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Church Leadership Council

April, 09

The meeting was called to order by Chair Julie Bennett at 6:30 p.m. Devotions and prayer were led by Doris Dexter. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Council The minutes of the January 5, 2009 meeting were approved as e-mailed and printed in “The Spires.” GOOD NEWS ITEMS – Council (1) Margaret Deans reported that the April 1 Wednesday Niter program talent show was a huge success. (2) Doris Dexter stated that those who attended the Jubilation weekend at Meadowview had a wonderful experience. She suggested that in the future there be more advertising from the pulpit for this wonderful event for our seniors. (3) Margaret Deans reported that Jared’s silent auction for the high school youth trip to Costa Rica raised ~$9,000. Danny Howe added that it brought a lot of excitement to the Mission Celebration Weekend. (4) Claudia Tustin announced that the trustees of Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, will proudly bestow the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree to Rev. Clark Jenkins on May 9, 2009. Carolyn is a trustee of the college, and they met there and married upon graduation in 1974. Clark’s father also received an honorary degree from the same college. Congratulations, Clark! (5) Danny Howe reported that the Missions Celebration Weekend was a success. Faith Promise pledges exceeded $90,000. (6) Mike McIntire reported that Holy Week is off to a great start. The prayer labyrinth is set up in the Chapel for use through Easter; the Last Supper service on Thursday is going to be a spectacular event; and the Friday evening Tenebrae service will also be special (7) Les Heaton shared his experience when he attended a Palm Sunday service at a relatively large church in Charleston, South Carolina. The attendance was very low (approx. 100), but they had a nice fellowship time between their two services. He was very proud about how good we do things at First Broad Street. He has decided that when he is out of town, he will attend different churches to be able to ascertain how we are doing in different areas and what we could be doing to improve First Broad Street. (8) Julie Bennett thanked Rosalee Sites and Kay Ann Smith for there Lenten readings. (9) Danny Howe reported that the new summer Mission Interns are John Garland and Ross Smith. NEW MEMBERS – Janet Manning Due to Janet’s absence, new members for March will be reported next month. DRAMA MINISTRY AND APPROVAL FOR A DINNER THEATER – Kay Ann Smith, Lynn Sorrell, and Margaret Deans Margaret Deans presented the “Alleluia Auction” as a fundraiser for the purpose of raising seed money for this drama ministry. She requested $500 for advertising. Margaret Deans moved that we approve the request for $500 for the advertising of the fundraiser “Alleluia Auction”. Fred Wallin seconded. Discussion ensued. The motion passed. LEADERSHIP ACADEMY TEAM REPORTS The Leadership Academy graduate teams each gave a short synopsis of their findings of the following challenges facing our church. More detailed information will be reported at a later time. Offering them Christ – Emily Lemieux, Matt Anthony, Jim Taylor – To improve youth/ young adult outreach and to implement a jail/prison ministry were two areas suggested for WINGS to pursue.

Vocational Formation: Clergy Shortage and Volunteer Development – Melissa Rivers, Sydney Cooper, Rob Riddle, Wayne Garland - It was discovered that the number of clergy under 35 years old is very low and needs to be addressed by involving youth, young adults and even adults who retired early. Many ideas were given on how to make it easier for our members to decide where they would like to volunteer. Financial Stability – Rebecca Yarosh, Bobby Gibbons, David Oaks – Discussion ensued about eliminating the debt, growing the endowment fund, and fees for use of the building. Changing Demographics – Chris Taylor, Jason Roberts, Buddy Bounds, Roger Hanz – Discussion ensued about what our church looks like compared to our community and the state. Technology – Gail Presler, Lawrence Collier, Glenn Berry, Mike Harvey – They brainstormed and came up with 60 possibilities. Julie Bennett asked that the CLC be in prayer about what needs to be done. She thanked them for all their hard work DISPOSITION OF BEQUEST – Mike McIntire and Council Mike McIntire shared with the CLC that the donor requested that the Council decide where this bequest be allocated. Discussion ensued. A committee of four was appointed consisting of Gary Popwell, Claudia Tustin, Paul Folk and Andrew Amodei to discuss this issue. They will come back to the council with their recommendations. DISCUSSION OF GUIDING DOCUMENT GOALS TURNING GOALS TO REALITY Julie Bennett deferred this agenda item to next month. OTHER BUSINESS – Council (1) Margaret Deans stated that collaboration was starting with the Senior Center for classes to be held in our building. Any member of First Broad Street 50 and over may attend these classes. (2) Danny Howe discussed the need for the Council to approve the Faith Promise Budget, but that the budget will not be ready until May. In the meantime, if something comes up before May he may need to get approval by e-mail. (3) Julie Bennett stated that Dena Anthony resigned as member at large on the CLC. The Lay Leadership Committee recommended that Lawrence Collier replace Dena Anthony as member-at-large. The recommendation passed unanimously. (4) Clark Jenkins stated that Tom Haskins has resigned from CLC. A new member-at-large needs to be found. CLOSING COMMENTS BY THE SENIOR PASTOR – Clark Jenkins (1) Unification Sunday will be June 7, at 10:30 a.m. A special offering will be held for our Endowment Fund. (2) A luncheon is being planned for discussion of the 40 and under men’s ministry. (3) Fellowship Café - The Nurture Team will provide networking and support for those experiencing job changes on Thursday mornings starting on April 9, at 8:30 a.m. in room 141 of the Wesley Wing. Those attending will have an opportunity to talk with others in the church and community who are going through similar changes. Please join us for a devotional, a bottomless cup of coffee and a bagel. This gathering is open to the entire community. Help us spread the word and invite your friends. For more information: contact Joy Eastridge (224-1512) or Nancy Tate (224-1507). (4) Clark expressed his appreciation for the hard work of the Leadership Academy Teams on the five areas of leadership that were presented. There being no other business the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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