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In Zubaida’s school, FCCLA is intra-curricular with all of her FCS classes, which means that she can learn about early childhood careers as part of the career pathway that her school offers. All of her learning is connected, both in class and as an FCCLA member. After taking the first course of early childhood education, Zubaida is planning to finish the entire pathway by her junior year. Zubaida mentions that her adviser is someone who has encouraged her to pursue the education career pathway. “My adviser is one of the main people who inspires me to become a teacher. She taught me that being a teacher is more than just standing up there and giving a presentation. It’s creating bonds with the student and knowing their personal life and being interactive with them. And so she’s someone who’s really influenced me.” Along with learning through an early childhood education career pathway, Zubaida has also served as a regional FCCLA officer, which is a big accomplishment. “Being a regional officer puts you in that leadership role. You learn how to deal with that responsibility,” she says. Zubaida encourages members to participate in STAR Events, like Teach and Train or Early Childhood Education, to hone education skills. She also encourages members to develop and complete projects related to education to learn more about the profession. Her favorite project was a princess tea party. “Our chapter hosted the party and all of the FCCLA officers dressed up as princesses. We had different activities so the kids could interact and learn something from the “princesses”. The kids had a really great time!”

TEEN TIMES | November-December 2018


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Teen Times Nov/Dec 2018  

Teen Times Nov/Dec 2018  

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