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PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: Fifth Year Productions Tim Banach Operations Director 800.398.3029 x216 Fran Broderick Creative Director 800.398.3029 x250 ROCHESTER BUSINESSMAN BOB BARTOSIEWICZ, HALL OF FAME NFL QUARTERBACK JIM KELLY, AND HOLLYWOOD HITMAKERS PETER AND BOBBY FARRELLY, PARTNER TO LAUNCH FIFTH YEAR PRODUCTIONS ROCHESTER, NY (May 29, 2009) – Hollywood legends Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the writing and directing team behind hits like Dumb and Dumber and There’s Something About Mary, and the upcoming The Three Stooges, have partnered with CGI Communications CEO Bob Bartosiewicz, and Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Jim Kelly to create Fifth Year Productions, a new Rochester, NY-based television production company. Fifth Year Productions will develop content for the coveted audience of males ages 18-49, with an emphasis on creating opportunities for them to participate in both the development of new shows and in the content and substance of existing shows. Fifth Year Productions will engage talented, independent and student filmmakers along with its audience by infusing programs with opportunities to participate, whether through the creation of original content or by weighing in on what’s already on. Filmmakers will be given the chance to have their work seen by a national television audience, and a shot at being noticed by A-List Hollywood talent. Programs will be launched across platforms, including online and cable. “I know how hard it is to break into the filmmaking industry,” explained Bobby Farrelly. “That’s why I’m so excited to be a part of something like this. I think we can create some unforgettable material and give a lot of great filmmakers an opportunity to get noticed.” Fifth Year Productions will unleash the creative power of the filmmaking community by empowering writers, directors, cinematographers, and other talent to pursue their passions without the limitations of the traditional Hollywood

system. Comedy hitmakers and Co-Founders Peter and Bobby Farrelly will work with Fifth Year Productions to develop irreverent original programs, and unique opportunities for talent, from first year film students to Emmy winning sitcom writers. “I’m really excited to help bring a company like this to Western New York,” said Buffalo Bills icon Jim Kelly. “The Farrelly Brothers have created so many unforgettable films, and to now have them help create this kind of an opportunity in our area is pretty exciting. I think the region has got a wealth of really talented individuals who will shine given an opportunity like this.” Fifth Year Productions will be based in Downtown Rochester, New York, on 130 East Main Street, where construction will soon begin on a full television production studio. The company anticipates the creation of an estimated 100 new jobs in the Downtown Rochester area. “This will put Downtown Rochester on the national media map,” said Rochester Mayor, Robert J. Duffy. “I want to thank Jim Kelly along with Peter and Bobby Farrelly for showing faith in the future of our Center City. I especially want to thank Bob Bartosiewicz for his relentless efforts to bolster downtown. When he opened CGI he bucked the trend and located his company downtown. Since then it has grown to be the largest Advertising Communications company in Rochester, with several hundred employees and more to come. This new venture is a major component to rebuilding the Main, Clinton and St. Paul corridors. Investments and job creations like this will make downtown an exciting place to live, work and play.” CGI Communications CEO Bob Bartosiewicz added: “I think this will have an incredible impact on the Rochester community, especially in Downtown. You wouldn’t typically associate Rochester with the television and filmmaking industries, but I think now people will begin to imagine the possibilities, and see that we’re working to create a bright future for the area. When you consider the magnitude of a name like The Farrelly Brothers, you can start to understand what an incredible opportunity this will be for young filmmakers, as well as for the Rochester area.”

Fifth Year Press Release