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Issue 24 December 2011

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Fencing the Red Zone Association Days Totara Post and Battens Pivot Fencing plus much more...




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FCANZ, PO Box 19 389, Hamilton, 3244 Ph 0508 4 FCANZ (0508 4 32269)

PRESIDENT’S REPORT Hi All, Welcome to the Autumn edition of the Wired magazine. The days are getting shorter and we have begun to experience some cooler weather, which has been a welcome change from the blistering heat that December and January threw at us. As usual, we have had our pre Christmas rush and as most of you will agree we were glad to get the “silly season” behind us and restore normality to our businesses.

FCANZ would like to acknowledge the significant financial contribution that WIREMARK makes towards meeting the costs associated with the publication and distribution of WIRED.

Sincere thanks to our contributors:


Mike Billinghurst Nigel Broadbridge Kiely Buttell Matt Fairbrother Paul Fitzsimmons Simon Fuller Gallagher Ground-Up Services John Noakes Mike Samuel Craig Shortall Tim Stafford Debbie White

Here at FCANZ we too have had a Christmas break and are now well into the 2013 program. Firstly, we have had four of seven association days focusing on electrics. These days were held with the help of our Gold Partner Gallagher and were aimed at educating our members on the fundamentals of electric fencing. Showing how to identify and correct common faults such as earthing problems and induction. These days were very well received and our members saw value in attending them. While we are talking about benefits for our members, please do not forget the Boundary Fence template and the Fence-It, Price Calculator, both of these were demonstrated at the 2012 conference. They are

both helpful tools which can assist in the running of your business. Attached to the Boundary Fence Template is a robust set of Terms of Trade that you can use as a contract for any fencing job, regardless of whether or not it is a boundary fence. This will give both the contractor and the client a formal agreement on which to do business. On the 19th February I met with Lawrence Yule, President of Local Government NZ to introduce him to FCANZ and let him know who we are and what we stand for. In particular to push the fact that we would like to see the use of Accredited Fencing Contractors for all local authority fencing work throughout the country. We would also like to see recognition for a FCANZ member when tendering for local authority work, owing to FCANZ having a disputes resolution process and the fact that our members should be more up to date with information / training, new developments than non members. Lawrence is a farmer himself, and I did not have to explain the difference between good and bad fencing to him, all in all the meeting went well and our proposal was well received…. Watch this space.

Economically, members are reporting a mixed work load, some having too much work to do, and other not having enough. Lamb prices are well down on last year and as always the first two things to be bumped of the spending list are the two F’s. That is fencing and fertiliser. The contractors in areas that rely on the lamb dollar to drive an income are hurting, while others where a diverse range of work is available are doing okay. I am seeing an increasing amount of contractors getting into other “sideline” businesses, such as pipe laying and irrigation which is seeing them through the harder times and “spreading their eggs” in terms of work. As always please consider our partners when you are making purchasing decisions. They are helping to make the industry a better place - lets help them! Please also remember to keep up the communication with us, good or bad. Hope to see some of you at All About Fencing at the South Island Agricultural Field Days in Lincoln on the 20th - 22nd March 2013. Enjoy your part in the fencing industry, Nige

Disclaimer: WIRED takes all due care in the preparation of this magazine but is not responsible or liable for any mistakes or omissions. Articles that appear in WIRED do not necessarily reflect the opinions of FCANZ. WIRED welcomes contributions but reserves the right to edit. Material sent in will not be returned unless requested and we are sent a self- addressed stamped enveolope to help with processing.


STORY. When you’ve passed the century mark keeping track of your history can be a challenge. So we’d like your help – with historical photo’s, items of memorabilia or anecdotes about Cyclone, its people, or products. Any stories, or items that are used on the our website – will be rewarded with this free commemorative multi-function pocketknife. Visit for further details.

SINCE 1903 Freephone 0800 333 188 -


FCANZ February Association Days - focus ELECTRICS with thanks to

The FCANZ Association Days held in conjunction with Gallagher on electric fencing were a real success. Fifty members attended throughout the country, from as far away as Northland to Invercargill. In Hamilton we were taken through the Gallagher Headquarters to see and hear all about the products they make, ranging from electric fence units to gates, plus mobile fuel tanks. Quite an eye opener and very interesting. Well worth the visit! Remember for FCANZ members knowledge is power and that’s what makes our businesses successful! The knowledge that one of our members got, in his words:

“I am going home to deal with one of my clients and tell him the way electrics work in no uncertain terms”. All the members that attended got a lot out of the Association Days held in Hamilton, Feilding, Blenheim and Alexandra. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Gallagher for hosting us in Hamilton – Peter Nation, Paul Griggs, Martin Kenny and Daryl Jones. In Feilding thank you to Mike and Andrea Billinghurst for hosting us and thanks to Peter Nation, Kevin Marquand and Mike Ward from Gallagher.


Shots from the ground

In Blenheim thank you to Terry and Karen Renner for organising the day, Warwick and Deborah van Ash for the use of their property , Ken McMiken and Paul Griggs from Gallagher. In Alexandra thank you to Mike Samuel for organising the day at Mount Campbell Station and to Lindsay & Chris from Gallagher. All members that attended received a free Gallagher SmartFix fence tester and a book of knowledge, a big thank you to Gallagher. Thanks to the FCANZ members that made it successful. Remember knowledge is power!


A Sting in the Tail Live Tip Offsets Stop livestock damaging your offset electric fence with the NEW Live Tip Offsets. When the wire comes in contact with the end ring the tip electrifies, discouraging stock from rubbing against it. To find out more about our new range of Live Tip Offsets visit your nearest Gallagher stockist or call us on 0800 731 500 or visit


THE EARTH RULE Earthing System Minimum recommendation for Energizers up to 15 joules of stored energy ( Rule) Minimum 4 (preferably 4-5) meter’s apart • 3 galvanized stakes • 2 meter’s long (in ground) • 1 continuous wire connecting to the energizer

Wire made tough to keep them in.

Where to Install the Earthing System Preferably as close as possible to the Energizer. At least 10 meter’s from any mains or other power supply earth stake, underground telephone or power cable. Where soil conditions are suitable, however earth and lead-out wire resistance can become an issue.

The WIREMARK® brand allows farmers to easily identify quality fencing wire. Wires that carry the WIREMARK® brand are New Zealand made and have been tested for strength, ductility and overall quality. Insist on WIREMARK® for an easy-to-tie, reliable wire that doesn’t tangle.

To find out more

0800 WIREMARK 0800 947 362

Fencing the Red Zone

by Paul Fitzsimmons




Two years on from the devastation and tragedy of the Christchurch earthquake of the 22nd February 2011, the red zone (now officially known as the CBD Rebuild Zone) has shrunk considerably, but still encompasses a large chunk of the CBD. The mammoth task of bringing down damaged and dangerous buildings is coming to an end, and the long reconstruction process is beginning in earnest.

apply for access passes for our staff, has ensured unimpeded access for which enables them to gain access contractors, and created a safer through the army cordons. working environment for all. CERA have been very proactive from the beginning in ensuring the CBD rebuild zone is secure, and all work within it is conducted safely. All contractors are required to provide copies of their toolbox meeting minutes to the PMO (project management office) on a weekly basis.

Opportunities for fencing work have been many and varied, with everything from standard security, to deer fencing, to paling, to wrought iron. The most obvious addition is the rebuild zone perimeter fence, which is constructed from a multitude of temporary fence panels, owned by Civil Defence.

This commitment to health and safety is reflected in the low incidence of lost time injuries, and the nil fatality rate to date. This is especially impressive when you consider that many of the buildings being demolished have significant structural damage, and a careful and considered approach is required to deconstruct them. The army and police must also be commended for keeping unauthorised people out of the cordoned area, which

Immediately after the earthquake, Steel & Tube Wire Processing (Hurricane) manufactured in excess of 19km of chain link for the manufacture of these panels. The perimeter fence has been progressively reduced in size over the past 2 years, and the CERA is constantly looking for opportunities to reduce this further. There is also a large quantity of hired temporary fence panels, owned by

Rebuild Zone Access Card In order to ensure we were able to provide a good service, and had access to all available work, we obtained accreditation with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) to enable us to work in the red zone.


This involved providing detailed business information, including health & safety plans, details of our experience, and public liability insurance. Once our application was reviewed and approved by CERA’s panel, we were then free to Digging posts holes in front of the Catholic Basilica.

My name is Brad Hugo and I’m your Vodafone point of contact for FCANZ.

Random facts about me

I began working for Vodafone back in ’07 and have covered a variety of roles from retail to managing staff and now work in our Business team.

• In my spare time I like to kick back have a BBQ few brews in the sun while listening to GnR; • I have built a fence myself several years ago. It’s still standing today! • I am in the Guinness 100 pint club at 3 separate venues; • During a trip to Vegas, I nearly got married.

Wire that’s made tough to keep them in.

I look forward to having a chat around your Telco needs in the future to reach me call me on 0800 021241.

We’ve cranked up our rural network Better mobile. Better broadband. Better talk to Vodafone. Call 0800 021 241

The WIREMARK® brand allows farmers to easily identify quality fencing wire. Wires that carry the WIREMARK® brand are New Zealand made and have been tested for strength, ductility and overall quality. Insist on WIREMARK® for an easy-to-tie, reliable wire that doesn’t tangle.

To find out more 0800 WIREMARK 0800 947 362


various contractors. We have been contracted to install permanent chain link fencing around several sites after demolition has been completed, as this creates a tidier and more secure site for the client, and is often more cost effective than renting temporary fence panels long term. Digging holes for posts can be challenging on some of these sites – many have been backfilled with crushed concrete,and at the Catholic Basilica site, we found chunks of brick and limestone under the carpark which would have been dumped there during the original construction. A heritage consultant was one site during much of this project to deal with any historical artifacts found. As for KC Fence Systems’ own premises, we suffered from liquefaction in our yard and inside our factory, and our office was effectively “written off ” after CERA’s engineers issued a section 38 demolition order on it. This meant that as the building owners, we had to provide CERA with a demolition plan and date for this to happen. We are now operating from a 9m x 2.4m portacom, and are awaiting pricing for a replacement office. As the ground we are on is TC3, detailed engineering design is required for the foundations, and it is likely that any replacement building will be a lightweight steel framed shed type structure on a raft type foundation.


Not knowing when or if this will happen makes it very difficult to do any real forward planning. We are however confident of a steady workload over the coming years.

Gates on the telecom building. The was a 3 month delay on a replacement high speed roller door. Note the small bifolding gate to clear the traffic island.

The old Canterbury Brewery site.

The former site of the Park Terrace apartment complex.

Within the rebuild zone – permanent fence on the left, redzone perimeter fence on the right, temporary hired fence around a demolition site in the distance.




Head bails Sheep & Cattle Components Whether you are building cattle yards, sheep yards, FREE! installing electric fencing or need fencing tools and components give Te Pari a call direct to discuss your requirements. Don’t forget to ask for your FREE copy of the new pocket sized fully priced Fence Lines Catologue. For your FREE copy of Fence Lines, or for more information



FREECALL 0800 492 732 or Email

Strength in Rural Products For 80 years the Hurricane brand has supported the fencing and farming sector in New Zealand with a full range of commercial and rural fencing products, as well as a wide range of other on farm steel products. As the most recognised brand in the rural and commercial fencing market, we have enjoyed a long relationship with fencing contractors. We continue to provide high quality New Zealand made product to the rural and commercial fencing contractors. As an FCANZ Gold Partner, we work with FCANZ members to ensure that we deliver new and innovative products, that will endure for another 80 years.


Steel & Tube has over 40 distribution outlets across New Zealand and has the capability to provide the expertise and products fencers need, no matter where they are in the country. Rural Fencing:

Fencing Wire Fabricated Fence

Gate Gate Fittings

Staples Steel Posts

To talk to a fencing expert or find out more about our products, call us on 0800 800 9473 or visit www.steelandtube


Out and About For most of us the Christmas and New Year period is a time to relax, get away from the daily grind and spend time with family & friends. I spent some time reflecting on how the year went regarding our business and work ethics, also thinking of better and more efficient ways to improve.

the land wars of the British and Maori, to the early settlers and pioneers of the area. The creator of this amazing place, has built and constructed everything from scratch (pretty much) on site, including the life size wax models and the scaled model figures some of which are no bigger than a match stick.

This year’s holiday break for myself was short lived (due to the workload), but I did manage a few days up at the family beach house in South Taranaki. I was especially looking forward to a bit of fishing however, it wasn’t meant to be. We had absolutely foul weather, rain, wind and thunderstorms you name it.

Hand crafted these figures and scenes are absolutely incredible especially the detail to reflect the scenes set.

With the fishing a waste of time, I decided to head up to Hawera for a look around, but also a chance to revisit the Tawhiti Museum on the outskirts of Hawera.

It was based on the “ whalers and traders” of the 1820-1840 period on the Taranaki coast line.

This museum is a must see to all visiting the area. Based on the history of South Taranaki; from

I visited this museum many years ago, but had heard of a new addition to the museum, so was eager to see what it was all about.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos of this but there is a small video clip on their web page if you are interested in taking a look.

Fencing in Texas, photo supplied by Matt Fairbrother from a recent trip he had. The Boys names are Fernando and Luis, from L.E Fencing Co, Valley Mills Texas.


Constructing deer fencing, just to keep the wild deer out of the property. Shannon Eoff is the owner of the company. They mexcans kill rattle snakes and cook them while on the job!!!

by Craig Shortall It took 2 years to plan and 2 years to construct, and it’s all indoors. Their aim was to take a museum experience to a whole new level, rather looking at it; you become part of the scene by making you feel like you are there, very clever and innovative. One of their other newer attractions was the “Farm Power Hall” which is a very impressive collection of vintage machinery of bygone days. From tractors and dozers to chainsaws and hand tools you name it was probably there. All housed in an area the size of two huge sheds; this was any vintage machinery enthusiasts dream, young and old. So if you are passing through the South Taranaki town of Hawera and you got a few hours up your sleeve (especially when the fishing is lousy), call into the Tawhiti Museum and have a look you won’t be disappointed.



ar Fa eh rm o la ld n er ds s o n

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ly .

peed: Max s m/h 0k 45 - 5

Purchase any EuroNail or ProFence staples from 1 February to 31 March 2013 to enter the draw. Call 0800 FARMFONE (0800 327 636) for your nearest Farmlands store. For full terms and conditions go to


This is what some fencers get up to in their lunch time!

“Your Outdoor Timber Specialist” Goldpine is a family owned company that’s been around for over 30 years. We are very proudly Kiwi-owned and have built a solid reputation for providing high quality timber and fencing products for outdoor use. Contact us for all your fencing and farm building needs.  PHONE ORDERS WELCOME 0800 2 GOLDPINE (0800 2 465374)

Totara Posts and Battens by Tim Stafford Totara (Podocarpus Totara) is a New Zealand native, found throughout the country, but more so in the central North Island. The timber itself is brittle and not very strong, but the heartwood is very durable in the ground, hence why it was used so much in past generations for fencing. A 50mm x 50mm stake will last in excess of 25 years in the ground, equivalent to H4 treated pine. The battens and posts that have been stripped off old fence lines are very unique. They have all been hand-split, so therefore no two look the same.

Photo One: Driveway Entrance: Solid Totara battens inbetween Totara posts. Fastened from behind to two 150 x 50 tanalised pine rails

The natural reddish color, and the way that they weather, gives them a rustic apperance. This often makes them popular landscaping materials. The even growth rings also means it splits well for kindling! Here are some photos showing only a few of the many ways these secondhand fencing materials can be brought back to life. Im sure most of you reading this have been asked to create something out of Totara, either by your wife or a client.


I look foward to seeing what other examples are out there.

Photo Two: Totara batten fence: Tanalised pine posts at approx 4m, 2.5mm HT wire, the battens can be placed in any configuration desired. This is just one example.

Photo Three: Raised Vegetable Garden and Pump Shed: The Totara posts have been fastened with coach screws to the raised garden boxes. Not only does it give a unique border to the boxes, but they also make a good seat while weeding the garden.

Photo Four: Backdoor Woodbox: Totara battens have been used to line the woodbox and also make the box a feature at the backdoor.

Photo Five: Coffee Table: Bring the outdoors indoors! The legs are Totara posts.The top of the table is also Totara. Im unsure of what it was first used for, but i discovered it being used as a cattle loading ramp in a set of run down yards that i was asked to rebuild. Underneath the table is a magazine rack made of deer top up netting.

Pivot Fencing Last issue Mark wrote about pivot fencing. We have been also working on this similar product supplied by Strainrite and I thought this would be a good follow on as coming up with a good fence system under pivot irrigators can be tricky.

by Mike Samuel

about all the gates that lead into the lanes and where the wheels run at these high usage areas. Ideally at the least lanes need to be square to the pivot wheel crossings.

Fencing pivots is not easy especially when you don’t have flat areas, line of sight or even worse plans and no pivot. Ideally the best plan I have seen has a central laneway, an inner permanent fence and an outer fence.

Where possible fence when you have visible wheel marks on the ground. I have worked on 2 properties now that measurements have been wrong from design start causing serious changes with culverts, fences and lanes.

The best I have found is where mostly possible the pivot crosses fences at right angles like the above pie diagram. The wedge fences and the lane way have the pivot crossings, the permanents don’t. They act as your main barriers should animals get past the lower electric offshoots. The later part of this article focuses on these


In this scenario below lanes and fences are not running square to the pivot wheels crossing fences, while possible the wheel takes longer to cross as the fences are more angled. This has higher potential for entanglement. This design was set more for even paddock size rather than function ability NB the lanes how they don’t run square to the pivot center. This has resulted wheels running through gates and some very weird angles at gate approaches. Think

Most pivots are surveyed; ask to be present when the surveyor is there. Get start, middle and finish points for all fences. Spending time is valuable to you and the farmer to get things right from the start. It’s amazing how you can see issues with fence positions that others won’t. Don’t be afraid to go look at other pivots working ask what works and what doesn’t. Again time well spent before you even begin. KIWITECH FENCE (TECHNO) Being a FCANZ member is definitely worthwhile. As members we are lucky to have access to our partners advice and products. We are currently installing KIWITECH pivot fencing suitable for multiple wire crossings. Struan from Strainrite made himself available to train us for a half day so we get the right result for our client. We were impressed by the good old kiwi ingenuity Kiwitech have implemented and I urge anyone to

Pivot Fencing cont... give your local rep a call if you need help with this style of fencing. I have seen several options for fencing under pivots and this system has great potential and low cost in materials and installation to the farmer to hold sheep and cattle. These fences are a 4 wire sprung flexi fence.

We take fencing seriously Here we are installing fiber glass rods using a rammer developed by Kiwitech.

Being a FCANZ Silver Partner means more to us than just supplying quality timber, fencing products, pole sheds, drainage and tools. The ‘Partner’ bit means that we will always work together with all our rural customers to ensure that you receive the full benefit of our extensive experience and expertise in the trade.

The fenclines branch from permanent fence and act as a sub fence. It’s a less sturdy traditional structure, but with power and the flexibility in the fiber glass rods makes it a good option for those who are looking for a good stock restraint while having the pressures of a pivot irrigator crossing it.

There are plenty of other reasons why adding us to your supplier list is a good idea too: • We offer heaps of great deals • We’ve got an awesome loyalty programme called Advantage • We’ve got over 50 branches dotted across the country • One account – same discounts across all Carters branches So, if you’re planning work on the farm call us on 0800 CARTERS and let us make fencing easier for you.

The wires are threaded through alkethene pipe and tiedowns are installed either side of the wheel mark. The tie downs allow the fence if caught for some reason the ability in most cases to ping back off the irrigator without snapping wires

The white insulated cable fixes to the tiedowns and to the alkethene fixing everything in place. NB make sure you have ample room away from the wheel with the tie downs, the wheel under full weight of water can bulge beyond the visible wheel mark in the ground. Here the wires are being clipped to the rods using a modified vice grip. The fence is sprung to allow the pivot to cross. It consists of 4 wires of 1.6mm Ht wire. The wheel crossings are built like a ladder; they are time consuming but work very well allowing wires not to short while giving the wires the ability to stretch while being pinned to the ground.

This is a good example of a fence being square to the pivot wheel.


The fence folds down in front of the wheel held together by the tiedowns and cable.




Member photos courtesy of Ground Up Services

Conversion from dairy to lifestyle blocks at Whakamarama - Stage 1: 850m post and rail


An alright view from my office. fencing at oropi looking down at mt maunganui

Riparian fencing along Tauranga harbour

You’ll Only Need One For professional service and expert advice on Outdoor Power Equipment, contact your local STIHL SHOPTM or STIHL Servicing Dealer 0800 4 STIHL

Fencing Contractors Feedback on REVOLUTION... Darrel Robb Contractors Kerikeri

Telescopic 180 with Rock Spike/Auger “8,000 hours & still going strong. We can do anything with this rammer, you name it we do it”

Paul & Jason Van Beers


Telescopic RM with Auto Auger/Rock Spike kit “We use the telescopic mast everyday to our advantage, we wouldn’t be without it”.

Mark Little Taradale

Telescopic SS with Auto Auger kit “Had this rammer 6 years and absolutely can’t fault it, it makes life so easy. We auger every hole post hole & with this auger there is nothing we can’t do”. Greg Oliver Palmerston

Telescopic 180 with Auto Auger/Spike Kit “We are stoked with this driver, goes more places in steep country than a rearmount, the reach is fantastic, can drive strainers/posts in across ditches, guts” Andrew Cave

Contract Fencing & Earthworks Pahiatua

“I’ve owned three Revolutions to cater for the changing needs of my business and consider that they are the one to have”.

Pat Morris

PM Contracting Morrinsville

Telescopic 180 with Auto Rock Spike “Had my 180 since June, there’s a lot I can do with it and I’m still learning its capabilities. Makes corners easy & we reach across drains on this peat country easily. On a retaining wall we did the corner post, moved the tractor and drove 4 posts without moving the tractor. I already rate this machine 9 ½ /10. “ Mike Billinghurst

Glen Tui Farm Services Fielding

Telescopic 180 with Auto Rock Spike/Auger Combo “One out of the box, totally revolutionary-fits into more places than anything else on the market”.

Ian Murphy

IG Murphy Fencing New Plymouth

See us on Site 9

Telescopic SS “I’ve owned the SS for over 4 years & it’s exceeded my expectations. It is far superior to any post driver I have ever owned or used. It’s extremely user friendly and robust. Bruce Lambeth Kereru District

Telescopic SS with Auto Auger Kit “Had this Telescopic SS for a few months and I’m already very impressed with it – so are the farmers I fence for. It’s ideal and just makes it so easy” Grant Harris

West Otago Fencing

Telescopic 180 with Auto Auger/Spike Kit “You name it you can do it, handles steep country, has great stability, great versatility with driving into corners and impossible places. Our country is bloody tough- driving into rock, drives them well”.

0800 957 868


At the South Island Agricultural Field Days









9:00 am Electrics

Electrical connections


End assemblies & footing


Electrical connections

9:00 am

9:30 am Netting

End assemblies & footing

P, W & B

Battening- hand & gun


Straining & tying off

9:30 am

10:00 am P, W & B

Battening- hand & gun


Set up & preparation

P, W & B

Battening- hand & gun

10:00 am

10:30 am Railwork

Rail ends


Fault finding


Rails- cutting corners

10:30 am

11:00 am Electrics

Fault finding & induction


Straining & tying off


Earth systems

11:00 am

11:30 am Netting

Straining & tying off

P, W & B

Power installation Netting & earthing

Electrics at gateways

11:30 am

12:00 pm P, W & B

End assemblies & footing


Rails- cutting corners

P, W & B

End assemblies & footing

12:00 pm

12:30 pm Railwork



Electrical connections


Set up & Preparation

12:30 pm

1:00 pm Electrics

Earth systems


Contour work


Fault finding & induction

1:00 pm

1:30 pm Netting

Electrics at gateways

P, W & B

Swinging gates


Contour work

1:30 pm

2:00 pm P, W & B


Rail work

Recessed gates in Yards

P, W & B

Fence Protection

2:00 pm

2:30 pm Railwork

Set up & preparation


Earth systems



2:30 pm

3:00 pm Electrics



Electrics at gateways


Fault finding & induction

3:00 pm

3:30 pm Netting

Contour work

P, W & B

End assemblies


End assemblies & footing

3:30 pm

4:00 pm P, W & B

Power installation Railwork & earthing

Fence Protection

P, W & B = Post, Wire & Batten

Post driver demonstrations will be taking place all day in the Demo Areas.


DEMONSTRATORS Electrics - Hugh Morrison Netting - Owen Petersen Post, Wire & Batten - Paul Van Beers Railwork - Tony White

The countdown is on for the “All about Fencing” demonstrative event which is being held within the South Island Agricultural Field Days (SIAFD) at Lincoln on March 20-22nd. All about Fencing is a fencing industry specialist event which offers a unique combination of product and installation techniques in a demonstrative situation. The objective is to bring all aspects of the New Zealand Fencing Industry together. Four highly experienced fencers with demonstrate a combination of products and installation techniques. Exhibitors within the All About Fencing area are suppliers of the fencing industry in the design and manufacturering sector and either supply retailers or sell direct to the industry. Twenty two brands are being represented and the full list of exhibitors can be seen on the All about Fencing website.

Many of these exhibitors including Tru-Test, Strainrite, Steel & Tube, X Fence, Stihl, All Power, Kinghitter, Taege, TePari and Paslode are supporting their retailers on other sites within the SIAFD event. They recognise the benefits of profiling their brands and being able to offer hands on technical advice within the All About Fencing area.

by hand and gun; Rail work – set out & preparation, Stockyard top lines, internal/external corners and mitre joints, terminal ends. The Demonstrators are using the products, chainsaws, fencing tools during the demonstrators with these being specialed off. The Raceway and end assemblies are also being disassembled so they can be sold.

Brands such as Precision who sell the Trailblazer compressors, Paslode under the new Stockade branding with their battening gun would not normally make the trip to the South Island but sales have picked up considerably on these items. North Island based Roundwood company Permapine have a growing reputation in the South Island, shipping large orders into Blenheim and to their retailers throughout the South Island.

Timetabled demonstrations on technical aspects of fence line installation and product installation will take place over the three days. The timetable is in the SIAFD programme or can be downloaded from the All About Fencing website. In-between times offer a chance to talk in-depth with the demonstrators and company reps who are strong in their technical product knowledge. It’s also a chance to meet or catch up with other fencing contractors and meet people associated with the industry.

Revolution Postdrivers, Taragate, Fencepro, Solo Fencing Systems and NZF Products are also exhibiting.


At the South Island Agricultural Field Days










Demonstration Area






The fence types being installed and their demonstrators are: Electrics - Hugh Morrison; Netting – Owen Petersen; Post, Wire & Batten - Paul Van Beers; Rail Work – Tony White.

17 5 9

4 8 7

NETTING 6 Demonstration Area

SITE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

* Site plan not to scale. Site layout is subject to change at the discretion of the organisers.

COMPANY Strainrite Fencepro FCANZ Solo Fencing Systems All Power Industries - Shindaiwa, Echo, Generac Fairbrother Industries -Kinghitter, King Country Fencing Tools Permapine TruTest – PEL, Hayes, Speedrite, Stafix Revolution Postdrivers Stihl Te Pari Taege Steel & Tube - Hurricane Taragate Eurocorp - X Fence NZF Products - Christie Spraytech NZ - Precision Air, Trailblazer Paslode - Stockade

They will be demonstrating installation techniques such as netting – straining of end and gut, joining methods, knots & crimps, keeping the profile of the netting while following the contour; Electrics - electrical connections, power installation and earthing, fault finding & induction, electrics at gateways and underground connections; Post, wire and battening end assemblies, footing, straining & tying off, battening

FCANZ as the industry body have a complimentary site and are offering special SIAFD entry & hospitality packages members via a pre registration system. We hope you take up this opportunity. There is an industry dinner on the Thursday night March 21st at The Bridge in Prebbleton. All are welcome at this informal mix and mingle evening with the demonstrators, many of the exhibitors, FCANZ Executive and other contractors attending. Please join us at this event and make yourself at home within this highly interactive demonstrative area which is All About Fencing. For further information view our website or contact Debbie on 09 2928063.

FCANZ Survey Results

Below and on the following page are a selection of results from the recent survey we sent to members, for more detailed results please contact Suzy. Thanks to all who responded - the prize will be drawn this week and winners announced via phone or email.

FCANZ Accredited Fencers Barakat Contractors Ltd (Te Kauwhata)

Central Fencing (Canterbury)

CPC Contracting (Kerikeri)

Craig Sergeant Fencing (Waipukurau)

C: Dale & Raewyn Barakat P: 07 826 4461 M: 027 473 5513 E:

C: Phil Cornelius P: 09 407 1160 M: 027 274 4188 E:

Glentui Farm Services (Feilding) C: Mike Billinghurst P: 06 328 8118 M: 027 695 662 E:

C: Nigel Broadbridge P: 03 325 7779 M: 021 433 623 E:

P: 06 858 9759 M:027-243 7334 E:

Grant Macdonald Fencing Service (Tauranga)

P: 07 5433486 M: 027 494 2251 E:

Greg Burton Fencing (Cambridge)

Gregg Holmes Contracting (Papakura)

Ground Up Solutions (New Plymouth )

High Country Fencing (Darfield)

P: 07 827 8765 M: 027 427 8765 E:

C: Clayton & Sue Horton P: 06 758 2217 M: 021 710 712 E:

Higgins Fencing Contractors (Wakefield) C:Philip Higgins


P: 03 541 9292 M: 021 222 5033 E:

P: 09 296 9984 M: 027 440 4247 E:

C:Geoff Rogers

P: 03 317 8028 M: 021 640 748 E:

Jeff Joines Fencing Contractor Ltd (Raumati South) P:04 905 1013 M: 027 484 4481 E:

Contract Fencing Ltd (Manawatu)

C: Andrew Cave P: 06 376 5992 M: 027 296 3504 E:

Ewing Fencing Contractors (Oamaru) C: Mark Ewing P: 03 431 3864 M:027 498 4049 E:

Grant Scott Fencing Ltd (Te Awamutu) P: 07 870 6541 E:

Ground Up Services (Katikati) C: Darryn Astill P: 07 552 0238 M: 027 586 9227 E:

Hadley Fencing (Whakatane) C: Peter Hadley P: 07 312 9069

John Baldock Fencing Ltd (Katikati) P: 07 552 0763 M: 021 176 4719 E:

Accredited Fencers continued... Renner Contracting Ltd (Seddon)

Lake Contracting (Omakau)

Phillips Contracting (Edgecombe)

C: Ken Lake P: 03 447 4031 M: 027 224 0302

C: Joshua Phillips P: 07 322 2993 M:027 587 3551 E:

Neil & Raymond Roberston (Fensin) (Waitetuna)

Samuel Fencing Ltd (Alexandra)

Steve Williamson Fencing (Timaru)

Taihape Contract Fencing (Mangaweka)

Todd Sherburd Fencing (Morrinsville)

White Fencing Ltd (Papakura)

Wilson Fencing (Havelock North)

C: Mike Samuel P: 03 448 6949 M: 0275 245 4090 E:

C: Neil Robertson P: 07 825 5747 M: 027 474 6335 E:

P: 03 686 4779 E:

C: Alan Rennie P: 06 382 5555 E:

West Otago Fencing 2001(Tapanui) C: Grant & Wendy Harris P: 03 204 8285 M:027 286 6576 E:

C: Tony White P: 09 292 8064 M:027 495 7868 E:

C: Terry & Karen Renner P: 03 575 7080 M: 027 226 7238 E:

Steve Locke Fencing Ltd (Blenheim)

P: 03 5781927 M: 021 37 1971 E:

P:07 887 5549 E:

C: Brendon Wilson P: 06 877 9844 M: 027 657 4588 E:

Want to see your NAME here? Then enquire about becoming ACCREDITED

Business Tips With the new financial year starting for many on April 1st, March is a good time to take stock of the year that was and ensure that you can move forward with focus and clarity. Here are some business tips to help ensure success for 2013/14.

Make sure you have terms and conditions in place Review your business terms and conditions, such as credit terms for clients or sub-contractors. It’s important before starting a job or taking on a contractor that you set out your obligations as well as what you expect from them. We all like to think that the worst won’t happen, but sometimes it does, and you need to make sure you have all the bases covered. FCANZ has a full set of terms of trade available for members - contact Suzy if you would like a copy.

Take a look at your business and marketing goals You don’t need to labour over a 40-page document that, once written, will get thrown in the bottom drawer. Write out three to five S.M.A.R.T. goals to aim for. By S.M.A.R.T., I mean: Are your customers happy? Keep in touch with your clients to • be SPECIFIC, find out what they think of your • make sure you can MEASURE work, customer service etc. This can your success, be done by an informal chat over the • set goals that you can ATTAIN phone or by a quick survey (there (not too easy though), are heaps of free internet surveys • be REALISTIC about what available). All feedback is positive, you can achieve, good or bad. In order to be the best • and set a TIME to achieve you can, you need to know what them in. you’re doing right and what you’re These could be quarterly, six- doing wrong, and your customer is monthly or yearly goals. Make in the best position to tell you. yourself accountable for them you may be surprised at just how successful you can become at meeting and exceeding your goals.

8PAGE 28

Get those invoices out! The amount of invoices I receive months after the work is completed staggers me. Either these businesses have fantastic cash-flow or their Keep up with administration tasks system is seriously flawed. You’ve We all do it - put administration last done the work and the customer is - but clutter won’t help you succeed happy – so send them an invoice! in business. Take the time to get organised: set up your systems There are a huge number of simple and processes, sort out those piles computer programs that will send of paper, look into getting some invoices in minutes, as well as track easy-to-use software that can speed who has paid. Once invoices have things up. Spending an hour or two been sent, make sure to keep an getting your ‘office’ uncluttered will eye on who hasn’t paid and follow make your life so much easier and up with a statement – you’ll be you can start the new financial year surprised how many people ‘lose’ with less stress.

by Kiely Buttell invoices and only pay on statements. What are your competitors up to? It’s good to review your competitors every now and then, especially if there is a new product or service available. It’s also good practice to keep abreast of news and developments within your industry – are there any new trends emerging? Keeping one step ahead of your rivals will ensure you stand out from the crowd. Quotes, quotes, quotes Are you getting the best price and service from your suppliers? Business expenses do creep up but by keeping a close eye on any price hikes or reduction in service you can make sure that you are not spending more than you should. I’ve always worked on 3 quotes for large purchases – I have saved over $10,000 on one job by using this process. It doesn’t mean that you’re being disloyal to your current supplier but they need to be doing the best job possible for you. Enjoy your success As you know, running a business can be stressful and you face many challenges each year. When you have a success, enjoy it! You’ve worked hard, provided fantastic service and you deserve to do well. Avoid falling into the trap of work, work, work, never surfacing to see just what you’ve achieved. Take time to have a break from your business, relax, unwind and come back refreshed and recharged ready for whatever comes next. Virtual Assistant Christchurch Ltd 0800 122 889

Editorial NZF Products Ltd is proud to be NZ distributor for the Christie Engineering Petrol Powered Waratah driver.

thumped to full length for tiebacks and tie downs, saving valuable hours, plus does not damage the tops of posts.

This remarkable machine was invented by Peter and Mick Christie of Christie Engineering in Sydney over two years ago, and has been a proven, reliable rugged machine, making life easier for aussie farmers and fencing contractors alike.

Hamish Hurst from NZF Products explains- our family have a high country farm near Parnassus, North Canterbury with an extensive hill country fencing program, we were trying to install about 80 y posts a day by hand into hard rotten rock, we imported a Maxi 73mm model from Christie Engineering and were installing up to 100 posts an hour in hard country, the labour savings and productivity have meant we have saved thousands in labour from using hammers etc.

The ergonomic design makes installing steel Y Posts a breeze, with only 5kg of downward pressure required from the operator with the post taking all the weight of the machine. Using a genuine Honda GX35 FOUR stroke motor, the machine starts effortlessly and reliably every time. With the steel posts in position in good going, up to 200 Y posts can be thumped in easily, taking about 5 to 10 seconds to install each post. In harder ground the machine can break through rotten and shaley rock where traditionally rock drills had to be used where it was too hard for a sledge hammer. The design allows steel posts to be easily

Ph: 027 469 4301

This reliability is due to the machine being fully manufactured and precision machined locally in Sydney from the highest grade of materials possible, plus being coupled with a genuine OEM approved Honda four stroke motor with a three year warranty, make it a winning combination.

With no hoses and compressors to worry about, it is a simple easy to use system. The old Ponjar rock drill has only been out for only 40 posts during this period, where we would have had to use it for half of all steel posts installed.

There are two models ex stock, the Standard 50mm model which weighs 13kg, suitable for most conditions, then a 73mm Maxi model at 16kg. The benefits of the Maxi model are it can drive two Y posts welded back to back where traditionally heavy T Irons were used on hand fenced corners, plus has 20% more power due to a larger diameter piston . The Maxi will drive old T irons, flat standards and 50x50 square pointed wooden batterns. Several contractors in NZ have now adopted the Christie Engineering machine and speak very highly of it.

Two Maxi machines have been going strongly since October installing over 4000 posts per machine, and contractors in Australia report machines still going strong after 20,000 steel posts.

If it is not a Christie machine, it is a Chinese made copy. For sales, service and enquiries please contact NZF Products on 027 469 4301,sales@nzfproducts. or

Sole NZ Agent: NZF Products Limited, 201 Maces Road, Bromley, Christchurch

Member photoscourtesy of Mike Billinghurst Photos of a retaining wall at ohakune

Affiliates, trusts & training institutes


FCANZ BOARD MEMBERS Nigel Broadbridge President 03 325 7779 021 433 623

Paul Fitzsimmons 03 374 3510 027 432 9381

Craig Shortall

John Noakes 03 528 6388 027 446 4413

027 499 9429

Mark Lambert

Simon Fuller 07 872 8180 021 376 805

027 428 5254

Mike Samuel (Accredited fencing contractors) 03 448 9339 027 245 4090

Suzy Alsop 0508 4 32269 021 955 958

Administration 0508 4 FCANZ (0508 4 32269) FCANZ PO Box 19 389 Hamilton, 3244

Why Join? • Support the industry and help lift the profile of fencing as a profession • Opportunity to network and communicate with like minded people throughout the country • Access to training including ATV and chainsaw courses • Access to assessing & NZQA qualifications National Certificate in Fencing • Free copy of WIRED publications (4 issues per year) • Association Days around the regions • Support from industry providers • Annual Conference

The FCANZ committee is predominately governed by Fencing Contractors who are volunteering considerable amounts of time to help the industry as a whole. By joining you are assisting in this effort and we would welcome you on board. We have various forms of membership: • General member $110 + GST • Employee $50 + GST • Wired subscription only $50 + GST All above members get a free subscription to WIRED. Email Suzy at operations@fencingcontractors. for your application form.

Please support our FCANZ Partners





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