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Budget Cuts Drain FCC Celebrating History Volume CXVII, edition 2

by Ivette Lopez Rampage Reporter On top of recession dilemmas, lack of job opportunities and an even worse economic situation happening to individuals all around the United States, California is facing an even bigger pinch thanks to the legislature’s failure to pass a state budget. At Fresno City College, the lack of a budget has had negative effects on the community as well as students’ uncertainty of their educational future. At FCC alone, the campus is estimated to make cuts that will reduce the budget by $1.7 million from a total amount of $72 million. According to President Cynthia Azari, the preliminary

Since 1949

February 11, 2009

and adding suggestions to the list,” Azari said. She later went on that she desired to “put that money in education.” Even with such cuts in items that FCC could do without, students are still feeling the difference in their wallets. The 11% of students, or 2500 individuals that receive the Cal-Grant from the Financial Aid department is being lowered until a budget is passed by the state legislature. Until then, students that receive the state award will only see 75 percent of their cash. The federal grants, however, have not been affected and will continue to be sent out on time and for the full award price. “The college is trying to evaluate, review, and determine how to keep serving students,” Director of Financial Aid Frank Ramon said.

“We need to look at all expenditures and see where we can cut back. ” - Azari

budget will be set in the budget review exercise that will take place on March 2. Azari stated that the main goal during such meetings was to device a plan to “stay within our allocation.” Due to the reduction of 2.3 percent that will be lowered, the college will have to give up some of its luxuries. Commencement, for instance, is rumored to take place at FCC’s venue, Ratcliffe Stadium. Azari stated that she was pushing for a shave of about $20,000 to $25,000 of the $85,000 total cost of the commencement ceremony. “We need to look at all expenditures and see where we can cut back. If this means using our own facilities or other venues, we need to explore all suggestions,

Due to the economic situation, there has been an increase in the financial aid requests from Photo by Nikole Schroeder students. For the current school Danaillie Davis-Blackwood, of FCC’s Financial Aid office sings the Black National Anthem. year, Ramon stated that there has emony was The Past, Present been an increase of 4000 applicaand Future, an acknowledgement tions, up to 24,813 from 20,113 for by Marcell Dilworth of Barack Obama, America’s the 2007-2008 school year. Rampage Reporter first African-American president. Although the state grants are noD r. F i t z a l b e r t M a r i where in sight, Ramon still advices Fresno City College held u s , s p o k e a b o u t t h e p a s t : students to apply for financial aid. ceremonies to mark the beginning “Today, we are concerned with “There are resources such as fee of Black History Month at the FCC how the past related to blacks’ waivers, pell-grants and student Theater on Feb.2. existence in these United States loans,” he said. The event included a dis- of America and how it affected the Through the turmoil of play of cultural practices includ- present which resulted in the electbudget cuts and student financing pouring of water on the stage ing of a black president, and how es, the administration will work and lectures, one by Professor that will undoubtedly affect the around the economic hardships. Kehinde Solwazi who claimed conditions of blacks in this country The main goal, according to Azari, that all human beings are descen- in the future,” he said. is “to continue to provide access to dants of African (Black) people. Marius went on to tell the students and preserve permanent The theme for the cerpositions.” Continued on page two

Black History Month festivities begin on FCC campus

Phone line damage cuts communication by the Rampage Staff

Communication problems began popping up all over campus on Monday. By Tuesday, the problems had brought the campus to a grinding halt. Some area networks were down completely, while phone lines and Internet services were sporadic across campus. “We’re getting a lot of calls

regarding the network and when it will be up. The internet is down all over,” said Yolanda Renal of the Technical Services Department. Many students expressed frustration over the lack of available resources. “It’s ridiculous. I have a paper due at 12 p.m.,” said Junior Jenkins, one of many students waiting for computers to load in the library computer lab. But students aren’t the

only ones frustrated with the downed services. “It took me an hour to type a requisition yesterday. I eventually stopped and started manually working. Luckily, I had budget work I had to do,” said Sherry Lawson, assistant in the Media Center. The District is aware of the problem. Randall Hernandez, a computer lab assistant, said, “The technicians have been helpful.

They have been working constantly, including late last night. I don’t know when they left.” While technicians work to fix the issues across campus, students and faculty try to remian patient. According to the Interim Vice Chancellor of Workforce Development & Educational Services, Michael Quinn, “There was a brief power surge that caused a power outage that shorted out

some of the wiring and boards. Our technicians are working as quickly as they can to get the boards replaced and run full diagnostics.” As the boards are replaced, power has been restored to various sections of the campus. Quinn said the problem will soon be resolved, “We are following a complete step-by-step process to improve communications campus wide.”

News Black History Month commences around campus 2 Rampage

February 11, 2009

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Members of Black faculty and staff story of an African slave, Kikuyu Lumidee and his descendants, who where subjected to the treachery of slavery. Marius also told a joke about a man named Henry Jackson, who died at an early age. Jackson ended up in Heaven at the pearly gates which Saint Peter was guarding. He asked Saint Peter “Can I come in?” Peter told him, “No! You will have to wait until 1 p.m., for no one gets into Heaven between 12 noon and 1 p.m. unless they have done something spectacular on Earth.” Jackson replied, “Y’all is looking at a colored man that has done the most spectacular thing in the South.” “Youse is looking at the first colored man that has married a white woman on the courthouse steps of To g a L o u i s a B o o s a M i s s i s s i p p i . ”     Saint Peter said, “That is indeed spectacular in these times of extreme racism and prejudice in Southern U.S.A. How long ago did you do it?”  And Henry said, “Oh, about 15 seconds ago.” The joke was about a black man marrying a white woman in the racist south. It was derived from a 1930’s song, “Strange Fruit Hanging from a Tree,” by Billy Holiday. According to the true story, Holiday was on tour in the South when she

Photos by Ramiro Gudino

stopped the bus to relieve herself in the forest. She looked up and saw the “strange fruit” - a Black man, tarred, feathered, and hanging from a tree. The event began with the traditional singing of the Black National Anthem by Danneille Davis. After that, she sang the classic R&B song, “Change Gone Come,” by Sam Cooke. While Davis sang, a PowerPoint presentation showing various pictures of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and President Obama showed on the screen.    “Many of us can realize what that dream must have looked like for Dr. Martin Luther King to at least have an African American President of the United States,” said Dr. Jenne Kennedy, the chairperson of the Black History Month celebration.  Next came an energetic display ofAfrican dance. Auguste Kouadio poured out some water on the stage to invite the forefathers’ spirits that originated from the Ivory Coast.   Eddie Reshard, a FCC student and small business owner, represented the present. The purpose of his speech was to inspire those who were living today to be all they can be, and not to allow all the different stumbling blocks to discourage them from achieving their dreams.

Deona Braxton, a 17 year-old Roosevelt High School student, spoke about how she felt on Nov. 4 after it was clear that Barack Obama had won the race for the President of the United States. “At that moment I felt like I could be the President one day,” said Braxton. The event concluded with Kehinde Solwazi, the African American Cultural Studies instructor, giving a PowerPoint presentation showing the history of African people.    There were some key things that Solwazi stated should be understood during Black History Month, and that was Black history is everybody’s history; black history is world history. “There is just no way you can talk about any history and leave out the original people, and we are the original people,” said Solwazi, “We are the first people to inhibit the planet, everybody in the world comes from us.”

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February 11, 2009

Rapid HIV Testing at FCC


“Dot” seeks to strike deal with competition

by Shane Thompson Rampage Reporter

Fresno City College hosted a Black AIDS Awareness Day on Feb. 4 to answer students’ questions regarding the deadly disease. Taking place by the FCC fountain, the Fresno County Department of Public Health and West Care provided free rapid HIV testing and information to the students, faculty, administration, and staff of FCC. The event was held from 9a.m. to 4p.m. in hopes of helping to remove the “stigma” that most people associate with HIV testing and to help inform the public of the threat of the virus. Through a relatively effortless process of going over a consent form, getting tested, and waiting for results, participants were in and out with ease. “One good thing about the rapid testing is that it only takes about 30 minutes,” said Jamina Hackett, a CSU Fresno graduate helping staff the event. Compared to the usual one to two weeks of waiting time one would expect if they went to see their regular doctor about HIV testing, students were thrilled that such an option was made available to them in such a short amount of time. “I think it’s good because some people can’t get or afford a doctor nowadays,” said Alex Grandison, an FCC student awaiting her turn while her friend was getting tested. While many students were pleased that they were given the opportunity to have HIV testing, some were rather hesitant about actually getting tested. Some stated that they were “nervous” or “scared” about the testing; others said that they simply “had no reason” for testing. Jay Morales, communicable disease specialist with the Fresno County Department of Public Health said he participated in this event, “Just to encourage people to get tested and to educate as many people as possible of HIV/AIDS.” While students may have differed on their personal choice about whether or not to get tested, most agreed that it was a great idea to raise community awareness. With a steady flow, turnout, and a schedule backed up over an hour, students hailed this Black AIDS Awareness Day a success.

Rampage 3

by Red Wilson Rampage Reporter As a member of the Fresno City College community, you’ve probably seen Dorothy Sedley around campus. When you passed by her, she was probably planted above a trash can like a magnet, drawing forth cylindrical gems of glass, plastic, and aluminum like a mini-Magneto. “People call me Dot the Can Lady, everybody knows who I am,” she said. You may have yet to catch 79-year-old “Dot” in action, but don’t fret, your chances are pretty good. Sedley emerged from a Feb. 4 meeting with President Azari having secured her future at Fresno City College. Since retiring from twenty-three years of teaching Linguistics at West Virginia University, Sedley has spent her retirement actively recycling. She said, “I’ve used my brain my whole life. Now, I just want to use my physical body.” Sedley considers staying fit to be her job. She comes to campus every single week day, considering it her daily workout, saying, “I don’t want the money. I don’t need the money. I need the exercise.” She has been mining FCC’s caverns of trash “for more than thirteen years,” and recently began pumping portions of the paychecks right back into the college. Until recently, Sedley contributed to the Fresno Rescue Mission, Sunnyside High School Music Program, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army, and other charities; now, she channels the proceeds of her work to Fresno City College’s student organizations. “I figure, why not give it back to where it comes from?” she said. In giving back to the campus community, Sedley hopes to be rewarded with a guaranteed spot as a regular recycling collector. She and Dr. Azari recently met to discuss making “Dot the Can Lady”

and the college’s relationship more official and mutually supportive. Azari acknowledges Sedley’s efforts, saying, “I really appreciate the work that she does for the college.” In exchange for being designated as an official FCC volunteer, Sedley has offered FCC $10,000 to start a scholarship fund. Promising an initial amount of $5,000 followed by $5,000 more come April, Sedley’s future recycling proceeds will be directed into the fund. In the span of this brief yet fateful meeting, Sedley finally received the backing she’s been asking for from FCC, President Azari secured a scholarship fund, and Sedley and Azari discovered that they should have, or at least could have met long ago. “She’s a warm, real person, she’s a real person!” Sedley beamed when describing Azari, adding, “And she was an undergrad at the same time that I was a professor at West Virginia University.” Closing a gap stretching back into the late seventies and across the country, FCC is not the first campus that connects them to each other. Sedley mentioned having worked at West Virginia University and a surprised Azari responded, “You were at WVU?” Not only did they share two otherwise unrelated and incredibly distant college communities, but they are both products of Pennsylvania. Sedley was born and raised in Philadelpia and Azari spent five years living in Pittsburgh prior to coming to Fresno. They might be the only two on campus rooting for the Rams, the Steelers, and the West Virginia Mountaineers. Sedley is ecstatic that their paths finally crossed, leaving their meeting laughing, “I’m all pumped up.” Sedley’s quest for what she calls “exclusive rights to play in the trash” began about five years into her career as a recycling regular at Fresno City College. Law enforcement made

all those collecting from the trash bins leave campus permanently, except Sedley. She talked them into letting her return if she would stay away for two weeks. Since this incident, she’s felt the vulnerability of her position. Sedley sought a formal relationship with President Doffoney’s administration then, but never got nearly as far as she has with President Azari. A more recent trend, reminiscent of the threat of before, put Sedley’s job security into question. An influx of competing collectors have been depleting the usually plentiful supply of empty beverage containers. Sedley offered, “I used to be the only one here, but then the other scavengers came pouring in.” The sudden increase in competition can be attributed to the current recession, but FCC has always been a popular place to collect. The story described by Sedley was the last time collectors were discouraged from perusing through campus bins. They have since been left to themselves. The official campus stance on recycling is one of indifference, thereby condoning outside efforts. Sedley’s argument is, “I’m not going to be able to grow a scholar-

ship fund unless I get designated.” Sedley typically has success negotiating with others who choose FCC’s trash bins to peruse. “Peter and I made a deal where I come in the mornings and he comes in the afternoon--it works like a charm,” she said about another collector. Sedley has noticed, however, that her charms don’t work on everyone. One of her rivals, a woman she calls ‘Madame Greedy Cart’ has so far played by her own rules and thwarted all of Sedley’s efforts to set the schedule. According to Sedley, “Madame Greedy Cart didn’t stick to the same deal as me and Peter. She pretended to agree to it, but my operatives informed me that she came here in the morning, too, before I did.” Azari is unable to grant Sedley the right to limit others’ access to the highly coveted postconsumer goods littering campus trash cans. “What we can do is make her a designated volunteer,” Azari said. She will be working with the General Council to shape the details of the deal with Sedley. As for discussing the matter further with Sedley, Azari laughs, “I’m sure I’ll see her around.”

Dorothy “Dot” Sedley recycles around campus.

Photos by Red Wilson


4 Rampage

Romancing the old fashioned way by Mayra Cervantes Rampage Reporter

Roses, Chocolates, or even a teddy bear. These are different ways to celebrate or to make your significant other feel important. How about surprising him or her with a serenade? Fresno City College City Singers are eager to fulfill your wishes by delivering serenades this Valentines Day. This is their eighth year of delivering music and special message to those who request their services. City Singers is composed of 23 students from FCC’S music

department. They split in groups of eight to ten singers. Isabel Contreras, a member of the City Singers said she enjoys Valentine’s Day which begins early in the morning and ends really late at night, when everyone is exhausted. “Just to see their reaction on their face makes it worth it” Contreras said. City Singers go anywhere in the valley. From Merced to Visalia, to offices, homes, hospitals, and even convalescent homes, they just any where they are invited. Julie Dana, director of Choral Music at FCC said men and women equally seek the services of City Singers, more couples than friends or family sending serenades. “People cry, smile, get ner-

A Bill, A Coupon, A Pocket Full of Miracles by David De Leon Rampage Reporter

Feb. 17 was to be the day for digital transition from analog broadcasts. Much like his now famous slogan, President Barack Obama has brought change to the country once more. The President along with several key members of both the democrats and republicans worked together to ensure the passage of the DTV Delay Act. A bill which has now pushed back the federally mandated transition to June 12. “The deadline extension was a good idea but not necessary,” said Wes Murdock, a Fresno City College student whose household would have been unaffected, believes that the government needs to make a greater effort for a solid transition within American households. For now, a sigh of relief can be had. The bill initially met some resistance by the House of Representatives. The 2/3 majority required could not be obtained in the first round, later however it would be approved by the Senate. The bill returned to the House in modified form where it passed shortly thereafter. Over the last year, television broadcast airwaves locally controlled and regionally controlled through cable systems and satellite subscribers have featured constant reminders of the federally mandated change over from analog to digital broadcast transmissions. Whether it be a small banner of text at the bottom of the screen, or perhaps one of the numerous PSA’s generated over the last year, the message was to be simple. Feb. 17 would see the end of an era. How a nation watches free television would change, whether it was welcomed or not. According to the Federal

Communication Commission’s website on the transition to digital television broadcasting (DTV. gov), the goal is to end transmission of high powered television stations on analog. This means local affiliates for major networks such as KSEE 24, KFSN 30 and KMPH 26 will no longer be available for those unequipped to receive digital transmissions. Now the date will come and go with no federal mandated charges. According to The Associated Press, full power broadcasters such as local affiliates for major networks will have a choice to convert over completely to digital, ending their analog signal if they so choose to do so. It is still unclear what course of direction the affiliates will take, but through previous statements given in The Fresno Bee, some stations are anxious to get started sooner than later. The Obama Administration, now armed with this new time table, looks towards large scale efforts to prepare those portions of the country still unprepared. The hurdles will not be so easy to overcome in such a short time. The Administration has much to do and even less time prepare those American households not yet ready for digital broadcasts. Here on FCC campus, Maria Sanchez is still attempting to completely prepare her household for the now delayed transition. She said the government’s efforts to educate and get people aware are not nearly as important as the coupon program that ran out of funding earlier this year.”The government needs to keep up with the coupons,” Sanchez said. These coupons provide a $40 credit towards the purchase of a Set-Top Converter which converts the new signal for the older analog only televisions. The boxes range in price starting around $45 and thus the necessity for the coupons. Keeping the cost relatively low for consumers is key to a good transition.

vous, or just enjoy the two songs, but there are some that don’t like it and get mad for being put on the spot,” Dana said. Dana revealed an occasion where a husband requesting a serenade for his wife, but unfortunately, the couple was having marital problems and the wife found out about the surprised and cancelled it so it was never delivered. On the other hand, a group delivered a serenade to another lady that was very ill at the hospital. City Singers made her morning unforgettable, and few months later, she passed away. The group has other reasons for doing serenades this year “What a great way to raise money to go to Philadelphia and Washington DC in May 2009.”

February 11, 2009

Dana said. All 23 students from City singers are raising money for their trip. Each one needs to raise $1,600.00 to have enough funds to make the trip. They are also doing other events such as the Cheese Cake Cabaret, the Multicultural concert and other events to raise money. People seeking the services of City Singers must choose two songs from a list of six, There is a variety of songs such as “In My Life” by Beatles, “My Romance” by Carly Simons, “Ain’t she (he) sweet” by Milton Ager and Jack Yellen, “Once in Love with Amy” (your valentine’s name will be inserted) by Frank Sinatra, “My Funny Valentine” by Miles Davis, and “Embraceable You” by George Gershwin.

Lorenzo Hernandez is planning on sending a serenade to his girlfriend of a year. “It’s a nice and romantic way of showing her how much I love her,” Hernandez said. Hernandez was told by a friend, that City Singers were delivering serenades for any one that requested the services of City Singers. “Even though is a nice way of showing how you feel, I truly believe that Valentine’s Day is a day to please women, I would feel weird if I received the serenade or the chocolates.” The serenades will be delivered on Feb.13 and 14. The cost for a serenade is $30.00 For more information contact Julie Dana at 442-4600 ext.8465 or

3 Things you didn’t know about your bank account by Whitney Urien Rampage Reporter

After working in banking for the last four years I’ve come to realize that most people really don’t know a lot about their bank accounts. To tell the truth, I didn’t know much about my own bank account until I started working in banking. After that, I found it amazing that others didn’t know what I was learning. As far as I was concerned, the only thing that really mattered was that my money went in when I put it in and came out when I took it out. But there is a lot more to banking then you would think. And it is amazing what this information can do for you. So here are a few things that I bet you didn’t know. 1) You money isn’t always available right after you deposit it. All banks have something called cut off times. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) sets these and they are the same at all FDIC regulated banks. On Mondays through Thursdays, if you deposit your money before 4:00pm your money will go through and post that night. If your money is not deposited before 4:00 pm it will not clear until the next business day at 12:00pm. On Fridays you have until 6:00pm to make your deposit. Any deposit after that will not clear until Monday night. While most banks are open on Saturdays, since it is not a business day, and nothing will be cleared again until Monday night. Think of it like the post office, they are open but nothing is shipped out. So, the only way that your money is actually available is if you deposit it thorough your bank’s ATM. Most ATMs will make the first $100 available, but check with your bank because ATM’s have cut off times too. 2) Don’t overdraw your account. The concept of overdrawing your account is a very simple one; however, that doesn’t stop people from doing it. If you spend $10 and you only had $5 at the time. You probably will get an overdraft fee, which can be up to $35 per item. You might be able to avoid one if you make a transfer or a deposit right away.

If you are going to do this, make sure it is cash, and keep in mind your banks cut off times. If you are like most people and use your ATM debit card for everything, keep in mind that it will keep on working even if you don’t have the money in your account. Because of the VISA or MASTERCARD logo, some of your transactions will be processed as credit. And the bank has to honor any transactions that are done, even if you don’t have the money. The best way to avoid becoming overdrawn is to watch how much money you have, see if your bank offers overdraft coverage. And remember, just because you have the money in the account at the time of purchase. Does not mean that it will be there by the time your transaction comes through your account days later. 3) Regulation D. The final thing that I bet you never knew about your bank account is a federal regulation called Regulation D. Regulation D actually limits the number of times you can transfer money from your savings account. You are limited to only six per month. If you exceed these 6 you will be charged a $10 fee. If you exceed your transfers two months in a row, your savings account will be converted into a checking account with out your permission. To make matters more complicated, it is only when you do the transfers over the phone, or Internet that these transfers count. If you do it in your local branch or at the ATM, you will not be penalized. Banking is a complicated thing that should be easy for everyone. You should understand your bank account completely, and you should know as much about your money as possible. We are learning now from the mistakes that lead to this recession, there is no doubt that one of the major causes was that innocent people were taken advantage of. Don’t be one of those people. People who just don’t understand their checking and savings accounts. There are several recourses available to you, but the best one is your local bank.


February 11, 2009

Rampage 5

Spring Trends: Stay fashionable during the new season by Jemima Romero Rampage Reporter

Photos by Nikole Schroeder

Left: Students Zach Bohny & Ryan Moore Right: Student Yanira Barrera

Spring is finally here and that means new spring wardrobe. But don’t get alarmed because you’re about to get the tips on how to update your winter wardrobe without getting rid of the clothes you already have. You don’t have to spend too much on a new wardrobe; just add some extra key pieces like a floral bag, beaded bangles or a studded belt to your outfit and your ready for spring. It’s all about wearing the boyfriend baggy and washed looking jeans this season. You can wear them with flats, heels or tennis shoes. We all have those old, washed, and ripped jeans in our closets that we never wear because well…. They’re old, Guess what? They’re are in style this season so take them out and pair them up with a white button up. Going on a date and wearing a button up shirt is too formal. You can also pair them up with a dressy blouse and a cardigan to add more of a romantic feel. It’s all about blazers this season. Forever 21 has a variety of colors at very affordable prices. Blazers are good for any occasion this season. Pair it up with a floral dressy blouse, jeans and studded belt and your ready for the movies. Say goodbye to all the boring colors because it’s all about color this spring. Pinks, orange, yellows and shades of red are what spring is all about. You don’t have to go all out and wear all these colors at the same time we want you to look stylish. All you have to do is add a splash of color to your outfit. If you have more of a laid back style don’t be alarmed because we also have something for you to look trendy this spring. Polo shirts are in this season. Add color by buying a Polo or a print Polo. You can also pair it up with a pair of ripped jeans. Slip on sneakers are also in style this spring; Vans has all kinds of colors and prints. High heels can even be paired with dark, skinny jeans. Who said fashion was only for girls? We also

have some tips to help guys get ready for spring. Contrast collar shirts and bright plaid shirts is what you want to wear this spring. Pink is not only for girls, pink button ups and pink Polo’s are in too. If you’re one of those guys walking around campus with a messenger bag, drop the “murse” for a regular backpack. Backpacks are back now, so get one ofr yourself. The perfect clean outfit for this spring is cuffed shorts with a v-neck beach sweater. V-neck shirts are also in style too; pair them up with jeans and men sandals. White skinny jeans are also in this season. For more of a hard rocker look pair them up with a graphic tee. Fashion is all about individuality remember to add some of it to your spring wardrobe.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas IS


by Tim Limbrick

Rampage Reporter

10) Talk to him. Make plans beforehand about this holiday. Don’t put all the pressure on him. To avoid disappointments, have a game plan. Men love someone who can take charge. 9) Wake him up to breakfast in bed. Bacon, sausage, ham; these are a man’s three basic food groups. 8) Don’t worry about him. Men are tough. Sure, show him you care, but he knows this day is for you. 7) Cling to him. But don’t be a tumor, give him space. Men need to breathe, and they can’t always do that with you around. Just because it’s Valentines Day doesn’t mean every second of the day needs to be spent ensemble. 6) Tease him. Men love the thrill of the chase, and if you have been in a relationship for a while it will refresh things in the bedroom. 5) Pamper him. Give him a massage, those muscles get tense. Women aren’t the only ones who need extra care. 4) Challenge him. Men love competition. If you can perform better in some field than he does, it’ll drive him crazy. Let him win most of the time, so he doesn’t go insane. 3) Understand him. Men are like dogs. Give him something to chase, lick, and chew on. Roll around on the ground and go play. 2) Display affection. Demonstrate your fondness with subtle exchanges of public love. Gah-gah couples who call

each other “Googlie Bear” and “Sugar Bunny” disgust the world so try casually pinching his bottom and he’ll return the favor or blow him kisses, tough kisses. 1) Take it easy. If he hasn’t said it already, don’t pressure for ‘I love you’ simply because it’s Valentine’s Day. That’s not what the day is for; his actions should speak louder than his words.





by Bianca Betancourt Rampage Reporter

10) Do go to Color Me Mine or any craft store and make your sweetie a frame and then place a new or old picture of the two of you in it. Do not treat this like a school project and put some effort into it. 9)Do take her to dinner, but step it up and take her to her favorite restaurant or maybe where you had your first date, excluding fast food. Remember to dress to impress, open her door, pull out her chair, and be polite and considerate. Do not try to order for her and remember ladies first, even if she insists that you order first ask the waitress for more time. Last but definitely not least, do not take her to HOOTERS!! (ladies if you experience a case like this, I have two words for you DUMP THEM!). 8)Do treat her to a manicure, pedicure, or both. All girls love to be pampered, and you will also benefit from this because you will have a girl that looks good and feels good, and if she is happy, you are happy. Do not just drop her off at the salon, give her half the cash, and tell her to text you when she is done. 7)Do clean her car or maybe fill up her tank. This one is

pretty simple who wouldn’t love a free tank of gas and a clean car. Don’t send her an I.O.U. 6)Do make her a CD of songs that remind you of her and submit it with a homemade card that contains a note that is from the heart and for the heart. Don’t give her a card from last year and a CD that your ex-valentine made. 5) Do go to Bath and Body and pick out her favorite scent of lotion and offer to give her a massage; you never know; she might return the favor. Don’t keep asking her if your time is up yet. 4) Do arrange to make her dinner with candles and romantic music, I guarantee even if you are not America’s Top Chef, she will be impressed by your efforts. Don’t cook food she dislikes or is allergic to no one wants to spend Valentine’s day in the emergency room. 3) Do hide Hershey kisses wherever she can find them, and whenever she finds one, she gets a real kiss from you, a REAL KISS. Don’t hide them all in one place, and don’t let them melt!! 2) Do offer to be her slave for a day, these are two things that girls love, getting their way and telling you what to do. Carry her books, her purse, tie her shoe, and let her choose the movie or food; whatever she says goes. Don’t complain; this is something that you volunteer to do because of the love that you have for your significant other and don’t quit because no one likes a quitter. 1) Do use protection and be safe on Valentines Day….. the bottom line, it’s the thought that counts and whatever you decide to do for your boo should show her that you genuinely care for her.


6 Rampage

Senate Notes by Mark Smith

February 11, 2009

Ask President Azari Q: How will you tighten

Rampage Reporter

On Jan. 28, the Academic Senate met for its biweekly meeting. Here are a few of the key issues that were discussed: -Dr. Cynthia Azari, President of Fresno City College, delivered a guest speech about the state of the budget and what impacts FCC can expect. She handed out papers detailing the exact state of affairs, with an estimated cut of $1.7 million to take place. The senate discussed various places to cut funding, with commencement ceremonies being the first target, as they cost $80 thousand last year. Azari encourages anyone, be it student, staff, or whoever else to submit money saving ideas anonymously under a link found on the blackboard website. Click on “student stuff� and you will find the link in the top right corner of the page. -Azari also explained that Calgrants and other state financial aid will not be paid until the budget is passed. -Craige Poole will be giving a talk on water conservation and other topics in SO104 on Friday at 3 p.m. Be sure to come if you want to learn about this important topic. -A website,, was brought up. This is a good website to find books at cheaper rates, with most versions being available around half price for an online version. If you need cheap alternatives, this may be the site for you. -A discussion on moving the child development center took place. There are safety concerns as the current location is close to the railroad. Various new location ideas were brought up and discussed. Be sure to attend the next Academic Senate meeting on Wednesday, February 11, at 3 p.m. in the staff dining room if you’re concerned about this or any other issue. Be advised there is always an open forum period near the beginning of the meeting where legitimate concerns may be brought to the Senate’s attention.

security on campus?

A: “We are working with the campus police

and maintenance departments to ensure that lights are fixed and issues addressed.�

Q: Why is a 14 hour cut in counselor time occuring?

A: “We are complying with contractual requirements with regards to all faculty.�

Email your questions to Dr. Azari. Contact us at

= 0 C 8 > = 0 ;  D = 8 E 4 A B 8 C H–

CaP]bUTaaX]V. 5X]XbWBRW^^[ H>DAFPh

0c =PcX^]P[D]XeTabXchfTZ]^f h^d RP]Âc bXc X] R[Pbb P[[ SPh ^a [^RZ h^dabT[U X] P [XQaPah ½ h^dÂeT V^c f^aZ UP\X[h P]S UaXT]Sb H^dÂaT caP]bUTaaX]V QTRPdbT h^d fP]c c^ Ë]XbW h^da STVaTT P]S \^eT ^] X]c^ P ]Tf RPaTTa H^d fP]c WT[_ P]S Pc =PcX^]P[D]XeTabXchfTÂ[[VXeTXcc^h^dfXcW

-- 6dPaP]cTTSPS\XbbX^] -- =^T]a^[[\T]cUTT -- 5[TgXQ[TbRWTSd[X]V -- D]X`dT^]TR^dabT_Ta\^]cWU^a\Pc -- BRW^[PabWX__a^VaP\b

Š 2009 National University 7388

5A4B=>20<?DB) !AXeTa?PaZ?[PRTFTbc $$(!$%#(

The University of Values

 '    = 0C D = 8 E   |

VTcX]U^ ]d TSdcaP]bUTa

February 11, 2009


Rampage 7

Classic Tale Enchants Fresno Snow White makes an anticipated stop in the Valley

By Shirah Hopper Rampage Reporter The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ballet is coming to Fresno for the first time. The performance will be held Feb. 28 at 2:00 p.m. at t h e Wi l l i a m S a r o y a n Theatre. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will feature seven international dancers and three d i s t i n g u i s h e d Russian professional dancers from the State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara. Fresno City College students can get tickets for $10 by going to the Fresno Convention Center Box Office and presenting their Student ID. The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ballet is based on the story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs written by the Grimm Brothers published in 1812. The performance, full of theatrical magic, includes colorful scenery, costumes - and more. “This is exciting for me because Fresno doesn’t do much for ballet dancers … there aren’t many ballets here, you have to go to places like San Francisco to see [ballets],” said Carmen Lopez, a Fresno City College dance student. The State Street Ballet is a

tale as part of its 2008-2009 season. VPAC also offers local ballet students the opportunity to share the stage alongside the professional ballet company. Auditions were held in June and over 45 students were selected to perform. Rehearsals began in August. “The children’s participation in such an elaborate and professional production is a unique o p p o r t u n i t y, ” s a i d Yu kari Thiesen, Artistic Director for VPAC. The educational performances will allow local school children to attend the ballet. Due to budget cuts, most schools have removed their arts programs. VPAC’s primary mission is to bring professional classical performing arts to the Central Valley. VPAC offers the general public, local dancers and school chilPhoto by Shirah Hopper dren the opportunity to see of classical technique with up- a professional level of ballet dated special effects and digital and classical music to create technology, producing original a greater understanding of the works that satisfy today’s diverse classical performing arts. Through audiences. Each summer the separate educational ballet percompany runs Summer Intensive, formances, VPAC has reached a national workshop that attracts over 105,000 school students in emerging performers and chore- 23 school districts throughout the Central Valley. “Our mission is ographers. Valley Performing Arts now of the utmost importance as Council (VPAC) will sponsor many school districts have lost or both public and educational per- are struggling to keep their fine formances of the favorite fairy arts programs,” said Thiesen .

vibrant, innovative professional dance company based in Santa Barbara, California. “We are really excited to come to Fresno … We’re looking at doing more [ballets] with VPAC in the coming years in order to bring more professional ballet [to Fresno],” said Maria Fliagina, State Street Ballet, Ballet Mistress. Fliagina is responsible for setting the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ballet. “Snow White is a fun

ballet to perform, I think the dancers really enjoy themselves with this one,” Fliagina said. Founded in 1994 and under the artistic direction of Rodney Gustafson, the State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara tours nationally and internationally. Original touring productions include “Carmen”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Ballroom” and “The Nutcracker”. The dance company combines the rigors and timeless beauty

Winner: Frank Langella for Frost/Nixon (2008)-The aging actors-actor pulled off a theatrical performance (he originated the Nixon role on stage) has never won the big Oscar. The Academy will probably award him the gold for his five decade long career of powerful performances. Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Nominees: -Anne Hathaway for Rachel Getting Married -Angelina Jolie for Changeling -Melissa Leo for Frozen River -Meryl Streep for Doubt -Kate Winslet for The Reader Winner: Anne Hathaway for Rachel Getting Married-Hathaway has proven her flexibility as both a Hollywood and independent film actress. Her young age and versatile career could prove for Oscar gold. Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Nominees: -Josh Brolin for Milk -Robert Downey Jr. for Tropic Thunder -Philip Seymour Hoffman for Doubt -Heath Ledger for The Dark

Knight -Michael Shannon for Revolutionary Road Winner: Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight-Heath Ledgers turn as The Joker was undoubtably the most talked about performance of the year. His bringing of legitimacy to “comic-book super-villains” combined with his untimely death, fan support, and a huge push from the studio will give Ledger his posthumous Oscar gold. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role Nominees: -Amy Adams for Doubt -Penélope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona Slumdog Millionaire -Viola Davis for Doubt -Taraji P. Henson for The Reader (2008) -David Fincher for The CuCurious Case of Benjamin Butrious Case of Benjamin Button ton -Ron Howard for Frost/ -Marisa Tomei for The Nixon Wrestler -Gus Van Sant for Milk Winner: Viola Davis for Winner: Danny Boyle for Doubt-In a film full of great perforSlumdog Millionaire (2008)-In a mances, Davis pulled off the most perfect world, the director of the controversial and thought-proBest Picture should win the award. voking character with amazingly The director makes the film and tragic grace. Boyle should be awarded for his Best Achievement in Divisual recting Nominees: -Best Writing, Screenplay -Danny Boyle for Slumdog Written Directly for the Screen Millionaire (2008) Nominees: -Stephen Daldry for The

One blogger predicts Oscar winners By Brendon Mustaciola Rampage Reporter

Best Motion Picture of the Year Nominees: -The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Ceán Chaffin, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall -Frost/Nixon: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Eric Fellner -Milk: Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks -The Reader: Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack, Donna Gigliotti, Redmond Morris Winner: Slumdog Millionaire: Christian Colson-The Indian indie-international crowd pleaser that came out of nowhere is at the same time heartbreaking and heartwarming. This film blends the best of film and movie to create an engaging and thought-provoking piece of entertainment much like a great work of literature. Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Nominees: -Richard Jenkins for The Visitor -Sean Penn for Milk -Brad Pitt for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button -Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler

Photo courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures

-Frozen River (2008): Courtney Hunt -Happy-Go-Lucky (2008): Mike Leigh -In Bruges (2008): Martin McDonagh -Milk (2008): Dustin Lance Black -WALL·E (2008): Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Jim Reardon. Winner: In Bruges (2008): Martin McDonagh- The hilarious dark comedy about philosophical assassins brings on heavy does of both pathos and laughs.

For more information listen to the Feckless Film Podcast


What the Pho is Pho???

8 Rampage

February 11, 2009

An Introduction to the Vietnamese soup, Pho

By Andrew Colburn Rampage Reporter Discovering new food is an amazing experience. Can you remember the first time you went out of the box to try something new. The first time you braved raw fish, and ate at the newest hippest sushi spot. Maybe you can remember the first time someone told you about that awesome burrito place, that no one else knows about. When you find that special place that has amazing food and no one seems to know about it, you keep it a secret; you don’t tell anyone, it’s your place. We all have our favorite bars and clubs, and we all have our favorite places to go after these bars and clubs kick us out. These late night hours send us to twenty-four hour diners, Mexican food drive-thrus, fast food, and the most desperate of places, the corner convenient store. Do not worry, you have had your last frozen burrito from circle K, because you can make your way to the closest Pho place. There you can get a number of traditional Vietnamese dishes, but more importantly, the wonderful

dish known as Pho. Pho is basically a Vietnamese noodle soup. There are many variations to the dish, but traditionally, it is rice noodles served in a beef broth with various cuts of beef in the broth. The bowl of Pho is usually served with a side of garnishes that can be added at one’s discretion; bean sprouts, jalapenos, cilantro and limes are common sides. Along with the sides served with the bowl, there

are a number of other things one can add to the Pho to appropriately flavor the dish to your liking. Sirracha, hoison, chilli oil, shrimp paste, fish sauce, and sugar are regularly available. The eatery in closest proximity to Tower District is Pho 75 #2. Here, the Pho is not only wonderful it is open until 3:00 a.m. on the weekends. Here the Pho is lovely; it is extremely rich; made from beef stock that seems

Local chef Katy Engeberg, said “Pho is great. I am a classically trained chef, and I adore French cuisine. The way these restaurants can make such a rich and elegant broth, and yet keep the clean flavors of Asian cuisine is amazing, not to mention the Thai chiles-- the more heat the better.” Chef Engeberg has only been eating Pho for the past year, but since she discovered the soup, it has become her new favorite dish. Like many others, she makes it to Pho at least four Photo by John Esquivel times a week. richer and more delicate than any Pho surfaced in Hasoup made by a classically trained noi, Vietnam after the French French chef. The soup is always occupation around 1880. The served piping hot and garnished Vietnamese valued cows and with just enough cilantro and buffaloes, so it wasn’t until the onions to bring out the subtleties French came that they needed of the star anise. Not only is the to find a way to incorporate the broth reason enough to go, but French diet into a dish that was the noodles are always cooked suitable to the Vietnamese palperfectly not underdone and yet far ate. from being the mushy mess most Many Pho restarants of us are used to from making our are found throughout Fresno own spaghetti at home. close to Fresno City College.

FCC Choral Delivers Sweet Music By Mayra Cervantes Rampage Reporter

Fresno City College music department enthralled the audience with Cheesecake Cabaret on Saturday at the college cafeteria. Money raised goes towards paying for the group’s 2009 Spring Tour. Octavio Rivera and Rose Paloma started the concert as they sang “As Long As You’re Mine” by Stephen Schwartz Octavio Rivera and Rose Paloma sang. Rivera, an FCC music major, said he is excited and happy to be part of this concert, “I’m looking forward to the tour; I’m sure it will be a nice experience” Rivera said. Students in the performance selected their own music, a variety of music from movies and Broadway. Approximately 28 students participated at this event. Among the pieces they selected: “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” from Lion King; “A Whole New World,” from Aladdin; “Spoon Full of Sugar,” from Mary Poppins; “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again,” from Phantom of the Opera; “Everybody Wants to be a Cat,” from Cats; “All I ask of You,” from Phantom of the Opera, and “Colors of the Wind,”

from Pocahontas. “It was like being in heaven; they have beautiful voices; they are all really talented,” said Victoria Olea, an FCC student who attended the concert. Olea said, “It is a good way to release stress.” All the singers were accompanied by Matthew Horton who was on the piano. The concert was directed by Marcus Jenkins and Walter Anderson was Master of Ceremonies. Spectators were delighted with a piece of cheese cake and an option of coffee or punch. Luz Arroyo, who attented the concert said, “The cheese cake was delicious, and the concert was wonderful.” Arroyo said he attends most of the FCC concerts. “This was a different concert, they made us forget about the diet for a day, on a typical concert you just sit and enjoy, I liked this concert because it was different,” said Arroyo. Before the concert ended, Rose Paloma, along with all the performers surprised Paloma’s mother who was celebrating her 50th Birthday with two melodies “Once in Love” by Frank Sinatra and Barry Manilow, followed by the traditional “Happy Birthday.” With a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, she said,

Students perform at Cheesecake Cabaret “I was surprised, she makes me happy; what can I say, I’m so proud of her.” The concert ended with the students performing an ensemble named, “The Barber of Seville.” Julie Dana, the director of

the chorus group, said that the choral group is hoping to raise enough money to pay for the 2009 Tour of Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. Each student needs to raise $1,600.00. The Choral Music group is

Photo by Nikole Schroeder

also singing at other events such as the Valentine’s Serenade, and the Multicultural Concert. For more information, contact Julie Dana at 442- 4600 ext.8465 or email her at Julie. dana@fresnocitycollege


February 11, 2009



Artists To Know in A list of those giving a breath of fresh air to music

by John Esquivel

Rampage Reporter

Modern music has shifted yet again. Choreographed dance moves have been traded in for guitar licks. The charts are showing rock bands at the top once again. As news of the cancellation of TRL began to circulate, Headbanger’s Ball ratings have gone up (making it possibly the last show that airs music videos on MTV.) Simply put, people want something new. People are now looking for new ways to find music. Whether it be the press, radio, or television; it’s important to realize what group of people have helped make stars: college students. College radio has helped turn yesterday’s nobody’s into today’s legends and headliners (R.E.M., Pavement,

Service (or any sort of musical comparison, for that matter.) This is the next depressed-singer-gonedance band. Comprised of Antony Hegarty (of Antony and The Johnsons), DJ Andy Butler, Nomi Ruiz, and Kim Ann Foxman, the band has been causing a buzz over its diverse line up. Most importantly, Hercule’s first single “Blind” has been causing quite a commotion on the dance floor at the hippest clubs all over the country. Antony’s haunting vocals make for a throwback approach on the dance floor; reminiscent of Larry Levan, Yazoo, and Arthur Russell. Vivian Girls “Vivian Girls” – For those of us who refuse to believe the RRRiot Girl movement will never die. As the ashes of Sleater-Kinney begin to settle, these girls carry on the torch of “hip punk.” This band sounds like the faster side of the Velvet Underground (a la “I’m Waiting For My Man”) fronted by the girls from the Manson family. While

ing extensively throughout they year, they also managed to release two full albums (one in February and another in October.) While the first album had a few singles and music videos, this new album has had a limited release and the band has announced that they plan to not release any singles in support of it. Their music tends to be upbeat and energetic compared to some of the other acts that have been becoming popular for the past year. It also doesn’t hurt that they add a bit of xylophone into the mix. For those who are looking for a happy approach to what is going on in the world. Bon Iver “For Emma , Forever Ago” – Out of any artist on this list, Bon Iver has had the most success. Bon Iver ( the moniker for Justin Vernon) spent three months recording his last album (For Emma, Forever Ago) in a secluded cabin in Wisconsin. Over time, his music has been featured

Arts festival along with Morrissey, Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, Franz Ferdinand, and Paul McCartney. Wale “The Mixtape About Nothing” – Mixtapes have proven to have taken a mind of their own over the last few decades. While today’s hottest hip hop artists are cutting tracks that are all over the radio, there are still tracks by these artists that fall under the radar. We find these tapes in independent record stores and the internet (just to name a few places.) Wales has taken his buzz-worthy status and made a themed mixtape based on the unlikely: Seinfield. On his tape, “The Mixtape About Nothing”, Wale raps over redone Seinfield music along with his own beats. He even tackles the infamous Mi-

College radio has helped turn yesterday’s nobody’s into today’s legends and headliners (R.E.M., Pavement, Nirvana, and Radiohead are just a few.) Nirvana, and Radiohead are just a few.) In fact, college radio has helped launch even today’s mega stars. For example, one day M.I.A. is sharing her files on the internet (which college DJ’s played), the next day she’s recording with Timbaland, and now all she wants to do is take your money. Today, it’s hard to find the “next big thing” with all of the bands coming out and the lack of coverage. Myspace and the internet showers us with bands from all over with varying degrees of talent. Also, the lack of music on MTV and Clear Channel taking over the radio has left every day music fans with a bland roster of current bands. Here are a few bands that are certainly working under the radar, but are making a buzz in the business. Who knows, they may be the “next big thing.” Here’s a look at a few bands to watch and the efforts that have brought them the attention. Hercules And Love Affair “Hercules And Love Affair” – Forget The Postal

the tunes on this record may be hard to swallow on a first listen, they are sure to grow on one over time. The lo-fi recording quality make for a unique experience. Check this out if you are looking for a modern day approach to classic underground music. F***ed Up “The Chemistry Of Common Life” – Have you ever heard of a punk album that runs 54 minutes? This band takes note from classic punk bands (Black Flag, Cro-Mags, Judge) when it comes to their sound yet take note from prominent “alternative” bands (Neutral Milk Hotel, Wilco) when it comes to their elaborate arrangements. Lead singer Pink Eyes brings the fury to the stage; resulting in numerous legendary shows and two controversial sets on MTV Canada. Be sure to check out their extensive discography of numerous 7” records and whacky collaborations with the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Nelly Furtado, Davy Havok of AFI, Alexisonfire, Final Fantasy, and the cast of Degrassi. Los Campesinos! “Hold On Now, Youngster!” – These Brits had a very busy 2008. While tour-

on numerous television shows and topped off the year with a performance on David Letterman. This year has also been quite good to Bon Iver so far. They released their new EP “Blood Bank” with great praise and reception. The EP entered the Billboard charts at number 16; selling over 23,000 copies. Not bad, considering they are still releasing their music independently. No Age “Nouns”– It’s rare that a two piece band makes a buzz, but these L.A. kids are doing just that. Those in the music industry have been watching bands that play at L.A. venue The Smell (No Age, Miko Mika, HEALTH) like talent scouts watched Berkeley venue 924 Gilman St. in the early-90’s (with the likes of Operation Ivy, Green Day, NOFX, and Blatz.) No Age has had the privilege of being on the forefront of this local scene. While not exactly focusing on their music, the band made news when a member was forced to remove a Barack Obama shirt during their performance on the Late Late Show with Craig Furguson. The band will be performing at the 2009 Coachella Valley Music &

chael Richards “N-word” incident in the track “The Kramer.” Wale even invited big names; including the likes of the great, late J Dilla, Lil’ Wayne, Mark Ronson, ?uestlove, and even a recorded message from Julia Louis-Dreyfus (who played “Elaine” on the show.) The Gaslight Anthem “The ‘59 Sound” – While being a relatively “quiet” band compared to its punk rock brother bands, The Gaslight Anthem broke into 2008 like nobody’s business. Following a critically praised EP, the band released “The ‘59 Sound” mid-2008. While still considered a punk band, the press that has followed has allowed the band to expand to a whole new fan base. With an interesting combination of Bruce Springsteen, Against Me!, and 50’s style rock, the Gaslight Anthem have been an unlikely contender for the top rock bands to watch in the coming year.

From top to bottom: Bon Iver’s “For Emma, Forever Ago” (courtesy of Jagjaguwar Records), Vivian Girls “Vivian Girls” (courtesy of In The Red Records), The Gaslight Anthem “The ‘59 Sound” (courtesey of SideOneDummy Records), F***ed Up “The Chemistry Of Common Life” (courtesy of Matador Records), Wales “The Mixtape About Nothing” (self released; presented by 10.Deep Clothing), Hercules And Love Affair “Hercules And Love Affair” (courtesy of DFA Records)

Rampage 9


10 Rampage

February 11, 2009

A Look Back At...

“The Day The Music Died” By Patrick Willey Rampage Reporter

“A long, long time ago... I can still remember How that music used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance, That I could make those people dance, And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while. B u t F e b r u ary made me shiver With every paper I’d deliver. Bad news on the doorstep; I couldn’t take one more step. I can’t remember if I cried When I read about his widowed bride, But something touched me deep inside The day the music died.” -Don McLean            It was snowing lightly early in the morning on Feb. 3, 1959 when three musicians climbed on board of a small plane headed for Far-

Photos courtesy of the estates of Buddy Holly, Jiles Richardsen, and Richie Valens

go, North Dakota. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P.. “The Big Bopper” Richardson had just finished a show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake Iowa, a stop on the “Winter Dance Party” tour that they never intended to make. Flight arrangements had been made after the heating system on the group’s tour bus had broken down. Initially the flight


was meant to carry Buddy Holly, and his band mates Waylon Jennings and Tommy Allsup. Jennings gave his seat to Richardson because he had come down with a case of the flu. Allsup and Ritchie Valens flipped a coin for the final seat on the plane, and Valens won it. When Holly found out Jennings wouldn’t be traveling with him, he remarked, “Well, I hope your


March 3–4 • Saroyan Theatre

Call 485-TIXS and ask for “student discount” or visit the box office • Info:

*Not good on previously purchased tickets. Not good in conjunction with any other offer. Offer valid on selected seats, limited quantities.

ol’ bus freezes up.” Jennings responded, “Well, I hope your ol’ plane crashes.” As it turned out it was the last time the two would speak to each other. Charles Hardin Holley, known by countless listeners as Buddy Holly, broke into the popular music scene in 1957. His early influences included Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry. He formed a band called the Crickets, and his first hit “That’ll Be the Day” (1957) soon climbed to number one on the charts. His sound was rooted in Rhythm and Blues, and influenced strongly by Country and Western music. Unlike Elvis, Buddy Holly wrote and performed his own songs. At the time, white musicians rose to stardom by making black music more acceptable to whites, Buddy Holly earned the respect of black musicians and black audiences. “Of all the music heroes of the time, he was the most accessible, and he was the real thing.”- Eric Clapton His image made him acceptable to a range of audiences. He regularly donned a suit and tie with a pair of horned rimmed glasses. “His image was important, too. With Elvis, you thought, ‘God, he’s good looking.’ With Buddy, it was like, ‘God, he’s the boy next door.’ It was a particular bonus for John [Lennon], who had hornrimmed glasses but whipped them off whenever girls came near. Now he wore them proudly.” – Paul McCartney ‘The Day the Music Died’ is what they would call it on February 3, 1959. Shortly after taking off at 1:00am, the plain headed toward the next stop on the “Winter Dance Party” tour came down. The crash killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J.P. Richardson, and the 21-year-old pilot, Roger Peterson. Before takeoff, Peterson had decided to fly “on instruments,” without visual confor-

mation of the horizon, which led to the crash. Three of Rock and Roll’s biggest icons had been taken away in their prime. As it happened the crash marked the end of the ‘first wave’ of rock and roll. By the early sixties most of the musicians who had founded Rock and Roll had stopped recording music. Little Richard became a minister, Chuck Berry landed in jail, and Elvis Presley was drafted into the army. Buddy Holly’s death effectively left an entire generation in mourning.           “People always say that they remember exactly where they were the day that President Kennedy was assassinated. I don’t, but I do remember walking into the school playground on the day Buddy Holly died.”- Eric Clapton To this day, Buddy Holly’s influence among generations of musicians continues to resonate. Some of history’s greatest song writers developed their love of music listening to him perform. “You could learn from Buddy Holly how to write songs, the way he put them together. He was a beautiful writer.”- Mick Jagger  “He was a great and innovative musician. He was a master. His influence continues. I often wonder what his music would be like now, had he lived.”- John Lennon                  February 3rd marks the fiftieth anniversary of ‘The Day the Music Died’. We have a better appreciation of what that day meant fifty years later. The social impact of Rock and Roll was too massive to fall silent. It was too loud to die. The rhythm carried across the Atlantic. It gave birth to the Renaissance of Rock. A new generation of musicians who grew up listening to Buddy Holly, began a movement even he would be proud of. A new era of rock began fifty years ago, and a new call towards rebellion was answered. For many Rock and Roll means freedom, and for the establishment it has always meant trouble.

February 11, 2009




Who do you wish would ask you

“Will you be my


“Marilyn Monroe” Samuel Hooker Computer Networking

“Besty the Cow” Angel Villa Criminology

“Angel Villa” Marissa Herrera General Ed

“Andrew Alfaro” Andrew McAllister Biology

“Brendon Mustaciola” Kristi Park Business

“Jesus” Tony Mejia Computer Engineering Photographs by Brendon Mustaciola


12 Rampage

February 11, 2009

A Stimulating Debate by Marcell Dilworth

by Shirah Hopper

Rampage Reporter Imagine if you have just been elected President of the United States of America and that you have inherited a recession. Would you do nothing or would attempt to be a part of the solution by creating jobs? I believe that doing nothing would be political suicide because the members of the opposing party would trounce you by attacking the fact that you have done nothing but gave sympathetic speeches for those who are suffering and losing their jobs; I, like most Americans would have agree with them. All of the Republicans in the House of Representative voted against the stimulus package. Although most of them believe that a stimulus package is needed, they were force to vote against the bill by their conservative base. It has everything to do with their conservative philosophy. They believe that many of the roles of today’s federal government should be allocated to the states. Most conservatives don’t support the stimulus package because they see it as America inching closer towards socialism.  As a student at Fresno City College, I am definitely in support of the bill for a few reasons, and it has everything to do with where the money is going. There is the cold reality that this recession could affect your ability to receive student aid and some of your instructors risk being laid off from their jobs. Tuition cost can sky rocket in a way that many won’t be able to afford to pay the fees as we move on to a university. Not only will the stimulus package help students and help save teacher’s jobs, it also will help create jobs. For example, Dr. Cynthia Azari, President of FCC, recently said that she believes that FCC would qualify for many of the funds in the stimulus bill that will be allocated to colleges for construction. That means FCC could continue refurbishing the old administration building, and the contractors can continue contracting, thus creating jobs. Many of the Republicans are complaining about the stimulus package by saying it won’t actually stimulate the economy. Some are calling the bill a gift to the Democratic Party constituency. You can say the same things and more about the Republicans plan The Republican version of the stimulus package basically says, “Do more of the same things Former President Bush did to help create this mess.” They are still arguing for more tax cuts for the rich and more deregulation making it easier for those Wall Street executives to undermine our economy with more selfish greed.    Here is an example of the wasteful spending, $50 million to the National Endowment for the Arts. I am a strong advocate of the arts programs, but not in a bill that is to help create or save jobs during a recession.    Sometimes it does make sense to do nothing, and brace yourself for the storm, but not when the storm can cost you and others their jobs. 

Rampage Reporter President Obama’s stimulus package will actually do nearly nothing to stimulate the economy. This is an economy where every headline is about layoffs or business going out of business. The republicans are absolutely right. There is not enough juice in his plan. Take the infrastructure number alone. In this package they are putting $30 billion towards infrastructure. It takes $22 billion to build one bridge and only puts 5000 people to work. That is only one project. This package is not going to put a lot of people to work. That is putting 5000 people to work versus millions losing their jobs. This number towards infrastructure needs to be at least ten times the amount it is now to do anything to stimulate this economy. Production has declined 50% in this country and in order to boost our economy we need to be building because building produces more jobs. In January alone there were 598,000 job losses. This bill is not timely. CBO estimates that only about 15% of this stimulus package will be spent in 2009 – and we’re only in February, we still have ten-plus months of the year left. The next 37% of the bill won’t be spent until 2010 and the remaining amount until 2011 and later. This isn’t relief that the citizens and businesses of this country need. By that time, many more businesses will probably not even be operating. The worst item on this bill is $50 million that goes to the National Endowment for the Arts. We all should support the arts, but how is this going to stimulate our economy? A stimulus package should be something that will help create jobs and incomes so we can spend more. This just will not do anything to help. This problem is a lot bigger than our new president realizes. I applaud his efforts, but I think he needs to use his education, his ideas and go back to the drawing board. Take the time to put together a better bill rather than just throwing out another $800 billion in the trashcan. Is it any wonder 100% of Republicans and about 11 Democrats in the House voted against this thing? Let’s put aside bi-partisanship and work together for the American people - something we all vote for you to do. I expect more from you Mr. President. Photograph provided by

A Drive-Thru Queen’s Lament by Jeannie Batey Rampage Reporter Since I graduated high school I’ve worked in a string of fast food restaurants. I became the drive-thru queen pretty quickly. The job was largely unrewarding. In fact, the first day there I was thrown on the drive-thru and I tried my best to take orders, hand out the food, make the drinks, and operate the cash register. I felt so overworked and underpaid. When I moved out on my own, I was given a lot of cook books and health books, showing me proper ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I tried to follow the rules, but the fact remained that I didn’t have time or the budget to live a healthy life. When I lived across the street from Fresno State, I got off work at 3:00 a.m. and I had a class the next morning at 8:00 a.m. What was the quickest way to get the nourishment I needed? The answer: I didn’t eat. I went to

school and snacked on something small later on. The snacks were usually small and very unhealthy. I never had any lessons on how to live and thrive on a student budget. And I know I am not alone. Going back to working with fast food, wiping tables, cleaning ice cream machines, and burning my hands on chili so people can eat. All of it had a huge effect on what I was putting in my mouth and how I was spending my money. I got the food at a discount, and the temptation was there every time I was told to go on break. It was psychologically impossible for me not to think that I was doing a smart thing when I spent my money getting a discounted meal. I feel that I’ve gotten wiser. Third time does the trick, and I don’t find myself eating the grease filled French fries during my break. In order for me to do that, I really had to see what it was cost-

ing me. I’m not getting help with school because I no longer qualify for financial aid, I’ve been paying rent since I was nineteen, help from family is out of the picture, and the only thing that has been getting me by is the part time jobs I feel like I have snagged. So having a workable student budget is at the top of my priorities, and I also had to see that being so stressed out is not my fault. In high school I was taught how to get into a university, live in the comfort of a dorm room, or get into school and still live with my family. Sadly, the lifestyle of a student that attends a community college was overlooked. So when I was sent out on my own in the real world…I was thrown into life just like I was thrown onto the drive-thru on my first day. I had a thousand different things thrown at me at once and I feel overworked and underpaid.

Fresno City College Bookstore

February 11, 2009


Rampage 13

Wii Want Some Respect an angry tirade against a once respected company by Kyle Calvert Rampage Reporter

I remember a time when... ...being able to tell people that I have owned a Nintendo Wii since midnight November 19, 2007 – the moment the Wii was released – was a legitimate bragging right. I’m a member of Nintendo’s hardcore fan base – a group that is well-known for its loyalty and enthusiasm to the entire gaming community – and I’m pissed off. In times like these, when Nintendo’s focus is more on getting Grandma and Grandpa to buy gifts for their legions of fake neighbors in Animal Crossing: City Folk, I’m enraged by the lack of quality gaming Nintendo is developing for its fans. The hardcore fan base doesn’t care about what color ponies you can raise in the next Barbie: Horse Adventures game or jump for joy over the release of Wii Olympics – we want the next Zelda or Metroid game to come out, dazzle us, and keep us happy and entertained until the next game in the series comes to the market. Nintendo’s roster of 2009 games and attitude towards its fans, however, seem to indicate that they no longer give a damn. After the debut of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the other two leading developers released their systems. It has been little over a year since the Wii’s release, and Satoru Iwata, Nintendo’s president, revealed in an interview with German website Spiegel Online that if the Wii had not been successful, he would have had to start looking for another job. Roughly translated, “I was lucky everything worked so quickly.” However, the Wii is successful; financially, it is the most successful video game console ever released, far outselling its competitors. However, the system’s success has also changed Nintendo’s view on how to succeed in the industry. Their attitude seems to have become ‘less is more’ as they embrace the ‘anyone can play’ demographic, and the attitude is crushing the faith of diehard Nintendo fans – a group that defines the words loyalty and dedication. Lately, Nintendo’s selection of Wii games (at least 60% of which are

“The hardcore fan base

doesn’t care about what color ponies you can raise in the next Barbie: Horse Adventures...”

marketed towards non-gamers) is almost entirely unappealing to hardcore and casual gamers. While developers can make easy money by turning out Wii games catering to ‘everybody’ these games are typically unfulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Wii Sports, but when a hardcore gamer gets to the point where they can’t get much better at a game, the game gets boring unless it has something called replay value – the ability to stay fresh and entertaining despite the fact that you’ve beat it a hundred times. To a console gamer, this is usually the deciding factor in buying a game. After the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Nintendo has practically stopped releasing games of quality, while other consoles continue to produce blockbuster games like Silent Hill 5 and Bioshock. In the age of nextgen consoles, the Wii is not nearly as mechanically powerful as either of its opponents, yet greatly outsells them because it is at least $100 cheaper and comes with the game that most buyers want: Wii Sports. Another $100 will get them Wii Fit and the Wii Balance Board, which is an exercise routine instead of an actual game. After various daytime talk shows like Ellen and Oprah discovered that Wii Fit helps lose weight and get in shape, the Wii’s popularity craze grew. People of any age were then encouraged to purchase the system, because having a personal fitness trainer for $100 that you can actually enjoy in the comfort of your own home is much better than taking your stress to the gym. It is a system that has brought gaming to people that would never have touched it before, but at what cost to Nintendo’s loyal fan base? While games like Metal Gear Solid 4 have kept the majority of the gaming community entertained, gamers that own only a Wii suffer silently. To them, the Nintendo that they once mutually knew and loved has sold them out in order to turn a profit. Early on in the Wii’s development, Nintendo decided to get more third-party developers involved with its roster of launch titles. Because Nintendo takes too much time to produce games that fans appreciate, they lose business from that group. Some third-party developers often have good game ideas that would work perfectly on the Wii, but don’t pursue them. In late 2007, a survival-horror game with a 1920’s black-and-white gothic horror film feeling named Sadness was supposed to be released exclusively for Wii by January 2009. Upon seeing the trailer for the game, looking at some of the concept art, and listening to some of the game music that was on Sadness’ website, I was definitely looking forward to it. The true sadness came when news came out that its developer gave up on it to focus on other games, although luckily it was recently finished by a new developer and is expected to be released in late March. Winter, another revolutionary survival-horror Wii-only title, was terminated because the developer decided that a mature, adult game would not work on “a console made for kids and old people.” It can be easy to lose sight of what you enjoy in recreational video games when companies start to care less about customer satisfaction and more about financial gain. What we must remember to do is to never lose our love for the hobby simply because the situation is bleak. One day, Nintendo might embrace its true fans again. But until that day comes, I’m sticking with Mega Man emulators.


A Rush of Color

14 Rampage

February 11, 2009

Got some colorful questions of your own? Catch the next Club Rush on Wednesday Feb. 25. by Red Wilson

Perhaps, by stopping by as many tables as you can and A scene colored by Club posing one particularly revealRush flowed in to surround the ing question, such as: If this club fountain Wednesday Feb. 4. were a color, what color would Hoping to compel members-to- it be? Answers ranged be, devoted spokespeople sparkle a c r o s s the spectrum. from behind tables covered by the LAE (American Criminal square of tents. Justice Association) Curious students’ questions “Blue: like the ocean, are rewarded by club representa‘cause we’re deep,” said Mattives’ attempts to convey the feel thew Roman. “Blue, it’s proof the club. But, how can one get fessional. It says, ‘Take me a glimpse of every club’s unique seriously, listen to what I have personality without missing all of to say,” said Leticia Montes. one’s Wednesday classes? FCC College Republicans: Rampage Reporter

“Red: a conservative color and for our nation, part of the red, white, and blue,” said Mark de los Santos. Anthropology Club: “Yellow: it’s different, interesting to look at, fun to study, spontaneous, represents a zeal for life. Yes, definitely yellow. NAISA (Native American Intertribal Student Association): “Red pride, baby: the warmth of our culture,” said Heather Fystrom. History Club: “Green: land is green. We

Photo by Red Wilson

all have history on land,” said Gabriel Caona, “Some people have sea history,” said Saul Aguilar. International Student Club: “Black: if you mix all of them together, you get black,” said Kevin Maxkwee. Associated Student Government: “Yellow: embarking on change and transformation,” said Heather Reed. “ASG would be black -- the absorbency of all colors,” said Brandon Sisk. Puente: “Turquoise: like our banner, because it stands out and

invites people in. Also, it’s gender neutral,” said Margarita Caballero. Hmong Student Club: “Red: our logo says, ‘Ib Tsev Neeb,’ which means, ‘One family,’ and a family shares the same blood,” said Xe Moua. Anime Club: “Good question,” said Angel Sanchez. “Blue or purple, maybe green. Let’s go with blue,” said Julio Rodriguez. “Plaid,” said Tanisha Waggoner. “Every color combined,” said Cesar Salazar. Diversity Club “A rainbow!,” said Kiki Rios.

Lady Rams look to own diamond February 11, 2009


Rampage 15

by Gabriel Bautista

Rampage Reporter

FCC softball team talks strategy

FCC batter awaits incoming pitch

Photos courtesy of

The Lady Rams are off to a good start this season. The softball team started their season on January 27 against Bakersfield College, beating them back-to-back to start with a 2-0 record. They now claim a 5-2 record, also declaring victories against College of San Mateo, Ohlone College, and San Joaquin Delta College, but unfortunately losing to Sierra College, and Cosumnes River College along the way. The lady Rams shut-out Bakersfield College 6-0 in their first encounter, and also College of San Mateo with an 8-0 victory. Unfortunately they too were shut-out by Sierra College, losing 0-5. The Fresno City College Softball program is one of success, both on the field and off. The team and coaching staff strive for a commitment to academics, just as much as the commitment they expect on the playing field. The coaching staff is dedicated to making sure that the team is surrounded by an unsurpassed and positive learning environment which in turn will ensure academic and athletic success for each of the athletes. The program is also one of the finest, strongest, and well-structured in the Central Valley Conference. They are well above a 500 team with a 671-514-1 (.566) overall record in the last 26 seasons. Even better in the CVC, they are 316-175-1(.644) overall. The FCC Softball team has made it to the State Championships four times in their 26 seasons, placing fifth place in 1999. That fifth place finish in 1999 is the best finish ever in the history of the softball team. Rhonda Williams, a full-time faculty member at FCC, and the head coach of this team, brings her vast experience to the FCC program. Williams has been named the Central Valley Conference Coach of the Year four different times; that’s an admirable resume. Rhonda Williams has been coaching the FCC softball team for 15 seasons thus far. Coach Rhonda also has 13 years experience with coaching high school softball. Williams not only has coaching experience, but she also has on the field action experience. Williams is a Fresno State alumna where she played on their softball team in 1981 and 1982. Coach Williams is a true athlete. She doesn’t just stick to softball; she played on the Fresno Pacific University volleyball team in 1984 and 1985, while completing her undergraduate education. Here at FCC, she also coaches the women’s golf team. Coach Williams is backed by a superb coaching staff, named Staff of the Year by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association for the 2001 softball season. William’s assistant coaches consist of Sandi Auble, Ralph Salazar, and Colleen Horn, all of whom have a worthy softball background. The softball team has a total of 15 women; #2, Samantha Futrell, #4 Toyahni Beihn, #5 Kelli Willis, #6 Candace Van Hoorebeke, #7 Marissa Marquez, #8 Eva Sahatdijian, #9 Brianna Fulkerson, #10 Kristina Flores, #11 Stefani Nomura, #13 Nicole Reed, #15 Jenn Cap, #17 Sonya Eggleston, #18 Catherine Cousins, #21 Jacquelyn Kornegay, and #24 Tawny Walker. The softball season is barely beginning and there is still plenty of time left to go out and support the FCC team. They will have five consecutive home games, starting on Feb. 14 versus. San Joaquin Delta College at 10:00 am, and Cabrillo College at 2:30 p.m.. On Feb. 15, they will face off against Gavilan College at 10:00 a.m. and Cuesta College at 2:30 p.m., and on Feb. 24, they will host Modesto Junior College at 1:00 p.m.. It looks as if Coach Williams is hoping for a good sevvason, but most importantly, it appears to be that her philosophy is for her students to be strong academically so they will be sought after by competitive four year colleges; success and pride, on and off the field.


Attention all bicyclists at Fresno City College! If this is your bike, you have won a free full tune-up (valued at $60) courtesy of Tower Bike Shop in Fresno. Please bring your bike along with a cutout of this article to the ASG office in SC-205 above the bookstore to claim your prize. If this isn’t possible, you can call the ASG at (559)442-8275 or email them at for further details. And keep riding to campus, as more prizes will be given out with every issue of the Rampage. The winning bike will be chosen randomly Monday through Friday.

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February 11, 2009

Donnell Flemming fights for a rebound

Men’s basketball remains unbeaten

Photo by Nikole Schroeder

by Bianca Betancourt Rampage Reporter Fresno City College Men’s Basketball team furthers it’s reign as top-ranked team in the Central Valley Conference. The Rams hosted the Merced Blue Devils last Wednesday night, Feb. 3, in an attempt to come one step closer in obtaining their eighth consecutive Central Valley Conference title. As of Wednesday night, the FCC Rams have yet another win under its belt, winning a tight game with a final score of 66-58 Rams. The current Rams team consists of fourteen players: #1 Luis Quinones, #2 Sultan Toles-Bey, #3 Aaron Hill, #4 Edward Willis, #10 Travis Ferrel, # 14 Ian Collins, #15 George DeLeon, # 20 Sterling Miller, #21 Russell Gregory, #22 Donnell Flemming, #31 Taylor Young, #32 Asante Gaskin, #33 Brent Grice, and #34 Brian Johnson. The team is led by head coach Ed Madec and assistant coaches, Adam Wall, Jeff Schmidt, Mike Vellutini, and Jason Paul. Through most of the first half, the Rams and Blue Devils were neck and neck, fighting for the lead. Toward the end of the first half, the Rams missed several free throws and fell behind, trailing the Blue Devils by three points with a score of 33-36. Despite this, the Blue Devils had trouble keeping the Rams off of the free throw line and could not get past the strong zone defense Coach Madec was running. In the first half, the two teams kept the score close, neither one with any significant lead. #3 Aaron Hill and #15 George DeLeon each George Deleon capitalizes against Merced

Photo by Nikole Schroeder

came through with steals and team rebounds. At the end of the first half, FCC student Jahari Smith said, “They’re doing great, but they can’t make any threes. They’re [Rams] playing hard and hustling,’ but they can’t seek a three.” The second half was action packed. The Rams came out in their true form. Though the Rams trailed the Blue Devils at the start of the second half, the Blue Devils were no match for the Rams. #2 Sultan Toles-Bey came out strong with a three pointer to make it a one point game for the Rams (53-52) Blue Devils. With a little over three minutes left in the game #14 Ian Collins, #2 Sultan Toles-Bey, and #3 Aaron Hill were all fouled. They made their free throws, and furthered FCC’s lead by only a few points. Talk about a close game folks! Fresno City College President Cynthia Azari was also in attendance Wednesday night. “I have been to every game since January; all the home games and the Reedley game. I love basketball and I am impressed with the boy’s teamwork and the fact that they are gentlemen on and off the court. The coaches have done a good job, but this was a nail biter,” said Azari. The Rams had the crowd on their feet, taking the win over the Blue Devils 66-58, leaving the Fresno City College Rams undefeated, with 28 wins and zero losses. The Rams have two more scheduled games this season (Feb. 14 versus. Reedley College and Feb. 18 versus. West Hills College). This all leads up to the quarterfinals in late February and the State Championships from March 12-15 at Selland Arena.


Continued on page two Communication prob- lems began popping up all over campus on Monday. By Tuesday, the problems had brought the cam- pus...


Continued on page two Communication prob- lems began popping up all over campus on Monday. By Tuesday, the problems had brought the cam- pus...