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What is a Co-op?

How to Get Involved

A co-op is ownedaand democratically con-Fi Join and become member of the Co-op. trolled by its members. The guiding principles are equality among owners, enrichment of the community and support of local sustainable products. Our co-op will offer: •

A full range of wholesome, organic foods and environmentally sound products

Local produce, meats, dairy, specialty items and more - as well as regional andto national brands How Get co-op Involved •

Cooking classes and information about lifestyle choices

Why We Joined

“I moved from a town with a co-op - it was wonderful! The friendly staff knew my kids by name and we could shop together without begging for unhealthy foods. I want another store like that!” Deb Rhizal, Mom “My husband and I are retired. Having a store with whole foods and discounts will be a perfect match for us!” Shelly Kennedy, RN “I AM NOT A GARDENER OR A COOK BUT MY HUSBAND IS! HE AND I ARE BOTH LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL THIS STORE HAS TO OFFER~THE SOONER THE BETTER”. KAREN FORD, PHD

How to Get Involved • Robust soups, organic breads, sand-


wiches and fairly traded coffees and teas.

Join and become a member of the Co-op. Fill out the ba Join and become a member of the Co-op. Fill out the ba

Reasons to Eat chure. l ofs Local Foods 1. Local foods are fresher and taste better. 2. Local foods support our local economy.

How to Get Involved

Fill out the back panel of this brochure and become a member of the co-op. Invite friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers to join as well.

3. Local foods create community. 4. Local foods have less environmental impact. 5. Local foods preserve green space and farmland.

Know Your Farmer Know Your Food

Visit our website for more information on involvement and updates on our progress.

Think Globally  Eat Locally PO Box 841 Harrisonburg, VA 22803


Who We Are

Good Food Good Folks Good Fun

We’re local people: teachers, farmers, business people, grandparents, and people from all walks of life. We share a belief that our food, environment and health are connected. Together we are working to create a member owned cooperative that provides healthy foods, quality goods and local products for our community. The Friendly City Food Co-op will open a full service, retail grocery store in downtown Harrisonburg. Come get involved!

n To support local producers and sustainable agriculture n To provide health-enhancing foods n To keep prices as low as possible n To be fair and supportive to our employees and producers n To be a community resource that helps people in our community lead healthy lives n To be good stewards of the enviornment through conscientious, sustainable use of resources n To be a local business based on member ownership and democratic decision making n To reach out to low -income members of the community n To welcome all

Healthy Lifestyle

Eat Locally

Support Local Farmers and Agriculture

Join the Co-0p


Healthy Living

q I would like to join the co-op and become a member. Please send a member-owner packet.

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Our Goals

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Payment Information:


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Who can shop at the co-op? How much does it cost?

I would like to purchase a membership by:

Available through Paypal on our website www.

A household share costs $200; there is no annual fee.

I would like to make a payment of:

Whom can I contact?

Noel Levan 540-383-7028 Sam Nickels 540-476-4180

q q q q

1 payment of $200. 2 Installments of $100. 4 Installments of $50. 8 Installments of $25.

Are there other benefits?

Yes, member only specials, patronage rebates & bulk order options are a few!


Please enclose this form with payment and mail to:

Friendly City Food Co-op PO Box 841 Harrisonburg Va 22803 Printed on 100% recycled paper

Friendly City Food Co-op  

Brochure. Describes a start-up food cooperative in Harrisonburg, Virginia.