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paradise revive paradise blissful days ahead under the caribbean sun blissful days ahead

Spacious, Elegant Ships Gracious, Award-Winning Service Worldwide Itineraries Extensive Activities and Enrichment Programs Sophisticated Five-Star Dining

Ships’ Registry: The Netherlands.

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CONTENTS Welcome Letter ....................................................................................................... 3 Antigua and Barbuda ............................................................................................... 5 Aruba ....................................................................................................................11 Bahamas, Atlantis ....................................................................................................17 Colombia ...............................................................................................................23 Dominican Republic .................................................................................................29 Guatemala .............................................................................................................35 Martinique .............................................................................................................41 Mexico, Puerto Costa Maya ......................................................................................47 Puerto Rico .............................................................................................................53 St. Maarten ............................................................................................................59 U.S. Virgin Islands ...................................................................................................65

Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) 11200 Pines Blvd., Ste 201, Pembroke Pines, FL 33026 Phone: (954) 441-8881 • Fax: (954) 441-3171 Website: www.f-cca.com • E-mail: info@f-cca.com © 2013 Cruise Destinations. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part, in any form, electronic or otherwise, without written permission of the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association is prohibited. The information in this publication is provided "as is." FCCA and its Member Lines disclaim all representations and warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to any information, services, products and materials contained herein. FCCA and its Member Lines will in no event be liable for any damage or losses as a result of your use of this publication. FCCA Member Lines AIDA Cruises • Azamara Club Cruises • Carnival Cruise Lines • Celebrity Cruises Costa Cruise Lines • Cunard Line • Disney Cruise Line • Holland America Line MSC Cruises (USA) Inc. • Norwegian Cruise Line • P&O Cruises Princess Cruises • Royal Caribbean International • Seabourn • TUI Cruises FCCA Cruise Destinations


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Welcome Message Welcome to Cruise Destinations, our publication designed to showcase our partner cruise destinations of the Caribbean and Latin America. This magazine represents another step in FCCA’s mission of furthering the symbiotic relationship between the cruise industry and our destination partners. It is a great way to display the growth, prominence, offerings and importance in the industry of these incredible destinations. Only by working closely together can both the cruise industry and the destinations thrive. I want to personally thank the destinations that have shown their commitment to working with the cruise industry, as all featured in this publication have taken great strides to form relationships and work closely with the cruise lines. These destinations represent the epitome of cruise ports of call. Because of their dedication to working with the cruise industry, they have experienced drastic growth that has made a positive impact on their local economies, all the while providing an extraordinary experience for the thousands of cruise passengers that visit their destinations. On behalf of the FCCA, I hope that this publication will enlighten and inform by providing an inside glimpse into these destinations and showcase what they have done to cultivate cruise tourism. We want to work with all of the destinations and build mutually beneficial relationships; this is just one of the ways that we can display some of these partnerships, along with the beauty and success of these destinations. Please enjoy this edition of Cruise Destinations. There will surely be something to learn about the destinations—their history, rise to prominence, new developments/products, etc.—or simply some stunning pictures to captivate you with their splendor. Regards,

Kevin Sheehan CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line Chairman, FCCA The FCCA is pleased to present our second installment of Cruise Destinations. This important resource is a way to showcase some of our most prominent destination partners. Every country featured here constantly works symbiotically with the cruise industry and endeavors to foster a mutually rewarding relationship. All of these destinations are valued Platinum Members of the FCCA. They are all true partners that can be called on and trusted in times of need. Furthermore, they are absolutely vital to the industry because of the steps they have taken to establish their roles and relationships. So we are glad that we can allow them this opportunity to display their importance to the industry, infrastructure they have put in place, tourism offerings and many other assets that make them not just important to the cruise tourism industry, but essential to the entire tourism industry. This arose because of their relationship with and dedication to the cruise industry. These relationships have truly helped these countries blossom and utilize the potential of the cruise industry. While reading about some of the highlights and the success stories of these destinations, it becomes obvious that the cruise industry provides a vital economic impact for many destinations, and many more want to be able to optimize its opportunities. But to do this, it takes constant effort. Establishing the proper infrastructure and offerings is essential, and it is necessary to partner with the cruise industry to learn what they need and how to enact and emplace it. Once this partnership is engaged, it becomes easy to see how reciprocal the relationship can be. And Cruise Destinations is ready to give you a few simple lessons from these sterling examples. So please read along and find something one of these destinations has to offer in more than just their products. Respectfully yours,

Michele M. Paige President, FCCA

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When Germans Say Premium All-Inclusive, They Mean It. Only aboard Mein Schiff : our distinctive Premium All-Inclusive Concept. Excellent food in a range of restaurants, a large variety of premium beverages, à la carte service, entertainment, and much more. Even the tips are included! That's why we call it PREMIUM ALL- INCLUSIVE . And that's why we call our cruises feel-good cruises. Because we want you to feel good. All the time.


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Content provided by: Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

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Antigua and Barbuda…the Beach is Just the Beginning! warm welcome to the twin-island paradise of Antigua and Barbuda, where vacationers truly come to understand why two islands are better than one! Situated in the middle of a Caribbean archipelago, Antigua and Barbuda is affectionately known as the “heart of the Caribbean” for both its central location and unparalleled warmth and charm.


The sister isles of Antigua and Barbuda present visitors with two uniquely different experiences that are definitely worth having! The island of Antigua is 108-square-miles with a near perfect climate. The weather is mildly tropical with low humidity year-round and temperatures generally ranging from the mid-seventies in winter months to the mid-eighties during summer. As a Caribbean paradise, Antigua is an idyllic backdrop caressed by rolling hills and lush countryside, surrounded by a coastline of clear, azure waters…here, paradise is found. The smaller of the two islands, Barbuda, is 62-square-miles and truly a preserved piece of the Caribbean. The island is home to exotic wildlife, such as fallow deer, iguanas, boar and the rare frigate bird. Barbuda has one of the largest frigate bird nesting colonies in the Western Hemisphere. Each of these animals finds solace in the isle’s protected lagoons and caves, making Barbuda a haven for nature lovers. Whether you are a first-time visitor or return year after year Barbuda, provides the opportunity to get back to a state of inner peace. Combined, Antigua and Barbuda offers visitors a variety of unforgettable experiences… Welcome! Cruise passengers arrive at the St. John’s Cruise Port, 6

FCCA Cruise Destinations

which is conveniently located in Antigua’s capital city of St. John’s and allows for direct access to the duty-free shopping areas. Capable of berthing a total of four postPanamax vessels, Heritage Quay and its newer counterpart, Redcliffe Quay, anticipate the arrival of over 600,000 passengers every year, and this is growing. On busier days, berthing is also available at the city’s deep-water harbor, so it is not unusual to see up to five cruise ships docked at any time. The city of St. John’s is a quaint town lined with orderly streets and colorful colonial buildings and filled with friendly locals waiting to show you all of the exciting attractions that make this destination so fascinating. What’s even more exciting is that visitors to Antigua and Barbuda can expect to see new improvements to the city in the near future, as the government moves ahead with plans to incorporate new facilities within the city to enhance the visitor experience, such as a central taxi dispatching area and a new shopping district. A Shopper’s Paradise! Shopping in Antigua is quite an alluring experience. There are two designated duty-free shopping areas within the city of St. John’s, and upon exiting the cruise ship dock passengers stroll into the duty-free shopping district known as Heritage Quay. The Heritage Quay duty-free shopping complex is a lively area populated with an amazing variety of stores and boutiques featuring many international brands, quality leather goods, fine jewelry shops, couture and designer brands and a wide selection of liquors, cosmetics and perfumes. Here, there is vast selection from which to choose, and many times you may find items up to 40% less

than the European or North American retail price! In addition to Heritage Quay, there is the Redcliffe Quay duty-free shopping complex, which will transport you to the island’s colonial past, with brick-lined passageways and eclectic, small island shops filled with local souvenirs, pottery, art galleries, and exotic imports from Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Local arts and crafts are also in abundance in the Vendor’s Mall Shopping Center, found between both Heritage and Redcliffe Quay duty-free complexes. Here, visitors are assured to find any and everything local. Don’t worry; there is something for everyone! Taste of the Islands If you wish for a taste of the local side of life, then escape and indulge at one of the many restaurants found throughout the island - from rustic beachside eateries and relaxed dining, coupled with history and charm, to the chic and elegant with panoramic vistas…there’s something here to suit everyone’s tastes. For an authentic taste of the islands, there are a variety of local delicacies from which to try, such as succulent spiny Barbuda lobster; fresh local catch like mahimahi and wahoo; salt-fish and Johnny Cakes (stewed codfish and fried bread biscuits); and Antigua & Barbuda’s national dish: pepper-pot and fungee, a savory green vegetable stew accompanied by a round steamed cornmeal cake. 365 beaches… One for every day of the year! Antigua and Barbuda is world-renowned for its 365 whiteand pink-sand beaches. The coral nature of the island’s formation is quite different from the volcanic nature of the surrounding neighboring islands. This provides the perfect underwater environment that makes for excellent swimming, scuba diving and water sports. 365 beaches mean

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British colony until the territory’s independence in 1981. The islands were seen as a naval asset to the British Empire due to their geographic positioning, low-lying reefs and sheltered bays and rugged coastline, which provided great protection for her Majesty’s naval vessels.

that there’s one for everyday of the year! So relax. Rest assured that a visit to Antigua and Barbuda means enough beaches for everyone to enjoy. In these islands it is not peculiar to find yourself on miles of white-sand beach with no one else in sight… and that’s exactly the way we like it, and you will too. For those who want more exclusivity, Barbuda is our bestkept secret! With 17 miles of unbroken beach on one side of the island and miles of pink-sand beaches surrounding the coast, this natural treasure will bring out the innocence in any adult to reach and touch for a closer look. Pink sand is found exclusively on Barbuda, and it frequently blankets the beaches between the months of October to April. So take a journey and find a beach to call your own. We guarantee you won’t have to travel far to find one. Top 5 beaches close to St. John’s: • Dickenson’s Bay Beach • Hawksbill Beach • Runaway Bay Beach • Fort James Beach • Ffryes Beach The Beach is Just the Beginning… The beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are impressive enough, but there’s still so much more to see and do! So get out and explore. Whether it’s an underwater search for sunken treasure or taking a walk through the pineapple fields, there is something to suit everyone – attractions for the kids, romantics, adventurers and sightseers. If it’s adventure you seek, you will find activities in abundance on Antigua. Start with a zip-line tour through the rainforest,

and see the earth rush beneath your feet. This tour takes you over the canopy and hundreds of feet above ground to carry you across the lush vegetation below at high speeds. Marine life lovers will enjoy swimming with the stingrays. On this excursion visitors will journey to the environs of a shoal of stingrays just off the coast of Antigua. Swim with them in their natural habitat; hold them; feed them; even give them a gentle kiss! This is a great activity for both the young and the old. Watersports fans can find solace in learning to sail or race on a jet ski at 80 km/h, windsurf, kite surf or even jet-pack! If that’s not enough, those who want to stay on solid ground and are attracted to the rugged side of life will enjoy an off-road ATV ride through the interior of the island. If it’s an adrenaline rush you seek, then Antigua has something for you! In contrast, Barbuda is a nature lover’s oasis. Virtually untouched by modern influences, one is able to envision life without distraction. Hike, camp, explore the beaches and, if you’re lucky, enjoy the rare sighting of the island’s Fallow Deer, the national animal of Antigua and Barbuda, which is the only place deer is found in the entire eastern Caribbean! Our History The island of Antigua was an important British colonial posting in the past, providing the island with a rich naval history. However, in the pre-Columbus days, the native people known as the Arawaks inhabited the islands. Upon his arrival, Columbus named the island after the church of Santa Maria de la Antigua in Seville, Spain. Colonized by the British in 1645, both islands remained a

It is these same attributes that some 400 years later still attract visitors from near and far to Antigua and Barbuda to experience superb yachting and a wide array of watersports activities. The restored naval defense port—known as Nelson’s Dockyard—with its beautiful, historical buildings is one of the last functioning Georgian Dockyards in the world. The island is seeking its protection as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for visitors, Nelson’s Dockyard is a must-see attraction. Nestled amongst a picturesque landscape, the Dockyard offers a uniquely relaxing shopping and dining historic experience. Visit the museum; check out the boat builders; or make your way up to Shirley Heights to see the impressive lookout point and cast your mind back to a time of long ago. A Place for Love Our nation’s two islands have been tied in matrimony ever since our independence. From then onwards, Antigua and Barbuda is constantly voted one of the most romantic islands in the Caribbean. The natural environment encourages romance and good times to be shared with the one you love. Getting married is as easy as the constant trade winds that grace the island all-year-round. With no residency required, one can be married in Antigua and Barbuda within minutes of arrival, and our weddings are recognized globally as legal matrimony. You can be as romantic as your dreams take you. Visitors can get married on the beach, in a traditional church, near the pier, in the air or wherever you wish. We are able to make your romantic dreams come true. Those already wed are welcome to enjoy the most romantic honeymoon getaway imaginable. Luxury and adventure are included. Just bring the love, and we’ll take care of the rest. Brides boast with glee and become the envy of their friends when telling of their chic honeymoon getaway in Antigua and Barbuda. Once you visit, you’ll be hooked. Our islands are the perfect spot for cruise excursions, but even better for longer stays. So come and explore the reasons why we say, “In Antigua and Barbuda, the beach is just the beginning!” To learn more about an escape to this twin-island paradise and to book your Antigua and Barbuda vacation, visit www.vistiantiguabarbuda.com FCCA Cruise Destinations


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Discover the Caribbean, on the


To begin your journey contact your travel professional or call 800.929.9391 tSeabourn.com .&%*5&33 "/&"/t/035)&3/&6301&t4065)&"45"4*"t"3 "#*"*/%*"t4065)1"$*'*$ "/5"3$ 5*$ "1"5"(0/*"t$&/53 "-4065)".&3*$ "t$ "3*##& "/t803-%$36*4& Ships’ registry: Bahamas. ©2013 Seabourn.

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Content provided by: Aruba Tourism Authority

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Aruba, One Happy Island: The Ultimate Cruise Destination aaaah! Aruba! The very word brings to mind alabaster beaches, turquoise waters and lazy, sun-kissed days. Picture yourself on this magical land where our culturally diverse and multi-lingual people welcome you with friendly smiles and a proud tradition of warm hospitality.


World-class resorts, fabulous restaurants, action-packed casinos, exciting nightlife, duty-free shopping, rejuvenating spas, and all kinds of land-and-sea activities and off-road adventures create the perfect Caribbean vacation. With the highest return rate of any Caribbean destination, more than half of Aruba’s visitors return year after year. From the very moment of arrival, cruise passengers will feel the irresistible tropical flair, European charm and Latin flavor of this magical land. It is a unique place of surprises and contrasts—timeless and untouched, yet modern and cosmopolitan at the same time. The Port of Aruba, managed by the Aruba Ports Authority N.V., is conveniently located in Oranjestad, the charming and revitalized capital city. Arriving passengers are greeted by the hustle and bustle of the harbor and city center. Colorful Caribbean architecture brings a special feeling to this shoppers’ paradise. 12

FCCA Cruise Destinations

Caya Betico Croes, the main street in the heart of downtown Oranjestad, has been a work-in-progress, permanently closed to automobile traffic and dramatically paved with alabaster stone and shaded by towering palms. This outdoor pedestrian mall boasts a state-of-the-art tram that will transport cruise passengers right from the terminal to the labyrinth of downtown retailers along the way. Welcoming shoppers, an attractive new central plaza is located at the beginning of the main street. Luxury retailers, one-of-a-kind boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants, cafes, museums, art galleries and historic buildings line the streets along the way. History and Culture Cruise passengers can walk through both ancient and modern history in downtown Oranjestad. Fort Zoutman, Aruba’s oldest building, was completed in 1798, when Aruba was still frequented by pirates. The Historical Museum in the fort houses a collection depicting the history and development of Aruba up to the 1920s, when the LAGO oil refinery came to Aruba. The museum is open from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The Bon Bini Festival—with dancing, arts and crafts stands, and local food—is held here every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm. An engaging emcee introduces traditionally cos-

tumed folkloric dancers, local music, and instruments including the “ting-a-ling box.” Sample local food and discover the works of talented artists. Aruba’s autonomous status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands (status aparte) was realized through the vision of leaders honored with statues. The process began in 1923 with Jan Hendrik Albert (Henny) Eman, who sought to free Aruba from Curaçao and the Netherlands Antilles. His statue is in front of the Parliament building. One of his grandsons became Aruba’s first Prime Minister on January 1, 1986; another is Aruba’s current Prime Minister. Together with his father, Henny, Shon A. Eman voiced Aruba’s desire to stand on its own two feet. In 1948, he presented a petition for independence from Curaçao, commemorated by the statue next to the Parliament building. Gilberto François (Betico) Croes, known as “liberator of Aruba,” was the dynamic politician who fought for Aruba’s autonomous status in the 1960s, finally realized on January 1, 1986. The main street bears his name, as does the large plaza with his statue behind the Talk of the Town Resort. Facing the Governor’s house on L. G. Smith Boulevard is Queen Wilhelmina Park, named after the monarch who ruled the Netherlands for over fifty years until 1962. The

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statue of Boy Ecury is found on L. G. Smith Boulevard just past town. During World War II, this Aruban teenager was a hero of the Dutch resistance. The historic Ecury family complex is now a modern archeological museum, which is devoted to Amerindian culture and archaeological finds from various digs around Aruba. The three periods of Amerindian habitation are documented, spanning a period from 2500 BC – 1800 AD. Amerindians left behind ornaments, shells, ceramics, amulets and burial practices. There is also a replica of a maloca hut of 1000 years ago. The Office of Monuments is housed in a landmark building next to the new archeological museum. There are 24 restored landmark buildings in walking distance. Among them is the green stadhuis now housing City Hall, where legal marriages are performed.

rugged red dirt roads and unforgiving terrain. The irregular north coast has gaps and inlets that have formed such intriguing retreats as Fuente, Daimari, Andicuri and Wairuri. Dos Playa has a wide beach, but very rough surf, as does Boca Prins, a secluded cove fringed by sugary white sand dunes. Rocks amidst some of the most rugged terrain protect the natural pool. Natural bridges have been carved out of rock along the north coast by millennia of pounding surf, as have caves, some of which bear internationally-recognized Indian rock drawings. Gold mill ruins are testimony to Aruba’s gold rush in the early 20th century. There is an extensive network of 20 miles of hiking trails within the park; tours are available through park rangers. Be sure to follow park rules; wear a cap; use sunscreen; bring adequate water; wear sturdy shoes; and don’t swim in rough waters. Other popular Aruba attractions for the whole family include the Aloe Factory, Donkey Sanctuary, Ostrich Farm, Butterfly Farm, Atlantis Submarine and De Palm Island. Tours are available by jeep or air-conditioned coach.

Explore! You may want to go it alone and rent a jeep; join a jeep safari; or tour in an air-conditioned coach. The Arikok National Park is a natural preserve that covers one-fifth of Aruba. It is home to all of Aruba’s animals, including the santanero (harmless cat-eyed snake), eight species of lagadishi (lizards)—including the dinosaur-like iguana—and the unassuming pega pega (gecko). You may view a passing shoco (burrowing owl) and some vividly hued birdlife, as well as buricos (wild donkeys), cabritos (free-ranging goats), and scurrying cottontail rabbits. Cacti in all shapes and sizes dot the desert landscape.

Get Moving! Adventurers and serious athletes will find challenges on the wide, open seas and through the rolling hills of Aruba. For offroad adventures, rent a jeep, all-terrain vehicle or mountain bike, or saddle up for a horseback ride. For wet ‘n wild fun, rent jet-skis, sunfish, paddleboats, wave-runners, banana boats and motorized tubes, or take it easy on a Hawaiian canoe. Beach tennis and volleyball are perfect for fun and fitness.

The 620-foot-high Mount Jamanota towers over Arikok’s

The water is calm and perfect for swimming anywhere

along the seven miles of Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, but watch out for very rough surf all along the northeast coast. Signs are posted at dangerous areas. Kayak in the calm waters of the mangrove-covered south coast, and cross the Spanish lagoon. Known as the wreck-diving capital of the Caribbean, Aruba’s entire south coast is a coral reef with over twenty dive sites and eleven diver-friendly wrecks. Easily accessible reefs and shallow formations of coral fascinate snorkelers, while reef and wreck diving reveals a brilliant underwater panorama. Be sure to bring your open-water dive certification. Dive operators offer PADI and NAUI instruction, along with basic and refresher courses. Aruba ranks in the top five worldwide as a windsurfing destination. Strong winds also attract kite-surfers who catapult themselves high above the water in mid-air acrobatics. Tierra del Sol is a unique 18-hole championship (6,785 yards, par 71) desert course with an ocean view. The Links at Divi Aruba is a nine-hole course with beautifully-landscaped lagoons. Retail Therapy Shopping in Aruba is an exhilarating experience. Luxury malls with prestigious international brands are escorted by glittering new shopping/entertainment centers. A dazzling maze of jewelry stores meanders through downtown Oranjestad, peppered by attractive malls and shops. The pink and white Royal Plaza overlooks the harbor with shops specializing in apparel, gifts, linens, jewelry and FCCA Cruise Destinations


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more. Renaissance Mall is home to an exclusive collection of luxury retailers of simply fabulous ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. Complementing one-of-a-kind shops, Renaissance Marketplace boasts restaurants, cafes, movie theatres, and a casino. In the high-rise hotel area, Paseo Herencia woos shoppers with liquid fireworks, live music and entertainment, and fifty diverse retailers. Palm Beach Mall is home to shops of all kinds as well as restaurants, food court, kids’ activities, live entertainment and a neon bowling alley. In addition to shopping, the Village offers gourmet dining, entertainment and popular bars and fun spots. South Beach Centre includes gift, apparel, jewelry and souvenir stores as well as bars and cafes and diverse international restaurants. Across the way, Brickell Bay Beach Club has created a trendy day and night entertainment center with bars, lounges, shops, beach tennis and more. In the low-rise area, the brand new Alhambra Casino shopping arcade is a delightful stop for jewelry, accessories, sundries and beachwear, with a piano bar, restaurant, fast food eateries and spa. Buy some “Made in Aruba” products that include local beer (balashi) and spirits (coecoei, ponche crema, rum), hot sauce, aloe beauty products, cigars, music CDs, artwork, handicrafts and photography. Relax and Renew Knead, scrub and wrap all your cares away! Aruba’s spas combine the latest innovations and signature treatments with ancient methods and restorative natural substances from the Caribbean and beyond. Pamper yourself with the indulgent menu of massages, body treatments, facials and skincare, and salon services. There are all kinds of massages to choose from, including sports, hot stone, deep tissue, aloe vera and rum, chocolate, Swedish, aromatherapy and acupressure, as well as a full menu of body treatments, wraps, scrubs, facials, reflexology, salon services and more. Spas are easily accessible, located at most resorts, and offer options of airy outdoor and beachfront gazebos or sparkling air-conditioned treatment rooms. Sizzling Nightlife Though passengers can’t remain until the wee hours, they can still catch a glimpse of Aruba’s high-energy nightlife. Scores of casual beach and pier bars dot the coast. Cruises depart from Palm Beach piers. If time permits, hop aboard for a sail on a luxury catamaran, catch a resort show, or join a pub crawl. The high-rise area now rivals downtown Oran14

FCCA Cruise Destinations

jestad for trendy venues and nighttime haunts, from karaoke, piano and martini bars to upscale bistros and casual pubs. The strip comes alive after dark with shops, kiosks, cafes, restaurants, lounges and bars.

a fisherman’s haven. Mangel Halto is a small beach among the mangroves. Out past San Nicolas, in Seroe Colorado, Baby Beach is a half-moon, sandy expanse in a calm, shallow lagoon.

11 exciting resort casinos offer non-stop, after-dark gaming action, lively house bands and exhilarating ambiance. The home of Caribbean Stud Poker, Aruba welcomes both veteran gamblers and casual players in courting chance. Offering much more than familiar table games and machines, Aruba’s casinos feature events, tournaments, bingo, entertainment, sports book betting, special offers and prizes.

There are three major resort areas: the low-rise strip, Eagle Beach area and the high-rise strip on Palm Beach. Each with its own distinctive signature, Aruba’s world-class resorts offer a wide range of accommodations and amenities perfect for singles, couples and/or families. Resorts including Amsterdam Manor, Holiday Inn, Occidental, Radisson and Tropicana offer day passes providing usage of facilities, beach chairs and towels.

The high-rise hotel strip is peppered with casinos. On the way back to town are the Tropicana Casino and the sparkling-new Alhambra Casino. The latest addition is the Glitz Casino, located at La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club. Downtown are the Crystal Casino (open 24-hours) and the Seaport Casino at the Renaissance Marketplace. World-Renowned Beaches & Resorts Aruba offers world-renowned, sparkling white-sand beaches fringed by clear turquoise waters and swaying palms. All beaches are open to the public. Across from the downtown Talk of the Town Resort are the calm waters of Nikky Beach. Eagle Beach is a popular public beach just past the low-rise resort area, recently voted number two worldwide on TripAdvisor. Palm Beach is dotted by world-class high-rise hotels. Hadicurari Beach (Fisherman’s Huts) out past the Marriott Resort is a kite-surfer’s oasis. Malmok Beach is a narrow, sandy stretch opposite sprawling homes. Its shallow, clear waters make it a popular snorkeling spot, as with Arashi Beach and Boca Catalina. On the way to San Nicolas are the beaches of Savaneta,

Divine and Diverse Dining Aruba’s food is deliciously extraordinary, served at over 200 restaurants. Take this opportunity to enjoy some traditional Aruban cooking with Amerindian, African, Latin and European influences. Sample the the island’s national snack— pastechi, a deep-fried turnover with a choice of savory fillings. Other local favorites include keshi yena, gouda cheese with savory chicken filling, and hearty goat stew. Local catch, such as wahoo and mahi-mahi, are the freshest possible. Other local specialties include Johnny Cakes (fried, puffy biscuits), pan bati (Aruban cornbread) hearty soups and stews, and funchi (polenta). From jerk ribs and fajitas, brick-oven pizzas, curries, homemade pastas and rack of lambs to raw seafood bars, Black Angus steaks, churrasco and prime rib, Aruba’s menus are diverse and unique…and venues are no less eclectic. Choose a rustic steak or seafood house, casual eatery, trendy restaurant/lounge, elegant townhouse, trattoria, sidewalk café, chalet, sprawling manor house, golf clubhouse, cunucu house or al fresco beachfront, poolside or pier restaurant.

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Content provided by: Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas

FCCA Cruise Destinations


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Atlantis - An Experience Like Nowhere Else onder, adventure, and excitement await you at the only destination that’s a world all its own- Atlantis, Paradise Island. The thrills of Aquaventure waterpark, the glorious white sand beaches and the world’s largest open-air marine habitat are just a few of the amazing adventures that will delight guests of all ages.


Here in Atlantis, you can splash into Aquaventure, the Caribbean’s largest waterpark. 141 fun-filled acres play host to rushing waterslides and river rides propelling guests with 20 million gallons of water. First, if you dare, take the Leap of Faith, a 60-foot, near-vertical drop into shark-infested waters. Race your friends down the twin high-speed Challenger Slides of the Mayan Temple. Brave the Power Tower for even more twists and turns on three water tubes or a body slide that plummets you through darkness into an 18

FCCA Cruise Destinations

alligator-filled cavern. Next, embark on an amazing milelong river ride through four-foot rolling waves, river rapids and mysterious caves. Two conveyors transport you up the river to the thrilling slides of the Power Tower. Later, relax at any of 11 refreshing pools. From serene and peaceful to a live, DJ-hosted international party scene, you’ll find the perfect pool for a day well spent. While lounging poolside, feel free to post updates about your trip or send a quick note home, as WiFi is available for purchase on the property. You can even relax at a private rental cabana granting you exclusive poolside access, a refrigerator and your own personal guest services host. Atlantis also has three dedicated children’s pools. Splashers is an elaborate Mayan-themed kids’ pool and water playground featuring several slides, cargo nets and rope

bridges for climbing, plus water cannons, fountains and water wheels for endless soaking. Rental lockers and complimentary towels are available for cruise guests through the Hospitality Center. With all Aquaventure has to offer, it’s no wonder Trip Advisor awarded us with the 2013 Certificate of Excellence. Of course, if our pristine white beaches call you, reserve your Atlantis Beach Day. Relax and enjoy all-day access to the beautiful white sands and crystal blue waters of our three exclusive beaches. Whether you settle down on Cove Beach, Paradise Lagoon or Atlantis Beach, you’ll be surrounded by powder-soft sand and a spectacular azure vista. This program includes access to the beaches and marine habitats of Atlantis. (Access to the pools, slides and rides are not included.)

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The legend of Atlantis comes to life on the Discover Atlantis Tour. Journey through the Dig, an archeological excursion where mythical artifacts are “preserved” among stunning marine life, tunnels and thoroughfares. The Dig features habitats for exotic marine life like piranhas, iridescent jellyfish, six-foot moray eels and six species of enormous groupers. And in separate, smaller “Jewel Habitats,” multitudes of brilliantly colored tropical fish dwell among iconic Atlantis artifacts. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that immerses you in all the wonders of the “Lost City.” In our Behind the Myth Tour, unlock the mystery and lore of the Atlantis civilization and its fascinating sea inhabitants. Touch a live shark, study unique marine animals, and decipher the language of the former Atlantean gods to learn the secrets of our ancient city. It’s an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages. Next, Snorkel the Ruins of Atlantis in the world’s largest open-air marine habitat. This thrilling 60-minute program includes an amazing snorkeling adventure amid the sunken ruins and artifacts of Atlantis, where you’ll see sleek sharks, spotted rays and thousands of tropical fish in our Ruins lagoon. The Stingray Experience provides an amazing hands-on encounter with hundreds of stingrays and colorful tropical fish. Guests will spend 45 minutes feeding rays in a shallow lagoon before an engaging snorkel among these wonderful animals. And for our youngest water lovers, Sea Squirts is a new marine program created especially for kids aged 3 to 6. In this memorable hour-long program, they’ll enjoy hand-feeding baby stingrays, sharks and other fish under the helpful guidance of an Atlantis Aquarist.

stopping to snap pictures with their new sea lion friends. Limited to just 12 guests, this intimate interaction begins with an orientation and includes 30 minutes in the water. There is plenty to do outside Atlantis’ waters, too. Kids can create loveable stuffed animals at Atlantis Pals or customize a remote-controlled racecar and challenge friends to an exciting lap around The Atlantis Speedway. In The Earth & Fire Pottery Studio, you can paint and then fire up keepsake pottery to take home. Or get the adrenaline and the muscles pumping with a climb up our Climber’s Rush climbing wall. There’s never a shortage of fun ways for kids to spend the day. During your day at Atlantis, you’re sure to work up an appetite. And rest assured, you’ll find lots of delicious dining options. From barbecue and local Bahamian cuisine, to familiar names like Johnny Rockets, Quizno’s and Starbucks, there’s something to tempt every palette. Culinary fine-dining enthusiasts can sample the legendary flavors of Chefs Bobby Flay, Nobu Matsuhisa, Jean Georges Vongerichten and acclaimed Chef Todd English. Or try any of

14 poolside options, including two full-service restaurants, in the waterscape. Those with a sweet tooth can stroll over to Marina Village for some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or a tempting selection of candy and sweets at Oh Sugar! Atlantis has an amazing array of stores for the shopper at heart. The haute couture shops of Marina Village, The Crystal Court and Escape at The Cove provide a shopping paradise filled with exclusive designers like Versace, Gucci and Ferragamo. Unique and colorful boutiques such as Calypso Carousel and the Plait Lady sell handmade products from fine Bahamian craftsmen. There are also several signature shops filled with Atlantis clothing, books, toys and other treasured keepsakes. And best of all, shopping at Atlantis is duty-free! It’s all waiting at Atlantis. A lifetime of memories, all in a single-day excursion. To book one of the amazing Atlantis programs listed here, see your cruise line shore excursion representative for details.

No trip to Atlantis would be complete without a visit to Dolphin Cay. This extraordinary 14-acre habitat offers visitors an amazing, up-close experience with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and friendly California sea lions. Our Shallow Water Interaction lets you go nose-to-nose with these remarkable animals. Guests of all ages can touch, splash and play with a delightful new sea friend. (Children 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult.) For even more excitement, book one of two Deep Water Swim programs. Glide and snorkel alongside a dolphin with a hand-held water scooter before getting a “foot push” across the lagoon on a boogie board. Or try a “freestyle swim,” where you’ll swim freely alongside these friendly marine animals in one of our lagoons. Guests must be at least 10 years old and able to swim in deep water without support vests or assistance. Jump in for some splashing fun during our Sea Lion Interaction. Hug, touch, or even kiss your new friend before posing for a keepsake photo. Visitors will tour the state-of-the-art marine facility and rescue center before FCCA Cruise Destinations


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experience like



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Fill your day with possibility. Aquaventure Snorkel the Ruins of Atlantis Discover Atlantis Atlantis Beach Day Dolphin Cay

Shallow Water Deep Water Swim Sea Lion Interaction Casino


To learn more about these exciting programs, please visit our cruise partners websites: Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney Cruise Lines, MSC Cruise Lines, Nowegian Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International. Or to begin offering these Atlantis Excursions through your cruise line, please contact PID-discoveratlantisoperations@atlantisparadise.com.

For more information, download our FREE app! FOR AQUAVENTURE

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Content provided by: Proexport Colombia

FCCA Cruise Destinations


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Colombia, Full Steam Ahead “Where is the 20th annual FCCA Conference & Trade Show going to happen this year?” In the energetic words of FCCA President Michele Paige comes the question reminding that this magnificent event for the yearly track of the cruise industry will spend its 20th anniversary in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

with a voice in the cruise industry, a voice that let it speak up and obtain international recognition as a tourist destination with plenty of attractions, infrastructure and a competitive team of professionals that listen to the industry’s demands and make things happen.

“Thanks to years of dedication, to the right partnerships and to the new reality of the country, Colombia has gained prominence as a cruise destination and as a country of increasing opportunities. This is how we have reached an outstanding growth and the opportunity to host the Conference,” states Maria Claudia Lacouture, president of Proexport Colombia, the entity in charge of international promotion of tourism, exports and foreign investment and the leader behind all these achievements.

Colombia enjoys privileged conditions to keep growing as an important destination, such as isolation from the hurricane zone and 365 days of summer climate are some of the reasons why cruise lines are adding this destination as a home port and deploying one-year operations.

For the past ten years, the country has worked on marrying the government’s willingness—its inexhaustible energy— and the private sector’s commitment. The success has been seen year after year as the Colombian ports’ reports’ figures continue to rise, consistently exceeding 200 calls over the last few years. Becoming an active member of the FCCA provided Colombia 24

FCCA Cruise Destinations

Cartagena, Santa Marta, San Andres (in the Caribbean) and Solano Bay (in the Pacific) offer unique environments in line with the region’s biodiversity and its highly celebrated historical and cultural wealth. Because of its cultural value, the UNESCO declared “the Walled-City” of Cartagena a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1984. Important sources point at Cartagena as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. For example, British magazine Wanderlust listed Cartagena in its top 10 city destinations to visit in 2012.

In just hours, cruise passengers can learn more than 500 years of history and enjoy an environment that melds colonial, republican and modern architecture together in a single place. Cartagena de Indias offers an option for every taste: from historic landmarks, great gastronomy, high-end spas, golf courses to natural diving settings—such as the El Rosario Islands, one of the most important marine reserves in the continent—and the possibility to have a cup of the well-known Colombian coffee. “The Colombian beaches visited by the cruise industry were recommended by TripAdvisor readers last year. TripAdvisor is one of the most important tourist digital media, which included Colombia’s shores in its top beaches to visit. This is just one of the strengths of these Caribbean cities,” declares Maria Claudia Lacouture. Santa Marta has unparalleled natural resources. This city has the privilege of the highest seaboard mountain in the world, as well as clear water natural reserves. In turn, San Andres is an island where you can go shopping and awe at the beautifully colored beaches guarded by one of the longest coral reefs in the world. Colombia included the Pacific coast in its list of 2012 cruise

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destinations. A place with natural deep-water ports, beaches and supreme waves for surf freaks. This is a tropical rainforest region, with bays and inlets, home to the humpback whales that travel here from the poles to mate and to birth their calves between September and December each year. These are just a few reasons why the Colombian Pacific coast is the perfect destination for exploration vessels. “The Colombian Pacific is the region with the greatest diversity per square meter in the world. Solano Bay is now included in the trip plans of cruise lines. Spotting birds, whales, plants, and wildlife, as well as angling, diving and surfing are some of the offers in this region for foreign visitors,” adds Proexport Colombia chairwoman. Colombia – Destination and Supplier The development of the Colombian industry enables the country to offer more than tourist attractions. Cartagena has also opened a new export line of cruise ship repair and maintenance services. Not long ago, Celebrity Cruises chose the Cotecmar Dockyard to carry out the modernization of Xpedition, one of its ships. “This export service opens the way for more cruise ships crossing the Caribbean to make use of our dockyard and perform repair and maintenance work and thus keeps building up this sector before the world and develop Cartagena as a destination with a complete offering,” states Lacouture. Colombia is also a supplier for high quality and added value agribusiness and manufactured products. The privileged geographical location is not only an advantage for tourism, but the climatic diversity also allows the country to provide a year-round offering of products such as fruit pulp, dehydrated or dry fruits (among these, exotic fruits like pitaya, uchuva, gulupa and maracuya), liquors, canned foods and flowers such as roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, pom poms, carnations, hydrangeas and gerberas. The tradition and recognition given to the Colombian textile, manufacture, design, and fashion industries make the country a world-class competitor that provides quality and customized products like bedsheets, washcloths, dressing gowns, drapes, uniforms and curtains, among others. “One of the strengths by Colombian companies is their ability to produce and adapt themselves to the customer’s preferences,” adds Lacouture. Flooring, carpets and furniture, and kitchen tools, such as cutlery and metal supplies for their manufacture, are other products that Proexport has identified as prospective supplies for these large ships. The world is not wrong by perceiving Colombia as an inviting destination for business and tourism. The country has grown at a fast pace, and development has progressed at full steam for the last decade. And being the host for the most important event in the cruise industry is the best opportunity to prove it. For more information, please contact miami@proexport.com.co FCCA Cruise Destinations


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aribbean ari ar rib ibb bbe bea ean an


Experience the glamour of the new MSC Divina as she makes her Caribbean debut from

in 2013. Stunning new features

include The Garden infinity pool and the panoramic Galaxy supper


club for a luscious brunch or dinner. Also for the first time in the Caribbean, we offer the exclusive luxury suites of MSC Yacht Club, our ship-within-a-ship complete with signature Butler service and the one-of-a-kind SOPHIA LOREN Royal Suite designed by the screen


arib ari ar aribbean ibb bbe bea ean an

legend herself. Enjoy all this as you sail from one island gem to another on a ship graced with true Mediterranean elegance and style.

www.msccruisesusa.com | www.ADivaLikeNoOther.com | 1. 877.665.4655

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Content provided by: Ministry of Tourism, Dominican Republic

FCCA Cruise Destinations


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Explore Enchanting Dominican Republic by Sea ominican Republic, the Caribbean’s second-largest and most diverse country, boasts 1,000 miles of breathtaking coastline, mouthwatering gastronomy, captivating culture and diverse tourism offerings that await discovery by cruise passengers. The charming country invites travelers to mingle with the welcoming locals, explore rich culture and history, and dance to the pulse-pounding beats of merengue, the country’s national music and dance.


Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1492 during his first voyage to the New World, and the natural beauty, sophistication and history continue to thrive today. The country delights cruise passengers with countless opportunities to experience Dominican Republic at its finest as it boasts white-sand beaches, historic cities, breathtaking scenery and a charming culture. There are infinite treasures to explore and unlimited options to enjoy, whether you visit Santo Domingo, La Romana, Puerto Plata or Samaná. Two major ports in Santo Domingo and La Romana welcome cruise ship passengers yearround: the Port of Santo Domingo’s terminals, Sans Souci and Don Diego, and the La Romana International Pier. Adding to the major cruise ports, a popular docking facility in Samaná Bay rests along the romantic Peninsula, and construction began on a new cruise terminal north of Puerto Plata, the Port of Maimon. Located along the eco-rich north coast, the new cruise terminal will elevate Dominican Republic as the most flexible cruise destination in the Caribbean, with fascinating land excursions available for cruise visitors. 30

FCCA Cruise Destinations

SANTO DOMINGO (Sans Souci and Don Diego Cruise Terminals) Dominican Republic’s capital city of Santo Domingo is known as the Caribbean’s most culturally rich and historic destination. The modern and cosmopolitan city is home to the Port of Santo Domingo’s Don Diego and Sans Souci cruise terminals, which provide access to the vibrant city, its educational excursions, and unique Dominican lifestyle. The area flourishes with world-class arts, museums, parks, restaurants, and shopping, all of which are conveniently located near the cruise terminals. Colonial City – The Colonial City was the New World’s first established city and erected by Columbus’s brother and nephew. The Colonial City was recognized by UNESCO and declared a World Heritage Site in 1990. Visitors find hundreds of preserved buildings dating back to the early 1500s, many of which are now museums – Alcazar de Colon, Ozama fortress, and the palace of the Spanish Court. Chu Chu Colonial – The Chu Chu Colonial train offers enriching educational and cultural panoramic views of Santo Domingo and the Colonial City’s breathtaking architecture. The tour guides provide expert narrative about the historic city’s most outstanding monuments, some more than 500years-old. Local Gastronomy – Delectable, exotic flavors invigorate food lovers at the Capital City’s diverse restaurant scene, providing the ultimate cultural experience. Made with

authentic flavors, ingredients and the pride of Dominican people, there is a range of specialties to be enjoyed. LA ROMANA (La Romana International Pier) La Romana International Pier is another favorite cruise stop. The once sugar-producing region relishes in stunning whitesand beaches that surround some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful resorts and desirable activities. The natural scenery provides an experience like none other. Cueva de las Maravillas – Nestled between San Pedro de Macoris and La Romana is the fascinating cave system, “Cave of Wonders.” The caves showcase well-preserved pictographs, petroglyphs and engravings from the Taino Indians who once inhabited it. It is home to significant rock art and features amazing formations, such as stalactites, stalagmites, and columns. Golf – La Romana claims some of the world’s best golf courses. Four courses are located at Casa de Campo Resort, and the area’s newest course, La Estancia, includes gorgeous fairways and surprising challenges. The azure Caribbean Sea, the Chavón River Valley and palm-tree covered national parks provide the courses with scenic backgrounds. Altos de Chavón – La Romana’s hidden gem is Altos de Chavón, a 16th-century European artists’ village with cobblestone streets and coral block and terra cotta buildings. It was constructed by Roberto Copa, a former Paramount Studios set designer, and American Industrialist Charles Bluhdorn.

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FCCA Cruise Destinations


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PUERTO PLATA (Port of Maimon) Cruise passengers will be captivated by the charms of Puerto Plata once Carnival Corporation’s Port of Maimon is completed in 2014. Located just north of Puerto Plata, the new cruise port will be the Caribbean’s most modern. Puerto Plata’s natural charm, cultural heritage and exuberant landscapes made it Dominican Republic’s first tourism development. And now, the port will open up Puerto Plata’s delightful beaches, magical ecotourism and sizzling beach towns to even more cruise travelers. Amber Museum – Housed in an incredible epitome of Victorian architecture known as Villa Bentz, the Amber Museum boasts a unique collection of valuable Dominican amber dating back millions of years. The museum displays details of how amber was formed and even how insects in the stone inspired the film Jurassic Park.

THE SAMANA PENINSULA (Cayo Levantado and Samaná Pier) The Samaná Peninsula’s pristine and secluded beaches are highlighted by sparkling, turquoise waters and lush, green mountains. The off-the-beaten-path destination beckons adventure-, nature- and romance-seekers alike with its easily accessible excursions that provide a spiritual journey through the ecological bliss of serene waterfalls and seascapes. Cruise passengers visiting between January and March can witness thousands of humpback whales that return to the Samaná Peninsula’s protected waters or spend the day at Cayo Levantado’s white-sand beaches. Los Haitises National Park – Travelers can explore ancient history in mangroves, estuaries, caves and bays at Los Haitises National Park. The park’s magnificent series of limestone caves are covered in Taino Indian art and showcase more than 100 species of birds, 90-plus plant species, a wide variety of mammals and caves bearing pre-Columbian Taino art.

Mount Isabel de Torres – A thrilling 10-minute cable car ride takes riders 2,656 feet to the mountaintop, where they are rewarded with lush, exotic flowers abounding in the botanical gardens. At the peak, riders can get a close-up look at a statue of Christ the Redeemer, a smaller replica of the Rio de Janeiro landmark, or walk along the various scenic paths.

Cayo Levantado – Cruise passengers flock to this palm-lined island to walk along the pristine beach or venture out to the thriving reefs for snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach’s surrounding restaurants serve local Dominican food, while vendors line the sidewalk selling locally made crafts and artwork.

27 Falls of Damajagua – Experience nature’s waterpark, and hike and scale a series of spectacular waterfalls with a forest canopy resting above and crystal clear waters glistening below. Those seeking adventure can jump, slide and swim down natural water chutes.

El Limón – Considered the most spectacular of Dominican Republic’s many waterfalls, El Limón cascades 170 feet into a pool where visitors may take a dip. To reach the top of the falls, horseback riding is a popular option, as it provides a beautiful view of the surrounding jungle and natural pool.


FCCA Cruise Destinations

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Stress? There’ There’ss a cruise for for that. that. Call in at Santo Santo Domingo, Domingo, Samaná or La La Romana. Romana. DOMINI DOMINICAN CAN REPUB REPUBLIC. LIC. C CLOSER LOSER TTHAN HAN YOU TTHINK. HINK.

GoDominicanRepublic.com GoDominicanR epublic.com

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On Disney Cruise Line , family time is in high gear. ®

Walt Disney Imagineering Concept Art

Whether you’re having a blast shooting over the side of the ship on the first water coaster at sea, or taking in the spectacular fireworks at our fun-filled deck parties — how do we make sure everyone in the family has a wonderful vacation aboard the Disney Dream® and Disney Fantasy®? Well, if we told you that wouldn’t be magic, now would it? To learn more, go to disneycruise.com, call 1-888-582-8146 or visit your Travel Agent. GS2013-9317

©Disney Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas

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Photo: Maynor Mijangos

Content provided by: Guatemala Tourist Commission

FCCA Cruise Destinations


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Antigua Guatemala, Host of the 2nd Annual FCCA Central America Cruise Conference ocated in the heart of the American continent, Guatemala is proud to host the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s (FCCA) 2nd annual Central America Cruise Conference in Antigua Guatemala from May 29th – 31st, 2013.


Antigua was built during a time of colonial wealth, and it was once the most important seat of Spanish colonial government between Mexico City and Lima, Peru. Founded as Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala in 1527, it was destroyed by an eruption that swept down from the slopes of the Agua Volcano. When an earthquake demolished Santiago in 1773, the capital was moved 28 miles away to the site of what is now Guatemala City, and Santiago became known as Antigua or La Antigua. Seated quietly on a highland at the base of three majestic volcanoes, Antigua Guatemala was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. It is noted predominantly 36

FCCA Cruise Destinations

for its well-preserved Spanish Baroque architecture, as well as spectacular ruins of colonial churches scattered through the city, making it a museum of Spanish colonial history. Central Park is the heart of the Antigua. Some of the city’s main buildings still serve public functions today. The University of San Carlos—now Museum of Colonial Art—was one of the first universities of Central America, built and established in Antigua in 1676. Some of Antigua’s best features include its implausible climate, first-class hotels, handmade crafts and traditions such as Holy Week (a week that varies around March and April), where you can witness the religious processions, where thousands of people participate during this festivity, and enjoy the elaborate and beautiful carpets made of colored sawdust, flowers, pine needles and even fruits and vegetables that adorn the procession’s path. This is a tradi-

tion you do not want to miss, since you won’t be able to find it almost anywhere else in the world. Antigua is also known as a top world destination for Spanish schools and research institutes for those wanting to learn Spanish through immersion. Language institutes and tourism are the main pillars of its economy. Cruise ships that dock at Guatemalan ports offer trips to Antigua from both the Pacific and Atlantic. Antigua has a very well developed touristic infrastructure and also holds a sizeable retirement community from the US and Europe, as its colonial charm and mild climate have appealed to many who have crossed paths with this enchanting and romantic town. Another fantastic feature about this extraordinary destination is its delicious cuisine. You can find an immense variety of restaurants in Antigua. You can enjoy restaurants that serve Italian, Mediterranean, French, American and Asian food, as well as traditional Guatemalan cuisine.

2013 Cruise Destinations v5_Book  3/19/13  5:08 PM  Page 37

Photo: Maynor Mijangos

While visiting Guatemala, don’t miss the opportunity to visit some of its most spectacular destinations, such as: LAKE ATITLAN Located in the department of Sololá, you can find Lake Atitlan, a place full of purity and natural beauty, that many have called “the most beautiful lake in the world.” “Atitlan” is a Mayan word that translates as “the place where the rainbow gets its colors.” The lake is surrounded by three magnificent volcanoes: Atitlan, San Pedro and Tolimán, as well as twelve Mayan villages, where the culture and its traditional characteristics still prevail, providing tourists with a mystic and enthralling experience. Panajachel is the largest tourist spot on the shore of the lake, where you can find a variety of shops, bars, restaurants and hotels. TIKAL Right in the heart of the Mayan world, Tikal is one of the largest archaeological urban centers of the Pre-Columbian Maya Civilization, standing out with magnificent temples that hold the secrets of a mystic culture that flourished in the area. In 1979, UNESCO declared Tikal National Park a World Heritage Site. Once you are there, the more you see and learn about this amazing site and the mysterious ancient Mayan civilization, the longer you wish you could stay. Photo: Maynor Mijangos FCCA Cruise Destinations


2013 Cruise Destinations v5_Book  3/19/13  5:08 PM  Page 38

FISHING, COFFEE PLANTATIONS & GOLF Amongst diverse outdoor activities, golf, coffee plantations and deep-sea fishing have become major tourism activities in Guatemala. For several years now, Guatemala’s Pacific coast has been awarded as the best spot in the world for the catch and release of marlin and sailfish. Guatemala holds the world record of most sailfish caught and released. A short distance away from Puerto Quetzal, cruise tourists are now able to enjoy a day of coffee plantations and golf at Filadelfia Coffee Resort & La Reunion Antigua Golf Resort. Antigua Guatemala has long been recognized for growing the highest quality coffees in the world. Its climate, high altitude, fertile volcanic soils and traditional farming practices contribute to the production of the world’s finest coffee. The family-run Filadelfia Coffee Resort has been producing coffee since 1864. It offers coffee tours and sells its own freshly roasted coffee in the on-site café and shop. Located in a remarkable coffee plantation with a magnificent view of the Pacific coastline and four outstanding volcanoes lies this unique resort where you can take pleasure in an 18-hole, world-class golf course built by master designers Pete & Perry Dye. RIO DULCE & LIVINGSTON Delight yourself with a combined tour where you’ll enjoy the tropical green flora and beautiful fauna of the river’s canyon, connecting the Caribbean Sea with Lake Izabal, the largest lake in the country. Then you can visit the colorful town of Livingston, where you’ll enjoy handicrafts, dances, culinary delicacies and cultural traditions where the Garifuna, Q’eqchi and Ladina cultures merge. QUIRIGUA Located at a short distance from the Santo Tomas de Castilla Port, you can find the archaeological site Quiriguá, which UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site in 1981. In Quiriguá you can find “Stela E,” which is the largest quarried stone found so far in the Mayan World, weighing an astonishing 65 tons and stretching 10.67 meters in length. We hope you can join us for the FCCA Central America Cruise Conference; it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Photos: INGUAT 38

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The Most Famous Ocean Liners in the World ®

Discover a world of opportunities, and make every moment exclusively yours. QUEEN mary 2,® legendary Transatlantic Crossings. For more information, contact your Travel Agent, call Cunard at (800) 728-6273 or visit cunard.com Ship’s registry: Bermuda. ©CUNARD 2013.

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Content provided by: Martinique Promotion Bureau

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Martinique, The Caribbean’s Top Destination For Shopping Vacations Boutiques, malls and markets beckon shoppers with the best of Paris and unique Creole treasures he highlight of any shopping adventure in Martinique is Le Grand Marché Couvert (“covered market”), located in Fort-de-France. Designed by French architect Henri Picq and constructed in 1901 (later restored in 1989), this bustling bazaar is where locals have bought and sold essential herbs, spices, produce and other goods for generations. Rows of fragrant spices, including the local curry powder known as “Colombo,” are everywhere. Visitors who come to the market to purchase souvenirs will find a variety of handcrafted wooden bowls, traditional bakoua (straw hats) and Creole dolls, as well as the many homemade confectionaries that constitute an age-old tradition in Martinique.


Downtown Fort-de-France is teeming with shops selling haute couture and stylish resort wear, which can be found on side streets, such as Rue Moreau de Jones, Rue Antoine Siger and Rue Lamartine. French department store Galeries Lafayette on rue Schoelcher is to Fort-de-France (and Paris, for that matter) what Bloomingdales is to New York City. Two of the top spots for unique jewelry finds to accompany the finest fashions are Thomas de Rogatis and Albert Venutolo. Here, visitors will find authentic bijoux creole 42

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jewelry – 18-karat gold baubles like the beaded “collier chou” or “darling’s necklace,” popularized after the abolition of slavery and seen in many museums. The “Made in Martinique” label is as sought after on the island as “Made in France.” Thus, a trip to the Centre des Métiers d’Art, or Center of Trade Arts, on Rue Ernest Deproge is as rewarding as any shopping adventure in Martinique. This artisanal market, like the craft market at La Savane, is full of local artwork, coral jewelry, wooden sculptures and handmade wicker and pottery. Another locally produced product that’s well worth taking home is the Madras fabric long used for customary folk costumes and still featured today in modern attire. Across the Bay of Fort-de-France, in the seaside village of Trois-Ilets, some of the island’s best resort shopping can be found at Le Village Creole. This outdoor shopping plaza boasts a wide array of colorful boutiques artfully laid out in the style of a traditional Martinican Creole village. Fine fashion and exotic jewelry finds are on sale, while the lively bars and cafes stay open well into the night.

Also in Trois-Ilets, the Village de la Poterie is a great option for locally produced handicrafts, artworks, liqueurs, chocolates, soaps and cosmetics. Visitors can also see the age-old Martinican pottery-making tradition in a small onsite workshop where water jugs, pots, vases and dishes are still made just as they were hundreds of years ago by the island’s original Amerindian inhabitants. Another centuries’ old tradition in Martinique is the island’s rhum. Whether white and light or amber and aromatic, rhum makes for a palatable memento of Martinique. Aside from being awarded the French label “appellation d’origine contrôlée,” previously reserved only for French cheeses and wines, Martinique’s rhums have also been hailed by an American of note. In the book A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway lauded Martinique’s rhum as “the perfect antidote to a rainy day.” Most stores are open 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturday mornings. Some close for the traditional two- to three-hour lunch break beginning at noon or 1pm.

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DISCOVER THE GREEN SIDE OF MARTINIQUE! Discover a wide range of nature-themed adventures from north to south. Though small in size (685 square-miles), Martinique boasts a whole world of natural wonders, making it one of the Caribbean’s top eco destinations and Caribbean World Magazine’s “Best Eco Island of the Year 2012.” Martinique Green (Trinité, North East) Explore the Caravelle Peninsula, a natural reserve established in 1976 to preserve the fauna and flora. Hike your way down to the Baie du Trésor (Treasure Bay), and cool off with a dip in the warm, turquoise water. Tropical Gardens (Morne Rouge and St Pierre, North West) Discover why Martinique has earned the nickname “Island of Flowers” by visiting the Domaine d’Emeraude, an interactive, permanent exhibit on the endemic fauna and flora. Follow the La Trace road through the tropical forest and the town of Morne-Rouge to the Depaz Castle and Distillery, where you will sample one of Martinique’s many rums. Visit St Pierre, classified city of arts and history, the former capital city of the island and a historic landmark. Mountain Feeling (Mount Pelé, North West) For the most seasoned hikers, climbing the famous Mt. Pelée— a level-3 hike—is an unforgettable experience in the very heart of nature. You will marvel at a panorama of extraordinary green and blue slopes at the highest point of Martinique (1,390 m). Turquoise Water, Clear View (Vauclin, South East) Green can also mean blue: discover the fauna and flora of Martinique by sea during a kayak excursion with Fleur D’O along the south Atlantic coast. Bonus: the kayaks are seethrough, allowing visitors to discover the coral reef and its inhabitants safely from above. FCCA Cruise Destinations


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GETTING TO MARTINIQUE IS NOW EASIER THANKS TO NEW DIRECT SERVICE FROM MIAMI ON AMERICAN AIRLINES U.S. travelers will have an easier time getting to Martinique in 2013 as American Airlines will launch new weekly service to the island beginning April 6th. The new flights, which represent the first nonstop air service between Martinique and the U.S. mainland since 2008, will operate on Saturdays with the southbound flight leaving MIA at 11:40am and landing in FDF at 2:35pm. The northbound flight will leave the Island of Flowers at 3:40pm for an arrival at 7:05pm. American’s new service to Martinique offers one-stop connections via Miami from hundreds of gateways across the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America, creating convenient flight options from such major metropolitan areas as New York, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Orlando. For more information on Martinique, visit www.martinique.org


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Mount Pelée is just one of many exciting itineraries to explore. Discover the perfect day trips at martiniquepro.org/cruise


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Choose your Costa Cruise and start dreaming We’re bringing a taste of Italy to the tropics. Visit powdery beaches, palmfringed landscapes, turquoise waters teeming with marine life and exciting excursions to enhance every call. The sights, sounds and flavors of island-life come on board in our restaurants, bars, discos and shows, ensuring fun and relaxation. Join us this season and experience la dolce vita in the Caribbean!

For reservations or more information on Costa’s other unique destinations, call 1-800-GO-COSTA (800-462-6782) or visit costaclick.com

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Content provided by: Puerto Costa Maya

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Costa Maya, the Land of Adventure


ooking for the perfect blend of beach, water and jungle adventures infused with unique cultural experiences?

Set against the deep turquoise sea, Costa Maya is quickly developing into what will become the Mexican Caribbean’s newest travel destination. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula and sheltered by the second-largest coral reef in the world, Costa Maya began operations as a cruise port in 2001. Planned with unparalleled attention to detail, the port of Costa Maya resembles a Mayan city and stands as a gateway to the ancient culture that once flourished in the region. Within the port’s main area, three grand pavilions host cultural and gourmet events. Here, local artisans create unique works of art, and guests can learn to make their own souvenirs. Beyond the pavilions and their many offerings, Costa Maya 48

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provides access to a world of adventure and exploration, offering a window into new and undeveloped areas of the coast. With acres of unspoiled coastal land and remarkable historic and cultural influences, Costa Maya offers visitors a true insight into the essence of Mayan culture and the colonial heritage of the Mexican Caribbean. Mayan Culture Costa Maya offers visitors a closer look into the ancient Mayan history that surrounds the port with its Mayan Reality Tour. Passengers are whisked away from the port’s modern complex into the heart of a true Mayan town where they can visit an actual Mayan family and their home, experience daily life and learn about traditional herbal medicines. Guests are also taken to a stunning field and invited to taste local Mayan dishes, including traditional buried earth cooking,

hand-made tortillas and local exotic fruits and vegetables. Visitors are also able to discover a little of the Sacred Mayan tree and its role in the Cosmos, along with the legends, lore and prophesies that are written in the Mayan Calendar. Diving For a diver who longs to see intact corals on one the biggest and most well-preserved reefs in the world, one of the largest atolls on earth and shipwrecks that date back to Colonial times, all on a personalized diving trip with an unbeatable dive master-to-diver ratio, the up-and-coming place to be is Costa Maya. With miles of unspoiled beaches, pristine waters that average 100 feet of visibility and home to more than 60 species of coral and more than 500 species of fish, it is a wonder that this region has remained one of the best-kept secrets in the diving world. Costa Maya was recently only reachable by cruise ship, but

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is now an emerging destination boasting sheltering by the Meso American reef, the second-largest coral reef system in the world and the largest in the northern hemisphere. Running from north to south, the reef is composed of finger formations that create canyons—and the perfect spot for the diving enthusiast. For thrill-seekers and expert divers, Costa Maya lends itself as a world-class dive site. A diving package includes a twohour boat trip, weather permitting, to Chinchorro Banks, home to the largest coral atoll on the Great Maya Reef. Over 25 miles long, Chinchorro has been described as a “must do before you die” in the diving world. This tour is so exclusive that only about 300 divers per year get to visit this dive site. Because this region of Mexico is vastly unexplored and un-commercialized, it has been able to preserve its exclusivity, and the dive sites remain pure,

unpolluted and full of flora and fauna. Visitors can stay at the Costa Maya Inn or one of the few family-owned hotels in the area. For those who visit Costa Maya by cruise ship, the Discover Scuba Program is available for snorkelers who want to learn to dive. For the experienced divers, a two-tank dive program is offered. In either excursion, visitors are taken on a 20-minute boat ride—limited to 12 passengers—to the reef, which is a WWF priority conservation zone and home to the more than 60 species of coral and more than 500 species of fish. Since Costa Maya diving boasts a 1:6 dive master-to-diver ratio, far better than most other dive tour operators, the excursions are personalized, and instructors can educate the divers about the area’s unique qualities, why the reef is in such good condition and how they plan to keep it that way….even as the dive site’s popularity

continues to grow. However, most first-timers will agree that a one-day visit to Costa Maya is not enough. Developing the Land Before Costa Maya was developed in 2001, this land of breathtaking beaches and lush jungles was a sleepy fisherman village with about 100 inhabitants. While the port has experienced incredible growth, port executives and tourism officials vow that Costa Maya is not headed for the overblown, commercialized boom that neighboring cities experienced. This stretch of Mexican coastline will be promoted and built with a careful eye on eco-friendly projects, maintaining its pristine environment and preserving the rich cultural influences of its Mayan roots. The plan calls for sensitive development of the area and careful integration of the region’s resources, as well as FCCA Cruise Destinations


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careful integration of the members of the Mayan community that have populated the region for centuries. Costa Maya counts with the largest concentration of Mayan archeological sites and existing Mayan population in Mexico, many of which date to the Mayan classical period. Mayan dialects, gum-making and craft-making traditions are also still present in the area. Costa Maya will also be breaking away from the all-inclusive tradition of nearby destinations. Instead, the plan calls for a maximum of 10,000 rooms, all of which will be developed as eco-friendly and three-stories high or less. This will ensure a more controlled development of the area, as well as the seamless integration of the architecture to the region. Ultimately, the Costa Maya region will be mostly comprised of smaller boutique hotels catering to adventure-seeker, cultured travelers and visitors looking for unspoiled land, sea and beaches. For more information on Costa Maya, please visit www.costamaya-mexico.com.


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Ships’ Registry: The Bahamas, Panama and Malta.

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/LYL»ZH[VKVSPZ[`V\^HU[[VÄUPZO From comedy clubs and shows to waterslides and tons of dining options, all the fun is all-included, so you can seize the day and the night.


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Content provided by: Puerto Rico Tourism Company

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Puerto Rico: Gateway to the Eastern Caribbean ew places on Earth can boast about having the combination of natural beauty and urban attractions that Puerto Rico has. While the entire island offers a rich bounty of nature’s beauties, San Juan offers attractions as diverse as its 500-year-old city: museums, galleries, shopping centers and excellent restaurants. Puerto Rico is a quality destination, and its dedication to quality is comprehensive, encompassing our people, products, services, ecosystem and lifestyle.


Puerto Rico has a key geographical location that makes it the gateway to the southern and eastern Caribbean. Air access is one of the greatest advantages we have as a homeport. By being the gateway to the southern and eastern Caribbean, Puerto Rico makes it far easier for cruise lines to reach the other islands because of the shorter traveling distances and subsequent savings in fuel. As a 54

FCCA Cruise Destinations

transit destination, we also have a distinct advantage in that Puerto Rico’s overall destination offering is among the best in the Caribbean, given our diversified land product and superior infrastructure. And our proximity to other islands makes Puerto Rico an easy stop. Puerto Rico receives over 1.2 million cruise passengers on a yearly basis. Our cruise industry significantly contributes to our economy, generating close to 5,000 jobs in San Juan alone and having an impact of more than $240 million, annually, on the island’s economy. We are also one of the main homeport facilities in the Caribbean, receiving half-amillion homeport passengers per year. Additionally, we are the best-prepared destination in the region for provisioning cruise ships. Furthermore, we have found that the cruise ship visitors are

a captive market for promoting land stays, as 62% of cruisers who explore a vacation destination return as stay-over guests. Homeport passengers have an average pre-/poststay of almost two nights in San Juan. And cruise ship passenger expenditures in San Juan have an economic impact of over $180 million per year. It is clear that it is of strategic importance for Puerto Rico to focus on this economic sector. Puerto Rico’s strategy seeks to facilitate everyone’s growth by reinforcing major initiatives that ultimately benefit the entire cruise sector. Among these are: improving air access for our homeport passengers, offering attractive incentives to cruise lines, improving the quality of our products and increasing attractions and tour offerings. We have improved air access to the island, which has

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resulted in additional frequencies and new routes from cruise feeder markets. Puerto Rico’s main international airport in San Juan now services such air lines as: Air Canada, Air Sunshine, Air Tran, American Airlines, American Eagle, British Airways, Cape Air, Continental, Copa, Delta, Iberia, Insel, jetBlue, LIAT, Spirit Airlines, Sunwing, United, US Airways and Virgin Atlantic. In order to financially attract cruise business to Puerto Rico, we have developed what has become the standard incentives model for the cruise ship industry in the Caribbean. The incentives law establishes a fund to promote the island’s cruise ship industry, providing cruise lines with incentives for provisioning locally, for increasing the volume of passengers visiting the island, a destination incentive, a frequent visit or homeport incentive and a transit incentive, among others. These incentives are from a joint fund that operates with $5 million from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and another $4 million from the central government’s General Fund. The quality of our product is of particular importance. That is why we endeavored a project to organize the tourism transportation logistics at the San Juan port area to assure our visitors a better arrival experience. This project also included a signage initiative that directs visitors the correct way towards the historical sites of Old San Juan. As for product enhancement, we have broadened the available excursions for passengers, thanks to the introduction of new attractions, such as the Toro Verde ecological adventure, where visitors glide through a rainforest canopy on a lengthy cable system, providing them with a real bird’seye view of the treetops and their ecology. For children, we also have a new Natural History Museum and the Punto Verde eco-park, where they can learn about nature and how we can best preserve and protect our natural environment. These new attractions only add to the experience of visiting El Yunque Rainforest, the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Forest Service system. Puerto Rico also embarked on a multi-year redevelopment program for the San Juan Waterfront, which will/has provide(d) a number of new attractions, hotels, parks, pedestrian and bicycle trails, and it will interconnect the waterfront with the old city, the Convention Center District and the Condado area. This program enhances the historical Old San Juan, described by Conde Nast as a “treasure in a teacup” and recognized by Travel + Leisure Magazine as one of the preferred tourism cities among travelers. Come see how Puerto Rico Does It Better! 56

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Trapani, Sicily, Italy

TRAVEL THE WORLD. BRING YOUR HOTEL WITH YOU. Contact your Travel Professional, call 877.999.9553, or visit AzamaraClubCruises.com Azamara Club Cruises® is a proud member of the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. family of cruise lines. ©2013 Azamara Club Cruises. Ships’ registry: Malta. Photography by: Jenna Lyn Pimentel

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Content provided by: St. Maarten Harbor Group

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St. Maarten: Home to the Caribbean’s Most Innovative Port t. Maarten’s Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise and Cargo Facilities is the Caribbean’s leader in innovation and passenger satisfaction, having hosted a record 1.7 million cruise passengers in 2012.


Cruise ship calls and passenger arrivals to the destination have continued to climb, even in the global economic slump when other destinations were experiencing declines in arrivals. All six berths available on the two cruise ship piers are fully occupied on any given day with cruise ships of all sizes, including behemoths such as RCCL’s Allure of the Seas and Carnival’s Breeze.

transshipment hub for the northeastern Caribbean, a role it has been building up to for several years. Significant investments have been made to expand the cargo section and extend Captain David Quay to accommodate large cruise ships and smaller inter-island transport vessels.

The Harbour Group has its finger on the pulse of innovations, covering everything from one-of-a-kind activities to green energy. Six vertical windmills and solar panels are in use to aid in cutting down on energy costs and reducing fossil fuel use.

The yachting sector is also catered to by the Harbour Group, with designated berths for giga-yachts, in particular those too large to transit into Simpson Bay Lagoon, e.g. the world’s largest yacht, Eclipse.

This drive has led St. Maarten to become the host destination for the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association’s (FCCA) 2014 Conference and Trade Show. This is also thanks to the destination’s continued improvement of infrastructure, commitment to cruise passenger satisfaction and its long-standing relationship with the cruise industry. This is the second time the country will host this prestigious gathering of cruise industry movers and shakers.

The Harbour Group’s keen eye on industry developments and endeavors to keep pace with the cruise lines to stay steps ahead of its competition has contributed very much of the Dutch Caribbean country’s success.

The four pillars of the Harbour Group’s strength is seen its real estate projects. One new project in the offing is the construction of a “Dutch/French village” across from the mega cruise ships. This village will exemplify the island’s dual personality with a classic working Dutch windmill and elements of the French countryside.

The Harbour Group is on the cusp of becoming the main

Focus is not only on commerce and destination promotion.


FCCA Cruise Destinations

The destination has become a benchmark for regional ports. Many developing ports of call have visited St. Maarten to learn more about it progress in the cruise and shipping sectors in the past four decades.

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FCCA Cruise Destinations


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FCCA Cruise Destinations

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Doing as much (or as little) as you choose. Not your usual routine? Excellent. Because we believe every moment of your vacation should be measured by just how far it takes you from the ordinary. That’s modern luxury.◊ Modern Luxury is a trademark of Celebrity Cruises Inc. ©2012 Celebrity Cruises Inc. Ships’ registry: Malta and Ecuador.

celebritycruises.com / 1-800-CELEBRITY Contact your local travel agent

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Content provided by: U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

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Come Sail Away to the U.S. Virgin Islands Looking for an exotic port of call right here in the U.S.? The U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) offers the easy access of a domestic getaway in a Caribbean setting, capturing your imagination with colorful scenery, history and culture that feels like a faraway international destination. Breathtaking Backdrops White-sand beaches. Crystal blue waters. Warm hospitality. Discover the ultimate in Caribbean ports of call in the USVI. Once off ship, explore three very different islands in one cruise destination. Find rich island culture, the best in Caribbean cuisine and an astounding $1,600 in duty-free shopping credits.

lively culinary hotspots, stunning beaches, world-class recreation, a top-notch casino, and challenging golf courses. Only 22.7-miles-long and 8-miles at its widest point, the landscape of St. Croix is surprisingly diverse. Two historic townships bookend the island, offering a glimpse into its storied past—from regal 18th- and 19th-century homes in Christiansted to Frederiksted’s tropical rainforests. Discover the many national influences that have infused St. Croix culture – from Denmark, Spain, Great Britain, and the Netherlands to France, the Knights of Malta and the United States – evident in the art galleries, cuisine, crafts, music and wide variety of festivals and cultural events that take place throughout the year.

History buffs must visit Estate Whim Plantation, a lovSt. Croix European-influenced St. Croix charms with historic towns, ingly restored 18th-century sugar mill. Underwater explorers 66

FCCA Cruise Destinations

can day sail to Buck Island and snorkel the legendary Buck Island National Reef Monument, an underwater wonderland that stretches across 19,000 acres of azure waters. Or, to be fully submerged, dive the famed ‘wall’ off Cane Bay. Expert divers appreciate St. Croix’s unique distinction of being one of the only dive destinations in the Caribbean to offer the diversity of diving a wall, wreck, pier and reef all in one day. End an active day with a leisurely meal at a gourmet restaurant featuring delicious dishes of authentic West Indian tastes laden with spices to international cuisine infused with local flavor. St. John Virgin Islands National Park encompasses two-thirds of the island of St. John, inspiring nature lovers with idyllic, pristine beaches. Get away from it all and relax in this un-

2013 Cruise Destinations v5_Book  3/19/13  5:10 PM  Page 67

spoiled environment, soaking in the tranquil blue waters of Cinnamon Bay or Trunk Bay. Or be a part of it touring the historic Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins, or take a spirited shopping and dining adventure at Mongoose Junction, home to a collection of upscale boutiques filled with fine jewelry, local art and stylish resort and evening fashion. St. Thomas St. Thomas boasts one of the most visited cruise ports in the Caribbean, a sophisticated, bustling playground with exciting attractions and duty-free shopping. Considered as USVI’s most cosmopolitan island, St. Thomas offers the best of both worlds – the amenities of an urban playground combined with tropical beach retreats. Enjoy the best retail therapy in the Caribbean, from chic local boutiques to dealpacked duty-free shops. Savvy shoppers flock here to savor

the generous $1,600 duty free allowance – much higher than other Caribbean islands. If you’re not careful, you’ll be so busy shopping you might miss some of the island’s spectacular sites and activities, like splashing the waters of Magens Bay or soaring through the tree tops on a zipline adventure. Certified divers will not want to miss Wit Shoal II Wreck, St Thomas’s premier wreck dive. Built in the 1930s as a Navy landing ship, this vessel carried tanks and troops in the Pacific during World War II and was later transformed into a West Indian Trading Company cargo ship. Now an artificial reef, it is thought as one of the best wreck dive sites in the Caribbean. The infamous ship is a magnet for schools of horse-eyed jack, creole wrasse, stingrays, Goliath grouper, Barracuda, reef sharks and blue and brown chromis. Also, FCCA Cruise Destinations


2013 Cruise Destinations v5_Book  3/19/13  5:10 PM  Page 68

don’t miss Red Hook on the island’s east end, an unofficial “town” of red-tiled roof homes and businesses dotting a rolling coastline that overlooks Pillsbury Sound and a hub for the St Thomas yachting community. Don’t Miss The refurbished Ann E. Abramson Marine Facility at the Frederiksted Pier on St. Croix provides cruise passengers with a warm welcome to the island, with many shops to explore within walking distance and tours departing to historical sites, beaches and dive venues. Already known as the home of Cruzan Rum, Diageo USVI, the Virgin Islands’s newest distillery, recently opened a LEED-certified Captain Morgan Visitor Center. Experience the iconic rum’s unique history, its production process and a little more about the Captain himself – including the “The Captain’s Collection,” a stunning gathering of old and new Caribbean rums. In Cruz Bay on St. John is the popular New York City/Malaysian-inspired restaurant Fatty Crab. Taste the signature funky flavors and experience the rock ‘n roll dining atmosphere, as well as delectable dishes inspired by locally-sourced ingredients such as Virgin Islands conch, spiny lobster and indigenous fruits and vegetables. Visitors are flocking to Mountain Top on St. Thomas. Overlooking Charlotte Amelie’s harbor, indulge in world-famous banana daiquiris from the island’s highest elevation point. Also, the Butterfly Garden at Havensight Dock, offers the opportunity to be immersed in the colorful confetti of some of the world’s most beautiful butterfly species. To learn more about the U.S. Virgin Islands, please visit www.visitusvi.com or call (800) 372-USVI.


FCCA Cruise Destinations

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STEP OFF THE SHIP. AND INTO A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES. When you cruise to the U.S. Virgin Islands, you’re traveling to a paradise that has no equal. Where you can relax on a beach, explore a historic church, or dive into our crystal-clear waters—all in a single day. Combine this with high-end shopping, world-class cuisine, and picture-perfect views and you have a world like no other. Just waiting to be explored.

You, unscripted. /visitusvi


Ask your travel agent about cruises that include the U.S. Virgin Islands.

©2013 U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

2:42 PM

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NORWEGIANS OWN THE ISLANDS. Beautiful beaches. Colorful reefs. The laid-back vibe of the Caribbean. And discover Great Stirrup Cay – our premier private island and eco-fun paradise. Set sail on the only FreestyleTM cruise line, and Cruise Like a Norwegian.

Call 1.888.NCL.CRUISE, visit NCL.COM or contact your travel professional.


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