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Fresno Junior College students are reliving the days of the Old West today, while observing their fourth annual Rambler's Day celebration. The spirit of the wild west is reigning supreme on the câmpus from 8 a.m., rvhen a Rambler's Day proclamation \ilas reacl, until 12 midnight, when the Rambler's Day dance will end. No. 23 Faculty antl students alike are wearing the western attire during the day and at the dance, which will For olimax the day's activities and which is scheduled from 9 to 12


p.m. in the south rym.


Elwin cross and his ...t^lg:" . I preliminary arrangements for dance band will play for this affair. F,resno Junior college,s commenceart students of 'walt witt are in II ment and baccalaureate exercises charge of the decorations. have been completed. Bartenclers will serve refresh- | Arthur M. Corey, tùe executive ments in the midst of wagonwheels, I secretary of the California Teachtv¡Ggun desperados, a horse-trough I ers Association, will be the cblef and a bar. commencement speaker. His topic Admission to the dance is fifty I will be "The Challenge of the New cents (with a student body card) | Frontier." per couple and one dollar without I The commencement exercises will be held in the First Baptlst the card. vuuruu'' Merced rvrEr.ucu aIltl aud N l\ ¡t[reers' Streets, The assembly thïs morning willl Church,. ar,rÃa ¡riaa< eirran ra¡ r*I Sunday, June 8th, at 11 a.m. The '^---."* beard, the reddest beard, and the I Reverend Bernie G. Osterhouse will

31," ûJu"n ß/noto A-h, tout suite! Boniour a mes' amies. To begin with the order ot Let me the day for this eclition

- to officially welcome you all


you are wondering about


bler's Day this fine day. (This paper isn't colored, by the way, in case

things as hangovers.) +ltt

Congratulations anal bouquets to the FJC baseball team! !! They're

also be given to the person

swell and I love 'em all, even if they didnf take first place in the league. Second place is better than nothitrg, no? Also to that meanie, for the year. And, then, for the most

valuable player award of the year the honors go to little Ben Yano, who played a wonderfully consistwhole

year! Congrats to you both!


Personalitles of the Week: Some-

thing old has been added: Jim (Hopp) Haupt, a refugee from


tral Union, Bicks blue as his favorit€ color, attending classes as his

pet peeve, and stóaks as'his favorite foocl. A, baseball player from high school days, Jim is putting in hls first year here at jaycee and likes it very much. ['avorite friends: All the fellows on the base ball team. When asked tf he liked girls, the prompt answer was "Oh, yeah!'Ì He has a girl friencl named

Marg, dislíkes people who look througb his glove compartment,

and choosee agriculture as his major field. Brown hair and blue eyes complete the data on this well-liked character who is nothing but funny.

a*+ Second man on the totem pole: from KerHaig "Mo" Mosesian man and Kerman IIi,- Mo played

football, baseball tn high school. A second year Ram man here at Jaycee, he chooses yellow (eyes?) as hls choicest color and phyéical education as his major. Future plans are Jndefinite at the mom-

ent. X'avorite foods are frierl chicken and a sauce called one-hundredand-two. tr''avorite friends are Jer-



will have

the winning ticket at the dance. I a dinner at the Basque Hotel, 1102 F st¡eet' June 5th at 8 p'm' signThe Associated Men students rr" I t:t"^*,t^"_"_^T: gi1T"sponsorins the arrair. óii"t uii*r- I T:^ :-"_.. :o the A. A. degree bulletin board i¡r er, the president ls the sheriff, the main hall. The deadline for charged with keeping the two-gun payment of the g2 per person desperados on the campuB under charge is May 27th; Ward Longuecontrol. ville, sophomdre treasurer, is the He is being assisted by fifteen Ëerson to contact. deputies, who are also assisting A reception honoring graduates with arrangements: Bob Bradford, will be heltl on the north campus StaD Wilson, Glenn Geringer, Dlck at the conclusion of the commenceYecny, Bob Cox, Ray Best, Niel ment exercises. Dau, Alan Ladas, Norman Rucy, Practice for commencem€nt lE Les Snavely, Leonard Bartell, EiI scheduled for June 11th at 8 p.m. Fogal, Ward Longueville, Hal Grif- Baccalaureate practice ls planned fey, and Karl Oyer. for June 6 at 12:10 p.m. in the trÌrst

Jerry Halvorsen, a salute for being elected captain of the squad





ent game throughout the

Fesf¡v¡fies End W¡th lilfrlrl,uance r onrgnT tn \,ym

BOBERT BR.ã,DFORD wqs elected student body president of the Fresno Junior College lost week to succeed Kenneth Wright. Brodford will tqke office in September crrd his term of office is for the fqll semester onlv.


ord Elected Student

Body Pres¡dent For Fall

Robert Bradford was elected student body president of the Fresno Junior College in a two-day election which ended Friday afternoon. Bradford, who succeeds Kenneth Wright, will take office in September. His term of office will be for the Fall semester. Jhelma Atrdre\rys w'as elected vice president; Marcia Hughes P re reg is-t rat io n won the secretar! post; and Ray

A noon time frolic will include Baptist Church. a faculty volleyball game, a sack Caps and gowns will be avallable race, an egg throwing contest, and ln the book store by Thursday, a "hoosegow", where cull¡rits with- June 5th. After commencement a out beards will be lodged and fined. refund of g2 will be made upon the Wheèler is being assisteal by ten return of the cap and Bown ln good and faculty conmittees, order. .A.nnouncements are silll headed by an arrantements com- ayallable in the book store at 20 mittee which included Ken'Wright, cents each.


Ward Longueville, Stan 'Wilson, Frank Clemente, and Ray Best and

faculty advisers Archie Bradshaw, Joe 'Woodman. and Ken Hald.

A joint student and faculty committee is arranging for the soiree. Student members include Dave Price, Niel Dau, Les Snavely, and Dick Yecny. The faculty members are Paul Starr, chairman; NancY Webster, Mrs. Hazel Pedersen, O. D. Carter, John L. tr'enn, Stan Bennett, Floyd Quick, and F'. J. LeY'

Best '$'as selected as treasurer. Four representatives at large on tr'resno Junior College will begin the FJC student council rvere also preregistration for students now elected. They are Iæona Cyr, Ed- den. ward Fogal, Bruce Pankratø, and enrolled Monday. Mrs. Irene Stewart, FJC regis- Lula Maxey. trar, said that students who plan In acldition to Vlright, the other to return next fall should see thei¡ incumbents are Stanley Wilson, advisers Déxt week for an appoint- vice president; Louise Hagopian, tr'resno Junior College's catalogue ment to make out tentaiive pro- secretary; Georgia LBmpesis, treasgTams, urer; Best, Ward Longueville, for the 1952-53 school year was pub

To Begin Monday

Halvorsen and Joyce Davis. Advisers are being askéd to seek tr'rank Clemente, and. Kerl Oyer, Stancling slx feet even in his stoikout their advisees to oheck their representatives. ingless feet, Mo has brown hair progress. Students who do not The votes were counted by three popular and eyes. A cookie on the cake plate here, Haig even rates a know who their advisers are should student members of an electiou see division chairmen. committee and two faculty advisfan club! Mrs. Stewart said ßtudents who ors. The student members were **a 'other schools Brandon Cornell, David Price, and .A,ROUND ÀBOUT THE JOINTS: plan to transfe¡ to and those who will candidates Rlchard Norton. The instructors ibe Now that baseball season ls oYer, the associate of arts degree were Noel trTodsham ancl Floyd for the fellows on the team will have more time to go to Delano (wonder next year especially are urged to Quick. The newly elected officers will what's the big attractlon down check with their atlvisers next be installecl at an assembly May 23. there?) . .. Ä couple of fellows here week, at jaycee who could never be any- Mrs. Stewart explained the pretbing but marlnes are drivíng ln the registratiori plans tq members of BennetÌ Attends Meeting Armecl I'orces Day Parade tonfght tbe faculty at a meþtlng 'WednesStanley Bennett, a member of the . . . St¿n Wllson back at school af- day afternoon buslness clfvislon faculty, attended i ter recovering successfully from Prereglstration for þew etudentq a conference on economlcs and stathe measles . . . Personality of the ls scheduled for'Septqmber 2nd to Week next week shall be that 5th. The Engüsh entra\pce examfn- tistlcs atr the Unlversity of Califor. cutle Irybea Mims Stan- ation wlll be given by Pr¡ut Muellqr, nla in Berkeley Saturclay, - Ruple - and the-Man . Seen at Blake- Elnglleh department chafþman, Sep- The conference was arranged by ley's Pool making llke whales last tember 6th. Registrationì is sçheal- the unlversity's office of relationg with schools. (Continaed on Page 2) (Continred on Pagþ'¡

College Publishes New Cafalogue

lished Tuesday. President Thonas A. Blakely announced students who are fnterested in attending the junior college next fall may obtain copies by telephoning or writing the registrar's office. The telephotre number is

High School Seniors Visit FJC This Week

Seniors from four San Joaquin Yalley high schools were echeduled to visit Fresno Junior College yesterday.

They include students from Madera, tr'owler, Sanger, and Sierra High Schools.

Tranquillity and Roosevelt High

visit FJC Tuesday, May 20th. A group of 45 Sanger Hlgh School business students wlll visit the junior college May 22nd,. I School seniors visited FJC May 6th. Arrangements for the visits wêre

made by Miss lMilla Marsh, dêan

of students. President Thomas A. Blakely of FJC ancl division chairman have been visitlng all the Fresno hlgh schools and valley bigh schools to talk to seniors about attencling the junior college next year.



is considerably larger than last yeay's catalogue. The 1952-53 catalogue The


100-page publication

has a,Bage size of 6x9 lnches, whlle

the cunent oDe measures óx7)þ inches and has 80 peges. The new catalotue contains 51 pictures. It describes tbe currlcular prograns of X'JC's three divlslons: general educatfon, buslness, and trade ancl inclustrlal. Paul Muelle¡, English department chairmen, is the etlltor:


16-Rambler's Day; dancc at


p.m. in aouth gym. 20-Budget meet¡ng, noon, eocial room.

2û-Rooscvelt and Tranqullllty

High School senloro tö vl¡lt FJC.

22-Sanger High School eenlorc to vielt FJC. 23-lnatallatlon a6scmbly for ncw off

icers, 10:36 a.m.



Poge Two


Fridoy, Moy 16,1952


rf,[slt0 JUIII0x [[t[ÌßE

Jl," Jonv -4"J Sl,",t O/ -9t

flMPflEE ruuE tt ilt

Pulisheal weekly

by the


Journalism Btudents



of the tr'resno Junlor

College, 1430 O Street, tr'regno, Californie, and composecl at the Central

Californla lypographlc Servlce, phone the expresslon of the editor.

3-2320, Unsigned ed,ltorials are

Teré Robinson ---------Kenneth lVright Bruce Pankratz


Congratulations to the newly elected stualent body offfcers, I


--------Editor ManaEer

know they will carry out their

duties in a most conscientious manner. They've really got the "down-to-earth" stuff that makes for good student government,

---Business ...-.-...----Sports Editor


,---Exchange Editor





. D. Smtth


of the Student


6 Vocotionsl Six Fresno Junlor College

Meets At


tlonal nursing students began Monday a month's clinical practice in the maternity wards of two tr'resno hospltals.

Miss Et¡el McCormack, the diKâtheritre Crumpler, Mrs. Connie Flgher, and Mrs. Wilma Shoemaker vision chairman, said the meeting's will be at St, .A,gnes Hospital, and agenda included such topics as how Ruth Wilco¡ Raquel Tapier, and to improve the working relations Mrs. Lucy Crossley are at the Com- between'f,'JC and business, how to meet the current shortages of qualmunity Hospital.

Sùpervlsint nurses are Mrs, ified typists and stenographers, Marie C. Caton, Community Hos- and how to acquaint business men pltal, and Sister Camillus, St. .A.g- and the general public with tr'JC nes Hoq¡lital. tr'resuo Junior College vocational nursing iustructors are



of the junior


secoDd sectÍon of vocatlonal nurslng began at the junior college in February. The women in täis group will begin their practice at the county hospital June 30.



.A,nother sectiou of the program wtll begtn at the junior college ln

Show Titles Have Double Meaning



tio n To Begin Monday P

Yesfe ryecrr

re reg istra

Jl," tJ¡u,

ing which Ís below appliecl: Howdy DoodY-"Arky"


Lorenzo Jones-Don Genettl

arouncl here

but fine this



Election proceedings are ln order

at this tlme: A certainly congrats to Bob BradforcÌ who follows Ken as our new student body prexy,

Then, there's Thelma .A.ntlrews, as Yeep; Marcia Hughes as the note-

taker;, Ray Best who will count the (Continued Jrom Page L) money in the counting house; and uled for September Ilth and 12th, the four large rep's: Mama (Leona) antl fall semester classes begin Cyr, Bruce Pankratz, Eal tr'ogal and September 15th. Lula Maxey. That sounds like a What was happening at FJC at New catalogues for the 1952-53 good group to formulate the policies this tim'e last year? Here are the school year are Dow available. for next year. Of course, norv, highlights as reported in The Ram- Copies may be obtained from Mrs. there's nothing you guys who didn't page for May 10, 1951. Stewart. Mueller is the editor. Yote can do about it anyl, ay!


AI/MA MATER: A story


Mrs. Stewart also



prlzes were offerèd for the best that students who will want transÄTTENTTON ALL SOP{Owords for the alma mater,. the best cripts sent to other schools should MORES: There will be a dinner at fight song, and the best yell. (Noel she her immediately, the Basque Hotél June 5, in your

Frodsham won 910 for the best words for the alma mater). EDITORIAL: The paper carried

AWS Holds Dinner,


honor, at 8:00 p.m., Mariposa antl tr' Streets here in Fresno. Please see

'Ward Longueville

to sign


eû ealltorlal e¿tÍtled, "Pies, Plcasso Nominqtion Officers e¡d Pulltzer," It cotrcerned home Members of the Assoctatetl Wo- (There is a place with wond.erful, economlcs, art, and journalism. men Students met in the soclal melt-iu-your-mouth food!)

record this year is almost idenücal,

Roy Rogers-Jim Haupt

Dragnet-midnight curfew in the park .

Our Miss Brooks-Meriam Tervo tr'rank "Friendly" Sam Spade



Meet Millie Irma tr1annery The Big Show-FJC in general Suspense-grades

Nightbeat-night school


Have you heard the latest song "She Was Only the Optlcian's Daughter and She - Two Glasses Made a Spectacle of Herself."


FJC Library Gets New Fiction Works

The tr'resno Junior College llbrary has recenily acquired a, Dumber of new works of fiction, The include "The Pillaf'by Wal-

People Are tr'unny-tr'JC students ker, "The Dark Mare" by 'Wilson,

Truth or Consequences---€xams "Asphalt and Desire" by Morton, Big Town-Fresuo "Diminishing Return" by Kaufman, Space Patrol "clraggin' the "Great Short Stories from the main" World's Literature" edited by Lone Ranger-Ben Yano Neider; antl Six Short- Novele of S. Smilin' Sammy-Eld Fogal G. Colette. Mr. and Mrs, North-Mo and girl New nbn-fiction in the library friend

Mark Trail-Bob Brumm Judy Canova-Dot Maybee

lncludes "How To Get It tr.rom The Governmenf'by S. V. Hones, "Our

Plundered Planet" by tr'. Osborn, Martin ancl læwls-Keith Tucker antl "U. S. A. the Permanent Revoand Babe Obratlovich

Bob and Ray-Job¡ Terzian and



Stan's Private Llne



Koffee Kup




lution" by tr'ortune magazl¡e. Students of modern thought wtll

be interested in "Protestent drive-in Thought in the Twentieth Century" by Â. S. Nasb and "Cult and CulMtdnight ture" by Y. O. Vogt.

Two books oD personal psycholoLucky Lager Dance Tine-Ram- gy are "Technique of Handllng bler's Day dance People" by D. A. Laircl antl "You Echoes of the Valley-Ranbler's atrd Your Personality" by E" E. Day

The Great Gilde¡sleeve-Leonard "DacI" Bartell

Green Hornet car

t- Eddie Perez'g

Sky King-Joe King



Hopalong Cassfdy-Jerry l{alvor8en

Jo* t¡ -Lrnz Q SWIE



& FRIES Free lce Creom

N. Side ot







Monogement 7 A.M.-7 P.M.

One Man's Family-Bob Braclforcl ancl Marcia llughes

a boy.


president, presldetl.




Fall semester offlcere were nod7-2 as contrasted by las¿ year's inated. Thelma Antlrews, AWS 6-2.

"I'd love to, but I'm only here for

a week."

Ramble Inn Wednesday evening for a dinuer and business

SPORTS: tr'JC's baseball team room

beat the Portervllle Pirates, g-8, for thelr sixth league victory. The



Congrats to "Poppa" Collins on Various radio and television the arrival of a new baby glrl. That shows bring to mind a dual mean- makes his total Three glrls and





"Would you like to drink Canada

. . . Somebody i¡clucle Stanley Bennett, Kate Darhas been chasing rabbits . . , The ling, Johu Fenn, Mrs. Edna Hart- West Coast Relays were nothing ley, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Gibson, year,

PauI Soderstrom, Gertrude Stubble-



Dry, sir?"


field, Francis Svilich, and Nancy


Hey, Ramblerls Day tomorrow! Who's gonna have the craziest lbokin' outfit? I DARE you to

(Continaed. front Page 1) Vlolet Eleazarian and Agnes Earl. admlnistrative staff were also inweek were Ed Fogal, Jim HopÞ The students are among the vited to attend the meeting. group who begÍn the year vocationThe members of the atlvisory (Hâ! You Haupt), Mo, and some al nursing program in September. committee include A. D. Coates, G. frlend of his . . . Some member of Othere in this eection who are ob- P. Daiiels, Ralph Eastman, Earl the baseball team rushing to San tainlng cllnical practice at the Í'oley, Al I{yde, tr'. Lauderbacþ A. tr'rancisco Monday of this week Flesno County General Hospital T. Mann, V. C. Redman, M. E. (wonder why, Jim?) . . . Bob Larwill take their maternity work aT Sappenfield, À. L. Selland, J. F. sen (boy, what I know about him!), the other two hospitals when the Simons, Breckenridge Thomas, Wil- Bob Bradford, Marcia Hughes, Haig and friend, and Ray Best are among first groups complete their month's liam Von Elm, and Iü. H. Wiebe. the kids who have takeu to the stutly. The business division instructors



Pop "Honestly?" Pres.why bring that up!" - "Oh, (No reflection on the above


Instructors in Fresno Junior College's business divlsion met ï¡ith 10 tr'resno business men who are members of the division's advisory committee Tuesday night in the social room of Ramble Inn.

me! I won


Business Division Advisory Group

Nurses Starl Wqrd Work



C. on Divisqderd

Tlhy do rhings rhe hard



Irnproper lighring ir







rilly. Usc co¡rect ¡ize bulb's ¡s proper fimue for you rtudy

rnd vo¡l¡. Kcep your


dea¡ ¡nd you'll be rurprised bow mrrch bmer you c¡n rcq






rs bad

for your eyer er cbir c¡rroon b


äiiËï mifl








Fridoy, Moy 16,1952


Starr W¡ll Be Dean Of Men


?ltr. )cnolarsntp

Paul Starr is the new dean of Een of the Fresno Junior College. Edwin C. Kratt, superintendent

of the

Joseph W. King, tr'resno Junior

tr'resno City Schools, an-


will assume his September, wÍth the


be director of guidance at the jun-

ior college and will supervise


counseling program.

trative arrangemeDt on the

Navy Offers New Air Cadef Program The opportunity to earn a naval reserve commission and an aviator's wings through the navy's aviation cadet program is now offered to college men facing a tour of military duty upon completion of their college work. A recent change in Naval pollcy now permits students who will have the necessary educa-

tional requirements in June to

After completlng


flteht traiuiug, cadets become ensig:ns in the naval re-



mendation of President Thomas A.

Blakely of FJC in order to permit Bradshaw to devote more time to the counseling ancl guidance Bro

PÄUL STARR . . . deon of men

Noncy Hughes Tqlks To IVCF Orgonizotion

Other members are Charles Coffman, president of the traculty Club;

Miss Kate Darling, antl Mrs. phyl-



FJC To Acquire Bus, Naucy Hughes, the San Joaquin Pon-tiqc Stotion Wogon Yalley staff member for the Inter Tcherkoyon ls Member Dr. Blakely anûounced Starr will FJC athletes and stutleni body Varsity Christian F.ellowship organcontinue as director of athletics offibers will'ride to athletic con- ization, spoke to the local group Of Ph¡ Theto Koppo and head basketball coach. .,in sty¡s,, at their last meeting. Greg TcherkoyaD was inltiatert Starr joined the junior college tests and conferences into the Phi Theta Kappa national yeàr. next Mis Hughes, in explaining ttre faculty fn 1949 after two years at honorary fraternity at the meeting The Board of Education approrr- scope of the IVCF movemenl said EÌdison High School. He is a gradecl Thursday night the purchase of that the organization is represented of the group Monday noon. uate of the Uqiversity of Oregon an eight-passenger Both Phi Theta Kappa and Alpha Pontiac station in 16 countries. She spoke also of and hes dotre graduate work at the wagon, to be used for transporting the conflict Gamma Sigma, the state group, of Christians with the gram.

State College and the Uni- athletes and student officers. versity of Southern California. He At the same time, the board applayed football ancl basketball at proved the purchase of a 56-passenger Gillig bus. The bus will be Oregon and was a star sprinter on used to transport Chowchilla anct the track squad. Madera students to F.JC next year.


Communistic movement in the uni- have voted to holtl their meetings on Mondays for the rest of the semBob Young, a staff member for ester rather thau the regular Tuesthe costal area, spoke recenily to tlay meeting dates, due to the conthe group also o .¡ the duties of an flict with the A. A. degree candieducated Christian. dates meeting. versitieÊ of China.

ln o cigoretle, tqste mqkes the difiêrêltG€ ond Luckies toste better!


18 months of

serve or second lieutenants in the marine reserve and are assigned to operating squadrons either on carriers or ashore. Certain of the avia-


The notification

ap- X'resno

ply at this time. More lnterested in flying for the navy rnay procure application blanks and additional information fron the U. S. Naval Air Station, Oaklantl 14, California, the enlisting office for the Nortbern California area, according to LCDR J. M. Parsons, cadet procurement officer at the Oaklancl base. Elieibility requirements include: a minimum of 60 semester hours, the applicant must be unmarried and agree to remain so until completion of his training, must be between the ages of 18 and 27, must not have received intluction orders, and must be able to pass phystcal and written aptitude.examinatioDs.


was sit¡ed by dation afte¡ receiving "ecommena lequest Mrs. Edward T. Vtralker, the organ- from a fdculty committee which ization's state president, and Mrs. drew up the plans for the altera. Eugene C. Baker, chairman of the tions. Mrs. Hazel Pedersen ls the PTA's scholarships and fellowshiBs chairman.

Bradshaw has held bbth the director of guidance and tåe dean of men Bositions. The Board of Education approved the new. admitris-

ARCHIE BRADSHA1M . . . director of guidonce


summer scholarship by the Califor- 'The Board of Education apBrovnia Congress of Parents and Teach- ed a request by President Thomas ers. A. Blakely for the renovating of Iting yill use the scholarship to the lunch room, on the first floor attentl the surnmer session of Stan- of the main wing. ford University. Dr. Blakely made the

of the tr'all seúrester. said. Archie Bradshaw will



College speech instructor, has been The faculty lunch room will be notified that he has been awarded altered and refinishetl before the a $150 counseling and guidance fall semester begins in September.

nounced that Starr

new post

Poge Three


The difference between 6Tust smoking,, and really enjoyìnp your smoke is the fasúe of a cþarette. You can úasúe the difference in the smoother, mellower, more enjoyable taste of a

assigi¡xed to multi-engine, shore-based aircraft. Commissioned

torg are

aviators receive $355.?5 monthly if single or $430.?5 if they have dependents.


Lucþ. Enjoy the cigarette that úas/es betteil Be Happy-Go Lucky! Buy a carton today!

JEWELERS GRADUATION GIFTS 3¡d Floor Hcln Bldg, lclophonc 4-2152

llll Fulton St. Frerno, Colifornlo

Ls.f rÃ:F.T- bckystr¡þ l{leans FineTobacæ



Just Around The Corner

tOrie ----^nin4 a---_-ll'.ti¡on, lnhorng"?:9'ii1"".-r::ä+il;

on Stqnislqus


Drop in ond

Jess-for the in food 7



see best





Across from Stodium






qt"lRErrEs O



", ,1%,4*

AttERtcA's LEADTNo MANrtF.å.cr

Pogc Four




The Fresno Junior College Rams football schedule next fall, beginning September 19th with Hartnell College. Paul Starr, FJC athletic director, released the 1952 schedule yesterilay. He saitl the Rams will play

wlll play a nine-game

COI,IJEGE OF THE PACI¡'IC _ Thd Pacific Weekly runs an editorial entitled, "Up in Smoke." The edltorial eaid, "The no-smoking tradition 6¡ çampüs seems to have gone up in smoke during the last

conference games and four

non-conference Coach Hans Wietlenhoefefs men wlll play tùeir home games in Ratcltffe Statlium. The Rams only lost

one ga,me last season to Menlo JC.

Exchange Notes



Rams Defeat Reedley,

6'5, To End.'52 their


The FJC Rams woqnd up 1952 baseball season by C.A.LIF'ORNIA STATE POLY- edgi¡g Reedley College Tigers, 6-5, in an 11 inning thriller the TECHNIC COLLEGE El on the Romain field Friday. - The picture Mustang runs a. full-page Although outhit 8-5, the Rams came through with the page, featuring a blootl drive, base knocks in the clutch. Neither team could do much off scenes arouncl the campus, and the the opposing offerings until emotions of a boxing coach under inning, when Reedley brokelLockie singlecl; Bell torcecl Lockie sirth ¡'Want the heatlline, Ulcers, Be a the ice with one run on a sintle I at second with Wimpy scoring on Boxing Coach."

FootballTeam To Play Nine Games ln'52


Fridoy, Moy


few years."

HA,NS WIEDENHOEFER . . . nine gcmes in'52

Bqsebqll Teo?tr Honors

Four of the games will be at home antl"five will be played away from Yono, Hqlvorsen ftesno. Members of the tr'resno Junior College baseball team elected Ben The 1952 football scheduie: Place YaDo the most valuable player at Date Opponent Sept. 19-Hartnell College .-îhere a meeüng this week. It fs the secSept. 25-Modesto JC -.-..-....There ond year in a row Yano has receiv-

Boseboll Squod Tokes Second Ploce ln Leogue

The tr'JC Rams, for the second year in a row, took secontl place in the Central California Junior College Athletic Association standings.

Last year the Rams had an 8 win, 2 loss record, losing both games to Reedley, which went Oct. 4-Menlo JC ...-.-........-...Ilere ed the honor. through the season undefeated. tOct. 11-Coalinga JC ........----.-Here The squad also elected Jdrry This season was almost a repitOct. l?-Porterville JC -----...1here Halvorsen honorary captain, Hal+Oct. 25-Taft JC .....-..---..-.---..There vorsen is also a two-year man on tition of the last, as the Rams hatl an 8-2 record and lost twice to an rOct. 31-Reedley JC -......--..-There the I'JC team. rNov. 8-College of Sequoias Here undefeated team, but instead of .Nov. 14-San Jose St. Frosh Here PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS Reedley, COS alial the damage.

by Dick Cain, followecl by a double I the play; Mendes walked Jlm Nadown the le(t field line by Jack Mc-lkamura and Cain; and then Jack

Klassen came through with a UDtil the bottom of the seventh, I single to drive in Fry and NakaTiger Jan'Bell hatl held the Ramslmura to force the game into extra to two hits, but the Rams surgecl I innings. into the lead on an error, a walk, I Atter two innings of scoreress, Bride.

and outfielder Ben Yano's single to I niiless ball, the Rams got Bob ghe Rams I Brumm on first via the walk route aheacl by a score of 3 to 1. in the llth inning. Jerry Halvorsen, Reedley came within one run ofltle next batter, fanned; , Irybea tying up the game in thelr half of I Mims, Ram third baseman, blasted the seventh on an error and two I a lons drive between the fielders straight singles by Don r,ockie and I to score Brumm and end the game. Bell, which made the count 3 to 2 in I Jerry Halvorsen was the leacling favor of the Rams. sticker with two doubles in five In t¡€ eighth the Rams iumped trips to the ptate. Lockie haal two I on Beu for rwo -o"".'_u.or_.:f.!.rli;;;";; iã n""¿ rhe rigers. John Terzian walkeal; Ram pitcher

Ieft field' which put


1 0 B vu-u 0 0 0 vvr 0 0 1 ruo 0 0-5 82 å,i:i: ""vvv drive I Re e.rey .... 000 320 01-6 53 --.-..000 m^,,iâ,. ìr^iâ^_ +L^.*^lFresno Terzian; Mendes then ^^Ãs^¡ scored when Bell ancl Klassen; Mendes and Yano grountled out. In their last time at bat and be- Halvorsen. hind by three runs, the Tigers staged a ninth inuing rally to tie up the game. Ron ll-fimpy led off SAFELY! with a single; Dick Fry walked;

-t-tt-:Y, J:"^t-:: trlple into center fielcl to ^_"Tl:,1u::



hls first year here at jaycee and likes it very much. ['avorite ville, sophomdre treasurer, is the tv¡Ggun desperados, a horse-trough I ers...

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