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APRIL 2010




1 Neels and Anita are visiting South East Asia. Pray for decisions that need to be taken about the work of FCE in this region. Much wisdom and direction is needed.

2 Thank the Lord for the recent Art Festival at King’s Highway Guesthouse Somerset West. It drew quite many visitors. Good contact was made with a number of people.

3 Birtthday- Gloria Mulenga Masaiti: Community Worker

8 Birthday- Carel Els Masaiti: Community Work co-ordinator

9 Praise God for breakthroughs in Shilashi village near Masaiti. After much prayer in the village, the witchdocter said that his powers could not operate there freely any more. Some people in Shilashi accepted Jesus as their Saviour and were delivered from demonic powers.

10 Pray for the community workers who have to continue teaching people to grow strong in Christ. Pray for their protection against witchcraft.

4 Birthday - Reinette 5 Jannie Compion and famHoltzhausen Masaiti: Teacher ily are coming to Wolseley Training Lecturer for the rest of the year. Jannie wants to finish his D.Ed. studies. Pray for them as a family to adapt to a new situation, for the children to easily fit into a South African Chimemwe Kaphamtengo school Malawi: Teacher

6 Pray for Chimemwe and Elisabeth Kaphamtengo in Malawi. Chimemwe has just started teaching Sheera and Tikwisa, whose parents are the Training Centre leaders. Pray that there will be no gaps in teaching these two outside the normal schooling system.

7 Thank God for all our FCE friends and supporters. Some are going through difficult times, financially and otherwise. We pray God’s protection and guidance over all of you.

11 Ask God for college fees, personal finances, health and focus for our college students.

12 We need at least 50 applicants for the 2011 Discipleship-Missions Training. Ask the Lord to send us the students whom we should train, especially Zambians.

13 Pray for Moses Sinyinza and his family who recently moved to Malawi. They are in the pioneer phase of establishing a training centre near Livingstonia at Lake Malawi. Pray for their protection against malaria and witchcraft.

14 Birthday- Moses Sinyinza Malawi: Training Centre Leader

15 Piet and Elma du Toit, 16 Birthday- Maryke Thinus and Elsa Dreeckmey- Swanepoel Principal Masaiti er and Dalene Treptouw are School departing on an exposure trip to Israel. Ask God to reveal more of Himself to them during this tour.

17 School and College holidays in Masaiti. Pray for students travelling home, for a good time of rest.

18 Birthday- Alburt Ferreira 19 Pray for children in the Masaiti: Teacher CTC Community School who had already committed their lives to Christ, that the seed will be protected and grow.

20 Some children in the Community School get only one meal per day at home. Pray for teachers for wisdom to know which children to help and how to assist them in the best way possible.

21 Pray for good crops in Zambia and throughout Africa.

22 Pray for Neels and Anita as they are visiting FCE friends in Australia, so that more people may get involved in our work in Africa.

23 Nita Grobler and Bernice Norkee, both from the Teachers Training College in Masaiti, will go on an exposure trip to Australia and New Zealand during Oct/Nov. Pray for all organisational and financial aspects of this trip.

24 Pray for transport arrangements for a water pump that needs to be sent from Clanwilliam to Kalungu. Also pray for George Paul in Kalungu who is in charge of the vegetable project.

25 Pray for the Missionaries in Training for endurance and for knowing God’s will for their lives. Some of the young people have never been away from their families and own culture for such a long time.

27 Elfriede, Evelyn, Bruce and his wife Evelyn are the community workers in Kalungu. Ask God for breakthroughs in the lives of about 80 community children with whom they are working. Pray that they will share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a simple but effective way.

28 Thank God for the training in Foundations for Farming that Boet Pretorius and some other farmers are conducting in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. Praise God for doors that are opening throughout Africa. Pray for them to challenge the poverty mindset of people without compromise, yet in the spirit of love.

29 Pray for finances and for the building of the staff houses at Koti ni Eden. Pray for Wynand Bezuidenhout and his staff to be able to finish these in good time. In September we have to evacuate the premises at Masaiti, which we have been renting for many years.

30 Thank God for ex-students who are serving Him faithfully in various schools and workplaces. Thank God for the impact that they have in their different areas of service.

26 Pray for Ameck and Lydia Phiri, who temporarily took over leadership in Kalungu, while the Singoi family is on leave. They need wisdom in leadership and in relationships with the community.

Piet Du Toit: Head of Training

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