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February 2010 Prayer Calendar Sun



1 Praise God for travel mercies and that all the staff of FCE arrived safely at the training centres to commence with the task the Lord has set before them.

2 Sudan: Pray for the information meeting with interest groups who share our commitment to make a difference in the Sudan.

3. Carel and Gerrit Nieuwoudt depart for Masaiti to work in the carpentry shop.

4 Pray for the children of FCE who started their High School Careers. Some of them went to boarding school. Pray that they will grow into upright young men and women and that they will not compromise to worldly standards.

5 Birthday: Este Ferreira. Teacher at Masaiti

6 Brian, Barbara and their children are visiting prayer supporters in the Southern Cape. Pray for their protection on the road. Ask God to make them a blessing wherever they share about their calling in FCE.

7 FCE Day of Fasting and Prayer. Pray that we be controlled, moved and guided by the Holy Spirit.

8 Thank the Lord for the finances He made available to pay for the conference. The Hodygos team did a wonderful job to serve and cater for us. Ask God to continue to bless them in their ministry to serve conferees.

9 God performed miracles to get FCE staff to and from the conference, to help them cross borders. He strenghtened our faith and revealed Himself to us as a God of miracles. Honour Him for who He is!

10 Brian and his family and Dalene Treptow are spending time with prayer supporters in Swellendam. Pray that God will unite them as they share and look into partnership opportunies.

11 Gerrit and Mia Nieuwoudt and their children put the year aside to serve the Lord. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them, that He will draw them close to Him. Thank the Lord for the many ways in which they are serving FCE during this year.

12 Thank the Lord for FCE’s prayer supporters who are willing to continue to be involved with what God is doing to build His kingdom in and through FCE.

13 Pray for Neels and the team who drive to Masaiti via Namibia. Pray for their protection in the Land Rover on this four day trip and pray that they will be in unity as they share ideas and build each other up with their testimonies of God’s good-

14 Thank the Lord for His blessings on the Biltong Shop during the festive season. Pray for Rene and Raymond who work there and pray that the business will thrive during 2010. Pray for ideas and the finances to give the shop a face-lift.

15 Pray for the Dreeckmeiers, the Du Toits and Dalene Treptow who are driving to Masaiti to attend a conference where we plan to restructure some of our courses. Ask God to go before them and to give them the Mind of Christ.

16 Birthday. Willie Swanepoel. Teacher Masaiti

17 Birthday. Rentia Nel. Wolseley

18 19 Pray for the 4 day planning conference in which we want to streamline some of our courses. Ask God to reveal to us His heart and His mind so that the outcome of our planning will be to His glory.

18 19 Pray for the 4 day planning conference in which we want to streamline some of our courses. Ask God to reveal to us His heart and His mind so that the outcome of our planning will be to His glory.

20 Sudan. Cry out to the Lord for wisdom. Our future plans for the Sudan are put on the ice because of disunity in the group. The Lord directed us to move on, no matter what the cost. Ask God to make a way where there seems to be no way.

21 The theme of the conference was: “Consider your ways”. Pray that FCE, in obedience to God’s voice will continue to consider their ways as the Lord has revealed to them at the staff conference in Namibia.

22 Kalungu: Pray for the Kalungu team. Pray for the Clanwilliam supporters who intend to invest in a vegetable project

23 Wolseley: Pray for Carel and the office team who are in the process of reorganising the office to streamline the work. Ask the Lord to send us an administrator with the talent and a passion to serve Him in the office.

24 Pray for Riete Cilliers who manages the King’s Highway Guesthouse in Somerset West. Ask God to bless this beautiful place by sending in guests.

25 Pray for the King’s Highway Rest Camp in Okahandja and also for Cecile who manages the camp. There has been many burglaries during the holiday times. Ask God to protect our properties.

26 Continue to pray for the building project at Kotini Eden. We have to move to the farm in October. Trust God for the money for the staff houses. We need a miracle.

27 Jannie and Anita visited ex-FCE students in Zambia. Many of them are teaching in schools. Pray for the re-union of these ex-students during the weekend at Masaiti. Ask God that the testimonies they share will encourage them to go back and continue to make a difference in their different communities and

28 The students that attend the reunion are our disciples. Ask that God will rekindle their passion for the lost during this weekend and equip them with His compassion for the needy.





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