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during the nominations assembly. They are both candidates for representatives at large on the student

reign supreme on the campus from 8 a.m., when a Ramblers' Day pro-

council, Matti Korpela and Lula Maxey.


They both have qualified since their nomination by filing petitions

midnight, when the Ramblers' Day






and meeting constitutional provis-

a morn.

ing assembly, when prizes will



Bob Bradford is unopposed for student body president, but the other offices all have more than

given for the longest beard, the red.

dest beard, and the best costumes.

A noon time frolic will include a faculty basketball gâme, a sack

one nomlnee.

race, an egg throwlng contest aÀC a "hoosegow," tyhere culprits u¡ith. out beards will be lodged and fined.

The orner cândidates are Thelma Andrews and lIarry Spence, vice president; Zow Chorebanjan

the AÐsociated Men Students are sponsoring the affair. Clinton 'Wheeler, the president, will be in charge as sheriff. He will haye 1b deputies to maintain "law and order" among the two-gun desperados who will vetrture forth on the

and l\(arcia Hughes, secretary; Ray Best and Nancy Lampert, treasurer; Lêona Cyr, Bruce Pankratz,

Joann Vatalaro, and Ken lYlight,

FJC EXHIBIT-Frqnces Penmon, left, ct the electric typewriter cmd Dorothy Hebrord demonstrqte the contrqst be-

tween the new crnd old in office equipment qnd costumes. The exhibit wqs in the Powe¡ Compcrny building window crt I40l Fulton Street qnd wqs port of Public Schools \Meek.


Wheeler is beiug assisted by

student and




by an arrangements committee which Includes Kenneth


Wrtght, Ward Longueville, Stanley

Wilson, Frank Clements, and Ray Best and faculty advisers Archie Bradshaw, Joseph Woodman, and Kenneth Hald.

Faculty Sponsors State Amendmenf Faculty members of Fresno JunCollege are supporting a proposed state constitutional amend-


ment sponsored þy the California

Teachers Association. The lnitlattve propopal would set state support at 9120 antl 9180 per

student for elementary and secondary schools. The present rates are $90 and $120.

Teachers, all over the state, ln. cluding the I'JC faculty, are contributing $10 each to a fund to pro-

mote the measure. Slgnatures are also being obtatned, since at least 300,000 signatures


registered voters must be obtained to put the initiative on the ballot in the November election.

The tr'resno Teachers Association is also supporting the proposal, FJC representatives on the EIA council are leading the drive at the junior college; they include Miss Kate


J. P.

Collins, and




AWS Meefs Wednesdoy ln Rsm ble lnn ATTENTION ALL AWS MEM.

BERS: Wedneeday, May 14, at 6:30 p,m. ln Ramble lnn the Aç soclated Womcn Students wlll hold an evenlng dlnner, to be fol-

lowcd by a buclnees meetlng. All AWS membere arc rcqucetcd to be prese'nt by Thêlma An-

No. 22

I go to the polls today student body officers. tical race for eight of_ an assembly May 23rd. I'wo oT them were nominated from the floor Fiiday"d"rii;

Junior Collete will wear western attire May 16th when tr'JC observes its fourth annual Ramblers' Day The spirit of the W'ild West will

will be read, until


13 ln Race For I Offices ln Student Body E lections

Campus Gets Set For 4th Ramblers'Day Students and faculty



Vol. lV






Business Division Advisory Group Convenes Tuesd"y

American legion Post Establishes

representatives at large.

The student constitution requires

a majority of the votes to be elected to an office. In the event a re-

vote is necesssary

it will be held

Rqms To End Seqson Fridoy

Wirh Reedlei The

Ram baseball team will wind up their season tomorrow ,afternoon at 2:30 when they clash with the Reedley Junior Collego Tigers in a CCJCAA game on Romain Field.

The Rams have clinched


ond place in the league standings,

while Reedley is in the


division, Earlier in the season the Rams beat the Tigers in Reedley,


ls Hosf To

Senior Advisers

Sponsors of senior classes at tr'resnd, Edison, and Roosevelt polls The will be open today from , 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and tomorrow from High Schools visited trresno Junior 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The ballots will College Tuesday. They made a tour of the building be counted aftet 2 p.m. tomorrow by the election committee u'ith the and a study of I'JC curricular proassistance of faculty sponsors Noel grams in order to gain a better Frodsham and I'loyd Quick. The knowledge of the junior college to Monday and îuesday.

counsel seniors. Instructors in FJC's business di- results will then be posted on a They include Mrs. Aileen R. Elblackboard in the main hall, v'here vision will meet with 15 local busArchie Bradshaw, the chairman iness men who are member of the the voting booths will be establish- lis, Flesno High School; Ir'rantz Weinschenk and Norman MacDonof Fresno Junior College's scholar- division's advisory committee Tues- ed. ship committee, announQed that day at 7:45 p.m. in the social room The election committee includes ald, Edison High School; and Miss Stan'Wilson, chairman; Brandon Abigail E, Curtis, Roosevelt High members of the X"resno Federal of Ramble Inn. Cornell, Leona Cyr, Nancy Lam- School. MacDonald is the vice prinPost 509 of the American Legion Miss Ethel McOormack, the divis- pert, and ,Dave Price. Advisors have voted. to establish a scholarare cipal at Edison. ion chairman, said meeting's the They had tunch with Dr. Thomas semester Miss Marsh, award of a for dean of ship studeDts, Frod$25 agenda would include such subjects sham and A. Blakely, I.JC Bresident; Miss FJC students. Quick. 'Willa Marsh, dean of students: Twenty students from social sciBradshaw ¡vas notified of the as how to improve the s'orking relationship betrveen FJO and busi'William V. Pascoe, the ence classes l'ill serve aõ election John Mock, general education action by post's adjutant. The first award ness, how to meet the preseDt short- officials. They are Richmond Hod. chairman; James E, Welden, trade wlll be made for the Spring semes- ages of well-qualified typists and ges, Joseph Preston, Yelma Falco, and industrial chairman; Robert stenographers, and ho'rv to acquaint Frank Mondary, ter of the 7952-63 school year. Germaine Lee P. Hansler, trade and industrial general pub- Barbara Adamske, Pascoe said the members provid- business men and the Lucille Guil- coordinator; and Miss Gertrude Iory, John Esparza, Joane Hiebert, Stubblefield of the business divised the junior college should sub- lic with l'JC programs. Charles Rines, Leo Georgian, Ra- ion. mit the names of three students quel Cardenas, Kenneth Adamske, for a choice in granting the award, Archie Brodshow Joins Victor ESain, George Booras, Mil- Foculty Plons Dinner one showing outstanding leaderdred Timm, Gene Ohanian, Rich- The faculty will have a dinner ship, one outstandint achievements Guidonce Associotion in Americanism, and a third to be Archie Bradshaw, tr't'esno Junior arcl Norton, and Donald Magarian. May 23rd at 6 p.m. at the Basque The incumbents are Wright, pres- Hotel. a veteran needing financial aid to College dean of men, was notified that he has been accepted for mem- ident; Wilson, vice president; help him through school. Charles Coffman, the X'aculty bership in the National Vocational Louise Hagopian, secretary; GeorClub presideTt, requests that mem. Guidance Association. gia Lempesis, treasurer; Best, bers of the faculty who have not Civil Service Provides Bradshaw, who is also tr'JC's di- 'Ward Longueville, tr'rank Clemen- signed for the dinner and who Student Trqinee Exonr of guidance, has been a coun- te, and Karl Oyer, representatives want to attend sign up on the facÀ student trainee examination rectior selor for the Veterans Administra- at large. ulty bulletin board, indicating how has been announced by the Board tion the Santa Barbara Higb and many reservâtions should be made of ü. S. Civil Service Ðxaminers for or tr¡/o. scientists and engineers to select School. -one A West Point Graduate, Brâdstudents to participate in a cooperative work-stucly program in the shaw did graduate work at the UnNavy and the National Bureau of iversity of Southern California, MAY

$25 Scholarship


Standards research laboratories Stanford University, and


in Southern Califolnia.

The examination announcement

for student trainee is now open for the filing of applications. Addition-


information concerning the

operative work-study



ig belng offereat by the research laboratoriee¡ and appllcation forms for the examinatfon -may be obtalned by wrlting to the 'Board of U.S. Civil Service Examiners for Scientists ánd Engineers, Nayy Dewhich


State College.

Sopho mores Meet Tuesday


Body Elections, 8 a.m, to 3 p,m. g-Student Body Electione, 8 a.m.

to 1 p,m, 9-Election committee will count ballots, 2 p.m.

9-Baseball with Reedley JC at

Ramblers' Day Groups Meet Mondoy Noon Cllnton Wheeler, AMS prês¡dent, announced there will be a

meeting of all the com-mittcee Romain Field, 2:30 p.m,\ who are candi- 1213-Revote if nccceeary ln elec- working on Ramblers' Day Mon. datce for the asaoclatc of aÉs day at 1,2:30 p.m. in the aoçl,al tions. degree wlll meet Tuesday at 12 l3-A.4. degrec candldatea meet, room of Ramble lnn. Sophomores

noon in M-24, All A.A. degree candidates arc

noon, M;24.

14-AWS NominatlonE


Wheeler asked all the students and faculty who are membe¡s of



Yesfe ryecrr



flMPREE ÉiliiF






California Typographiô Service, phone 3-2320. Unsigneal editorials-are

What was happening at FJC at thls time last year? Here are the highlights as reportecl in The Ram-

Teré Robinson ----------------Kenneth Wright

HEADLINES: "Sam the Ram Dies, Students Hold Last Rites";

Pulished weekly

College, 1430


the journalism studeDts

of the Fresno Junior

O Slreet, Fíesno, California, and composed at the.C-entral

the expression of thè

Smiles Ramos



page for May 10, 1951:

-----Editor Business Manager

"13 Candidates Nominated for Stu-

dent Body Offices"; "Beards, Í'rolics, Dance Featured Tomorrow At Rambler Day X'ete"; "tr.JC Cinder' men Win Second Place."


Editorial Staff.-



Chorebanian, Leona Cyr, auct Dônald Kennedy --..---.---.--------P.

POLITICS: \il'ard Longueville and Gerald Manfredi were the candidates for student body presfdent

D. Smith

(Longueville won). tr'our students

Exerc ise Your Fra nchise

were in the race for vice President: Beatriz Ciesielska (she won), Clinton 'Wheeler, Tom Belden, and Norman Britton. Richard Soares was unopposed

be determined. Come out and vote sonally.

a free country picks


for treasurer.

Patricia Wiley and Marion HardY were the candidates for secretary. There were only four nominees for representative at large: Pete Bel-

its officers per-

den, Karl Oyer, Smiles Ramos, and Jerry Halvorsen. BUDGET: A storY rePorted the total proposect budget was $14'215'

Ramblers' Day Customs

with the Prediction it would


per cent. RAMBLERS' DAY: Loule Ingra-



ham was mayor

for the

daY, and

Joe Spino was sheriff. HarrY Kach-

oian was bailiff of the jail.

VOTE todoy or tomorrowl

Ogden Nosh W rites OÍ Lion, P uri st , Ce nti ped e BOOK CHOICE



A summary of "Parents Keep Out" by Ogden Nash. About the book: Here are some samBles of rhymster

the entire day.

Ogden Nash's new collection of To top off ttris happy !ay, a.subdued .stoqlp (lab-ellfd a "elderly poems for youngerly readgrind page) down will society dance fôr the benefit õi tfre ers." vour last bit of energv. ' Informal THE CET\TIPEDE: attire isiêcommended for the affair. I objurgate the centiPede,


IÍ AII This Were True?

Imaignation took "A Dreamer's Holiday" and Presented the items below in the interest of reading. Can't you use Your lively imaginaIf ?" tion to picture - "What George Harms and Boise Turner



were army men instead of

Dick Klemm vorce.





A bug we do not really need. At sleepy-time he beats a Path Straight to the betlroom or the bath.

You always wallop where he's not,

if he is he makes a spot. was rich instead THE LION: John Terzian of so good looking. Oh, weep for Mr. and Mrs. no bank accounts. Keith Tucker, Babe Obradovich, Bryanl -had Hall gave uP foot' dYed her hair coal and Ralph Pinque Jan He was eaten by a lion; black. ball in favor of loafing. Following which, the lion's 'Walt Witt changed places with forgot to shine Jerry Halvorsen Lioness Robert Hansler. his shoes. Up and swallowed Bryan's Bill Bigby was a classical muBryaness. was seen Haig "Mo" Mosesian - of a boP man. sic tan insteacl running in a track meet. THE PURIST: no wit. Zow Cherbanian I give you now Professor Trvist, acquired 25 Pounds Ben Yano - nohadPatience or had Coach Mac A conscientious scientist. of weight and two feet of height. humor. Trustees exclaimed, "He never lashed out at the Ed tr'ogal had no car. Jim Haupt bungles ! " world without- a smile. no Brandon Cornell - had Bolitibecame a "l'ow- cal aspirâtions. Etlery Mendes dy." a bust. Sharl Johnston - w'as EASY MAKE was seen \,\¡ithMarilyn K'izer v¡as introvel't an Karl Oyer - Stuckert and instead of an artiste. out "shadows" Joyce ON YOURSELF Marcia Hughes. earned "F's" Richard Soares lost some of hls insteatl of "A's". Eddie Perez

And sent him off to distant jungles. Campecl on



a tropic riverside,

One day he missed his loving bride. She had, the Suide informed hlm




Been eaten by an alligator.

Professor Twist could not but smile,

"You mean", he said, "a





* 7:30



Youtll hita new high ¡n slrmEer.lorg comfoÉ with a







clidn't have ADA, night

courses,- Ramble Inn,

tr'rank Foss piano.





couldn't play the

Bob Bradford, Lowell Ebe,

lord Parks, Dick Yency, and

, 0ur,,Advgrtisers



J*n t tLnn! BAR B





Monogement 7 A.M.-7 P.M. New

lmprqper lighciog is just as bad

for yow cyes as this canoon is silly. Use cor¡ect sizc bulbs h proper Fr.mrres for yoru study

Free lce Creom

and work. Keep your bulbs

N. Side of J. C. on Divisodero

clean and you'll be surprised

FRESNI l" lttt F I

!Øhy do chings rhe hard way?

how mucl¡ better yop can ses BETTER LIGHT MEANS





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vAatlry tHop " Nollonallg



Thursdoy, Moy 8, 1952

Poge Three

Rams Srnash Porterville, 16-5, For Second Place

FJC L¡brary

Adds Many

The Fresno Junior College Rams kept up slim hopes for place tie with the COS Giants by smashing the cellardwelling Porterville JC Pirates, 16 to 5, last Friday on the Ram's home field. COS is undefeated in a

Timely Books



record. The Giants have tìvo

remaining and the Rams only one. In order for the Rams to tie the Giants, they must win their last game while the Giants lose their remaiuing games.

FJC Defeafs



the menace of Russian aggresslon will want to read two new books in the tr'resno Junior College llbrary.


The Rams jumped on Pirate starter George Rosales in the second frame for four runs on five singles in succession by IrYbea Mims, Rich Klemm, Johnny Terzian, Ed tr'ogal, and Jim Haupt. the Pirates picked up a run in the second on Ram hurler Fogal's wildness. tr'ogal issued three free passes and then a ground-out bY hurler, Ellery Mendes, Ram mound I wâs eight Falcon I Jim Sims brought in the run. Men- ace, hits. scattering IVfendes fanned 12 Fal- | base des held the Pirates in check until cons while walking onlv five and I the seventh inning u¡hen three more up two earned runs. walks and tv'o singles bY Pete tiving -l leact-oÏt man, started.l Ben.Yano, Schulte and Paul Burgan accounted the barage in the first inning byl for tÌr¡o tallies. slapping a single over third, steal- |

of current affairs

are interested in knowing preclsely what the United States and her allies in the North Âtlantic Treaty OrganÍzation are doing to combat

One is "Defense of '\ry'estern by W. M. Daniels. The other is "America's Weapon of Psychological 'Warfare" by R. E.


Falcorìs; 11-4



is a verssatlle writer.

Another new book in the llbrary which is written by him is on a totally different topic: "Subsidles for tr'armers." no relatlon to the H. L. Marx

is the "tr'ather of Communism" by author of two recent acquisitfons


the library. One is "The Welfare State" and the other is "Universal Conscription for Essential Services."


If you plan to travel in Europe The Rams kept uP the barrage in ing second, and scoring on Ed Killor Noith Alrica this summer, you the thlrtl; Klemm singled, and Ben ,",'ï:ij.::ä'ii:"å'"liybea will be interested in a new travel Yano brought him in with a triple sE 5 Mimsls E book in the lib¡ary by S. A. Clark, dox¡n the right fieltl foul line. In lecl off with a single over second 28,930 I On January 1, 1952, there were I by lar¡ the fourth frame a one-base hit bY base, followetl by Richartl Klemm'slt]-,258,735 male college students be-lGrand total deferred or "AU the Best ln the Mediterranean." Ðtl Kilpatrlck, a triple bY . Bob triple; Terzian drove Klemm inltween the ages of. tSth ancl 26. exempt .-..-.- 891,000 One of the most intereútint of Brumm, a \üalk to Jerry Halvor- with a line drive past the short-l The selective service status oflTotalmalesincolthe new acquisitions is "Golden sen, and a single by Klemm aclcled stop; Mendes walked; and Yano lese 18% to 26.-..7,258,736 I these students was as follows: Multitudes," the story of the best up two more runs for the Rams. brought them in with a long double I Number ot students .with Total students desellers in the United States. It ie The score climbecl in the fifth to make the fourth inning totals ferred or exempt 891,000 I shtutoa/ I_E deferment written by tr'rank Luther l$ott of as tr'JC garnered three runs on four runs on tive hlts' I to end of academic year.- 11,g5? | Remaiader potenthe University of Missouri. Yano's double ancl three miscues In the Coalingâ hau of the second tially in pool-----..- 367,735 Short story devotees will fintl by the Pirate infield. Singles bY lnning, Dick Buck, the first Falcon I ¡¡unber of studeDts with Many of these 367, 735 cannot be two new collections: "Possible I U-S deferments as a reKlemm, tr'ogal, Yano, HauPt, and up, pttch o¿vl 320 the Lue up' blasted DrasLcu ÈEuuuu tr'¡uuu seconcl or linductett into the service because Worlds of Science Fiction" and Kilpatrick racked up two more feet and over the fence for a h:m: I sult of class standing or te"t score 209.?10 | they are members of the National "tr'ancies and Good Nights." An-...-...---.. I scores in the seventh. run. Buck's four-bagger was aboutlselectedRorc or orsanized Reserves and other lnteresting volume is thP The ramBaging Rams addetl all the power the tr'alcons showed I ferrea by lawstudents de26g,000 lcuu"¿ | approximatety lo pet cent of the New Yorker's 25th anniversary alth¡ee insurance runs in the last against Mendes' offerings.' p"ob-a¡ly fail to meet bum. -. I sto¿"ot. *ho """ veterans I remainaer *itt pnysical frame as Terzian walked, tr'ogal The Rams lvere doing fine ano exempt by law .------.---- 8??,501 | tue minimum and mental I trlplecl to deep center, Yano singled against caldera, as t\ro sinsles-bvlDivinity students deferred lshnarards. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISETS




Ifilpatrlck and Bob Brumm and a three-base knock by Mims account-l .' ecl for three more Raln scores. The Pirates could get only five The Rams wouncl up the game hits off tr'ogal, while the Rams with tloubles by Klemm and Terzian and â single, bringing in three blastett Rosales for 22 safeties. runs. had Yano and Klemm, Haupt, Yano was the top man at the four hlts each for the Rams, while plate with three hits in four tripe none of the Pirates could garner to the batter's box followecl bY more than one hit. Klemm with a triple ancl a double.




for his fourth hit of the


Haupt singletl, and Brumm walked.

RHE 010,000 211- 5 5 3

RHE tr'resno JC .-.-140 030 003-11 13 5 Coalinga ....--..010 200 100- 4 8 7

tr'regno JC -...141 232 03x-76 22 4 Mendes and Halvorsen; Caldera Rosales anrl Statltmiller; Fogal and Heriford. and Halvorsen, Mosesian (7).

FJC Trock Squod Plqces FSC Plons Exominotions The English entrance examina' Fourth ln Visqliq Meet for students Planning to attion The Fresno Junior College fiveman track squad took fourth place tend Fresno State College wÍll be in the CCJCAA Conference Meet given Saturday, May 24, in'the collast tr'riday in Yisalia. Reedley JC lege auditorium from 8:30 to 11

scored 53Yz Points to win the team a.m. The aptitude and reading tests championship. Othe¡ scores.were: required of all enterlné students COS 621/4, Coalinga 23V¿, FJC will be given ln the auclitorium Saturday, May 17,. from 8 :30 to 13y4, aîd Taft 9. Norman Ruby was the only FJC 11:30 a.m. first place winner as he won the pole vault a,t 12 f.eet.'Winston Beasley took thirtl in the 100 Yard dash and fourth in the 2?0. Clint WheelART SUPPLIES er placetl second anal third ln the











These are the extra heavy Sanfor-

Þed kind that'll give good service

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actually irnprove with washing.

The ailoring is like your favorite

slacks .


full cut, deep pleats,

apered drape from knee to


in-set hip pocket, continuous waist' ban<i.





3¡d Floor Holm 8ldg. Telephonc 4-2152

llll Fullon St. Fre¡no, Colifornio

Compore our pr¡ces




ond O




ZIPPER ,fGl(Ef of the srmc t¡yy rr{u¡ccdo¡io . . . . .


of other stores




Poge Four


eepin' Wil lie' W rifes Girl F riend F rom Koreq


Menlo, the publication of Menlo- School and



- that Panther Sentinel declared copies of the paper will "no longer be placed in a position where any and âll students may grab a copy from the pile and throw three copies on the floor at the same time. Students must now present either Associated Student Botly cards or five cents before receiving a copy


STOCKTON COLLEGE Ac- cost cordlng to the Collegian, the of the school's yearbook is being increased from $3.50





"W'eepin' Willie" writes home from the land of gooks and girl what life over there is really like: Dear Mamie: This is one of a far cry from L. A. They call this the calm" what a laugh that is ! Oh, yes, "land of the morning come to beautiful Korea, you ar-f rive at the quaint port of Inchon retreat when the opBosition moved and the first thing you notice is in. the architectural ventilation speciîhe day I arrived at Pyongchon ally provided 'by the artillery of it was pouring rain, and there were two waning armies. Observe horiy artillery shells dropping around us, the weary trpveler's foot comfort yet the X"ifth Cavalry Regimental has been provided, for the streets Band was there, wearing bright yelare paved with a neÌy type of ma- low scarves, shining yellow helterial mets of course, they were play- MUD! - don't Look how these ingenous ori- ing (nov¡ fall down) "Round entals have solved their sanitation He Head She Wore A Yellow Ribjust ignore it. bon". problem - they Breath deeply of the fragrant air, No combat stories, honey, bescented heavily with the stench of cause everything I could say you death. Human life means as little would have heard by now. Gee, if here as the effort ii takes to con- the kids at Warner's could see me tact your trigger on your rifle. Pleasant life I lead here. My only desires right now are The First Cavalry Diüision is coDcerned with getting warm and really something. They are about trying to get something to eat as glory happy an outfit as you'll both practically impossible. Anil ever find. Formed way back be- the big one - staying alive. for the Civil \üar by Gen. Robert Write soon, honey. LOve, El, Lee, they're proud of their recYour'Willie ord. First into the Phillippines in the second World War, first into Tokyo, first into Korea, first into the North Korean capital SAFELY! - of course, they were also the first to galoshes to tell his

College, said that 35 former Menlo JC students at the University of California did nearly as well in scholarship as they did at Menlo.

each week."



Exchange Notes



wqtch during their visit lcst spring.

37 Chowchilla Seniors Visif FJC

Thirty-seven Chowchilla High Robert P. Hansler, trade and indents with activity cards and from School seniors visited the Fresno dnstrial education. $5.00 to $5.50 to those without cards. Junior College Monday afternoon. tr'resno Junior College rvill opa** They wele welcomed by Miss erate a bus for Chowchilla and MaPORTERVILLE COLT,T'GE-1hE Willa Marsh, FJC dean of students, dera students to attend FJC next Blot and BIur plays up Dogpatch and Kenneth rvl/right, student body fall. Miss Marsh said seniors from Day, a hayride party, Sadie Haw- president. Division chairmen then took the students on a toul of tbe tr'resno, Roosevelt, Selma, Clovis, kins dance, a yearbook called "The building and tr'JC classes. Sierla Union, Sanger, X'owler, TranLog," and the fact the baseball The division heads at'e John quillity antl other San Joaquin Valteam, the Pirâtes, have not won a Mock, general education; Miss ley high schools will visit the junior league game. Ethel McOormack, business; and college this month. I




CnEsr ER FIETD 1S MUCH MILDER w¡th on extrc,ordínaríly good fosfe ONd NO UNPLEASANT AFTER.TASTE* fFro¡n lhc Rcport of o Wcll-Know¡ Rc¡corch Orgonízotíon


post's adjutant. The first award Lstudent Body Elections, 8 a.m, room of Ramble lnn. Wheeler asked all the students Charles Coffman, the X'a...