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January 2014

Energy/Infrastructure Committee / Sustainability Committee

Energy / Infrastructure Committee Meeting Erignoux, Managing Director of Areva Renewables Asia for this committee meeting.

The Energy/Infrastructure Committee was pleased to welcome Mr Jean-Marc

A subsidiary of Areva Renewables, Areva Renewables Asia was created in 2010 to develop and grow the bioenergy business of Areva in South East Asia by answering the emerging needs for green energy in Asia.

Mr Erignoux provided an overview of the Bioenergy Business in the Southeast Asian region as well as Areva Bioenergy’s offering: Areva focuses its activity on C02free energy technologies worldwide while its Renewables Energy division offers energy solutions for off-shore wind, solar thermal and biomass projects. This wellattended Committee Meeting was a success! F

The Use of 3D Data for Sustainable Cities Development in Singapore This Committee Meeting highlighted the collaboration developed between EDF, a leading energy player active in all major electricity businesses, and Computamaps, a leading geodata and digitals maps manufacturer specialised in highly accurate geographic databases for telecom mobile operators and equipment manufacturers as well as other industries such as urban planning, media, tourism, navigation etc.

of 3D data for sustainable cities development. Using data obtained by Computamaps on simulation models and EDF’s methods, EDF advises the city of Singapore, through the Housing and Development Board, on sustainable concepts for its neighbourhoods.

Pablo Viejo, Sustainable Cities Chief Officer for Singapore, EDF R&D, and Gary Camps, Regional Manager, Computamaps, presented this collaboration and the use

The use of this data allows more precise results with better resolution and, at the same time, increases the acceptance and

the understanding of complex decisions by the public. F

Conceptualising CSR in Asia Following the release of her Contextualising CSR in Asia study, Mrs Bindhu Sharman, Researcher at the Lien Centre for Social Innovation, Singapore Management University (SMU), was invited to present the practice of CSR in Asia to our

Sustainability Committee, with a focus on Singapore. The Lien Centre for Social Innovation is a partnership between the Lien Foundation and the Singapore Management University. It was established in 2006 to develop the thinking and capability

of the social sector. Its mission is to bring innovative responses to social needs through applied research and capacity building in collaboration with the private public and social sectors. The aim of this Committee Meeting was to present a uniquely Asian perspective on the CSR story, which would be informative for CSR practitioners, researchers and interested corporate stakeholders. Mrs Sharman highlighted the evolution of CSR over the past years and put emphasis on the link between CSR and the development of companies as well as modern drivers of CSR such as the government, civil society, globalisation and enlightened self-interest. At the end of this Committee Meeting, our members had the opportunity to discuss, and share their CSR experience. F

FCCS Focus January 2014 Healthcare Industries  

January 2014 issue of Focus magazine by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

FCCS Focus January 2014 Healthcare Industries  

January 2014 issue of Focus magazine by the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore