Bartell Mr. Craig Batley Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Bayley Mr. Don Beatty Mr. Donald Becker Mr. and Mrs. David Beek Ms. Dorothy Beek Mr. Seymour Beek Mrs. Marjorie A. Belcher Mr. Eugene Belkin Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Bell Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bell Ms. Helen L. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Belling Mrs. Harriet Bemus Mr. and Mrs. Horace Benjamin Mrs. Betty Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Robert Y. Bents Mr. and Mrs. William L. Bents Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Berg Mr. Robert L. Berg Mr. Robert H. Berkley Ms. Margaret A. Bertuleit


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Mr. and Mrs. Robert Packard Mr. and Mrs. Basil Pafe Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Pallette Mr. and Mrs. Jim Palmer Mr. John Papadopoulos Mr. Gil Park Ms. Sue Park Mrs. Sally Parker and Ms. Ann H. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parker Mrs. Sally H. Parker and Ms. Ann Parker Mr. and Mrs. Robert Partridge Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Pasquale Mrs. Lyda Pearson Pearson’s Port Inc. Mrs. Frances J. Pedley Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pence Ms. Sue M. Pendergraft Mr. and Mrs. Noel Pepys Mrs. Shirley Pepys Ms. Melody Perry Mr. and Mrs. Don Peterson Mrs. Dayna Pettit Ms. Vickie Pham Mrs. Marjorie L. Phillips Mrs. Patricia Pilette Ms. Patricia Jacobs-Pilette Ms. Marcia A. Pina Mr. and Mrs. Jon Pinckney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pollack Mr. and Mrs. John Pollock Mr. John C. Pomer Mrs. Harold H. Pomeroy Ms. Judith F. Posnikoff Mr. Bill Powers Mr. Rolly Pulaski Mr. Thomas Purcell Mr. and Mrs. John Putman Ms. Lori Quarton Questar Construction Quiksilver Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Chris Raab Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rabbitt Mr. Tuck Rabbitt Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Ramer Ms. Eleanor K. Neslen Ramsay Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Ranney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rasner Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rawlins Dr. Dorothy M. Ray Ms. Judith Redner Mr. and Mrs. John U. Regus Ms. Carla Reid Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Reinglass Mr. Richard Reinhardt Mr. and Mrs. Greg S. Reinker Ms. Janie Rempel Mrs. William Rhodes Ms. Karen A. Rhyne, Esq. Mr. Richard Rice Mr. Mel Richley The Ridgeway Family Mr. Dennis Riehl Mr. Joseph L. Rink Ms. Jill Robbini Ms. Beverly Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Robins, Jr. Mr. David Robinson Mr. Hurley Robinson Ms. Laura Robinson Mrs. Lorraine Robinson


Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rockwell Ms. Ann Rode Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rodheim Ms. Jean Rogers Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rohrer Mr. Andrew S. Rose Gail and Ira Rosenstein Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ross Mr. Milton E. Ross Ms. Joann Royal Ms. Lisa Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. Dan H. Runner Mr. and Mrs. David Runstrom Mr. Patrick Russell The Honorable and Mrs. J.E.T. Rutter Captain and Mrs. John N. Ryan Ryffel Construction Co. Ms. Deborah Saale Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Salata Mr. Ron Salisbury Mr. Daniel Sall Mr. Anthony Salvo Mr. Gerald Sandahl Mr. and Mrs. Al Sandberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sattler Mr. R. Wayne Sawyer Mr. Vincent Scandone Mr. Eberhard Schenk Mrs. M.E. Schinkel Mr. Eric Schirmer Ms. Elinor V. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schock Ms. Reni Schoedl Ms. Dennis L. Scholz Mr. Robert Schumacher Mr. and Mrs. Steven Schupak Mr. Richard Schwarzstein Mr. and Mrs. David Schweitzer Mr. August V. Segelhorst Ms. Mette Segerblom Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sellinger Mr. and Mrs. Tully H. Seymour Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shackleton Mr. Kevin Shannon Mrs. Peggie Shedd Mr. and Mrs. Norman Shepherd Mr. and Mrs. David Shockley Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Shutts Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Simmons Ms. Pat Simonian Mr. and Mrs. Douglas P. Simpson Mr. Gary Simpson Mr. Timothy T. Sladden Mrs. Jacqueline Smiley Craig and Nancy Smith Mr. Gregory Smith Mr. Hal W. Smith, Jr. Mr. Michael Smith Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Smith Mr. Walker Smith, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William F. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Smoker Dr. and Mrs. Peter Smrecek Ms. Barbara Snow Mrs. Joyce Snyder Mr. and Ms. Horace B. Benjamin Mr. and Mrs. G. Jerome Sokel Mr. Lawrence Somers Ms. Tara Sood South Coast Plaza

Mrs. James E. Spain Ms. Sharon Speights Mr. and Mrs. Don Spence Ms. Doudy Sprout Mr. Joseph R. Stack & Dr. Nam S. Lee Mr. Albert Stanchfield Ms. Barbara H. Stauffer Ms. Anne R. Steele Ms. Patricia Steele Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Stemler Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Stemler Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stenlund Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Steward Mr. Allen Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Ross B. Stewart Ms. Marilee Stockman Mr. and Mrs. John F. Stollsteimer Ms. Betty Storch Dr. and Mrs. Donald F. Stoughton Captain Robert Strang Mr. and Mrs. Jim Stratton Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Strauch Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Stringer Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Stuart Mr. Michael Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Sutherland Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Swaim Mr. and Mrs. John S. Swain Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Swift Mr. James Syfert Mr. and Mrs. William J. Symes, Sr. Mr. William Taber & Mrs. Marie Huggin Ms. Catherine Taboada Ms. Marie Taggart Mr. George Tapley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Techentin Ms. Kristen Temple The A. Gary Anderson Family Foundation The Balboa Bay Club & Resort The Elliott Family Foundation The Hettema Group Mr. Jerry Thompson Mr. and Mrs. David S. Tingler Mr. Stephen Titus Mr. Douglas Tolbert and Ms. Margaret Buckingham Mr. Ralph Tomlinson and Ms. Gloria Bradeson Mr. and Mrs. Ed Trainor Mr. and Mrs. Frank H Trane Truth Mr. Alfred Tse Dr. and Mrs. Royal Tucker Mr. and Mrs. George Twist Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tyson Mr. and Mrs. David Ullman Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ullman Ms. Nita Ann Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Robert van Schoonenberg Ms. Kim Vanderhoek Mr. Jacques L. Vanders Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vandervort Mr. and Mrs. David K. Vaughan Mrs. Maribelle L. Vibert Mr. and Mrs. Steve Vickers

Ms. Dolores Virtue Visit Newport Beach, Inc. Mr. Karl Von Herzen Dr. Norman Von Herzen Mr. and Mrs. William von Kleinsmid Dr. Leo Vortouni Ms. Karen Wadsworth Mr. Scott Wallace Mr. Chuck Walton Mr. Jack Wang Mr. and Mrs. You sui Wang Ms. Dede Ward Mr. Mark Ward Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ware Mr. and Mrs. James P. Warmington, Sr. Mrs. Leta G. Warmington Mrs. Lois Waydelich Mr. and Mrs. Don Webb Dr. and Mrs. Charles Weinstein Mitzi and Howard Wells Mr. and Mrs. John Wells Mr. and Mrs. Terence A. Welsh Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wentz Mr. and Mrs. Patrick S. Werner Mrs. Sue Werner Mr. Douglas West and Ms. Irene Ziebarth Mr. James Wharton Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Wheaton Mr. James R. White Mr. John White Mr. and Mrs. John Robert White Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. White Mr. and Mrs. Tod White Mr. Mike Whitehead Mr. Lewis Whitney Jr. Charles S. Wilcox, Ph.D. Mr. William E. Wilkinson Mr. Daniel Williams Ms. Esther Williams Ms. Kathleen Williams Mr. Keene Wilson Mr. Robert J. Wilson Ms. Helene Winogura Winslow Maxwell Charitable Trust Ms. Karen Winters Ms. Wendy Wirth Ms. Linda Wissler Mr. and Mrs. Basil G. Witt Mr. Brian Witter Mr. and Mrs. Greg Wohl Mr. Brian Wolf Women’s Ocean Racing Sailing Association Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Wood Mr. and Mrs. Dale Woolley Mrs. Louise J. Woolsey Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wren Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wright Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Wynkoop Mr. and Mrs. Robert Yates Mr. David Yotter Mr. and Mrs. David Young Ms. Patti Yunker Mr. David W. Zenger Mr. and Mrs. Preston Burt Zillgitt Mr. and Mrs. Andrew R. Zimbaldi Mrs. Patricia V. Zorn


CELEBRATING 25 YEARS Nearly 400 guests helped to celebrate the Silver Anniversary and the unveiling of our exciting, visionary plans for ExplorOcean. Guests enjoyed an exclusive fashion show on the docks presented by Façonnable South Coast Plaza, dancing under the stars, bonfire-side food and drink, auction, and an after-party. It was an event they’ll be talking about for the next 25 years!

A N N UA L R E P O RT 2 010 - 2 012


600 East Bay Ave. Newport Beach, CA 92661 949-675-8915


ExploreOcean/Newport Harbor Nautical Museum 2010 - 2012 Annual Report


ExploreOcean/Newport Harbor Nautical Museum 2010 - 2012 Annual Report