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JULY 2012


Fo u n d a t i o n fo r C ro s s - C u l t u ra l Ed u c a t i o n

Worldwide Network Australian Connections Canadian Connections USA Connections IMPORTANT DATES

DMT (Discipleship-Mission Training (Condensed)) 6 weeks Wolseley: 8 Oct. – 18 Nov. 2012 NCTC (National Christian Teachers’ Convention) Bloemfontein: 29 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2012

P.O. Box 126, Wolseley, South Africa, Oakstreett, Huis Weich, 6830


nita and I are back home safely after 3 months in Australia, the USA and Canada. Recently I often had to answer the following questions: “Why do you spend so much time oversees? Is it really worth the money and trouble?” Then I remember how in the beginning years of FCE I also struggled with these same questions, until the Lord revealed to me that if He gives me a command, He is more than capable to handle the finances and timetable Himself! Therefore, my only answer to these questions is: “I am going in obedience to His command.” From experience I can testify that our Father is building His Kingdom with a Godly plan. “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me – the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.” (Acts 20:24) I trust that this photo story of our visit to Australia, the USA and Canada, will give you a glimpse into how the Lord has guided and blessed us. There were people who made their homes, vehicles, their time, their ministries, their finances, available to us and who shared with us their families and friends. Please keep in mind that we have limited space and therefore can only focus on some of the highlights of our tour. A BIG thank you to each of you who carried us during this time by means of prayer, finances and words of encouragement; for every home where we were received with love and for every opportunity that was created for us to testify about what God is doing in and through FCE. May this photo overview be a testimony of how the Lord is using FCE worldwide to: • Network with Christian schools, congregations and mission organisations; • Mobilise people for missions; • Alert Christians again to their mission responsibility; • Create a platform from where they can become involved in missions; • Train and send out young people in missions.


few years ago I was one of the speakers at a Teacher’s conference in England. Afterwards, a lady whom I did not know came to me with a drawing. While I was speaking, the Lord gave her a picture – she then began drawing some lines and figures, which turned out to be a spider’s web. The Lord had revealed to her that He was going to use me to spread a network across the world. I should not doubt that what I was doing, was from Him, that He had a plan; I only had to move in obedience. This tour was a confirmation of what the Lord had revealed to me that day. Today I am in awe of the network that we have established over these many years, in which Jesus Christ is the centre of the lives of Christians all over the world.




ore than 10 years ago Andrew Evetts fell in love with a South African girl, Lizl de Jongh. He ended up with FCE, was born again and completed his teacher training and mission training with FCE in 2001. Today he is principal of a Christian school in Ayr, Queensland. Through the years he and his family remained involved with FCE and he sees his FCE friends as his mentors and prayer supporters.

The Evetts Family Ayr


ndrew and Margaret Robertson are real pillars of strength. After completing the discipleship training in South Africa, they still go to Zambia on a regular basis for a few months each year. Andrew helps with the carpentry and other building projects and Margaret is worth her weight in gold in the kitchen and women’s ministry. During our stay in Mackay, we had the use of their house and their car.

Andrew & Margaret Robertson Mackay


illiam and Colleen Doble have been involved with FCE since 1997. They were the leaders of the first group of teachers that we sent out to India. In Australia they are still faithful in supporting and marketing FCE whenever and wherever they are able to.

William & Colleen Doble South Africans in Mackay


osh Woodhouse, an electrician from Mackay, is financed and sent out by his employer, Brad to help install the electricity at Koti ni Eden. They are looking into the possibility of cooperating with FCE in training electricians in Zambia. Josh has also done the Discipleship training and his heart is with FCE in Africa.

Josh Woodhouse Mackay


ax Maddock is a missions veteran who mobilises his family, friends and community to do practical work on the mission field. Max and a team of experts trust the Lord for finances to enable us to complete two houses at our training centre in Malawi from 23 July to 18 August.

Max Maddock Yakandanda

The Mackay Christian College (MCC)


n 2002 Neels met Pastor Rob Booth-Jones, senior pastor of Mackay Christian Family and Dr. Craig Murison, principal of Mackay Christian College. After ten years MCC / MCF are still sharing the vision with FCE.


acques du Toit, son of Piet and Elma du Toit, has completed his four year degree in Learning Management at Central Queensland University with distinction. This was made possible through financial assistance of MCC and the Murisons, who opened their hearts and home for him. He is currently a teacher at MCC and recently got married to Jennifer, daughter of Pastors Rob and Denise Booth-Jones.

Jacques & Jen du Toit



Mackay Church

Outreach Groups

he Church’s regular financial donations make it possible for us to finance many projects in Zambia.

utreaches from the school and church visit our training centres in SA and Zambia regularly to help with practical work and training.


danji, daughter of Brian and Barbara Singoyi of Zambia, now has the opportunity to complete her schooling at MCC. She has been received like a daughter in the Murison household.

Ndanji Singoi & Candace Murison



Neels de Jager


eels de Jager regularly has opportunities to speak in the church and at the school.


r. Craig Murison is actively involved in the training of FCE teachers and is a regular speaker at teacher conferences in South Africa.

Craig Murison & his daughter

CE student teachers are welcomed to do their practical teaching in the school and FCE staff have free access to the curriculum and modus operandi of the school.

achael Greer was sent out by MCF and is now working as a trained nurse in the clinic at Koti ni Eden.


Rachael Greer


Veterans of Australia’s Christian Education


CE presents Discipleship -Mission Training to teachers and church members of MCF / MCC.

Bob Frisken, a ‘father of Christian Education in Australia’, introduced FCE to the Christian Education movement in Australia, which opened many doors for us.

Dr Ted Boyce

of Pacific Hills School in Sydney has opened doors for us to many Christian schools. Through his mobilisation and organisation skills, he has been promoting the work of FCE, resulting in the releasing of finances to sponsor students and bring Australian teachers to serve us with their talents.

David Baskerville

, principal of a The Parklands Christian Collegel in Brisbane, accommodated FCE staff and also presented a workshop at the 2010 NCTC in Bloemfontein.




onnie Brand from Atlanta was the first American who did the Discipleship course with FCE. She has a good understanding of Christcentred Education and is a strong mobiliser for FCE. She is a member of the Cobb Community Church and through her, this church and many of her friends are supporting us.

Connie Brand & her mother Atlanta


rank and Judy Steidl: This family was the first Americans with whom we stayed over in 1991, when we did research into Christian Education. It is now 21 years later - they are still interested in what we are doing and are amongst our faithful prayer supporters.

Frank & Judy Steidl San Diego


oseph Leopard is a member of the Cobb Community Church. He completed his teacher training with FCE and is at present one of the committed teachers at Koti ni Eden, Zambia. Joseph has married a Namibian girl and both of them are FCE staff members.

Joseph & Foibe Leopard Atlanta


astor Allen Daniels of the Cobb Community Church in Atlanta sent an outreach group to Zambia a few years ago. Dale and Ward were part of this group and we never miss a visit with them when we are in Atlanta. This congregation also donated the first camera for our media department.

Pastor Allen Daniels Atlanta


eels had an opportunity to share in the church where Mark and Beth serve the Lord. We thank the congregation for releasing them to help with training at Koti ni Eden in Zambia. Mark trains students in welding and Beth is serving in the school and in the community.

Mark & Beth Bauer Idaho



“Cast your bread upon the waters and after many days it will return to you” is a reality in my life.


hris is an ex-student from Ladismith and like a son to me. I never hesitate to call on his family – they are always there for us and remain faithful in their friendship with us through all these years.

Chris & Johanna Oosthuizen Vancouver


iaan is one of my ex-students from Prieska. He and his wife are both in the medical profession in Canada and are real stalwarts. Their hearts are in missions and they support us wherever they can.

Riaan & Zelda du Plooy Lloydminster


osef & Amanda Botha and their three daughters: Joseph is one of my ex-students of Clanwilliam. He and his family look after us, arrange appointments with key people, make all their resources available to us and spoil us with every visit.

Josef & Amanda Botha Abbotsford


atie and Ansunette de Vries: Both of them are doctors in Canada. We recharge our batteries with them and just relax, chatting about the days when they were still children back in South Africa.

Matie & Ansunette de Vries Osoyoos


n 2008 Roy was involved in the Discipleship Training in South Africa. He returned to Canada where he realised he lost his heart in Africa and that the Lord has called him for missions. Roy is at present doing our Hospitality & Tourism Training. He is already a staff member of FCE.

Roy Crawford Red Deer


iselle Reneau came on a short-term outreach to Zambia with her pastor, Ben Dewbury and two years later she is a fulltime first year student teacher at Koti ni Eden. This church also contributed towards the furniture in Koti ni Eden school.

Giselle Reneau




Peter & Denise Breederland

The Gleaners

eter and Denise Breederland, a farming couple from Vancouver: Peter is an excellent mobiliser and organised strategic meetings with us with interested parties. He also made his car available to us, which made it so much easier to reach many of our appointments.


eter introduced us to the Gleaners: an organisation that processes surplus vegetables, dehydrating it and shipping it in containers to countries where there is a shortage of food. FCE also received some of these vegetables, which make nutritious soups and stews. We could go there to thank them.



haun and Naomi Franklin and their baby are presently in Zambia on an outreach. When they go back, they will make others aware of their responsibility to obey the great commission “to go”.

Shaun & Naomi Franklin Calgary



e ended our tour on a wonderful climax. My dream as a young man, to go down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyons on a rubber duck, was realised. John Mills from Luxembourg invited me to share the “Real Men Experience” with him and his friends. Whether or not I passed the ‘real man test’ I don’t know. All I know is that it was an indescribable, unforgettable experience and that I enjoyed it with all my body and my soul! Anita spent that time with John’s wife, Jessica and their children and could just relax and recover from a hectic tour.

We are back at the office now – deeply thankful and with hearts filled with wonder because of the wonderful, awesome God whom we worship and serve. HE IS WORTHY!


annie Compion received his doctoral degree from the University of the North West (Potchefstroom) on:

‘A strategy for a mini-education system to support transformational development in a developing community’ Jannie persevered under difficult circumstances and we congratulate him, Elise, Pierre and Johan on this wonderful achievement. They honour God and give Him the glory. His favour is upon them.

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