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March 2012


THURSDAY . Birthday: Abel Mulenga

FCE Prayer Calendar



Pray for Francois Pretorius who is on his way with a truck load of equipment from Pretoria to Zambia. Pray for smooth border crossings, safety on the road and no mishaps. Ask God to protect them all the way there and back.




Neels de Jager, Kees and Tilly Klaasen leave for Malawi. Ask God to go before them and pray that their stay at the training centre in Malawi will be productive and rewarding. Pray that the time spent with the Malawi team ( Moses and Regina and Jesaja and Malinda) will be blessed by the Lord.



Ndanji the daughter of Brian and Barbara received a scholarship to attend school for a year in Australia. Her parents join her on the trip to see her off. The applications for their visas are submitted at the Australian Embassy. PLEASE pray that it will be successful.


Pray for Vallerie and Vernessa,who completed their studies at FCE and are at present teaching in the Sudan. Read their testimony in the FCE newsletter and ask the Lord to use them to bring healing and comfort in the lives of the war-torn children of the Sudan.


Earnestly pray for the information meeting today between FCE Zambia and the government officials in the Copper belt area. This is an opportunity to build trustworthy relationships and mutual collaboration between FCE and the government.





Pray for the media-team at Wolseley (Varel/ Faffa) as they are preparing material for Neels to takek on his three month trip to Australia, USA and Canada. Pray for fresh and creative ideas and that He will meet their expectations to glorify Him through their ministry.



Cefas is our community worker in Malawi. He is actively involved in presenting the Firm Foundations course in the community and the schools. Pray for him – his desire is to see his people set free from the lies of Satan and to start living in the freedom of Christ.


Pray for the lecturers and the four students who are enrolled in the Hospitality Training and trust the Lord for the finances to build the King’s Highway Guesthouse at Koti ni Eden.





Joseph Chilambwe is a community worker in a village near Kalungu. His life is a testimony of what God can do to restore and to heal. Pray for his protection. Ask the Lord to provide in all his needs and that the love of the Lord will continue to flow from him towards those who are lost and seeking.

Please continue to pray for our working permits, study permits and visas. An FCE delegation went to Immigration in Lusaka and had discussions with top-ranking immigration officers. We are trusting the Lord for a break-through and a drop in the prices.


Today FCE leadership at Koti ni Eden meet with the headmen in the vicinity. Trust God to join our hearts in unity as we seek God’s purpose for the people of the area. It is of the utmost importance that we work towards a healthy relationship to bring transformation and change to the area.


Pray for the training centres leaders: Moses/ Regina in Malawi, Ameck/ Lydia in Kalungu, Brian /Barbara in Koti ni Eden and Carel/Rentia in Wolseley. They have been appointed by the Lord and carry a huge responsibility in managing the training centres.










Pray for Regina and Malinda who are involved in the women’s ministry in Malawi. They reach out to the women in love, spend many hours visiting, training and counselling them. Once you have reached the women in the community it opens the way to reach the husbands, children and the extended families. Hendrik and Carien Jansen are serving in Bergvliet community for a while. Hendrik started with his further studies. They plan to come to Wolseley in April. Continue to pray for Carien as she suffers from spells of severe headaches again. Call out to God to touch and heal her.

Continue to pray for finances for our building funds. The staff of FCE at Koti ni Eden needs to have proper housing, as most of them are currently living in the student dorms and more than one are living together in the single homes.

FCE and our alumni teachers hat a meeting on “Reclaiming quality education through model schools in Africa.” The issues they addressed were how they can make a difference in the system and standard of education in the copper belt area. Trust the Lord to lead us step-by-step.

African women seldom have the opportunity to be trained or tauht a skill. Sewing is a skill that enables a woman to clothe her family. Pray for the needlecraft classes that start today at Koti nie Eden. Please pray for sewing machines and material that can be used in these classes. Birthday: Jesaja Strumpfer

The School at Koti ni Eden is open to other schools in the district and teachers can visit the school on Fridays from 10h00, spend time with classes, ask questions, discuss methods used etc. Pray that this will be an opportunity to further quality education in the area.

Jaco, Corrie v d Westhuizen are visiting their family in Canada. Pray that the visit will be blessed and that the Lord will use their testimony in churches to lead to a clearer understanding of their call to work in Africa and a willingness to become involved. Pray for the grandparents who do not see their grand children often.

Many of the students at our training college have to rely totally on the Lord for their college fees. Ask God to meet their needs, to stretch their faith and to enable them to raise their shield of faith.

Thank the Lord for the volunteers who serve in our Training Centres. These young people from Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, Europe are a blessing to FCE and we know when they go back they are committed to mobilise others to get involved in missions.

Neels depart for his 3 months trip abroad. His schedule is very full and he will be on the road and in the air most of the time. Pray for energy, good health and endurance. Ask the Lord to favour him and pray that he will hear clearly from the Lord and move in His will.

Today is the conclusion of the Discipleship Course at Wolseley. Some of the students plan to continue with the mission training in Zambia. Their minds have been renewed and the Lord has started a special work in each one of them. Pray for the protection of the seed from the Word that was sown in their lives

Pray for Malawi. The political situation is a matter of concern. Some chain stores are closing due to unaffordable taxes, high fuel prices and lack of foreign currency for imports. Read more about Malawi on www.


Twenty five couples from the surrounding villages will be attending a weekend couples seminar at Koti ni Eden Zambia. Pray for the restoration of families so that they will be able to live together in love and harmony, thus strengthening family ties. A container with shoe boxes filled with educational gifts arrived at our training centres in Africa and are distributed amongst the children in the schools and in the surrounding communities. The children are very excited. Give thanks to the Lord and pray a blessing over the donors.

Please continue to pray for the staff who had to take leave from Zambia because of their health. Rene Els who is being treated for cancer, Yvette because of malaria and Carien Jansen because of constant headaches. Declare that God is our healer.

The GCEX Explore Africa group is coming to Kalungu for a week of serving and training. Pray for this partnership and also the ministry of this team of 6 who will be travelling across Africa for the next 9 months to make Jesus known.

Join FCE as we bring thanks to the Lord for all our friends and prayer supporters who continue to support us, to encourage us and to take care of us in many many ways.

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