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Prayer Calendar November 2010

1: Thank God for the commitment of young people from Canada and Europe who have trained with FCE. Ask Him to sustain and guide them not to loose His focus as they are taking up new responsibilities.

2: Birthday: Tanya Botha

3: Teachers in Christ is busy with a country wide prayer and fasting chain for schools and teachers. Let’s intercede with them for teachers who will hear what God speaks to them and who will be obedient to apply that in their schools.

4: Pray for the grade 12’s who are writing their final exams. That they will seek God’s will concerning their future. At the CTC in Masaiti, the grade 7’s are writing departmental (external) exams. Ask that these mostly village children will excel in these exams.

5: Pray for the training centre leaders who will meet for the next 3 days in Wolseley to discuss the practicalities of the involvement of business partners with FCE.

6: Thank God for non FCE staff, who work side by side with FCE, serving God through their businesses. We call these people business partners.

7: Pray for the business partners, who have to take major decisions regarding their work and family situations. Pray for God’s clear guidance, where they are pioneering a new type of set-up in FCE.

8: Pray for Carel Nel who is leaving for Masaiti, to help with the carpentry that needs to be finished before the move to Koti ni Eden can take place. Pray for effectiveness for all volunteers who will help during this time with practical work at Koti ni Eden.

9: Pray for finances needed for the building of staff houses at Koti ni Eden, as well as for the carpentry and the electricity that needs to be installed.

10: Pray for Jannie Compion, who is trying to finish his D.Ed before the end of the year. He has other responsibilities as well and has to leave for Masaiti soon. Pray for a clear mind to know what the important things are that he has to focus on.

11: Birthday: Maureen Mumbi

12: Thank God for our supporters. Pray for the protection of their families, relationships, businesses and farms.

13: Birthday: Thinus Dreeckmeier/Joseph Leopard

14: Pray for staff and students who are entering the last week of a discipleship course in Wolseley. Ask God for breakthroughs in the lives of students, where it is still needed. Pray for clear direction for the future for each one.

15: Pray for the Maloney 16: Birthday: Jannie Comfamily of Masaiti. Yvette has pion/Joe Page/Corrie van der been struggling with malaria Westhuizen for more than a year. She is in South Africa at the moment, together with their children, using medication and trying to recover from the constant bouts of malaria she has been subjected to. Ask that God will touch her and will fully restore her health.

17: Birthday: Elma Britz

18: During 2011, most training will take place at Kalungu. Pray for wisdom for the staff, who have to organise the training centre in such a way that all students can be accommodated.

19: Birthday: Brian Singoyi

20: Ask God to sent in more workers for the harvest field. At the Wolseley and Masaiti office there is a need for more office staff. We need committed men and women with a passion for the lost and a willingness to serve unrewarded.

21: Pray for the FCE staff in Kalungu. Water levels are low, which cause stomach problems, they are short of staff, and they experience sicknesses and spiritual attacks.

22: Thank God for money that has been provided for the release of the CD of Brian and Barbara Singoyi. Pray that this CD will be widely distributed, minister to people and be used to make people aware of God’s command to reach the nations with His Gospel.

23: Praise God for the development at the new training centre in Malawi. With the help of supporters, the ablution block is finished, hot water is available and electricity has been installed at all the camp sites.

24: Praise God for women in Malawi, together with their families, who have committed themselves to Christ earlier this year. Ask that they will continue to grow spiritually. Pray for the Malawi staff who are discipling these people.

25: In Masaiti a long walk of discipleship with Chimbolo, Mukula and Chilibula villages comes to a natural end, with the move from Masaiti to Koti ni Eden. Pray that those who are the strong pillars in these villages will take up their positions, take ownership and lead their people further in the truth of Christ.

26: Pray for the diploma ceremony that will take place in Masaiti tomorrow. Ask that each student that graduates, will walk into God’s perfect plan for his/her life and will always be involved, in whatever way, to bring the good news to the nations of the world.

27: Birthday: Reagan Shipekesa

28: The BIG MOVE from Masaiti to the new training centre at Koti ni Eden is under way! Pray for God’s protection and joy on all who participate in this move. Ask that it will be well organised and done in an orderly way.

29: Pray for students called by God to enrol for training during 2011.

30: Local farmers in Zambia are preparing their fields for planting. Pray that those who have been trained in God’s principles for farming, will apply what they have learnt and will not fall back into old habits. Pray for encouragement to persevere and that their trust will be in God, the Creator of all.

Prayer Calendar November 2010