Travel & Cruise 2nd Quarter 2022

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On Land

Chukka Continues to Innovate


e had been playing around with the idea for many years, and during the Covid shutdown, it provided us the opportunity to reassess our business model and come up with this new unique bold concept that NO ONE in the shore excursions sector w­a s doing,” said John Byles, Deputy Chairman of Chukka Caribbean Adventures. “At Sandy Bay (near Montego Bay) we launched the first Chukka Ocean Outpost™ concept with ‘Ocean Outpost™ at Sandy Bay.’ The goal has always been guest experience, and feedback is showing exactly that…guests are LOVING this new concept.” Chukka was born in 1983 with the launch of Horseback Ride ‘N’ Swim at Chukka Cove near Ocho Rios and since inception has been pushing the boundaries of eco-adventure tourism in the Caribbean. There have been many hiccups along the way, but some 40 years later, Chukka is proud of the best-in-class tour product that they provide to cruise and hotel guests in their five countries (Jamaica, Belize, Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, and Barbados) and 20 unique sites throughout these countries. Never one to rest on their laurels, Chukka prides itself on expansion and innovation. In 2020, Chukka won the RFP to design, develop, and operate Harrison’s Cave in Barbados and in 2021 was named as marketing representative to the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience in Jamaica. Chukka continues to scour the Caribbean for the next opportunity, meeting with government entities and private individuals to look for more “diamonds in the rough.” In 2021, Chukka found their next opportunity in their own backyard at Island Village at the Ocho Rios Cruise Terminal in Jamaica. Chukka met with the owners of Island Village and proposed a new Outpost™ concept, whereby Chukka would become a strategic partner and signed a long-term lease for all the arrival area at Island Village. Since the signing of the lease, Chukka has been working diligently to develop a 28 S e co n d Q ua r te r 202 2 | Travel & Cr uise

new attractions and retail profile at the Village. Construction began in early 2022, and Chukka built out a large retail area whereby guests can congregate before their tours and purchase needed items like sunscreen, water, and grab-n-go food items. Upon return from their tours, guests will have the opportunity to pur-

chase photos in that same location and embark on their next “attraction” right at the port. Chukka is adding a seven-minute “Discover Jamaica” viewing theater, a rum and coffee tasting room, a challenge course, splash pad, and the ability to experience traditional bamboo rafting right on the port complex (which has been used for centuries to transport bananas and other agricultural items from the interior of the country to the coastline along the rivers). All these addons at the Island Village Outpost™ are providing guests with a unique experience and the ability to immerse themselves in Jamaican culture and history in addition to the shorex tours. “As a Jamaican, and a tour operator, I am so proud of what we have accomplished at Island Village Outpost™,” said Marc Melville, CEO of Chukka. “Guests can spend all day at Dunn’s River, Chukka Cove, White River or one of Chukka’s Catamarans and then come back and learn more about Jamaica through our film or spend time checking out the bamboo rafting. Our new concept allows mummy or daddy or the grandparents to shop for some items or grab a drink and watch their kids play on the adventure course or the splashpad. Chukka is all about families. We want to make sure that there is something for EVERY generation. This is the core belief to our Outpost™ concept and like Ocean Outpost™ at Sandy Bay and Good Hope Eco-Outpost™ before that. We are seeing the amazing results.” Construction at the Island Village Outpost™ is almost complete, with many of the attractions already opened; everything will be completed by June 1, 2022. Chukka looks forward to welcoming all members and guests of the cruise industry to visit Island Village Outpost™ so that you can experience firsthand this unique concept that we are so proud to share with the world. We are always looking for the next Outpost™, so feel free to share with us any ideas you may have...IT’S TIME TO PLAY!!!