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AMERIMED EXPANDS PLAYA DEL CARMEN HOSPITAL, ADDS FACILITY IN ISLA MUJERES Amerimed Hospitals has always been responsive to the demand for increasingly complex and diverse medical services in the Mexican Caribbean. We are proud to announce the expansion of our Playa del Carmen Hospital, with upcoming new services, as well as a new facility in Isla Mujeres (scheduled for fall 2021). Please visit

It is inspiring to witness how the entire business model embedded new ways to reduce risk and still deliver awe-inspiring memories to the cruise guests. We as tour operators felt a great deal of responsibility as part of this endeavor – and made incredible efforts on our end to endure through the challenge and still be there to receive our dear clients back, maintaining the standard in our products, and now operating under the strictest of situations a tourism operator could ever imagine. Aviomar has gone through a thorough revision of every single process we have and deconstructed every one of them, from the tour dispatch to the purchasing of goods, all under the eye of the new approach to sanitation and preventing measures. This necessity brought a great opportunity to dig in deeply and analyze every detail of our company, bringing not only improvement in safety operational measures, but also a deeper knowledge of a com-

pany founded two generations before our time. At the same time, there is an immense challenge in terms of supply in our destinations, as the economic crisis has taken many key role players out of the market, increasing our need for creativity and resourcefulness. The result is an operation designed to respond to turbulence without changing the core of the product that is being delivered, which has made us incredibly dynamic as a service provider. Overall, if we can make room for optimism and maintaining the utmost respect that an international health crisis deserves, we can proudly say that we have found a new passion for what we do, a renewed sense of pride in delivering at the highest standards and having forged relationships with our clients that will last for our entire lifetimes. The Aviomar Family humbly feels that we have come out of this unique situation stronger than ever! #aviomarcares

COSTAMED MEDICAL GROUP COMING SOON TO COSTA MAYA Dental services from Costamed Medical Group coming soon in Costa Maya medical unit, dental promotions and more. We want to celebrate your return to the sea with medical tourism upgrades and crew member special services. With six medical units among the Riviera Maya and Cozumel, we are excited to be part of your team on land once again. For more send an e-mail to crewmember.specialist@ AVIOMAR CARES What a challenging task it is to summarize the most challenging year and a half in cruising history, and still counting! Not only this has been a challenge for all of us as people, but our industry has taken the biggest hit in its entire history. We have seen the biggest efforts made from cruise lines responding to this “test” in the way only cruise tourism can, powering through and betting on the outstanding product we deliver every single time. THIRD QUARTER 2021 | TRAVEL & CRUISE 35