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THANK YOU!!! Dear First Baptist Family, I just wanted to let you “all” know how much appreciated all the love, support, generosity, food and prayers have meant to me and the girls. Since the evening Jonny was hit we have felt the outpouring from our church family and don’t know where we would be without it. We truly believe God led us to First Baptist because He knew we would need you in our lives. He had a plan. The days ahead are going to be tough. I miss Jonny every day, every minute. I am asking for your continued prayers for the days, weeks, months and years ahead. We have to adjust to a new normal, whatever that may be. We know with our church family behind us and the love, mercy and grace of God we will make it through the storm. With much appreciation and love, Candace Day, Kalea Tanner and Kelsey Day. I want to say thank you to everyone for all the prayers, cards, uplifting words of encouragement, and meals during the last few months. It has certainly made it easier for me to take care of Scott through his illness. He continues to heal little by little. With many thanks, Dixie Kreulen & Family Dear Church Family, Thank you for all the phone calls, beautiful cards, notes of encouragement and love and friendship throughout the past months. My heartbeat is now perfect and I am looking forward to a beautiful summer in Indiana and returning to a beautiful fall in Florida. Thank you for all the Blessings! Ellen Miller Dear First Baptist, We find comfort, strength and peace just knowing others care. Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated. Thanks for the delicious food you brought to the house. The flowers were beautiful. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. Jean Willis, & family of Vickie Crist Dear Church Family, Thank you very much for the encouragement and concern for me through calls, cards, and prayers during my recent thyroid surgery. I’m grateful to the Lord that the nodes were benign, and I am doing well. It is truly a blessing to call you my “family”. With Love, Kaye Wise


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June 2013

ARE YOU LISTENING? As far back as I can remember, churches have struggled a bit when summertime approaches. We are all so glad for the “vacation days” as we plan our trips to the beaches and to the mountains. It is nothing has been going on for decades in churches everywhere. In this Interim Period there are special reasons why all members should do their best to stand by with faithful attendance. There was one time in our lives when Mary and I bought a condo at New Smyrna Beach (only an hour away from our house), but we promised the Lord that we would not take His Day (Sundays) to spend time there when we should be in church. We raised our children there. Unless we were spending a two week vacation time there, we did not go to it on Sundays. If we were spending time there, we would drive back for church on the Lord’s Day. He allowed us to keep it for almost 25 years until we sold it.

 It gives a good testimony to those who are attending that day.  The Pastor Search Committee could be bringing us news any Sunday, and we need to be there to hear it straight from the committee.  It’s good for each of us in the family to be there for the benefit of our own spiritual growth.  It’s encouraging to all of us to see lots of people attending and worshipping our wonderful Lord.  It just seems to “sweeten” the spirit of the congregation when we are all together.  It reminds that we need to be faithful in our giving during these summer days.  Don’t you like to see and hear a full choir? Worshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ encourages and strengthens us in our walk with Christ. Do enjoy your vacation, but please do your best to be in worship with us this summer at every possible time.

May I suggest some things that would encourage us to Love you all, Brother Allen be with the congregation on Sundays:







WEEKLY REQUIREMENTS………..............$


WEEKLY RECEIPTS (05-26-13)……....….......$ 10,345 MOTHER’S DAY CHILDRENS HOME………$


June Keenager Program June 20, 2013 11:15 a.m.

The Gideons Presented by Bob & Carolyn Hesselink Special Music by Rhonda Lindley Celebrating and caring for one another. Serving and ministering in Christ’s Name. Enjoying fellowship with God and each other.

Update from the Pastor Search Committee We are currently in one of the most exciting phases of our work here on the Pastor Search Committee. It seems like our meetings go longer each week, but having the ability and opportunity to speak with potential leaders from our area and around the country- from even as far away as New Mexico - gives us a increased energy and focus for finding God’s shepherd for our church. From the nearly 400 applicants, we eventually narrowed the field down to a very small group individuals. We have conducted an initial phone interview with those folks and have now just recently concluded our second round of interviews on video conference calls via Skype with a number of those folks as well. Our entire committee has participated in all of the calls/video conferences which allows all of us to be individually responsible and accountable towards seeking God’s will. We continue to need the power of your prayers to help us move in the right direction; at this point, we want to make sure we ask the right questions to receive the right answers. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will provide boldness for us to ask the difficult or hard questions that need to be asked and the discernment we need to select the right man.

MINISTER OF MUSIC Well, summer is officially here, and I’m sure you have lots of plans. Some of us will plan to travel around with family, go to new places, enjoy the company of friends, relax, shop, fish, go to the beach…or just keep on working at our daily job. One thing I want to share with you is that while we are here on this God-created Earth, as Christians, there is no summer break from doing the work of Christ. We are to make disciples of all nations [Matthew 28:19], we are to keep on preaching/sharing the gospel of Jesus to our Jerusalem (Sebring), Judea (Florida) and Samaria (USA) and to the ends of the Earth (you can figure that one out, right?)[Acts 1:8] During this summer we have a great opportunity again to love on our kids and the kids of our community through Vacation Bible School. It is such an important ministry of our church. Growing up it really made a difference in my life, even coming from a foreign land, missionaries from the U.S. would come to my town and teach Bible School, and as a father now, I want to make sure Luca and Taylor enjoy and learn about Jesus through that ministry. We are still in need of volunteers for this year’s VBS. It is July 7-11 for only 2 and 1/2 hours a day to teach, have fun, and see kids coming to Christ during July 7-11. Please contact Alison Whitehurst at 214-3926 and/or Charisa Buice at 214-9566 and tell them you are volunteering to help during this year’s VBS.

I also want to encourage you to take/make extra time for your Bible study, your devotional time, and reading stories of the Bible to your kids (By the way, our library is filled with books and videos of Bible stories). I am not writing this just for you, as I type these words, I am reminding and challenging myself as well. It is very easy to get distracted or load yourself with extra stuff to do, but make sure you keep your time for the Lord sacred, untouchable and unchangeable. Make it a priority. Lastly, I want to encourage you to keep on coming to Sunday School and church for our Sunday morning Worship celebration. Our attendance tends to shrink a lot (It has already started as I am sure you have noticed) because of summer and other reasons. Invite people to visit our church, we have been having such strong teachings from our pulpit with Dr. Higginbotham. He has been a Godsend a tremendous blessing to me and my family and many of you, always so encouraging and loving. Continue to pray for him and Mrs. Mary and that God continues to use him in ministering to us with His word. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to keep on working for the kingdom of God. Help with VBS, come to church services, read your Bible faithfully, and pray for our interim pastor and church staff. Love y’all and have a blessed summer! Jezimar Nuno Norberto Associate Pastor Music and Senior Adults

Dear Pastor, My records indicate that during last year either your church gave money when one of our speakers came to your church, some of the members made donations to our Gideon Card Program, or perhaps both. I thank you and your congregation on behalf of our organization for God’s Holy Word in schools, motels, prisons, etc. Please express our sincere appreciation to your members. We trust we can count on your help in the future. Again, Thank you for supporting our efforts to reach men, women, youth, and boys & girls for the cause of Christ. In the Name of Christ, Harold A. Brown Gideon Chairman, The Gideons International of Florida


As the school year is coming to an end, it is time to say good-bye to our four-year-olds. We will miss them as they get ready to start Kindergarten. Some of them we have had the opportunity to love on since they were babies. They all have a special place in our hearts.

Now it’s time to get ready for all our fun summer activities! We have many special things planned for the children. Dixie Kreulen

June 2013 voice  
June 2013 voice