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JUNE 2012 “A Spirit of Giving”

Our mission is to announce the Good News of God’s love for all, by letting the joy of our relationship with Jesus shine through our daily lives, seeking to make disciples for Jesus, baptizing in his name and teaching toward maturity in faith.

Sunday School 9:15 a.m. Worship 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.

For the past three weeks we have focused on Stewardship in the life of our church to include stewardship of the past, present and future. During this time we have explored those that have come before us and set examples of giving, we have listened to powerful examples of giving from stewards of our membership and we have thought about the type of example we are setting for our future generations. Stewardship becomes part of our life in so many ways and it has been a joy to explore this every important topic with the church in recent weeks. As we move into the season of Pentecost and we think about the Spirit and the founding of the church in the Book of Acts let us also think about how the Spirit affects the way we are stewards in our world. For there are many reason for which we give and participate in stewardship; we might give because we were taught how to give the example of someone else; we might give because we feel it is the Christian thing to do; we might give to support our church family and the relationships that we are a part of in the church; all of these are great reasons to give but what about the Spirit. How does the Spirit move in our lives and help us to be better stewards and faithful givers. When have we as the church been moved to give and do in truly amazing and faithful ways. Just this week after hearing that Just Hope Inc. was trying to finish paying for three cisterns to be built in Chacraseca, Nicaragua I was excited to see that our church board approved the use of $1,000 from mission funds to be set to Just Hope to finish paying for their water project. I believe the Spirit can move in many different ways. In our appreciation and care of our church facility, in the programs that we support, in the local missions that we reach out to and in a simple gift that will allow 5000 people to have access to potable water. Anytime we can look past our own fear of not having enough so that the lives of thousands can be changed (locally or globally) the Spirit is at work in our lives. I am so thankful to be part of a church that listens to the Spirit in so many ways. What we give as stewards to the church is between us and God. Please consider taking a moment to pray about and fill out the Commitment Card located in this newsletter or received at church. These cards will be between you and God, we are asking people to fill them out and to place them in a sealed envelope with their name and address on it. This envelope will not be opened by the church but will be returned to you at the end of the year. May the Spirit move in our lives and the life of the church as we continue to 1 grow as faithful stewards.

A congregational meeting will be held after both church services on June 10, 2012. The one item on the agenda is a vote on a proposal from the Capital Projects Committee. This group is asking us to approve $20,000 to be used to paint both the sanctuary and the exterior of the church. Our by-laws state that any outlay of money over $10,000 has to be approved by a vote of the congregation.

Sermons for June June 3 Scripture: Isaiah 6:1-8 Title: “Sensing God” June 10 Scripture: 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 Title: “What Really Matters?” June 17 Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:6-10, 14-17 Title: “A New Creation” June 24 Scripture: Mark 4:35-41 Title: “The Storms of Life”

If you remember back in late fall, discussions began about what the congregation would like to see done in the way of building improvements. A survey was taken and the painting was voted as the most pressing need. At that time, the exterior painting was not considered a need, but as the committee started talking to painters, it became apparent that the “yellow” that you see on the outside of the church needed to be painted as well. The painting bid also includes scraping, staining the wood and caulking around our windows where we are losing a lot of air. The sanctuary was painted 29 years ago, and the exterior was painted about 8 years ago. This proposal has been approved by the Memorial and Endowment Committee, the Stewardship and Finance Committee, and as of May 15’s meeting, the Official Church Board. There was one dissenting vote. The money we are voting on would come from memorial funds and interest from the Mauck accounts.

The Thrift Shop is in need of volunteers. They particularly are looking for volunteers to sort and hanging clothes for sale. If you are able to donate a few hours to this ministry, please contact Kathy Schrock at the shop. 816-884-2279 Thank you, Mary Parker

A more thorough description of the painting bid and other future capital needs will be presented at the meeting. Please plan to attend one of these important meetings.

We will be taking the summer off. See you again in the fall. Martha Kimberlin Frances May Lorene Hocker Don Smither Edith Fournier Doug Manning 2

Franceline Parris Bob Raynes Karl Frees Walter Goddard Paige Kenyon Jim Emmons

The choir is on summer hiatus through August. Watch the newsletter for our fall practice schedule.

We are taken the summer months off and will join back together in September.


Graduation Sunday—We will be honoring our 2012 Graduates on Sunday, June 10, 2012. If you have a graduate or are a graduate, please contact the church office.

In all that you do, a dad’s love plays a part. There’s always a place for him deep in your heart. And each year that passes, you’re even more glad, More grateful and proud just to call him your dad! —Author unknown

MARK YOUR CALENDAR!! On July 1st, Kindred Spirit will be presenting the message at both services in Pastor Adam’s absence. This is a 4person group made up of Brice Willson and his wife Gretchen, Justin Whitman (Gretchen’s brother), and Crystal Willson (Brice’s sister), all of whom are friends of Ryan and Megan Davidson. We are very excited that they will be able to give the message that morning. They will share some scripture and thoughts as well as sing for us. The Worship Ministry Group will be providing a meal following the 10:30 service that day so our congregation can talk with the group members as well as hear them sing a few more songs. Please plan on joining us!


June 18, 2012 Meeting in the church parking lot at 4:00pm. We should be returning between 8:00pm and 8:30pm. Current items collecting: Toiletry Items Socks Jackets Underwear

Diapers sizes 4, 5 & 6 Girls Underwear size 3-16 Boys Underwear Sizes 5-8 Children Socks Size Small

Toilet Tissue Bath Towels Shampoo Tooth Brushes

Boys and Girls Shoes Bar Soap Deodorant Tooth Paste

SUGGESTED FOODS Canned vegetables Canned fruit Canned meats Macaroni & cheese Peanut butter

Pasta Pudding Dry Beans Flour Crackers Powdered Milk Cake mix Vegetable oil Baby food & related items

Cereal Soup Rice Sugar

HFCC next food pantry day is June 8, 2012.

Volunteers are needed Fridays (anytime) from noon to 7 p.m. If interested, please contact Lyle Krohn. 3

KFC BUCKET (Keep Funding Churches) will be Sunday, June 3, 2012. From the 2012 Outreach sub-budget, a gift of $300.00 was given to JustHope in Nicaragua.

June 3 $1.00

JustHope’s founder and Executive Director, Leslie Penrose first visited Central America in 1986 and quickly committed to developing a lasting connection with local groups to address poverty and capacity-building. In 1996 after years of country-and-community-hopping throughout Central America, Leslie and a small group of companions made the decision to create a long-term relationship with a single community in Nicaragua-a community with whom they could wrestle and hope their way into something deeper, something truer, something more mutual; a community who rather than a charity project for them, could become a partner with them in the work of justice. JustHope’s mission is to link the hands, hearts, hopes, needs, and resources of two communities –one in North America and one in rural Nicaragua-in a long-term partnership grounded in solidarity, mutuality, and collaboration. In combating poverty, JustHope Global Partners engaged one another in cultural exchanges, cooperative learning, mutual dialogue, and sharing resources. Although partners often engage in development projects together, the focus of the partnership are on increasing global understanding and empowering self-determination. Just hope’s methodology focuses on leadership development and sustainability-in both the global partnerships Just Hope help to establish and in any development projects the partners undertake together. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Friends at FCC, Thank you so much for your gift of $300.00 to help fund JustHope’s work in Nicaragua! It will make a significant difference! Let me update you a little about what’s happening in Chacraseca-especially with the clinic and lab! MINSA (Ministry of Health) has finally appointed Dr, Somariva as the clinic physician in Chacraseca…AND they have inspected and approved the lab site (with a few minor requirements like shelves in the cabinets.) They were VERY impressed with the lab area…even commenting that it was nicer than the one in Leon! God Job!! The next steps are most bureaucracy…and financial. We hope that we will know by early June what of the monthly staff, chemicals, and supplies costs they will pay and what we’ll need to cover with donations each month. I’ll let you know! In other areas, the 65 women now in our micro-credit program in Chacraseca are dreaming bigger dreams and beginning to ask for larger loans to increase the size and scope of their businesses. Dona Marta, who started three years ago with just two pigs, now has over 40! She bought the first two chairs she has ever owned in her life last year, and is dreaming of replacing the leaking roof on her house this year. And, there are 40 women on our waiting list right now25 who are working with the University of Leon to improve their capacity to raise and market pigs, and 10 who live in Boca de Cantero-the only sector in Chacraseca not yet included in the program. The 27 women in Santa Emilia are also hoping to grow their bank in 2012! We have some microbanks to fund! ...Continued top of following page 4

20 women of Hope is another exciting pilot project-a project that connects a group of 10 women in the US with 10 women in Nicaragua for the purpose of getting to know one another while supporting one young woman’s dreams of Atending college! Our first group has formed and our first young woman has started her college journey! The Ferreteria (hardware store) that was open in January, continues to thrive, and has given birth to another enterprise-Stitching Hope! This sewing and fabric arts center is a dream we are birthing that will eventually employ about 20 women in making items both for export and local stores. To date, we have 10 women trained, and we are searching for grants to help us build a workshop facility where they can expand their efforts. The high school in Santa Emilia has 200 students again this year-most of whom wouldn’t be going to school without this high school! And there are a variety of projects in the works to help farmers plant their fields, and kids get an education, and leaders to find the support they need to hold it all together. We have some dreams to accompany! Again, you gifts are part of making all this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you! In Joy and Hope, Rev. Leslie Penrose (Executive Director)

~Deborah Circle met on May 21 with 3 present. We discussed those in need of prayer and sent a card to Jim Emmons. Judy Manning presented the lesson on “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn and “realizing our destiny.” Our next meeting will be June 18 at 11:30am at Ryan’s Buffet in Raymore for foods, fun, and fellowship. Ladies, please join us. It will be our last meeting until September. ~Rachel Circle met on May 8 with 5 present.. Sophia did a lesson on Servitude and Nancy Emmons brought refreshments. Our next meeting will by on June 18 at Ryan’s in Belton along with Deborah circle. ~A reminder to continue saving barcodes from Best Choice items plus barcodes from Campbell soup products. The CWF receives $30 for each 1,000 Best Choice codes and this money goes to our outreach concerns. The Campbell soup codes are sent to Woodhaven Learning Center for their many programs. Thanks for all your help! COMMITMENT CARD




"Saints Alive! Living Generously" 1 Corinthians 16:1-4 We hope you have enjoyed listening to the examples of giving in Adam's sermons and seeing the tree in the sanctuary come to life with the names and stories of past, present, and future givers. Spend some time searching your heart and asking what God would have you give to the ministries of First Christian Church. Fill out the commitment card you get with the amount you pledge to give in the upcoming year. Then seal it up in an envelope. This will be for your eyes only; it will come back to you with your year end giving statement so you can compare what you planned to give with what you actually gave. Please join us for a Celebration Pot Luck dinner after 10:30 service on Sunday June 3; bring a dish or two to share. Here is a story of another giver, submitted by Mabel Maxon: It was evident in Elsie Shrum's daily life that she knew and loved the Lord. She was a gentle lady devoted to her family, and the work of the church. She did many service projects for others, in a quiet way, so you never knew all she did. Her joy was in helping and serving others. Here is a story of a past giver, submitted by Luke Cooper Mr. Emmitt Cantrell would always give me a quarter after every church service when I was little. Although it was just a quarter it felt like a hundred dollar bill. It taught me even a little donation can mean a lot to someone. Story , submitted by Jessica Gipson My day always had Dollar bills in his pocket for us growing up in the church to place in the offering plate. And then as each one of us had our own kids they took the role from us and having as many grandkids my parents have it adds up and now that my dad is no longer with us, mom took his role. It didn’t matter how many show up. They always have enough. CUTE ALONG LINE


The First Christian Church of Harrisonville would like to invite you to join us July 9th – 12th from 6:00 – 8:30 pm We will be having our annual VBS. The theme this year will be Overboard, with a lot of exciting stories, games, and discoveries. All daring you to Go Deep with God. We will be serving dinner each night, and we will end the week with an exciting party. Go the church website to enroll now. We look forward to learning with you this summer. or call 816-884-4615

June 3, 2012 POTLUCK CELEBRATION DINNER Following 10:30am worship service Drinks and table service will be provides. Please bring 1 or 2 dishes based on number in family to share.


First Christi Worship is the foundation of our relationship with God. Preaching, prayer, and sharing at the table are enhanced by music and song as we give thanks for the blessings we receive.

2012 Narrat

Worship $25,448.80 15%

Our ministries are shared, coordinated, and communicated through dedicated staff, monthly newsletters, and our presence on the internet at and on Facebook. All of this allows us to be Christ’s hands and feet to the members of our church from oldest to youngest.

Administration and Communication $47,274.40 29%

Fellowship $2,349.85 1%


We are a faith community‌ a church family. With fellowship and hospitality we tend the church while caring for each other.

Spiritual F $8,49 5%

As people of faith we God through Sunday Studies, Youth Group School, camp opportu other teaching and lea that help us to grow.

ian Church

tive Budget Our historic building and church grounds provides a setting of welcome and hospitality for worship, fellowship, and service to the community.

Buildings and Grounds $52,040.00 32%

ormation 99.70 %

e study the Word of School, Bible p, Vacation Bible unities and many arning experiences

Mission and Outreach $20,058.00 12%

Honoring Christ’s call to love one another, the outreach ministries of FCC seek to build relationships with our local community of Harrisonville, MO as well as many places beyond our city that God has called us to be present.

Congregational Care $9,899.25 6%

We nurture each others spirit through prayer, visitation, pastoral care and being caring presence for others. 9

A HUGE THANK YOU Thank you to our church family for supporting our pancake fundraiser with Chris Cakes. Our profit was $162.00. We were hoping to see a larger profit, but very, very thankful for what we received. And you just can put a price on a church family sharing in fellowship. YOUTH RETREAT The youth are making plans for a youth retreat. This year we will be going to Tall Oaks in Kansas City. We are still working on dates and details. So look for more information to come. A RANDOM ACT OF MISSION On Wednesday, May 23 the youth hit the streets and shared smiley's with the community and our area neighborhood. White and yellow flowers were passed out with the message “ He’s a smile and a blessing for you.” We saw in youth in action and living outside their comfort zone. It was a great experience and we are praying we made someone’s day a little brighter. MICAH Our next scheduled outing to Micah is Monday, June 18. We will be leaving the church at 4:00pm, returning no later then 8:30pm. If you are interest in attending, make sure Brenda has your name. We have a limited number of spots opened. SUMMER CALENDAR Our summer youth calendar will be changing a little for summer. We will not be having our regular meetings every Wednesday evening. Thank you to all that have provided food and funds for them to have a good dinner. We will be taking the youth outside of the church. Seeing how we can reach out to our connecting neighborhood. We have a mission project scheduled each month and an activity. Two times a month we will have a round table discussion and study time. Some of the youth will be helping with VBS this year and who knows what else we may come up with! The youth will also still be working on ways for us to enjoy a Retreat at Tall Oaks. We work on a really tight budget and serve about 20 youth each week. We also have youth that we minister too outside of our regular meetings. There is a lot of ways that these teens could be reaching out and helping other, if we could provided for there needs. WE RECYCLE You can help the youth and recycle your empty aluminum cans by bringing them to the church. A wooden box for the cans is located on the west side of the church. In order to prevent loose cans in our bin, please tie all of your bags shut, before placing them in the bin. Thank you! YOU COULD HELP FEED OUR YOUTH Thank you for your support! Please keep bringing in your receipts. It takes awhile to collect $500.00 in receipts to receive $75.00 in pizza. It takes the full $75.00 to feed the youth group one meal. Thank you for helping us provide a good meal for these youth. The box for your receipts is located in the back of the church. 10

8:00am Worship Elders: Dena Cooper Deacons: Lee Cooper & Luke Cooper 10:30am Worship Worship Leader: Lyle & Janelle Krohn Greeters: Cheryl & Beverly Tinsley Sound: Cheryl Tinsley Acolyte: Youth Elders: Don Smither & Jennifer Cook Deacons: +Jason Gipson, Jessica Gipson, Ryan Davidson, Megan Davidson & Cheryl Tinsley* +Denotes Deacon in charge *Denotes Balcony Communion Prep: Cheryl Tinsley Communion Calling: 3-Ellen Wray 10-Joe Murphy 17-Andrea Murphy 24-Beverly Tinsley Children’s Moments: 3– Joyce Hawley 10-Richard Smither 17– Kerry Morgan 24-Jennifer Cook

JUNE BIRTHDAYS 2-Alli Schnelle

16-Sam Esler

2-Anissa Surber

17-Dorselle Cantrell

3-Nancy Osburn

17-Judy Kilp

3-Sherry Osburn

19-Herschel Franklin

3-Larry Schoonover

19-Michael Hillmer

4-Richard Hawley

19-Ryan Murphy

8-Jean Boston

21-Butch Beeman

10-Tammie Farr

22-Merrie Wilson

11-Kyle Bouchard

23-Becky Baier

13-Jennifer Cook

24-Courtney Hawley

14-Patricia Chaney

27-Linnette Pugh

14-Teri Riemenschneider

28-Brandon Madden

15-Lyle Krohn

29-Garrett Cornell

15-Robert Shelton

30-Kyle Livingston

2-Steven & Shelley Jansen 2-Cliff & Betty Tanquary

Musicians: 8:00am



3-Ellis & Gracie Webster 4-Abe & Heather Lewis


10-Raymond & Kristen Hawley 10-Frank & Milly Long


11-Gabe & Alli Schnelle

A Father’s Love In all that you do, a dad’s love plays a part. There’s always a place for him deep in your heart. And each year that passes, you’re even more glad, More grateful and proud just to call him your dad!

21-Jim & Namcy Emmons 22-Lee & Dena Cooper 23-Butch & Delores Beeman 23-James & Mildred Fannan 30-Jerry & Samantha Elliott 30-Richard & Sophia Smither 11

June 2012 Sun






































KFC Sunday


8:45am Pastoral Relations Meeting


3:30pm Exercise 4:00pm TOPS

Celebration Sunday with potluck luncheon


Father’s Day

6:30pm Ministry Chairs


1:30pm Disciples Women / CWF Deborah Circle Meeting at Ryan’s Buffet in Raymore

7:00pm Ministry Groups 6-

10:00am-2:00pm Cass County Homemakers


3:30pm Exercise


July Newsletter Deadline

4:00pm TOPS


8:45am Elder’s Meeting


HFCC Food Pantry Day


8:45am Elders Meeting Congregational Meetings


4:00pm-8:30pm Micah Ministries

FACTS AND FIGURES Sunday, April 29, 2012 10:00 am Worship General Fund 2% Capital Fund

89 $1,374.60 $31.60

Sunday, May 6, 2012 8:00am Worship Sunday School 10:30am Worship General Fund KFC Collection 2% Capital Fund

37 14 52 $5,242.02 $36.68 $120.51

Sunday, May 13, 2012 8:00am Worship Sunday School 10:30 am Worship General Fund 2% Capital Fund

39 18 63 $2,489.96 $57.24

Sunday, May 20, 2012 8:00am Worship Sunday School 10:30 am Worship General Fund 2% Capital Fund

47 18 63 $1,997.08 $45.91

The Green Team will meet following 10:30 worship on Sunday, June 24.

Please look on website for 2012 schedule.

Elevator Operator We now have an elevator operator available, on Sundays. If you would like to volunteer to be a operator, contact Jim Emmons. The deadline for the Church Newsletter is June 22, 2012. Please turn all articles into the church office or email them to or Secret Place SUMMER edition is available. Get your copy today!. April 30, 2012 General Fund: Balance in checking--$4, 826.23 Balance in Demand Plus--$6,446.13 Memorial: Balance in Investment Savings--$2,775.36 Endowment: Balance in Yoder savings--$1,708.05 Capital Improvement Fund--$1,110.55 Balance in Mauck/Morse flex plus--$21,390.71 Permanent Fund--$3,494.38 Income (year to date)--$55,679.79 Expenses (year to date)--$57,707.63 13

First Christian Church of Harrisonville, MO Board Meeting Minutes May 15, 2012 President Lyle Krohn called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with 16 present. Rev. Harmon talked about how drama in the church and in our lives keeps us occupied and interferes with God guiding us in doing what He would have us do. Communion was served. The April 17, 2012 minutes were approved as presented. Pastor’s Report: Pastor Adam said his Doctorate report, due June 1st, is moving along. He is very thankful for this congregation while he continues to work on the final project for his Doctorate. He will be in Tulsa from June 18 – 22. He will be on vacation from June 23 to July 4. A complete report is filed in the office with these minutes. Christian Education: Met with 4 present. Georgia submitted a written report. We discussed the schedule for VBS, crafts for VBS, and snacks/food. We discussed Sunday School for the summer and will have the combined class as in the past two years. Anyone who would like to help teach that class over the summer, please contact Georgia. Just teaching one Sunday would be helpful. We talked about the possibility of combining a children's church in the fall to go with our new, young adult Sunday School class. Membership: No report. Outreach: No report. Property: Met with 3 present. Nancy Emmons read Jim Emmon's report. It had been requested that re-keying the church property be canceled as two or three persons contacted Pastor Harmon expressing concerns. Of the three committee members present, one felt re-keying should be canceled. One abstained. One believed if the reasons for voting to re-key were valid, they remained valid, and the re-keying should proceed. Thus the property committee has no recommendation. Nancy Emmons moved to rescind the motion to re-key at this point. Discussed. Mary Parker moved to table Nancy's motion until the Executive Committee meets with Property to sort out the allocation of keys. Motion carried. There is no working doorbell at the parsonage. Pastor Harmon will purchase one. There are security concerns when the secretary is alone in the building. A bid for monitors for the two doors is being obtained from Harrisonville Electric. Stewardship & Finance: Met with 4 present. Jean Boston reported they discussed the Stewardship emphasis, which will continue until June 3 with a Celebration pot luck dinner sponsored by Membership. Finalized events leading up to the celebration dinner. Worship: No report. Disciple Men: Pastor Adam presented the devotional, and Bill Maxon served breakfast. Disciple Women: Rachel Group met April 10 with 5 present, and Sophia presented a program on Servitude.


Diaconate: No report. Elders: No report. They will meet as regularly scheduled. Memorial and Endowment: No report. Capital Improvement Committee: Beverly Tinsley presented a full report. The committee has tried to address short and long-term, church maintenance needs taking into consideration the results of the congregational survey. The survey indicated the top 3 items were: #1-paint the sanctuary; #2-carpet; and #3-parking lot. It became apparent that exterior painting was also a short-term need. Estimates were obtained for sanctuary carpet and parking lot repair. The committee also acquired opinions from appropriate professionals regarding church roofs and the parapet wall. The brick mason, who recently did the tuck pointing on the exterior walls, said there is a weak area in one section of the parapet wall. He said the sealing and tuck pointing that was done would slow the need for repair. He recommended a brick mason inspect the walls annually, and minor repairs could delay or eliminate the need for major repairs. Ongoing inspections by professionals will hopefully prevent costly surprises. The committee addressed a report from Reuter Organ Company and consulted with Church Mutual about filing an insurance claim to recover repair costs. They declined coverage since the plywood holding the organ pipes warped due to water damage from leaking walls. The organ expert from Church Mutual said Reuter's report did not indicate urgent need for repair. The committee recommends repair as operating funds allow. Due to estimated costs exceeding available funds, the committee recommends addressing projects by survey priorities as additional funds become available. Phase one of the long-range plans will be to address the congregation's first request in the following proposal: The committee obtained interior and exterior painting and woodwork refinishing bids from four contractors. Three of the four contractors submitted bids for all three projects. After reviewing each bid, the committee recommends the church sign a contract with JAKK Painting to do interior painting in the sanctuary, woodwork refinishing in the foyer, and exterior painting to include caulk replacement around the tempered glass covering the stained glass windows. Total cost for this proposal is $20,000.00, which will require congregational approval. Much discussion followed. Motion carried. Unfinished Business: None. New Business: Tony Livingston moved not to have a June Board meeting. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report: Mary Parker presented the report which was filed for audit. . There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned and closed with prayer.



FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 400 S. Independence Street Harrisonville, MO 64701 Return Service Requested

New Member Debbie Rapp


June 2012 Newsletter