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FCC summer camp 2020 A C EL EB R AT I O N 35 YEARS IN T HE M AKIN G S PO N S O RE D BY

The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders trains thousands of cheerleaders and coaches each year across the country. We look forward to helping you achieve the best results for your program when you attend one of our Summer Camps in your area.

a tradition of EXCELLENCE

The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders has been serving Christian, Private and Parochial schools since 1986. FCC is founded on providing “Christ Centered Cheerleading Excellence Worldwide” and prides itself on providing the most outstanding personal touch in the industry. Each camp guarantees one instructor to every twenty campers to ensure each child has a remarkable camp experience. FCC camps are 3 - 4 days depending on the camp location. Participants have the option to stay on

campus or commute from school or a local hotel if they choose to stay off campus. The spiritual development of each camper is the main focus of an FCC camp. Each morning is kicked off with a devotional message and each evening the FCC Staff will deliver a themed gospel centered message during the FCC Prime Time. This time has been set aside in order to give the campers and coaches an opportunity to participate in praise and worship, drama and exhortation.

learn from THE BEST

FCC Staff members incorporate technical excellence, provide a personal touch and are committed to helping your team achieve their goals. FCC facilitates growth as individual cheerleaders, as a team and as Christian leaders in your school. FCC Staff will amaze you with their elite skill level, incredible energy and positive attitude. Our staff is safety trained and equipped to teach techniques at any skill level. Each staff member is passionate about their ministry to share Christ through cheerleading. Many FCC Staff members also use their talents to continually minister through cheerleading on their college teams, coaching and leading mission trips. Our staff is committed to seeing you excel in all areas. Our camper to staff ratio is the best in the industry because we believe that the personal attention will allow you to grow to a new level physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually! We look forward to having you as a part of the largest Christian cheerleading organization in the nation in the summer of 2020.

training for coaches FCC offers an outstanding combination of coaches’ workshops and fellowship times. We provide training for all facets of your program. Whether it’s technical, logistical, spiritual or emotional needs of your team, we will address all of these during our special coaching workshops. No matter your needs, FCC has the training for you!


In addition, coaches will have "free" access to the newly designed FCC Resource Center which includes FCC TV (downloadable summer camp material and competition routines) and FCC University (continuing education classes).


top 10 reasons you should attend an fcc camp

Using FCC's Custom Private Camp program, you get the same great instruction at the convenience of your schedule and at your facility... even during the school year! This economical option will prove to be a fantastic choice for teams with budget concerns or scheduling conflicts for FCC Cheer Camps or for those wanting additional one on one instruction. You pick the dates and you design the focus of your FCC Custom Private Camp according to the needs of your team.

1. Technical Excellence 2. Innovative Material 3. Superior Spirit Training 4. Creative Stunts for ALL Levels 5. Personal Touch 6. Coaches Development 7. Team Building Activities 8. Multiple Camp Options 9. Leadership Training 10. Spiritual Growth


T WO -DAY CAMP S 15+ Cheerleaders: $119 per participant Less than 15 cheerleaders: $1,785 total T H R EE-DAY CA MP S 15+ Cheerleaders: $149 per participant Less than 15 cheerleaders: $2,235 total

Impact Cheerleading is a trademark of the Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders. It is designed for elementary age to high school competitors looking to take their skills to the next level. Impact Cheerleading partners with schools and churches across the country by providing camps and competitive events to attend. If you are interested in starting an Impact program, please visit cheerfcc.org or call us directly at our national office (800) 825-6953.

build your program FCC has developed a way to “Build Your Program” from the ground up by partnering with FCC and Impact Cheerleading to develop your elementary aged students into your future leaders. FCC also hosts competitions throughout the country beginning in late fall. Join us during your competitive cheerleading season in an area near you. Dates and locations can be found online at www.cheerfcc.org.




join us for a championship near you this season Cheerleading Championships

The Early Years 1986 - 1995 This entire journey began in the summer of 1986 as a Score Cheer Camp, where we conducted one camp in Garland, TX. Score was and is today an organization that provides athletes with an option of using sports to reach others through short-term mission trips and was founded by the late Ron Bishop. Cary Coleman, who was an athlete under Ron Bishop during his college years started what was known at that time as Score Camps. During the early days, Score conducted “all-sports” camps as a way to conduct athletic camp ministry for Christian schools. In 1991 Score Cheer Camps had grown to two full camp staffs and had eliminated all sports with the exception of cheerleading. Back in that era, cheerleading was the only sport without a faith-based option for summer camp. In 1992, Coleman landed the national endorsement of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). This endorsement opened the door for coast-to-coast summer camps.

The Growth Years 1996 - 2005 This era in history created the most growth of the summer camp program. In 1996, the Board of Directors agreed on changing the name from Score Camps to The Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders (FCC). FCC saw a record number of campers during this time period. FCC saw tremendous growth in the National Championships as well as a result of the camp increase. In 1999, FCC started the National Christian Cheer Coaches Conference in Atlanta. This conference has equipped close to 1,000 coaches over this period. In 2004, FCC piloted a new program, Impact Cheerleading, which is designed to reach the youth in our churches and schools. This new start up would prove to be the key program that would transform FCC into an organization of the future.

The Expansion Years 2006 - 2015 This era was focused on expanding our ministry to new areas of ministry. We were blessed to see the continued growth of Impact Cheerleading. FCC expanded in the competitive arena by adding more regional competitions. We grew and developed our Championship Series to ďŹ ve locations. We also witnessed our largest nationals of over 125 teams in 2014 at the 25 th Annual National Cheerleading Championships. In 2008 FCC started providing Praise and Worship artist at our larger camps. We saw the continued equipping of our coaches through social media, webcast, conference calls and our phone app. We added a West Coast Coaches Conference as an additional option to our National Conference. We increased the summer camp options to include multiple choices based on length of stay and price points. We broaden our Global Initiative to include trips to the Czech Republic, Costa Rica and Africa. We became more focused to our commitment to Matthew 28 and the Great Commission.

The Legacy Era 2016 & Beyond This era is the most exciting era in our history. It involves a new generation of campers and competitors who are second generation FCC. We have been blessed to have an increasing number of FCC Staffers and FCC Coaches who were former campers and competitors. We also have an increasing number of FCC Staffers who are children of former FCC Staffers. There are literally hundreds of FCC Coaches nationwide who were once FCC campers. This era saw the formation of #FCC4LIFE. This campaign involves former and current campers who commit to one or all of the following criteria to be a lifelong member. The #FCC4LIFE includes 4 areas of involvement: Prayer – Donate – Serve – Share. We have seen the #FCC4LIFE community grow each year and will clearly be the direction for future coaches and funding that will secure FCC for years to come.

35 years of stories...

35 years of beginnings...

Amanda Thacker Beery 1988 - 1993

Attending camp was the highlight of every summer! I was always so in awe of the staff and loved the opportunity to do my favorite thing from morning to night - cheer! I always looked forward to learning new skills but the bond we made as a team at the start of the season was vital. The spiritual aspect of camp helped me through some of my most challenging moments as a high school student, including an unbearable loss my senior year 2 days before camp started. I could never put into words the impact camp had on me. It was life changing and helped shape who I am as a coach today!

Lori Slemp Blair 1991 - 1996

FCC camps are and have been a huge part of my life and mean so much to me. I have so many amazing memories as a camper, staffer, and now as a coach. As a camper, it was a time of learning more about cheer, bonding with my coach and teammates, and growing in my walk with the Lord. As a staffer, camp was about ministering to campers while growing as a Christian and a cheerleader. Camp as a coach is a time to learn, laugh, and love. At camp, it is so amazing to be able to bond with my team, receive awesome instruction from the staff, and worship the Lord all at the same time. I continue to support and love FCC, because of the impact it has had on my life and now my own daughters' lives. I see and get to experience the difference in FCC vs other cheer organizations, which is Jesus.

35 years of relationships...

35 years of growing... Morgan Maygarden Gleason 1994 - 1999

Camp was a wonderful experience for me every year. It was a combination of my two greatest loves: Jesus and cheerleading. To escape the real world with your closest friends and focus on nothing but building your cheer squad and growing your relationship with Christ was such a blessing. Camp always bonded our squad together and rooted us in love. I know that the stress of preparing for competition and cheering basketball games would have been daunting had we not taken the time during the summer to cement our relationships. I still look back at FCC camp with nothing but fond memories. I’m grateful for the cheerleading I learned at camp, but even more grateful for the time spent experiencing God’s love!

Loveny Rivas Savarino 1998 - 2000

I first attended FCC Camp in 1998 with Grace Christian School. Cheerleading Camp was always very positive, fun and spiritually meaningful. Not only did our cheer team grow stronger in the sport, but we grew stronger in our faith. FCC Camp always challenged us to be the light in our school and community. In 2000, I graduated and came back to coach at Grace Christian School for another 9 years. FCC Camp was even more meaningful as a coach because I would witness the lives of the cheerleaders change through Christ. Many cheerleaders rededicated their lives and a handful of others accepted Christ for the first time. It was amazing to see the sport of cheer being used to lead people to Jesus. During the 9 years of coaching Grace, the program won 9 national titles, 2 national grand titles, and 7 national stunt group titles. I continue to support FCC for the difference they make in the lives of the cheerleaders as well as their family and friends. FCC is solely Christ centered.

35 years of lives changed...

35 years of expansion...

Jenn Kawai Albeanu 1997 - 1999

I attended FCC as a camper from 1997-1999. To say it was life changing is an understatement. The summer of ‘97 is when I heard and felt the Lord for the first time. I was a 14 year old 8th grader entering my freshmen year of high school at my first ever FCC camp. I remember camp being fun, hard work and loving jump jam—but the reason I remember it the most is the spiritual mentorship I received from staff and the God-inviting atmosphere. After high school, I went on to become a staffer with FCC (the BEST summers of my life!) as well as coach at my alma mater, Whittier Christian. During that time, my teams won numerous FCC National titles as champions. In 2007, I was honored to receive FCC Coach of the Year at 23 years old. Coaching was my passion and excellence and perseverance was what I hoped to teach my teams, both physically and spiritually at home and at camps.

Alyssa Hamilton 2005-2009

I first attended FCC as a 7th grader for Life Christian Academy in 2005. I fell in love with everything about it! I thought the staff were amazingly talented, fun day was the best and hardest day of the week, and I learned so much. I continued to attend every year following, but it was my sophomore year when something changed. The director of our camp, Marissa gave a bold talk about making faith your own at prime time, and that was when I realized I did not have my own relationship with the Lord. I gave my life to the Lord that night and everything changed. My senior year at camp I was awarded the staff application and tried out at FCC nationals. By the grace of God I made staff and I worked for FCC from 2010 for the next six summers. I met so many amazing men and women of God and loved serving alongside the staff each summer. My third summer in staff I was asked to join leadership. That was when I really fell in love with the coaching and administration side of cheerleading.

35 years of legacy...

35 years of learning... Madison Marshall 2007 - 2013

I was a camper from 6th-12th grade, a FCC staffer for 3 years, and have a been a coach for 4 years. FCC is more than just a cheer camp and competition company. It’s been a place of growth spiritually and physically as well as a place to learn how to win and lose with excellence and dignity. As a cheerleader, you walked through a lot of hard seasons in life. FCC pours into all areas of a camper’s life. FCC encourages and equips them to be a better cheerleader and more importantly a better Christ follower. My favorite and most memorable times in life have definitely been being a part of the FCC Family and calling myself a “Tiger”.

Keelie Laird 2011 - 2017

I have been a camper at FCC camps since I was in the 6th grade. Camp was a time that I looked forward to year-round. FCC camp to me was a place that I could show my talent and get coached by other college cheerleaders. More than cheerleading, I also was poured into spiritually by people who were ahead of me in life. I went to camp for 7 years. Each year I went to FCC camps I built stronger relationships with the staffers. These staffers have such a unique position to pour into their campers. Not only did I look up to the staffers for their cheerleading ability, but also for their walk with the Lord. The summer after my senior year I became a staffer and it was a better experience than I could have imagined.

35 years of family...

Terri Abasial 1990 - 1991

My journey with FCC began my junior year in high school when we attended our first SCORE cheer camp and fell in love with the message that SCORE had to share. Cheerleading was my passion and I discovered that summer that the Lord could use cheer as a tool to share His Gospel. After I graduated from high school, 10 summers followed of heading off to travel the country to teach camps. It was during these 10 years that I got to be a part of impacting hundreds of young girls and guy’s lives and seeing first-hand the impact of sharing Christ and being a role model. In return I was able to grow in the Lord and in my faith. My life was blessed by these amazing kids as well as the staff that I worked with. This would then overflow into my life as I went back to college each fall. When my daughters began high school, I was asked to be a part of their school cheerleading coaching staff and that is when I got to experience FCC from both a parent and cheerleading coach’s perspective. I now could see the impact that FCC was making on my athletes as well as my daughters’ lives. As I look back over the last 30 years of involvement with FCC from camper, competitor, instructor, director, coach, and even judge, I can’t help but feel blessed for the many opportunities this ministry has given me.

35 years of stories...

Jill Martin 1991 - 1996

My journey with FCC started almost 30 years ago. In the summer of 1991, I experienced my first FCC camp as a 7th grader. This was a camp unlike any I had ever experienced before. Not only did I get to learn skills and enjoy a sport I loved, but I got to see how much the Lord could be the center of it all. For the next 6 summers, I looked forward to seeing who we got for our pep pal, bonding with my team, improving skills, and yes, all those stressful evaluations and sleep deprived mornings! I can’t remember a time there wouldn’t be an FCC staffer right there to pray with you, calm your nerves and encourage you. Ever since my first year as a camper, I always knew I wanted to be an FCC Staffer - and that’s just what I did! I enjoyed every minute of staffing for FCC. The summer of 2015 was pretty special to me. It was my first-year coaching at Calvary Christian High School and I was taking them to FCC camp. What made this summer so special was that my daughter was on this team and I would get to watch her experience FCC camp first-hand. To no surprise she loved it! What a blessing it was for me to watch her enjoy all 4 years attending FCC camps. One of her favorite parts of camp was prime time and the praise and worship. Our legacy continued, and my daughter was able to staff for FCC. Just seeing her in an FCC uniform brought back so many memories. FCC means so much more to me than just a cheerleading company. It is part of my past, my present and my future.

summer camp schedule ALABAMA

NXS Gymnastics Center Calera, AL | June 1-3 Commuter Student: $175.00* Commuter Advisor: $150.00 *


Hope International Fullerton, CA | July 20-23 Resident Student: $339.00 Resident Advisor: $275.00 Commuter Student: $260.00 Commuter Advisor: $200.00


Rosen Shingle Creek Resort Orlando, FL | June 14-17 Resident Student: $339.00** Resident Advisor: $309.00** Commuter Student: $260.00 Commuter Advisor: $200.00


Providence Christian Academy Lilburn, GA | July 14-17 Commuter Student: $199.00* Commuter Advisor: $175.00*

contingency FORM



Evansville Christian School Evansville, IN | July 15-17 Commuter Student: $199.00* Commuter Advisor: $175.00*

Wave Church Virginia Beach, VA | June 22-24 Commuter Student: $199.00* Commuter Advisor: $175.00*



Houston Baptist University Houston, TX | June 2-5 Resident Student: $329.00 Resident Advisor: $275.00 Commuter Student: $199.00 Commuter Advisor: $175.00

*Breakfast / Lodging NOT included. Hotel Information available on website.

Life Christian School Tacoma, WA | June 29 - July 1 Coaches Workshop on “Mastering Commuter Student: $199.00* Commuter Advisor: $175.00* the TAPPS Judging Grid” the

**Pricing based on 4 per room. Please visit cheerfcc.org for additional pricing.

Southwestern Assemblies of God Univ. Waxahachie, TX | June 8-11 Resident Student: $329.00 Resident Advisor: $275.00 Commuter Student: $199.00 Commuter Advisor: $175.00 Dallas Baptist University Dallas, TX | July 7-10 Resident Student: $329.00 Resident Advisor: $275.00 Commuter Student: $199.00 Commuter Advisor: $175.00



Set Up a FREE Account with Team 1. Sign into your Team Manager Account Manager 2.2 – if you don’t already 2. Scroll to Registration Console 3. Select Contingency Form and simply complete the form online. (This have one! is an estimated number attending – you will have until 5/15 to register each cheerleader and add them onto your roster. If you already have a Team Manager account, you do not 4. Submit and Pay $100 Contingency Fee per squad attending. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon receipt of payment with additional camp need to set up a new account. information.

NONPROFIT US POSTAGE PAID ATLANTA, GA PERMIT NO. 3259 Fellowship of Christian Cheerleaders

2600 Northlake Drive • Suite D Suwanee, GA 30024 800.825.6953 • www.cheerfcc.org

Every coach receives the 2020 Summer Camp COACHES PACKAGE COACHES BAG








total savings of $55 per cheerleader

fre e


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2020 FCC Summer Camp Brochure  

Join us for a Spirit-filled summer of cheerleading education and Jesus focus.

2020 FCC Summer Camp Brochure  

Join us for a Spirit-filled summer of cheerleading education and Jesus focus.

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