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CONTENTS PAGE 01:  he growth continues at T FC Business Solutions PAGE 02:  ho is FC Business Solutions W Mediation course a hit PAGE 03:  elping our Community H PAGE 04:  reakfast Networking Opportunities B PAGE 05:  now your Team K Exciting Skills Launched PAGE 06:  lients in Focus C PAGE 07:  R’ing our Clients P FC Business Solutions GM PR-Marketing Andrew Kelly is working with Brisbane Lions’ Captain Jonathan Brown and Australian basketballer Abby Bishop to assist in the re-launch of the Jim’s Roofing & Flooring Services division.

THE GROWTH CONTINUES AT FC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS FC Business Solutions has kicked-off 2011 is striking fashion, adding a Business Manager - Recruitment & Selection, as well as a Public Relations consultant and Administration Officer to the growing team. Michael Sheedy has joined the team to head-up Business Development and reignite the recruitment offering of the business with a never see before model in the sector. Michael joins the team having extensive experience managing and growing businesses, both in Australia and abroad, as well as being an expert in the training and personal development sector. Alex Guidice joins the team as its new Administration Officer. Alex has been managing restaurants for the past 10 years, as well running a business focussed on coaching restaurant team members. Former Business Franchise Editor Louise Mitchell has joined the team as a PR Consultant. As well as being a magazine editor, Louise has also been a newspaper reporter and public relations specialist in a number of organisations.


FC Business Solutions Director Corina Vucic said FC Business Solutions was focussed on capitalising on the achievements of the business in 2010. “Suffice to say that we have not taken our foot off the pedal since relaunching the brand in December last year,” Corina said. “It is important that we continue to add professionals to our team who share the same passion and who are driven by building and maintaining relationships within the sector and the business community.” Corina said that anyone who knew her and the team would be well aware that changes would continue at FC Business Solutions. “We’re not going to sit back and wait for trends to come to us – we want to set the trends. We want to be innovative and one step ahead all of the time. “Keep an eye on us and what we’re doing in the market place because if you blink an eye, you just might miss something,” Corina said.

PAGE 08:  Executive Recruitment relaunched F  C Business Solutions starts the year with a Bang

BELOW: FC Business Solutions helps secure a new face for Jim’s Flooring & Roofing Services... See page 6 for the full story.

WHO IS FC BUSINESS SOLUTONS? FC Business Solutions is a fully integrated consultancy firm, specialising in developing growing and marketing franchise businesses.

Executive Recruitment Behavioural Profiling, Career Planning, People Search and People Placement.

» Michael Sheedy Business Manager, Recruitment & Selection

The business has built a reputation based on relationships and results, assisting businesses to reach their full potential.

The FC Business Solutions team is:

» Alex Guidice Administration Officer

FC Business Solutions’ ‘bucket’ of services include: Business System Development Feasibility, Franchise Systems, Planning business disciplines Expansion & Growth Solutions Network Planning, Strategic Health Check, Operations, Compliance, Opportunities, Territory Analysis and Mapping.

» Corina Vucic Director » Dean Salomone Director » Sergio Alderuccio GM Franchising Development » Andrew Kelly GM PR, Marketing-Communications » Jessie Caudry Operations Manager

» Kim Annesley Learning & Development Specialist » Louise Mitchell PR Consultant » Rachael Morris Learning & Development Specialist » Melissa Anderson Franchising Specialist

PR, Marketing-Communications Internal and External Communication Strategies, Advertising Management, Public Relations Management, Product Launches, Local Area Marketing, Event & Conference Management and Sponsorship Management. People Solutions Organisation and Structure Planning, People Planning, Culture Management, Personnel Development, Performance Appraisals and KPI Development. Advisory & Support Executive Boards, FAC, Leadership, Conference Management, Business Coaching and Mentoring.

MEDIATION COURSE A HIT FC Business Solutions successfully conducted its first Mediation Course in February, where 12 participants took part in the program. The five-day course, facilitated by the Accord Group, was aimed at assisting team members to maximise relationships with franchisees. The next course will be held in July. Without marketing the course, vacancies are filling fast. The aim of the course is to REFINE and IMPROVE mediation and negotiation skills. The course is ideal for Field Support Managers, as well as Management and Senior Management teams.

Some quotes following the FC Business Solutions course: “Fantastic, well organised, and appropriate number of attendees to generate discussion. Beneficial skills developed during the past five days that will further enhance career development. Looking forward to utilising skills in my work life.” Kirsten Harris, House Corporate “The course was very practical and the skills developed will be invaluable both at work and in everyday life.” Marian Ngo, Tatts Group “Very smooth and professional course organisation. An effective course to help resolve disputes on a personal level.” Peter Stama, Amigos


“Would recommend this to any Franchisor to build skills. Not just valuable for business skills but I am sure it will help personally too.” Jodie Higgins, Tatts Group “The Girls (Facilitators) were both great they allowed me to grasp a subject that I didn’t think I could get my head around.” Scott Farrar, Brazilian Butterfly For further information about the upcoming course, contact Corina Vucic on 0417 038 081.

FC Business Solutions NEWS, VIEWS AND EVENTS

HELPING OUR COMMUNITY FC Business Solutions Operations Manager Jessie Caudry recently jumped from an aeroplane at 10,000 feet to help raise money for Green Gecko. The Green Gecko Project provides security, education, love and opportunities to children and their families in Siem Reap, Cambodia, as well as the wider community through long-term health, education and training initiatives.

While Jessie was jumping from aeroplanes, Sergio Alderuccio was getting his bus licence! Sergio is a volunteer with Open Family and has recently been given the keys to the bus to tour the city streets. For more than 30 years, Open Family Australia has been providing a range of Outreach services to young people experiencing high complex needs.

Jessie, with the help of many sponsors, raised $1200 for the charity, which was a significant contribution to the $40,000 that was raised globally.

Its client group is young people aged between 12 and 25 who are disengaged from society. Over 80% of these young people are in this situation due to family break down or family conflict.

Jessie said other than jumping out of the plane herself; the other highlight was 83-year-old Audrey (grandmother of a good friend of hers) who won a skydive voucher in the raffle on the day.

This issue goes across all socio-economic groups and may result in homelessness, criminal activity, drug abuse, mental health problems and disengagement from school or employment.

“Audrey decided that there was no time like the present and completed her skydive straight away.

Meanwhile, Andrew Kelly recently celebrated five of his eight senior teams making it to grand finals in local cricket. Andrew is the president of Langwarrin Cricket Club, which has 19 junior and senior teams.

“It just goes to show that you’re never too old to try something new!”


Jessie is all smiles after raising $1200 by jumping out of an aeroplane at 10,000 feet.

Sergio has the keys to the ‘Chatterbox Bus”.


BREAKFAST NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES FC Business Solutions has continued its extremely popular Networking Breakfast series in the first quarter. More than 50 participants have enjoyed breakfast and one another’s company as a number of topics were discussed, including multi-unit franchising and the challenges that franchisors and franchisees face throughout 2011. The Networking Breakfasts are a wonderful opportunity to listen to how others are doing things in their business, whilst developing relationships and friendships with like-minded professionals. In 2011, topics will include Business Planning, Conference Planning, Employing the right people and keeping them, Public Relations - how to make it work?, Franchise Recruitment Strategies, Coach v Compliance, Exit Strategy - the do’s and don’ts, as well as Training your team. The next Networking Breakfast will be held at FC Business Solutions in Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield, on July 29 on the topic Recruit, Retrain and Retrain. Contact Jesse on 03 9533 0028 to book.

Great breakfast and great discussion was had at the March Networking Breakfast - Multi-Unit Franchising.

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FC Business Solutions NEWS, VIEWS AND EVENTS

KNOW YOUR TEAM? FC Business Solutions Training Department is now an accredited trainer in TMS (Team Management Systems) and is working with an RTO to deliver (potentially) fully-funded sessions to its client base.

It focuses on identifying and understanding key work elements, explaining why some individuals, teams, and organisations perform, work effectively and achieve their objectives, while others fail.

Since launching TMS at the beginning of 2010, FC Business Solutions has delivered the program to more than 1000 staff members across more than 50 franchised and non-franchised businesses across Australia.

At its core, TMS offers you and your organisation research-proven assessments that reveal critical dynamics to enable the development of high-performance in the workplace.

TMS is recognised as the foremost integrated system of work-based, research-proven assessments and feedback instruments worldwide.

Contact Michael Sheedy on 0423 057 566 to discuss running TMS sessions in your business and whether your business qualifies for the funded training. The TMS wheel

exCITING SKILLS LAUNCH FC Business Solutions has launched its Skills for Growth: the Workforce Development Program. The program allows Victorian-based small to medium sized businesses (1 to 200 staff) from all industries to obtain funding through the state government’s Victorian Training Guarantee. FC Business Solutions will provide the workplace planning and training specialist service, which will assist you to: • Identify your business objectives and priorities; •A  ssess the skill needs of your business and your employees; •E  stablish a customised workforce training and development plan in line with your strategic business goals; • Facilitate staff placement into accredited training; and • Review the overall program outcomes. The benefits to the businesses undertaking the fully-funded program include: • Clearer business objectives and priorities; • Increased productivity and business growth; • Knowledge development; and • Staff accessing training solutions that meet your business needs.


The FC Business Solutions team undergoes qualification training which will assist in the delivery of the Skills for Growth program.

Your employees will continue to adapt, take on new challenges, work more effectively and apply their skills in a practical way to benefit your business.

For further information about the Skills for Growth program, contact Corina Vucic on 0417 038 081.




FC Business Solutions is taking enrolments for the next Multi Generation workshop, which was recently successfully rolledout at Barry Plant Group. Retailplanners MPR Finance MPR Finance understands franchising and works with franchisors to create and deliver alternative models that assist franchisees to begin their journey towards success. These models are founded on nine years’ experience of understanding the personal financial situation of a prospective franchisee, as well as the financial model of the franchise business and what it can deliver. This is supported with more than 13 years banking and finance experience in franchise finance, personal and commercial finance proposals, debt structuring, cash flow management and business planning. For information, contact MPR Finance Principal Russell Sharp on 0437 074 547.

Retailplanners assists its clients to maximise their return on inventory investment and selling space. An integrated retail consulting business, Retailplanners has been providing merchandising and retail advice and services to some of Australia’s leading retailers for more than 25 years. Retailplanners has extensive experience in helping clients to maximise financial outcomes by providing professional and practical consulting, store design, branding and merchandising services. Providing a unique offering, Retailplanners compliments its retail consulting with a range of in-house services including store design, merchandise layout, brand design and planograms. To discuss how they help your business, contact Managing Director Bob Way on 0418 109 929.


Integrated Recovery Services

With more than 20-years’ experience, MindAtlas is a specialist in the design, development and delivery of distinctive, dynamic and interactive online training solutions tailored to the business needs of its clients.

Why would you pay a debt collection agency massive fees when you can manage the process yourself?

Established in 1998, MindAtlas has developed a reputation as a leader in training innovation by catering to its clients’ objectives and desired outcomes in a timely, engaging, and cost-effective manner. Franchisors within the sector are catching-on quickly that they can provide quality learning outcomes to franchisees and staff members throughout the country in a very cost-effective and measurable way. For information, contact MindAtlas Director Adam Wiser on 0419 294 969.


Integrated Debt Collecting (IDC) is an on-line debt recovery system that allows subscribers to recover debt for no more than a monthly subscription fee. The client simply sends the collection notice on IDC letterhead, or it can white label the system to brand it as its own. Believing they are more cost-effective than any of their competitors, IDC even allows the user the opportunity to forward the process to its debt collection agency arm to retrieve the debt should the on-line method fail. For information, contact IDC Director Damian Arena on 0419 106 176.

This workshop aims to provide managers and employees with generational understanding and self-awareness, as well as strategies for workplace application. LEARNING OUTCOMES Upon completion of this training module participants will be able to: • Describe the key differences between the generations • Recognise the factors that contribute to generational differences • Demonstrate self-awareness with regard to generational characteristics • Manage a multi-generational workplace • Resolve cross-generational conflict • Develop strategies to support a multigenerational workplace in the future MAJOR TOPICS The main sections of this training module are: • Understanding the generations • Generations in the workforce • Managing the generations • Generational conflict • The future workforce • Workplace resources Additional topics covered include: • Generational influences • The impact of shifting generations • Workplace characteristics of the generations • Cross-generational recruiting • Cross-generational retention • Cross-generational management principles • Clash points and common values • A model for future workforce engagement • Managing the change around us If your business is dedicated to improving the skills of its people,or to enquire about the next course, contact Corina on 03 9533 0028.

FC Business Solutions NEWS, VIEWS AND EVENTS

PR’ING OUR CLIENTS FC Business Solutions PR & Marketing Services recently brokered a deal that has seen Brisbane Lions’ Jonathan Brown and Australian Opals basketballer Abby Bishop become the face of Jim’s Roofing & Flooring Services. Jim’s Roofing & Flooring Services officially re-launched its brand at the beginning of the month and has recently kicked-off a radio campaign in Victoria. It will launch into Brisbane and Sydney in the next two months. Brown and Bishop will become the faces and voices behind the brand, which will assist Jim’s Roofing & Flooring Services to attract franchisors and franchisees, as well as connect with the consumer market to obtain work. GM Franchising Development Sergio Alderuccio recently worked with four Australian icon brands, Barry Plant Group (Managing Director, Mike McCarthy), Crust Gourmet Group (Development Director, Michael Rose), Pack & Send (CEO, Michael Paul) and Quest Serviced Apartments (National Franchise Operations Manager, Peter Fiasco), seeking an insight into the growth trends of franchising (Multi-Unit). Andrew Kelly wrote the article, which appeared over five pages in Franchise Magazine.


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Over the past month, Andrew has also been conducting local area marketing workshops with Barry Plant Group. FC Business Solutions PR & Marketing is certainly getting its clients out in the marketplace. Public Relations activity for FC Business Solutions’ clients has included editorials, workshops and brand ambassador and profile building.

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execuive recruitment relaunched FC Business Solutions is set to revolutionise executive recruitment in franchising following the re-launch of the division recently. FC Business Solutions has responded to the significant changes in the executive recruitment landscape, launching a new cost-effective model. The new model offers set-fee recruitment, which provides significant benefit to clients, compared to the percentage of salary model that has existed in the industry for many years. In essence, the new FC Business Solutions executive recruitment process is broken into modules, allowing the employer to get maximum efficiency and outcomes on every stage of the recruitment process.

Business Manager, Executive Recruitment, Michael Sheedy, said FC Business Solutions was committed to saving employers both time and money. “Our model is simple. We weighed-up the cost to an employer in terms of time and resources to recruit the right person for the position internally. “Having also stripped back the recruitment process also, we produced a model and streamlined process that allows the employer to receive the very best service and most importantly, the right person.” Michael said the use of social media to assist in the recruitment process, as well as a business diagnostic and TMS profiling*, were value-added in all FC Business Solutions executive recruitment contracts. *TMS Profiling will be carried out with companies that qualify for the funding.

FC Business Solutions Business Manager, Executive Recruitment, Michael Sheedy, has re-launched the division.

FC BUSINESS SOLUTIONS STARTS THE YEAR WITH A BIG BANG FC Business Solutions has had a number of wins in 2011, introducing a number of new clients into the business. Providing such a unique, diverse and integrated service offering to the franchise sector has presented the business with many exciting opportunities across a range of exciting brands. Collectively, the FC Business Solutions team offers in excess of 75 years’ experience and it appears that the franchise sector is taking notice. In 2011, FC Business Solutions welcomes the following clients to its family: •JIM’S ROOFING AND FLOORING Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations program •A  MIGO’S Franchise Growth Plan & Franchise Information Pack •TASTY TRUCKS Franchise Re-launch •MPR GROUP Public Relations campaign

•P  RESTIGE SMILE Business Planning and Mentoring •N  ATIONAL SOLAR GROUP Franchise Growth Plan •D  .O.C GROUP Business Planning and Mentoring •F  ITFAST Business Planning and Mentoring •M  IND ATLAS Public Relations program •S  MALL PRINT Local Area Marketing Kit •S  NAP-ON TOOLS Executive Recruitment •INTEGRATED RECOVERY SERVICES Public Relations campaign

FC Business Solutions Divisions include Business System Development, Expansion & Growth Solutions, PR, MarketingCommunications, People Development and Learning Solutions, Advisory Support and Executive Recruitment. To find out how FC Business Solutions can help your business, contact Corina on 03 9533 0028.

FC Business Solutions is a fully integrated consultancy firm, specialising in developing, growing and marketing franchise businesses. The business has built a reputation based on relationships and results, assisting businesses to reach their full potential.

FC Business Solutions Pty Ltd Suite 3 | Caulfield Corporate Centre | 875 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield, Vic 3168 P +613 9533 0028 | F +613 8640 0413



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