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Dong Ting Lahe whichfocuses on a'World Mldlife Fund (WWF) project to restore the wetlands along the Yangtze in China's Hunan province, was one of three films made for the WWE, says FCC Member and APV co-founder, Mark Erder' The latest award, in the category of 'Environment & Ecology', was received on the 15th of January from The New York Festivals Television Programming and Promotion

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for poets, painters and writers.". The lake area has been encroached upon for 50 years by farmers reclaiming the wetlands for agriculture' By the 1990s, that reclamation was proving disastrous -- the river

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dedication is breathtaking," Erder said. The local hero in Dong Ting Lahe is Dr Lei Guangchu, who grew up in the area. He narrates the film and recalls a time when "you could swim in the lake and simply catch fish in your hands -- there were so many."' Lei wants to see the lake restoled to its former glory, when it "was the inspiration

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The initiative, "PartnershiP for a Living Yangtze," aims to restore 15 per cent of the original wetlands and to develop new land-use and flood plain management approaches to replace the failed polder

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caused by Yangtze flooding and the reduction of natural wetlands around the lake.

news-oriented work," said Erder, who is APV's Managing Director and Direclor of Operations The documentary which was shot by Jamie Hamill and produced by Michael Barrett, was filmed in just seven days' "The WWF specify exactly what they want, in terms of they want a certain project covered and one ofwhat they call their local heroes narrating' These local heroes are the people out

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(reclaimed land) system. Two years after those projects started and already things have improved at Dong Ting. Says Lei: "We counted 34 species of migrating birds on the restored wetlands'" And, since the film was made, the bird population has increased so

much that the local authorities have just hosted the first national China birdwatching competition on the lake'

Erder and Adrian Brown, who was then Asia correspondent for TV-AM, founded APV in |991' The company acts as Australia's Channel Nine bureau for Asia, and in recent years, Brown's news coverage has included the war in Afghanistan, the birth of democracy and independence

in East Timor and the Bali bombings. Major projects have included The Last Gouernor -- APV followed Chris Patten around for five years for Jonathan Dimbleby's series aired by the BBC -- and of course, Of All the Gin loints' Tapes are available at the FCC front


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The Correspondent, April - May 2003  
The Correspondent, April - May 2003