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Prayer Calendar January





SATURDAY 1: Let’s together declare Jesus as the Lord and Master over everything that will take place at the FCE training centers during 2011. Thank Him for the privilege of serving Him.

2: Thank God for the FCE staff manning the different training centers, where most of the staff have gone on holiday. Ask that God will protect them, as well as everything at the training centers.

3: Pray for Neels and Anita de Jager as vison leaders of FCE. They need God’s wisdom and insight as they are constantly in a position of taking decisions that affect other people’s lives. Ask that God will give them rest at the right times, where the demands on their time and energy are ever increasing.

4: For the next month FCE staff will be traveling in all directions. Ask God to protect all on the roads and in the air.

5: Wedding of James Pretorius and Lindie van der Pol at Mossel Bay

6: Pray for Jannie and Elise Compion, who oversee FCE’s work in Africa. Ask God that they will give wise counsel to the people they are leading. Ask that Jannie will be able to finish his D.Ed soon. Thank God that he managed to finish the greater part of his studies during 2010.

7: Birthday: Elise Compion (Koti ni Eden)

8: Pray that the kitchen at Koti ni Eden will soon be finished and fully equipped. Food is currently being prepared in makeshift kitchens. Pray for those who have to prepare food in these open, thatched roof structures during the rainy season.

9: Pray for finances for staff houses and all other practical work that still need to be finished at Koti ni Eden.

10: Ask that all staff preparing to return to difficult living conditions in Zambia and Malawi, will do so with joyful hearts.

11: Pray for Carel and Rentia Nel, as training centre leaders in Wolseley. They need flexibility and sound relationships to deal with continually changing staff and course goers in Wolseley.

12: Birthday: Hendrik Jansen (Lecturer Koti ni Eden)

13: Pray for planning and decisions concerning the year’s work that has to be taken at the Wolseley staff conference.

14: Birthday: Jaco van der Westhuizen (Farmer Koti ni Eden)

15: Pray for wisdom for the coordinators of the Discipleship Mission Training (DMT) which starts in 2 days’ time in Wolseley. The training has been adapted from 6 weeks to 3 months. Pray for coordinators to know if they need to change the way some of the content should be presented.

16: Pray for the safety of students travelling to Wolseley to do the DMT. Ask that God will prepare their hearts for getting to know Him better.

17: Birthday: Anita Grobler (College Koti ni Eden)

18: Staff members from Kalungu and Malawi have to reach Koti ni Eden today. Pray that all will travel safely.

19: All CTC (Community Training Centre) staff meets in Koti ni Eden today. Ask that staff will move in unity as to what God’s strategy for the school and for each child is. During 2010 the school for staff children merged with the community school. Pray that the needs of all children will be met in the best possible way.

20: The College “Bosberaad” (planning sessions) starts today. The staff needs God’s guidance for the year ahead. Some of the lecturers will further their studies during this year.

21: Pray for God’s strength, wisdom and health for Anita Grobler who is heading the college. During the previous year she has often been struggling with malaria.

22: The Zambia/Malawi Regional Conference takes place at Koti ni Eden. Many decisions as to the way ahead need to be taken. Ask that all involved will be of one heart, one mind and one spirit and that all will be encouraged for what awaits during 2011.

23: Brian and Barbara Singoyi and Zhak and Yvette Maloney are in shared leadership at Koti ni Eden. Pray God’s protection and growth on the relationship between them.

24: Yvette Maloney had to leave Zambia at the end of 2010 to try and recover from constant bouts of malaria. Ask that God will protect her health and strengthen her physically.

25: The CTC/school in Koti ni Eden starts. Pray God’s blessing on each child and teacher. Ask that each child will come to know Jesus Christ and will follow Him in all areas of their lives.

26: During 2011 almost all training in Zambia will take place at Kalungu. This brings about an influx of staff and students. Pray that all practicalities can be sorted out well.

27: Ameck and Lydia Phiri are the training centre leaders in Kalungu. Pray for energy and flexibility, where they have to take care of a variety of people, living closely together.

28: Pray for Moses and Regina Sinyinza, heading the training centre in Malawi. Ask for God’s clear guidance in this pioneering phase of the work. Pray for unity amongst all at this training centre.

29: The newly weds, Jesaja and Melinda Strumpfer, are moving to Malawi. Melinda, who finished her training last year, will be the new teacher there. Ask that they will find their feet quickly and fit in well with the Malawi set-up.

30: The DMT (Discipleship Mission Training) will start tomorrow in Kalungu. Pray for staff that have to fit in, feed and take care of all these people.

31: The Kalungu and Masaiti staff schools start. New teachers will be involved in both these schools. The DMT starts in Kalungu. Ask that students’ hearts will be prepared for what God wants to teach them.

Prayer Calendar January 2011  


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