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The Appeal of a Small Cruise Ship

ailing on a small cruise ship offers a unique and enriching experience. With low capacities, most small ships have a one-to-one ratio for crew and guests, and everyone has a better opportunity to get to know one another, making friendships that could last a lifetime. These types of cruises are also heavily focused on the destination and self-enrichment, both ashore and onboard. Guests hear from historical and cultural lectures and enjoy performances put on by the local community, who often come onboard while the ship’s in port, and small ships’ sailings offer a broader, more in-depth appreciation for each port of call. Many ships can stay in port for longer than their larger counterparts, and even at times dock in overnight, and the ports them-

selves will vary much more as small vessels can easily be accommodated at many exotic and niche destinations. Guests even get to know the ship better, discovering every tiny detail of the vessel, making the ship feel like home after just a few days. Though true that larger ships are filled with an array of fantastic features, these types of ships may be overwhelming to some cruisers. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, and those who are looking for a holiday with an intimate feel, a small ship cruise can be the perfect option. Travel agents should bring to life the incredible experiences a small ship cruise has to offer, focusing on how guests are able to fully immerse themselves in the destinations they visit, as this will be a key

selling point for small ship cruises. That being said, the ships also play an important part, and agents should remember to tell clients about the speakers and performers who come onboard, who can truly bring the history and culture of a destination to life. As it becomes increasingly popular to travel in a way that offers authentic, enriching and immersive experiences, the future of small ship cruising is extremely positive. Travel agents have great potential for increased bookings in this sector, and as small ships offer an ultra-luxury experience combined with the opportunity to travel to more than one destination, agents have the opportunity to sell to an entirely new market of luxury travelers who are yet to take a cruise.


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