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Prayer Calendar





1: Thank God that the tax clearance certificate needed before a truck full of supplies could leave for Zambia, has been issued. Pray for Francois Pretorius and Francu Viljoen who will take the truck to Zambia.

2: Praise God for positive feedback we get from and about former discipleship students. Praise God that He frees people from bondages that have kept them prisoners for many years.

3: Pray for Cephas in Malawi, who is meeting every week with a few ladies to teach them about child stimulation. These ladies also take part in the actual stimulation group presented by him, to see how to put in practice what they have learnt in theory.

4: Thank God for a few pastors and leaders from among the ladies in Malawi who attended a vison conference to talk about God’s heart for their community. Pray for Moses Sinyinza, who will lead this group in meeting regularly for prayer and discussion.

5: Ask that God will give an easy thoroughfare through the borders for the truck on its way to Zambia. Pray that officals will find all paperwork in good order and not hinder the progress of the truck.

6: Thank God that in Malawi husbands of wives who are committed to Jesus, slowly but surely start to receive Jesus Christ, are delivered from demons and find freedom from deep hurts of the past.

7: Thank God for guests visiting Kings Highway Okahandja. As the South African school holidays draw closer, ask God that many visitors will make use of these facilities.

8: Pray for visitors at our guesthouses at Somerset West, Kalungu and Masaiti. Ask God that the winter special that King’s Highway Somerset West offers, will draw many guests.

9: Birthday: Christine Kleynhans

10: Ask that Elma du Toit and Carel Nel, who attend the ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) conference in Cape Town, will establish good relationships with fellow educators.

11: Neels de Jager and Zhak Maloney depart to the East. Pray for protection for them and their luggage during different flights they have to take.

12: Praise God for the FCE staff in Kalungu who participate in the Global Day of Prayer, together with the local church. Ask that by praying together all believers in Kalungu will be truly united and set aside any differences there might be.

13: Birthday: Ameck Phiri

14: Pray for Anita de Jager who, together with Gert Basson and Piet and Elma du Toit, are working on a magazine for the celebration of the 21 years of FCE’s existence.

15: Praise God for ladies in the Kalungu group who accept Jesus Christ, start to sort out their marriages and fix broken relationships they had with one another. Pray for Lydia Phiri and Rene Els who are ministering to these ladies.

16: Birthday: Bernice Norkee

17: Birthday: Jeanvion Banza-Nkulu

18: Interviews for the next intake for discipleship-mission training take place in Koti ni Eden and Kalungu. Ask for discernment for the interviewers to select those God wants to be on this course.

19: Birthday: Wynand Bezuidenhout

20: Pray against fear and for the safety of believers in Kalungu, where there is an increase in witchcraft activity. Ask that God will protect staff at the training centre. Spirit worshippers recently started calling up spirits at their building closeby.

21: Birthday: Celia Pretorius/Desiree le Roux

22: A biltong fabric, that will deliver biltong to the FCE shops, is presently being prepared at Tulbagh. Pray for this venture and for Lodewyk de Jager who is heading it. Thank God for the 2 biltong shops and pray that they will function effectively.

23: Birthday: Mary Sichone

24: Start of school holidays in South Africa. Pray for the safety of outreach groups and families who will travel to Zambia during this time.

25: Ask that God will touch the hearts of people coming on outreach for the lost.

28: Birthday: Eunice Marumahoko

29: Ask God to send in more labourers in the harvest field – lecturers for the college that takes in first years again in 2012, as well as administrative people in the different offices.

30: Thank God for all who labour faithfully year in and year out on the forefront, in their rooms to pray, making and giving money, supporting and encouraging. Ask Him to strengthen weak knees and lame hands, so that His will will be done on earth, unto the end.

26: Pray for much wisdom 27: Birthday: Elsa and creativity for Carel Dreeckmeier Nel in the making of a DVD to celebrate the 21st year of existence of FCE. Ask that all glory will be given to Jesus Christ for what He has done in and through people.

Prayer Calendar June 2011