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“How is FCCLA preparing you for a career in Education and Training?” Morgan Kirchman Florida FCCLA “As an FCCLA member and state officer, I am preparing myself for a career in Education and Training. In my time in FCCLA, I have gained valuable life skills that I will carry into adulthood and into my career. I have learned how to adapt to different situations, communicate more efficiently, have patience, be a better leader, and be a mentor to those around me. All of these skills are imperative to my success as a teacher. By being a part of this life-changing organization, I have acquired and am still acquiring leadership skills that will be put to great use in the classroom. Without FCCLA, I would not be on the pathway to become a teacher!”

Mary Jane Wilkerson Kentucky FCCLA “FCCLA has been a big part of my high school experience! FCCLA has helped me come out of my comfort zone to just be me. Taking charge and being a leader are things that FCCLA has helped me to develop. Focusing on the Education and Training career pathway has helped me become comfortable speaking in front of people. I will be ready to take on my goal by majoring in education and eventually becoming a teacher – thanks to FCCLA!”

Bryan Vázquez Melendez Puerto Rico FCCLA “The moment I made the decision to be part of this magnificent organization, I realized the world of opportunities that lay ahead. When I am asked how FCCLA prepares me for a career in education and training, I would say that FCCLA has helped me in many ways. In general, the mission of these careers is to improve individual and organizational performance. For this you need to love teamwork, love to help and, above all, enjoy teaching others, and that is precisely what FCCLA does. FCCLA teaches you the importance of teamwork, FCCLA teaches you that there is nothing better than helping others, teaches you to take the initiative and love what you do. I am one of those members who love FCCLA and I am proud to say that FCCLA not only prepares them for these types of careers, but FCCLA prepares them to achieve everything they want in life. FCCLA teaches you to believe in yourself since that way you will achieve everything you propose.”

Kirstin Johnson Washington FCCLA “Over the past four years in FCCLA I have had many opportunities and experiences that have set me up for a successful future in the field of training and education. Through my many FCCLA projects, I had the opportunity to create and teach various lessons to kids of all ages, a skill that takes practice. This organization has also allowed me to grow and develop into a strong public speaker and has opened my eyes to the needs of my community. All of these skills will directly impact my success in the field of training and education.”

TEEN TIMES | November-December 2018


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Teen Times Nov/Dec 2018  

Teen Times Nov/Dec 2018  

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