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SATERDAY 1 Thank God for who He is for each of us. Thank Him for the privilege that we can be involved in the extension of His Kingdom worldwide.

May 2010

2 Many of our staff and students in Zambia struggle with malaria. As we are entering the colder winter months, and less mosquitos, ask God for full recovery of all those who have been struggling with malaria and other illnesses.

3 Pray for the protection of our supporters who visit us in Zambia. Upon returning to South Africa, some of them ended up in ICU with malaria.

4 Birthday: Luke Sichone. Masaiti. Headmaster CTC school.

5 Birthdays: Dalene Treptow. Wolseley. Discipleship Training/Foibe Leopard. Masaiti. Community Development

6 Yesterday Elma Britz un7 Birhday: Janine Basderwent a shoulder operation. son. Masaiti. Teacher and Pray for full recovery. Guesthouse

8 Praise God for our team in Kalungu, who is working together in unity to establish God’s Kingdom in their community. At their own initiative pastors and people from the village are coming together to pray at the FCE training centre.

9 The vegetable garden in Kalungu is bringing in a rich harvest. Thank God for the farmers of Clanwilliam who are investing much in this project. Pray God’s blessings on their harvests, as some of them had much damage on their farms.

10 Pray for Neels and Anita who are visiting churches, schools, friends and FCE supporters in Australia.

11 Pray for students and staff in Zambia, who are visiting schools and churches, to fetch “harvesters” for future training. Ask God to send in the people He wants to be trained.

12 Pray for children’s ministry in the Masaiti area, for salvation and discipleship, especially for the children in the villages of Mukula, Chimbolo and Ibenga.

13 Birthday: Martha Daka - Teacher

14 Land has been purchased in Zambia for planting Jatropha trees. The seeds of these are used for produsing bio-diesel. Pray for wisdom and the necessary knowledge to know how to proceed with this project.

15 Pray God’s blessings on our businesses in Africa. Ask for bookings for the campsites and guesthouses. Income is used to establish, maintain and expand the work God has given us to do.

16 During a recent mission outreach to Zimbabwe, the group was helping a headman, who opposed the Christians in his village. When they spoke to him afterwards, he wanted to receive Jesus. Praise God for his salvation!

17 7 couples in the same area where the headman is staying (16 May), have given their lives to Christ. Pray for them as they are learning about God’s ways through discipleship training.

18 Birthday: Eileen de Scande. Masaiti. Teacher CTC school

19 We have a shortage of admin staff, in Wolseley and in Zambia. Ask God to raise up people whose calling it is to serve in this way.

20 Pray for our Malawi team under the leadership of Moses and Regina Sinyinza. Practical circumstances are not always easy as they are pioneering the establishing of this training centre next to Lake Malawi.

21 Pray for groups that are preparing to go on outreach to Masaiti, Kalungu and Malawi. Ask God for all the necessary practical things to fall in place for them.

22 Today and tomorrow Neels and Anita will be travelling, flying from Nieu Zealand back to South Africa. Trust God for safe flights and no delays, nor any lost of luggage.

23 Much work still needs to be finished at Koti ni Eden before we can move over in September. Pray for wisdom for Wynand Bezuidenhout and his staff in their relationships with people who are working with them.

24 God answered prayer in letting the government build an electricity line right on our land at Koti ni Eden. Ask God for finances and for skilled people who can help with this job.

25 Thank God for much interest that is shown in the National Christian Teachers Convention that will take place during 24-27 September in Bloemfontein.

26 Pray for the missionary students. Ask that God’s call on their lives will be consolidated and that they will follow God’s guidance.

27 Pray for Neels and Anita who have to follow up on visits they had in South East Asia, Australia and Nieu Zealand. They also have to catch up with work in the office.

28 Pray God’s blessings on our supporters, on their farms, their businesses, their personal and family lives. Ask that each one will grow in his/her relationship with Jesus Christ.

29 FCE mobilisers from all over South Africa meet in Wolseley. Pray that they will be greatly encouraged through fellowship with one another.

30 All FCE leaders and course co-ordinators meet in Wolseley for a FCE Course Curriculum development. They need God’s direction to know how to compile the different curriculums.

31 Continue to pray for God’s guidance as FCE leaders and co-ordinators are working on compiling the curriculum


Prayer Calendar