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Prayer Calendar February


1: Praise God for His protection on staff who travelled for thousands of kilometres and who all reached their training centres safely.

2: Thank God for 2 new babies that we could welcome into the FCE family: Jaco (farmer) and Corrie’s baby James and Elias (community worker) and Yvonne’s baby Jared.

3: Thank God for 3 couples that got married recently. Pray for them as they have to adapt to married life whilst living in a communal setup. These young couples are Etienne and Sumarie, James and Lindie, Jesaja and Malinda.

4: Kees Klaassen from Holland has his birthday today. Pray God’s blessings on him and his wife Tilly. They are supporters of FCE who stay for longer periods of time at the FCE guesthouse in Somerset West, from where they help with different FCE projects.

6: Pray for Alfred and Marie who work at the guesthouse in Somerset West, for their relationship with the Lord and with FCE staff. Thank God for a drastic change of heart that Alfred had.

7: Continue to pray for guests at the guesthouses in Somerset West and Masaiti, as well as at the King’s Highway restcamp in Okahandja, Namibia.

8: During the past year there were a lot of thefts and break-ins at the restcamp in Namibia. Ask God’s protection on this restcamp and on all people there.

9: Praise God for a strong spirit of unity amongst all at Koti ni Eden. Staff testifies how they enjoy meals being taken together and the visiting with one another that accompanies it.

10: Thank God for work on the electricity cables at Kot ni Eden that could be finished. Pray that the government of Zambia will soon do their part to put up a transformer and to connect the electricity.

11: Pray that the communication system at Kot ni Eden can be put in place. Ask God for finances that is necessary for this.

12: In Wolseley, Koti ni Eden and Kalungu there’s a need for people to work in the office and to do the finances. Ask God to send in the right people for these tasks.

13: Pray for the discipleship training (DMT) that currently takes place in Kalungu and Wolseley. Ask that those attending will make adjustments in their lives in areas where God is speaking to them.

14: The discipleship training has been extended from 6 weeks to 3 months. Pray for wisdom and creativity for coordinators who are teaching new material.

15: Pray for strength and protection for Neels de Jager, as he is constantly travelling between Kalungu and Wolseley this term, teaching modules at both discipleship courses and helping to implement the new 3 months curriculum.

16: Birthday: Willie Swanepoel

17: Birthday: Rentia Nel

18: Pray for Mission Training students from 2010 who are spread around the world, some working, some studying. We get positive reports about these missionaries sent out. Pray that they will apply the Word and live Christ in them where they are.

19: Pray for staff in Kalungu, who are stretched as they have to accommodate an extra 25 people involved in discipleship training. Pray that they will care for these coursegoers with a servant heart.

20: Our staff in Malawi reports about a witchdoctor who came during the night to the training centre to curse the place. There he froze, naked as he was. The next morning women who came to fetch water found him there, still unable to move. Praise God for a practical testimony that

21: Pray for the newly weds, Jesaja and Malinda Strumpfer, who moved to Malawi. Malinda needs wisdom as she is teaching Sheera and Tikwiza.

22: At the community school (CTC) in Koti ni Eden, pupils are provided with 1 meal a day during the hunger season, which is now. Ask God to always provide enough for this project to continue.

23: Thank God for good gr. 7 results at the community school (CTC). Pray for the ablution block at the school that needs to be finished, as well as for the class block for gr. 8’s and 9’s that have to be built. At the end of the year the first gr. 9 class will write their national exams.

24: a Group of supporters in the areas of agriculture, health and businesses meet in Zambia for a few days for discussions. Ask for God’s clear guidance and direction concerning these areas.

25: Ask God’s blessing on the group of supporters who came to Zambia. That it will be a time during which they will receive spiritual input, and will draw nearer to God in their relationship with Him.

26: Pray for college students who don’t have their school fees yet. Pray that the college registration certificates of 2010 and 2011 will be released by the Department of Education in Lusaka.

27: Nathan and Doreen are 2 new workers in the kitchen at Koti ni Eden. Pray for good relationships and an opportunity to disciple them. Pray that the kitchen team will be able to provide a well balanced and nutritional meal to the staff and students each day.

28: FCE received a biltong shop in the Strand. Thank God for such a big gift. Ask that it will always be managed to His glory and that much finances will come in through this shop for the extension of His kingdom.

Prayer Calendar February 2011  
Prayer Calendar February 2011