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Costa Rica’s World of Ways for Travelers to Find Wellbeing


osta Rica offers visitors an abundance of unique wildlife, landscapes and climates – making it an ideal trip that is anything but run-of-the-mill. This Central American country proudly shelters approximately 5 percent of the world’s known biodiversity and has become a global leader in sustainable practices. Visitors to Costa Rica benefit from an organized tourism infrastructure offering a broad terrain of activities and accommodations. Costa Rica’s diverse and varied climate makes it easy for travelers to embark on a fantasy escape. Whether a nature buff, thrill seeker or culture enthusiast, Costa Rica’s terrain and magical wonders offer something for everyone at any time of the year. Classified as a tropical country due to its proximity to the equator, Costa Rica has no real winter and always feels like the sun is shining for a full 12 hours each day. There’s no excuse for leaving unused vacation days behind when this country is open 24/7. While warm year-round on the coasts, it can be cool at night in the mountains. The average annual temperature is always around 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 27 degrees Celsius). The main reason for the range in climate lies on the fact that Costa Rica has an ocean and a sea close to each other: the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. From mountain ranges and rain forests, to active volcanoes and breathtaking beaches, Costa Rica provides visitors with boundless experiences. The diverse natural landscape of this Central American country and its inimitable culture provides visitors with a variety of options to nurture the mind, body and soul. The proximity of activities near San Jose means visitors can make a long weekend of it. In as little as two days, visitors can experience the peace and tranquility that is the cornerstone of most lodging options in the Central Valley region, invigorate the body with a visit to Irazu National Park and revel in the culinary delights of the local Tico cuisine right in San Jose and the surrounding regions. Travelers searching for innovative wellness therapies that promote a sense of wellbe58 FIRST QUARTER 2019 | TRAVEL & CRUISE

ing and vitality should consider Costa Rica as their next travel destination. It is the perfect setting for detoxifying from stress and the daily grind, and now offers visitors’ inventive opportunities extending beyond classic spa services and traditional yoga retreats. Some alternative therapies, such as Earthing, put participants in direct contact with nature and are popular in the Central Valley, Caribbean and the Pacific regions. Earthing, which involves physically touching the ground with your hands or bare feet, can be practiced with a short barefoot walk along any of Costa Rica’s pristine beaches or deep in the mystical rainforests. Studies have shown that this method of connecting with the earth allows the body to absorb free electrons, which enter the body and act like antioxidants to neutralize damage caused by free radicals. Out in the surrounding highlands of the Central Valley region, visitors can discover earth’s natural energy in one of the active volcanoes. It has been shown that this type of communion aids in diminishing chron-

ic pain and inflammation, combatting fatigue and improving sleep. Monteverde, which sits amongst the clouds high above the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines of Costa Rica, is another tranquil location for forest bathing. The area has been recognized worldwide for its conservation and preservation efforts, in large part due to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve which border the region. In addition to this, visitors will find alternative choices such as silent retreats, mud baths and thermal mineral hot springs therapy. Those interested in experiencing the benefits of mineral baths will

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