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It has been passed down through the ages, highly coveted, lost, stolen, and bought for vast sums of money. This centuries-old Senet has been understood by some of the most prominent people ,. in history: Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Edison, Carnegie, Hnsteinlalong with other inventors, theologians, scientists, and great thinkers. Now The Secret is being revealed to the world.

"As you learn The Secret, you will come to know how you can be, or do anything you want. You will come to know who 'You really are. You will come to know the true magnificence that awaits you in life." -from the Introduction •

infOImation about the film version 1M Secret, visit 1$8N.13: 97IH5827().170-7 1S8N.10: 1"s827().170-9

authors, ministers, teachers, filmmakers, designers, to bring forth The Seoel world, and through her vision, bring joy to millions. Contributors include John Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lee Brower, Jack Canfield, Dr. John F. Demartini, Marie Diamond, Mike Dooley, Bob Doyle, Hale Dwoskin, Morris Goodman, Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Hagelin, Bill Harris, Ben Johnson, Loral Langemeier, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Arthur Ray, David Schirmer, Marc! Sh!moff, Dr. Joe Vitale, Waitley, Neale Donald lIhd Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.


online at on this and odc, IJ8II: booM'

ragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an inaedible revelation that will be life.. transforming for all who experience it, In this book, you' lIleam how to The Secret in every aspect of money, health, relationships, and in every interaction you have the world. You'll begin to tl.e hidden. untapped power ' within you, and this revelation C8tI lIrins joy to every .spect of your Iile. The Secret contains wisdom from modern .. day teachers-men and WQDlen who ha,ve used it to achieve wealth. and happiness. By the knowledge of The Secret, bb~.hilllg to light compelling stories 'Of eradicating disease, acquiring ma' aive weal th, overcoming and achieving what many regard as impossible.


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- TIle Emerald Table t, circa 3000 Be



Dedicated to You May The Secret bring


love a nd

joy for your entire existence.

That is my intention fo r you, and for the world .



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The Secret to Life




A year ago, my life had collapsed around me. I'd worked myself into exhaustion, my father died suddenly, and my relationships with my work colleagues and loved ones were in turmoil. Little did [ know at the time, out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift. I'd been given a glimpse of a Creat Secret-The Secret to life. The glimpse came in a hundred-year-old book, given to me by my daughter Hayley. I began tracing The Secret back through history. I couldn't believe all the people who kne w this. They were the grea test people in history: Plato, Shakespeare, Newton, Hugo, Beethoven, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison, Einstein. lncredulous, I asked, "Why doesn' t everyol1e know this?" A burning desire to share The Secret with the world consumed me, and I began searching for people alive today who kne w The Secret. One by one they began to emerge. I became a magnet: as I began to search, one grea t li ving master after another was dra wn to me . .





checks in the mail. People have used The Secret to manifest their perfect homes, life partners, car s, jobs, and promoti ons, w ith many

accounts o f businesses being tra nsform ed with in d ays of a pplying The Secret. There have been heart-warming stories o f stressed relationships invol ving children being resto red to ha rmony. Some o f the most magni ficent stories we have received ha ve come from children using The Secret to attract what they want, incl uding high grades a nd friends. The Secret has inspired d octors to share the knowled ge with their patients; uni ve rsities and schools with their stude nts; health clubs wi th their cl ients; churches of all d enominati ons and spiritual centers with th eir congrega tions. There

are Secret pa rties being held in homes a round the wo rld, as people share the knowled ge w ith loved ones a nd fa m ilies. The Secret has been used to a ttract all ma nne r of things-from a specific fea the r to te n milli on doll a rs. All o f this has ta ke n pl ace in the few months since the release of the film . My intenti on in creating The Secret was-and still is-that it will bring joy to billio ns a round the wo rld . Th e Secret team is experiencing the rea liza ti on of th at intenti on every day, as w e receive

thousa nds u pon thousa nd s o f letters from people across the world, of all ages, all races, and all nati onalities, expressiJ1g g ratitude for the joy of The Secret. There isn' t a single thing that you cannot do with this know led ge. It doesn' t ma tte r w ho you are or whe re you a re, The Secre t can g ive yo u whatever yo u want. Twenty-four amazing teache rs a re featured in this book. Their words were film ed all over the United Sta tes, all at diffe rent times,

xi i


yet they spea k as one voice. This book contains The Secret teachers' words, and it also contains miracu lous stories of The Secret in action. I have shared all of the easy paths, tips, and shortcuts that I have lea rned so that you can live the life of your dreams. You wi ll noti ce througho ut the book that in certain places I have capitalized the word " You ." The reason I did this is because I want you, the reader, to feel and know that I created this book for you. I am speaking to you personally when I say You. My intention is for yo u to feel a personal connection w ith these pages, because The Secret has been created fo r You. As yo u travel through its pages and you lea rn The Secret, you w ill come to know how you can have, be, or do anything yo u want. You wi ll come to know who you really are. You wi ll come to know the true magnificence that awa its you.


With the deepest g ratitude I wish to thank every person w ho has come in to my life an d inspired, touched, and illuminated me through their presence. I would also like to acknow ledge and express my gratitude to the following people fo r thei r magnificent support and contributio ns to my journey and to the creati on of this book: For generously sharing their wisdom, love, and di vinity, I pay homage to the featured co-authors of The Secret: John Assara f, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Lee Browe r, Jack Canfield, Dr. John Demartini, Marie Diamond, Mike Dooley, Bob Doyle, Hale Dwoskin, Morris Good man, Dr. John Gray, Dr. John Hagelin, Bill Harri s, Dr. Ben Johnson, Loral Lan gemeier, Lisa N ichols, Bob Procto r, James Ray, David Schirmer, Marci Shimoff, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Denis Wa itley, Nea le Donald Walsch, and Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. The magnifi cent human beings that make up The Secret production team: Paul Harring ton, Glenda Bell, Skye Byrne, and Nic George. • ••




Also to Drew Heriot, Daniel Kerr, Damian Corboy, and to all who journeyed with us in the crea tion of the film Tile Secret. Gozer Media, for the crea tion of the superb g raphics and fo r impregnating them with the feeling of The Secret: James Armstrong, Shamus Hoare, and Andy Lewis. The CEO of The Secret, Bob Rainone, who was delivered to us from heaven. Michael Gardiner and the legal and advisory team across Australia and the United States. The Secret website team: Dan Hollings, John Herren, and all at Powerful Intentions who manage and run The Secret Fo rum, along with the wonderful people on the forum . The great avatars and mas ter teache rs fro m the past, whose writings lit a burning fire of desire within me. I have walked in the shadows of their greatness, and 1 honor everyone of them. Special thanks to Robert Collier and Robert Collier Publica tions, Wallace Wattles, Charles Haa nel, Joseph Campbell and the Joseph Campbell Foundation, Prentice Mu lford , Genev ieve Behrend, and Charles Fillmore. To Richard Cohn and Cynthia Bl ack of Alria BookslBeyond Words, and Judith Curr of Simo n & Schuster, for opening their hea rts and embracing The Secret. For thei r editing: Henry Covi and Julie Steigerwaldt.



For their generosity in sharing their stories: Cathy Goodman; Susan Sioate and Colin Halm; Susan Morrice, director of Belize Natural Energy; jeannie MacKay; and Joe Sugarman. For their inspirational teachings: Dr. Robert Anthony, jerry and Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham, David Cam eron Gikandi, John Harrichara n, Catherine Po nder, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Stephen MR Covey, Eckhart Tolle, and Debbie Ford . For their generous support: Chris and Janet Attwood, Marcia Martin, members of th e Transformational Leaders Council, the Spiritual Ci nema Cir-

cle, the staff at Agape Spiri tual Center, and the assistants and staff of all the teachers featured in Tile Secret. My precious friend s for their love and suppo rt: Marcy KoltunCrilley, Marga ret Rainone, Athena Golianis and John Walker, Elaine Bate, Andrea Keir, and Mi chael and Kendra Abay. And my amazing family: Peter Byrne; my very special sisters: jan Child fo r her inva luable help with this book, Pauline Vernon, Kaye Izon (deceased), and Glenda Bell, who is always by my side and whose love and support knows no limits. My courageous and beautifu l mother, Irene lzon, and in memory of my father, Ronald lzon, whose light and love continue to shine through our lives. And finall y to my daughters, Hayley and Skye Byrne. To Hayley, who was responsible for the beginning of my life and its true journey, and to Skye, who followed my footsteps in the creation of this book, and who brilliantly edited and transform ed my words. My daughters are the precious jewels of my life, and they illuminate every breath I take through their very existence.









li:'C OACH

The Secret gives you anyt/hng yo{ wan t: happiness, health, alld wealth.




You can have, do, or be anything you want. I


.7 _ I



We can have whatever it is that we choose. 1 don 't care how big it is. 1


The Secret

Whal killd of a house do you wall l 10 live ill ? Do you waut 10 be a millionaire? Wlwl killd of a vu silless do youwallilo IIave? Do you Wallll/lOre success? Wllal do you really walll?


Tllis is Ille Gmal Secret of Life.


Tile leaders ill Ille pasl wllo IIad Tile Secrel wallied to keep Ille power alld Ilot sllare lite power. Tiley kepi people iglloralll of Tile Secret. People weill 10 work, tlley did their job, they came home. They were Oil a treadmill with 110 power, been use Tile Secrel was kept ill the /L'1v. Throughout history there have been many who coveted the knowledge of The Secret, and there have been many who found a way of spreading this know ledge to the world.


I've seell mallY miracles take place ill people's lives.

The Secret Revealed

Fillallcialmiracles, miracles of physical heal illg, lI1e1ltal healillg, healing of relaliollships.




All of II,is happel/ed because of kllowillg how to apply The Secrel.


You 've probably beell sitting Ihere wOllderillg, "Whal is The Secret' " 1'lI lell you how I've cOllie 10 ullderslalld it. We all work with olle illfillite power. We all guide ourselves by exactly the sallie laws. The lIatu rallaws of the III/iverse are so precise thai we dOIl 't evelllwve allY difficulty buildillg spaceships, 'we cnll selld people to the mOOIl, and we can time Ihe lalldillg with the precisioll of a fractioll of a second. Wherever you are- Illdia, Australia, New Zealalld, Stockhollll, LOlldoll, Toroll to, MOlltreal, or New York-we 're all workillg witll olle power. Glle Law. It 's att ractioll!




The Secret

Tile Secret is tile law of attractioll! Everything tilat's cOlllil1g il1to your life you are attractillg ill to your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the images you're holdillg ill your mind, It's what you' re thinking, Whatever is going 011 ill your mind you are attracting to you. "Every thought of yo urs is a rea l th ing- a force,"



The greatest teachers who have ever li ved have told us that the law of attraction is the most powerful law in the Universe. Poets such as William Shakespeare, Robert Brow ning, and William Blake delivered it in their poetry. Musicians such as Lud wig van Beethoven expressed it through their music, Artists such as Leonardo da Vinci depicted it in their paintin gs. Great thinkers incl uding Socrates, Plato, Ral ph Waldo Emerson, Pythago ras, Si r Francis Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Victor Hugo shared it in their w ritings and teachings. Their names have been immortalized, and their legendary existence has survived centuries.

Religions, such as Hind uism, Hermetic traditions, Buddhism, Judaism, Christiani ty, and Islam, and civilizations, such as the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians, delivered it through thei r writings and sto ries. Recorded throughout the ages in all its forms, the


The Secrel

o f Babylon. Through their understanding and appli ca ti on of the laws of the Universe, they became o ne of the wealthiest races in hi sto ry. n

BOB PROCTOR Wlty do you Iltillk Iltal 1 percell I of lite populalioll ean ,s aroulld 96 percell I of all lite 1II0lley fllO/'s beillg eamed ? Do yo" fltillk fhaf's all accidell f ? It's desiglled Ihal way. Tltey ,,"dersfalld sOlllefltillg. Tltey ulldersfalld Tlte Secrel , alld II0W

you are being iI/traduced to The Secret.

People who have drawn weal th into their li ves used The Secret, whether consciously o r unconsciously. They thin k thoughts of abundance and wealth, and they do not allow any contradi ctory thoughts to take root in their minds. Their predominant thoughts a re of wealth. They only kllow wealth, and nothing else exists in their minds. Whether they are aware of it or not, their predominant thoughts of wealth are what brought wealth to them. It is the law of attracti on in action. A perfect example to demo nstrate The Secret and the law of attraction in action is this: You may know of people who acq uired massive wealth, lost it all, and within a sho rt time acquired massive wealth again. What happened in these cases, whether they knew it o r not, is that their do minant tho ughts were on wea lth; that is how they acquired it in the first instan ce. Then they allowed fearful thou ghts of losing the wealth to enter their minds, until those fearful tho ughts of loss became their dominant tho ughts. They tipped the scales from thinking tho ughts of wealth to thinking

The Secret Revealed

thoughts of loss, and so they lost it al l. Once they had lost it however, the fea r of loss disappeared, and they tipped the sca les back with dominant thou ghts of wealth. And wealth returned. The law responds to yo ur tho ughts, no matte r what they may be.


Tile silllpiesl way for lIle 10 look al ille law of allmclioll is if 111,illk of lIlyself as a lIIagllel, alld I kllow Ilia I a lIIagllet will allracllo il. You are the most powerful magnet in the Universe! You contain a

magnetic power within yo u that is more powerful than anything in thi s world, and thi s unfath omable magnetic power is emitted

through yo ur thou ghts.




Basically pul, Ille law of allmctioll says IliaI like attracls like. Bill we're really lalkillg al a level of Illollgilt. The la w of attraction says like allracts like, and so as you think a thought, you are also attracting like thoughts to you. Here are more



The Secret

examples you may have experienced of the law of attraction in your life: Have you ever started to think about something you were not happy about, and the more you thought about it the worse it seemed? That's because as you think one susta ined thought, the law of attraction immediately brings more like thoughts to you. In a matter of minutes, you have gotten so many like unhappy thoughts coming to you that the situation seems to be getting worse. The more you think about it, the more upset you get. You may have experienced attracting like thoughts when you listened to a song, and then found that you couldn' t get that song out of your head. The song just kept playing over and over in your mind. When you listened to that song, even though you may not have realized it, you gave yo ur full attention and focus of thought to it. As you did that, you were powerfully attracting more like thoughts of that song, and so the law of attraction moved into action and delivered more thoughts of that song, over and over agam. â&#x20AC;˘


Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts ofwlwt we want, make it absolutely clear in our minds what we want, and from that we start to illvoke one of the greatest laws in the Universe, and that's the law of attraction. You become what you think about most, but you also attract what you think about most.

The Secret Revealed

Your life ri ght now is a re flectio n of your past thoughts. Tha t incl udes a ll the g rea t things, and a ll the things yo u conside r no t so great. Since yo u a ttract to yo u w ha t you thin k about most, it is easy to see what your d ominan t thoughts have been on every subject of yo u r life, because that is wha t you have ex pe rienced . Until now! Now you a re lea rnin g The Secret, and w ith this knowled ge, you can change everything.

- If you see it in your mind, you're goillg to hold â&#x20AC;˘


it in your

hand. If you can think about w hat you want in yo ur mind, and make tha t your dominant thought, yo u will bring it in to your life.


Alld that prillciple call be summed up ill three simple words. Though ts become things! Through this most powerful law, yo ur tho ughts become the things in your life. Your thoughts become things! Say thi s over to yo urself and let it seep into your consciousness and your awa reness. Your

thoughts become things! JOHN A SSARAF

Wha t mosl people dOIl't understalld is that a thought has a frequellCY. We call measure a thought. Alld so if you're



The Secrel

tlIillki llg that thought over nlld over nlld over agaill , if you 're imagilling ill your mind havillg tltnt bralld /lew car, Iwvillg Ihe money Iha l you lIeed, building Ihal coll1pally,jilldillg your sou l male ...

if you ' re imaginillg whal Ihal looks like, you 're

emitting thnt frequenctJ


a COlls;slellf basis.

DR. JOE VITALE Thou ghls are sellding oul fhalll1ag nelic sigllallhal is draw illg Ihe parallel back 10 you.

"The pred ominan t thought or the mental attitude is the mag net, and the law is that like attracts like, consequentl y, the mental attitude will invari ab ly attract s uch conditio ns as correspond to its nature."

Thoughts are magnetic, and thoughts have a frequency. As yo u think, those thoughts are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are o n the sa me frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source. And that source is You . Think of it this way: we understand that a television station's transmi ssion tower broadcasts via a frequency, which is transformed into pictures on your television. Most of us don't reall y understand how it works, but we know that each channel has a frequency,

The Secret Revea led


and when we tune into that frequency we see the pictures on our television. We choose the frequency by selecting the channel, and we then receive the pictures broa dcast on that channel. If we want

to see different pi ctures on our telev ision, we change the channel and tune into a new frequency.

You are a iIl/mall transmission tower" and you are more powerful th an any telev ision tower created on earth. You are th e most powerful tran smission tower in the Universe. Your transmission cre-

ates your life and it crea tes the world. The frequency you transmit reaches beyond cities, beyond countries, beyond the world. It reverberates throughout the entire Universe. And you are transmitting that frequency with you r thoughts! The pictures yo u receive from the transmission of your thoug hts are not on a television screen in your living room, th ey are the pic-

tures of your life! Your thoughts create the frequency, they attract like things on that frequency, and then they are broadcast back to yo u as your life pictures. If yo u want to change anything in yo ur life, change the channel and change the frequen cy by changing your thoughts.

"The vibrations of mental forces are the finest and consequentl y the most powerful in ex istence."


The Secret




See yourself livil/g ill abulldall ce al1d you will att ract it. It works every tillie, with every persoll.

As you think of yourself li ving in abunda nce, you are powerfull y a nd conscio usly d e te rmining your life through the law o f attractio n. It's that easy. But the n the most obv io us questi on becomes, " Wh y isn' t e ve rybod y liv ing the li fe of their dream s?"


Here's the problem. Most people are thil/ killg abou t. what they dOIl 't wallt, alld they're wOllderillg why it shows up over alld â&#x20AC;˘

over agal1l.

The o nl y reason w hy people d o no t have w hat they wa nt is because they a re thinking more abo ut w hat they dOIl 't wa nt than w ha t they do wan t. Liste n to your thoughts, and liste n to the wo rds you are say ing. The law is absolute a nd there a re no mistakes. An epidemic wo rse than any plague tha t humankind has ever seen has been ragi ng for centuries. It is the "do n' t wan t" epidemic.

The Secret Revca led


People keep this epidemic a li ve when they predominantl y think, s peak, ac t, and focus o n what they "d o n't want." But this is the gene ration th at w ill change history, because we a re receiving the knowledge that can free us of this e pide mic! It begins with you, and yo u can become a pioneer of this new thought m ovem ent by simply thinking and speaking about what you want.



Tile law of attraction doesn 't care whether you perceive something to be good or bad, or wheUler you don't wan t it or whether you do wallt it. It's responding to your thoughts. So if you're looking at a mou ntaill of debt,jeeling terrible abou t it, thaf's the signal you're putting out into the Universe. "I feel really bad because of all this debt I've got." You 're iust affirlllillg it to yourself You feel it on every level of your beillg. That's what you're going to get 1II0re of

The law of attraction is a law of nature. It is impersonal and it does not see good things or bad things. It is receiving your tho ugh ts and reflecting back to you those thoughts as yo ur life expe ri ence. The law of attraction simply gives you whatever it is you a re thinking about.


The law of attractioll is really obediet/t. When you think of the Ulillgs that you wallt, mId you focus on them with all of your illtentioll, thell the law of attraction will give you exactly


The Secret

what you WnIlt, every time. WIlen YOll focus art the tlii llgs that you don't want- "I don't wallt 10 be 10 Ie, I dOIl 't walll to be late" -the law of attractioll doeslI't hear Ihal you dOIl't wallt it. It manifests the thillgs that you 're Ihillkillg of, alld so it's gohlg to show up over alld over alld over agaill. TIle law of aftraclioll is not biased to wants or dOI/'t WnIl tS. Wllell you focus all somethillg, 110 /l1Ot/er what it happells 10 be, you really are callillg that into existcHce. When you focus your thoughts on something you want, a nd you hold that focus, you are in that momen t summoning what you want with the mightiest power in the Universe. The law of attraction doesn't compute "don't" or "not" or "no," or any other words

of negation. As you speak words of negation, this is what the law of attraction is receivin g:

"I don' t want to spill something on this outfit." "I wan t to spill somethillg on this outfit and I want 10 spill more thillgs." "[ don't want a bad haircut." "[ want bad haircuts." "[ don't want to be delayed." "[ wallt delays." "I don't want that person to be rude to me." "[ wallt thai persall alld more people to be rude to me."

"I don' t want the restaurant to give away our table." "lwa"t restaurants to give away our tables. "

The Secret Revealed


"I don' t want these shoes to hurt." "1 waHt slIoes to 11111'1. "

"I can't handle all thi s work."

" I wallt 1II0re work thOlI I call halldle,"

"I don't wa nt to catch the nu ," " I wallt the fill OIld I wall t to entch 1l10re thillgs, " " I don't wa nt to argue." "/ wanl more arguillg. "

"Don' t speak to me like that." " I wall t you to speak to lIIe like tllnt alld I wallt other people to speak to lIIe like that ," The law of attractio n is givi ng yo u what you are thinking about -period!



Ti,e law of attmctioll is always workillg, whether you believe it or wlderstalld il or 110t. The law of attraction is the law of creation, Quantum physicists tell us that the entire Universe eme rged from thought! You create your life through your thoughts and the law of attraction, and every sin gle person does the same, It doesn' t just work if you know about it. It has always been working in yo ur life and every other person's life throughout history, When you become aware of this great law, then you become aware of how incred ibly powerful you are, to be able to THI NK yo ur life into existence,


The Secret


It's working as mucll as you're tllinkillg. Any time your tl!Oughts are flow ing, the law of allraetioll is working. Wilen you're thinking about the past, the law of attractiOlI 's working. Wilen you're til inking about tire present or tile future, tile law of attraction is working. It 's an ongoing process. You don't press pause, you don't press stop. It is forever in action, as your tlrouglrts are. Whether we rea lize it or not, we are thinking most of the time. If you are speaking o r listening to someone, yo u are thinking. If you a re reading the newspape r o r watching television, yo u are thinking. When yo u reca ll memo ries fro m your pas t, you are thinking. When you are considering something in your future, you are thinking. When yo u a re driving, you are thinking. When you are getting read y in the mo rning, yo u are thinking. For many of us, the onl y time we are not thin king is when we are asleep; however, the forces of attraction are still o perating on our last thoughts as we fall asleep. Make your last thoug hts befo re going to sleep good thoug hts. MICHAEL BERNARD BEC KWITH

Creation is always happening. Every time an individual lras a thought, or a prolonged chronic way of thinking, tlley're in tile creation process. Something is going to manifest out of tllose thoughts. What you are thinking now is creating your future life. You create your life with your thoughts. Because you are always thinking, you

The Secret Revealed


are a lways crea ting. Wha t you think about the most or focus on the most, is what w ill a ppear as your life. Like a ll the laws of nature, the re is utte r pe rfection in this law. You create your life. Whatever you sow, you rea p! Your thoughts are seed s, and the ha rvest yo u reap w ill depend on the seed s yo u plant. If yo u a re complai ning, the law of attractio n w ill powe rfully bring into your li fe mo re situ ations for you to complai n abo ut. If you a re listening to someone e lse compla in a nd focusing on that, sympath izing w ith them, ag reeing w ith the m, in that moment, you a re attracting more situ ati ons to yourself to complain about.

The law is sim p ly re Aecting and g iving back to you exactl y w hat you are focusing on w ith your thoughts. With this powerful knowledge, you can complete ly ch an ge every circumsta nce and event in your e ntire life, by changing the way yo u think.





I liad a silldelli lIallled Robert, wllo was takillg all olllille collrse I IIave, pari ofwllicll ell iails email access to me. Roberl was gay. He oll tlilled all of tile grim realities of II is life ill I,is elllnils 10 lIIe. III IIis job, IIis coworkers gnllged up 011 IIilll. It was COll stnll fly stressful been use of IIOW nnsly


The Secret

they were with him. Whell he walked dowlI fhe street, lie was accosted by IlOmopllObic people who wall led to abuse hilll ill some way. He wallted to becollle a stalld-llp colllediall, alld whell he did a stalld-up comedy job, everybody heckled him abou t beillg gay. His whole life was aile of III/happilless alld lIIisery, alld it all focused aroulld beillg attacked becallse he was gay. I began to teach him that he was focusillg all what he did 1I0t wall t. 1 directed lIilll back to his email fhat lie sellt lI1e alld

said, "Read it again. Look at all the thillgs you do IlO t wallt that you 're tellillg lIIe about. I enll tell you're very passiollate about this alld whell YOLl fOCLls all sOlllethillg with a lot of passiON, it makes if happen even fas ter! " Then he slarled lakillg this Ihillg aboLlI focLlsillg all whal YOLI want to IICart, alld he bego/I really Iryillg il. Whal happelled with ill the IIext six to eighlweeks was all absolu te mirae/e. All tile people ill his office who ltad beell harassillg him either trallsferred to aHot/,ef departmeNt, quit workillg al the compallY, or storied cOlllpletely leavillg him alolle. He began to love his job. When I" walked dowII tile street, nobody harassed him anymore. They jLlsl weren'llhere. When he did his stand-LIp collledy rOlllilles he storied gellillg slalldillg ovatiON S, aNd Nobody was hecklillg hilll! His whole life e/IOIIged because he e/IOIIged from focusillg all whal he did IlOt Wat lt , whal he was afmid of, whaille wall led to avoid, to focusillg all whalhe did walli.

The Secrel Revealed


Robe r~ s

life changed because he changed his thoughts. He emitted a different frequency out into the U niverse. The Universe must deli ver the pictures of the new frequency, no matter how impossible the situati on might seem. Robert's new thoughts beca me his new frequency, and the pictures of his entire life changed. Your life is in your hand s. No matter where you are now, no matter what has happened in your life, you can begin to consciously choose yo ur thou ghts, and yo u can change your li fe. There is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance of your li fe can change!


You a/lract to you tlte predolllillan t tltol/gltts tltat you 're Ito/dillg in your awarelless, wltetlter 'ltose tltougltts are cOllscious or uncollscious. That's the rub. Whether you have been aware of yo ur thoughts in the past or not, 1I0W yo u are becoming awa re. Ri ght no w, with the knowledge of The Secret, you are waking up from a deep sleep and becoming aware! Aware of the knowledge, aware of the law, aware of the power yo u have through your tho ughts.


The Secret


If you look ven) carefu lly wheH it comes 10 Tile Secrel, aIId Ihe power of ou r milld all d Ihe power of our illlelliioll ill our daily lives, ii 's 0/1 arou ll d us. AI/ we have 10 do is open our eyes all d look. liSA NI C HOLS

You call see Ihe law of allraclioll everywhere. You draw everylllillg 10 yourself Ti,e people, Ihe job, Ihe circumslallces, Ihe health, Ihe weallll, IIle deb l, Ihe joy, the car Ihal you drive, IIIe comlll ullily Ihal you 're ill. Alld you've drawlI IIlem 0/1 10 YOII, like a magllel. Wha l YOII Ihillk abolll YO Il brillg abolli. YOll r wilDie life is a manifeslalioll of Ihe Ihollghls Ihal go all ill YOllr head. This is a Unive rse of incl usion, not exclusion. Nothing is exclud ed from the law of attracti on. Your life is a mirror of the dominant thoughts you think. All li ving things on this planet operate th rough the law of attraction. The difference with humans is that they have a mind that can discern . They can use their free will to choose their thoughts. They have the power to intentionally think and create their entire life with their mind .


/'m 1I01laikillg to you from Ihe poinl of viltw of wishful Ihillkillg or imagillary crazilless. /'m lalking 10 !Iou from a deeper, basic ullderslalldillg.

The Secret Revealed


QuantLlIII ptlysics really begins to point 10 this discovery. It says that you can't have a Ulliverse witJ/Ou t mind ellterillg into it, and thai Ihe mind is aClually shaping Ihe ven) Ihing Ihat is being perceived.

If you think about the analogy of being the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe, you will see the perfect correlation with Dr. Wolf's words. Your mind thinks thoughts and the pictures are broadca st back as your life experi ence. You not only create your

life with your thoughts, but your thoughts add powerfull y to the creation of the world . If you thought that yo u were insignificant and had no power in this world, think again. Your mind is actually shaping the wo rld a round you. The amazi ng work and discoveries of the quantum physicists over the last eighty yea rs has brought us to a g reater understanding of the unfathomable power of the human mind to create. Their work parallels the words of the world's great minds, including Ca rnegie, Emerson, Shakespeare, Bacon, Krishnamurti, and Buddha.



IfyoLl don 't understand ti,e law that doesn't lIIean you should reject it. YOII //lay not IInderstand electricity, and yet you enjoy the benefits of it. I don't know IlOw it works. But I do k1low this: You call cook a mml's dill11er witll electricity, and you call also cook fil e man!


The Secret


Oflen limes whell people begill 10 III/dersialld Ihe Creal Secrel, they become f righlelled of all ihe lIegalive Ihollghls Ihat Ihey have. They lIeed to be aware Ihal il has beell sciell lifically provell Ihal all affirmalive thollght is hlllldreds of times more rowelful thall a lIegalive thollghl. Thai elill/ilmles a degree of worry rigM Ihere. It reall y does take many negative tho ughts and persistent negati ve thinking to bring something negative into your life. H owever, if

you pe rsist in thinking negative thoughts over a pe riod of time, they will appear in yo ur life. If you worry about ha ving nega ti ve thou ghts, yo u will attract mo re worrying about your negative thou ghts, and mu ltipl y the m at the sa me time. Decide ri ght now that yo u are going to think onl y good thou ghts. At the sa me time, procl a im to the Unive rse tha t all yo ur good tho ughts are powerfu l, and that any negative thoug hts are weak. liSA N ICHOLS

Thallk Cod Ihat Ihere's a time delay, Ihat all of YO llr though ts dOli '! come Irlle illstalltly. We'd be ill trouble if they did. Tile elemell t of time delay serves you. It allows you to reassess, to think about whal youw"" t, alld 10 make n Ilew choice. All of yo ur powe r to create yo ur life is avai lable ri ght now, beca use right now is when yo u are thinking. If you have had some thoughts that will not be bene fi cia l when they ma nifest, the n right now yo u can change your thinking. You can e rase your previous thoughts by

The Secret Revea led


replacing them with good thoughts. Time serves you because you ca n think new th oughts and emit a new frequency, now! DR. JOE V ITALE

YOII wallt to become aware of YOHr tlIOHglI ts alld c"oose your Illollgilts careflllly alld '1011 walll 10 Imve fi'" willI IlIis, becallse YOII are tile lIIaslerpiece of your oWlllife. YOII are tile MiclIelallgeio of YOllr oWlI life. Tile David you are swlplillg is YOII . One way to master your mind is to learn to quiet YOUT mind . With -

out exception, every teacher in this book uses meditation as a dail y practice. It wasn' t until I discovered The Secret that I rea lized how powerful med itation can be. Med itation quiets your mind, helps you control you r thoughts, and revita lizes your body. The great news is that yo u don' t have to set aside hours to meditate. Just three to ten minu tes a day to begin with, can be incredibl y powerful for gaining control over your thoughts. To become aware of yo ur thoughts, you ca n also set the intention, "I am the master of my thou ghts." Say it often, meditate on it, and as yo u hold to that intention, by the law of attraction you must become that. You are now receiving the knowledge that will enable yo u to create the most magnificent version of You. The possibi lity of that version of you a lready ex ists o n the freq uency of "the most magnificent version of You ." Decid e what you wa nt to be, do, and ha ve, think the thoughts of it, emit the frequen cy, and yo ur vision wi ll become your life.

eC-io/' • Tire Creal Secrel of Life is lire law of attraclioll. • Tire law of alt.raclioll says like attracts like, so wlren you tlrillk a Ilrouglrl, you are also allractillg like Ilrouglrls 10 you. • Tlwuglr ls are magnelic, and Ilrouglrls Irave a f reque/lcy. As you Ilrillk tllOugflls, Ilrey are senl oul ililo lire Ulliverse, alld Ilrey magllelically attracl all like Ihillgs Ilral are on lIte same frequency. Everylhillg sen l out relurlls to tire source - you. • YaLi are like n human trallsmissioll tower, tral1smilliug a frequellClj willr your Ilrouglrls. If you walll 10 clrange allyllling in your life, change Ihe frequell cy by clwllgillg your Ilrollglr ls.

• Your currellt Ilrouglr ls are crealillg YOllr future life. What you tllillk abollilire IIIOSt or fOCLls 011 Ihe 111051will appear as YOllr life. • YOLlr tllOllghls beco/lle Ihillgs.



We live ill a lllliverse ill which there are laws, just as there is a law of gmvity. If YOIl fall off a buildillg it doesn't matter if YOII 're a good persall or a bad person, you 're going to hit the grOlmd. The law of attrac ti on is a law of nature. It is as imparti al and impersonal as the law of gravity is. It is precise, and it is exact.



Everything tllnt sur,.oullds you righ t 11010 ill you r life, inc/uding the things you're complaining abou t, you've attmcted. Now I know at firs t blush that's going to be something that YOIl hate to hear. You 're going to iml/1ediately say, "I didll 't attract the car accident. I didll't attract this particular c/ien t who gives lIIe a hard time. I didll't particularly attract the deb t." Alld /'m here to be 27


The Secret

a little bit in your face alld to say, yes you did attract it. TlIis is aile of tlIe lIardest co//Cepts to get, but alice you've accepted it, it's life trallsforming. Often when people first hear this part of the Secret they recall events in history where masses of li ves were lost, and they find it incomprehensible that so many people could have attracted themselves to the event. By the law of attraction, they had to be on the same frequency as the event. It d oesn' t necessaril y mean they thought of that exact event, but the frequency of their thoughts ma tched the frequency of the event. If people believe they can be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they have no control ove r outside ci rcums tances, th ose th oughts of fear, sepa ration, and powerlessness, if persistent, can a ttract them to being in the w rong place a t the wrong time. You have a choice ri ght now. Do you want to believe th at it's just

the luck of the draw and bad things can happen to you at any time? Do you want to believe that you ca n be in the w rong place at the wrong time? That you ha ve no contro l over circumstances? Or do you want to believe and kllow that yo ur life experience is in your hands and that only all good can come into your li fe beca use that is the way you think? You have a choice, and whatever you choose to think will become your life experience.

Nothing can come into your experience unless you summ on it through persistent thoughts.

The Secret Made Sim ple




Most of us attract by default. We just think that we don 't have allY cOlltrol over it. Our thoughts alld feelillgs are on autopilot, alld so everythillg is brought to us by default.

No one would ever deliberately attract anything unwanted. Without the know ledge of The Secret, it is easy to see how some un wanted things may have occurred in yo ur life or other people's li ves. It simply ca me from a lack of awareness of the great creative power of our thoughts. DR. JOE VITALE

Now if this is your firs t time to Ilfar this, it may feel like, "Oh, I have to mOl1itor my thoughts? This is goillg to be a lot of work. " It will seem like that at first, but that's where the fUll beg ills. The fun is that there a re many shortcuts to The Secret, and yo u get to choose the shortcuts that wo rk best for YOll . Read on, and YOll' lI see how.


It's impossible to mOllitor every thought we have. Researchers tell /.IS that. we have about sixty tho/.lsand

thoughts a day. Call you imagille how exhausted you'd

, â&#x20AC;˘


The Secret

feeltryillg to coll trol all sixty tltol/ salld of tltose tltougltts? Fortunately there's nil easier way, aNd it's ourfee/illgs. Our feelillgs let LIS know wltatwe're tltillkillg. The impo rtance of feelings ca lUlot be ove rstated. Your feelings are your greatest tool to help you create your life. Your thoughts are the primary cause of everything. Everything else yo u see and experience in this world is effect, and that includes yo ur feelings. The cause is always your thoughts. BOB DOYLE


Tlte elliotions are an illcredible gift tlmt we lIave to let LIS know w hat we 're tI'inkhlg.

Your feelings tell yo u very quickly what you' re thin king. Think about when yo ur feelings suddenl y took a dive maybe when yo u heard some bad news. That feeling in your sto mach or solar plexus was instant. So your feelings are an immediate signal for



know what you are thinking. You want to become aware of how you' re feeling, and get in tune with how you're feeling, because it is the fastest way for you to know what you' re thinking. liSA NICHOLS

You lIave two sets offeelillgs: good feeli llgs alld bad feelillgs. And you kllow the difference betweell tile two becall se Olle makes you feel good, ""d the otlter makes you feel bad. It's tlte depressioll, it's tile anger, it's the reselltmellt, it's tlte guilt. It's

The Secret Made Simple


Illose feelillgs 11101 dOIl 'llIlake you feel elllpowered. Tllose are Ille bad feelillgs. No one can tell you w hether you a re feeling good or bad, because you are the onl y o ne who knows how you' re feeling at any time. If you' re not sure how you' re feeling, just ask yo urself, " How am I feeling?" You can stop and ask this question often during the day, and as yo u do yo u will become more aware of how yo u' re feeling . The most important thing for yo u to know is that it is impossible to feel bad and at the same time be having good thoughts. That wo uld defy the law, because your thou ghts cause your feelings. If you are feeling bad, it is because yo u a re thinking thoughts that are lIlakillg you feel bad . Yo ur thoughts determine yo ur freq uency, and your feelings tell yo u immediately what frequency you are on. When yo u are feeling bad, yo u are on the frequency of drawing mo re bad things. The law of attractio n IIlUst respond by broadcasting back to you more pictures of bad things and things that will make yo u feel bad. As you feel bad, and don't make any effort to change you r thoughts and feel better, YOli are in effect saying, "Bring me more circum-

stances that will make me feel bad . Bring it on! " liSA NI C HOLS

Ti,e Jlipside 10 11101 is 11101 you IIave good ell/oliolls alld good feelings. YOLt know whe" they come because they make you feel good. Excilelllellt, joy, gratitude, love. IlIlagille ifwe could


The Secret

feel lhat way every day. Wi ,en you celebmte the good feelings, you 'll dmw to yon more good feelings, mId Ihings Iha l tnake you feel good. BOB DOYlE


It's really so sitnple. "Wha t alll I allracling righ l now? " Well, IIOW do you feel? " I feel good." Well good, keep doillg Ihal.

It is impossible to fee l good and at the same time be having negati ve thollg hts. If YOll a re feeling good, it is beca llse YOll are thinking good thoughts. You see, YOll can have whatever yo u want in your life, no li mits. BlIt there's one catch: Yo u have to feel good . And whe n YOll th in k abo ut it, isn' t that all yo u ever wa nt? The law is indeed perfect. , .. , ., MARC! SH IMOFF

Ifyoll 're feelillg good, Ihell you're crentillg a fU lure Ihal 's on track witll your desires. If you're feelillg bad, you 're creatillg a fll iure Ihat's off Imck wilh your desires. As you go aboul your day, the law of attractioll is wo rkillg ill every secolld. Everylhillg we tllillk alld feel is creal illg our fUI ure. If you're worried or il1 fear, fhell YOl/'re brillging more of t/w t ill fo your life lllrougllOu t Ihe day. When you are feeling good, you mllst be think ing good thoughts. So


are on track and you are em itting a powerful frequency th at

is attrac ting bac k to YOll mo re good things that will make YOll feel good. Seize those moments w hen yo u a re feeling good, and mil k

The Secret Made Sim ple


them. Be awa re that as you are feeling good, yo u are powerfull y attracting more good things to you . Let's go one step further. What if your feelings are actually communication from the Ulliverse to let you know what you're thinking? JACK CANF I ElD

Ourfeelillgs are a feedback mechallism to us abou t whether we're Oil track or IlOt, whether we're 0/'1 course or of! course. Remember that your thoughts are the primary ca use of everything. So when yo u think a sustained thought it is immediately sent out into the Universe. That thought magnetically attaches itself to the like frequency, and then within seconds sends the read ing of that frequency back to you thro ugh your fee lings. Put another way, your feelings are communication back to you from the Universe, telling yo u what frequency you a re cu rrently on. Your feelill gs are yourfrequellcy feedlJOck lI1ecllnl"lism! When yo u are feeling good feelings, it is communication back from the Universe saying, "You are thinking good thoughts." Likewise, when yo u are feeling bad, you are receiving communication back from the Universe saying, "You are thinking bad thoughts." So when you are feeling bad it is communication from the Universe, and in effect it is say ing, "Warning! Chan ge thinking now. Negative frequency recording. Change frequency. Counting down to mani fes tation. Warning! "


The Secret

The nex t time yo u a re feeling bad o r feeling a ny negati ve e motion, listen to the signal you a re receiving from the Un iverse. In that m oment yo u are b10ckillg your own good fro m comi ng to yo u because you are on a negati ve frequency. Cha nge yo u r tho ughts and think about something good, a nd w hen the good fee lings sta rt to come you w ill know it was because You shifted yo urself on to a new frequency, and the Uni verse has confirmed it w ith better feelings. BOB DOYLE

You 're gettillg exactly what you 're feeling about, not so lIIuch what you're thillkillg about. Tha t's why people tend to spiral if they stub their toe gettillg out of bed. Tileir whole day goes like that. They have 110 clue tllOt a simple shiftillg of their elllotiollS call challge their ell tire day-m Id life. If you start out IIOVi llg a good day alld you're ill that particular happy feelillg, as 10llg as you dOll 't allow somethillg to c/lOlIge your mood, you're goillg to call till lie to attract, by the law of attractioll, more situatiolls alld people that sustaill that happy feeli ng. We aU have experienced those days or times w he n one thing after a nothe r goes wrong. The ch ai n reaction bega n with aile thought, w hethe r yo u were awa re o f it o r not. The one bad tho ught a ttracted more bad tho ughts, the frequency locked in, a nd eventually someth ing wen t wrong. The n as yo u reacted to that one thing goi ng

The Secret Made Simple


wrong, you attracted more things going wrong. Reactions just attract more of th e same, and the chain reacti on must keep occurring

until yo u move yourself off that frequ ency by intentio nally changing your thoug hts. You can shi ft your thoughts to what yo u wa nt, receive confi rmation through your fee lings that yo u changed yo ur frequency, and the law of attraction wi ll grab hold of that new frequency and send it back to yo u as the new pictures of yo ur life. ow here is where you can harness your feelings an d use them to turbo-charge w hat you want in your life. You can purposefully use your feeli ngs to transmit an even more

powerful frequency, by addin gfeeling to what you are wanting. MI C HAEL BERNARD BEC KWITH

You can begin right now to feel healthy. You can begill to feel prosperous. You call begill to feel the love that's surroundhlg you, evell if it's IIOt there. Alld what will happell is the ulliverse will correspolld to the nature of your song. The ulliverse will correspolld to the nature of that inlier feeling alld ",allifest, because that's the way you fee l. So what are you feeling now? Take a few moments to think about how you fee l. If yo u're not fee ling as good as you' d like to, focus on feelillg you r feelings inside and pu rposefu lly li ft them. As you focus intensely on yo ur feelings, with the intention to lift yourself, you can powerfull y elevate them. One way is to close your eyes


The Secret

(shutting out distractions), focus on your feelings inside, and smile for one minute.


Your thoughts alld your feelillgs create YOllr/ife. It will always be that way. Guamllteed! Just like the law of g ra vity, the la w of a ttractio n never slips up. You don't see pigs flying because the law of g ravity made a mistake and forgot to a pply grav ity to pigs that day. Likewise, there are no exclusions to the law of attractio n. If something came to you, yo u drew it, with prolo nged thought. The law of attraction â&#x20AC;˘





It's hard to swallow, bu t whel1 we call begill to open ourselves up to tlla t, tile ramifications are awesome. It means flint whatever thought has dOll e ill your life, it call be ulldolle through a shift ill your awarel1ess. You have the power to change anything, because you are the one who chooses your thoughts and you are the one who feels your feelings.

"You create your own uni verse as you go along."

The Secret Made Sim ple



It's really illlportant that you fee l good, because this feeli ng

good is wha t goes ou t as a signal into the Universe and starts to attract lIIore of itself to you. So the more you can feel good, the 1I10re you will attract the things that help you feel good, and are able to keep bringing you up higher and higher. BOB PROCTOR ~

'" When you're fee/ing down, did you know that you can change it il'l a l1 in stant ? Put 011 a beautiful piece of music, or start singing- that'll challge your ell1otiol1. Or think of somethillg beautiful. Think of a baby or somebody that you truly love, and dwell on it. Really keep that thought in your mind. Block everything out but that thought. I guara ntee you'll start to feel good. Make a list of some Secret Shifters to have up your sleeve. By Secret Shi fters, I mean things that can change yo ur fee lings in a snap. It might be beauti ful memories, future events, funn y moments, nature, a pe rson you love, your fa vorite music. Then if you find yourself an gry or fru strated or not feeling good, turn to your Secret Shi fters list and focus on one of them. Different things will shjft yo u at di fferent times, so if one doesn' t wo rk, go to another. It onl y ta kes a minute or two of changing focus to shift yourself and shi ft yo ur frequency.


The Secret â&#x20AC;˘





The principle offeelillg good applies 10 your family pels, for inslance. Animals are wonderful, because they put you ill a great emotiollal state. When you feel love for your pet, that great state of love will bring goodness in to your life. And what a gift that is. " It is the combination of thought and love

which forms the irresistible force of the law of attraction."

There is no greater power in the Universe than the power of love. The feeling of love is the highest frequency yo u can emit. If you could wrap every thoug ht in love, if you could love everything and everyone, your life would be transformed . In fact, some of the g reat thinkers of the past referred to the law of attraction as the law of love. And if yo u think abo ut it, you will understand why. If you think unkind thoughts about someone else,

The Secret Made Simple


you will ex perience those unkind thoughts manifested . You cannot harm another wi th your thoughts, you onl y harm You. If you think thoughts of love, guess who receives the benefits-you! So if your predominant state is love, the law of attraction or the law of love respond s w ith the mightiest fo rce because you are on the highest frequency possible. The greater the love yo u feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.

"The principle which gives the thought the d ynamic power to correlate w ith its object, and the refore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, w hich is another name for love. This is an eternal and fund amental principle inherent in all things, in every system of philosophy, in every Reli gion and in every Science. There is no getting away fro m the law of love. It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought. Feeling is desire and d esire is love. Thought impregnated w ith love becomes in vincible."



. Once you begin to undersland and Iruly master your MARC I SHlMOFF

though Is alld feelings, lilat's when you see how you creole your own reality. Tilal's where your freedom is, that's where all you r power is.


The Secret

Marci Shimoff shared a wonderful quote from the great Albert Einstein: "The most important question any human bei ng can ask themselves is, ' Is this a friend ly Universe?'" Knowing the law of attraction, the onl y answer to give is, "Yes, the Universe is friendl y." Why? Because w hen yo u a nswer in this way, by the law of attraction you must experience that. Albert Einstein posed this powerful question because he knew The Secret. He knew by asking the question it wo uld force us to think and make a choice. He gave us a g reat opportunity, ju st by posing the question. To take Einstein's intention even further, you can affirm and proclaim, "This is a magniAcent Universe. The Uni verse is bringing all good things to me. The Uni verse is conspiring for me in all things. The Universe is supporting me in everything I do. The Uni verse meets all my needs immed iately." Kllow that this is a friend ly Universe! JAC K CAN FI ElO

Sillce I leal'lled Tile Secret alld started applyillg it to Illy life, my life ilas truly becollle magical. I tilillk tile killd of life tilat everybody dreams of is olle I live 011 a day-to-day basis. I live ill a four-alld-a-half-millioll-dollar lIIallsioll. I ilave a wife to die for. I get to vacatioll ill all tile fabu lous spots of tile world. I've climbed lIIo'lIItaills. I've explored. I've beell 011 safaris. Alld nil of this hnppelled, nlld cOlltill Lles to hnppe", because of kllowillg how to apply Tile Secret.

The Secret Made Si mple



Life call be absolutely phelloll/mal, alld it should be, alld it will be, whell you start usillg Tile Secret.

This is your life, and it's been wa iting for you to discover it! Up un til now you may have been thinking that life is hard and a struggle, and so by the law of attraction you will have experienced life as hard and a struggle. Begin right no w to shout to the universe, "Life is so easy! Life is so good! All good things come to me!" There is a truth deep down inside of yo u that has been waiting for you to discover it, and that Truth is this: you deserve all good thillgs life has to offer. You know that inherentl y, because you feel awful when yo u are experiencing the lack of good things. All good things a re yo ur birthright! You are the creator of you, and the law of attraction is your magnificent tool to create whatever you want in your life. Welcome to the magic of life, and the magnificence of You!

eCMi/ ' • The law of attraction is a law of nature, It is as impartial as the law of gravity, • Nothillg can come into your experience unless you summon it through persistent thoughts,

• To know what you're thinking, ask yourself how you are feeling. Emotions are valuable tools that instantly tell us what we are thinking. • It is impossible to feel bad and at Ihe same time have good thoughts.

• Your thoughts determine your frequency, and your feelings tell you immediately what frequen cy you are on. When you feel bad, you are on the frequency of drawing more bad things. Wilen you feel good, you are powerfully attracting more good things to you. • Secret Shifters, such as pleasant memories, nature, or your favorite music, can change your feelings and shift your frequency in an in, stant.

• The feeling of love is the highest frequenClJ you can emit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are IlQrnessing.


You are a creato r~ and there is an easy process to create using the law of attraction. The grea test teachers and ava tars have shared the Creati ve Process throug h their wond rous work, in a myri ad of forms. Some great teachers created stories to demonstrate how the Universe works. The wisdom contained in their s to ries has been handed dow n through the centu ries and has become legendary. Man y people li ving today do not realize that the essence of these stories is the very tru th of life. JAMES RAy

..... If you tltillk about Aladdin alld Itis lall1p, Aladdill picks up tlte lamp, dusts it off, alld ali t pops tlte Genie. The Gellie always says aile tltillg: "Your w;sll is Illy command! "

Tlte story now goes tltat tltere are tltree wisltes, but if you 45


The Secret

trace the story back to its origin s there's absolutely no filllit whatsoever to the wishes. Think about that one. Now, let's take this metaphor and apply it to your life. Remember Aladdin is the one who always asks for what he wan ts. Then you 've got the Universe at large, which is the Genie. Traditions have called it so many things- your holy guardia n angel, your higher self We con put any label on it, and you choose the one that works best for you , but every tradition has told us there's something bigger than li S. And the Genie always says one thing: "Your wish is my command! "

This wonderful sto ry demonstrates how yo ur whole li fe and everything in it has been created by Yo u. The Genie has sim ply answered your every command. The Gen ie is the law of attraction, and it is always present and always listening to everything yo u think, speak, and act. The Genie assumes tha t everything you think about, you want! That everything you speak about, yo u want! That everything yo u act upon is what yo u wa nt! Yo u are the Master of the Universe, and the Ge nie is there to serve you. The Genie never questions your commands. You think it, and the Genie immediately begins to leverage the Uni verse, thro ugh people, circumstances, and events, to ful fi ll your w ish .

How to Use the Secret


The Crea ti ve Process used in The Secret, w hich was taken from the New Testament in the Bible, is an easy guide line for yo u to create w hat you wa nt in three si mple steps.


n,e first step is to ask. Make a oolllllland to the UlIiverse. Let the Ullimrse kllow what you l00llf. n,e Ullimrse responds to your thoughts. n ~




What do you really wallt? Sit dow" and write it ou t Oil a

piece of paper. Write it ill the present twse. You might begin by writillg, " I alii so happy alld grateful now that ... " And thell explaill how you wallt your life to be, ill every area. You get to choose w hat yo u wa nt, but yo u must get clear about what you want. This is your wo rk. If yo u're not clear, then the law of attraction cannot bring you w hat yo u wa nt. You w ill be sending out a mi xed frequency a nd you can only attract mixed results. For the first time in your li fe pe rhaps, wo rk out what it is you really wa nt. Now that yo u know yo u ca n ha ve, be, or do anything, and there are no limits, what d o yo u want?


The Secret

Asking is the first step in the Creative Process, so make it a habit to ask. If you have to make a choice and yo u d on' t know w hich way to go, ask! You should never be stumped on anything in your li fe . Just ask! DR. JOE VITALE

This is really fUll. It's like having the Ulliverse as your catalogue. You flip through it mId say, "I'd like to have this experience alld I'd like to have that product alld I'd like to have a person like that." II is You placillg your order with the Universe. It's really that easy. You do not have to ask over and over agai n. Just ask once. It is exactl y like placing an o rder fro m a catalogue. You onl y ever o rder something once. You d on't pl ace an ord er and then doubt the ord er has been received and so place the orde r aga in, and then again, and then again. Yo u o rder o nce. It is the sam e w ith the Creati ve Process. Step O ne is simply you r step to get clea r about what you wa nt. As you get d ear in you r m ind, you have asked .


Step huo is believe. Belieue that it's already yours. Have what I Jove to call wrwaveringfaitll. Believing ill tile lillseell.

How to Use the Secret


Yo u must believe that you h ave received . Yo u must know that w ha t you want is yo urs the moment you ask. Yo u must have comple te and utte r faith . If you had pl aced a n o rde r fro m a catalogue yo u would relax, kn ow YO LI are going to receive w hat you ord ered, and

get on with your life. "See the th ings that you wan t as alread y yours. Kn ow that they will come to you a t need . The n le t the m come. Don' t fre t and wo rry about them . Don' t think about your lac k of the m . Think of them as yours, as belong ing to you, as alread y in

. " you r possession.

(1 885-1 950) In the mome nt you as k, and believe and know yo u alread y h ave it in the unseen, the entire Uni ve rse shifts to bring it into the seen. Yo u mu st act, speak, and thin k, as thoug h you are receiving it /lOW . Wh y? T he U ni ve rse is a mirror, and the law of attrac ti on is mir-

roring back to you yo ur d omina nt thoug hts. So d oesn' t it ma ke sense tha t you have to see yourself as receiving it? If yo ur thoughts contain noticing you do not have it ye t, you w ill continue to a ttract not having it ye t. You mu st believe yo u have it already. You must believe you have received it. You have to e m it the feeling freq uency o f having received it, to bring those pi ctures back as your life. Whe n you do tha t, the law of a ttracti on will powe rfull y rnove all ci rcumstances, people, and even ts, for you to receive.


The Secret

When you book a vacation, orde r a brand new car, or buy a house, you know those things are yours. Yo u wo uldn' t go and book another vacation for the sa me time, o r purchase another car or house. If you won a lottery or received a large inheritance, even before yo u physica lly had the money, yo u know it is yo urs. That is the feeling of believing it is yo urs. That is the feeling of believing you have it already. That is the feeling of believing YOll have received. Claim the things you want by feeling and believing they are yours. When yo u do that, the law of attraction will powerfull y move all circumstances, people, and events for you to receive.

How do you get yourself to a poin t of believing? Start makebel ieving. Be like a child, and m ake-beli eve. Act as if you have it alread y. As you make-believe, you wi ll begin to believe you have received . The Genie is res ponding to YOllr predominant thoughts all the time, not just in the moment you ask. That's why after you've asked, you must continue to believe and know. Have fa ith. Your belief that you h ave it, that und yi ng faith, is your greatest power. When yo u beli eve yo u are receiving, get ready, and watch the magic begin!

"You can have w hat you want-if YOll know how to form the mold for it in yo ur own thoughts. There is no dream that may not come true, if you but lea rn to use the Crea ti ve Force working through YOll. The methods that work for one will work for all . The key to power lies in using what you have . .. freely, fully ... and thus

How to Use the Secret


openi ng wide yo ur channels for mo re Creative Force to flow through you."

ffi~路/;拢A DR. JOE VITALE

The Ulliverse will s larllo rearrallge itself 10 make ilhappell for you. JACK CANFIELD

Most of us have never allowed ourselves 10 wanl what we truly wan t, because we can't see how it's go ing to manifest. BOB PROCTOR

If you do jus I a lillie research, il is going 10 become evidellt 10 you Ihat allyone Iha t ever accomplished allylhillg, did /lot kllow how they were goi ng to do it. They ollly knew they were going to do it. DR. JOE VITALE

You dOll'! need to know 11070 it's goillg to come about. You

dOIl'l lleed


kllow how the Ulliverse will rearrallge ilself

How it will happen, how the Universe wi ll bring it to you, is no t yo ur concern or job. Allow the Universe to do it for you. When yo u are trying to work out how it will happen, you are emitti ng a frequency that conta ins a lack of faith- that you don't believe you have it already. You think you have to do it and you do not believe the Universe wi ll do it for you. The lww is not yo ur part in the C rea tiv e Process.


The Secret


- YOLI don't know how, it will be shown to yOLi. You will attract the way. li SA NI C H O LS

Most of the time, when we don't see the tllings that we've requested, we get frustrated. We get disappoin ted. And we begin to become dOLlbtfLiI. The dOllbt brings abollt a feeling of disappoin tment. Take that doubt and shift it. Recognize tlwt feeli ng and replace it with a feeling of Llnwavering faith. "I know that it's on its way."


Step three, and the final step in 'he process, is to receive. Begin to feel wondeliLiI aboLit it. Feel the way you will feel OHce it arrives. Feel it HOW. , ,~

'oL ,.' u


And in this process it's important to feel good, to be happy, been Lise when you're feeling good you're plltting YOLirself in the frequency of wlwt you want. MI C HAEL BERNARD BEC KWITH

This is a feeling Universe. If YOLi just intellectually believe sometlling, bLit YOLI have no corresponding feeling Llnderlleath

How to Use the Secret


that, you dOIl 't lIecessarily have ellough power to manifest what you wallt ill your life. You lrave to feel it. Ask once, believe yo u have received, and all you ha ve to do to receive is feel good. When you a re feeling good, you are on the freq uency of receiving. You are on the freque ncy of all good things coming to you, and you will receive what you have asked for. You wo uldn' t ask for a nything unless it was goi ng to make yo u feel good in the receiving of it, would you? So get yourself on the feelgood frequency, a nd yo u will receive. A fast way to get you rself on tha t frequency is to say, " I a m receiving now. I am receiving all the good in my life, now. [am receiving [fill in yo ur desire] now." And feel it. Feel it as though you have received.

A dear friend of mine, Marcy, is one o f the g reatest ma nifestors [ have seen, a nd she feels everything. She feels what it would feel like to ha ve w ha t she is aski ng for. She feels everything into existence. She doesn't get ca ught up in how, when, or where, she just feels it a nd it then manifests. So feel good now.



Whell you lum tlral falltasy ill to a fa ct, you 're in the positiOl/ to build bigger alld bigger falltasies. Alld that, my frielld, is the Creative Process.


The Secret

"Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."

" Wh at things soever ye desi re, when ye pray, believe that ye recei ve them, and ye shall have them."



The law of attractioll, the study a/ld practice of the law of attractioll, is just figuring ou t what will help you generate the feelings of having it now. Co test drive that car. Co shop for that home. Cet ill the house. Do whatever you have to do to generate the feelings of having it 1l0W, and remember them. Whatever you can do to achieve that will help you to literally attract it.

When you feel as tho ugh yo u have it now, and the feeling is so real that it is like yo u have it alread y, you are believing that yo u have received, and you will receive. BOB DOYLE


It could be you wake up and iI's just there. It's

ifested. Or, you might get some inspired idea of some actioll to take. You certainly shouldn 't be saying, "Well, I could do it tllis way, bu t man, I would hate that. " You 're not on the right track if that's the case. IIW II

How to Use the Secret


Aetiollwill sometimes be required, but if you 're really doing it illlille witii wlIat tlIe Ulliverse is trying to bring to you, it's going 10 feel joyous. YO L/ 're going to feel so alive. Time will jll sl stop. You could do il all day. Aetioll is a word that can imply "work" to some people, but inspired action w ill not feel like work at all. The diffe rence between insp ired action a nd action is th is: Inspired action is w hen you a re acting to receive. If you a re in ac tion to try a nd make it happen, you have slipped backwa rd. Inspired action is effortless, and it feels wonde rful beca use you a re on the freque ncy of receiving. Imagi ne li fe as a fas t-movi ng ri ver. When yo u a re acting to make something ha ppen it will feel as if you are goin g against the curre nt of the ri ve r. It w ill fee l ha rd a nd like a struggle. When you a re acting to rece ive from the Uni ve rse, yo u will feel as if you are fl owing w ith the current of the ri ve r. It w ill feel effo rtless. That is the feeling of insp ired action, and of being in the fl ow of the Unive rse and life. Some times you w ill not eve n be awa re yo u used "action" until after yo u've received , because the acting fe lt so good . You w ill the n look bac k and see the wonde r and ma tri x of how the Uni ve rse carried yo u to w hat you wa nted , and also brought w ha t you wanted to you. DR. JOE VITALE

Tile Ulliverse likes speed. 0011 '1delay. oOIl 't secolld guess. DOIl 't doubt. Wllell tile opportunity is there, whell the impulse


The Secret

is there, when the illtLiitive Hudgefrom wit/lin is there, nct. That's your job. Alld that's all you have to do. Trust your instincts. It's the Universe inspiring you. It's the Universe communica ting with YOli on the receiving frequ ency. I f you have an

intuitive or instinctive feeling, follow it, and you will find that the Un iverse is magneticall y moving you to receive what YOll asked for.


You will attmct everythillg that you require. If it's 1I10ney you Heed you will attract it. If it's people YOIl lIeed you'll attmct it. If it's a certain book you need YOIl '1I attract it. You 've got to pay attelltion to what you're attracted to, because as you hold ill1ages of what you wallt, you 're goillg to be attmcted to thillgs alld they're goillg to be atll'acted to YOIl. But it litemlly /I1oves illto physical reality with alld thrallgh you. And il does that by law.

Reme mber that yo u are a magnet, attracting everything to you. When yo u have gotten clea r in your mind about what you want, you have become a magnet to draw those things to yo u, and those things you want a re magnetized to you in return . The mo re you practice and begin to see the law of attraction bringing things to

you, the g reater the magne t you will become, because you wi ll add the power of faith, belief, and knowing. MI C HAEL BERNARD BECKWITH

You COil start with 1I0thillg, alld out of 1I0thillg alld out of 110 way, a way will be made.

How to Use the Secret


All you require is You, and your ability to think things into being. Everything that has bee n invented and created throughout the history of humankind began with one thought. From that one thou ght a way was made, and it manifested from the invisible into the visible. JACK CANFIELD

Think of n enr driving through the night. The headlights ollly go n hundred to two hundred feet forward, and you can make it all the way from California to New York driving through the dark, because all you have to see is the next two hundred feet. And that's how life tends to unfold before us. If we just trust that the Hext two hUHdred feet will unfold after that, and Ute Hext two hundred fee t will uHfold after that, your life will keep unfolding. AHd it will eventually get you to the destiHatioll of whatever it is you truly wan t, because you want it.

Trust the Universe. Trust and believe and have faith. [ truly had no idea how I was going to bring the knowledge of The Secret onto the movie screen. I just held to the outcome of the vision, I saw the outcome clearly in my mind, [ felt it with all my might, and everything that we needed to create The Secret came to us.

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step."


The Secret

Let's look at using the Creative Process for those who feel they are overweight and who want to lose weight. The first thing to know is that if you focus on losing weight, yo u will attract back havi ng to lose more weight, so get "having to lose weight" out of your mind. It's the very reason why diets don't work. Because yo u are focused on losing weight, you must attract back continually having to lose weight. The second thing to know is that the condition of being overweight was created through your thought to it. To put it in the most basic terms, if someone is overweight, it came from thjnking "fat thoughts," whether that person was aware of it or not. A person cannot think "thln thoughts" and be fat. It completely defies the law of attraction.

Whether people have been told they have a slow thyroid, a slow metabolism, o r their bod y size is hered itary, these are all disguises for thinking "fat thoughts." If you accept any of those conditio ns as applicable to you, and you believe it, it must become your experience, and you will continue to attract being overweight. After I had my two daughters I was overweight, and I know it came from listening to and reading the messages that it is hard to lose weight after having a baby, and even harder after the second baby. I summoned exactly that to me with those "fat thoughts,"

How to Use the Secret


and it became my experience. I rea lly "beefed up," and the mo re I noticed how I had "beefed up," the more "beefing up" I attracted . With a small frame, I became a hefty 143 pounds, all because [ w as thinking "fat thoughts." The most commo n thought that people hold, and [ held it too, is that food was responsible fo r my weight gain . That is a belief that does not serve yo u, and in my mind now it is complete balderdash! Food is not responsible for putting on weight. It is your thought that food is responsible fo r putting on weight that actuall y has food put on weight. Remember, thoughts are primary cause of everything, and the rest is effects from those thoughts. Think perfect thoughts and the result must be perfect weight. Let go of all those limiting thoughts. Food cannot cause yo u to put on weight, unless yo u think it can. The defini tion of the perfec t weight is the weight that feels good for you. No one else's opinion counts. It is the weight that feels good for you. You most li kely know of someone who is thin and eats like a ho rse, and they proudl y declare, " I ca n eat whatever 1 want and I am always the perfect weight." And so the Genie of the Uni verse says, "Your w ish is my command!"

To attract yo ur perfec t weight and bod y usi ng the Crea ti ve Process, fo llow these steps:


The Secret

Get clear on the weight yo u want to be. Have a picture in your mind of what you will look like when you have become that perfect weight. Get pictures of yourself at yo ur perfect weight, if you have them, and look at them often. If not, get pictures of the body you would like to have and look at those often.

You must believe you will receive and that the perfect weight is yours alread y. You must imagine, pretend, act as if, make-believe, that the perfect weight is yours. You must see yo urself as receiving that perfect weight. Write out yo ur perfect weight and place it over the readout of your sca le, or do n't weigh yourself at all. Do not contrad ict what you have asked for w ith your thoughts, words, and actions. Don't buy clothes at yo ur cu rrent weight. Have faith and focus on the clothes you are going to buy. Attracting the perfect weight is the same as placing an order with the catalogue of the Uni verse. You look through the catalogue, choose the perfect weight, place yo ur o rder, and then it is delivered to you. Make it yo ur intention to look for, ad mire, and inwa rdl y praise people with your idea of perfect-weight bodies. Seek them out and

How to Use the Secre t


as you ad mi re them and feel the feelings of that-you are summoning it to you. If yo u see people who are overweight, do not observe them, but immediately sw itch yo ur mind to the pi cture of yo u in your perfect bod y and feel it.

Yo u must fee l good. You mu st feel good about You . This is impo rtant, because you cannot attract your perfect weight if you feel bad abou t your bod y now. If you feel bad about yo ur bod y, that is a powerfu l feeling, and yo u w ill continue to attract feeling bad about yo ur body. You wi ll neve r change your body if yo u are critical of it and fi nd fa ult with it, an d in fact yo u will attract mo re weight to yo u. Praise and bless every sq uare inch of your bod y. Think about all the perfect things about Yo u. As yo u thin k perfect thoughts, as you feel good about You, yo u are on the frequency of yo ur perfect weight, and you are summoning perfection. Wa llace Wattles shares a wonderful ti p abo ut eating in one of his books. He recommends that when you eat, make sure you are entirely focused o n the ex perience of chew ing the food . Keep yo ur mind present and experience the sensation of eating food, a nd do not a llow your mind to d ri ft to other things. Be present in your bod y and enjoy all the sensatio ns of chewing the food in yo ur mouth and swa llowing it. Try it the next time you are eating. When yo u are com pletely present as yo u ea t, the flavor of the food is so intense and magni ficent; w hen yo u let yo ur mind drift,


The Secret

the flavo r virtually disa ppea rs. I am conv inced that if we can ea t our food in the present, e ntirely focused on the p leasurable experience o f eating, the food is assimilated into our bod ies perfectly, and the resu lt in our bodies must be pe rfection. The end of the story abou t my own weight is that I now maintain my perfect weight of 11 6 pounds and I ca n eat w hatever I want. So, focus on your perfect weight!


Another thing people wOllder about is, "How 10llg will it take to mallifest the car, the relatiollship, the mOlley? " I dOIl 't have allY rulebook that says it's goillg to take II/irty millutes or three days or thirty days. It's more a matter of you being in aligllmell t with the Universe itself Time is just an illusion . Einstein told us that. If th is is the first time you have heard it, yo u may find it a hard concept to get your head around, because yo u see every thing hap pening one thing after the other. What quantum physicists a nd Einstein tell us is that eve rything is h a ppening simultaneously. If you can unde rsta nd that there is no time, and acce pt that concept, then you w ill see tha t whatever you want in the future already ex ists. If everything is happening a t the one time, then the parallel ve rsion of you with what yo u want already exists!

How to Use the Secret


It ta kes no time fo r the Uni verse to manifest what you want. Any ti me delay you experience is due to your delay in getting to the pl ace of believing, knowing, an d feeling that yo u alread y have it. It is you getting yourself on the frequency of what yo u want. When you are on that frequency, then what you wa nt w ill appear. BOB DOYLE


Size is notlling to the Universe. It is no more difficult to attract, on a sCien tific level, something tha t we consider huge to something that we consider infinitesimally small. The Universe does every tiling with zero effort. The grass doesn't strain to grow. It's effortless. It's just this great design. It's all about what's going on in your mind. It's about what we put in place, saying, "This is big, it's going to take some tillle." And, "Tllis is small. I'll give it an hour. " Those are our rules that we define. There are '10 rules accordillg to the Universe. You provide the feeli ngs of having it now; it will respo11d - whatever it is.

There is no time fo r the Universe and there is no size fo r the Universe. It is as easy to manifest o ne d ollar as it is to manifest o ne million doll ars. It is the same process, and the o nl y reason why one may come faster and the othe r may take lo nger is because you thought that a millio n dollars was a lo t of mo ney and that one d ollar was not very much.


The Secret


r @~


Some people have an easier time with little thillgs, and so we sometimes say start with somethillg small, like a cup of coffee. Make it your intentioll to attract a cup of coffee today. BOB PROCTOR

Hold all image of talkillg to"" old friell d that you IlaveI/'t seen for a 10llg time. Somehow or allother somebody's goillg to start talking to you about that person. Tltat person's going to phone you or you'll get a letter from her.

Starting with something small is an easy way to expe rie nce the law of attraction with your own eyes. Let me sha re a sto ry with you of a young man who did exactl y that. He watched The Secret and he decided to start with something small. He created a picture of a feather in his mind, a nd he made sure this feather was unique. He created particular markings on the feather so he would know without any d oubt that if he saw this feathe r, it had come to him through his inte ntional use o f the law of attraction. Two days later, he was about to walk into a high-rise building on a street in New York City. He said he did no t know why, but he just happened to look down. There at his feet, at the entrance to a high-rise building in New York City, was the feather! Not just any feather, but the exact feather he had imag ined . It was ide ntical to the picture he had created in his mind, with all of its unique markings. In that moment he knew, without a shred of doubt, that this

How to Use the Secret


was the law of attraction working in all its glory. He realized his amazing ability and power to attract something to himself through the power of hi s mind . With total faith, he has now moved onto creating much bigger things.


People are amazed at how [line up parking spaces. I've dOlle this right from when [first !/Ilderstood The Secret. I would visualize a parking space exactly wllere I wallted it, and 95 percellt of the time it would be there for me alld I would just pull straight ill. Five percent of the time I'd have to wait just a millute or two, and the person would pull out alld I'd pull ill. I do that all the time. ow yo u might understand why a person who says, "1 always get parking spaces," gets them. Or why a person who says, "1 am really lu cky, I win th ings all the time," wins one thing after another, all the time. These people expect it. Begin to expect great things, and as you do, you will crea te your life in advance.


The Secret

You ca n use the law of attraction to create your whole life in advance, right down to the next thing you are doing today. Prentice Mulford, a teacher whose writings share so many insights into the law of attraction and how to use it, demonstrates how important it is to thillk your day ill advm,ce. "When you say to yourself, ' I am going to have a pleasant v isit o r a pleasant journey: you are lite rally sending elements and forces ahead of yo ur body that will arrange thin gs to make you r v isit or journey pleasant. When before the v isit o r the journey or the shoppi ng trip yo u are in a bad humo r, o r fearful o r apprehensive of something unpleasant, you a re sending unseen agencies ahead of yo u which w ill make some kind of unpleasantness. O ur tho ug hts, o r in other words, our state of mind, is ever at wo rk 'fix ing up' things good o r bad in advance,"

Prentice Mulford wrote those wo rd s in the 1870s. What a pioneer! You can see clearly how important it is to thillk ill aduallce every event in every day. You will no doubt have experienced the oppo-

How to Use the Secret


site of thinking your d ay in ad va nce, a nd o ne of the repe rcussions of that is havi ng to rush and hurry. If yo u are rush ing or hurry ing, know that those though ts and actions a re based in fear (fea r o f being late) a nd you a re "fi xing up" bad things ahead fo r you. As you continue to rush, you w ill a ttract one bad thing afte r an other into yo ur path . In addition to tha t, the law of attraction is " fi xing u p" II/ore future circumstances that will cause you to rush a nd hur ry. You must stop and mo ve yo urself off that freque ncy. Take a few moments and shift yourself, if yo u don' t want to summon bad things to you. Many people, pa rticula rl y in Western societies, chase "time" a nd complain that they dO Il 't have enough till/e. Well, as someone says that they d on' t have e nough time, so it must be by the law o f a ttraction. If you have been chasing your tail with thoughts of not having enough time, from now on decla re e mphatica lly, " I h ave mo re than enough time," a nd ch ange your life. You can also turn wai tin g into a powerful time to crea te your fu ture life. Next time you are in a situati on where you are wa iting,

seize tha t time a nd imagine havi ng all the things yo u wa nt. You can do thi s any where, any tim e. Turn every life situati on into a positive one!

Make it a d aily habit to de termine every event in your life in advance, th rough your thoughts. Set the Uni versa l fo rces ahead of yo u in everything yo u do and everywhere yo u go, by thin ki ng the way you want it to go ill advallce. Then you are creating your li fe intentionally.

eCMi/" • Like Aladdin's Genie, the law of attraction gran ts Ollr every command. • Tile Creative Process helps you create what you wallt ill tllree sil1lpie steps: ask, believe, and receive. • Asking the Universe for what YOll wall t is YOllr opportLlllity to get

clear about what YOll wall t. As you get clear in YOllr mind, YOll have asked. • Believing involves acting, speaking, and thinking as thollgh !Iou

have already received what you've asked for. When you emit the frequenClJ of having received it, the law of attraction moves people, events, and circumstances for you to receive. • Receiving involves feeling the way YOll will feel alice YOllr desire

has manifested. Feeling good ./Ow puts you on the frequen cy ofwlwt you want. • To lose weight, don 't focus on "Iosillg weight." Instead, foC/i s on your perfect weight. Feel the feelings of your perfect weigl.t, and you will summa" it to you. • It takes no timefor the Universe to IIwnifest what you want. It is as easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars. 68

â&#x20AC;˘ Starting willi sOllletlling small, like a cup of coffee or parking spaces, is all easy way to experience Ihe law of attraction in aclion. Powelfully inletld to attracl something small. As you experience the power you have to attract, you will move all 10 creating much bigger tilil/gs. â&#x20AC;˘ Create your day in adval/ce by litillkillg Ihe way you want it to go, al/d you will creole yo"r life il/lentiol/ally.





A lot of people feel stuck or imprisoned or confined by their curren t circumstances. W}ll1tever your circumstances right 1I0lV, that is only your currellt reality, alld current reality will begin to challge as a result of beginning to use The Secret.

Your current reality or your current life is a result of the thoughts you have been thinking. All of that will totally change as you begin to change your thoughts and your feelings.

"That a man can change himself ... and master his own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought."

f?"t,;;,.~ ;2).

/<741'".... (1866-1954) 71


The Secret


When you waH t to change your circums tances, you must

firs t change you r thinkillg. Every time you look illside your mail expectilzg to see a bill, guess what -it'll be there. Each day you go ou t dreadillg the bill! You 're lIever expecting anything great. You're thinking debt, you're expecting debt. So debt must show up so you WOII 't thillk you're crazy. A nd every day you confirm your thought: Is deb t going to be tlzere? Yes, debt's there. Is deb t goillg to be there? Yes, deb t's there. Is debt going to be there? Yes, debt's there. Why? Because you expected debt to be there. So it showed up, because the law of attraction is always being obedient to your though ts. Do yourself a favor expect a check! Expectation is a powerful attractive force, because it d raws things to yo u. As Bob Procto r says, "Desire connects yo u w ith the thing desired and expectation draws it into your li fe." Expect the things yo u want, and don' t expect the th ings you don't want. What do you expect now? JAM ES RAy


Most people look at their currell t state of affairs and they say, "This is who I am. " That's not who you are. That's who you were. Let's say for ins tance that you don't have enough money in your bank flCCOUllt, or you don "

have the relationship that you want, or your health and fitness aren't up to par. That 's not WilD you are; that's the residual outcome of your past thoughts alld actions. So

Powerfu I Processes


we're constantly living in this residual, if you will, of the thoughts and actio li S we've taken in the past. W hen you look at your curren t state of affairs and define yourself by that, then you doom yourself to have nothing more than the same in future .

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought. "

J3ji2c" (563 BCE-483 BCE) I wo uld like to share a process w ith yo u that came fro m the great teacher Neville Goddard in a lecture he deli vered in 1954, entitled "The Pruni ng Shears of Revision." This process has had a profoun d effect on my life. Nev ille recommends at the end of every day, before you go to sleep, to think thro ugh the events of the day. If an y events o r mo ments did not go the way you wanted, repl ay them in yo ur mind in a way that thrill s you. As you recrea te those events in your mind exactl y as yo u want, you are cleaning u p your frequency fro m the day and you are emitting a new signal and frequency for to morrow. You have intentionally created new pictures fo r your future. It is never too late to change the pictu res.


The Secret


What can you do right now to begill to turn your life around? The very first thillg is to slart makillg a list of Ihings to be grateful for. This shifts your energy and slarls 10 shift your thinking. Whereas before Ihis exercise you might be focusing 011 what you dOIl 't have, your complain ts, alld your problems, you go in a different directiollwhen you do this exercise. You start to be grateful for all the thillgs that you feel good about. " If it is a new thought to you that gratitude brings your whole mind into closer harmony with the creative energies of the Uni verse, consider it well, and you will see that it is true."

â&#x20AC;˘ MARC! SH IMO FF Gratitude is absolutely the way to bring 1Il0re illto

your life.

Powcrfu 1 Processes



Every mall kllows that whell his wife is appreciatillg him for the little thillgs that he does, what does he wall t to do? He wallts to do more. It's always abou t appreciation. It pulls thillgs ill. It at/racts support. DR. JOH N DEMART I N I

Wha tever we thillk about alld thank abou t we brillg abou t.



Grntitude has beell sllch a powerful exercise for me. Every mornillg I get up alld say "Tllank you. " Every 1I10rn illg, whell my feet hit the floor, "Thallk you. " Alld then I start rUllllillg through what 1'111 grateful for, as 1'111 brushing my teetl, alld doillg the thillgs I do in the morning. Alld I'm 1I0t just thillking about lI,em alld doillg sOll1e rate rou tille. 1'111 puttillg it out tl,ere alld I'm feelill g the feelillgs of gratitude.

The day we fi lmed James Ray sharing hi s powerful exercise of gratitude is one I will never fo rget. From that dayan, I made James's process my li fe. Every morni ng, I do not get out bed until I have felt the feelings of g ratitude fo r this brand new day and all I am grateful fo r in my life. Then as I get out of bed, when one foot touches the ground I say, "Thank," and "you" as my second foot touches the ground. With each step I take on my wa y to the bath-


The Secret

room, Tsay "Thank you." I continue to say and fee l "Thank you" as I am showering and getting ready. By the ti me I am ready for the day, 1 have sa id "Than k yo u" hundreds of times. As 1 do thi s, [ am powerfully creating my day and all that it will contain. I am setting my frequency for the day an d intentionally declaring the way I wan t my day to go, ra ther than stumbling out of bed and letting the day take control of me. There is no more powerful way to begin your day than this. You are the creator of your li fe, and so begin by intentionally creating yo ur day! Gratitude was a funda mental part of the teachings of all the great avatars throughout history. In the book that changed my life, The Science of Getting Ricil, w ri tten by Wallace Wattles in 1910, gratitude is its longest chapter. Every teacher fea tured in The Secret uses gratitude as part of his o r her day. Most of them begin their day with thoughts and feelings of gratitude. Joe Suga rman, a wonderful man and successful entrepreneur, watched the film Tile Secret and contacted me. He told me his fa vorite part was the gratitude process, and that his use of gratitude had contri buted to all he had achieved in his life. With all the success Joe has attracted to himself, he continues to use grati tude every day, even fo r the smallest things. When he gets a parking space he always says and fee ls, "Than k you." Joe knows the power of gratitude and all it has brought to him, and so gratitude is his way of li fe. With all that I have read and with all that I have experienced in my own life using The Secret, the power of gratitude sta nds above eve-

Powerful Processes


rything else. If you only do one thing with the knowledge of The Secret, use gratitude until it becomes your way of life. DR. JOE V ITALE

As SOOIl as you start to feel different about what you already have, you will start to attract more of the good thillgs. More of the thillgs you call be grateful for. You could look aroulld Ql/d say, "Well, I dOIl't have the car I wan t. I don't have the house {waHl. I dOli 'I have Ihe spouse I walll. I don't have the health I want. " WiIOah! Back up, back up! Those are all the thillgs you dOIl 't wallt. FoCtls all what you already have that you 're grateful for. Alld it might be that you have the eyes to read this. It migilt be the clothes that you have. Yes, you might prefer somethillg else alld you might get sometilillg else pretty SOO Il , if you slart fee ling grateful for what you have. "Many people who order their li ves rightl y in all other ways are ke pt in poverty by their lack of g ratitude."

It is impossible to bring mo re into yo ur life if you are feeling un-

g rateful about what you have. Why? Because the thoughts and feelings yo u emit as you fee l ung rateful are all negative emotions. Whether it is jealousy, resentment, dissatisfa ction, or feelings of "not enough," those feelings cannot bring you what you want.


The Secret

They can only return to yo u more of what you do not want. Those negative emotio ns are blocking your own good coming to you . If you want a new ca r but yo u are not g rateful for the car you ha ve, that wi ll be the dominant frequency yo u are sending out. Be g rateful for what you have now. As yo u begin to thjnk about all the things in your life you are g rateful for, you will be amazed at the never-ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for. You have to make a start, and then the law of attraction will receive those g rateful thoughts and give you more just like them. You will have locked into the frequ ency of g ratitude and all good things will be yours.

"The daily practice of gratitude is one of the condu its by w hi ch yo ur wealth wi ll come to you."


I tllillk evenJbody goes tilrougil limes wllell

tlley say, "Tllillgs arell 'l workillg right," or, "Things are going bad." Once, whell there were some tllillgs goillg 011 in my fam ily, I foulld a rock, alld I jllsl sal 1I0iding it. I took til is rock, I stuck it ill Illy pocket, mId I said, "Every time I toucll tllis rock /'m going to tllink of sometllillg

Powerfu I Processes


that /'11/ grateful for. " So every moming wizen I get up ill tlze momillg, I pick it up off the dresser, I put it in my pocket, alld I go tlzrouglz the tlzillgs tlzat 1'111 grateful for. At lIiglzt, what do I do? I ell1pty lI1y pocket, alld tlzere it is again. /'ve Iwd sOll1e amazillg experiences witlz tlzis idea. A guy from South Africa saw me drop it. He asked, "Wizat is that?" I explailled it to IIilll, alld he started calling it a gratitude rock. Two weeks later I got all ell/ail from hilll, il1 South Africa. And he said, "My SOli is dyillgfrom a rare disease. It's a type of hepatitis. Would you send lIIe tlzree gratitude rocks?" They were just ordilwry rocks I f",IIId off the street, so I said, "Sure." I had to lIIake sure tlzat the rocks were very special, so I wellt out to tlze stream, picked out the rigllt rocks, alld sellt them off to hilll. Four orJive 1I10ll ths later I get all email frolllizim. He said, "My SOli 'S better, he's doillg terrific." Alld he said, "But you lIeed to kuow sOlllethillg. We 've sold over a thousalld rocks at ten dollars apiece as gratitude rocks, aud we've raised all this 1I10lley for charily. Tlzalik you very IIIUCh. " So it's very importan t to have an "attitude of gratitude." The g rea t scientist Albert Einstein revolu tionized the way we view time, space, and g ravity. From his poor background an d poor beginnings, yo u would have thoug ht it impossible for him to achieve all that he did. Einstein knew a g reat deal of The Secret, and he said, "Thank yo u" hund reds of times each day. He than ked all


The Secret

the great scientists who had preceded him for their contributions, which had enabled him to learn and achieve even more in his work, and eventually become one of the g reatest scientists who has ever li ved. One of the most powerful uses of g ratitude can be incorporated in the Creative Process to turbo-charge what you want. As Bob Proctor advised in the first step of the Creative Process, Ask, start by w riting down what you want. "Begin each sentence wi th, I alii so ilappy alld gralejull10w lilat . .. " (and yo u fill in the rest). When you give thanks as though you have already received what you want, you are emitting a powerful signal to the Uni verse. That signal is saying that you have it already because yo u are feeling gratitude for it now. Each mo rning before you get out of bed, make it a habit to feel the feelings of gratitude ill advallce for the g reat day ahead, as though it is done. From the moment J discovered The Secret and formulated the vision to share this knowledge with the wo rld, I gave thanks every day for the film The Secret, which wo uld bring joy to the world. I had no idea how we would bring this knowledge to the screen, but trusted that we would attract the way. I stayed focused and held to the outcome. I felt deep feelings of g ratitude in adva nce. As that became my state of being, the floodgates opened and all the magic flowed into our lives. For the magnificent tea m of Tile Secret, and for me, our deep, heartfelt feelings of g ratitude continue to this day. We have become a team that resonates gratitude with every moment, and it has become our way of life.

Powerfu l Processes


Visualization is a process that has been taught by all the g reat teachers and avata rs th ro ughou t the centuries, as well as by all the great teachers li ving today. In Charles Haa nel's book, The Masler Key Syslelll, w ritten in 1912, he gives twenty-four weekly exercises to master visual ization. (More impo rtan t, his complete Master Key Syslelll will also help you become the master of yo ur thoughts.) The reason visuali zation is so powerful is because as you create pictures in yo ur mind of seeing yourself w ith what it is you want, you are generating thoughts and feelings of having it now. Visualiza tion is simply powerfull y focused thoug ht in pictures, and it causes equally powerful feelings. When you are visualizing, you are emitting that powerful frequency out into the Universe. The law of attraction will take hold of that powerful signal and return those pictures back to yo u, just as yo u saw them in your mind. DR. D ENI S WAITLEY

I took II,e visualiw lioll process from the Apollo program, alld illsliluted il durillg Ihe 1980s alld '90s illto Ihe Olympic program. It was called Visual Mo tor Rehearsal. WI,ell you visualize thell yo" materialize. Here's all illterestillg thill8 about the lI1illd: we took Olyll1pic athletes


The Secret

mid lIad tltem


tlleir evellt oldy ill tlleir milld, and tllell

hooked thell1 up 10 sophisticaled biofeedback equiplllen i. If/ credibly, tile same muscles fired ill the same sequence whell tlley were rtill/lillg the race ill their miNd as when they were running il on IIle track. How collid lI,is be? Because Ille mind can't distinguish whether you 're really doing il or whelher ii 's

jusl a practice. If you've been there ill Ihe lI1illd you 'll go Ihere in the body. Think about the in ventors a nd the ir in ve ntio ns: The Wright Brothers and the plane. George Eastma n a nd film. Tho mas Ed ison a nd the light bulb. Alexander G ra ha m Bell and the te lepho ne. The o nl y way a ny thing has ever been invented o r created is because one person saw a pi cture in his mind. H e saw it

clearly, and by ho lding that pi cture of the e nd result in his mind, all the forces of the Universe bro ught hi s in ventio n into the world, Ihrough him . These me n knew The Secret. These were men who had utte r faith in the invisible, and w ho knew the power w ith in them to leverage the Universe a nd bring the inventio n into the visible. Their faith and the ir imag ination have been the cause of the evolution of humankind, and we reap the benefits of the ir creative minds every Single day. You may be thinking, " I do not have a mind like these g rea t inventors." You may be thinking, "They could imagine those things, but I can't." You could no t be furth er from the truth, a nd as you continue on this great discovery of the knowledge of The Secret,

Powerfu I Processes


yo u will learn that yo u no t o nly have the mind they had, but mu ch more.

MIKE DOOLEY WI-Iell YOl/ 're visualizing, wltell you 've gal fl int picture

playillg 011 1 ill your lIlilld, always alld Dilly dwell fIId result.



Here's all example. Look al tile back of your IIallds, rigllt I/OW. Really look at the back of your IIallds: tile color of your skill, the freckles, tile blood vessels, Ille rillgs, Ille fillgemai/s. Take ill all Illose delails. Riglll before you close your eyes, see Illose hallds, yourfi"gers, wmppillg araulld Ille sleerillg wlleel of your brmld IIe'lV car.



This is suc" a holographic experience- so real in this mo//'/ell t - Iltaf .11011 dOll 't evell feel as if you need tlte car, because il feels like you IIa ve il already.

Dr. Vitale's words brilliantly sum up the place yo u want to get yourself to when visuali zing. When it feels like a jolt as yo u open yo ur eyes in the physical wo rld, yo ur visualization beca me real. But that state, that plane, is the rea l. It is the field where everything is created, and the physica l is just the resllit of the real fi eld of all creation. That's why you wo n' t feel as if you need it anymore, because yo u tuned in and felt the real field of crea tion through your visuali zation. In that fi eld, YO Ll have everything now. When you feel that, YOLl will know it.


The Secret


It's the feeling that really creates the attractioll, Ilot just the picture or the thought. A lot of people thillk, "If I thillk positive thoughts, or if I visualize havillg what I want, that

will be enough. " But if you're doing that alld still not feeli llg abundallt, or feelillg loving or joyful, then it does II 't create tile power of the attractioll.



You put yourself ill the feelillg place of really beillg ill that car. Not "/1vish I could get that car," or, "Someday I'll have tlwt car," because that's a very defin ite feelillg associated with that. It's not in the 11010. It's ill thefuture. If you stay ill that feelillg, it will always be in the future . M ICHAEL BERNARD BECKW ITH

Now that feel ing alld that inlier seeillg will begill to be all open dool1vay thrDugll which the power of the Ulliverse will begill to express. " What this power is [ cannot say. A II [ know is that it exists,"


," ,i¡



Our job is IIOt to figure ou t the how. The how will show up ou t of a commitmellt alld belief ill the what .

Powerfu I Processes



The "haws" are the doma ill af the Universe. It always kn aws the shortest, quickest, fastest, most harmonious way behveen you alld you I' dream. DR. JO E VITALE

If you tu rn it over to the Ull iverse, you will be surprised and dazzled by wlIat is delivered to you. This is wlIere magic and lIIiracies lIappe/1. The teache rs of The Secret are all awa re of the ele ments you bring into play when you visualize. As you see the picture in your mind and feel it, you a re bringing yo urself to a place of believing you have it now. You a re also imple menting trust and faith in the Universe, because yo u a re focusing on the e nd result and experiencing the feeling o f that, w ithout giving an y attention whatsoever to "how" it will come about. Your picture in your mind is seeing it as done. Your fee lings are seeing it as d one. Yom mind and your

entire state of being a re seeing it as aLready happened. That is the art of visualiza ti on.


You wallt to do this virtually daily, bu t it should never be a ciiore. What's really illlPortant to the whole Secret is f eeli ng good. You wani to feel exhilarated by this whole process. Yo u walli to be high, lIa ppy, in tUlle, as muelI as pOSSible.


The Secret

Everyone has the power to visuali ze. Let me prove it to yo u with a pi cture of a kitchen. Fo r this to wo rk, firs t of all yo u have to get all thoughts of your kitchen out of your mind. Do /l ot thin k of your kitchen. Totally clear your mind of pictures of yo ur kitchen, with its cupboa rds, refri gerator, oven, tiles, and color scheme, ..

You saw a picture of you r kitchen in your mind, didn' t yo u? Well, then you just vis ualized !

"Everyone visuali zes wheth er he knows it or

not. Visuali zing is the great secret of success."


Iff~ (1881- 1960)

Here's a tip about visuali zing, which Dr. John Dema rtini shares in his Breakth rough Expe rience semina rs. John said that if yo u create a static pi ctu re in your mind it can be di ffi cult to hold that picture, so crea te lots of movement in your pi cture.

To illustrate th is, imagine your ki tchen again, and this time imagine yourself entering that kitchen, wa lking to the refrigerator and putting your hand on the door handle, opening the door, looking inside, and findin g a cold bottle of wa ter. Reach in and g rab it. You can feel the cold ness o n yo ur hand as you gras p the bottle. You have the bottle of water in one hand, and you use your other hand to close the refri gerato r doo r. Now that you are visualizing your kitchen w ith detail and movement it's easier to see and hold the picture, isn't it?

Powerful Processes


"We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visuali zing is one of the greatest of these powe rs."






Tlw ollly differellce betweell people who live ill this way, who live ill the magic of life, alld those who dOIl't is thai Ihe people who live ill Ihe magic of life have ltabill/aled ways of beillg. They 've made a habit of usillg the law of attractioll, alld magic Iwppens with them wherever they go. Because they remember 10 use it. They use it all the time, I'/Ot just as a aile-time evellt. Here are two true stories that clearly demonstrate the powerful law of attraction and the immacu late matrix of the Universe in action. The first story is about a woman named Jeannie, who bought a DVD of The Secret and was watching it at least once a day so that she wou ld absorb the message right into the cells of her body. She was parti cularl y impressed with Bob Proctor, and she thought it wou ld be wonderfu l to meet him. One morning Jeannie collected her mail, and to her utter amazement the mailman had accidentally delivered Bob Proctor's mail


The Secret

to her address. What jeannie didn' t know is that Bob Proctor lived just four blocks away fro m her! Not only that, but jeannie's house number was the sa me number as Bob's. She immed iately took the mail to deliver it to the correct address. Ca n you imagi ne her utte r delight when the door opened and Bob Proctor was standing before her? Bob is rarely at ho me as he travels all over the wo rld teaching, but the matrix of the Universe knows onl y perfect timing. From jeannie's thought of how wonderful it would be to meet Bob Proctor, the law of attraction moved people, ci rcumstances, and events throughout the Universe so that it happened. The second story involves a ten-year-old boy named Colin, who had seen and loved Tile Secret. Colin's family made a weeklong visit to Disney World, and on their first day they experienced long lines at the park. So that night, just before Colin fell asleep, he thought, "Tomorrow I'd love to go on all the big rides and never ha ve to wait in lLne."

The next morning, Colin and his family were at the gates of Epcot Center as the park opened, and a Disney staff member approached and asked them if they would be Epcot's First Family of the Day. As First Family they would be given VIP status, a special escort by a staff member, and walk-on passes for every big ride in Epcot. It was every thing and more that Colin had wished for! Hundreds of families were waiting to enter Epcot that mo rning, but Colin didn' t have the slightest doubt as to why his family had been chosen First Family. He knew it was because he had used The Secret.

Powerful Processes


Imagine discovering-a t the age of ten- that the power to move worlds lies within you!

"Nothing can prevent your picture from coming into concrete form except the same power which gave it birth-yourself."




People hold that for a wh ile, and they're really a champion at it. They say, "/'m fired up. I saw this program and I'm going to challge my life." AHd yet results arell't showing. Beneath the surface it's just abou t ready to break through, but the persall will look just at the surface results and say, "Tll is stuff doesn't work." And you kllow what' The Universe says, " YOUI' wish is my comma lid, " and it disappears. When you allow a thought of doubt to enter your mind, the law of attraction will soon line up one doubtful thought after another. The moment a thought of doubt comes, release it immediately. Send that thought on its way. Replace it with "1 know 1 am receiving now." And feel it.



Kllowing the law of attractioll, 1wallted to really put it to use and to see what would happen. 1111995 1 started to create somethillg called a Visioll Board, where 1 take sOlllethillg that


The Secret

[want to achieve, or sOlllelhillg that I wallt to attract, like a car or a watch or ti,e sou! mate of my dreams, and / put a picture of what I want up on this board. Every day I would sit in my office alld I would look up at this board and I would start to visualize. I would really get illto the state of havillg already acquired it. I was gettillg ready to move. We put all Ihe fumi lure, all the boxes, into storage, alld IlIIade Ihree differellt moves over a period offive years. And Ihenl ended up in Califomia and bought Ihis house, rellovated il for a year, alld thell had all Ihe stuff brought frOIll my former home five years earlier. Olle morning my SOil Keel,",1 came ill to my office, alld aile of Ihe boxes that was sealed for five years was rigllt at the doorstep. He asked, "What's ill the boxes, Daddy?" And I said, "Those are my Visioll Boards. " He thell asked, "W/wt's a Visioll Board?" I said, "Well, it's where I put all Illy goals up. I wt Ihelll oul alld I put all Illy goals up as sOlllethillg thai I lIIalll to achieve in my life. " Of course at five and a half years old he didn't understand, alld so I said, "Sweelhearl, lei lIIe jus I show you, Ihat'll be the easiesl way to do il. " I cut the box open, alld all aile Visioll Board was a picture ofa home Ihat I was visLlalizillgfive years earlier. Whal was shocking was tlrat we were livillg ill tllat house. No l a hOLlse like it - I actually bought Illy drealll hOllie, rellovated it, mid didll'l evell know il. I looked at Ihal house al/d I slarted 10 en), because I was just blown away. Keellall asked, "Why are you cryillg?" "[ filially ullderstalld how tile law of atlractioll

Powerfu 1 Processes


works. I fi lially IIlIderstand the power o[visllalization. 1 finally IIlIderstand everythillg that I've read, everything tilOt I've worked with my whole life, U,e way I've built companies. It worked [or my home as well, and 1 bOllght our dream home and didn't even know it." " Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." 7-


You can let your imagination go w ild w ith a V ision Boa rd , and

place pictures of all the things yo u want, and pictures of how you want your li fe to be. Make sure yo u put the Vision Board in a place where yo u see it and look at it every d ay, as John Assara f did . Feel the fee lings of having those things now. As yo u receive, and feel gratitude fo r rece iving, you can remove pictures and add new

ones. This is a wo nderful way to introd uce children to the law of attracti on. I hope the crea ti on of a Vision Board inspires parents

and teachers wo rld w ide. One of the people on The Secret website Forum put a picture of The Secret OVO o n his Vision Board. He had seen The Secret but did n' t own his own copy. Two days after he created his Vision Board, I fe lt inspired to post a notice on The Secret Forum giving away OVOs to the first ten people w ho posted. He was one of the ten! He had received a copy of The Secret OVO w ithin two days of putting it o n his Visio n Boa rd . Whether it is a OVD of The Secret or a house, the joy of creating and receiving is magnificent!


The Secret

Another powerful example of visualizing comes from my mother' s experience of buying a new ho use. Several people besides my mother had put in offers for thi s parti cular house. My mo ther decided to use The Secret to make that ho use hers. She sat down and wrote her name and the new add ress of the house over and over. She continued doing this until it felt as thoug h it was her address. She then imagi ned placing all of her furniture in that new house. Within ho urs of doing these things, she received a pho ne call saying her offer had been accepted. She was so thrilled, but it didn 't come as a surprise to her because she kllew that house was hers. What a champio n! JACK CAN FI ELD

Decide what you wallt. Believe you call liave it. Believe you deserve it alld believe it's possible for yOI/. Alld tliell close your eyes every day for several millutes, alld visualize havillg what you already wall t, feelillg the feelillgs of already hauillg it. Come ou t of that alld focus all wliat YOI/ 're gratefil l for already, alld really elljoy it. Then go illto your day alld release it to tlte Ulliuerse alld trust tliat tlie Ulliverse will figure out liow to mallifest it.

eC/iif ' • Expectatioll is a powerful attractive force. Expect the things you want, alld dOIl 't expect fhe things YOLl do,, 't want.

• Gratilude is a powerful process for shiftillg your energy and bringillg 1II0re of whal you want illto your life. Be grateful for what you already have, alld you will attract 1II0re good thillgs. • Giving thallks for whal you want ill advallce turbo-charges your desires and sends a more powerful signal out illio the UlIiverse. • Visualization is the process of creating pictures ill your mind of yourself elljoyillg what you wallt. Whell you visualize, you gfllerate powerful t//Oughts alld feelillgs of havillg it now. The law of attraclioll tI,ell retums thaI reality to you, just as you saw il in your mil/d.

• To use the law of attractioll to your advalltage, lIIake it a habitual way of being, 1I0t jus t a one-lime event. • AI Ihe elld of even) day, before you go to sleep, go back through the evellls of the day. Any evellls or mOlllellls that were 1101 whal you wanted, replay them ill your mind the way you wallted tltem to go.


. , -

...-: .

â&#x20AC;˘ " Whatever the mind ... can conceive it can



The Secret was a real trallsfonnatioll for lIle, becallse I grew lip with a very lIegative fa lher who thollght Ihal rich people were people Ihat had ripped even)olle off aIId thought that allyolle Ihat had mOlley mllsl have deceived somebody. So I grew up with a lot of beliefs abollt money; thaI if you had iI, i! lIIade you bad, only evil people have mOlley, and money doesll't grow all Irees. "Wlto do you think I alii, Rockefeller?" ThaI was aile of his favorite pltrases. So I grew up truly believillg Ihat life was difficult. It was ollly wltell I met W. Clement Stolle Ihal I begall 10 shifl my life. 95


The Secret

When I was working with Stone he said, "I wallt you to set a goal that's so big that if you achieved it, it wOllld blow your mind, alld you would know it's ollly because of what I've taught you that you would have achieved this goal. " At the time I was making about eight thousand dollars a year, so I said, ") want to make a hundred thousand dollars in a year. " Now, I had no idea how I could do that. I saw 110 strategy, no possibility, but I ju st said, "/'1/1 goillg to declare that, 1'1/1 going to believe it, 1'111 going to act as if it's true, alld release it. " So I did that. One of the things he taught lI1e was every day to close your eyes and visualize the goals as if it's already achieved. I had actually made a hundred-thousalld-dollar bill that I'd put all the ceili ng. So first thing in the mOrll ing I'd look up and there it was, and it wou ld remind me that this was my intention. Then I would close my eyes and visualize havillg this I/Undredthousand-dollar-a-year lifestyle. Interestingly enough, nothing major happened for about thirty days. I didll 't have allY great breakthrough ideas, 110 one was offerillg me more mOrley. Abou t four weeks in to it, I Iwd a hundred-thousand-dollar idea. It just came right illto my head. I had a book I had written, and I said, "If I con sell fou r hundred thousand copies of my book at a quarter each, that'd be a hu IIdred thousand dollars." Now, the book was tiIere, bu t I lIever had this thought. (aile Of The Secrets is that when you have all inspired thought, you have to tru st it alld act on it.) I didn't know how I was going to sell four hUlldred thaI/sand copies.

The Secret to Money

Thfll I saw Ihe National Enquirer at Ihe supermarket. I had seell Ihat milliolls of times O/Id it was just backgroUlld. And all of a sudden il jumped oul at me as foregroulld. I thought, "If readers kzlL'!V about my book, certainly four hUlldred tllOusalld people would go out alld buy il." Aboul six weeks later I gave a lalk al HUllier College in New York to six hUlldred teachers, alld aftenvard a woman approached me alld said, "That was a great talk. Iwallt 10 illierview you. Lei me give you my card." As it lums oul, she was a freelallce wriler who sold her stories to the National Enquirer. The theme from "The Twilight 2mle" wen t off ill my head, like, wllOah, this stuff's really working. That article came out and ou r book sales slarted to lake off The POillt I walll to make is that I was altractillg into my life all these differellt even ts, illeluding this person. To make a long slory shari, I did not make a hundred thousalld dollars thai year. We made ninety-two Ihousand three hundred and twenty-seven dollars. But do you think we were depressed and saying, "This doesn't work"? No, we were saying, "This is amazillg!" So my wife said 10 me, "If il works for a hundred tilOl/sand, do you Ihink it'd work for a million?" And 1 said, "I don 'I kIlOW, I think so. Let's Iry il." My publisher wrole me a royalty check for our first Chicken Soup for the Soul book. And he actually put a smiley face in his signature, because it was the firs t million-dollar cileck Jze'd ever written .



The Secret

So 1 hlOW from my own experience, because I wa l/ ted to test it. Does this Secret really work? We put it to the test. It absolutely worked, and now I live my life from that every single day. The knowledge of The Secret and the intentional use of the law of attraction can be applied to every single subject in your life. It is the same process for everything you want to create, and the subject of money is no di fferent. To attract money, you must focus on wealth. It is impossible to bring mo re money into your life w hen you are noticing yo u do not have enough, because that means you are thinking thoughts that you do not have enough. Focus on not enough money, and you will create lU1told more circumstances of not having enough money. You must focus on the abundance of money to bring that to you. You have to emit a new signal with your thoughts, and those thoughts should be that you currently have more than enough. You really do need to call yo ur imagination into play and make believe you alread y have the money you want. And it is so much fun to do! You will notice as you pretend and play games of having wealth that you feel instantly better about money, and as you feel better about it, it will begin to fl ow into your life. Jack's wonderful story inspired The Secret Team to create a blank check available as a free download on The Secret website, www .thesecreUv. The blank check is for you, and it is from the Bank of the Uni verse. You fill in yo ur name, the amount, and details, and place it in a prominent pl ace where you will see it every day. When

The Secret to Money


yo u look at the check, feel the feelings of having that money now. Imagine spending that money, all the things you will buy and the things YOll will d o. Feel how wonderful that is! Know it is yours, because when you ask, it is. We have received hundreds o f stories from people who have brought huge sums of money to them using The Secret check. It's a fun gam e that works!

The only reason any person d oes not have enough money is because they are blockillg money from coming to them with their thoughts. Every negati ve thought, feeling, o r emotion is blocking your good fro m coming to you, and that includes money. It is not that the money is being kept from you by the Uni ve rse, because all the money yo u requi re exists rig ht now in the in visible. If you do not have enough, it is because yo u are stop ping the flow of money coming to you, and you are doing that w ith your thoughts. You must tip the balance o f your tho ughts fro m lack-of-money to morethan-enough-money. Think mo re thoughts of ab undance than of lack, and you have ti pped the balan ce. When you lIeed mo ney, it is a powerful fee ling w ithin you, an d so of course through the law of attraction yo u w ill continue to attract lIeedillg money. I can speak from experience about money, because just before I d iscovered The Secret my acco untants told me that my company

] 00

The Secret

had suffered a majo r loss that year, and in three months it would be history. After ten years of hard work, my compan y was about to slip through m y fingers. And as I needed more money to save my company, things just got worse. There seemed no way out. Then I discovered The Secret, and everything in my li fe including the state of my compan y-was totally transformed, because I changed the way I was thinking. As my accountants continued to fuss about the fi gures and focus on that, I kept my mind focused on abundance and all being well. I knew with every fiber of my being that the Universe would provide, and it did . It provided in ways I could not have imagined . I had m y moments of doubt, but when the doubt came I immediately moved my thoughts to the outcome of what I wanted . I gave thanks fo r it, I felt the joy of it, and I believed! I want to let you in on a secret to The Secret. The shortcut to anything you want in your life is to BE and FEEL happy now! It is the fastest way to bring money and anything else you want into your life. Focus on radi ating out into the Universe those fee lings of joy and happiness. When you do that, you will attract back to you all things that bring you joy and happiness, which will not onl y include an abundance of money, but everything else you are wanting. You must radiate out the signal to bring back what you want. As you radiate out those feelings of happiness, they will be sent back to you as the pictures and experiences of yo ur life. The law of attraction is refl ecting back your innermost thoughts and feelings as your life.

The Secret to Money



I can imagine what a lot of people are thinking: "How can I attract 1II0re mOlley into my life? How call I get more of the green stuff? How can I get more of wealth and prosperity? How call I, wlIw I love my job, deal with the credit card debt that I lIave, alld the realizatioll that maybe there's a ceiling on the money that can co me in, cause it's coming to me through my job? How can I bring in more? " Intend it! This goes back to one of the things we've beell talking about throughout the whole Secret. Your job is to declare what you would like to have from the catalogue of the Universe. If cash is aile of them, say I/Ow much you would like to have. "I would like to lIa ve twellly-five thousand dollars, unexpected in come, within the next thirty days," or whatever it happens to be. It siiouid be believable for you. If you have held thoughts in the past that the only way money can come to you is through your job, then let that go immediately. Can you appreciate that as you continue to think that, it must be your experience? Such thoughts do not serve you.

You are now coming to understand that there is abundance for you, and it is not your job to work out "how" the money will come to you. It is your job to ask, to believe you are receiving, and feel


The Secret

happy now. Leave the details to the Universe on how it wiJi bring it about.




Most people have a goal of getting out of debt. That wiJJ keep you in debt forever. Whatever you 're thinking about, youwiJJ attract. You say, "But it's get out of debt. " I don 't care if it's get out or get in, if you're thinking debt, you 're attracting debt. Set up an automatic debt repayment program and thell start to fo cus on prosperity. When you have a pile of bills that you have no idea how you are going to pay, you cannot focus on those bills, because you will continue to attract more bills. You have to find a way that works for you to focus on prosperity, despite the bills around you. You have to find a way of feeling good, so you can bring your good to you . ...- JAMES RAy

So many times people say to me, "l'd like to double my income in the next year. " But then you look at their actions and they 're not doing the things that are going to make than happen. They'JJ turn right around and they'll say, "[ can't afford that." Guess what? "Your wish is my command. " If the words "[ can't afford it" have passed your lips, your power to change that is now. Change it with, "I can afford that! [ can buy that!" Say it over and over. Become like a parrot. For the next

The Secret to Money 103

thirty days, make it yo ur intention that you are going to look at everything yo u like and say to yourself, "I can afford that 1 can buy th at " As yo u see your dream car drive past, say, "I can afford that" As you see clothes you love, as you think about a great vacation, say, "1 can affo rd that" As yo u do this you will begin to shift yourself and you will begin to feel better about money. You will begin to convince yo urself that you can afford those things, and as you do, the pictures of your life will change. LISA NICHOLS

Whell you focus 0 11 lack mId scarcity alld what you don 't have, you fuss about it with your family, you discuss it with your friends, you tell your children that you don 't have enough - "We don 't have enough for that, we call 't afford that " - thell you 'lIl1ever be able to afford it, because you begill to attract more of what you dOIl't have. If you wan t abundance, if you wall t prosperity, then focus on abundance. Focus all prosperity. "The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted . It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it."




ow that you know The Secret, when you see someone who is wealthy you will know that that person's predominant thoughts


The Secret

are on wealth and not on scarcity, and that they have drawll wealth to them-whether they did it consciously or unconsciously. They focused on thoughts of wealth and the Universe moved people, circumstances, and events to deliver wealth to them. The wealth that they have, you have also. The only difference between you and them is that they thought the thoughts to bring the wealth to them. Your wealth is waiting for you in the invisible, and to bring it into the visible, think wealth! DAVID SCHIRMER

Whell I first ullderstood The Secret, every day I would get a bUllch of bills ill the mail. I thought, "How do I tum this aroulld?" The law of attractioll states that whal you focus all you will get, so I got a ballk statemellt, I whited ou l the total, alld I put a Ilew total ill there. I put exactly how much I wanted to see ill the bank. So I thought, "What if I just visualized checks comillg in the mail? " So I just visualized a bunch of checks coming in the mail. Within just aile mOllth, things started to cllOllge. It is amazing; today I just get checks in tlze mail. I get a few bills, but I get more checks than bills. Since the film The Secret was released, we have received hundreds and hundreds of letters from people who have said that since watching the film they have received unexpected checks in the mail. And it happened because as they gave their focus and attention to David' s story, they brought checks to them .


The Secret to Money


A game I created that helped shift my feelings abo ut my pile o f bills was to pre tend that the bills we re actuall y checks. [ would jump fo r joy as I o pe ned the m and say, "More money fo r me! Tha nk yo u. Than k yo u." 1 took each bill, imagined it was a check, and th en l added a zero to it in m y mind to m ake it even m ore. T

got a note pad and wrote at the to p o f the page " I have received ," a nd then I wo uld list all the a mounts of the bills with an added zero. Next to each amount I wo uld write "Thank you," a nd fee l the feelings of g rati tude for receiving it- to the po int w here 1 had tears in my eyes. Then 1 wo uld take each bill, which looked ve ry small compared to w hat I had received, and [ would pay it with gratitu de! I never o pened my bills until [ had got m yself into the fee ling that they we re checks. If I o pe ned my bills befo re con v incing myself they were checks, m y stom ach would churn w he n J opened the m. [ knew that the emo tio n o f the churning in m y sto mach was powerfull y bring in g mo re bill s. 1 knew J had to e rase that feeling, a nd re place it w ith joyful feelings, so I could bring mo re mo ney into my li fe. In the face of a pil e o f bills, that ga me wo rked for me, and it ch a nged my li fe . There are so m a ny ga mes you ca n create, and yo u w ill know w hat wo rks best for you by the way you feel inside. Whe n yo u ma ke-believe, the resu I ts com e fast!


The Secret


I grew up all, "You have . money. " So I replaced that with, "Malley comes easily alld frequelltly." Now in the beginlling it feels like a lie, right? There is a part of your braill that will say, "Oh you liar, it's hard." So you have to know it's this lit tle tell II is match that will go on for a while. If you have had thoug hts of, " I have to work rea lly ha rd a nd

struggle to have mo ney," le t the m go immedi a tely. By thinking those thoug hts you emitted tha t freque ncy, a nd they becam e the pictures of your life ex pe rie nce. Ta ke Lo ral La ngerneie r's ad vice, a nd re pl ace th ose th ou ghts with, " Mo ney comes easily a nd freque ntl y." DAV I D SC HI RMER

When it comes to creating wealth, wealth is a mindset. It's all about how you think. LORAl LANG EM EI ER

I'd say 80 percell t of the coaching that I do with folks is about their psychologtJ and the way they thillk. I kllow when people say, "Oh, you COli do it, I con't." People have the capability to challge their inlier relatiollship and conversatiollwitil money.

The Secret to Money


"The good news is that the mo ment you decide th at w hat YOll know is mo re important th an what yo u have been tall ght to beli eve, YOll w ill have shifted gea rs in YOllr qllest fo r abundance. Success comes from w ithin, not from w ith out."

YOli have got to feel good abo ut money to attract mo re to YOli . Understa ndably, when peop le do not have enollgh money they do not feel good about money, because they don' t have enough. But those negative fee lings about money are stopping mo re mo ney coming to YOll! Yo u have got to stop the cycle, and you stop it by starting to fee l good about money, and being grateful for w hat you have. Start to say and fee!, " I have mo re than enough." "There is an ab undance of money and it's o n its way to me." "I am a money magnet." " I love money and money loves me." "I am receiving money every

day." "Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOll ."

Giving is a powerflll actio n to bri ng mo re money into your li fe, becallse when you are giv ing you aIe saying, " I have plenty." It wi ll not be surprising to yo u to lea rn that the wealthiest people on the pl anet are the greatest philanthropists. They give away vast


The Secret

amounts of money, and as they give, by the law of attraction, the Universe opens up and fl oods vast amounts of money back to them - mul tiplied! If you are thin king, " I don' t have enough money to give," bingo!

Now yo u know why yo u don' t have eno ugh money! When yo u think yo u don' t have enough to give, start giving. As you demonstra te fa ith in giving, the law of attraction must give you more to

There is a big d ifference between giving and sacrificing. Giving from a heart that is overflowing fee ls so good. Sacrificing does not fee l good. Don' t confuse the two they are d iametri ca ll y opposed. One emits a sig nal of lac k and the othe r emits a sig nal of mo rethan-enough. One fee ls good and one does not feel good. Sacri fice w ill eventua lly lead to resentment. Giving from a full hea rt is one of the most joyous things you can do, and the law of attraction will grab hold of that signal and fl ood even more into yo ur li fe. Yo u can feel the d iffe rence. JAM ES RAy

filld SO IIWIlY people who make a Iremelldoll s all10ulI l of mOlley, bu l lheir relaliollships stillk. Alld t!wl's 1101 wealth. You call go after tl,e money and YOll lIIight gel rich, bul il doesll 'l guaralltee you 'll be wealthy. 1'1II110t sllggestillg thai 1II0ney isn'l a pari of wealth, il absolulely is. Bill iI's Dilly a pari.

The Secret to Money


A lid thell I lIIeet a lot of people who are "spiritual," but Ihey're sick alld broke all the time. TIIa t's 110t wealth either. Life is meallt to be ablmdatlt - in all areas. If yo u have been brough t up to believe tha t being wealthy is not spiritu al, the n I highly recomme nd yo u read The Million aires o f the Bible Seri es by Catherine Ponder. In these glorio us books yo u w ill discover tha t Abra ham , Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, and Jesus were not o nl y prosperi ty teache rs, b ut also millionaires the mselves, with mo re afflu e nt lifesty les th an many p resen t-d ay millionaires coul d conceive of.

Yo u a re the heir to the kingdom. Prosperity is your birthright, a nd yo u hold the key to more ab u ndan ce in every a rea o f you r Ii fethan you can possibly imagine. Yo u deserve every good thin g you wa nt, and the Un iverse will give you every good thing you want, but yo u have to summon it in to yo ur life. Now yo u know The Secret. You have the key. The key is your tho ughts a nd feelings, and yo u have been holding the key in your hand all of your li fe. MARC I S HIM O FF

Mal1Y people ill Western cultllre are slrivillgfor success. Tiley wa,., t tile great home, they want their busillesses to work, Ihey wal1 t all Ihese outer things. But what we fouud ill our research is Ihat havillg these outer thil1gs does not necessarily guarau tee what we really wal1t, which is llOppiness. So we go for Ihese outer thil1gs Ihil1killg they're goil1g 10 bring us


The Secret

Iwppilless, but it's backward. YOll Il eed to go for the hiller joy, the il1l1er peace, the inner vision first, alld tlrell all of tire auier thillgs appear. Everything you wa nt is an inside job! The outside world is the world of effects; it's ju st the result of thoughts. Set yo ur thoughts and frequency on happiness. Radiate the feelings of happiness and joy within you, and transmit that into the Universe with all of your mig ht, and yo u wi ll experience true heaven on earth.

eCM/ . /

• To attract mOlley, focus 011 wealth. II is impossible to bri1lg more 1II0lley ill 10 YOllr life whell YOll fows all Ihe lack of il. • It is helpful 10 lise your illlagillalioll alld lIIake-believe YOll already

have Ihe 1II0lley YOIl wall i. Play gallles of having wealth and YOll will feel beller abolll //laney; as YOll feel beller abollt it, 1I10re will Jlow ill 10 YOllr life. • Feeling happy now is Ihe fas lesl way 10 bring 1II0ney inlo YOllr life. • Make il YOllr inlenlion 10 look at everylhing YOll like alld say 10 yourself, " I can afford Ihal. I can blly Ihat." YO II will shifl YOllr Ihillking alld begin 10 feel better abolllll1oney. • Give 1II0ney ill order 10 bring 1II0re of il inlo YOllr life. Whell you are generolls wilh 1Il0lley and feel good aboll l sharillg ii, YOll are sayillg, "I have plellty. " • Visualize checks ill tlie moi/.

• Tip tI,e balance of your Ihoughts 10 wealth. Think wealth.





010' H ER,


The Secret means that we are creators of our Universe, and that every wish that we want to create will manifes t ill our lives . Therefore, our wishes, thoughts, alld feelillgs are very important because they will manifest.

aile day I wen t in to tile home of an art director, a very famous film producer. In every corner he had this beautiful image of a IIaked woman draped witl1 a fa bric, kind of turning away as if she were sayillg, " I don 't see you." Tsaid to him, "I think you might have trouble in your romance." And he said, "Are you clairvoyan t? " "No, but look. In seven places, you have exactly that same womall. " He said, "But I love that kind ofpainting. I paillted it myself " I said, "That's even worse because you put all your creation and creativihj il1 it." 113


The Secret

He's a gorgeous-Iookillg 111011 with all these actresses arolllld him because fhat's fhe work he does, alld he doesn'f have ally romallce. I asked hilll, "What do YOIl wallt? " " I Wnllt to date th ree womell a week. " I said, "OK. paillt it. Paill! yourself with three womell, alld liang it ill every cOrller of your livillg space." Six mOllths later I saw him alld asked, "How is yOl/r love life? " "Great! Womell call me, tlleY wallt to date me. " "Because that 's your wish," I said. He said, " I feel great. I meall, for years I did not have a date and /lOW I have three dates a week. They're fightillg over me. " "Good for you," I said. Theil he told lI1e, " I really wallt to stabilize. I wallt marriage IIOW, I wallt romallce." I said, "Well, thell paillt it." He paillted a beautiful romalltic relatiollship, alld a year later he got married, alld he's very happy. This is because he put another wish OLit. He wished it in himselffor years withou t it happellillg because his wish collid IIOt mallifest. Tile outer level of hilllself- his hOl/se- was colltradictillg his wish all the tillle. So if yOI/ ullderstalld this knowledge, you just start playillg with it.

Marie Diamond's story of her client is a perfect demonstration of how Feng Shui refl ects the teachings of The Secret. [t illustrates how our thoughts create powerfull y when we put them into action. Any action we take must be preceded by a thought. Thoughts create the words we speak, the feelings we feel, and our actions. Actions are pa rti cularly powerful, because they are thoughts that ha ve col/sed us to act.

The Secret to Relationships


We may not even reali ze what O Uf innermost thoughts are, but we can see what we have been thinking by looking at the actions we have take n. !n the story of the film produ cer, his innermost thoug hts were reflected in hi s actions and surroundings. He had painted many women, all tu rning away from him. Can you see what his innermost thoughts we re? Even though his wo rd s were saying he wanted to date more wo men, his innermost thoughts did not reflect that in his paintings. By deliberately choosing to chan ge his acti ons, it caused him to focus his entire thought on what he wanted . With such a sim ple shi ft, he was able to paint his life and call it into existence through the law of attraction.

When yo u wa nt to attract something into your life, make sure your actions don' t contradict your desires. One of the most wo nde rful exa mples of this is given by Mike Dooley, one of the teachers featured in The Secret, in his audio course, Leveraging the Universe all d Engaging tiIe Magic. It is a sto ry of a woman who wanted to attract her perfect partner into her li fe. She had done all the right things: She got clea r about what she wanted him to be like, made a detailed list of all of his qualities, and visualized him in her life. Despite doing all these things, there was no sign of him . Then one day as she a rri ved home and was parking her car in the middle of her garage, she gasped as she reali zed that her actions were contrad icting what she wanted. If her ca r was in the middle of the ga rage, there was no room fo r her perfect partner's car! Her acti ons were powerfull y saying to the Uni verse that she did not believe she was going to receive what she had asked for. So she immedi ately clean ed up her gar age and parked her car to one s ide,


The Secret

leaving space for her perfect partner's ca r on the other side. She the n went into he r bedroom and o pened her wa rdrobe, which was jammed full of cl othes. There was no room fo r her perfec t partner's cl othes. So she moved some of her clothes to make space. She had also been sleeping in the midd Ie of her bed, and so she began sleeping on "her" side, leaving space for her partner. â&#x20AC;˘

Thi s woman re lated her s tory to Mike Dooley over a dinner, and s it-

ting next to her at the table was her perfect partner. After taking all of these powerful actions and acting as if she had alread y received her perfect partner, he arri ved in her li fe and they are now hap pily married. Another simple example of "acting as if" is a sto ry of my sister Glenda, who is the prod uction manage r of the fiI m The Secret. She w as li ving and working in A ustrali a, and she wanted to move to the United States and work with me in our U.s. office. Glenda knew The Secret ve ry well, and so she was d oing all the right things to bring forth what she wa nted, bu t months we re passing by and she was still in Australia. Glenda looked at her acti ons and realized she was not "acting as if" she was receiving what she had asked fo r. So she began to take powerful actions. She o rganized everything in her life fo r her d eparture. She canceled memberships, gave away things she would not need, and she got her suitcases out and packed them. Within fo ur weeks, Glenda was in the United States wo rking out of our U.S. offi ce.

The Secret to Relationships


Think abo ut what you have asked fo r, and m ake sure that your acti ons are mi rrori ng w hat you ex pect to receive, and that they're

not contradicting w hat you' ve asked fo r. Act as if you a re receiving it. Do exactl y w hat you would d o if you we re receiving it tod ay, and take actions in yo ur life to refl ect that powerful expectati on. M ake room to recei ve your desires, and as you do, you are

send ing out that powerful sig nal of expectatio n.


Inside relatiollships if's importall t to fi rst understand who's comillg illio Ihe relatiollship, alld 1I0t ju sl your pariller. You lIeed 10 ullderslalld yourselffirst. JAM ES RAy

How call YaH ever expect anyol1e else to enjoy your company if you dOl!'1elljoy your OWII company? Alld so agaill , Ihe law of allraclioll or The Secrel is aboul brillgillg Ihat illto your life. You've got to get really, really clear. Here's the questioll l would ask yOll to cOllsider: Do you treat yourself tile way you walll other people to treat you ? When YO ll do not trea t yourself the way YO ll w ant others to trea t yo u, you ca n never change the way things are. Yo ur actions are your powerful thoughts, so if yo u d o not trea t yourself with

11 8

The Secret

love and respect, you are e mitting a signal that is say ing you are no t important eno ugh, wo rth y eno ug h, o r deserving. Th at signal w ill continue to be broad cast, and yo u w ill ex pe ri ence mo re situations of people not trea ting yo u well. The people a re just the effect. Yo ur tho ug hts are the cause. You must begin to treat yourself w ith love and respect, and emit that s ig nal and get on that frequency. Then the law of attractio n w ill move the entire Uni verse, and yo ur life w ill be full of people w ho love and respect you.

Many people have sacrificed themselves for others, thinking when they sacrifice themselves they are being a good person. Wrong! To sacrifi ce yo urself can o nl y come from thoughts of absolu te lack, becau se it is saying, "There is not enough fo r everyo ne, so I w ill go witho ut." Those feelings do not feel good and will eventually lead to resentment. There is abundance fo r everybod y and it is each pe rson's respo nsibility to summon the ir ow n desires. You ca nnot summon for anothe r pe rson because you cannot think and feel fo r another. Yo ur job is You . When yo u make feeling good a prio ri ty, th at magnificent frequency w ill radiate and to uch everyo ne cl ose to yo u. DR. JOHN GRAY

You /Jecollle Ihe solution fo r you. DOIl't painI to nIIolher person and say, "Now you owe me and you /I ced to give me 1II0re." Illstead, give 1II0re to yourself Take till1e off to give 10 yourself alld ill a smse to fill you rself up to f ullness, to where now you can overflow i1l giving.

The Secret to Reltlt"ionships


"To acquire love . .. fill yourself u p w ith it until you become a magnet."

Many of us were taught to put ourselves last, and as a consequence we attrac ted feelings of being un wo rthy and undeserving. As those feelings lod ged within us, we continued to attrac t more li fe situ ations that had us feel mo re un worth y and not enough. Y O LI must change that thinking.

"U ndoubted ly to some, the idea of g iving so mu ch love to self will seem ve ry cold, hard and unme rciful. Still this matte r may be seen in a diffe rent li ght, when we fin d that ' looking out for Numbe r O ne: as directed by the Infinite, is really looking out fo r Numbe r Two and is indeed the onl y way to permanentl y benefit Number Two."

Unless you fill yourself up first, you have nothing to give anybod y. The refo re it is impe rati ve that yo u tend to You first. Attend to your joy first. People are responsible fo r their own joy. When you tend to yo u r joy a nd do what ma kes you feel good, you are a joy to be around a nd you a re a shining example to every child and every person in your li fe. Whe n yo u are feeling joy yo u d on' t even have to think about giving. It is a natural overflow.


The Secret


I got into many relation ships expectillg my partHer to show me my beau ty, because I didn't see my own beau ly. When I was growing up, my heroes or my "she-roes " were the BiOllic Woman , Wonder Woman , and Charlie 's Angels. And while they're wonderful, they didn 'llook like me. It wasn'l until I fell in love with Lisa- I fell in love wilh lI1y mocha skin, lI1y full lips, my round hips, my curly black hair - il wasn 't until that happened that the rest of the world was able 10 fall in love with me as well. The reason you have to love You is because it is impossible to feel good if you don't love You. When you feel bad about yourself, yo u are blocking all the love and all the good that the Uni verse has for you. When you feel bad about yourself it feels as though you are sucking the life out of you, because all of yo ur good, on every si ngle subject- including health, wealth, and love is on the frequency of joy and feeling good. The feeling of having unlimited energy, and that amazing feeling of health and well ness, are all on the frequency of feeling good. When you don't feel good about You, you are on a frequency that is attracting mo re peop le, situations, and circumstances that wiJI continue to make you feel bad about You. You must change your focus and begin to think about all the things that are wonderful about You. Look for the positives in You. As yo u focus on those things, the law of attraction will show yo u more great things about You . You attract what yo u think about. All yo u

The Secret to Relationships


have to do is begin with one prolonged thought of something good about You, and the law of attraction w ill respond by giving You more like thoughts. Look for the good things abo ut You. Seek and ye shall find!




There's something so magnificent about you. I have been studying me for forty-four years. I wanna kiss myself sometimes! Because you're going to get to love yourself I'm not talking about conceit. I'm talking about a healthy respect for yourself And as you love yourself, you'll automatically love others. MARC I SHIMOfF

In relationships we're so used to complaining about other people. For instance, "My coworkers are so lazy, my husband makes me so mad, my children are so difficult." It's always focusing on the other person. But for relationships to really work, we need to focus on what we appreciate about the other person, flot what we're complaining about. When we're

complaining about those things we're ollly getting more of those things. Even if you 're having a really hard time in a relationshipthings aren 't working, you're not getting along, someone's in your fa ce-you still can turn that relationship around. Take a piece of paper, and for the next tllirty days sit down and write all the things that you appreciate about that person. Think about all the reasons that you love them. You appreciate their


The Secret

sense of humor, you appreciale how supporlive Ihey are. And whal you 'll find is thai whell you foclI S all apprecialing alld ackllowledging tlleir strenglhs, Ihal 's whal you'll get II/ore of, alld the problems will fade away. LISA NICHOLS

Oftel1times you give others the opportullity 10 creole YOllr happilless, all d mOllY times Ihey fail 10 creale il the way YOIl wal1t it. Why? Because ollly olle person cnn be ill charge of your joy, of your bliss, alld Ihat's you. So eVeII your parelll, you r child, your spouse- they do not have Ihe cOll lrollo creole your happiness. They simply have Ihe opporlllllity 10 share ill your happiness. YOllr joy lies willi ill you . All your joy is on the frequ ency of love-the highest and the most powerful frequency of all. You can' t hold love in yo ur hand . You can only fcel it in your healt. It is a state of bei ng. YOLI can see evidence of love being expressed through people, but love is a feeling, and you are the only one that can radiate and e mit that feeling o f love. Your ability to generate feelings of love is unlimited, and when you love you are in complete and utte r harmony with the Universe. Love everything you can. Love everyone YOll can. Focus only on things yo u love, feel love, and you will experience that love and joy coming back to you-multiplied! The law of attraction must send you back more things to love. As yo u radiate love, it will appear as though the entire Universe is doing everything for YOll, moving every joyful thing to you, and moving every good person to yo u. In truth, it is.

• When you Wall t to attract a relationsllip, make su re your thoughts, words, actions, alld su rroulldillgs dOII't cOl1tradict your desires.

• Your job is you. Unless you fill yourself up fi 1'51, you have nolhing to give allybody. • Treal yourself with love aIId respect, alld you will atlracl people who sllow you love mid respect. • Whell you feel bad abolll yourself, YOII block the love alld illstead YOll attract more people and situatiolls that will cOI/,tinue to make you feel bad about you. • Focus all the qualities you love aboul yourself and Ihe law of attraction will sllow you //lore great tllings about you. • To lI1ake a relatiol/ ship work, focus 01/ what you appreciate about the other perSall, alld not your complaillis. When you focus on the strengths, YOII will gel more of them.



I \ J





'" PUBLI C POLI CY EXPERT Our body is really the product of our thoughts. We're beginning to understand in medical science the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines tl" physical substallce and structure and func tion of our bodies. DR. JOHN DEMARTINI

We've kllown in the healing arts of a placebo effect. A placebo is something that supposedly has no impact and 110 effect on the body, like a sugar pill. You tell the patient that this is just as effective, and what happens is the placebo sometimes has the same effect, if not greater effect, than the medication that is supposed to be 125


The Secret

designed for Ihal effeci. They have fOUlld oul Ihallile Inllnall mind is the bigges tJac tor ill ti,e heaJillg arts, sometimes more so Ihall Ihe medicalioll. As you are becoming awa re of the magnitude of The Secret, you will begin to see more clea rl y the unde rl ying truth o f certa in occurre lKes in huma nkind, incl uding in the a rea of health. The placebo effect is a powerful phenomenon . When patients Ihillk and trul y believe the tablet is a cure, they will receive w hat they believe, and they will be cured. DR. JOHN DEMARTINI

If somebody is ill a silllalioll where Ihey're sick alld Ihey have ml alterl7ative to try to explore wlta t is ill tlteir lIlilld creatillg it, versu.s using medici/Ie, if it's Gil acute situalioll Ilra t could really brillg dealh 10 Ihem, Ihell obviolls/y the medicille is a wise tlrillg to do, while they explore what the mil1d is about. So you dOli 'I wan l 10 lIegale llledicille. Every form of healillg has a place. Healing th rough the mind can work ha rmoniously with med icine. If pain is involved, then med icine ca n help to eliminate that pain, w hich then allows the person to be able to focus with great force on health . "Thinking perfect health" is something anybody ca n do privately w ithin themselves, no matter w hat is happening around them. LISA N ICHOLS

Tire Universe is n masterpiece ofabtll1dmlce. WI/ell you opell yourself 10 feel lhe abulldallce of Ihe Ulliverse, YOll 'lI

The Secret to Heal th


experiellce Ihe wOlldel; joy, bliss, alld all the greal thillgs that the UlIiverse has for you - good heal th, good wealth, good lIalure. But whell you shut you rself off with lIegative thoughts, you 'll feel tile discomforl, you 'll feel the aches, you'll feel the paill, alld you 'll feel as if every day is paillful to get through.



We've got a t//Ou salld differellt diagnoses and diseases ou llhere. They 're just the weak link. They're all the result of aile Ihillg: slress. If you put ellough stress on Ihe chain and you pul enough stress on Ihe syslem, then one of Iile links breaks. All stress beg ins with one negati ve thought. One thought that went unchecked, and then more thoughts came and more, until s tress manifested. The effect is stress, but the ca use was negative thjnking, and it all began with one little nega tive thought. No matter what you might have manifested, you can change it ... with one small positi ve thought a nd then another. DR. JOHN DEMARTINI

Our physiology creales disease to give us feedba ck, 10 let us kllow we have all imbalal1ced perspective, or we're 110t beil1g lovillg a/ld grateful. So the body's sign s and symptoms are not sOlllethillg terrible.


The Secret

Dr. Dema rtini is telling us that love and gratitude w ill dissolve all negati vity in our lives, no matter what fo rm it has taken. Love and gratitude can part seas, move mountai ns, and create miracles. And love and gratitude can dissolve any d isease. MI C HAEl BERNARD BECKWITH

The question frequently asked is, "Wizen a persall has manifested a disease in the body temple or some killd of discomfort in their life, can it be turned around through the power of'right' thill king?" And the answer is absolutely, yes.


Twas diagnosed with breast cancer. I truly believed in my heart, with my strollgfaitil, that I was aTready healed. Each day Twould say, "Thank you for my healing. " On and on and 0/' I went, "Thank you for my healing." I believed in my heart Twas healed. I saw myself as if cancer was never in Illy body. One of the things I did to heal myself was to watch very fulll 'y movies. Tha t's all we would do was just laugh, laugh, and laugil. We couldll't afford to put any stress ill my life, because we knew stress was aile of the worst things you can do wliile you're trying to heal yourself

The Secret to Health 129

From the time I was diagnosed to the time I was healed was approximately three mon ths. Alld that's without any radiation or chemotherapy. This beautiful and inspiring story from Cathy Goodman d emonstrates three magnificent powers in operation: The power of gratitude to heal, the power of faith to receive, and the power of laughter and joy to dissolve disease in our bodies. Cathy was inspired to include laughter as part of her healing, after hea ring about the story of Norman Cousins. Norman had been diagnosed with an "incurable" disease. The doctors told him he had just a few months to live. orman decided to heal himself. For three months all he did was watch funny movies and laugh, laugh, laugh. The disease left his body in those three months, and the docto rs proclaimed his recovery a miracle. As he laughed, Norman released all negati vity, and he released the disease. Laughter really is the best medicine.



We all come with a built-in basic program. It 's called "selfhealing." You get a wound, it grows back together. You get a bacterial infection, the immune system comes alld takes care of those bacteria, and heals it up. The immune system is made to heal itself


The Secret




Disease call1lot live ill n body tltat's ill a healthy emotiollal state. Your body is castillg off mil/iolls of cells every secolld, Gild it's also cren fillg millions OfllL'W cells at tlte same time. DR. JOHN HAGELIN

III fact, parts of our body are literally replaced every day.

Other parts take a few mOllths, other parts a couple of years. But witl,ill a few years we each Iwve a bralld IIC1U physical body. If our entire bodies are replaced w ith in a few yea rs, as science has proven, then how ca n it be that degeneration or illness remains in

our bodies for years? It can onl y be held there by thought, by observation of the illness, and by the attention given to the illness.

Think thoughts of perfecti on. Illness canno t exist in a bod y that has har monious thoughts. Know there is onl y perfection, and as you observe perfecti on yo u mu st summon that to yo u. Im perfect thoughts are the cause of all humanity's ills, incl uding disease, poverty, and unhappiness. When we th in k negati ve thoughts we are cutting ourselves off from our rightful heritage. Decla re and intend, " I think perfect thoughts. I see only pe rfection . I am perfecti on,"

The Secret to Hea llh


1 banished every bit of stiffness and lack of agility right out of my bod y. I focused on seeing my body as fl exible and as pe rfect as a child's, and every stiff a nd aching joint vanished. I literally did this overnight. You can see that beliefs about aging are all in our minds. Science explains that we ha ve a bra nd new body in a very short time. Aging is limited thinking, so release those thoughts from your consciousness and know that your body is only months old, no matter how man y birthdays you have chalked up in yo ur mind. For yo ur next birthday, d o yourself a favo r and celebrate it as your first birthday! Don't cover your cake with sixty candles, unless you wa nt to summon aging to you. Unfortunately, Western society has become fi xated on age, and in rea lity there is no such thing. You can tiIill k yo ur way to the pe rfect state of health, the perfect body, the perfect weight, and ete rnal youth. You ca n bring it into being, through your consistent thinking of perfection.

@~ BOB ,


If you "ave a disease, alld you 're fo cusing on it, and you 're talkillg to people about it, you're going to create more diseased cells. See yourself living in a perfectly iIealtiIy body. Let the doctor look afte r tiIe disease. O ne of the things that people often do when they have an illness is talk abo ut it all the time. That's because they're thinking about it all the time, so they' re ju st ve rbalizing their thoughts. If you are feel-


The Secret

ing a little unwell, don' t talk about it- unless you want more of it. Kno w that your thought was responsible and repeat as often as you can, "1 feel wonderful. I feel so good," and really feel it. If you are not feeling great and somebod y asks you how you are feeling, just be grateful that that person has reminded yo u to thin k thoughts of feeling well. Speak only the wo rds of what you want. You cannot "catch" anything unless you think you can, and thinking you can is inviting it to you with your thought. You are also inviting illness if you are listening to people talking about their illness. As you listen you are giving all of your thought and focus to illness, and when you give all of your thought to something, you are asking for it. And you are certainly not helping them. You are add ing energy to their illness. If you really want to help that person, change the conversation to good things, if yo u can, or be on your way. As you walk away, give your powerful thoughts and feelings to seeing that person well, and then let it go. LISA NICHOLS

Let's say you have two people, both strickellwith sOlllething, but one chooses to focus on joy. One chooses to live in possibility and hopefulness, focusing all all the reaSons why she sllOuld be joyful and grateful. Then you have the secolld persall. Same diagnosis, but the secolld chooses to fOGLIs on the disease, the paiN, mzd the "woe is me." BOB DOYlE

When people are completely focused on what's wrong alld their symptoms, they will perpetuate it. The healillg willllot


The Secret to Health


ocwr !llItil they shift their attention from being sick to being well. Because that's the law of attractioll. "Let us remember, so far as we can, that every unpleasant thought is a bad thjng literally put in the body."


Happier thoughts lead to essen tially a happier biochemistry. A happier, heallilier body. Nega tive thoughts alld stress have beell showlI to seriously degrade the body and the functioning of the brain, because it's our thoughts and emotiolls that are con fifluously reassembling, reorganizing, re-creatiflg our

body. No matter what you have manifested in regards to your body, you can change it-inside and out. Start thinking happy thoughts and start being happy. Happiness is a feeling state of being. You have your finger on the "feeling happy" button. Press it now and keep your finger pressed down on it firm ly, no matter what is happening around yo u. DR. BEN JOHNSON

Remove physiological stress fmm tlze body, and the body does what it was desiglled to do. It heals itself


The Secret

You don' t have to fight to get rid of a d isease. Just the si mple process of letting go of negati ve thoughts w ill all ow yo ur natural state of hea lth to emerge within yo u. And yo ur bod y will hea l itself. MICHAEL BERNARD BEC KWITH

I've seeu kidlleys regellerated. I've seell callcer dissolved. I've seen eyesight improve a"d come back. I had been wea ring reading glasses fo r aboll t three yea rs before I discovered The Secret. One njght as I was tracing the know ledge of The Secret back through the centuries, I found myself reachjng fo r my glasses to see what I was read ing. And I stopped in my tracks. The rea lization of what I had done struck me like a lightn ing bolt.

I had listened to society's message that eyesight diminishes with age. J had wa tched people stretch their ar ms out so that they could read something. I had given my thought to eyesight d imini shing w ith age, and I had brought it to me. I had n't do ne it deli berately, but I had do ne it. I knew that what I had brought into being with thoughts I could change, so I immed iately imagined myself seeing as clea rl y as when I was twenty-one years old . I saw myself in da rk restaurants, on pl anes, and at my computer, reading clea rl y and effortlessly. A nd I said over and over, " I ca n see clea rl y, I can see

clearl y." I felt the feelings of g ratitude and excitement for hav ing clear vision. In three days my eyesight had been resto red, and I now do not own read ing glasses. I cml see clearly. When I told Dr. Ben Johnson, one of the teachers fro m The Secret, about what I had done, he said to me, "Do you reali ze what had

The Secret to Health


to happen to yo ur eyes for yo u to do that in three d ays?" I replied, "No, and thank good ness I didn't know, so that thought was not in my head ! I just knew I could do it, and that I could do it fast." (Sometimes less in fo rmation is better! ) D r. Johnson eliminated an "incurable" disease from his own bod y,

so the restora ti on of my eyesight seemed li ke noth ing to me, compared with his own miracle story. Ln fact, I expected my eyesight to come back overni ght, so th ree d ays was no miracl e in my mind . Remember, tim e and size do not exist in the Universe. It is as easy

to heal a pim ple as a disease. The process is identical; the di fference is in our m inds. So if you have attracted some affl iction to you,

red uce it in your mi nd to the size of a pimple, let go of all negative thoughts, and then focus on the perfection of hea lth.


I always say that iI/CLlrable meatlS "curable from withi11. " I believe and know that nothing is incurab le. A t some point in tim e, every so-ca lled incu rab le disease has been cu red. In my mind, and

in the wo rld I create, "incurable" does not exist. There is plenty of room for you in thi s worl d, so come join me and all who are here.

It is the wo rld where "miracles" are everyday occurrences. It is a wo rld overflow ing wi th tota l ab undance, where all good things exist now, within you. Sounds like heaven, doesn' t it? It is.


The Secret


You can change your life and you can heal yourself


~ OMAN 0 I


My story begins on March 10, 1981. This day really changed my whole life. It was a day I'll never forget. I crashed an airplane. I ended up in the hospital completely paralyzed. My spinal cord was crushed, 1 broke the first and second cervical vertebrae, my swallowing reflex was destroyed, 1 couldn't eat or dril1k, my diaphragm was destroyed, I couldn't breathe. All I could do was blink my eyes. The doctors, of course, said I'd be a vegetable the rest of my life. All I'd be able to do is blink my eyes. That 's the picture they saw of me, but it did n't matter what they thought. The main thing was what I thought. I pictured myself being a normal person again, walking out of that hospital. The only thing I had to work with in the hospital was my mind, and once you have your mind, you can put things back together again. I was hooked to a respirator and they said I'd never breathe on my own again because my diapl1fagm was destroyed. But a little voice kept saying to me, "Breathe deeply, breathe deeply." And finally I was weaned from it. They were at a loss for an explanation. I could not afford to allow anything

The Secret to Health


10 collle ill to Illy lIlil /d Iltal would distracl IIIe frolll Illy goal or

from my visioll .

I lmd set a goal to walk olll of the hospital on Ch ristmas. Alld I did. I walked ou l of tlte hospilal 011 Illy OWII Iwo fee t. Tltey said il couldll 'l be dOlle. Tlm!'s a day I will never forget. For people wlta are silting ouilitere right now alld are '''ITtit/g, ifl w"'/ted to SUIII up Illy lifo alld SUIII up for people wlml tltey am do ill lifo, I would sum it up in six words: "Mall beoollles wlml he Ihinks aboul." Mo rris Goodman is known as The Miracle Man. His sto ry was chosen fo r Tlte Secret beca use it demo nstrates the unfathomable power and unlimi ted potenti al of the human mind . Mo rris knew the power within him to bring about what he chose to think about. Everything is possible. Mo rris Goodman's sto ry has inspired thousands of people to think, imagine, and feel their way back to health . He turned the g reatest cha llenge of his life into the g reatest gift. Since the film The Secrel was released, we have been inundated with miracle sto ries of all types of diseases dissolving from people's bodies afte r they wa tched Tlte Secret. All things are possible when you believe. On the subject of hea lth I would like to leave you with these illuminating words from Dr. Ben Johnson: "We are now entering the


The Secret

era of energy med icine. Everything in the Uni verse has a frequency and all yo u have to do to is change a frequency or create an opposite frequency. That's how easy it is to change anything in the wo rld, whether that's d isease o r emotional issues or whatever that is. This is huge. Thi s is the biggest th ing that we have ever come across.u

• The placebo effect is an example of the law of attraction in action. When a patient truly believes the tablet is a cure, he receives what he believes alld is cured. • "Focl1 sillg on perfect health" is something we con all do with ill ourselves, despite what may be happening on the outside. • Laughter attracts joy, releases l1egativity, Gild leads to miraculous cures.

• Disease is held ill the body by f/lOugl'l!, by observatioll of the iii ness, and by the altelltion given to the illlless. If you are feeling a little unwell, dOIl 't talk about it - unless you want more of it. If you listell to people talk ahout their illness, you add merS'} to their illness. Instead, challge the cOllversatioll to good things, alld give powerful thoughts to seeing those people ill health. • Beliefs ahout aging are all ill our minds, so release those thoughts frolll your collsciouslless. Focus all health and eternal youth. • Do not listen to society's messages about diseases and aging. Negative messages do not serve you.






People have a tendency to look at the things that th",) want and say, "Yes, I like that, I want that. " However, they look at the things thal lhey don't wan t and they give Ihem i ust as much ellergy, If l'Iot more, with the idea tha t they can stam p it OLlt, they ca ll eliminate it, obliterate it. 111 our society, we've

becoll1e conlent with fighling againsl things. Fighling against cancel; figilling againsl poverly, fighting against war, fight ing agai nsl drugs, fighling against terrorism, fighting against violence. We tend 10 fighl everything we don 't wan t, which actually creates more of a figl1t .


Anything we focus on we do create. So if we're really angry, fo r il/ stall ce, at a war tlIa t's going on, or strife, 141


The Secret

or sufferillg, we're addillg our ellergy 10 il. We're pushillg ourselves, and that Dilly crea tes resistmlce.

"What you resist pe rsists."



The reasoll ihal who I you resisl persists is because ifyolI're resisting sOlllelhillg, you're sayillg, "No, / dOli 'I 100111 tllis Ihillg, because il makes lIIe feel lhis way-Ihe way / alii feelillg righl /lOW." SO you're pu ttillg oul a really slrollg elllolioll of, "/ really don'l like this feeling," alld Ihell il comes racillg loward you.

Resistan ce to anything is like try ing to cha nge the outside pi ctures afte r they have been transmitted . It's a futil e pursuit. You have to go within a nd emi t a new sig nal wi th your thoughts a nd feelings to crea te th e new pictures.

As yo u resist wh at h as appea red , yo u a re adding mo re ene rgy and mo re power to those pictu res you do n' t like, a nd yo u a re bring ing more of them at a furious rate. T he event or circumstances ca n only

get bi gger, because that is the law of the Uni ve rse.

--. N,


.-'''' Tile anti-war movemell t creates more war. The an ti-drug

movellleni has actually crealed more drugs . Because we're focusillg all what we dOli 'I walll-dmgs!

The Secret to the World



People believe thai ifwe really wan llo elilllillale something, focus on that. How much sense does it lI1ake for us to give Ihe particular problelll all of Ihe energy, as opposed to focusi ng 011 trust, love, living in abundance, educatiolJ, or peace? JAC K CANFI ElD

Molher Teresa was brilliant. She said, "I will never attend all allli-war rally. If yo", have a peace rally, illvite me." She knew. She underslood The Secret. Look whal she manifested in the world. ..


So if you're anli-war, be pro-peace instead. If you're an tihunger, be pro-people having lIIore than enough to eat. If you are anti-a-particular politician, be pro-his OppOIWlt. Often eleclions are lipped in favor of the person that the people are really against, becallse he's getting all the ellergtj and all the foCl/ s.

Everything in this world began with one thought. The bigger things get bigger because more people give their thoughts to it after it has appea red . Then those thoughts and emotions keep that very event in ou r existence, and make it bigger. If we took our minds off it and focused instead on love, it could not exist. It would evaporate and disap pear.


The Secret

" Remember, and thi s is one of the most difficult as well as most wonderful statements to g ras p. Remember that no matter what the difficul ty is, no matter where it is, no matter who is affected, you have no patient but yourself; you have nothing to d o but convince yourself o f the truth which you d esire to see manifested ."


It's OK to 1I0tice what you dOIl 't wallt, because it gives you cOlltmst to say, "This is what I do wallt. " Bu t the fa ct is,

the I/lOre you talk abou l what you dOll 't wallt, or talk about how bad it is, read abou t that all the lillie, alld thell say how terrible it is- well, you 're creatillg 1Il0re of tllOt. You cannot help the wo rld by focusing on the negati ve things. As you focus on the negati ve events o f the wo rld, you not onl y add to them, but you bring mo re negati ve things into yo u r own life at the same time. When the pictures have appeared of something yo u d o not wa nt, it is your cue to change your think ing and emit a new signal. If it is a world situation, you are not powerless. You have all the power. Focus on everybod y being in joy. Focus on abundance of food . Give your powerful thoughts to what is wa nted . You have the ability to give so much to the w orld by emitting feelings of love and wellbeing, despite what is happening around you.

The Secret to the World



So many limes people say to me, "Well , James, I have to be illformed. " Maybe you have to be informed, but you don 't have to be inundated. When I discovered The Secret 1 made a decision that 1 would not watch the news or read newspapers anymore, because it did not make me feel good. The news services and the newspapers are not in any way to blame for broadcasting bad news. As a global communi ty, we are responsible for it. We buy more newspapers when a huge drama is the head line. The news channels' ratings skyrocket w hen there is a national o r internatio nal disaster. So the newspape rs and news services give us more bad news because, as a society, that's what we are saying we want. The med ia is effect, and we are cause. 1t is just the law of attraction in action! The news services and newspapers will change what they deliver to us w hen we e mit a new signal and focus on what we want. MICHAEL BERNARD BEC KWITH

Learn to become still, and to take your attention away from whal you don 'l wallt, alld all the emotional charge around ii, and place the attention Or! what you wish to experience . ... Energy flows where attention goes. "Think trul y, and thy thoughts shall the world's fam ine feed."

clf;...;;t $~ (1808-1889)


The Secret

Are you beginning to see the phenomenal power yo u have in this wo rld, ju st through your existence? As yo u focus on the good things you fee l good, and yo u are bringing more good things to the wo rld . At the same time, yo u are bringing more good things into your own life. When you feel good yo u uplift yo ur life, and you uplift the wo rld! The law is perfection in operation. DR. JOHN DEMARTINI

I always say, when the voice and the vision on tile iNside become more profound, clem; and loud tiian tlIe opinions 0 11 the outside, you've mastered your life! liSA NICHOLS

It 's not your job to change the world, or tlIe people around you. It's your job to go with tlIe flow inside of tlIe Un iverse, and to celebrate it inside tlIe world tiiat exists. You are the maste r of your life, and the Uni verse is answering yo ur every comm and. Don' t become mesmeri zed by the pi ctures that have appeared if they are not what you want. Ta ke responsibility for them, make li ght of them if yo u can, and let them go. Then thjnk new tho ughts of what you want, feel them, and be g rateful that it is d one.

The Secret to the World


aile of the questions I get asked all the time is if even)one uses The Secret, and they all treat the Ulliverse like a catalogue, aren't we going to run out ofstuff? Won't everyolle just make a nlll for it and bust the bank? MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH

What's beautiful about the teaching of The Secret is that there's more than enough to go around for everyone. There is a lie that acts like a virus within the mind of hUlllanity. And that lie is, "There's 1I0t enough good to go around. There's lack and there's limitation and there's just not ellough. " Alld that lie has people living in fear, greed, stinginess. Alld tllDse thoughts offear, greed, stinginess, alld lack become their experience. So the world has taken a nightmare pill. The truth is tl/Ot there's 1I10re than enough good to go around. There's more than enough creative ideas. There's more than enough p07.oer. There's more than enough love. There 's more than enough joy. All of this begins to come through a mind that is aware of its OWII infinite I/ature.



The Sec rei

To think the re is not enou gh is to look at the outside pictures and think that every thing comes from the outside. When you d o tha t, you will most surely see lack a nd limita tion. You now know that nothing comes into existence fro m the outside, and that everything first com es from thinking and feeling it on the inside. Your mind is the creati ve power of all things. So how can there be any lack? It's impossible. Your ability to think is unlimited, and so the things yo u can think into existence are unlimited . A nd so it is w ith everyone.

Whe n yo u truly kllow this, you a re thinking from a mind tha t is awa re of its o wn infinite nature.



Every grea t teaclIer wlIo lIas ever walked tlIe plallel lIas l aid

YOIi tiiat l ife was meall l 10 be ablilldalli.

"The essence of th is law is that you must think abundance; see abundance, fee l abundan ce,

believe ab undance. Le t no thoug ht of limitation enter your mind ."

JOH N AS SARAF A lld so jus t wlIell we IIIillk IIIal resources are dwilldl illg, we

find new resources tlla t can achieve tile same th illgs. The true story of a Belize o il team is a n inspiring exa mple o f the powe r o f the human mind to bring fo rth resources. The directors

The Secret to the World


of Belize Na tural Ene rgy Limited we re tra ined b y the emine nt Dr. Tony Q uinn , w ho specializes in Huma nisti c Ph ysio logy training. Wi th Dr. Q uinn's mind power training, the di recto rs we re confi dent that thei r me ntal picture of Belize being a su ccessful o ilprodu cing country wo uld be achieved . They took a brave step forwa rd to drill fo r oil in Spani sh Lookout, a nd in one short yea r their drea m and vision became a rea li ty. Belize Natural Energy Lim ited discovered o il of the highest quality, in a bunda n t fl ows whe re fifty o the r compa nies had failed to find an y. Belize has become an Oil -producing country beca use an extraordinary team of people believed in the unlimi ted power of their mind. Nothing is limi ted-not resources or anything e lse. It is onl y limi ted in the huma n mind . When we open our minds to the unlim ited creati ve power, we will call forth abundan ce a nd see and expe rience a w hole new world. DR. JO HN D EMARTINI

Evell though we say we have lack, it's because we don't open up aUf vision and see all a/what is around us. DR.


You kllow when people start to live from their heart and go for what they wall t, they don't go for the same things. That's the beauty of this. We don'! all wallt BMWs. We don't all want tlte same persall. We dOIl't all want the same experiences. We don't all want the same clothing. We don'! all wan t . .. (fill in the blallk).


The Secrel

You are here on thi s glo rio us planet, endowed with this wonderful power, to create your life! There are no limits to what you can

create for You, because your ability to think is unlimited! But you cannot create other people's lives fo r them . You can not think for them, and if yo u try to force your o pinions on others you will onl y attract like forces to you. So let a ll others create the li fe they want. MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH

There 's enough for everyone. If you believe it, if you CflIl see it, if you act from it, it'll show lip for you. Tha t's the truth. " If you have any lack, if you are prey to poverty

or disease, it is because yo u do not believe o r do not understand the power that is yours. It is not a question of the Uni versal giving to you. It offers everyth ing to everyo ne there is no partiality."

The Universe offers all things to all people th ro ugh the law of attra ctio n. You have the ability to choose what yo u want to experience. Do yo u want the re to be eno ug h for yo u and fo r everyone? Then choose that and know, "There is ab undance of all things." "There is an unlimited suppl y." "There is so much magnificence." Each of us has the abi lity to tap into that unlimited invi sible suppl y through o ur tho ug hts and feelings, and bring it

The Secret to the World


into our experience. So choose fo r Yo u, because yo u' re the o nly one who can. li SA NI C HOLS

Everythillg that you wallt -all the joy, love, abu.lldallce, prosperity, bliss - it's there, ready for you to grab a/wid of it. Alld you've got to get hUl/gry for it. You've got to be ill tentimwl. And when you become il1 ten tional and on fi re

for what you wal/t, the Ulliverse will deliver every sillgle thing tlwt you've beCHwantil/g. Recognize the beau tiful alld wOl/delful thil/gs arOl./Ild you, alld bless alld praise them. Alld on the otlIer side, the things tI/at aren't currently working tile

way you walltthem to work, dOIl't spelld your energy fa ulting or complaining. Embrace everything that you want so you COIl

get n'IOre of it.

Lisa's w ise wo rds, to " praise and bless" the things aro und yo u, are worth their weight in gold . Praise and bless everything in yo ur li fe! When you are praising or blessing you are on the hig hest frequency of love. In the Bible, the Hebrews used the act of blessing to bring fo rth health, wea lth, and happiness. They knew the power of blessing. For many people the onl y time they have blessed someone was when they sneezed, and so they have n ot used one of the g reatest powers to their full ad vantage. The di ctionary defin es blessing as "in voking di vine favor and conferring well-being or prosperity," so begin right now to invoke the power of blessing in yo ur li fe, and bless everything and eve ryone. Likewise w ith praising, for when you are praising someone or something you are g iv-


The Secret

ing love, and as you emit that magnificent frequency, it will return to you a hund red-fold . Praising and blessing d issolves all nega ti vity, so praise and bless your enemies. If you curse your enemies, th e curse w ill come back to harm you. If you pra ise and bless them yo u w ill dissolve all negati vity and d iscord, and the love of the praising an d blessings w ill return to you . As yo u praise and bless, you will feel yo urself shi ft into a new frequency w ith the feedback of good feelings. DR. DENIS WAITLEY

Most of the leaders in the past missed the great part of The Secret, which is to empower and share with others.

This is the best time to have ever been alive in history. It's the firs t tillle we've ever had the power to gain knowledge at our fingertips. With this knowledge yo u are becoming awa re of the truth of the wo rld, and yourself. My g reatest insights into The Secret on the subject of the world came from the teachings of Robert Collier, Prentice Mulford, Charles Haanel, and Michael Bernard Beckwith. With that understanding ca me total freedom. I trul y hope that you can come to the place of that same freedom. If yo u can, then through your existence and the power of your thoughts, yo u will bring the greatest good to this wo rld and to the future of all humankind.

• Whal you resisl, you allmcl, because you are powerfully focused all il wilh elllolioll. To challge allylhillg, go wilhin alld elllil a new sigllal wilh your Iho ughls alld fee/illgs. • YOIl call1lOt help Ihe world by fOCl/si llg a ll Ihe lIegative thillgs. A s you foc us all the world 's lIegalive evellls, you 1I0t ollly add to thelll, bllt you also bring more negative things ill to your own life. • IlIslead offocusillg all Ihe world's problems, give your attelliioll alld energy to trust, love, abwldnll ce, education, mId peace. • We will never nln 011 1 of good things because Ihere's more Ihall ellollgh 10 go arOLllld for everyolle. Life is lIlealll 10 be abundalli. • You have Ihe abilily 10 lap inlo Ihe 1I111illliled supply Ihrough your Ihol/gllts alld feelillgs alld brillg it ill 10 your experiellce. • Praise alld bless everythillg ill Ihe world, alld you will dissolve lIegativity alld discord alld align you rself with the highesl fre qllellcy - Iove.








.-:r-rr - - -




Wi,en we look aroulld us, even at our own bodies, what we see is the tip of the iceberg.



Think of this for a 1II01lleHt. Look at your !lOnd. It looks solid, but it's really not. If you put it under a proper microscope, you 'd see a mass of eIIergy vibrating. JO HN ASSARA F

Everything is lIIade up of the exact sallie thing, whether it's your hand, tlw Deeall , or a star. DR. BEN JO HN SON

Everything is energy, and let lIIe !/Clp you to understand that just a litt!e bit. There's the Universe, our galaxy, our planet, 155


The Secrel

alld thell il1dividuals, alld thell illside of this body are orgall systems, thell cells, thell molecules, alld thell atoms. Alld thell there is mergy. So there are a lot of levels to thillk abou t, but everythillg ill tl,e Ull iverse is ellergy.

When I discovered The Secret, I wanted to know what science and physics understood in terms of this know ledge. What I found was absolutely amazing. One of the most exciting things about living in this time is that the di scoveries of quantum physics and new science are in to tal harmony w ith the teachings of The Secret, and w ith what all the g rea t teachers have known thro ughout histo ry. I never studied science or physics at school. and yet when I read complex books on qu antum physics I understood them perfectl y because I wanted to understand them. The stud y of quantum physics helped me to have a deeper understand ing of The Secret, on an ene rgetic level. Fo r many people, their belief is strengthened when they see the perfect correlation between the knowledge of The Secret and the theories of new science. Let me explain how you a re the most powerful transmission tower in the Uni verse. [n simple terms, all energy vibrates at a frequency. Being energy, you al so vibrate at a frequency, and w hat determines

your frequency at an y time is w hatever you are thinking and feeling. All the things you wa nt are made of energy, and they are vibrating too. Everythillg is energy. Here is the " wow" facto r. When you thin k abo ut what you want, and you emit that frequency, you cause the energy of what you

The Secret to You


want to vibrate at that frequency and you bring it to You! As you foclis on what YOli want, you are changing the vibration of the atoms of that thing, and you are causing it to vibrate to You. The reason you are the most powerful transmission tower in the Universe is because you have been given the power to focus your energy th rough your thoughts and alter the vibrations of what you are focused on, which then magnetically draws it to yo u. When you think about and fee l those good things that you want, you have immed iately tuned yourself to that frequency, whi ch then causes the energy of all those things to vibrate to yo u, and they appear in your life. The law of attraction says that like attracts like. You are an energy mag net, so yo u electrically energize everythi ng to yo u and electrically energize yo urself to everything you want. Human beings manage their own magneti zing energy, because no one outside of them can think o r feel fo r them, and it is thoughts and feelings that crea te our frequencies. Almost one hundred yea rs ago, without the benefit of all the scientifi c discoveries of the last hundred years, Charles Haa nel knew how the Uni verse operated .

"The Universal Mind is not onl y intelligence, but it is substan ce, and thi s substance is the attracti ve fo rce which brings electro ns together by the law of attraction so they fo rm atoms; the atoms in turn are brought together by the same law and form molecules; molecules take


The Secret

objecti ve fo rm s and so we iind that the law is the crea ti ve force behind every manifestati on, not only of ato ms, but of wo rlds, of the Uni verse, of everythin g of w hi ch the imagi nation can form any conception."

e~ BOB



I dO li 'I enre what city you're livillg ill, you've got ella ugh power ill your body, poten tial POWel; 10 illllll1ilwle Ihe whole

city for Ilearly a week. "To become conscious of this power is to become a 'li ve w ire.' The Universe is the li ve w ire. It ca rri es power suffi cient to mee t every situation

in the life of every indi vidu al. When the indi vid ual mind touches the Uni versal Mind, it receives all its power."


--- Mosl people defille Ihemselves by Ihis fi"i le body, bllt you're 'lO t a fini te body. Even under a microscope you're an ellergy field. Wlral we know abou l eller8'J is Ih is: YO II go 10 a quall tull1 physicisl all d you say, "Wha l creates Ihe world'" Alld Ire or she will say, "ÂŁlIer8'1 " Well, describe ellergy.

The Secret to You


"OK, it can never be created or destroyed, it always was, always has been, everything that ever existed always exists, it's moving into form , through form alld out ofform." You

go to a tileologian and ask tile question, "Wilat created the Universe?" And he or sile will say, "God." OK, describe God. "Always lUas and always ilas been, never can be created or destroyed, all tilat ever was, always will be, always moving into form , tilrol1gh form and alit ofform." YOI1 see, it's tile same description , jl1st differen t terminology. So if you thi ll k you 're this "meat su it" runlling around, think again. You're a spiritual being! You're a ll energy field, operatillg ill a larger energy field. How does all of thi s make you a spiritu al being? For me, the answer to that questi on is one of the most mag nifi cent par ts of the teachin gs of The Secret. You are energy, and energy call1lot be created or destroyed. Energy just changes form. And that mea ns You! The true essence of You, the pure energy of Yo u, has always been and always w ill be. You can never not be. On a deep level, yo u know that. Can you imagine not being? Despite everything you have seen and ex perienced in your life, can you imagine not being? You ca nnot imagine it, because it is impos-

sible. Yo u are eternal energy.


The Secret



Quan tum mechanics collfinns it. Qua l1tum cosmology confirms it. That the Universe essentially emerges from thoughl alld all of this matter around us is just precipilaled thoughl. Ultimalely we are Ihe source of the Universe, and wilen we undersland Ihal power direclly by experience, we call start to exercise OLlr authority alld begill to achieve //lore and more. Creale anylhillg. Know anylhing jrolllwitilin Ihe field of our own consciousness, which ultimalely is Universal COllsciousness that rUllS the U'liverse.

So depending UpOIl how we use Ihal power, posilively or Ilega lively, Ihat's the kind of body in lerms of health, litat's tlte killd of el1viromnent we crente. So we are tlte creators, not only of our own des liny, bu t ultimately we are tile creators of Universal des tiny. We are the crealors of the Universe. So there's no limit, really, 10 human polenlial. It's the degree to which we recognize tllOse deep dynamics mId exercise them, Ihe degree 10 which we hamess our power. And Ihal really has to do agaill wilh Ihe level al which we think. Some of the g reatest teachers and ava tars descri bed the Universe in the same way as Dr. Hagelin, by say ing that all tha t exists is the One Universal Mind, and there is nowhere that the One Mind is no t. It exists in everything. The One Mi nd is all in telligence, all wisdom, and all perfection, and it is everything and everywhere

The Secret to You 161

at the same time. If everything is the O ne Uni versal Mind, and the whole of it ex ists everyw he re, then it is all in You! Let me help yo u unde rsta nd what that means for yo u. It mea ns that every possibility already exists. All knowled ge, all discoveries, and all inventions of the future, are in the Unive rsal Mind as possibilities, waiting fo r the human mind to draw the m fo rth. Every crea tion and in vention in histo ry has also been draw n from the Uni versal Mind, whethe r the person consciously knew that or not.

H ow d o yo u draw fro m it? Yo u d o it thro ugh yo ur awareness of it, a nd by lIs ing yo u r wonde rful imaginatio n. Look around YO ll for need s wa iting to be fill ed . Imagine if we had a grea t inventio n to d o thi s, o r imagine if we had a g reat inve ntion to d o that. Look fo r the need s, a nd the n imagine and think their fulfilm ent into being. You d on' t have to work out the di scovery o r the invention. The Suprem e Mind ho lds that possibili ty. All yo u have to d o is ho ld your mind o n the e nd result a nd im agine fillin g the need , and you w ill ca ll it into being. As you ask and feel and believe, YOll w ill receive. There is a n unlimited suppl y of ideas waiting for YO ll to ta p into a nd bring forth . You ho ld every thing in yo ur â&#x20AC;˘


"Divine Mind is the one and onl y reality."



The Secret


We're all collnected . We ju st don't see it. There iSIl 't an "ali t there" alld all "ill here." Everythillg ill the Ulliverse is cOllllected. It is just OHe ellergy field. So whichever way you look at it, the result is still the same. We are One. We are all connected, and we are all part of the One Energy Field, or the One Supreme Mind, or the One Consciousness, or the One Creative Source. Call it whatever YOli want, but we are all One. If you think about the law of attraction now, in terms of us all being One, you wi ll see its absolute perfection.

Yo u will understa nd why your negati ve thoughts about someone else will return to harm onl y You. We are One! You cannot be harmed unless you call harm into existence by emitting those nega ti ve tho ughts and feelings. You have been given free will to choose, but when you think negative thou ghts and have negati ve feelings, you are separating yo urself from the O ne and All Good. Think abo ut every negati ve emotio n there is and yo u wi ll discover that everyone of them is based in fear. They come fro m thoughts of separatio n and from seeing yo urself as separate fro m another. Competition is an example of separation . First, when you have

thoughts of competition, it is com ing from a lack mentality, as yo u are say ing there is a limited suppl y. You are saying there is

The Secret to You


not enough for everybod y, so we have to compete and fi ght to get things. When you compete yo u can never win, even if you think you wo n. By the law of attraction, as you compete you will attract many people and ci rcumstances to compete against You in every single aspect of yo ur life, and in the end you will lose. We are all One, and so when you compete, you compete against You . You have to get competition out of yo ur mind, and become a creative mind . Focus onl y on your dreams, your visions, and take all competition out of the equation. The Uni verse is the Uni versal suppl y and supplier of everything. Everything comes from the Universe, and is delivered to yo u through people, circumstances, and events, by the law of attrac tion. Think of the law of attraction as the law of suppl y. It is the law that enables you to d raw fro m the infini te suppl y. When you emit the perfect frequency of what you want, the perfect people, circumstances, and events will be attracted to you and delivered! It is not people who are giving you the things yo u desire. If you

hold that fa lse belief, you will experience lack, because you are looking at the outside wo rld and people as the suppl y. The true suppl y is the in visible field, whether you ca ll that the Uni verse, the Supreme Mi nd, God, Infinite In telli gence, or whatever else. Whenever yo u receive anything, remember that you attracted it to you by the law of attraction, and by being on the frequency and in harmony wi th the Uni versal Suppl y. The Uni versallntelJi gence whi ch pervades everything moved peopl e, ci rcumstances, and events to give that thing to you, beca use that is the law.


The Secret


We oftell get distracted with this thillg called our body alld our physical beillg. That just holds your spirit. Alld YOllr spirit is so big it Jills a room. YOIl are eterllallife. YOll are God mallifested illlwmall form, made to pelfectioll. MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH

Scripturally we could say that we are the image alld the like/less Of God. We could say we are allother way that the Ulliverse is becomillg collsciollS of itself We could say that we are the illJilliteJield of 'Illfoidillg possibility. All of that wOllld be true. "Ni nety-nine percent of who yo u are is in visible and untouchable."

J( $~cL"'~7~-?"'&4


You are God in a physica l body. You are Spirit in the fl esh. You are Eternal Life expressing itself as You. You are a cosmic being. You are all power. You are all wisdom. You a re all intelligence. You are perfection. You are magnificence. You are the creator, and you are creating the creation of You on this pl anet. JAMES RAy <-

Every traditioll has told you that YOllwere created ill tile image mId likeness of tire creative source. That mcallS tha I YOII have God potelltial alld power to create your world, and you are.

The Secret to You

Maybe you 've crealed things to IIlis point that are wonderful and worlhy of you, and maybe you haven't. The question I'd ask you to consider is, "Are the results you have in your life what you really want? And are they worlhy of you? " If llley're nol worthy of you, then wouldn't now be the right tillle 10 change Ihose? Because you have the power 10 do that. "All powe r is from within and therefore under our control."


A 101 of people feel like they're victims in life, and Ihey'll often pain I 10 past even Is, perhaps growing up with an abusive parent or in a dysfunclional family. Most psychologists believe Ihat aboul85 percent offamilies are dysfunctional, so all of a sudden you 're I/Ot so unique. My parenls were alcoholics. My dad abused me. My mother divorced 1-,im when I was six . ... 1 mean, that's allllost everybody's story in some form or not. The real question is, what are you going to do now? What do you choose now? Because you can either keep focusing on that,



The Secret

or you can focus all wllat you wnlli. Alld wilen people slarl foc using on wllat they want, what they don't want falls away, and wllat tlley want expands, and tile otller part disappears. "A person who sets his o r her mind on the dark side of life, who lives over and over the misfortunes and disappoi ntments of the past, prays for similar mi sfortunes and disappointments in the future. If you will see nothing but ill luck in the future, you are praying for such ill lu ck and will surely get it."

If yo u go back over your life and focus on the difficulties from the past, you are just bringing more diffi cult circumstances to You now. Let it all go, no matter what it is. Do it fo r you. If you hold a g rudge o r blame someone for something in the past, you are onl y harming You . You are the onl y one who can crea te the life you deserve. As you deliberately focus on what yo u wa nt, as you begin to radiate good feelings, the law of attraction w ill respond . All yo u have to do is make a start, and as you do, yo u will unleash the magic. liSA NICHOLS

You are tile designer of your destilly. You are Ille aut/lOr. You write tile slory. Tile pen is ill your hand, and ti,e oulcome is whatever you clloose.

The Secret to You


TIle beautiful tilillg about tile law of attractioll is tilat you ca" begill wilere you are, and you ca" begin to tilillk "real filillkillg," alld you call begi" to gellerate witilill yourselfa feeli"g tOile of harlllo"y amt happilless. Tile law will begill to respolld to Iilal.



So "OW you starl to ilave different beliefs, like, "There

is lIlore thall enougll in the Universe." Or you have tile belief tilat, "1'111 "at gettillg older, I'm gettillg younger. " We call crea te it tile way we want it, by usillg Ihe law of attraction .


Alld you call break yo"rselffree from you r Ilereditary patterns, cultural codes, social beliefs, arId prove alice a"d for all lila I Ihe power wilili" you is grealer lila" Iile power wililin Iile world.



You may be filillkillg, "Well, tilal 's very IIice, but I call't do Iilal. " Or, "Sile WOII 't lelllle do that! " Or, "He'll never let me do Iilal. " Or, " I ilavell 'l gal ellougilmolley 10 do Iilat. " Or, "/'m 1101 stro"g e"ougillo do that." Or, "/'m IIOt rich enougJI to do that." Or, ''I'm 1101, I'm lIot, 1'111 1I0t, I'm 1101. " Every single "I'm IlOt " is a creation!



The Sccrel

It is a good idea to become aware when you say, " I'm not" and

to think about what you are creating as you say it. A powerful insight shared by Dr. Wolf has been equally documented by all the great teachers with the power of the words f alii. When you say "I am," the words that follow are summoning creation with a mighty force, because you are declaring it to be fact. You are stating it with certainty. And so immediately after you say, HI am tired" or "I am broke" or "I am sick" or "I am late" or "I am overweight" or "] am

old," the Genie says, "You r wish is my command ." Knowing this, wouldn' t it be a good idea to begin to use the two most powerful words, f AM, to yo ur advantage? How about, " I AM receiving every good thing. I AM happy. I AM abundant. I AM healthy. I AM love. I AM always on time. I AM eternal youth. I AM filled with energy every single day." In his book Tile Master Key System, Charles Haanel claims that there is an affirmation that incorporates every single thing any human being can want, and that this affirmation will bring about harmonious conditions to a ll things. He adds, "The reason for this is because the affirmation is in strict accordance with the Truth, and when Truth appears every form of error or discord must necessarily disappear. " The affirmation is this: " I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy." If it sounds like work to drag what yo u want out of the invisible and into the visible, try this shortcut: see what you want as

The Secret to YOLI


absolutefact. This w ill manifest w hat YO Ll want with the s peed of lig ht The second yo u ask, it isfact in the U niversal s piritLlal fie ld, and that field is all that exis ts. When yo u conceive som e thin g in your mind, kn ow it is a fact, and th at th ere ca n be no question about its manifestati on.

"There is no limit to w hat this la w can d o for yO Ll ; d are to believe in YO Llr own ideal; think of the ideal as an a lready accomplished fact."

When Henry Ford was bringi ng his vis ion of th e motor vehicle in to our wo rld, people around him ridi culed him and thou ght he had go ne mad to purs Lle s uch a "wild" v is ion. Henry Ford kn ew mLlch more than the peop le who ridiculed him. H e knew The Secret and he knew the law of the Unive rse.

"Whethe r YOLl think YOLI can o r think YO LI can' t, e ither way yo u are ri g ht."

cl(7 ?b.9 (1863-1947) Do yo u think yo u can ? You can achieve and do anything you want with this know led ge. In th e pas t YOLl may have und erestimated how brilliant yo u are. We ll, now YO LI know you are the Supreme Mind and th at you can draw anything you wa nt from that One Supreme Mind . Any in vention, any inspiration, any answer, any-


The Secret

thing. You ca n do anything you want. Yo u are a genius beyond description, so start tell ing yourself that and become awa re of who yo u rea ll y are. MI C HAE L BERNARD BEC KWI T H

Are there allY fimits to this? Absolutely 1I0t. We are ulllimited beillgs. We have 110 ceilillg. The capabilities mId the talellts alld the gifts alld ti,e power that is withill every sillgle individual tlwt is all tire planet, is LlIllimifed.


All your power is in yo ur awareness of that power, and through holdillg that po wer in your consciousness. Your m ind ca n be like a runaway stea rn train if you let it. It can take

yo u off to thoughts of the past, and then take you off to thoughts of the futu re by taki ng past bad events and projecting those illto your future. Those out-of-control thoughts a re creating too. When you are awar e, you are in the presen t and you know w hat you are

th inking. You have ga ined control of yo ur thoughts, and that is where all your power is. So how do you become more awa re? One way is to stop an d ask you rself, "What a m I th inking now? What am I feeling now?" The moment you ask you are awa re, because you have brought your

mind back to the present moment.

The Secret to You


Whenever you think of it, bring yo urself back to the awareness of now. Do it hundreds of times each day, because, remember, a ll of your po we r is in your awareness of your power. Michael Bernard

Beckwith sums up the awa reness of this power when he says, "Remembe r to remember!" Those words have become the theme song of my life. To help myself become more aware, so I wou ld remember to remem-

ber, I asked the Universe to give me a gel/ tie nud ge to bring me back to the present whenever my mind has taken over and is "having a party" at my expense. That gentle nudge happens by me bumping myself or dropping something, a loud noise, or a siren or an alarm

goi ng off. All of these things are signals to me that my mind has taken off, and to come back to the present. When I receive these Signals I stop immedi ately and ask myself, "What am I thinking? What am I feeling? Am I aware?" And of course in the moment I do that, I am aware. The very moment you ask yoursel f if you aware, you are there. You a re aware.

"The real secret o f power is consciousness of power."

As yo u become aware of the power of The Secret, and begin to use it, all of yo ur questio ns w ill be answered. As you begin to have a deeper unde rsta nding of the law of attraction you can start to make asking questions a habit, and as yo u do, you will receive the answer to each one. You ca n begin by using this book for that very


The Secret

purpose. If you are seeking an answer or guid ance o n something in your life, ask the questi on, believe you w ill receive, and th en

o pen this book rand oml y. At the exact place where the pages fall open will be th e guidance and answe r

YO ll

are seekin g.

The truth is that the Uni verse has been answering you all of yo ur life, but you ca nnot receive the answe rs unless you are awa re. Be awa re of every thin g around you, beca use you are receiv ing the answ ers to your ques ti ons in every moment of the day. The chan-

nels those answe rs ca n come through are ulllill1 ited. They could be deli vered in th e fo rm of a newspaper hea dline th at attracts your attention, o r overh ea ring someone speakin g, or a song on

the radio, o r sig nage on a tru ck passi ng by, o r receiving a sudden inspirati on. Remember to remember, and become awa re! I have found in my own life and in others' li ves that we do not think well of ourselves o r love ourselves com pletely. To not love ourselves can keep what we want from us. When we don' t love ourselves, we are literally pushing things away from us. Everything we want, whatever it may be, is moti vated by love. It is to ex perience the feelings of love in hav ing those things-youth, mo ney, the perfect person, job, bod y, o r hea lth . To attract the things we love we must transmit love, and those things will appear immediately. The catch is, to transmit the highest frequency of love, you must love yourself, and that can be difficult fo r many. If you focus on the ,..outside and what yo u see no w, you may trip yourself up, because

The Secret to You


what YOll see and fee l about you now is the result of what you used to thin k. If you d on't love yo u, the pe rson you see now is likely to be full o f fa ll Its that YOll have found in yourself. To love yo urself full y, yo u mu st focliS on a ne w d ime nsion of You . You must focus on the preseHce inside of you. Take a moment and sit still. Focus on fee ling the life presel/ce inside You. As you focu s on the presellce within, it will begin to revea l itself to You . It is a feeling of pure love and bliss, and it is pe rfection. That presellce is the pe rfection of Yo u. That presellce is the real You. As YOll focus on that presence, as YOll feel, love, and praise that presence, yo u will love yourself full y, qllite pOSSibly for the first time in your life. Any time you look at yourself with criti cal eyes, switch your focus immedi ately to the presence within, and its perfecti on w ill reveal itself to Yo u. As yo u d o this, all impe rfections that ha ve manifested in your life w ill dissolve, beca use imperfecti ons ca nnot exist in the

light of this presence. Whethe r you want to rega in pe rfect eyeSight, dissolve disease and resto re well-be ing, turn poverty into abundance, reverse aging and degenerati on, or erad ica te any nega ti v-

ity, focus on and love the presence within you and pe rfectio n will mani fest.

"The absolute trllth is that the ' I' is pe rfect a nd comple te; the real ' I' is spiritual a nd can therefore never be less th an perfect; it can never have any lack, limitati on, or disease."

• Everythillg is ellergy. You are an ellergy magllet, so you electrically e/Iergize everything to you and electrically ellergize yourself to everything you wallt. • You are a spiritual beillg. You are energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed-it just changes form . Therefore, the pure essence of you has always beell alld always will be. • The Universe emerges from thought. We are the creators not only of our own destiny but also of the Universe. • An unlimited supply of ideas is available to you. All knowledge, discoveries, and inventions are ill the Universal Mind as possibilities, waiting for the human milld to draw them forth. You hold everything in your conscious1less. • We are all collllected, alld we are all Olle. • Let go of difficulties from your past, cultural codes, and social beliefs. You are the ollly one who can create the life you deserve. • A shortcut to mallifesting your desires is to see what you wallt as

absolute fa ct. • Your power is in your thoughts, so stay aware. III other words, Remember to remember. " Ii





• ~I

II (~) •


There is 110 blackboard ill the sky all which God Itas written your purpose, your missioll ill life. There's 110 blackboard ;" the sin) that says, "Neale DOllald Walsch. Halldsome guy who lived ill the first part of the hvellty-first celltury, who . .. " And thm there 's a blallk. Alld all I have to do to really ullderstalld what /'111 doillg here, why /'111 here, is to filld that blackboard alld find ou t what God really has ill lIIilld for lIIe. But the blackboard doesll 't exist. So your purpose is what you say it is. YOLir lIliss ion ;s file lIIission YOIl give yourself Your life will be what YOIl create it ns, alld 110 olle will sfnlld ;/1 judgment of it, now or ever. 177


The Secrel

You get to fill the blackboa rd of your li fe w ith whatever you want. If yo u have fill ed it in with baggage from the pas t, w ipe it clean. Erase everything fro m the past that does not serve you, and be g rateful it brought you to this place now, and to a new beginn ing. You have a clean slate, and yo u can start over- right here, right now. Find your joy and li ve it! JACK CANFIELD

It took a lot of years for me to get t/!is POillt, because I grew

up very much with this idea that there was somethillg I was supposed to do, alld if I wasll't doillg it, God wouldll 't be happy with me. Whell I really understood that my primary aim was to feel and experiellce joy, thell I began to do ollly those thillgs wh ich brought me joy. I have a saying: "If it aill 't fUll , dOIl 't do it!" NEALE DONALD WALSCH

Joy, love, freedom, happilless, laugMer. That 's what it is. Alld if you just experience joy sitting there alld lIIeditatillg for all hour, by golly, do that. If you experience joy eatillg a salami sandwich, thell do that!


. N • •



When I pet my cat /'m ill a state of joy. When I walk ill nature /'m ill a state of joy. So I want to cOl/stan tly pu t myself ill that state, alld whell I do, thell all I have to do is have tile illtention of what J wallt, and what I wallt manifests.

The Secret to Li fe


Do the things tha t you love and that bring you joy. If you don' t kn ow w hat brings you joy, ask the question, "What is my joy?" And as yo u find it an d commit yourself to it, to joy, the law of attraction w ill pour an avalanche of joyful things, p eople, circumstan ces, events and opportunities into your life, all because you a re radi ating joy. DR. JOHN HAGELIN

So illner happilless actually is the fuel of success. Be happy now. Feel good now. That's the onl y thing you h ave to d o. If that's the onl y thing you get from reading this book, then you have received the greatest part of The Secret. DR. JOHN GRAY

Anything that makes you feel good is always going to be drawing in more. You are reading this book right now. It's you that drew this illto your life, and it's your choice whether you wan t to take it alld utilize it, if it feels good. If it doesn't feel good, then let it go. Filld something that fee ls good, that resonates with your heart. The kn owledge of The Secre t is being given to you, and wha t you do w ith it is entirely in your hands. Wha tever you choose for You is ri ght. Whe the r you choose to use it, or whether you ch oose not to use it, yo u get to choose. The freed om of choice is yours.


The Secret

" Fo llow your bliss and the uni ve rse will open doors for you whe re there we re onl y wa lls."

J07~~7"~ li SA N IC H OLS

Whell you fo llow your bliss you live ill a collstallt space of joy. You opell yourself to the abulldallce of the Ulliverse. You're excited to share your life witll tllOse YOLi love, a/ld your excitement, your passion, your bliss becol11e cOlltagioll s. DR. JOE V ITALE

That 's whal I'm doil lg almosl all the lime - followi llg my excitemen t, my passiol/, Illy en thusiasm- alld / '/11 doi llg it throughoul my day.

@~ BOB ~


Elljoy life, because life is phellomellal! It 's a magll ificell l trip! MARl E OlAMON D

YOII will live ill a differell l reality, a differell l life. Alld people wili look at you alld say, "Wltat do yo/.! do differelll from me? " Well, Ihe ollly thing that is differell l is thai YOl/work wilh The Secrel. MORRI S GOODMAN

Alld Ihell you can do alld have alld be Iflillgs tltal people alice said that's impossible for YOIl to do mId have alld be.

The Secret to Life


'/ " DR. FRED ALAN WOLF really 11010 lIIovi/1g illto a /lew era. It's tire era where tlte

last frolltier is 1I0t space, as "Star Trek " wOllld say, but it's goillg to be Milld. DR. JOHN HAGEl iN

I see a future of ullboullded potelltial, Illlboullded possibilities. Remember we're usillg, at most, 5 percellt of the potelltial of file IrWl1flll mind. Dlle Iru lldred perce1lt humall pofen tial is file

res ult of proper educat iOIl. So imagille a world where people are usillg tlleir lu I/mental mId emotional potential. We could

go allywhere. We could do allythillg, Achieve allythillg. This time on our glo rious planet is the most exciting time in history. We are going to see and experience the impossible becoming possible, in every fi eld of human endeavor and o n every subject. As we let go of all thoughts of IimHation, and kllow that we are unlimited, we wil l experi ence the limitless magnificence of human-

kind, expressed through sport, health, art, tech nology, science, and every single field of creation.

0.~ BOB


- See yourself with the good t/wt you desire. Every religious book tells li S that, every great book 011 philosophy, every great leader, all the avatars who have ever lived. Go back alld study


The Secret

tile wise olles. MallY of tllem lIave beell presented to you ill tllis book. They alllwderstood aile tllillg. Tiley ullderstood TIle Secret. Now you understand it. And tile lIIore yOL/ use it, tile more you'llullderstalld it. The Secret is within you . The more you use the power w ithin you, the more you wi ll draw it to you . You wi ll rea ch a point where you won' t need to practice a nymore, because yo u w ill Be the power, you w ill be the perfection, yo u wi ll Be the wisdom, yo u will Be the inte lli gence, you w ill Be the love, you will Be the joy. liSA NI C HOLS

You've come to this jU ll cture ill your life, merely because sometllillg ill you kept saying, "You deserve to be lIappy. " You were born to add sOllletllillg, to add value to tllis world. To simply be sometlling, bigger and better t//OII you were yesterday.

Every sillgle tllillg you've beel/ tllrougll, every sil/gle IIIOlllellt that you've collie IIlfougll, were to all prepare you for tllis 1I10ll1el1t rigM 1I0W. Imagille wllat you COli do froll1 til is day fonvard witll what you 1I0W kllow. Now you get tllat you are tile creator of your destillY. So how II1l1 elllllore do you get to do? How muc" more do you get to be? How I1WIlY more people do you get to bless, silllply by your lIIere existellee? Wilat will you do with tile mOlllellt? How will you seize tile moment? No one else call dan ce your dall ce, 110 olle else enll sillg your SOllg, no aile else call write your story. Wllo you are, what you do, begins rigllt now!

The Secret to Li fe



tllat you're great, that there's sometllillg magllificent about you. Regardless ofwlwt lias happelled to you ill your life. Regardless of 11010 youllg or old you tllillk you migllt be. Tile momell t you begill to "think properly," til is sometllillg tllat's witllill you, tllis power witllill you tllat's greater tllall tile world, it will begill to emerge. It will take over your life. It will feed you. It will clotlle you. It will guide you, protect you, direct you, sustn;,/ your very existence. If you let it. Now t!tnt is what I k 110W, for sure. The ea rth turns on its o rbit for You. The oceans ebb and flow fo r You. The birds sing for You. The sun rises and it sets for You. The stars come out fo r You. Every beautiful thing yo u see, every wondrou s thing yo u experience, is all there, fo r You. Take a look around. None of it can ex ist, without You. No matter who yo u thought you were, now yo u know the Truth o f Who YOLI Rea ll y Are. You are the master of the Universe. You are the heir to the kingdom. You are the perfection of Life. And now you know The Secret. May the joy be with you! "The secret is the answer to all that has been, all

• You gel to fill the blackboard of your life wilh whalever you warll. • The ollly thillg you lIeed 10 do is feel good now. • Tile more you use Ihe power within you, IIle more power you will draw Ihrough you. • Tile time to embrace your maguificence ;S


• We are in IIle midst of a glorious era. As we lei go of li/l/ilillg Ihouglrls, we will experie1lce hwna,.,ity's true magllificellce, ;11 every area of creatiOIl.

• Do whal you love. If you don't kllow whal brillgs you joy, ask, "What is my joy?" As you col/1l/1it to your joy, you will allmcl all avalallche ofjoyful things because you are radialillg joy. • Now Ihat you have leamed the kllowledge of The Secrel, wlrat you do with it is up to yOI/. Whatever you choose is righl. The power is all yours.


, JOHN ASSARAF A former street kid , John A"ssaraf is now an intern ational bestselling author, lecturer, and

business ad visor, commjtted to helping entrepreneurs create greater wealth while li ving an extrao rd inary li fe . Jo1m has dedica ted the last twenty-fi ve years to researching the human brain, quantum physics, and business strategies, as they re late to achieving success in business and life. By applying what he learned, John has built four multi-rnilli on-doll ar companies from scratch, and he now shares his unique business-building and moneymaking ideas with entrepreneurs and small business owne rs world w ide. To learn more, visit

MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH In 1986 Dr. Beckw ith, a nonalig ned, transreligious prog ressive, fo unded the Agape Intern ati onal Spiritual Center, w hose mem-

bership numbers 10,000 locally and hundreds of thousands of fri ends and affili ates wo rld185



wide. H e serves on international panels w ith spiritual luminari es

such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama; Dr. A. T. Ariyarahle, founder of Sarvodaya; and Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas K. Ga ndhi. He is co-founder of the Association for Globa l New Thought, whose annual conference brings together scientists, econom ists, artists, and spiritual leaders at the cutting edge of guiding humanity to its highest potential. Dr. Beckwith teaches med itation and scientifi c prayer, condu cts retreats, and speaks at conferences and seminars. He is the originator of the Life Visioning Process, and autho r of Inspirations of tlte Heart, 40 Day Mind Fast Soul Feast, and A Manifesto of Peace. Please go to for more infor matio n.

GENEVIEVE BEHREND (c. 1881-c. 1960) Genevieve Behrend studied with the great Judge Thomas Troward, one of the early teachers of spiritu al metaphysics, and author of Mental Science. Thomas Troward chose Behrend as his only pupil, and she went on to teach, lecture, and practice "mental science" in North America for thirty-five years, as well as write her own popular books, Your In visible Power and Attainillg Your Heart's Desire.

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LEE BROWER Lee Brower is the founder and CEO of Empowered Wea lth, an international consulting firm that offers businesses, foundations, famili es, and indi viduals systems and solutions for empowering their Core, Experience, Contribution, and Financial Assets. He is also the founder of The Quad rant Li ving Experience, LLC, a boutique firm that licenses and trains an international network of Quadrant Living Advisors. Lee is co-author of Wealth Enhancement and Preservation and author of The Brower Quadrant. His two websites are www.empowered and www.q uad ra ntli

JACK CANFlE-LD Jack Canfield, author of Tile Success Principles"" is the co-creator of the phenomenal number one New York Till1es bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul速 series, which cu rrently has more than 100 million copies in print. He is America's leading expert in creating success breakthroughs for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, employees, and educators, and has helped hundreds of thousands of indi viduals achieve their dreams. For more information on Jack Canfield, visit



ROBERT COLLI ER (1885- 1950) Robert Collier was a prolific and hugely successful American writer. All of his books, which incl ude The Secret of tile Ages and R;ches w;t/,;/I Yo",. Reach, were founded on Collier's own extensive research into metaphysics and on his personal belief that success, happiness, and ab undance are easily and rightfull y attainable by everyone. The excerpts contained in this book were ta ken from the seven-volume set The Secret of the Ages, with the generous consent of Robert Collier Publications.


D.C. , B.Se. Once told he was learning disabled, John Demartin i is now a doctor, philosophe r, author, and international speaker. For many years he had a successful chi ropractic cli nic, and was once named Chiropractor of tile Year. Dr. Demartin i is now a consultant to hea lth professionals, and speaks and w rites on the subjects of healing an d philosophy. His personal tran sformation methodologies have helped thousan ds of people find a greater order and hap piness in their lives. His website is www.drd e


MARJE DIAMOND . 0, Marie is an in te rnatio nally know n Feng Shui master who has been practicing fo r more than twenty yea rs, refinin g the knowledge given to her at an ea rl y age. She has ad vised



numerous Hollywood celebrities, major film directors and producers, mllsic giants, and famou s authors. She has he lped many well-known public fi gures crea te more success in all areas of their li ves. Ma rie created Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing, and Inner Diamond Feng Shui to brid ge the law of attraction in an individual' s environment. He r website is www.mariediamond .com.

MIKE DOOLE Mike is not a "career" teacher or speaker; instead, as a "life adventurer" he has successfully navigated both the corporate and entreprene urial arenas. After li ving and workjng around the world for Price Waterhouse, in 1989 he co-founded Totally Unique Thoughts (TUT) to retai l and wholesale its own line o f inspirational gifts. Fro m the gro und up, TUT grew into a regional chain of stores, was carried by every majo r U.S. department store, and reached consumers around the globe through distribution centers in Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerl and, selling over one million Totally Unique T-shirts速. In 2000 he transformed TUT into a web-based inspirati onal and philosophical Adventurers Club, which now has over 60,000 me mbers from more than 169 countries. He is the author of a number of books, including three volumes of No tes from the Universe and the internatio nall y acclaimed audi o program, Infinite Possibilities: Tile Art of Living YOllr Dreams. You can learn more about Mike and TUT at



BOB DOYLE Bob Doyle is the facilitator of the Wealth Beyond a powerful multi-medi a curri culum o n the law of attraction and its practical application. Bob focuses on the science of the law of attraction to help you more purposefully activate the law in yo ur life, and to attract wealth, success, awesome relationshi ps, and anything else you desire. For mo re information, visit .

or Sedona MetllOd, ale Dwoskin ded icates himself to freeing people of limiting beliefs in order to help them achieve whatever their hearts desire. The Sedona Method is a unique and powerful technique that shows you how to release limiting and painful feelings, beliefs, and attitudes. Hale has taught these principles to corpo rations and indi viduals worldwide for the past thirty years. His website is



Du bed "The Miracle Man," Morris Goodman made head lines in 1981 when he recovered from horri fic inju ries after crashing his airplane. He was told he would never walk, speak, o r function normall y again, but today Morris tra vels the world inspiring and uplifting thousands of peo-

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pIe with hi s astound ing story. Morris's w ife, Cath y Goodman, is also fea tured in The Secret, telling her own inspiring account of selfhealing. To learn more, vis it .



John Gray is the authoVof Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, the nun;>ber one bestselling relationship book of the last decade, selling over thirty million copies. He has authored fourteen other bestsellers, and conducts seminars for thousands of parti cipants. His focus is to help men and women unde rstand, respect, and appreciate their differences, in

both personal and professional relationships. His new book is The Mars and Ven us Diet and Exercise SoluHon. To learn more, visit www

CHARLES HAANEL (1866-1949) Charles Haanel was a successful American businessman and the author of several books, all of which contained Haanel's own ideas and methods that he used to achieve g reatness in his own life. His most fam ous work is

The Master Key System, whi ch gives twenty-fo ur weekly lessons to greatness, and is as popular today as it was when it was fi rst published in 1912.


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JOHN HAGE N, PI;l.D. Dr. John agelin is a world-renowned quantum physicist, edu cator, and public policy expert. H is book, Mal l/lal for a Pelfect Govel'llmell t, explai ns how to solve major soci etal and

environmental problems and crea te world

peace through poli cies in harmony with the laws of nature. John Hagelin was awa rded the prestigious Kilby Awa rd, which recognizes scientists who have made majo r contributio ns to society. He was also the Natural Law Party presidential ca ndidate in 2000. John is regarded by many as one of the greatest scientists on the planet tod ay. His website is ww

BILL HARRIS Bill Harris is a professional s peaker, teacher, and business owner. After stud ying ancient and modern research about the nature of the m ind and transform ati onal techniques,

Bill crea ted Holosync, an audi o technology that results in the bene fits of deep meditatio n. His company, Centerpoin te Research lnstitute, has enabled thousands of people world w ide to lead happie r, stress-free lives. To find out mo re, visit ww .


M. D., N .M. D. , D.O. Originally trained in Western med icine, Dr. Johnson became interested in energy healing after overcoming a life-threa tening illness

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using uncon ven tional method s. He is chiefl y inte rested in The Healing Codes, a form of healing d iscovered by Dr. Alex Lloyd. Today Dr. Johnson a nd Alex Lloyd run The Healing Cod es Company, wh ich distributes the teachings. Visit www. hea lingcod to lea rn more.

LORAL lANGEME Lo ral Langemeie r 1 tHe 7.n<i~ÂŁ Li ve. O ut Loud, which prov ides fin lial education and support to help peop e reach their mone ta ry goa ls. She believes that mindset is the key to buil d ing wealth, and has assisted ma ny people in becoming millionai res. Loral speaks to indi viduals a nd corpo rations, passing on her knowled ge and expertise. He r webs ite is veoutloud .com .

PRENTICE MULFORD (1834-1891) Pre ntice Mul fo rd was one of the ea rliest write rs and founders of the New Though t movement, and was a recluse fo r much of his li fe. He has influe nced countless writers an d teache rs with his wo rk, which d eals w ith me ntal and spiritual laws. Titles in clude Tlwughts Are Things and The Wh ite Cross Library, a collecti on of his m any essays.


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sonal empowerment. She is the foun er and CEO of Moti vating the Masses and Moti vating the Teen Spirit, two comprehensive skills programs that work to bring about profound change in the lives of teenage rs, women, and entrepreneurs, as well as provide services to the educational system, corporate clients, empowerment o rganizations, and fai th-based programs. Lisa is the co-author of Chicken So up for the Africal1 Americal1 Sou l, from the bestselling worldwide series. Her website is

BOB Bob Proc w ith Andrew passed it to Napoleon Hill, and then Hill passed it to Earl Nightingale. Earl Nightingale then passed the to rch of wisdom to Bob Procto r. Bob has worked in the area of mind potential for over fo rty yea rs. He travels the globe teaching The Secret, helping companies and individuals to create lives of prosperity and abundance through the law of attraction. He is the author of the international bestseller, You Were Born Rich. To lea rn more about Bob, visit www.bobprocto

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JAMES ARTHUR RAy A student of the princi les of true wealth and prosperity.his-entir Ii e, 'ames developed The Science of Success anii)-Iarmonic Wealth速, which teaches people how to receive unlimited results in all areas: financially, relationally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. His personal performance systems, corporate training programs, and coaching aids are utilized worldwide, and he speaks regularly on the subjects of true wealth, success, and human potentiaL James is also an expert on many Eastern, indigenous, and mystical traditions. Visit his website at



David Schirmer is a highly successful share trader, investor, and investment trainer who conducts workshops, seminars, and courses. His company, Trading Edge, teaches people how to create unJimited income by developing a mindset that is conducive to wealth. Schirmer's analysis of the Australian and overseas share and commodity markets is held in high regard due to his regular accuracy. To learn more, visit

MARCI SH IMOFf, MBA .I Marci Shimoff is co-author of the enormously successful Ch icken Soup for the Woman 's Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul. She is a transformational leader who speaks pas-


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sionate ly about personal development and hap piness. Her work is speciall y gea red towa rd enhanCing wo men's li ves. She is also co-founde r and president of The Esteem Group, a company that offe rs self-esteem and inspirational prog rams fo r wo men. Her w ebsite is www.m .

SCD. DR. JOE VIT Joe Vitale, ho mej<'s wenty yea rs ago, is now conside redll'o be o ne of the to p marke ting speci alists in the world . H e has w ritten numerous books concern ing princi ples of

success and abu ndan ce, incl uding Life'S Missing In struction Manual, Hypnotic Wri ting, and Ti,e Attractor Factor, all number o ne bestsellers. Joe holds a doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science and is a certified hypnotherapi st, metaphysica l prac ti tioner, ord ained minister, and Chi Kun g healer. Vi sit www to learn more.

DR. DENIS WAI LEY, PH.D. Dr. Waitley is one of America's mos t re-

spected authors, lecturers, and consul ta nts on hig h-perfo rmance human achievement. He was employed to train NASA astronauts, and later implemented the sa me program with Olympic athletes. His audio album, The Psychology of Winning, is the all-time bestselling program on self-mas tery, and he is al so the author of fifteen non-fiction books, including several intern ati onal

bestsellers. His website is www.wa



NEALE DONALD WALSCH Nea le Dona ld Walsch is a mode rn-da y spiritual messenger and the bestselling author of the ground breaking three-book COl1versatiol1s wi tit God series, which broke all records on the New York Times bestselle rs list. N eale has published twenty- hvo books, as w ell as video and audio prog ra ms, and travels the wo rld carrying the message of a New Spiritu a lity. H e may be contacted a t www. nea led o nald wa lsch .com.

WALLACE WATTLES (1860- 1911) Ameri can-bo rn Wallace Wattles spent man y years stud ying various relig ions and philosophies before he began to w rite about the practice of "New Thought" principles. Wattles's many books have had a significant impact on today's prosperi ty and success teachers. His most famous work is the pros perity classic The Scie/lce ofGettillg Rich, published in 1910.


fRED ALAN WOLf.; . '. Fred Alan Wolf is a physicist, ( rjt~, and lecturer, w ith a docto rate in theoretical phys)cs. Dr. Wolf has taught at uni versities throughout the world, and his work in quantum physics and consciousness is well known through his w riting. He is the author of twelve books, including


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Tak;Il8 the QuantulII Leap, which wo n the National Book Award. Today Dr. Wo lf continues to write and lecture throughout the world, and carry o ut his fascinating research into the relationship of quantum physics and conscio usness. Visit his website, www

May The Secret bring yo u love and joy for your entire existence. That is my intention for yo u, and for the wo rld .

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The Secret  

Once known only by an elite who were unwilling to share their knowledge of the power, 'the secret' of obtaining anything you desire is now r...

The Secret  

Once known only by an elite who were unwilling to share their knowledge of the power, 'the secret' of obtaining anything you desire is now r...