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out 2019. The demand for routes and new options within the region continues to grow, and repeat visits to each destination are increasingly common. Puerto Rico’s tourism industry continues looking for ways to reimagine our destination. We are working hard with our partners to offer the best and most varied alternatives of service, offerings and entertainment as a destination. There are three main trends in current travelers’ preferences—social media and connectivity; total relaxation; and genuine travel—and Puerto Rico offers options in all. Passengers can start sharing and posting as they are welcomed to Puerto Rico by the iconic San Felipe del Morro and the historic city walls. At the pier, live entertainment, local artisans, and several installations make it easy to make the arrival an Instagrammable moment.

of Puerto Rico’s criollo cuisine or a stroll through Santurce’s urban art district and museums to an enjoyable tour on the history of our renowned Salsa music, these tours combine the sense of contact and fun that allow everyone to experience our island’s exceptional culture and warmth. The tourism industry is committed to creating a positive impact on both travelers and residents while minimizing its impact on the environment. The Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s (PRTC) ecotourism


The beauty and variety of the island is everywhere, from lounging at some of the most beautiful beaches in the world or leisurely strolling through a culinary district, to ziplining over the tropical landscape, the perfect sharing video or photo is just a click away. Travelers who take the road less traveled can find off-the-beaten path, authentic and meaningful travel. Local entrepreneurs and companies are constantly renewing their offerings and providing customers with immersive experiences. Guided, small group tours give our guests unique ways to connect with local culture. From a taste

program focuses on tour operators and community-based initiatives that enhance local quality of life, as well as increasing our destination’s diversity. The island’s unique geography includes coastal plains, caves and caverns, mangrove forests, salt plains, coral reefs and other ecosystems that will charm every ecotourism enthusiast. Agrotourism offers a behind the scenes look of how our island’s harvests have shaped Puerto Rican culture and traditions. Puerto Rico’s agrotourism offer continues to expand. Visitors can tour restored working coffee haciendas and watch the process of harvesting, roasting and grinding our famous coffee; harvest their own lunch and learn about agricultural techniques at local produce farms; witness how artisanal rum factories make

their flavored rums; and blend their own ingredients to create the perfect cheese at a processing plant. The success of these businesses showcases Puerto Rico as a diverse, strong, first-class destination and its importance as a hub in the Caribbean region. Those wanting to extend their stay can choose among the island’s diverse accommodations. Puerto Rico has a current inventory of over 15,000 rooms, with additional inventory on the way. Three distinctive categories of lodgings that are characterized by their local family ambiance are Bed & Breakfasts, Paradores and Posadas. Each facility is run independently and represents part of Puerto Rico’s history, culture and hospitality. Paradores and Posadas are trademark programs of PRTC, and all three provide tourists the opportunity to enjoy a truly local experience. FULL SPEED AHEAD The cruise industry has proven to be a steadfast partner that continues to play an important role in furthering Puerto Rico’s reputation as an attractive and accessible destination. Tourism is a force for improving people’s quality of life, and we continue to navigate towards a brighter future. THIRD QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 49

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