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aviary, Jeep Willys and ATVs on the jungle, even a party bus to the beach. But the Reynolds’ kids already have families on their own, so this was a couple´s trip. Mitch and Janet were looking for something out of the routine, but at the same time not as wild as flying over the jungle on a zip-line.

options: The Mayan ruins in Chacchoben and the new official tour to the seven-color lagoon in Bacalar. Bacalar sounded nice, a trendy eco-paradise with a calm lake where different shades of blue and turquoise can be seen on the water. Swimming, kayaking,

But Costa Maya had a surprise for him. The offer he couldn’t refuse came when Mitch was given a choice that included the visit to the ruins in the morning, plus a relaxing afternoon in a secluded area of the lagoon called Uxbenkah. The decision was clear. This is what we call a tailor-made experience. The adventure for the Reynolds had already started, the passage from the pier to the bus was quick, but it added to Mitch´s explorer´s rush, as the Papantla Flyers were descending from the sky making circles around the 295 ft. pole in the middle of the port. Once on the themed bus, after the safety briefing and the eloquent introduction of Saul, our certified guide, Mitch and Janet were ready to discover Chacchoben. After a 45-minute drive witnessing a sea of greenery passing on the panoramic windows, the Reynolds set foot in Chacchoben. Mitch and Janet could not believe the beauty of the place. Since their tour was early in the morning, the monkeys were still playing on the trees, and the weather was nice and

The drums of the Mayan warriors that welcome the passengers at the end of the pier instilled in Mitch the thirst of adventure, but he was still not sure which tour to experience? Mike, our well-trained Last-Minute Sales Rep, understood their wants and needs almost immediately and helped them make the right choice. In less than 10 minutes, they were down to two clear

visiting the museum inside the amazing Fort of San Felipe, which protected the village from the pirates back in the 18th century, and riding a boat through the Pirate´s Canal are some of the activities included in this tour. A wonderful experience equally cultural and adventurous. It is almost like starring in a pirate movie! On the other side, they had Chacchoben, the mysticism of a city long forgotten in time, remnants of an old civilization, a place that exuded history, culture and adventure, a place to be discovered. An expedition that reminded Mitch about his first time out of the country, when he was young and had a blooming traveler´s spirit.

fresh. The memories of his first time climbing a pyramid burst inside Mitch´s head as the guide informed that they could go up the stairs of some of the pyramids. Breathing pure, fresh air and delighting the spirit with the views of the jungle from the top of the pyramid were enough reasons for Mitch to decide to book his next cruise to Costa Maya. By the time they arrived at the lake, they were already in love with the destination. Mitch is now a raving fan of Costa Maya, a traveler who will keep coming back for more adventure. Like Mitch, we invite you to visit Costa Maya to “Discover the Unexpected.”  THIRD QUARTER 2018 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 55

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