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As you can’t purchase them in Canada, Unix Performance decided to build its own custom RS4


Auto Finesse goes ubër 80s with this 400bhp

throwback Mk2 bursting with rare period parts!

Bride Low Max bucket seats Centrelock Ronal Racing wheels

400bhp BorgWarner charged 1.8T

I 80s



Customised Kamei X1 bodykit

BAGGED CORRADO 1.8T BEAUTY They don’t come any more complete than this!

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MK1 GOLF WITH BAM 1.8T SWAP Classy Mk1 Golf gets ultimate fast-road makeover

November 2017 £4.80

10/10/2017 11:06

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Aron Vickers ISSUE: November 2017


Elliott Roberts


David Kennedy


Badly Dubbed

I was thinking the other day about Volkswagen as a brand and trying to pin point exactly what it was that not only drew us in initially, but in 99% of all cases kept us loyal to the VW family as well… life-time loyal? Many manufactures excel in motorsport, from F1 to BTCC, but other than the very recent domination with its WRC Polo, VW has never really smashed it on that front. Even the highly amusing and often genius ad campaigns can’t be enough to sell the product alone. And as smart and clued up as the techie bods or the marketing folk may be (or their methodical approach to engineering), I don’t think many of us would buy a car based purely on the image those guys portray. No, when it comes down to it, for most of us it was the actual cars that drew us in and that has ensured we’ve remained loyal throughout. Sure, those other elements have played a factor once we got on board but predominately it’s the cars, the build quality, styling, driving experience and residual values. Unlike many other scenes, this isn’t a passing fad either, it’s a lifelong addiction that is infectious. Once bitten… Wait, that was a different brand. The cars and stories behind them in this issue are perfect examples of how that works in the modified world. It’s a great place to be!

Elliott roberts, Editor EDITORIAL EDITOR: Elliott Roberts CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: David Kennedy ART EDITOR: Lorna Mansford WORDS: Tony Saggu, Daniel Bevis, Alex Grant, Paul McGrath, Sam Preston, Ben Hosking PHOTOS: Aron Vickers, Gordon Irvine, Andrew Miterko, Anna McGrath, Si Gray, Adam Walker, Sanjiv Patel, Chris Eyre, Sam Dobbins, Midge, Ben Hosking, Anthony Seed ADVERTISEMENT SALES Sarah Halls: 01732 446756 ( PRODUCTION Katie Hollands ( MANAGEMENT Managing Director: Phil Weeden Chief Executive: Steve Wright Chairman: Steve Annetts Finance Director: Joyce Parker-Sarioglu Retail Distribution Manager: Eleanor Brown Acting Publishing Operations Manager: Nicola pollard Audience Development Manager: Andy Cotton Brand Marketing Managers: Debra Hagger & Nikolas Lovely Events Manager: Kat Chappell

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November 2017

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Performance VW

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008 That eighties show Part touring car, part Eighties throwback, and packing a 380bhp turbocharged 20-valve, Auto Finesse steps back into the spotlight with proof positive that you still haven’t seen every way to crack a Mk2.

032 Same difference Matt Ford and Matt Crooke present their takes on some less-common ‘Volkswagen group’ metal.

040 fun multiplied What happens when your car gains five times the power it left the factory with? The answer involves a lot of hard driving with a constant grin on your face…

056 Silver Fox If you thought you’d been around the VW scene for while then think again, Patric James has been modifying Dubs since most of you could drive

070 completed it What do you do if the car you want isn’t sold in your country? Well, if you’re Rémi Gérard Laflamme and you call Unix Performance your home, that’s not going to stop you…

079 something for the weekend Fancy some big boom-boom in just a couple of hours? Well, here’s a little something for the weekend.

086 the phoenix Rescued from a sorry state of neglect and decay, Wayne Penrose now owns one of the most unique and potent Beetles in the world… if you could call it a Beetle!

102 dream team


When two influential figures from America’s East Coast VW scene recently joined forces to form Sam’s Euro & Westside Motorsport they promised a genuine onestop tuning shop. We decided to go check the place out.

ON SALE: 17 NOV download from: 14 NOV

EVENT COVERAGE 027 Sunday Funday


Belgium’s Euro Sunday event is about as laid back as they come and we love it!

049 let me entertain you The one and only, it’s E38 time…

094 party on


If you like drum and bass as much as your VeeDubs then Cumbriavag’s for you

098 fun for all Leed’s VW Festival has transformed into a hardcore weekender for all VW lovers November 2017

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10/10/2017 11:02


EIGHTIES SHOW Part touring car, part Eighties throwback, and packing a 380bhp turbocharged 20-valve, Auto Finesse steps back into the spotlight with proof positive that you still haven’t seen every way to crack a show-stopping Mk2. Words: Alex Grant Photos: Aron Vickers


Performance VW

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06/10/2017 12:20


onsidering the Eighties gets put down as the decade taste forgot, it’s become hot property over the last few years. And that’s pushed values for the best performance cars up into six-figures, spawned self-tying Nike kicks costing more than a designer suit, and offered up a catalogue of well-loved classic films for Hollywood to ruin with crap modern ‘reboots’. And, if you’re imaginative enough to pull it off, there’s plenty of gear still to find. Pause for a moment and try to work out how you’d explain this car without the aid of pictures; a mash-up of Eighties chintz and Japanese motorsport influences, laid low in ways that only new-school chassis tech would allow, it could only really have come from the collective imagination of James Batty and the guys at Auto Finesse. A team that manages to keep up a run of killer demo cars, between keeping up a booming global business in cleaning products

launched off the back of a 12-year climb to the top of the detailing game. Most of all, that’s about not confining themselves to norms. James admits he fell into the Volkswagen scene by accident, but modifying Wolfsburg stock has been a big part of raising its profile. His Moonshine runner-inspired Caddy made our cover in 2014, and the frame-laying BBS-kitted Mk2 that followed graced these pages too, so you’d be forgiven for expecting that the next in line might be a difficult task to nail down. But, when your three-week build drops at Edition38 only hours after the final bits had been bolted on, and pulls a crowd before it’s rolled off the trailer, it’s safe to assume you’re onto something good. “It’s hard to do anything different in any car scene, but the Mk2 has been done to death,” he explains. “Every which way you can do them, they have been done. But I like all types of cars and I’m not strict on doing one thing – I’ve got more love for Mk1s as you can backdate them

nicely, so a Mk2 is as new an old car as I’d go for. That’s why I’ve made my old car have have small bumpers, bodykits and Eighties styling.We were doing that before it got cool again.” Actually, this wasn’t the result of some carefully-hatched plan to build a sister car for the BBS-kitted Mk2, or even an Eighties obsession. James takes a view that it’s easier to have an open mind with a project like this; keep an eye out for unusual parts as they come up for sale, shelve them until the right car comes along, and then work out how to bring it all together. While that might sound like a backwards way of doing things, he’s never had to settle for something second-rate in the name of following a specific plan. Let’s be honest, it’s not holding him back. Of course, that became a bit easier with a couple of high-profile builds under his belt, and this does owe a little to its sibling: “We were in Belgium, at Dumpd, just after we’d finished the BBS car, and a friend out there said he had a new old stock kit. True to his word he

November 2017

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06/10/2017 12:20

had a Kamei X1 kit, still in the box, and it had everything; the badges, the sealant you stick it on with, every screw was brand spanking new. It was like someone bought it, put it in storage and never touched it,” he says. “He’d bought the kit intending to use it himself, but he’d decided to do go into air-cooled stuff instead. More than anything he wanted to see it done right, so rather than sell it for lots of money to someone who wouldn’t bother with it, for him it was more about the right person having it and doing something interesting with it. He looked after us with the price, shall we say.” Bodykits have had a rough time over the last 25 years, but this would have been cover car material back when legwarmers and perms were a big deal, and it’s not some poorly-fitting fibreglass bolt-on. Founded by an ex-Volkswagen engineer, Kamei had started out developing chin spoilers to give Beetles more stability at Autobahn speeds in the 1950s. The X1 kit is a bit more involved, but comes from the same thinking; shaped in a wind tunnel and designed to let the Mk2 slip through the air a little easier. It’s up to factory-fit quality, and at least partly functional, too. For James, its bigger arches offered a different opportunity, and he knew exactly who to call for a set of something period-correct to tuck underneath them. Racingteam Hofman in Germany had supplied wheels for all of his previous projects, and happened to have a set of freshly rebuilt Ronal Racing rims just as the kit turned up. Staggered fitment, with a centrelock conversion kit, and lightweight magnesium


centres, ready to go. The foundations were starting to fall into line. “If you were trying to build something special you’d search for years to find some of those bits,” he tells us. “We’re lucky to have stockpiled a nice stash of parts for Mk1s and Mk2s now, so the hardest bit to find is a good quality shell to bolt them onto. If you set your heart on something, you’ll either struggle to find what you want, or you might end up settling. But as a

business we’ve got a budget to work to, so we have to be careful not to get a rotbox. I don’t enjoy bodywork and prep, it’s a dirty job and it takes forever. Putting it together is the fun part.” The shell did exactly that. One of the team found it on Facebook as a rolling shell in the sort of freshly-painted Miami Vice white that was too perfect to pass up, and with a load of nickelplated and powdercoated chassis parts already fitted. There was no interior or engine to bump

Performance VW

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06/10/2017 12:21

I love girls, girls, girls, girls. Girls I do adore. Yo, put your name on this paper cause I would love to date ya. Holla at ya when I come off tour!

November 2017

008-014 PVW Autofinesse 1117.indd 11


06/10/2017 12:21

up the cost, and, with three weeks to get it ready for Edition38, there was no bodywork to soak up the evenings and weekends it would have to be built in. It was the missing piece of the puzzle. “We didn’t have a vision in our heads until we started putting it together, but we’d been collecting rare parts for a while, and it happened that most of them were race car parts. As the white lent itself to the race car look, it kind of built itself. Kind of a touring car, but slammed.” Obviously, Kamei hadn’t designed the arches with air ride and aggressive wheel fitment in mind. So, while the Plush-supplied Air Lift kit was a straightforward fit, the need to get the Golf laying frame meant untouched 30-year-old plastic parts were never going to escape the scalpel. You can’t tell unless you’re looking up at them from ground-level, but there’s no return on the top section of the Kamei arches, and barely any


of the Golf’s original arch pressing behind them. On the upside, it’s a car that can be driven hard, without anything catching. With little more than a shell to work with, the rest was a blank canvas, and there was no need to be 100% faithful to the Eighties styling that had kick-started the build. James mixed in a bit of Seventies Japanese works touring car with the front-mounted oil cooler, and combined Kamei add-ons with what’s believed to be the only Voomeran rear wing in the UK. Stripped bare inside, a set of Bride Low Max seats turned up just in time to complete what shaped up to be a heavily motorsportinspired interior, pinned in between a CAE shifter, dished

Performance VW

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06/10/2017 12:21

Dub Details

Nardi wheel and that aluminium pedal box. “The plan was always to have a roll cage, but that would have had to happen when it was just a shell. Because of the timeline to build it and drop it at Edition, we had to go with what we could comfortably do in the workshop, but the plan for next year is to have a show cage in there.” Never bothered about making life easy, he admits white wasn’t the ideal demo colour for a detailing company, but the vinyl wrap is a better fit than you’d expect. Designed in house, the straight-off-a-shellsuit retro livery was applied at Identity Wraps and it’s a real talking point – a way of showing people that detailing doesn’t have to just be about shiny paint, and a bit of a contrast to the mile-deep gloss on its stablemates. Not that you’re likely to notice if he’s got the bonnet up. Obscenely rare bodykits and lucky wheel finds aside, James has a thing for hoarding engines when they come up for sale – especially 20-valve turbos – so filling the

smoothed bay was an straightforward choice. As it happened, this one had already been rebuilt with stronger internals ready for another car. Keen to go a bit further, it got a wilder BorgWarner EFR turbo and 3" single-box exhaust from Track Slag to better tune it for a demo car. It’s not built to set records at the Nürburgring, but it’s got the hardware to go with the styling. “We wanted the engine bay to look wild so the turbo, while it’s huge and can run massive power, is calmed down a bit,” he tells us. “It’s making 380bhp at the minute, but it’s capable of much more than that. It’s more of a looks car – but it’s scary to drive. It keeps you on edge, and feels way faster than it is… and it is really fast. I wouldn’t drive it as a daily, but it’s fun if you’re in the right mood and want to go out for a blast.” Actually, there are all-out track cars with lowerspec drivetrains

ENGINE: 1.8 20v turbo (AGU), Wossner forged pistons, Integrated Engineering rods, modified intake and fuel rail, High-flow injectors, BorgWarner EFR turbo on cast manifold with T25 flange, Custom intercooler and boost pipe, Custom 3-inch downpipe, Track Slag 3-inch custom exhaust system, front-mounted oil cooler, Custom engine management, Mk3 Golf TDI five-speed gearbox painted crackle black, Quaife LSD, VR6 Clutch and flywheel, solid driveshafts CHASSIS: 8x16 (front) and 8.5x16 (rear) Ronal Racing threepiece magnesium split rims, 185/40 Falken ZE912 tyres, centre-lock conversion, Air Lift Performance 3P performance struts, G60 brake conversion with Goodridge hoses INTERIOR: Resprayed Ford white, Kamei X1 bodykit, DTM mirrors, Voomeran Cup spoiler with carbon skinned blade and black textured end plates EXTERIOR: Bride Low Max seats, Securon harnesses, CAE shifter, floor-mounted hydraulic pedal box, Nardi Deep Corn steering wheel, boost, oil temperature and water temperature gauges, gauge dock in head unit slot, carbon fibre door cards front and rear, flocked dashboard, pillars and roof lining, rear harness bar/strut brace SHOUT: Matt Waldock the man on the spanners, Track Slag for the exhaust, Turbo Dynamics, Identity Wraps, Plush, Voomeran, VW Heritage

November 2017

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06/10/2017 12:21

than this. Knowing the right bits to make it work properly, it’s running a Mk3 TDI gearbox to give better ratios for launching without spinning the power away in first and second. That’s helped by a Quaife diff and VR6 clutch and flywheel. While James says it’s easy to do long distances in it, you never get far from that race-bred feel. “The driving position is a bit low and you’re sitting really far back in the car, which is good if you’re driving it hard because you feel balanced between the front and rear wheels. But if you’re trying to park it anywhere, or at a petrol pump, it’s a nightmare because you can’t judge where you are as you’re so low.” Small problems for a build that was literally still being put together as it was loaded onto the trailer for Edition38. And going down a familiar path means it’s had no problems since – having picked up third-best Mk2 at its first show, it got a session of road-testing to make sure nothing was rubbing or wearing, and it’s put in a year of graft on the company’s stands since. Having done the UK scene, it’s Wörthersee-bound in 2018, which


should get people talking. For James, though, it’s all about the build. “Our products hadn’t been developed from a business or chemistry head – we simply knew from our experience what we would want, and what our customers would want. It’s the same with our cars, that’s why we build them ourselves, it shows we’re living a similar life to people building their own projects and that we understand their needs. It gives us an edge.” Of course, urge to build has already taken over. You get a sense that James gets bored quickly once a car is finished, and with six of them in the workshop there’s a mix of newcomers waiting behind closed doors to keep the guys busy – including a refit of the Caddy – so this has around a year left before it retires from the limelight. James may not be as fixated on the decade that style forgot as others in the scene, but this is one revival we’re only too happy to see come to life n

Performance VW

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06/10/2017 12:22


portrait – full page

LED side light

LED daytime running light

LED side and signalling light

Xenon low beam & LED side light

Xenon high beam

Light is transformation The Golf MK6 mod that outshines all others LEDriving ® XENARC ® Golf VI Black Edition – retrofit upgrade headlamps Give your Golf MK6 a hot new look with amazing lighting performance. OSRAM’s new LEDriving® XENARC® Golf VI headlamps are just what you need to turn the heat up a notch. The trendsetting design combines powerful Xenon (HID) for high and low beam with state-of-the-art LED for daytime running lights, position lights and dynamic or static indicators. A road legal plug-and-play enhancement you can easily install yourself with no additional equipment.

For more information, visit

Light is OSRAM

Subject to change without notice. Errors and omission excepted.


eventuri intakes Now as you can probably imagine, over the 21-odd years we’ve been putting this silly magazine of ours together we’ve been sent thousands of different air intake-related press releases so if something’s going to impress us, you know it’s probably something pretty special. Step forward Eventuri, a UK brand that claims to produce the finest intakes on the market. Eventuri says that its intakes are a cut above the competition thanks to its use of cuttingedge design, testing and prototyping methods. What’s interesting is that Eventuri publish all its development information on its website, basically putting its money where its mouth is in terms of proving the power gains it claims.

Currently the range includes intakes for the Mk7 GTI and R, the C7 RS6, the B8 S4/S5 and RS4/RS5 (as well as models for a range of BMWs, the Focus RS, the Civic FK2, the F-Type and the Hurracan, too) but we’ll be focussing on its RS3 8V intake today. Designed to not only derestrict the turbo inlet path but maintain low inlet temperatures too, it features 88mm internal diameter tubing all the way to the turbo and Eventuri’s own unique venturi housing to maintain laminar flow. The intake uses Eventuri’s patent pending carbon fibre housing which provides an aerodynamically efficient air path. The results? A power gain of 17-20bhp and 22-25ft-lb and a V-Box-proved 0.3

seconds reduction of the car’s 60-130mph time. Sure, that’s a small number, but remember, that’s from the intake alone without any software update. Power gains aside, there’s no denying the intakes look like works of art, all constructed from the finest pure-preg carbon fibre and using some state-of-the-art design and construction techniques. If you’re looking for an intake with proven results (you can see all kinds of dyno graphs on the Eventuri site) and really quite special looks, then look no futher. PRICE: Full carbon system £1404. Carbon system with aluminium turbo pipe £1164.00 CONTACT: November 2017

019-022 PVW news 1117.indd 19


04/10/2017 15:07


Own a Mk7 GTI or R? Want a good looking and performance-boosting air intake? Then you want to check out the latest offering from MST Performance, available in the UK through JBS Auto Designs. Featuring 3” diameter aluminium pipework (up from the 2.75” diameter of the stock pipework), it allows more air to reach your turbo in a more constant fashion, resulting in gains of 8-10bhp. Looks good when you pop the bonnet too. What are you waiting for? PRICE: From £180 CONTACT:

CLASSIC HEROES ST Suspensions has added the Mk1 to its new Classic range of suspension solutions. The Classic name isn’t merely a title; it refers to the lengths to which ST has gone to in order to make its kit look OEM, with front damper inserts designed to retain the OEM damper housings and new closing caps to complete the look. Retro looking they may be, but said inserts still permit an adjustment range of between 35 and 40mm. Out back, ST’s Classic kit features an adjustable spring platform which permits an adjustment range of four positions in 5mm increments; two lower, two higher. The range can be ordered as a whole (i.e. a kit comprising both springs and dampers for the front and rear), or separately; springs or front and rear dampers. PRICE: £450 (complete kit). £160 (springs only). £89/99 (dampers each) CONTACT:



In last month’s Introducing we featured Trackslag’s Charge Pipe. We said it was for K04-equipped Mk5 GTIs, when in fact, it is for KO4-equipped BAM/ AMK 1.8Ts. We’re sorry for any confusion this may have caused, and can only blame it on a lack of coffee that day… CONTACT:

Experts at all things lighting OSRAM have just released a full retrofit upgrade for the Mk6. The new LEDriving Xenarc Golf VI Black Edition headlamps give cars an instant, contemporary, road legal upgrade using powerful Xenon and state-of-the-art LED technology with a slick trendsetting design, boosting lighting performance by 70% over the standard halogen lamp, lighting 20 metres further and 40% whiter too. OSRAM’s headlights are fully ECE approved and are a plug and play fit with no need to mess about with your wiring loom like some aftermarket solutions out there. PRICE: £749.99 CONTACT:



Racingline Performance have just launched these new engine and transmission mounts for the 2.0T. The Racingline engine mount has been shown to bring about dramatic reductions in drivetrain movement when under acceleration and braking, and to negate that loose feeling when coming on and off-throttle, and all but eradicate the chance of wheel-hop too. They’re suitable for both manual and DSG-equipped cars and should be on the radar for anyone serious about bringing about significant chassis enhancements. PRICE: £256.80 per mount CONTACT:

Performance VW

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04/10/2017 15:08

Got a product, service or offer you want our readers to know about? Email: with all the details and we’ll make it happen


Eibach UK dropped us a line asking us to promote its new Mk5 R32 chassis upgrade package so… here you go! Developed in the UK, the kit is made up of a specially developed Pro-Kit spring kit offering 20mm and 15-20mm drops front and rear respectively and improved handling and composure (without adding any unwanted stiffness to its ride quality) and an adjustable front and rear anti-roll bar kit to tie it all together. Of course, being Eibach products the quality is first class, a fact backed up by the fact the whole lot is fully TUV approved and comes complete with a five year guarantee on the Pro-Kit and a two year one on the anti-roll bars. PRICE: Pro-Kit £204, anti-roll bars £440 CONTACT:



What are you doing on Saturday 28 October? Assuming you’re in the UK, you need to be at Santa Pod for its legendary Flame & Thunder showcase! The event features all kinds of action from jet cars to monster trucks, stage performances, an amazing fireworks display and of course, drag racing’s finest too. Be there or be square… CONTACT:


The harder you push your engine, the more important it is to keep its fluids nice and cool to keep everything healthy and happy. Direnza has just released this new 13-row universal oil cooler designed to help keep the all-important oil temps down on whatever powerplant you hook it up to. Measuring in at 220mm x 80mm x 52mm and coming complete with all the hoses, AN10 fittings, elbows and brackets you need, it can be mounted pretty much anywhere to get the job done and what’s more, it can be adapted to cool not just oil but any fluid you want such as power steering fluid, diff oil, gearbox oil and automatic transmission fluid, too. PRICE: £179.99 CONTACT:

Not the most exciting of products, perhaps, but if you own an old Veedub then it’s an essential one. Raptor, known for its range of protective coatings, has just launched this new Epoxy Primer. Reportedly tested with over 1000 hours of salt water spray, this paint on preserver can be used with any top coat (not just Raptor’s) and comes in 1- and 5-litre tins from VW Heritage. PRICE: £25 (1 litre) CONTACT:



Christmas is coming up quickly and we all need gift ideas, right? How about these lovely leather travel accessories from British brand Richings Greetham? With prices ranging from £48 to £98, they may not be exactly cheap but these are top quality high-end items, designed in the UK and constructed from the finest tumbled analine soft calf leather (whatever that is) in a choice of three colours. Check out the website below for more details on the range. PRICE: £48-£98 CONTACT:

What you’re looking at here is Forge Motorsport’s new Mk7 dog-bone mount. Designed to reduce the movement in the lower dog-bone bush that counteracts engine movement under hard acceleration or braking or when changing gears, it’s a small part that will make a large difference to how your car feels. Two versions are available depending on your car, which you can work out on the Forge site. PRICE: £41.40 CONTACT:

November 2017

019-022 PVW news 1117.indd 21


04/10/2017 15:08

What’s New? SONIC BOOM

It doesn’t matter what job you attempt to do, there’s always one bolt that you can’t quite reach isn’t there? Sonic Equipment have come up with a solution in the shape of this1/4" 19-piece ratchet set that’s small enough to fit in your pocket! The 19 pieces contained within the ratchet set can be broken down as follows: shallow 1/4in drive flank sockets in 6, 8,9, 10 and 12mm sizes, 10 bits in a selection of useful designs (including slotted, Phillips-head and hex), a 50mm extension bar and, best of all, a disc ratchet with 72 teeth that makes easy work of even the most hard-to-reach bolts. It’s like a fidget spinner for grown ups… PRICE: £13.60 CONTACT:


Looking for an exhaust for your Golf R estate? Then look no futher than Remus. This is its new cat-back system for the R wagon, it features a resonated front section, Y-pipe and ‘Racing’ sports exhausts, the latter splitting left and right as it nears the rear of the Golf. These boast a pair of integrated electronic valves that have been developed to work with Remus’ much vaunted Sound Controller technology, which at 70mm they are 15mm larger than the standard VW offering. There are a trio of different quad pipe arrangements on offer, all 102mm in diameter. Remus’ Sound Controller Technolgoy incorporates a quartet of pre-set valves located at key points along the system, each operated by OEM quality electronic actuators. These valves can be adjusted allowing the driver to toggle not just the volume of their exhaust but also its note, making it just as suited to stealthy early morning getaways as afternoon jaunts – clever stuff! PRICE: From £2,031.60 CONTACT:


This is the new Power Port blow-off valve from Turbo Smart and it’s a serious bit of kit. Designed for engines running serious power levels in the world of drag racing, the Power Port does both the job of a blow-off valve and a cold-side wastegate (often used by drag racers to assist with spooling the turbo before launch). It has a massive 2.5” inlet, unprecedented valve lift and extra-large ports for handling serious boost and power levels. Its cutting edge dual-chamber design means it can be held open with the use of a solenoid to aid turbo response and control during staging to give the best possible launch and is also available with a sensor cap, which can be used to log valve position, ideal for custom tuning applications, replacing guesswork with reliable data. All in all, a serious bit of kit! PRICE: £419.88 CONTACT:


FLY GUY Fidanza have added the ’99 to ’05 1.8litre VW engine to its range of lightweight flywheels. The benefits of a lightweight flywheel include better acceleration, smoother shifting, reduced clutch wear and, thank to Fidanza’s replaceable green friction plate, better longevity, too. PRICE: £546.12 CONTACT:

FLIPPIN’ HELL Does your car have a single-din headunit slot? Jealous of your friends with their double-din units packed full of gizmos and gadgets? Introducing, the Pioneer AVH-Z7000DAB Touchscreen Multimedia Player. Catchy name aside, the, erm, AVH-Z7000DAB features CarPlay, Android Auto, DAB/DAB, 3-band GEQ, a 50wx4 amp and about a million other cool things. PRICE: £629.00 CONTACT:

Performance VW

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04/10/2017 15:08

AUDIO UPGRADE This month we’ve teamed up with car audio specialist Vibe to offer you the change to win a serious audio upgrade for your car worth over £500.


ith over 20 years experience in the car audio industry it’s not hard to see why Vibe is now the number one audio brand in the UK. No longer simply producing the best active bass enclosures, Vibe now prides itself on offering a wide range of top quality car audio upgrades that regularly win Best in Class awards the world over. To celebrate its success we’ve team up with Vibe to offer one of you lucky people the chance to bag a complete audio upgrade that is intended to run off your factory head unit. First up in this trio of upgrades is its OPTISOUNDGOLF6F-V4 speakers, which are 6.5” two-way units with 1” tweeters that are designed to fit in the factory housing replacing your OEM speakers. These will fit Mk6 and Mk7 Golf, new Sciroccos, plus Typ 6R Polos and some later Passats (please check for a full application list). Next comes the BLACKAIRC12-V6 compact bass enclosure, which is a sleek sub enclosure that houses a single 12” subwoofer with a peak output of 1500W (500W RMS). This enclosure is specifically designed for today’s market demand for high performance in a compact enclosure. The final part of this prize is Vibe’s SLICKCH5-V2 slick five-channel amplifier which has a maximum power output of 1400W and is claimed to be the perfect solution for a package of speakers and subs all powered by the same amp. The hybrid solution has a high level of input with Autosense which allows the amp to turn on and off without the need for a separate remote turn on wire. Neat! To be in with the chance of winning this trio of upgrades all you need to do is follow the details below and then keep you fingers firmly crossed! ■



HOW TO ENTER Terms and Conditions

Entrants must be 18 years of age or over and UK residents. No employees of Kelsey Media, Vibe or any associated companies may enter. Kelsey Media takes no responsibility beyond protecting this competition, and no cash alternative or adjustment is available. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrants for any reason without notice in accordance with competition rules. The editor’s decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into.

024 PVW comp 1117.indd 24

All you need to do is head to the official Vibe Audio Facebook page, give it a like, then locate this post on the Performance VW Facebook page, add a photo of your car and then share the original post on your personal page. We’ll choose one lucky winner at random after the closing date of 2 January 2018.

Good Luck!

09/10/2017 11:54

Not just standard parts! We offer a huge range of performance and styling products from all the leading brands! Available from stock.

Online, Click & Collect or visit your local branch Performance_Ad_VW_Golf_A4_May2017.indd 1

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SUNDAY W FUNDAY Belgium’s Euro Sunday event is about as laid back as they come, but that doesn’t stop it from being a corker of an event though as these photos prove. Words: Elliott Roberts Photos: Gordon Irvine

e’ve always had a soft spot for Belgian car shows and so Euro Sunday, held just outside Lommel in Belgium, naturally appeals. Organised by Kristof Lombaerts (of Black Sheep Wheels) along with his team of merry helpers, the show has a real family feel to it. 2017 marked the 8th running of the event and I think one of the reasons the show appeals so much is the fact that Belgium isn’t too far to travel for us Brits (you can actually visit this show in a single day if you wish). There’s also the fact that Belgium borders both France, Germany and Holland, so on top of the usual influx of UK attendees you’re also guaranteed to see a real mix of cars from all over Europe. At just 10 Euros entry for you and your car (with additional guests and extra 3 Euros) the show is certainly great value and all profits go to a local charity, so it’s all for a good cause. The location itself is pretty dramatic with the back drop of wind turbines and a vast area of concrete full of show cars parked in rows with the red carpeted area reserved for a handselected group of cars picked by the organisers prior to the event. With a DJ on stage spinning

November 2017

027-030 PVW Euro Sunday 1117.indd 27


05/10/2017 20:14


Performance VW

027-030 PVW Euro Sunday 1117.indd 28

05/10/2017 20:14

in terms of cars, we spotted our first bagged vw arteon which looked absolutely incredible slammed on the ground a variety of tunes all day surrounded by an inflatable structure that looks a bit like an adult bouncy castle. Random! While the day started off looking a little overcast thankfully it remained dry with a steady 21 degrees throughout which nobody could complain about. The result was around 800 cars with a real mixed bag of makes and styles. In terms of cars, we spotted our first bagged VW Arteon, which looked absolutely incredible sitting on the ground. We’d have like to see it on some slightly more interesting wheels perhaps as the 20” Cayenne hoops were a little bland. We loved the burgundy Audi 50 on face-mounted Gotti five-spokes, plus the Manila green Mk1 Golf running black on black 17” Fuch wheels with gold hardware and the white bagged Mk1 on centre-lock Ronal Racing wheels. The black Audi 4000 was certainly unique, too, with its tinted

November 2017

027-030 PVW Euro Sunday 1117.indd 29


05/10/2017 20:14

We had a lot of want for the greeen renault 5 turbo on design 90s windows, staggered stance and rear window louvers. There was a nice trio of Rallyes; one stock, one stanced and the other motorsportinspired. There was plenty of non-VAG metal to break up the massive wash of Dubs. The red Dodge SRT (right) looked insane with rivet on arches, dropped on gold modular wheels. Please don’t judge us, but we had a lot of want for the green Renault 5 Turbo on Porsche Design 90s, too. As for the ratty Mercedes on wide steels with a crazy roll cage and rivet on arches, well the decision is still out on that one. The metal, cube-shaped trophies went down a storm and looked great painted bright pink with ES17 cut out of the sides. At the time of going to print we’ve yet to receive news of 2018's show date, but keep an eye on our Events page in the future for an announcement n


Performance VW

027-030 PVW Euro Sunday 1117.indd 30

05/10/2017 20:15

SAME DIFFERENCE There are some circumstances where you take a look at something and say “I’m not sure why you decided to do that, but I’m glad you did.” Hey Matt Ford and Matt Crooke present their takes on some less-common ‘Volkswagen group’ metal. Words: Paul McGrath Photos: Anna McGrath


ow that PVW magazine has passed the 20 year mark, we can start talking about the past, the good old days and how things used to be. Originally we’d get posted letters by readers, and people mean what they put in a letter, you’ve got to type it up (or scribble it down if you’re going seriously old-school), find an envelope, walk to the post office and lay out some cold, hard cash on a stamp. Then along came emails. With zero financial outlay and very little physical effort involved in firing one of those over, so the mesh on the content filter gets coarser, and with it, the acid tongue of the author. But hey, at least they’re being sent directly to PVW HQ. Then came the internet 32

forum review panel for all the see: every month, when the new issue showed up there’d be a thread with in-depth analysis of every single page of the publication. You knew the big names, the toughest arenas and the timing, and it was a simple enough job to keep on top of the best and the worst reaction to what is not just our day job, but our passion, too. Right now, however, it’s a free-for-all. Smart phones, multiple social media platforms and within those, ever deeper vortexes of impenetrability until you’re sent a screen grab of a private Facebook group, by someone you barely know, via Instagram DM. Where am I going with this? Well, in the history of PVW reader correspondence and feedback, there’s one significant topic that so often comes up, “Why do you only feature Golfs?” Really? Seriously?

“I had no idea these things existed!” Yeah, we’re right with you Matt Ford, owner of what you will soon be able to tell your friends, is a Grumman Kubvan. “I was in Ocean City, Maryland for the H2Oi event at one of the get-togethers on Coastal Highway, and there was one just parked up. It was so rad – like a mini mail truck!” The company that constructed these strange little vehicles is named Grumman, an American firm founded in the late 1920s whose extraordinary engineering and fabrication ability quickly landed them some major contracts with the US armed forces. When asked to build aeroplane components for the US navy, no less, they said: “Actually, we’d rather build the whole aircraft,” and they did. During the 2nd World War they designed and built a number of further

Performance VW

032-038 PVW MF Auto 1117.indd 32

05/10/2017 19:51

planes, firmly establishing themselves in the industry for years to come. Not content with being a mainstay of the US aero industry, Grumman produced a range of other products too: boats, submarines, fire-trucks and while not typically relevant but importantly for this feature, delivery vans. In the late ’70s, the US postal service was using vastly out-of-date vehicles for its mail delivery, reeling from the effects of the ’73 oil crisis, where the cost of fuel soared to an all-time high. It was quite apparent that a replacement was long overdue. Grumman wanted to be considered for the contract with a solution, and set their targets on a compact, electric-powered delivery van for mainstream use in the US. So, why on Earth are we featuring an

American-made van in a UK-based magazine pitched to German car enthusiasts? Well, I’ll let Matt Ford tell you why. “I walked up to it in the parking lot, and within seconds I was crawling all around, laying on the ground looking it over under, inside and out. I quickly realised it was running a Mk1 Golf drivetrain and a bunch of other parts! You can’t get cooler than that!” Grumman had to present a trial run of these vehicles to the postal service, and to reduce costs, and reduce the build time, they chose to use a Mk1 Caddy (well, technically, as this was the US market, it was a Rabbit truck) as a donor for the suspension and chassis, both the physical parts and the reference points, allowing them to focus their expertise, and concentrate on building a few variations of lightweight (and

therefore fuel efficient) aluminium van bodies, in perfect keeping with their aerospace history. Of course, there was no battery-powered Caddy van available, and whilst the Kubvan would later be available with the electric motor, while the futuristic propulsion unit was being drawn up, these early examples were assembled with the very economical, and what at the time was thought to be less polluting 1.6-litre diesel Volkswagen engine, with a choice of manual and auto gearboxes available to broaden the appeal. Another initially curious sounding feature of the Kubvan was that despite being built exclusively for the North American market, it was available in right hand drive. To Americans, lateral thinkers, and other well informed readers, it might seem obvious, but to humour you – the US postal November 2017

032-038 PVW MF Auto 1117.indd 33


05/10/2017 19:51

Dub Details MATT CROOKE - '74 AUDI FOX ENGINE: 1.5-litre bored out to a 1.6-litre 8v CHASSIS: Fully polished 8x15” Fifteen52 Snowflakes, Air Lift Performance Crafter kit with manual valves EXTERIOR: European market Audi 80 bumpers INTERIOR: Custom air ride switch and gauges SHOUT: Matt at MF Auto hands down for the hard work, great communication and awesome collaborative effort in putting this project together. Air Lift for helping with the suspension tweaks. DV Mechanics for some love, Carbon Collective for keeping it clean. All the guys at fifteen52 for the support and finally Blair Peterman for dropping the Audi Fox knowledge on me, he’s a master!

workers, the main intended consumer, drop their mail in boxes on the kerb side, so being on the “wrong” side of the van pays dividends and, over the course of the route, saves potentially hours! Unfortunately for Grumman, when eventually presented to the USPS they decided the Kubvans were just too small for their intended purpose. Grumman moved on and the mail vans we now know and love, and the alleged 500 or so Kubvans produced made their way into the private sector across the US and Canada, which explains the unit Matt saw in the wild. “I got the guy’s contact number and then thought about it for the entire 12 hour ride home and for months afterwards. I stayed in contact with him for about six months but could not convince him to sell it to me.” Two years of dreaming about what he would do with a Kubvan


Performance VW

032-038 PVW MF Auto 1117.indd 34

05/10/2017 19:54

if he could ever get his hands on one passed, and Matt, owner MF Auto, a VW repair shop in Knoxville Tennessee, was an entire year into the build of a no-expense-spared Mk1 Jetta to debut at the forthcoming SOWO event in Helen, Georgia. As the deadline crept closer, the car came back from paint, and it wasn’t up to his standard. With a booth space to fill literally and figuratively, Matt recalled that a friend of his, Chris Collier, the main man at C2 Motorsports from Louisville, Kentucky, had a Kubvan in his vast fleet of VAG machines. Matt called up Chris, cap in hand, and pleaded with him to part with the van, and whatever he said worked. Matt was soon on his way back to Knoxville, two weeks before SOWO, with the baby Grumman in tow. Matt had landed himself a very straight, and very rare, right hand drive 1984 example in

(for the Grumman nerds out there) “high-floor” specification, with the VW 1.6 diesel engine and three-speed automatic transmission performing exceptionally. Most importantly, though, he knew exactly what he needed to achieve with it before the show: he intended to polish the entire van. With a incredibly tight schedule for his labourintensive gameplan, he wasted no time at all, literally making arrangements on the four-hour journey home that Saturday. “I was able to get a mobile soda blasting company scheduled for that Monday morning to strip the white paint, and we would start the process on Monday evening.” With the workshop schedule jam-packed, the undertaking became harder still. What was initially going to be a two week timeline, instantly became two weeks’ worth of evenings and weekends! “I had a whole army of ants on that

thing every night. Everyone was sanding and grinding a different spot.” After hammering out their day-jobs, a hardcore group of Matt’s employees and close friends worked flat-out on the Kubvan. Matt recalls having anywhere from 5-8 volunteers at a time working on it every night that week, for 6-8 hours which, at the top end, works out to be almost 50 man hours per night! A pair of front coilovers were then installed, and the Caddy rear beam was flipped to make the ride-height much more bearable. Given the suitable baseline that had been achieved with the sheet metal, Saturday’s task was to get the aluminium shining like a mirror. But that proved to be a taller order than anyone predicted. “It felt like we weren’t much further along than when we started. We just couldn’t figure out how to get the porous Grumman aluminium to shine. I sent

November 2017

032-038 PVW MF Auto 1117.indd 35


05/10/2017 19:54

the results have been hugely rewarding for matt, and he takes the van out whenever he gets the opportunity everyone home at mid-day and worked the entire van over by myself for the rest of the weekend, but I did eventually figure out a process that worked!” With the weekend written off, and the crew departing for SOWO that Friday, the same group piled every ounce of energy into the four weeknight evenings that remained, emulating Matt’s proven process, producing the finished product he had dreamt of for two years. The car was taken to the show on a set of standard Mk3 wheels, but that was about to change when the van came back from the show, and the MF Team’s sleep patterns had returned to normal. Matt had a set of Compomotive THs in his stash, and felt they’d fit the project perfectly. Having learned his lesson, and understandably sick of the process, these were sent away to be polished, while Matt set about tweaking another area of the project that wasn’t quite right. The vehicle just had to go lower, especially if it was about to be rolling on fancy new hoops. As a number of Mk1 owners will recall, airride kits for Mk1s didn’t exist, let alone for the base-Caddy’s leaf-spring arrangement. So Matt and his crew set about building a custom front set of struts based around Air Lift Performance universal parts, before taking on the much larger task of converting the rear beam of the Grumman over to a custom four-link system in order to accommodate the rear bags. Once the

pneumatics were operational, it was time to get serious. A custom fuel tank was fabricated, and tucked up inside the body of the Kubvan, and the same went for the exhausts system, allowing Matt to drop the entire floorpan on the ground at the flick of a switch, outstandingly setting off the staggered width 16” THs or the BBS RSs that occasionally made an appearance. The results have been hugely rewarding for Matt, and he takes the van out and about whenever he gets the opportunity. “Everyone absolutely loves it! No matter how many times people see it they are always looking to see it again. If we leave it home and don’t bring it to a show everyone wants to know where it is to look at it again. At other events like Cars and Coffee, people will walk right past 10 supercars in a trance and come straight up to it and all kids love it.” But despite the high praise, Matt’s not done yet; he has every intention to swap the engine to something a little more interesting, and make the utilitarian interior a somewhat more comfortable place to be. Our story takes an interesting, and tenuously still animal-related twist, featuring some familiar names, as we transfer our attention to the Audi Fox, owned by the other Matt – Matt Crooke. “I first found this car on Craigslist,” Matt Crooke tells us. A strange turn of phrase, I think you’ll agree? But all will be revealed. “I almost

pulled the trigger, but it disappeared. I guess it sold before I could buy it,” he goes on to say. Just like Matt Ford’s Kubvan, the Audi Fox, or Audi 80 as it was badged in Europe, carries with it an interesting tale. Although, unlike the Grumman, the Audi’s story was not a case of what might have been, but arguably the low-key saviour of an entire auto group! Following in the Beetle’s footsteps was a very tough ask indeed, and try as they might to market it as such, the Volkswagen Type 4 was absolutely not the successor to one of the most cult cars ever made. The Volkswagen group, with the Audi brand under its umbrella, was struggling in the post Type-1 era and in dire need of a pick-me-up. Following the acquisition of NSU, VW borrowed their K70 model, and began to sell it as their own as the first front wheel drive Volkswagen available to the public. But Audi themselves already had a front-drive vehicle in their showrooms. Internally named the F103, known to customers originally as just “the Audi”, was the first new car to wear that badge for almost 30 years and was essentially a fourstroke evolution of the old DKW F102. These “Audis” were given a unique moniker based on their horsepower, one of the peppier variants being the Audi 80. The more luxurious Audi 100 was launched by the brand in 1968, however, since it still shared some DNA with the DKW, it

Dub Details MATT FORD - '84 GRUMMAN KUBVAN ENGINE: 1.6-litre diesel with threespeed auto transmission CHASSIS: 6.5x16” and 7x16” Compomotive TH magnesium wheels. Air Lift universal front components and rear bellows with custom four-link rear beam. Fully hidden twin 2.5 gallon air tanks, twin 380 compressors, ¼ lines and manual switches. Custom 5 gallon fuel tank tucked and mounted inside the frame, exhaust run through the frame EXTERIOR: Stripped paint and fully polished from top to bottom! INTERIOR: Covered factory seats and custom carpet SHOUT: Everyone involved that ever helped and gave their time to make my dream a reality! The Old School MF crew


Performance VW

032-038 PVW MF Auto 1117.indd 36

05/10/2017 19:57

was the all new B1 Audi 80, in 1972, with its robust uni-body construction and water-cooled engine driving the front wheels that is widely considered the first significant launch by, not just Audi, but of the entire modern VAG era. This car paved the way for the Passat, Scirocco, Polo, and Golf in their multiple iterations which we all know and love to this day. The B1 Audi 80 also started another strange tradition – VAG’s infatuation with confusingly renaming their European models for the US market. It found itself called the Audi Fox when it hit dealerships across the US in 1973, where it held its own in its day and changed the perceptions of many US automakers. “I wanted an Audi 100LS or an Audi Fox and searched for one forever.” Three years, in fact, Matt informs us. “I enjoy the vintage Audis and always thought they were special. Most Americans remember the 100LS for its unreliability, but the Fox was a cool hybrid and shared many of the VW engine parts, so it was easier to work on.” Matt has been actively involved in the West Coast European car community for nearly two decades and, as a result, has a FiloFax bursting at the seams with friends, colleagues, customers and acquaintances’ contact information. After such a long and fruitless search for “the one”, he brought out the big guns, mentioning that he

November 2017

032-038 PVW MF Auto 1117.indd 37


05/10/2017 19:57

was looking for such a car to anybody who might know someone, who knew someone, who might have one for him to buy. You’ll recognise the name of the man who came through. None other than Chris Collier, the very same person who sold Matt Ford his Grumman Kubvan. But the story gets funnier still. As Matt Crooke learned more about the 1.5-litre ’74 model, the penny dropped for Matt at the time, for this was the same car that he’d found cruising Craigslist years ago, and after getting their heads together and reaching in to their deepest memories, they corroborated stories and arrived at an identical conclusion. Chris himself was the guy that swept in and scooped up “Matt’s” Fox while he was getting his ducks in a row. “It turned out to be the exact car I was going to buy, but he got to it before I could. Pretty cool that in the end the car found its home with me anyway. I guess it was fate!” Matt was now faced with a geographical misalignment. The car was in Kentucky, and he

was not only in Los Angeles, California, but had quite the fleet of cars including his ’79 Porsche 911 SC, Mercedes 190E Cosworth and a Mk3 Golf Harlequin. It’s fair to say that even if the Audi made its pilgrimage west, there would be no room for it at the inn when it arrived. But there was no chance the Fox was getting away from him for a second time. And this is where we re-introduce Matt Ford to proceedings. Crooke knew that MF Auto was “just down the road” from where the Fox was coming from, so had it delivered to Ford’s workshop, for a light work over, and a few choice alterations. The deal was simple, get the parts there, and they’d fit them. The first of those parts arrived along with the car, as Chris included a set of slender, chrome Euro Audi 80 bumpers into the deal. These are much more in keeping with the original retro looks than the clumsy US market efforts it was equipped with from the factory. The car had not seen a lot of use prior to

the Matt’s collection, so it was treated to an extensive mechanical overhaul, and that woefully underpowered, standard 1.5-litre 8v engine was bored out to create a fire-breathing, powerhouse of a 1.6-litre capacity unit. “It’s an automatic 1.6-litre Fox, basically as cruiser as it gets. Air was the only choice for a car like this to get the look we wanted.” So with that, a basic Air Lift Performance “crafter” kit was drafted in by Matt Crooke, in order to help make the custom air suspension fabrication somewhat simpler. When it came to the wheels, Matt had a tough choice to make, being the co-owner of the internationally renowned company, Fifteen52, who offer all manner of wheel options as mainstay of their product line. It would have been easy to get carried away, but he kept the car on-message with a set of deadstock 15” Fifteen52 Snowflakes, the very first wheel style they ever sold, and now extremely sought after since being discontinued. These were then fully polished, for that extra twist of exclusivity, exactly what is required, now that the Fox is finally out in California, after its long stint in Tennessee. “I’d actually never seen the car in person until it landed here, only photos of it. But, every step of the way was fun with Matt Ford, he kept me informed with all the details and it was super exciting when it finally got to SoCal for the first time and I could see it in the metal.” So what we have here, is a pair of folk with the same name, who bought cars from the same guy, built by the same shop, both with modest modifications. That’s where the similarities end. With a combined 3.1-litre output, no they’re not going to set a Nurburgring lap record or run a sub 10 second quarter-mile time. But in a world moving as fast as this one is right now, it’s a pleasure to drop the pace, and appreciate what’s different every once in a while, and these two scarce items from the VAG history books certainly are that n

in a world moving as fast as this one it's a pleasure to drop the pace and appreciate what's different every once in a while. This pair is just that! 38

Performance VW

032-038 PVW MF Auto 1117.indd 38

05/10/2017 19:46

Bring your Engine Back to Life

Help your engine and turbocharger designed work as it was d gned to.

Lorem ipsum Trusted by professionals to remove and minimise soot build-up from engines and turbochargers quickly and safely

040-046 PVW black Mk1 1117.indd 40

06/10/2017 12:24

FUN MULTIPLIED MULTIPLIED What happens when your car gains almost five times the power it left the factory with? If you’re anything like Matt Williams and his 1.8T-swapped Mk1 Golf here, the answer involves a lot of hard driving with a constant grin on your face‌ Sam Preston Adam Walker

040-046 PVW black Mk1 1117.indd 41

06/10/2017 12:25


an we talk about the world of ‘future classic’ cars for a second? Because, call us old and grumpy, but we can’t be the only ones who think the prices of seemingly run-ofthe-mill models from the Eighties and Nineties are starting to get a little absurd. And the most frustrating part of all isn’t the fact that soon no one here in the PVW office will be able to afford anything made before 1990, it’s the hesitance towards modifying these models due to their rise in price that grinds our gears the most!


Thankfully, it only takes 10 seconds with Bangor-based Matt here to ascertain that he’s not a temperature-controlled-car-port kinda guy when it comes to his ’83 Mk1 Golf Driver. The way this little hatch has been modified and driven throughout its decade with its current owner is enough to give those who keep their cars under lock and key a coronary, but also proves that living with an appreciating motor doesn’t have to be boring in the slightest. And you know what? We bloody love it… Before we get stuck into how this once 1.3litre tin top has become the driver-focused, super

saloon slayer it is today, it’s worth looking back at how the VW obsession initially began for Matt here. “VWs are a bit of a family thing for me really,” the mechanic is quick to confess. “My old man loved his Mk2s and my uncle had a black Mk1 on Weber 45s that was actually featured in PVW many moons ago – that’s the car that’s inspired me the most…” Clearly a family affair, then, it was just 16 short years into Matt’s life that the desire to own a VAG motor himself got the better of him… “I was scanning Mk1 Golfs on eBay one night, and saw this then-white example with two hours left

Performance VW

040-046 PVW black Mk1 1117.indd 42

06/10/2017 12:27

Dub Details

my uncle had a black Mk1 on Weber 45s that was actually featured in PVW many moons ago. that’s the car that’s inspired me the most…

ENGINE: 1.8-litre 20v turbocharged BAM engine (from 2002 Audi S3), K04 hybrid turbo, frontmount intercooler, Forge Motorsport dump valve, Qpeng downpipe, custom 2.5” exhaust system, stage 2 remap, silicone turbo intake pipe, crackled black inlet manifold, Retrofication engine mounts, battery relocated in the car, 02A five-speed manual gearbox, Mk4 Golf selector tower and linkages, Quaife ATB limited-slip differential, lightened G60 flywheel, VR6 clutch, Polo 6N 16v driveshafts, Mk3 Golf 16v inner CV joints CHASSIS: 8x15” (front) and 9x15” (rear) Schmidt TH Line three-piece split rims with gold centres and Radinox lips, 185/45/15 (front) and 195/45/15 (rear) Nankang NS-II tyres, Weitec coilovers, Eibach front and rear anti-roll bars, seam welded bottom arms, fully polybushed, notched chassis, Audi S2 front brakes with Ferodo pads, braided brake lines throughout EXTERIOR: Full respray in LC9Z Black Magic, smoothed side trims and sill trims, passenger door mirror delete, rolled arches, Series 1 bumpers, CL-spec splitter and arch spats, Porsche door handles, black flag mirror INTERIOR: Stripped out rear with false floor, Corbeau Club Sport fixed-back bucket seats, Sparco four-point harnesses, OMP dished steering wheel, aftermarket boost gauge, GTI headlining and carpet, CL gear knob

November 2017

040-046 PVW black Mk1 1117.indd 43


06/10/2017 12:27

to go and zero watchers,” he continues. “So I sat there for the whole two hours watching the time go down, and close to the end put a bid in at £225.” The next day, Matt and his father were on their way to pick up his very first car! Although the pictures looked promising in terms of the condition of this car’s bodywork, it was sadly a case of the more you probed, the more rot you found. No bother for Matt, though, who wasn’t daunted in the slightest about getting the ol’ angle grinder out and getting stuck in. “It needed inner and outer sills, rear arches, floor pans and a boot floor,” he modestly reveals. “I must’ve spent months welding it all up but now it’s rot-free which is the main thing!” With a solid little runaround at his disposal, the next half-decade was a time for Matt to experiment with ways to improve the way his flyweight Golf performed on his local country roads. Starting with the obvious – a set of alloys and some coilovers wound down to their very lowest setting – the modifications soon matured into the likes of a full bare-metal respray onto the car’s newly-smoothed panels in the OEM hue of Black Magic thanks to Freemans Autos. “I then toyed with some small block engine swaps,” Matt casually announces as if it was as easy as changing his outfit. “I tried a 1.4 16v on CBR 600 bike carbs and stuff like that, but they


just kept eating gearboxes and bottom ends…” With his trusty steed shut away in the garage in bits, the following year or so was spent plotting his next move. And this time, he knew it had to be a little bit different… “It fell between a 2.0-litre ABF or a 1.8-litre 20vT motor in the end,” Matt highlights the results of his hard research into what was next for his Mk1. “In the end I went for the 1.8 turbo because of their accessibility and potential power gains.” Snapping up an ’02 Audi S3 donor car later that week, which featured a top-spec BAM version of the motor in question, it was time for Matt to once again singlehandedly work out how this hefty unit could be shoehorned into his dainty Golf. Physically getting the then-225bhp engine into the bay came courtesy of a swap mount kit from Retrofication, which Matt tweaked and added polybushes to ensure a perfect, solid fitment. “It dropped straight in!” he recalls. As for getting the young engine to speak to the older car, Matt avoided the majority of any potential horror stories by connecting the S3 loom to talk to the car’s original ECU. “I got some wiring diagrams and pretty much cut everything out I didn’t need. I spliced the alternator charging wire, oil pressure wire and the temperature gauge wire to the original Mk1 loom, wired up the fuel pumps

and job was a good’un! She started first time.” If only it was always that easy! Getting the new engine’s power to the wheels used more of Matt’s ingenuity and another host of parts from throughout VW’s back-catalogue. With most opting to use Mk1 Caddy driveshafts for this particular conversion, Matt chose to go for shorter Polo 6N units housing Mk3 Golf inner CV joints, allowing him to run the car at a much lower ride height without putting extra strain on the hubs. A stroke of genius that ensures this is one future-proofed slammed machine! But, as you’ve probably gathered by now, even though Matt had effectively more than tripled the car’s original 60bhp with this motor running in stock trim he was far from finished. With so much untapped power ready to exploit from these engines, he thought it’d be rude not to splash out on a more capable K04 hybrid turbo, which was finished up with improved breathing and exhaust systems and a stage 2 remap. The result? Around 300bhp ready to be dispatched to those dinky 15” wheels up front. “It would pull all over the road, even in fourth gear!” Matt laughs, describing the first few weeks of living with the new engine. “The Quaife diff I’ve added since has completely transformed it now though. All in all it’s a completely awesome car to drive and really does go like stink…” With a

Performance VW

040-046 PVW black Mk1 1117.indd 44

06/10/2017 12:28

The Quaife diff I’ve added has totally transformed it now. it’s a completely awesome car to drive and really does go like stink…

November 2017

040-046 PVW black Mk1 1117.indd 45


06/10/2017 12:28

set of old-school Weitec coilovers, Eibach roll bars and sturdier suspension arms propping up the tasty gold Schmidt rims, it’s clear Matt hasn’t skimped out when it comes to creating a chassis to match that new-found power, either. With his brief of a simple-yet-savage fast road weapon coming together swimmingly, the same ethos was applied to the interior. The rear section was gutted and a thin carpet put back in, while some fixed-back Corbeaus provide the comfort up-front. The all-black theme apparent throughout the whole cabin adds to the functional, no-nonsense aesthetic, making it hard to resist the urge to jump in and put your foot down now. “There's no better feeling than building a car from the ground up,” Matt shares his final thoughts as our shoot on his incredible Mk1 wraps up for the day. “The satisfaction you get after building your car and driving it for the first time after months, maybe even years, is unreal.” And our man has got every right to be proud; with everything but the respray performed entirely by him, leaving a car that is tailored to his needs to millimeter precision. “My next project is my dad’s old Mk2 Golf. He passed away in January and all the guys from Unit Thirteen managed to track the car down and bought it back for me. So over this summer the plan is to put the PD150 engine from my Seat Leon FR in it, along with a full respray, coilovers and some wheels.” Matt’s mindset acts as a gentle reminder to us all: it’s all about what a car is worth to you, not what you could get for it on eBay in a couple of years! n

The satisfaction you get after building your car and driving it for the first time after months, maybe even years, is unreal!


Performance VW

040-046 PVW black Mk1 1117.indd 46

06/10/2017 12:28


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LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU! What we love about Edition 38 is that it offers something for everyone from the best cars to great evening entertainment, but how you sample the show is totally up to you. Words: Elliott Roberts Photos: Sanjiv Patel Additional photos: Chris Eyre


can’t believe how quickly Edition 38 came around this year. It seems like only five minutes ago we were at Overstone Park celebrating the magazine’s 20th anniversary. With so many events around these day’s it’s impossible to go to them all, and if we’re honest, some do become a bit samey. Thankfully that's never the case with E38. Okay, while the format may remain the same I guess if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it, but the cars are always on point and let’s face it, isn’t that why you go to a car show anyway? Well, where Edition 38 is concerned that isn’t always the case, at least were some of the younger

November 2017

049-054 PVW E38 1117.indd 49


06/10/2017 12:34

generation are concerned who seem just as interested in the evening entertainment as they are the cars themselves. I guess that’s what we like about Edition weekend though, you can pick and choose exactly which parts you see of the event to suit your own taste. Don’t get is wrong, the party tent is still a big draw to a lot of show goers, but to those less interested in getting hammered and the proceeding hangover that will inevitably follow, then the main show still offers arguably the best selection of the UK’s top VWG show cars, with a


few crazy European creations throw into the mix for good measure. As usual we had a great mix of cars on our stand, from Jak Johnston’s Manila green Mk1 (full feature soon), Max Edward’s Beetle (PVW 3/17) in its new Apple Computer’s livery (originally seen on the iconic Dick Barbour Racing Porsche 935 K3 of the early 80s) and Alex Lambert’s killer Polo Breadvan which picked up a 10 Of The Best prize on Saturday (again, full feature soon). Kim Cowden’s stunning Mk1 Golf (which actually graced the cover of our 20th

Performance VW

049-054 PVW E38 1117.indd 50

06/10/2017 12:34

November 2017

049-054 PVW E38 1117.indd 51


06/10/2017 12:34

Anniversary edition last year) appeared to be cleaner than ever parked up in a prominent spot right in front of the stage. Sometimes it’s the more realistic, achievable builds that appeal to us though and Ben Kemita’s Tornado red Mk3 VR6T (below, right) which he bought originally on eBay for just £345 and was in quite a state to start with. We won’t give too much away as we’ll be running a full feature on the car soon, but what a sweet ride.


Another car that took our eye and we’ll be exposing soon was Dave Jorge’s sleeper Touran which runs a 2.0TFSI conversion with full fourwheel-drive. Speaking of all-wheel-drive creations, DJ Autowerks had a pair of Mk2s on its stand which the team had converted to full Hadlex fourwheel-drive, one car running a 400bhp TFSI and the other a GT28RS-blown 1.8T. We’re looking forward to paying these guys a visit at their HQ up in Scotland for a closer look and full feature

Performance VW

049-054 PVW E38 1117.indd 52

06/10/2017 12:35

November 2017

049-054 PVW E38 1117.indd 53


06/10/2017 12:35

on both cars (damn, we are going to busy). While we’re on the subject of Mk2s, Edition 38 founding member Steve Denton (of Stylehaus fame) had build a stunning 1984 Irish green Typ19 (below, left) running a TFSI swap which looked like it could have left the factory that way. Apparently the conversion had been carried out by Crazzyquiffs with help from Revo. Speaking of which, the Revo stand itself looked fantastic, not only because it displayed its stunning new exhibition unit and some stunning cars (we loved the new yellow TT brought over by its German distributor) but also for the fact they’d even gone to the trouble of mowing the grass in front of their unit. Strong work guys! The Mk1 Owners Club put on a great display (below) outside the main marque, as did StillStatic with a bunch of insanely low VWs all running it’s ultraslow coilovers. Just along from them was Forge Motorsport displaying it’s


revived Mk1 Golf demo – which looked meaner than ever with its HR Engineering arches, black paint and duckbill splitter – parked outside its new inflatable exhibition structure. There was a really good mix of both new and old cars running on air and coilovers, with both performance and show in mind. There have certainly never been more complete builds on the scene. People finally seem to be holding on to their projects and continuing to improve and evolve them, which makes sense when you think about it. When the dust settled and all of the trophies had been given out it was Kim Cowden that went home with Best of Show award, which I don’t think anybody could ague with. And that was it for another year. We wouldn’t worry though if you missed it because if next year’s show comes around as quickly then it will be here in the blink of an eye. We’ll see you there… n

Performance VW

049-054 PVW E38 1117.indd 54

06/10/2017 12:35




VW MKVII Front Kit #78522 shown own










Visit to configure your 1/4” or 3/8” control system.

KIT FEATURES 1. 2. 3. 4.

Adjustable camber plates with high-quality spherical bearings depending on application Compact double-bellows air spring or sleeve-style bags Red anodized aluminum accents 30 levels of damping adjustment, monotube threaded strut with independent ride height adjustment

5. 6. 7. 8.

Black powder-coated strut bodies and lower mounts Up to 5.8” (147mm) of drop, depending on application Vehicle specific upper and lower mounts to ensure an OEM quality fit. Most kits also come with braided stainless steel air lines, and all necessary fittings and hardware for mounting

+01.517.322.2144 | | 1215 Air Lift Performance VW Full Page v3.indd 1

12/15/15 12:27 PM



If you thought you’d been around the VW scene for while then think again, Patric James has been modifying Dubs since most of you we born and when he talks it’s usually worth listening, especially when he's on the subject of Corrados. Words: Tony Saggu Photos: Si Gray

Performance VW

056 - 062 PVW corrado 1117.indd 56

09/10/2017 11:48


atric James doesn’t have a million Facebook followers, his Instagram numbers are average at best and as for Twitter, we’re not sure he even has an account. The man has no blog, no podcast, no website and you won’t find any PJ signature trainers on eBay selling for a mint… but you try to find anyone who is anybody in the old-skool VW modding game who doesn’t know him or has heard of him. Pat’s perennial and persisting presence in the world of not so stock Volkswagens seems to predate the scene itself. Think PVW has been around a while? VWVortex seem ancient? Consider H20 and GTI International old skool? Our man was tinkering with water-cooled Wolfsburg faire well before that lot even got out of first gear. If you’re looking for an insight into the spirit and character of the early days of our hobby, the pure essence of the scene before the Internet, social media, hipsters and clueless muppets tried to dilute the soul out of it, then anything more than five minutes spent in the company of

Mr James and his breathtaking newstalgic Dub coupe will put you right in the picture. “I remember the early 90s like it was yesterday,” smiled the London based lowriding luminary, waxing nostalgically, “Sundays were always about cruising into the West End and down to the Kings Road in Chelsea with my old pal Jeremy (Hillock) and Sajjad (Anwar) from Westside VW. We’d spend hours at some of the newsagents which would stock European magazines like VW Scene… I’m not sure if PVW was even in existence back then,” he laughed. While his mates were to become subsequent legends modifying their Mk1 GTis, Pat’s attention was grabbed by a newer and more obscure offering from VW. “I don’t know if I can say I was a Corrado fan before I bought my first one,” he confessed, “I was on my way to buy another car, an Alpina BMW in fact, back in early 1992. The deal fell through and I bought a Corrado on a whim instead… Honestly, I think I bought it because no one else I knew had one at the time and it was totally different.” That Nugget yellow coupe would be the first kiss

in a twenty-five-year love affair that would see over a dozen Corrados come and go, “The fact is I have owned a Corrado every day of my life since 1992.” Pat admits there was a price to be paid for buying a lesser known VW; “There was next to nothing out there if you wanted to modify the cars,” he lamented. “The Internet was practically in its infancy and sourcing and trying to buy tuning parts was near impossible, even drawing inspiration was a bitch.” Having one of the first few modified Corrado in the country took a special kind of fortitude and ingenuity. Pat had networking skills down to a fine art before social media had been invented, longterm and enduring face to face friendships were established with similarly afflicted Dub freaks all over the world, producing an almost clandestine Corrado grapevine for information and parts. “It took forever just to get some lowering springs for it,” he recalled, “and we had to cut those as they were only 40mm lowered out of the box…” Much like the first encounter, this sublime silver coupe was also something of a chance purchase. “I had to buy it to save it from being

November 2017

056 - 062 PVW corrado 1117.indd 57


09/10/2017 11:49

I had to buy it to save it from being destroyed by Carl Taylor. He was throwing around ideas to modify the hell out of it. You know, crazy stuff‌ you’ve seen what his cars look like!

OEM interior is about as rare as they come and was taken from one of only six Corrado Campaigns ever made


Performance VW

056 - 062 PVW corrado 1117.indd 58

06/10/2017 13:06

destroyed by Carl [Taylor],” he told us. “No, really,” he continued, “Carl had owned it for about a year and he was throwing around ideas to modify the hell out of it. You know, crazy stuff… you’ve seen what his cars look like…” In an attempt to rescue the car the two struck a deal for a car Pat neither needed or could afford at the time. Having a Corrado he wasn’t driving was nothing new for Pat however, a serial car and parts collecting habit had netted dozens of coupes languishing in various storage units around London. “I didn’t really touch the car for five or six years,” he told us, “I finally pulled it out in 2011, with plans to go through it and drive it to Worthersee the following year.” The trip across Europe would take more than a quick tune up and wax job though, the coupe, though something of a mint example, had been liberated of a good few of its parts for other projects. “It needed a lot of parts and we’d left ourselves a short amount of time to get the car together before the trip.” The time for calling in favours and plundering his own parts bin was at hand. Thankfully the engine was complete and in place, although Corrado purist will probably not recognize it as stock. “It came with a well engineered 20vT swap when I got it and there was no sense in messing with that,” explained Pat. An Audi S3 had been gracious enough to donate its well tuned motor which VW/Audi maestros VRS had slipped under the bonnet of the Corrado just before Carl had taken delivery of it. “We gave it a little more love after taking it out of storage though,” revealed Pat, “a Mercedes Sprinter intercooler and few Bahn Brenner bits on the fuelling side.” The KO4 equipped silky 20v had already been treated to a Swiss cheese style port and polish job on the head, and the addition of oversized valves,

a 3" big-bore exhaust and a Cupra R gearbox. “It’s got some power,” he winked, an assertion which would seem to have been well proved by post 2012 Worthersee tales of frantic Autobahn skirmishes with all manner of well tuned exotic machinery. Much like the running gear, the paint and bodywork had already been tackled when Pat signed his name on the log book, although the all important details were all his doing. Originally being from the stable of classic custom cars which had passed through the hands of famed craftsman Steve Denton, Carl had passed on nothing short of a piece of VW scene history to Pat. Refinished in the heady days of the Premier Bodyshop era, the panel work was not surprisingly nothing short of show standard. The detailing trinkets added by Pat, some of which took decades to source, give the coupe that understated elegance our man was eager to cultivate. “It’s not too overdone,” he explained, “I’ve seen styles and trends come and go over the years, but keeping it simple and letting the sexy stock lines of the Corrado do all the talking always wins.” Speaking with the authority of one of the world’s most prolific Corrado connoisseurs it’s difficult to argue with him, it’s a study of splendid simplicity in silver. Contrasting with the factory Satin silver pearl panels is an interior that can truly be described as unique. “There’s quite a story that goes along with that interior,” Pat assured us, “It originally came from a super rare Campaign model… VW only ever produced six of them and they were only ever available in the UK market.” The story goes that the chaps at the factory, for no reason in particular, picked six Corrados off the production line in 1992, the cars were sprayed Dusty Mauve and all given brick red interiors. The corporate suits had suggested that the six

November 2017

056 - 062 PVW corrado 1117.indd 59


06/10/2017 13:06

one was written off and one disappeared. the Corrado Club of GB have records on the other four. They are proper rare CARS, Volkswagen themselves don’t even have one in their collection

were a sign of recognition of good work done by some of the UK’s leading Karmann dealerships, a gift to do with what they pleased. With no MSRP stipulated by the factory the dealers were free to set their own prices, rumour has it that the cars fetched over twenty grand a piece... serious money back in the early 90s. “One car was written off over the years and one has disappeared,” explained Pat, “the Corrado Club 60

of GB have records on the other four. They are proper rare, VW themselves don’t even have one in their collection.” Pat tells us it was purely by chance that he acquired the collectable crimson cabin ware for his project. “One of my old friends I used to work with years ago messaged me out of the blue last year and said he’d seen a car like my old yellow Corrado in East London. He reckoned it looked a bit ropey… and even worst

it had 'horrible' red seats, but it was for sale.” Pat requested his mate send over a few snaps and perhaps a phone number. “I wasn’t too interested to be honest,” he told us, “but a quick look wouldn’t hurt.” A few poor quality pics and a decidedly uninspiring chat with the seller later and our man grudgingly made the trip to the East side. “The bloke wasn’t a VW guy at all, he hated the car in fact,” recalled Pat. “ He had couple of

Performance VW

056 - 062 PVW corrado 1117.indd 60

06/10/2017 13:09

Dub Details

old Ford Corsairs under wraps and had just sold a absolutely mint Vauxhall Calibre. The Corrado was sat in the corner of his warehouse covered in dust and dirt, a black one with plenty of rust and dents.” The interior was indeed red though and seemed to have, under the layers of grime, the characteristic mauve accents of the fabled Campaign interior, “oh man, my heart was racing I can tell you” laughed Pat, “I cleaned off some

of the dirt from one of the headrests to check if it had the little sprinter logo that’s only found on the Campaign seats… I nearly passed out when I saw it actually had!” With perhaps the rarest interior available in any VW installed, our man made a few changes to make his cabin truly a one off. “I decided to bring a little new flavour to the old cockpit by bringing in a complete new black Alcantara roof

ENGINE: Audi S3 (BAM) 20vT with 300bhp and 320lb ft torque thanks to ported and polished big valve head, stainless steel head gasket with matched inlet manifold mated to KO4 hybrid turbo, forged bottom end, Bahn Brenner fuel rail, uprated injectors (red tops), Bosch 044 fuel pump, uprated coil packs. Forge Motorsport dump valve, Mocal oil cooler kit, obligatory remap, Mercedes intercooler, all black Samco hoses, modified Viper induction kit, 3" down pipe matched to a straight stainless system with custom silencer by EMP. Cupra R six-speed gearbox, solid mass flywheel with Spec clutch and LSD, uprated gearbox and engine mounts with a Bahn Brenner solid front mount CHASSIS: 8.5x17 and 9.5x17 Porsche ETA Beta alloys with Continental tyres. Air Lift Performance 3P Slam kit with height sensors, poly bushes all round, Eibach anti-roll bar kit. Audi TT 323mm cross-drilled discs (since photos fitted with Porsche 4-pot calipers), Mk4 Golf rear calipers with full braided hoses EXTERIOR: Factory Satin silver with pearl LB7Z, front bumper smoothed, debadged grille, colour-coded door handles, debadged and flushed rear panel, US-spec rear number plate plinth, red rear light clusters with Ecodes smoothed out INTERIOR: Genuine OEM electric and heated Recaro seats in brick red leather with dusty mauve accents including front and rear door cards and centre tunnel plus matching steering wheel. Roof lining and sun visors fully retrimmed in black Alacantara, Rieger shift knob and gaiter, carbon fibre dash vents, door pods, gear stick gaiter surround, rear ashtray, sunroof switch control panel and Recaro seat bases. LV Air Lift Performance tank, Raid 320m steering wheel and custom polished boss, Premier dial kit, Audi TT pedals, optional Corrado auxiliary gauges, black sunroof switch and light pod. Lamborghini head unit, Focal custom fit front stage, JBL custom fit rear quarter speakers, JL Audio CP108G sub powered by Hi Fonics amplifier SHOUT: My other half Cassie and my two lions Phoenix and Caleb. Carl, Jay Mac, Players Industries, Cory de la Rosser, the Airlift crew, Benjo, Brian, Jason, JJ and Anthony at Rotiform, Pav and Carl ‘battery killer’ Huntington. Big Ron, Mr Muscle Adam, Joe at Trim Deluxe, David my brother in law, cousin Rahjesh, Ben Chandler and Team Scene Media. Elliott at PVW, Hitenx, JimmyB, Saj, Tommy Teapot and Dale at Meguairs, brother Paul, Cuppacino Kid, Big Dave, Arron at VRS, James Brown, Jags Bodyshop, the Westside VW man dem Sukh, Saqib, Ali, Rakesh, Rinky, Sunny, Vicks Leon and Rueben, the flying Dutchman Mikey, Rickyretro, Rip Ten Tigers, my cousin Chris and his Sheila, Si Gray, Sychographix, Sole Flavours, Rahj and Parm at Caraudiosecurity, my Muscle Works crew, CCGB, Vangelis you bhusdi, Elvis, Adam at rawcombat Melbourne, Sol, Donna and Lisa, Heath at Theredlionandsun Highgate, the twins Ian and Nigel California connect, Islam, Grant and Bulldog at Genisis Gym, Rita and Cristian Zurich, Stevie and Cristian at The Bullinachinashop, brother Kay, big Jess and Aarron at Speedwerks, kidboostchris, RIP Campaign Jerry, big up Cory Sterling at Vag Fair, Forge, Cobra Sates, Kenwood UK, big Tony for writing this, Upron and Satnam my old timers, ub1 forever. All my London massiv

November 2017

056 - 062 PVW corrado 1117.indd 61


06/10/2017 13:07

I am a changed man and I don’t miss that static life at all. All hail Air Lift Performance I SAY

lining and some tasteful carbon fibre touches,” he told us, “including door pods, gearshift surround, outer dash vents, sunroof control panel, rear ash tray and my favourite carbon addition has to be the Recaro seat bases.” We are betting the Big Ron built roll bar is something of a prized possession too. “The steering wheel is a Raid item from the nineties and was already in the car from a past owner. I thought it was cool and it seems to fit so well for now, although the Campaign wheel is right there on the back seats.” Aside from the obvious kudos of the rarity, Pat told us the contrasting silver and red give the coupe a character normally reserved for exotics and expensively built Hot Rods; “The two colours just work really well together to class the car up.” For a self-confessed retro old-skool fan, 62

his switch hitting sump scraping suspension setup would seem to be perhaps a little out of keeping. “It was inevitable,” he laughed, “when you have mates like Carl [Taylor] and Cory [Rosser] running things over at Air Lift Performance it’s just a matter of time isn’t it, they talked me into it and I didn’t have a lot of say in the matter.” Perhaps a little reticent at first, Pat now swears he’s a total air ride convert. “People ask all the time what it’s like on air," he told us. “It’s amazing! I can now boldly go where some static cars may struggle. Creeping slowly out of the drive and trying not to damage the under belly of the car or slowing right down for sleeping policemen and planning the best angle of attack is a now a thing of the past. It’s just so practical now. The ride is not compromised nor is the handling and trust me

I have put it to the test a few times, fun does not come in straight lines!” he insisted. “I am a changed man, I don’t miss that static life at all. All hail Air Lift Performance.” There’s been little change in Pat’s well known wheel whore tendencies though; “I have had everything imaginable from Mim1900s, BBS RS splits, Abt, Alpinas, OZ, TSW, Rotiform, Speedlines, AMG, three spoke Anteras and even vintage JDM splits,” he confirmed. “Fast forward a few sets of wheels later and my wheel of choice currently has to be the seventeen inch Porsche Turbo Twist splits, quite difficult to come by these days and even rarer in the seventeens.” Pat insists that the Porsche Eta Beta hoops add a classic old-skool vibe; a familiar cool 90s character but with a bang up to date style… We could say the same about the car… and the owner n

Performance VW

056 - 062 PVW corrado 1117.indd 62

06/10/2017 13:07



RD Garage Services Waymeadows Business Park, Chertsey Road, Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 9NS

Tel: 01932 988311

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EBC Brakes Performance VW AD 297x210_Better Braking Stops Here 11/05/2017 11:48 Page 1

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Pad+Line Kits PERFORMANCE PACKS (YellowStuff™ Pads & Lines)

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Starts in Great Britain, stops all over the world

COMPLETED IT What do you do if the car you want isn’t sold in your country? Well, if you’re Rémi Gérard Laflamme and you call Unix Performance your home, that’s not going to stop you… Words: David Kennedy Photos: Sam Dobbins


here are a handful of names that don’t need much in the way of an introduction here in the pages of PVW. At the risk of causing unnecessary offence by over-looking any of the obvious choices, we won’t list them here but if you’re a regular reader of this little magazine of ours then you’ll know the likes of who we mean. If you’re a Dub die-hard then most likely you’ve got a list of your own too, a list of people who turn out amazing car after amazing car, the sort of people who just seem to make it look easy. One of the names on this little list of ours, and 70

probably yours too, is Rémi Gérard Laflamme. Maybe you don’t have Rémi’s name itself jotted down in your mind, but we would bet our bottom dollar you’ve got the name of his one-stop VW tuning and customization shop down, the legendary Unix Performance. Now, the word legendary gets thrown around a lot, but we don’t think anyone will argue that the boys from Quebec are anything but. Numerous feature cars, plenty of cover cars, lots of Car of the Year nominees and a winner, too, back in 2014 with Rémi’s own Mk1, these guys have done it all, and all in a relatively short space of time, too. But it’s not just the quality of cars that roll

out the Unix shop doors that gets us, it’s how they just seem to do it time and time again, and make it look frustratingly easy, too! And the best bit about all of this, of course, is that they’re showing no signs of slowing down either. Take Rémi’s latest offering to the VeeDub world, this B8 A4 Avant. No, we haven’t messed up and left the letters R and S off that, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Needless to say, there is more to this car than it might initially seem, and it seems amazing, right? “We’re maybe more known for our old-school builds here at Unix, but we love, and work on, all the newer cars too and we wanted to

Performance VW

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build something that would reflect that,” Rémi explained. “I’ve always been a fan of the modern Audi wagons but in Canada we don’t get as much choice of models as in other parts of the world, and we’ve never had the RS models in Avant-form so…” he trailed off with a smile. “An RS Avant has always been a dream of mine, and when I get something in my mind I always have to achieve it, that's just who I am.” The base car, if you can believe it, was a run of the mill, A4 Avant with a 2.0T motor and an automatic ‘box. A nice car, sure, but for our man Rémi it was never going to be enough. “Since 2013 we stopped getting any Audi Avants in

Canada except the allroad,” Rémi continued. “I’ve always liked the B8 family of cars but my biggest problem with it was the lack of power the models we get have, so I came up with a plan, swap in a full S4 drivetrain in to the A4. Sure, finding a car in great condition just to cut it up might seem freaky, but we have to pay to play…” he laughed. Rémi and the Unix team set about stripping the Avant down to the bare bones. “When I say we removed every single part I mean it, we started with a perfect rolling car and were left with every single part in different boxes and a sheet metal box that looked fit for the junkyard,” he smiled. Three months rolled by and then the guys

were done. They had swapped the engine, drivetrain, transmission, interior and front end from a donor S4 in to the A4. “We were the first in America to build a A4 up to full B8.5 S4 spec,” he continued, “but you can imagine where my mind was going. Why stop there? I have a big problem, I’m never happy with my cars! When I achieve my goal, I always have a new one and it always has to be more complicated,” he explained, before adding, “It’s not easy for the wife and the wallet though!” Still, when you have six month long winters with serious snow and -30 degree temperatures, what else are you going to do but get stuck in in the November 2017

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workshop? Well, that’s Rémi’s excuse anyway… Rémi tells us that after the ‘S4’ was finished, he took it to his local Audi dealership on one of his part buying trips and the guys there were convinced he had imported an S4 and started asking loads of questions about how he did it! “They even checked the serial number as they didn’t believe me,” he smiled. “So I knew we had done a good job, but I decided we needed to add something extra to it. I’ve always liked boxed arches, I do own a Rallye after all, and I started dreaming of RS4 arches, the big brakes, the RS4 seats and all the rest of it.” It’s at this stage where things get really interesting, or really crazy depending on how you look at it. “The list of parts I needed was long, but finding what I needed was easy, the difficult thing was nobody would sell them to me in Canada or the US, I would have to get them from Europe,” he explained. “After a lot of ‘no sir, we can’t help you’ calls I realized the problem, the rear quarter panel was almost the length of the


entire car, so nobody would ship it!” Remi not the type to take no for an answer, though. Step forward Jamie Orr of Orchid Euro, a man who knows a thing or two about shipping obscure VeeDub parts from one side of the world to another, and, as it turns out, a man with some pretty serious connections too. “I put in my order with Jamie and waited. A few weeks later I received a photo of him standing next to a pile of panels, I thought he was in Europe but he was at Orchid Euro HQ in Philadelphia. Now all I had to do was work out how to get them from Philly to Unix,” Rémi smiled. A friend was dispatched to collect them but upon arrival at Orchid HQ, they realized the quarters were about three feet longer than the van they had. The solution? Cut them up, of course. Only Rémi! We don’t think we can really do justice to how much work was involved in turning the ‘S4’ in to a RS4, but we’ll give it a go! “When installing one of the front wings I realized the entire

After finishing the S4 swap Rémi popped to his local Audi dealer for some parts and the technicians actually checked the serial number as they didn't believe the car wasn't an import

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Dub Details

rocker panel was different too, so things got more complicated almost straight away,” he remembered. “I called my good friend Warnet, he is a master at metal work and he also only will accept the best, so we set to work the following weekend.” Yes, even the guys at Unix can only work on their own cars at the weekend or over night, which makes the amazing cars they turn out even more incredible! “It was a mind freak to see the car cut up again with no rear quarter panels, no doors and no front end,” Rémi smiled. “We had to change almost every panel, the front bumper, the wings, the rear doors, the full side panels, the rear bumper, even the inner fenders as they’re different too.” Rémi told us that even when the car started looking like a RS4 there were still scores of little parts that were needed, as is always the way. Thankfully, he had a good friend in France by the name of Gigi who was happy to make endless trips to his local Audi dealer to order all the little bits and pieces needed to complete the transformation. The colour Rémi chose to paint the car in is, what else, but Nardo grey from the RS catalogue.

ENGINE: 3.0-litre V6 S4 engine, Unitronic supercharger pulley, iABED crank pulley, ECS carbon intake, AWE intercooler, Autotech fuel pump, CTS cat-back exhaust, Unix Performance manifolds, Unix Performance water/meth injection, iABED throttle body, Unitronic ECU and DSG software CHASSIS: Three-piece Rotiform wheels, Air Lift Performance suspension, 3P management , dual Viair compressor, H&R anti-roll bars, full ECS polybushes, ECS two-piece rear brake, Lamborghini front calipers, ECS two-piece wavey discs, braided brake line, upgraded brake pads EXTERIOR: Full RS4 body conversion, Euro-spec headlights and taillights, RS4 Black package roof rack, window trim and grille, color-coded Thule roof box  INTERIOR: Recaro RS4 F1 bucket seats trimmed by Edge Automotive, RS6 rear seats, Recaro baby seat trimmed by Unix, interior converted to RS4 spec, carbon trim, custom stitched steering wheel, yellow shift boot, colour-coded hard lines in the boot with the water/meth tank with matching hardlines, P3 multi gauge. SHOUT: I want to thanks everyone who made this project possible. Jamie at Orchid Euro, my best mate Eric Warnet and my team at the shop; Frank, Alex, Chaze, Polus and Mary. I want to thank my friends who are always there to help; Jason at Rotiform, John at Unitronic and Sam Dobbins who took the cars for a ride and did a great shoot. And finally, my wife Sabrina and my baby girl Zoe, thanks to understanding my long nights and weekends at the shop, I love you

November 2017

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“It’s the perfect colour, the car was grey originally so it’s a subtle change, plus it looks clean when it’s dirty so it’s a great colour for a daily,” he smiled. And it is his daily, even now. “I run it every day apart from through our crazy winters,” he smiled. “I use it to do all the parts hunting for the shop, that’s why I have the ski box on top as I don’t want to fill the car with dirty parts!” You would think that after such a ridiculous amount of bodywork, Rémi would be content to leave the A4’s erm, S4 engine simple but as you might have realised by now, Rémi doesn’t do simple. “Originally I wanted to swap in the RS4’s V8 from a Canadian RS5 but I really rate the 3.0litre motor, we modify them a lot here at Unix and they’re good reliable engines that respond well to tuning so I wanted to see where we could take it.” Rémi teamed up with iABED Industries to design a custom fluid damper pulley with removeable parts so that they could experiment with different sized pulleys to allow the supercharger to spin faster (why is the engine called a 3.0T when it’s supercharged, why so confusing Audi? – all) and thus, create more boost. In the end three versions were fabbed up to reach the level of boost they required,

which was then partnered with a high-pressure fuel pump and a custom standalone cooling system for the hard working ‘charger. “We found the biggest problem was fueling, we only get 91 octane here in Quebec and often it is crap quality,” Rémi explained. We knew the answer to this problem was water/meth but with the ‘charger in place of the intake it would be tricky to integrate. In the end we designed a blower spacer kit with six integrated water/meth nozzles,” our man explained, with the sort of nonchalance that most of us have about fitting a bolt-on intake. “Then my friend John at Unitronic did a great tune for the engine, and a matching one for the seven-speed DSG ‘box too.” Continuing the more-work-than-you-realize theme, the interior work wasn’t a simple seat retrim and bolt in job, these seats also came half way round the world to be part of the Unix party. “I saw a guy in the UK on Instagram was parting out a cool RS6. I’ve always wanted a set of Recaro F1 seats so I did a deal with the guy and they were mine.” How did he get them over to Quebec? You guessed it, Mr Orr at Orchid Euro again. “The seats were trimmed by Edge Automotive in the UK and the quality is first rate. The hard thing was

The seats were trimmed by Edge Automotive in the UK and the quality is first rate


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November 2017

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If I was doing it again I’d obviously not waste time on the S4 conversion first and go straight to the RS4 one getting the RS6 rear bench to fit in the smaller A4 but we managed it eventually,” he smiled. “At the time my wife was pregnant with my first child and I decided if I was going to be sitting in a Recaro then so would my baby girl. Funny story, my sister’s husband, who also works at Unix, snuck the seat out of my house and got our in-house upholstery guy Dan to trim it like the seats in the car as a gift to our baby.” The car has been on Air Lift suspension since Rémi first started modifying it, in fact the 3P kit being the first one released with Rémi doing some beta testing for the guys at Air Lift, with H&R anti-roll bars and a set of poly bushes later added to complete the chassis tweaks. The wheels are from the Rotiform stable, built to


Rémi’s custom specs and shipped across the US the day before Eurokracy, Canada’s biggest show for the Unix guys, and brought up the Great White North by Mr Orr again on the day of the show. Thankfully, Rotiform know how to build wheels right and they slipped on and under the iconic boxed arches a treat straight off the bat. “What would I change on it? Well, it’s me so there’s always something I’d like to do, although I’ve got no more plans for this car other than a few new engine parts and some RS4 clocks to finish the interior,” he explained. “If I was doing it again I’d obviously not waste time on the S4 conversion first and go straight to the RS4 one, and I’d probably put the twinturbo V8 from the RS6/7 in, too. I’m a power

junkie and the 550bhp the 3.0-litre puts out now isn’t enough! I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with any car I’ve built, it’s a problem for me! A good problem, but still a problem!” he added laughing. “It’s like when you buy a new house, you want to paint the inside and make it your own, modifying cars is a little like that. You take something everyone can pay for and buy it and you make it your own, to have something that nobody has, faster than the other, better looking than the other, something you love and that you are proud of,” he added. “Building a complete car, it’s like making an art piece, you see it in your mind and work your ass off to make it come to life like it was in your dream.” Keep on living that dream Rémi, hey! n

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THE RS6 HAS ONE MAJOR PROBLEM. FINDING SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS IT. The Audi RS6 is probably one of the world’s finest automotive engineering achievements on the road

THE RS6 MAJOR PROBLEM. FINDING SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS IT. today.HAS The V8ONE is sophisticated, not harsh. Complex, not complicated. And intoxicatingly outrageous. So much is the personality of the RS6, that you’ll notice if it’s a little under the weather. But you don’t just RS6 get anyone to diagnose andthe deliver a prognosis. And there lies the problem.achievements Not many understand The Audi is probably one of world’s finest automotive engineering on the road your RS6 like we do. Because at Unit 20, we’ve been taking them apart and putting them backoutrageous. together today. The V8 is sophisticated, not harsh. Complex, not complicated. And intoxicatingly for well over a decade. Which is why our customers – far and wide – return to us with their RS6s for the So much is the personality of the RS6, that you’ll notice if it’s a little under the weather. But you don’t finest tuning, servicing and repairs. Understandably. just get anyone to diagnose and deliver a prognosis. And there lies the problem. Not many understand your RS6 likeRS6 weisdo. Because at Unit 20, been them apart or and putting them back together If your a little misunderstood, callwe’ve Unit 20 nowtaking on 0151 336 6888, visit for well over a decade. Which is why our customers – far and wide – return to us with their RS6s for the finest tuning, servicing and repairs. Understandably. UNIT 20 | FIVEWAYS HOUSE | LIVERPOOL ROAD | CLAYHILL INDUSTRIAL ESTATE | NESTON | | TELEPHONEcall 0151 33620 6888. If yourWIRRAL RS6 is aCH64 little 3RU misunderstood, Unit now on 0151 336 6888, or visit


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SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND Fancy some big boom-boom in just a couple of hours? Well, here’s a little something for the weekend. Words & Photos: Midge

The Gear VIBE SLICK SLR12 Twin Active, £320


couple of months ago we fitted a spanking Audiotec Fischer Match system into a Mk7 Golf R. The idea was simple, to demonstrate how an ultra-modern, directreplacement audio upgrade can be installed in next to no time at all. We did the whole job in an afternoon. That does beg the question though; what if you can’t find a plug and play woofer for your car? What if they simply don’t make one? Or maybe you’re just looking for some even bigger boomage. Well, don’t panic because installing a more generic subwoofer or two, won’t take you very much longer. To be honest, there’s not one passive sub and amplifier combo that can’t be fitted over the course of a weekend, the vast majority of time you won’t be building an enclosure so we’re talking a matter of hours, not days. After all, these setups have been a DIY modding staple for years now, and that’s for good reason too. You see, without a woofer reproducing the sub-bass originally recorded on your music, you’re just not hearing it as the artist intended. You’re not getting the full picture. So a sub, no matter its size or output, is essential, end of story. That said, a well-designed, permanent install may be a thing of beauty, but they’re not for everyone. Some of us like to have the option of being able to quickly and easily remove the lot for such tasks as trackdays, getting a washing machine in the back or taking your mum to the airport (you put your mum in the boot? – Ed). And that’s where the genius of active woofer systems come in. An active woofer is basically a sub and enclosure with a perfectly matched amplifier built in. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, from single 8” to multiple ‘Twelves’ and everything in between. The thing to remember though, is that the fitting process may be more or less the same as with a passive woofer and amp (they’ve just connected both together for you), but these are mounted in one unit and far easier to whip out should you need your boot space back. Anyway, installing a decent setup is a relatively easy job, so strap in because that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Are you ready?

As with choosing any audio product, quality is everything. We’d always recommend going for a brand you trust (at the very least one you’ve actually heard of), and plumping for the best kit you can possibly afford. For this test we’ve chosen perhaps the biggest mother of all, VIBE Audio’s flagship SLR12 Twin Active. With a hardcore monoblock sticking 2400watts (800watts RMS) of sheer grunt straight up two of their award-winning Slick 12 woofers. Suffice to say, this is quite the bit of sound engineering! But remember, it’s all down to your personal application. This one’s designed to provide serous air-shifting ability which is perfect for our particular owner who wants loads of hardcore bass on his daily drive, but with the option to remove the kit quickly for track days. Yes, it’s huge, but don’t forget that’s missing the point. You can choose whatever size or configuration you want. From separate sub and amplifier sytems, to under-seat active woofers and single boot-mounted bass cannons, fitting this bad boy is pretty much the same as all of them. And here’s how it’s done… November 2017

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Hi-Level INPUT Might be required with some stock stereos


First thing’s first, you need to check your gear fits. Whether that’s under the seat, in the rear of a two-seater or, as in our case, in the boot, test the space available (see above), have a cuppa and make your master plan.

Have a think on how you’re going to secure your enclosure in its , some will need to be screwed down, others strapped and some you can simply secure with some Velcro tape or sticky pads. You don’t really want your expensive new kit sliding around all over the place do you? Most good quality active subs will come with dedicated wiring that’s perfectly matched to the built-in amplifier. For passive sub and amp setups you’ll usually have to purchase a wiring kit separately. Get the right one for the power output of your amp, and always follow the manufacturer guidelines. Last of all, make sure you have your headunit release keys handy. Fitting a sub nearly always includes popping out your stereo to get at the wiring behind, so you’ll need to be able to remove it. Now go and disconnect the battery (safety first) and we’ll get started.

the blue wire question

There is one other wire that you may or may not need. This is the fabled ‘blue’ wire (or REMOTE) and it’s used to tell the amplifier to switch on and off at the same time as the headunit. In most cases this can be connected to the electric antenna on/off output on the back of the headunit, which is the blue wire on the back on a standard ISO adaptor. Most wiring kits include a dedicated cable for this, and they usually make it a blue one to save any confusion. This also needs to be run to the headunit with your RCA leads. Some modern active subs and amplifiers, just like this one, incorporate signal-sensing technology which automatically powers up the system as soon as it gets a music signal. In this case you don’t need a dedicated REMOTE wire.

Running the wires (GROUND) Wiring

The bit that everyone seems to get hung up on is always the wiring but, if you’re methodical, it’s actually pretty simple. All amplifiers (whether they’re built into an active sub or not) need a 12v constant live (POWER) direct from the battery, a GROUND (or EARTH) wire connected to the chassis, and a way of getting the music signal from the headunit. In most cases (especially with aftermarket stereos like ours) you’ll get a signal by using lowlevel RCA leads. These literally plug into the preouts at the back of the headunit at one end and 80

into the amp on the other, they’re even colourcoded to make sure you can’t cock it up! In some rare cases, usually with stock stereos, you won’t have headunit pre-outs so you’ll need to make use of the amplifier’s highlevel input. This takes the signal directly from the speaker wires, utilising a little plug that will need to be wired into the rear left and right speaker channels. The only real difference between an active sub and passive sub is that with the latter you’ll need to wire the sub to the amplifier yourself, and mount the hardware separately.

Personally, I like to make a start with the GROUND wire, simply because it’s all too easy to forget, run all the others, put the sub in the boot and then have to take it all out again to find somewhere to connect the bugger. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve done that, so now I just do it first. You can do it whenever you like. Anyway, the GROUND needs to go to a good,

Performance VW

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In association with


clean chassis earth. Usually it’s best to find a ‘common ground connection’ which is usually a bolt on the chassis that the manufacturer has chosen to earth various electrical components. If it’s good enough for the vehicle designers, it’s usually good enough for us but, to be fair, any bolt that goes directly to ground will usually do the job. Just make sure there’s enough cable to get to where you’ll be mounting your amp!

POWER (12V+)

High level input users can now connect the plug to the rear speaker cables. Most of the time though, you’ll be using RCA leads that will need to be routed through the car and to the back of the headunit. While you’ve got all the trim out, it makes sense to run them under the carpet with the POWER cable. The vast majority of installers do it like this, but others prefer to run them down the other side of the car to prevent any electrical interference. It’s up to you, although personally I’ve never had any problems with running RCA and POWER cables on the same side. The last thing to consider here is the REMOTE (blue wire) if you need one, that will have to be run with the RCA leads. Now pull out your headunit and plug them all in, if you’re had dedicated ‘sub out’ pre-outs use those. If not most people simply use the rear per-outs and turn on the lowpass crossover on the amp (so it only gets the low frequencies). Don’t put your headunit all the way back in for now and make sure there’s enough slack on the wires in the boot, especially if you have a big, bastid box to try and hook up.

hook up your kit

This will be the big red cable in your kit which goes, always via a big fuse or circuit breaker, to the positive terminal on your battery. You may be lucky and have your battery in the boot, in which case you’ll only need a short length of the cable. Chances are you’re not though, and that means the cable has to be rooted through the car, behind the dash and into the engine bay. The established way of doing is to start under the bonnet and find a grommet in the bulkhead (or somewhere where the factory loom is coming through) to feed the cable through to behind the dash. Don’t hook it up to the battery terminal just yet or, if you do, make sure you’ve taken the fuse out first! With the cable now in the cabin you can run it under the carpets between the doors and seats to wherever you’ve chosen to mount the sub. With most cars you can whip the plastic trims off and tuck the cable under the carpet. You’ll usually find a whole host of factory looms under there too.

Now it’s time to connect all the wires to the amp (and connect your sub if applicable). It’s essential you get this right, but don’t worry, they’ll all be labelled, either on the hardware or

in the instructions. It’s best practice to pull the fuse out of the amp before you do this too, just in case. With that done you can have a quick test. Turn the gain control up slightly, connect the cable to the battery and pop the fuses back in. Turn on the headunit and put some music on, preferably some with bass. Make sure the amp has fired up (there’s usually a power LED) and that you’re getting some sound from the sub. All good? Great, well, now here’s the important bit. Turn off your stereo and make sure the amp turns off (it may take a couple of seconds). If it does, you’re all wired in, so pop your headunit back in. If it doesn’t, recheck all your connections and be grateful you don’t have to remove the headunit all over again.

set up your sound Now you’re fully connected, the last thing is to set up the woofer. Most subs take a while to loosen up so don’t hit it with everything straight away just in case. You’ll need to tweak the settings over a few weeks to get the exact sound you want, but that’s half the fun, right? Besides it’s different for everyone so you can experiment with crossovers and bass boost as much as you like, what’s most important is that you don’t turn the gain all the way up until everything’s bedded in nicely. Even then you may not want to, it’s down to personal preference and often the size of the subs. To get you started I’d recommend turning your headunit volume up to around threequarters, turn up the gain on the amplifier until you start to hear the beginnings of distortion, then back it off a little from there.

November 2017

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WE WANT YOUR CAR! Please ema il a few taster shot s along wit h a spec and your locatio n to: pvw

.ed@kelsey with Feat ure My Car in the subje ct line.

November 2017

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Rescued from a sorry state of neglect Wayne Penrose now owns one of the most unique and potent Beetles in the world… if you can still call it a Beetle! Words & Photos:


his story almost reads like some kind of automotive fairy tale. Okay, so there's no glass slipper and it's completely devoid of porridge, but this is a tale of loss and redemption – at least for the car. Picture the scene, it's 1991 and an 86

imaginative man by the name of Richard Holzl has the idea of building a little VW Sports Sedan that can compete against the big six-litre V8 sedans that are racing in Australia at the time. His plan is to fabricate a Formula 2 openwheeler race car chassis with the body of a 1974 Superbug grafted on top. Simple!

Over some five years, Holzl developed the project, building the chassis, suspension, roll cage and bodywork – ultimately showing it at a few events, sans running gear. This is where a young man by the name of Wayne Penrose first saw and fell in love with the Beetle known as 'Dak to the Future’. "Then the car disappeared

Performance VW

086-092 PVW oz beetle 1117.indd 86

06/10/2017 19:16

for many years," Wayne says. "Parts started to go missing and I purchased it in 2010 as a very incomplete and neglected project." Wayne Penrose is a life-long Volkswagen devotee and has owned dozens of them over the years. He opened his first VW workshop way back in 1985 and Wayne Penrose VW

(WPVW) has gone on to become Australia's most awarded VW company. Located south of Sydney, the workshop is a one-stop tuning shop, completing a steady stream of potent VW creations, day in, day out. All this made Wayne the perfect person to resurrect and ultimately complete the unloved

and unfinished Beetle racer. However, with the car being completely hand-built and bespoke, it was never going to be a straightforward process as you can image. "Trying to interpret Richard's work and figure out how and what he was thinking at every stage of the rebuild was probably the most difficult November 2017

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06/10/2017 19:16

Dub Details ENGINE: Aluminium 1974 Kombi 1.8-litre (2827ml capacity) with Scat 82mm-stroke crank, Chev journals, Pauter 5.5” X-beam modular chromoly rods, CP turbo race pistons (8.6:1 static compression), Perfect Seal gapless rings, head and mains studs, alloy Type-4 heads (flowed to 550hp), 50mm intake valves, 41mm exhaust valves (both titanium), VW Type 1 dual valve springs, WPVW custom solid race cam (0.548in lift, 294° duration, 112° LSA), Thorsten Piper Tool Steel lifters, Type 4 1.25:1 two-litre rockers, Autocraft dry sump, 96-row oil cooler, Davies Craig water pump (intercooler), Porsche 911 cooling fan with alternator, FAT Performance crank pulley, Weber IDA manifolds with 48 IDA-style throttle bodies, Bosch ID2000 injectors, turbo plenums, T-04E/60-1 turbo @ 26.6psi, 009 dizzy with Pertronix ignitor insert, Mallory Pro-Master coil, Microtech LT-8 ECU, Carter lift pump to surge tank, Aeromotive A1000 EFI pump (E85), Aeromotive FPR, three-litre surge tank, 11-litre fuel cell, stainless braided fuel lines, custom air/ water intercooler, Aeroflow lines and fittings. Custom WPVW turbo exhaust system with 1-3/4” 4-into-2 manifold, 4” out of turbo, single 3” system, single custom 3” muffler. VW Type-1 IRS, Kennedy stage 4 3000lb pressure plate with four-puck iron disc, chromoly axles with Porsche 930 race CV joints and chromoly cages. Quaiffe diff' centre with 002 bus drive flanges and US-made race ring and pinion, 3.44:1 final drive, LSD. Power: 460rwhp (26.6psi) CHASSIS: 18” Porsche replica wheels (8” front, 10” rear) with titanium studs, lightweight alloy Porsche nuts and Yokohama A050 tyres (245/40 and 295/35/ZR18 rear tyres). Front suspension: custom A-arm, Type-3 stub axle and steering arm assemblies, Koni 8211-series coil-overs, custom rack and pinion steering. rear suspension: custom A-arm, custom chromoly stub axles, hub uprights, Koni coil-overs w/ratio rockers, modified Type-3 steering arms. Chassis: Fully custom Formula 2 openwheeler chassis and suspension to accept Type-4 VWAC engine and IRS trans' with 1974 1303 Superbug wheelbase, engine/ trans' mounted 6” further forward. Brakes: 280mm drilled front and rear discs, Brembo front calipers from early Alfa Romeo, OEM front Superbug calipers on rear, aftermarket master cylinder with remote reservoir, adjustable brake proportioning valve, stainless braided lines EXTERIOR: Custom fabricated fibreglass body, Lexan windows, carbon and alloy rear wing. Painted in PPG Delfleet acrylic urethane INTERIOR: Raid 11” steering wheel with quick-release hub, race seat and RCI harness, Autometer 5” tacho, VDO gauges, custom steel roll cage, carbon-wrap sheet metal dash, billet gauge cluster SHOUT: Wayne Penrose VW; WPVW Team members Jill Boothman, Chris Bolton, Ben Ford, Allan Penrose, John Hughes, Dean Penrose and Joe Tanti; Leisure Coast Powdercoaters, DJH Panel n Paint, Signtism, Southcoast Rotary, V-Force


Performance VW

086-092 PVW oz beetle 1117.indd 88

06/10/2017 19:16

aspect to the whole thing," Wayne says. "I set about building the Beetle in a practical manner – making the car very usable." All this interpreting and in many cases redesigning took Wayne over five years of hard work to complete – and plenty of the folding stuff. So just what makes this white Beetle so unique? Well, it is effectively a single-seater Formula 2 open-wheel race car with a Beetle shell draped over the top, complete with a fire-

breathing turbo, stroker air-cooled engine in the back. If the macro detail isn't enough to pitch a tent in your pants, then the nitty gritty will certainly get the blood flowing more than Viagra. The custom chassis was made to the same wheelbase as the 1974 Superbug, however, the engine and transmission placement was moved forward six inches for better balance. All the suspension gear is custom, with an A-arm setup at both ends, using Koni coilovers. Naturally,

November 2017

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06/10/2017 19:20

trophy cabinet (so far...)

I love its style, stance and performance. It steers and handles like a go-kart. All this and I love the journey that this car has taken over the past 25 years!

1st Place: Sports Sedans over three litre – VW Valla lap-dash - July 2016 3rd Place: Sports Sedans over three litre – Huntley Hillclimb (26.7secs) – September 2016 1st Place: Best Engineered Vehicle – Killer Rides Car Show – August 2016 1st Place: Best Displayed Vehicle – Killer Rides Car Show – August 2016 1st Place: Sports Sedans over three litre (25.01secs) – Huntley Hillclimb – November 2016 1st Place: Sports Sedans – Snowy Mountains 1000 – November 2016 1st Place: Best Engineered Vehicle – Snowy Mountains 1000 – November 2016 1st Place: Sports Sedans over 3 litre (23.58secs) – NSW Hillclimb Championship Round 3 – April 2017 2nd Place: Top tin tops (5th outright from 50) – NSW Hillclimb Championship Round 3 – April 2017

being a single-seater, the steering is all custom, too. Braking is perhaps more modest than you may have expected, using an old pair of Brembo calipers up front and original Superbug front calipers for the rear. Both pairs clamp down on 280mm drilled discs. No doubt the light kerb weight helps, too. Even just getting back to a rolling shell, like the one Wayne fell in love with in the 1990s, was 90

Performance VW

086-092 PVW oz beetle 1117.indd 90

06/10/2017 19:22

a monumental task and 'Dak to the Future' v2.0 is no doubt far better finished and engineered than the first version ever was. With all that complete, Wayne could turn his attention to the powertrain. How does 460rwhp of Volkswagen grunt centred around a dry-sumped alloy block that's been filled with all the best names in the business grab you? We’re talking a custom WPVW solid cam, larger valves, alloy heads, IDA-style EFI setup

(slurping E85) and beefy fuel and ignition systems. This is forced along by a custom T-04E turbo that's currently pushing 26.6psi into the custom manifolds. In addition to looking mean, the combo has been dyno tested to prove the numbers. Being a race car, dyno numbers tend to mean very little though. This is where Wayne's early race results are already proving that his handiwork and race car building skills were on

point (see Trophy Cabinet boxout). A slew of first place and podium finishes are surely the icing on the cake for a guy that has lusted after this car since his early 20s. "I love its style, stance and performance," he says. "It steers and handles like a go-kart! All this and I love the journey that this car has taken over the past 25 years. I am the proud one who had the dedication, focus and commitment November 2017

086-092 PVW oz beetle 1117.indd 91


06/10/2017 19:23

to have completed it‌ not to mention the absurd cost!" Once known as 'Dak to the Future', Wayne quite rightly renamed this lucky Beetle 'Phoenix' thanks to its rise from the figurative ashes of an increasingly ignominious end as an unloved, unfinished project. Wayne says it's too early to know if he'd have done something differently if he had his time again. We take that to mean that so far things are going very well on the race track. Instead, he simply ends by saying, "I just want to go fast... and keep it off the walls!" Amen to that! n


I just want to go fast... and keep it off the walls!

Performance VW

086-092 PVW oz beetle 1117.indd 92


PARTY ON If you like drum and bass as much as your VeeDubs then Cumbriavag’s weekender should be right up your street.

Words: Elliott Roberts Photos: Anthony Seed


umbriavag was formed in 2009 with the intention of running and chilled VAG show that would unite Dubbers in the North-West of the UK and its maiden event shortly followed in 2010 to great success. Held in Kendal at the edge of the stunning Lake District the show began as a single day event to start with but come 2014, having increased in size and popularity, took on the roll of a two-day weekender type gathering. The show is unique in that Saturday is kind of a Drum & Bass music festival with the likes of Feint, Drumsound and none other than Baseline Smith (remember him? – Ed) performing this year – basically 600 people raving in a tent in a field in Cumbria. While Sunday hosts a super chilled VAG show for all the enjoy. What more could you want? Having been blessed with great weather right since it was introduced back in 2010 the show has quickly gained the reputation of being the hottest weekend of the year and 2017 was no exception! The organisers claimed there were around 5000 people in attendance over the whole weekend this year and we have no reason to doubt that. Despite a great helping of VAG models of all ages, it was nice to see the odd non-VW added to the mix, too. There were plenty of trade stalls for people to splash their cash at, including the likes of Kleen Freaks, Syco Graphix Sticker Shack and Europl8, plus many of the other shows taking up a pitch to show the love, including Fitted UK and Clean Fest. In terms of cars, highlights for us included getting to take a closer look around Chris Keeton’s Mk2 masterpiece (right). Chris had dragged the incredible machine down all the way from Dumfries in Scotland and what a reception the car got. The Mk2 packs a fully chromed 1.8T motor and cream leather trim and has been a labour of love for Chris for many years


Performance VW

094-096 PVW Cumbria VAG 1117.indd 94

05/10/2017 22:34

the organisers claimed there were over 5000 people in attendance this year!

November 2017

094-096 PVW Cumbria VAG 1117.indd 95


05/10/2017 22:34

now. Chris went home with three prizes for his troubles, including Best Interior, Best Wheels and Sponsor’s Choice (chosen by Kleen Freaks). The trophies, produced by Thirty6 Design, were works of art in themselves. Other standout cars included the brown slammed Lupo on Gotti splits rims with a 3L front-end, the champagne Corrado 1.8T on 16” Lincoln Towncar wheels and orange Fantaliveried SEAT Leon on gold Radi8 wheels. If you like partying hard and then winding down surrounded by cool cars in a relaxed surrounding then Cumbriavag is for you. You’ll be pleased the dates of 16-17th June have already been announced for next year’s event, so you’re got no excuse not to be there! n


Performance VW

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05/10/2017 22:35









FUNFOR ALL Over the years Leed’s VW Festival has transformed from a laid back car show into a hardcore weekender for Volkswagen lovers of all ages.


Performance VW

098-101 PVW VW Fest 1117.indd 98

05/10/2017 22:54



eld at the stunning Harewood House location in Leeds, VW Festival does exactly what is says on the tin, it’s a serious festival for all VW lovers. Branded as the UK’s largest family friendly VW show, we have no reason to doubt that claim. The event is huge! Established back in 2005 the show has grown from a relatively small gathering into something of a monster that regularly sees over 20k people in attendance. Don’t be put off by those figures though, it still offers the same laid back atmosphere it always has. The grounds of Harewood House are vast, meaning despite the event's size it never feels too busy or hectic.

In terms of cars, perhaps the initial reason you attend, there’s a pretty even mix of both air- and water-cooled Dubs. If you haven’t planned to go for the whole weekend and only attend on the Saturday then you soon start regretting your decision as the ‘festival’ feel is evident from the moment you arrive on site with people really embracing the party atmosphere from early on. In terms of automotive highlights, a bunch of the air-cooled rides particularly stood out, including the ‘Slambassador’ T25 van, the red T3 Variant and of course Norm Shum’s black Porsche 964 Turbo. Well, it is air-cooled after all! As for water-cooled, we just loved the simple Mars red Mk1 Golf of Alec Bolton on early GTI alloys that had been split and made into custom

November 2017

098-101 PVW VW Fest 1117.indd 99


05/10/2017 22:55

splitties. Jake Kitching’s Westy-fronted Mk2 was also seriously doing it for us as was the bright yellow Caddy van bagged on Audi splits. Event sponsors Auto Finesse put on a great display as usual with both air- and water-cooled sponsored cars on its stand, as did VW Heritage who travelled all the way up to Leeds from its south coast HQ. Harewood House and Gardens alone offers plenty for people to do and see, with stunning gardens and an adventure playground for children, too. But don’t worry, that’s not all, VW Festival has far more to entertain show goers. As well as the regular Show ’n’ Shine competition, trade stands and club displays there’s two nights of live music in two marquees (one of which is devoted to the younger show goer), there’s live


graffiti displays, a car raffle, stunt bike display, Scalextric racing, plus much more. The event is also dog friendly, too, so really appeals to the whole family. Judging by the amount of people dressed up we’re sure a lot of people purely go for the Fancy Dress party, which for 2017 was based around ‘The Movies’ theme. You can imagine the sights, but it was The Hangover triplet that did it for us. That’s the thing about VW Festival, while we all love our cars, it’s sometimes nice when a car show offers a little bit extra and VWF certainly does that, a lot extra in fact! The dates for 2018 have just been announced, too, so if you fancy getting in on the action then we suggested you put the 10th-12th of August in your diary as it’s a weekender you can’t afford to miss n

Performance VW

098-101 PVW VW Fest 1117.indd 100

05/10/2017 22:55


that's the thing, while We all love our cars, it's sometimes nice when a car show offers something a little bit extra and vw festival does just that

November 2017

098-101 PVW VW Fest 1117.indd 101


05/10/2017 22:56

When two influential figures from America’s East Coast VW scene recently joined forces to form Sam’s Euro & Westside Motorsport they promised a genuine one-stop tuning shop. We decided to go check the place out. Words & Photos: Andrew Miterko


n an era of instant gratification, the importance of quality seems to have suffered. Social media has bred the mentality that your work only needs to look good in small pictures in an app that will be praised by the masses and bring the illusion of fame. Unfortunately, this has translated to workshops and garages throughout the automotive community, where as long as it looks good from a distance the job is


Performance VW

102-104 PVW profile 1117.indd 102

05/10/2017 22:21


done. Luckily, there are still a number of those who hold true to the ethic of taking pride in their work and refusing to trade quality of work for a quick dollar (or quid). One of these shops can be found in Bow, New Hampshire just north of Boston, Massachusetts and is the product of two gents’ unwavering dedication to quality. Sam Desmarais (above) started Sam’s Euro Car Care in early 2014 with a total of 20 years of experience turning wrenches between dealerships, independent shops and personal projects. From ages 16 to 21, Sam climbed up the ranks as a factory trained VW technician, specialising in diagnostic and electrical work. From there Sam moved on to work for various European car specialists, branching out to include multiple marques and expanding his technical knowledge. He finally grew weary of working for unmotivated individuals and decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship and take on opening his own operation. Despite being a one man show, handling all aspects of the business, Sam managed to build a solid clientele

and balance custom work with diagnostic and repair work. Like many of us, his passion lies in performance, tuning and fabrication. Having the advantage of being a technician for many years, Sam understands the fundamentals of how the vehicle should function properly from the factory, and uses that in his builds that are as functional and reliable as they are impressive. In 1996 Sam built his first car, a heavily modified Jetta sporting air suspension (over a decade before it became commonplace). Fast forward a decade, Sam’s current project is an absurdly low static A7 3.0T on custom Vossen 21” forged wheels over 400mm discs and massive D4 S8 calipers. Blending performance with aesthetics, Sam’s A7 also sports an APR ultracharger and H&R ultra low coilovers specifically made for the vehicle. While nearly tucking a 21” wheel is impressive enough, the offsets were specified to allow enough clearance to turn full lock without rubbing – just enough to slip a dollar bill between the tyre and fender edge without extensive body modifications. While this is

just the tip of the iceberg for the A7’s list of upgrades, it’s a hint of the way Sam builds cars. Sam’s Tiguan, with a fully hidden air installation (complete with factory trunk floor and spare tire intact), exemplifies Sam’s attention to detail, with all brackets fabricated to appear factory. Shahzad 'Shaz' Chughtai (far left) is one of the original members of the UK’s Westside cartel, a group whose name is synonymous with some of the cleanest and most complete, detail oriented builds in the UK. Shaz’s roots run deep in the VW world, having built multiple PVW featured cars since buying and building his first MkI Golf at the age of 17, and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and contacts from Europe from his time in the UK. Shaz recently relocated to the USA for work, but that did not dampen his passion for building cars to the same Westside standard. Shortly after relocating to the US, Shaz began building the MkI VRT that was featured on the cover of our 10/17 issue and began organising the Stateside chapter of the Westside crew. While relocating across the

November 2017

102-104 PVW profile 1117.indd 103


05/10/2017 22:21

pond, Shaz managed to import his original RHD, full euro spec Golf that he had bought as a teenager and is currently working on rebuilding and refreshing it to be ready to show in the near future. In the meantime, Shaz’s current projects include his daily driver blue on blue Mk1 TT 225, static and of course low on Mercedes S600 22 spokes, wide front fenders from a Mk2 TT, and a reworked exhaust that allowed him to shave the rear valence and smooth the exhaust tip notches in the bumper. His other project car is a Ferrari F355 spider with a narrowed rear beam, 20” 458 wheels and enough stretch to upset more than enough pointy shoe wearing Ferrari purists. Sam and Shaz met during the 2016 Westside VW USA show and found their common commitment to quality workmanship and the automotive business. Sam, being a one man show, meant that he was limited in the opportunity to grow. Shaz’s knowledge in business development and connections within the automotive industry overseas presented the opportunity to expand and free up time for 104

Sam to focus more on custom work and heavier repairs. Since the partnership and claiming the official title of longest shop name in the northeast, Sam’s Euro & Westside Motorsport have grown to 5 full time employees (a second technician, a service writer, operations administrator and the owners themselves) and have doubled the size of the premises, added a lift and a brand new Hunter alignment rack, all in less than 9 months. With a rapidly growing client base and a number of builds already in the works, it will come as no surprise to see SW outgrow and expand to a larger facility, expand to a larger staff, and be able to turn out more quality builds per year. Whether you're looking to have Novitec goodies installed on your Lamborghini Huracan LP560, timing chains done on your RS4, a fully hidden air setup, an engine swap with a tidied up engine bay or just about anything in between, you will be hard pressed to find another shop more thorough, trustworthy and detail-oriented. Be sure to look 'em up on Facebook n

Performance VW

102-104 PVW profile 1117.indd 104

05/10/2017 22:21

Our attention to detail is what sets us apart. Everything you would expect from Britain’s leading wheel refurbishment company. For details call 01908 28 26 28 or visit

Call 0844 448 2002

Improved Turn-In and Stability Confident Ride Prolonged Tyre Life

Ex Lo celle ng nt ev ity

Prolonged Tyre Life

The number one choice in suspension bushes.

From Golf Mk1 to T4 Polybush cover a wide range of VW.

01978 644 316

Perfect Ride - As at home on the road as on the track.

Precise steering and a controlled ride at all speeds.

Keep your VW performing at it’s best for longer with Polybush.


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122 November 2017

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Elliott Roberts

VW Heritage

Martin Jenkinson

Elliott Roberts – Editor PROJECT: GREY PRIDE 90_Golf Rallye Started: Oct 10, 2007 Comments: Finally sourced the transfer box

Paul Cowland

Sam Dobbins

Jamie Arkle

Jamie Orr

Ash Stewart

to mate with his Syncro gearbox. Game on!

Elliott Roberts – Editor PROJECT: SOCCER MOM 09_Audi Q5 3.0 TDI Started: Apr 10, 2007 Comments: Choosing a roof box is harder than

you might think. Turn to p112 to find out why

Martin Jenkinson – Sales Executive PROJECT: THE JOKER 04_Skoda Fabia VRS Started: Aug 4, 2017 Comments: Martin’s not messing about,

VW Heritage – Parts specialist PROJECT: HERITAGE COLLECTION Started: Feb 10, 2012 Comments: Come on, we had an update last

Paul Cowland – Contributor PROJECT: SHAKE ‘N’ BAKE 90_Mk2 Golf Started: June 10, 2011 Comments: Okay Paul, next month, we

Sam Dobbins – Contributor PROJECT: GTI RS 15_Mk7 Golf GTI Started: Mar 13, 2015 Comments: There’s another update coming.

Jamie Arkle – Contributor PROJECT: BOUNCING CZECH Started: Jun 10, 2016 Comments: Jamie’s just Jamie. Loving life and

Jamie Orr – Contributor PROJECT: SUPER JAMIE Started: Jun 10, 2014 Comments: Buying, selling, importing,

Ash Stewart – Contributor PROJECT: LAGER Started: Feb 10, 2016 Comments: We think Ash has been far too

month. You can’t expect miracles, right?

loving his Octavia. Update soon though apparently

promise you can have some page space

attending shows and generally jet-setting about

starting with a Shark Performance remap

Could this be a wrap up? Is he moving on?

much run to worry about silly magazine updates November 2017

109-114 PVW our cars 1117.indd 109


09/10/2017 11:44




Performance VW

109-114 PVW our cars 1117.indd 110

05/10/2017 22:04


NO LAUGHING MATTER Economy… it’s not a word you tend to see in Performance VW very often, however, it is what I needed for my next car.


fter a long search for a motor that could keep my wallet happy and still put a smile on my face (while on my 500-mile-a-week commute) I found this little gem. It’s an 04 Skoda Fabia VRS that has just one owner from new and cost me, wait for it… just £875! It’s not the nicest and most well looked after car, but at 50mpg and with that torquey PD130 engine I couldn’t refuse. The Fabia seems to be an underrated car and I couldn’t help thinking about the many Skoda jokes of yesteryear; What do you call a Skoda with a sunroof? A skip. Why do Skodas have heated rear screens? To keep your hands warm when you’re pushing them. Have you got a wing mirror for a Skoda? Yep, seems like a fair swap. You get the idea, however, with the PD130 and the sporty handling, this car is a lot of fun to drive and cheap to run, which is the most important thing. A laughing stock it is not! Okay, so the car lasted three weeks before I stopped by the Shark Performance stand at Deutsche Fest which was recently held at Brands Hatch. I had a good chat with the very

knowledgable guys on the stand and agreed to go with a Stage 1 map, which they actually installed there and then. This took the PD130 up to a claimed 170bhp and 295lb/ft (I’ve yet to rolling road the car but it feels every bit like it should achieve those figures). The limit for the standard clutch is roughly 300lb/ft, so they capped the torque at 295lbs to stop the clutch from slipping. After 10 minutes of hanging around the map was uploaded and ready to go, the car was a completely different animal from the outset and made for a fun drive home. I could keep up with may pal, Matt Parson’s 180bhp TDi Audi A1 with ease. One of my favourite bits about the remap, apart from the new acceleration, was the mpg being returned increased to 56mpg on my drive to work, so more power and better economy. A definite win win in my eyes. After the remap my mind has been filled with other ideas for this little diesel, so this is certainly not the last you will have seen of this little car. My first stop, I think, will be to get the body sorted so watch this space. MJ November 2017

109-114 PVW our cars 1117.indd 111


05/10/2017 22:05




So, after our Tiguan lease car was returned a few months ago I began looking for a suitable replacement car but one I could buy outright this time and therefore have more control over in terms of modifications.


o, it’s safe to say i had grown tired of having to leave the family hack standard and my wife had even given me the thumbs up to subtly improve the next car. I guess it was game on! I was initially looking at C6 Audi A6 Avants, because you tend to get a lot of car for your money and they still appear relatively new in terms of styling, plus they also still have a good level of technology. The wife, however, had other ideas and sadly, as she’d be the one using the car most, I soon lost that battle. So, what was the other option? Well, she preferred the look and general safety aspect the Audi Q5 offered and if I’m honest, I’d never really even considered owning a Q5 so it was time to do a little research! As we couldn’t quite stretch to an SQ5 (and I really could think of better vehicles to spend £30k+ on) we decided an S Line-spec Q5 would be a more sensible option and, if we could find one at the right price, then a 3.0-litre TDi would be favoured over the far more common 2.0-litre version. After looking at a couple of 2.0-litre cars we settled on a lovely 3.0-litre, one owner 112

car in Dolphin grey. Not only did the car come with full Audi history, it was fully loaded, too. The Panoramic roof sealed the deal if I’m honest! First impressions of the car were great and it’s quick, too, very quick. I was actually surprised because it’s a fairly heavy car and makes our previous Tiguan feel like to real soft roader. The Q5 is weighty and really planted around the bends, especially in Dynamic mode which seriously transforms the car improving throttle response and firming up the steering but with it’s 240bhp it’s quite lively, too. It’s only really the wheels that let the Q5 down initially, but I’ve already been given the green light to change those. More about that another time, though. For now, the only planned modification would be a practical one, although some in modified car circles may argue a roof box is as much about ascetics as it is load capacity bragging rights. Either way, if you’re in the market for a roof box then there’s only really one brand to consider (especially if you intend to be down with the kids) and that’s Thule. The Swedish company was established in 1942

and has made a name for itself by producing a number of products that allow you to carry your possessions with you while out and about. That’s right, it may be famed for it’s roof boxes, but also produces everything from bike racks and pushchairs to its own range of luggage. Having used one of its sleek Dynamic boxes on my previous Audi A4 Avant I’d not only been sold on the whole practicality aspect of using a roof box, but also the quality and ease of use the Thule product offered. With a camping trip planned not long after we’d bought the car I didn’t have long to decide on the new box solution, but a quick visit to soon helped with my search. My previous Thule Dynamic had been a good looking box, but it was also quite wide and as I was considering also mounting a couple of mountain bikes on the roof in the future (at the same time as my box) I was drawn to the slimmer Motion XT range. With five different sized boxes in the range to choose from I ended up opting for the Sport model which, at 300L was the smallest in terms of capacity and at 675mm wide was also the

Performance VW

109-114 PVW our cars 1117.indd 112

05/10/2017 22:05


narrowest, which would give me plenty of space to fit a bike rack alongside it in the future. At just £375 the Motion XT Sport is a great mid-range box and another bonus with the box is that it was available to buy in ‘Titan Glossy’ finish, which was a shade of grey so close to the factory Dolphin paint that you’d struggle to tell it’s not been colour matched to the bodywork. Weighing in at just 16kg, the box is also easy for one person to manoeuvre it on and off the vehicle alone. In terms of accessories needed to fix it to the car, we spec’d Thule’s super aerodynamic Wingbars, which mount to the Q5s factory roof bars using the new, and very neat 753 Rapid System. Well, it was rapid once we’d figured out how to assemble the four mounts. Thankfully, you only have to construct them the once and in future installing and removing them really will be a doddle. That said, I’ve taken to removing the roof box when I’m not using it but leaving the bars on the car permanently (at least during the summer months when they’re being used so regularly). As we’d previously experienced, the roof box November 2017

109-114 PVW our cars 1117.indd 113


05/10/2017 22:05



performed fantastically during out camping trip, swallowing the majority of our clothing and bedding, leaving the boot spare for all the bulky camping kit. As with my previous roof box solution the Motion XT opens from either side, which is really useful. We particularly liked the new push/click type closing on this model. The only downside of my old box was that twisting the key to lock the unit (especially when it was extremely full) could prove a challenge if something inside was blocking the locking mechanism. The new, SlideLock system works far better and providing the box would click closed, then turning the key to lock it was easy. A great improvement over the old set-up, especially if you’re loading up in the rain and in a hurry to get the box closed and locked. Ascetically, while the Motion XT may not be quite as sleek as my previous unit, its chunky, wedge-like appearance is still modern and complimented the overall shape of the vehicle. It’s safe to say I couldn’t be happier with the Thule box I chose, it’s not often you get to modify your car and improve both practicality and ascetics at the same time. I’m sure as I get further along the modified road I will manage to ruin the car but for not it’s all win, win, win! ER 114

Thule’s SlideLock system is a huge improvement over the old mechanism and makes locking far easier now!

Performance VW

109-114 PVW our cars 1117.indd 114

05/10/2017 22:05








@ vwheritage

F R E E U K S H I PPI N G OV E R £ 35


01273 444 000





esales @


YEAR: 2005 ISSUE: February FEATURE: Marco Haeger’s Mk1 Golf FEATURE WRITTEN BY: Elliott Roberts PHOTOS TAKEN BY: Max Earey 116

Performance VW

116-117 RELOADED PVW 1117.indd 116

04/10/2017 15:11

Welcome to PVW Reloaded. You see, judging by the 90sVWShowScene group on Facebook that’s getting bigger and bigger by the month, it’s clear that there are a lot of people out there who are still in love with the early days of the water-cooled VW scene. You see, PVW’s been going now since all the way back in October 1996. And while we know there are a good amount of people out there who’ve picked up the mag since day one, there are plenty out there who won’t be too familiar with the mag’s early days. Which is what Reloaded is all about. Every month we’ll be taking a standout car from back in the day and revisiting it to see what made it so special.


ow as we all know, to get a PVW feature a car needs to be, in one way or the other, pretty special. So for the same car to be featured twice, well, you know you’re dealing with something really special indeed. But to get two full covers as well? That’s definitely not something that’s happened that many times over our 21-odd years. In fact, we can probably count the amount of times it’s happened on one hand, without going through all 257-ish issues to check, of course. So, when you’re dealing with a car that’s not only been on cover before, but has then been chosen to be on the cover of our celebratory landmark 100th issue back in 2005, it’s got to be something quite amazing. If you hadn’t clocked the fact that the car on cover was the second coming of Marco Haeger’s legendary Mk1 then the tagline probably gave the game away; ‘The Best… Just Got Better. Meet the Mk1


What can we say? All of it is a ‘plus’ point, it’s one of most legendary cars in PVW history!


Erm, nothing? Weren’t you listening, it’s one of the most legendary cars in PVW history!

Golf that influenced a thousand project cars’. Continuing the theme, this is actually the second time Marco’s car has been featured in these Reloaded pages too, so if you hadn’t figured it out by now, this is one legendary car – not just for PVW, but for the modified VW scene as a whole! Marco basically reinvented the concept of the Mk1 Golf show car back in PVW 02/99 when his work-of-art-on-wheels first rolled out from his now-legendary heated garage, so what made it so good when it reappeared on cover six years to the month later? Well, Marco had taken things to the next level, big time! The basic ingredients were still there, but everything was better, more refined and somehow improved upon from its debut appearance in these pages. What was polished was now chromed, what was not carbon was now carbon, and what was perfect before was, somehow, even more perfect. It’s funny looking back now that one of the changes

we spoke at length about in the feature was the change of tyres to a stretched set that totally transformed the way car sat, something that was pretty rare even back in the mid noughties. The other noticeable change, well, noticeable once we had clambered in to Marco’s infamous inspection pit in his garage/art gallery was the underside was now just as smooth and just as chromed up as the rest of the car. Marco’s car might have been surpassed now but his car is special because it was the zeitgeist of the out and out show car water-cooled VW for a lot of people. Sure, we had show cars before, but Marco’s labour of love changed the game for a lot of people, taking the idea of a show car to a different level. It was a car built to be admired and pampered rather than a show car that would also be ragged up the quarter mile at GTI International. All in all, a truly iconic car, and one that is held very close to our hearts here at PVW.

where is it now?

Marco sold his baby (how, we don’t know!) to Mark Gale here in the UK back in 2007. Mark then set about the seemingly impossible task of taking the car to the next level, starting with a full, headlining and all red Nappa leather trim, 16” BBS RS and the building of a seriously full-on G60 engine for it. Later on Mark sold the car to Michael ‘Holla’ Sloopmaker over in Holland (who was our hook-up on the day of the shoot featured here) who has gone, by all accounts, completely insane with it and is apparently aiming to debut the car next year. We know we’re not alone when we say we can’t wait to see what level he’s taken the car to now, we can’t even imagine!

These views are ours and ours only, it’s all for a bit of fun etc

November 2017

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A64 - MOTORMARKS_CLASSIC MOTORING 23/08/2017 09:48 Page 1


PRICE GUARANTEE - YOU WILL NOT FIND THESE NUMBERS CHEAPER ELSEWHERE OR WE WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE! A 53 AA 487 AAA 592 AAE AAN 2G AAW 333 ABB 5S ABB 364M B741 ABH ABH 411C ABH 406C A880 GAL A858 GAL 804 ABK 24 BLE AB07 TTT ABO 77T AB07 TTS 477 ABU ABW 998L ABW 308C 8169 AC ACC 967A 98 ACJ ACR 76V LAC 70N AAC 70N KAC 70N ADD 874 ADY 586D ADY 333V AEW 994A AEY 247A AFG 661S 302 AFW AGO 751 AGU 35T AGW 59N 129 AH 754 AHR AJN 555K 667 AJO 444 LAN JOA 14N HAL 4N 444 LAN RAL 41N 808 ALF ALK 115S DAL 107T A11 COT ALM 274B 626 ALN R29 ALY PAM 11D AMJ 40L AMJ 378F AML 210H ANG 611S ANN 783H ANN 112H ANN 797H ANN 934H ANP 265A ANT 237A ANT 177A ANT 153A ANV 199A ANV 71A A417 WAR AOR 21V 6989 AP APP 558J APP 502J APP 13S APP 569J APT 97 APY 235A ARA 95A ARA 83A ARB 590A ARC 116R ARF 80Y ARV 523 ASO 479 A5 FAD H15 HBY 741 ATD ATF 257 AUD 151V AUD 145V AUD 135V AUJ 677A AVG 550D AVG 559D 788 AWA AWF 732 AWG 400 G84 CON

B BAD 357T BAD 57T BAG 913S 6 BAG 9 BAG BAG 935S BAG 909S BAH 249W BAH 77T 841 NES B4 LER B4 NEY K8 ANK BAR 77N BAR 121K BAR 71N BAR 121N BAR 123T BAR 120N BBA 53Y BAS 11L

BBA 570N EBA 570N B4 SET 8 ATY 8 ATY YBA 73S BBC 929B 200 BBD BBH 655P BBK 69 74 BBS 4444 BC 74 BCE 555 BCJ 296 BCJ 82 BCJ BDK 85 49 BDL B6 ATY BEA 1T BEA 570N 9 BEE BEN 7T B3 REL E78 ERY F83 RRY TBE 57T EDB 35T BET 228 BF 4210 569 BFM 3333 BG BG 6372 BGF 2H BGR 36 BGU 865G 9301 BH BHA 77T BHO 74R BHW 526A BIG 655 B16 GER BIG 8115 BIG 8411 BIG 59 B16 TUM BIG 8115 81 MBO TOP 131N A81 RKE B15 CHO ARB 150N 913 BKE BKN 2T BKU 460B KBL 41N E81 AKE B115 ETT BLM 835 544 BLO BLO 77S 830 BNG BNG 23 BNH 65E BNR 8Y 562 BOB BOB 805S BOC 862A BOD 56Y BOL 701V BOL 7T BOL 701N 751 BOL BOL 77S BON 533R BOO 856X BOO 85T BOO853X B60 OTH ROT 80S TAN 805S SHE 80S MFC 805S SBO 55Y ROT 80S VET 805S TBO 5S PEE 805S SHT 805S POW 805S BOB 805S REE 805S CAB 805S FAB 805S BOU 107H BOU 108H BOW 36N D80 WES LON 680X WWW 80X WAC 180X FUM 80Y 8713 BP 5061 BP 3108 BP BPM 927 BPR 689A 674 BPW 957 BPW BRA 991T BRA 550K BRA 7T BRA 77T BRA 17T BRA 99 BRE 78Y BRE 35Y BRE 223Y BRE 70T BRE 771Y BRE 770T GBR 150N BBR 166S

GBR 166S EBR 199S FBR 199S ABR 199S 996 BRL 11 BRS BRU 3L BRY 417T B168 RYN CBR 750N 5555 BS BTM 92L 368 BTP 321 BTT 31 BTW A18 UNK TBU 12R SBU 12R BUR 61S K13 URN B1 JST PBU 7S JBU 770N ABU 7T HBU 770N CBU 7T EBU 7T BBU 7T BVG 460E BVP 190 BVP 629 63 BVT 563 BWD BYE 51T 5 BYL

C C 178 HU11 CAB CAB 805S CAB 135H CAB 574R CAB 50N CAC 53Y CAD 50N CAE 110S BCA 10W C4 LEL CAL 110W XCA 10W WCA 10W C411 LOW CCA 118W CCA 116W C4 NES CAR 70N DCA 120L C4 REN BCA 120L PCA 123Y V8 OAR CAR 104T CAR 14A CAR 185T CAR 6N C412 ONS CAR 18F CAR 105K CAR 15N CAS 638A UCA 551D CAS 590A RCA 53Y CAS 11W CAS 946A C47 ONS CAV 380Y CAZ 235 353 CBK 952 CBK 542 CBK 567 CBM CBW 32V 8888 CC CCA 670M 401 CCE 536 CCE 7996 CD X339 CDA 299 CDL CEL 65 208 CFC CG 4844 RCH 41M RCH 45M CHA 210T RCH 44M RCH 34M RCH 33M CHN 417B C11 OKA CHO 74L CHU 88Y CIL 7601 CIL 6575 C12 RON 545 CJO CKE 188 CKT 26 2222 CL WCL 45S RCL 41R TCL 41R C112 VES CLU 88S COA 57S COA 77S G6 COD COE 693 COL 173R CON 311V CON 4V COO 165T

COO 180X 333 COP COR 541R COV 311S COX 792C COX 31V COX 576V 976 COX CPA 107T CPE 76 CRA 16L CRA 138L CRA 161N CRE 3T CRE 45T CRE 4T CRE 59Y CR15 PCO J987 CRM 2222 CS CST 91A CST 89A 819 CUB CUP 5S CUR 715E CUT 53T CUT 963K CV 9731 CVG 655F 17 CVJ CVN 710Y CYB 46 CYN 119C CYN 700

D 6044 DF 2986 DF 9074 DF 46 DFC 2733 DG DGW 428B D34 BLO DIL 6646 DIL 8858 DIL 4802 DJI 7757 947 DK 4859 DK 639 DKH DM 6144 DMA 873 6462 DN DN 3754 DNG 34 DOD 580Y DOL 50N 443 DOL DOL 781 DOM 513K L36 DOM DOM 41V DON 42V DON 54V DON 63V DON 39V DON 875V 454 DOR DOR 668 DOU 6K DOV 688 DOW 17S 5469 DP DRE 5S DRE 64N DRR 517B DRS 260J DSJ 852 DT 9695 8908 DT 872 DTP 671 DTT DUG 55S DUG 528C DUJ 240T DUJ 245T DUR 120Y DUT 81C A911 DUX 45 DVB DVG 414G 60 DYB DYL 101V 140 DYT DYW 15

E XEA 7X F6 EAN EAN 11S F8 EAN EAN 11V EAS 153X JEA 501V J5 EAT GEA 70N E17 VES EAZ 7 153 EBK 148 ECD 9 ECD 667 ECD EDD 171T EDD 17T EDD 11T J3 EDD EDD 13Y B16 EDD E6 ENS EDE 87R EDE 86R EE 9471 EFC 416

EFC 308A 405 EFH 4 EFJ EFX 396C EGU 870H 509 EHA EHL 50 EHN 318H EKA 750 8127 EL EL 67 LEL 150N SEL 150N ELL 152J ELL 4Y ELL 187T SEL 50N ELS 16W ELW 15Y ELY 107T EMA 53X EMA 65K EMA 317X EMA 635S EMA 628F EMA 67X EMD 57B EMV 504T ENH 328H 90 ENR ENR 38 EPD 59V ERE 3N ERG 73 ESE 536 EST 116D E551 TON 8361 ET 1306 ET ETA 18 EUI 20 EVE 383 EVG 707H EVN 235L EVO 7V 32 EWD EX 4191 7 EYL

F F150 ETH FAB 59S FAB 118S F46 ANS FAJ 53L FAJ 56L 5 FAJ FAJ 51L FAK 13Y FAO 192N FAR 7Y TFA 12R FAS 77T FAT 80Y FAT 138Y FAC 80Y FAX 11V FBR 83 533 FCG FCR 888 62 FCY 9229 FD A428 FDD 1 FDG TFE 4R F36 ANS HFE 1N FLE 517Y FEY 308D FFB 811 FIL 65 FLA 91T 91 FLA FLA 66S 645 FLD FLE 33T 86 FLF 179 FLY 8179 FM 3588 FM FMA 543F FMA 525F 2641 FN 7553 FN FON 6L FOO 71Y AFO 12D FOR 883S FOS 733R 572 FOT FOW 153X FOX 701V 3 FOY 7 FPP FRO 664T FRO 661T FRO 64T FRO 57T FRY 5V FRY 5S FUG 3Y SFU 110N FUR 9Y FUR 12Y FUR 3Y FUR 70N FVG 798J FVL 177M FYJ 777

G 5555 GA LSG 41N

T264 JAL GAL 73N 64 LS GAM 811N A636 GAP A646 GAP G4 ROT GAR 1D GAR 189L GAR 501N GAR 1X GAR 16N GAR 140Y T6 ASK TPG 4S GAT 3N G4 VEN GAV 117S GCN 254 693 GCR GCS 141 GDE 444W GEF 340V GEJ 20 6 ENS GEN 77S GER 1A 63 RRY 166 ERY A729 GFF 68 GFR GFX 411D 1001 GG L60 GGB GGL 273 61 ANT GIL 15 GJI 4728 GJY 401 GKC 50 GKJ 85 GL 5918 GLA 231T GLE 350N GNH 79B GNJ 63 GNR 74 GOB 58N GOB 5W GOB 81L OOO 560D T260 JAL GOL 50N NGO 1D 90 LF GOL 81N GOO 1E GOR 3Y GOR 84N GOV 88W GOW 9N 999 GP 8 GPR 8 GR GRA 790V GRA 290V GRA 758N GRA 78N GRA 990N GRA 713V GRA 70N GRA 318V 624 CE GRD 23 GRE 1N GRE 950N ERE 3N GRE 169N GRE 33N 83 GRE GRE 609N GRE 610N GRE 694K HGR 33N GGR 33N GRE 16K GRE 50N 6 RUB GRY 565N GSG 86 GSK 337 GSL 734 76 GTG GUI 1 GUN 58N GUR 111T GUS 74R GVG 620K T8 GYM 73 GYM

H 3207 HA 8473 HA HAB 86N HAB 18J HAB 18N HAB 84S HAB 40S HAB 40J HAG 3E HAH 379T HAH 709T HAH 11V 478 HAJ HAL 4N HAL 550N HAL 77S HAL 58N HAN 120W H417 SEN HAN 56N J114 NDS

HAP 3N APY 64A VHA 121S HAR 81Y HRT 50N HAR 19Y HAR 775Y WHA 121S HAR 13L HAR 7T HAR 153N H4 TAC GHA 770N HAT 58N HAV 80Y HAW 50N 851 HBC HBF 406 HC 7831 HC 5726 HCK 144E HCT 58 HDS 279G HDS 733H HDS 259G MHE 4P KHE 4P HEC 5 HED 63N HEG 50N HEL 317S HEL 317V HEL 41V HEL 31V HEN 570N HEN 71N HEN 70N HES 70N HES 46 HEW 377S HEW 177W HEX 3N 98 HFK P827 HFL 38 HGG HGU 869J ADH 188S AAH 188S S111 CKS 200 HKJ HL 8674 HN 5141 HNB 155D HNM 5 HO 1234 HOB 135N HOB 850N HOB 85L HOB 50W HOB 85H JHO 850N HOD 635N HOL 7W HOL 78N HOL 73N HOL 70N HOO 50N HOO 531N HOR 58N HOR 701N F110 RNE HOR 702N HOR 733N HOR 53N HOT 70N HOV 154W 448 HOV HOW 477J HOY 733N 8927 HP 9287 HP HRT 81 HUB 42D HUG 637S HUG 35N HUG 637T HUI 19 HUM 33R HUM 813S HUN 71N HUN 7N HUP 1N HUR 57V 144 HUR HUR 7Y HUR 57T HUT 76N WHU 770N HUT 701N HUT 71N HUT 10V CHU 770N HVG 945L HVG 840L HWW 74T 9 HYE HYE 28 F85 HYJ

I IIL 18

J JA 3638 JAB 81N A864 JAC JAC 264N JAC 680V JAC 58N JAC 946V JAC 687V JAD 35V JAG 163Y

T247 JAL JAL 53N T248 JAL T246 JAL JAM 53E JAM 53M JAM 190W B623 JAN B898 JAN E259 JAN JAN 35S JAN 35A JAO 4L JAP 17N JAP 5 JAR 120N JAR 450N JAR 50N JAR 60N JAR 35Y JAS 796 GJA 50N HJA 50N NJA 50N J45 ONB JAT 117T JAV 51W LOJ 4X A364 JAY A199 JAY JAY 833N JAY 51N JAY 365L JAZ 59 JBB 906 JBM 990F JBX 472N JCC 152N JCR 999P JDY 200 JEL 50N 11 JEM V300 JEM JEM 41 JEP 35H RJE 5S JES 53P JES 1W JEY 516F JEY 522F 59 JGN 24 JGN JGU 698C 8 JHC JHC 968 JHC 454 JJ 5067 M9 JKC JKS 48P JKW 6 JM 8753

JTR 308D JUD 68S JUF 648 JUK 5W JUL 113N JUL 106N JUL 104N JUL 16N 5 JUN JUX 351D JVG 757M 2604 JW JWO 96N JY 632 JY 9184 JYC 25 JYM 297K

111 KGE 111 KGE KGL 83 KGW 905A B431 KGY K1 DUM 1111 KJ KJ 1673 KJL 320N KKR 57 KLJ 342N 282 KM 4976 KM 342 KM 252 KMA KMB 775 KNE 109N

LBK 513 LCL 516A LDD 87 LEE 5N LEE 366 LEG 6P LEG 785W LEG 37T LEN 941H LEN 297P LEN 181P LEP 84 LES 13R LEV 177V LEV 177Y LEV 177J LEW 847H


Prefix Plates 1. First pick letters with A-E, G, H, J-Y 2. Numbers 1-20 (higher numbers subject to availability) 3. Add your 3 letters (not I, Q or Z)

N25 TAR example

Current Style Plates 1. First pick 2 letters (not I, Q or Z) 2. Choose from 51, 02, 52, 03, 53 04, 54, 05, 55, 06, 56, 07, etc 3. Add 3 letters (not I or Q)

SM17 HYJ example

K 913 KAB KAJ 53N KAJ 69N KAJ 58N KAL 550N KAR 12Y KAR 317V KAR 317P KAS 136

491 KOD KOR 12Y KOT 6Y 889 KOV KPR 41 KPW 237N 93 KRD KRG 99 KRW 724 7777 KS KSA 178F

LEW 307P LFM 427N 568 LHA 1 YMO L154 SAL LKO 555 753 LKP LNB 269 LOC 41X LOF 4X LOM 45S

LVG 770B LWG 66 LYB 11E LYC 3E LYL 3N LYN 78P E282 LYN LYN 814X LYN 87X

M 790 MAB MAB 682D MAB 813Y MAB 837T MAC 15S MAC 16P MAC 346V NMA 660T MAH 41P MAH 41E MAH 33D MAL 261W MAL 357P MAL 338W MAL 119W MAR 771V M425 HAL MAR 647E MRR 19W MAR 63L MRR 10W MAR 63P MAR 437V MAS 6Y MAS 537 MAT 235S MAY 769F MAY 598P MBC 978 MBH 3L MBH 31H 9818 MC MCE 815 MCV 4N MCW 94G MCY 94E MDG 351V MDM 653G 3511 ME NME 110R MEL 70L MEL 145P Y31 MEL A873 MEL MEL 154P MEL 15F LFM 310N MES 53Y H15 MES MES 878


ALL £50

CVG 668F FAO 192N FVG 798J

NMA 984T OGU 719D

BVG 668E EVG 608H G179 SVS

JVG 868M LFM 432N

AEY 279A CHN 439B HNB 155D

JVG 650M MVG 720C

A626 GAP ANV 201A BHW 517A BPR 657A DVG 730G

HDS 259G HVG 840L JBX 472N KBL 29N

JMA 993K JMB 444C JMC 51 587 JMP JMR 702 4407 JN JN 3773 JOA 14N JOA 17P JDB 50N C233 JOE 92 JOF JOG 3R JON 49E JON 53N JOH 17P C994 JON JON 1K JOS 11L JOY 376N JPB 448C JPG 5 JR 8891 T709 JRL 532 JRR JSA 228G JSK 204 A129 JSO JSR 640 326 JTB

RFX 545W UGW 506R

ALL £75

LCL 524A LVG 754B

ALL £150

OMY 452P R188 NGN

ALL £195

KAS 160 KAT 35V KAW 59N KAW 64N KAY 83V KAY 537V KBD 76 KBL 39N KBL 29N KBL 31N 817 KBM 87 KBP 73 KBP KBS 5 KCH 74N B16 KCH KDG 89 KDG 977 KEA 524 A445 KEL K3 NOC KEN 5S KEN 14P KEN 33P 4317 KF KFC 47 KFM 73 KFV 406S KFX 538F KGD 71L

KSA 178F LCL 628A NEJ 64R NJT 477H

KSC 226D KSC 224D KSP 3 700 KTF KTS 91G 90 KTW KUN 189 5426 KV KV 4505 KWA 83 KWC 688 KYA 51N K77 KYD 84 KYD KYL 38K KYL 13S KYL 13M KYM 774X

L LAB 37T LAL 14W LAM 88B LAM 85P BUY 14W LAW 59W LAY 10N LAZ 8 LBF 57 31 LBF

VEF 334M X932 PFE XTU 620E N925 MPV XTU 653E YGV 138G TSO 152R WRT 103A XPX 479F PKH 130P RMO 115R TGW 105L UCA 570D WEY 364M

LON 680X LOO 138V B10 PES 708 LOP LOR 3R B10 UTH LOU 158P LOU 159P LOU 15N LOU 153P 59 LOV LOV 3P 12 LOW LOW 312Y 7 LOW LOX 500 LRP 51M LRS 72 LSA 425 M2 LSB LSG 48N LSG 47N LSG 42N LSP 93 LUC 180X LUE 7V LUE 5P LUG 70P LUR 4L LVA 11

MFA 54 MFC 805S MFF 949 MFO 283 MFX 454G MGL 976 4521 MH MHK 9P 222 MHY MLC 14P MLC 11P 6728 MM 740 MM 598 MM 658 MMG 167 MMT MNH 110K MNH 155K MNN 43D MOA 72X MOC 7P MOE 856P MOE 333X MOE 96P MOE 566X 985 MOE MOG 772X MOG 735X MOG 9X RMO 113R

MOL 73N UMO 110Y MOO 24C MOR 155R MOR 318Y MOR 73R MOS 51S MOS 55S MOT 3L MOV 13X MOW 3R MOW 13R MOW 9R MOY 124P 6 MPR N925 MPV MRC 51P MRR 45W J2 MRT MSA 27 B9 MSR MTT 606 MTU 41C MTW 555C MVG 740C MW 8743 MWC 6P MWL 45 444 MWP 777 MYC MYR 4P MYR 46X

N NAD 99M NAJ 18P NAJ 18W Y309 NAL Y158 NAL NAN 70N NAS 628 N45 EER NAS 671 NAS 42H NAS 70R NAS 54R NAS 13R N4 THS NAT 11S NAV 295F NAV 317F NAV 306F NAV 330S N42 EEM 1807 NB 6506 NB NBD 52 NBN 50 96 NCG NCP 267 6553 ND NDD 958 NED 87P NEE 42 EHN 335H NEJ 64R NEW 574R NEW 55S NEW 31P NFC 311S NFC 309S NIB 3333 N25 SAN NIW 72 NJ 364 NJ 4544 NJT 469H NJT 477H NJW 254P 204 NKE 840 NKR NMA 735T NMG 98 805 NNN 95 NNO NNW 5 NOB 80X 279 NOB NOB 13X NOB 56X NOH 712 NOM 88 JNO 74Y NOW 938 NPA 910 NRG 71 2222 NS 516 NS NSX 352A NSX 390A 79 NTW NUS 7Y NUT 1E NUX 221W NV 9830 X108 NVW NWT 5 NYC 6L NYK 5Y 3748 NZ

O OAK 7M OAK 3S B1 OAP OD 620 ODE 112F OGU 750D OGV 91M OK 9362 OLY 268P OLY 428 OMY 452P

ONE 7L ONE 11H Y861 ONY Y862 ONY OO 2698

P PAB 436 PAD 742 PAD 260W PAD 63T PAG 33E PAL 70R PAM 153R D872 PAM PAM 11D PAM 50R PAM 484M E7 PAM E5 PAM PAM 222R PAM 14R PAN 7S PAO 108P PAO 178P PAR 53L PAR 37H PAR 777S PAS 5S PAS 533S A972 PAT PAT 34M E5 PAT D735 PAT A460 PAT S121 PAT E3 PAT PAT 18M PAT 31S PAT 47M PAU 144R PAV 62J K7 PAY PAZ 1 PAZ 4 PAZ 6 PBE 39 PBN 822 PCD 667 PCS 81R 5376 PE PEA 73R PEE 805S PEG 555 PEG 5R PEN 155S PEN 677S PEP 3R PEP 53Y PER 121N PER 855 PER 177N PET 80Y RPE 73R PET 73R RPE 76R 2620 PF X932 PFE X921 PFE 19 PFM PFN 25S 5695 PG PG 8016 8 PGJ S6 PGJ PGU 958K 3790 PH 5655 PH PHA 998 748 PHA PHH 57P P111 LUK P111 LOK PHJ 863K PHW 29R PIA 9746 PIJ 3252 PIL 15 PIL 4 PIL 111 3588 PJ 7461 PJ PJD 126 655 PJH PJT 589J 6248 PK 2429 PK PKH 130P 693 PKJ 3546 PL PLA 3R PLA 73R BPL 47T APL 47T PLE 888 PMB 890L PMY 475W PN 7018 1111 PN LPO 111Y POM 333Y POM 3Y PON 66Y POP 574R POT 312S POT 1N POW 805S POW 311F 4288 PP 2688 PP 482 PPE PPP 475 PRE 553R

TEL: 0116 235 0116


PRO 553R PRU 783 PSN 690H PTH 37S PTH 51S PTH 38S PTK 90 PTM 499 7 PTS 843 PTT PTU 973B PUE 236 PUL 58Y PUL 14N GPU 113N A6 PUM PUT 73R PUT 71N PUT 3R PUT 8R 6795 PW PWA 58K 52 PWC PWN 900R PWN 6Y PWU 160P 49 PYD

R 3091 R 6524 R 9498 R 1924 RA RAE 785G 752 RAE 897 RAE D15 RAF JRA 63N RAG 55S RAJ 417M RAM 340H RAN 737E RAN 386L RAP 574R RAS 74S RAS 916 RAS 914 RAT 113R RAV 769X RAV 276X RAV 934R RAY 30 RAY 84R RAY 162M RAY 93R RAZ 59 RAZ 21 RC 5807 3 RCA RCA 316Y RCH 84M RCS 18 RD 8371 RD 3197 1569 RD RDB 3R 751 RDV 916 REA REC 703R RED 64R REE 805S E9 REE REG 51R REG 417M REG 417R REN 413S REY 506S REY 4T REY 446S RFM 828L 333 RFM RFX 545W RFX 535W RG 8305 RG 3805 RG 6659 RHR 255C RIA 932 R188 NGN RJG 176G RJG 571 RJM 112R 6475 RK 267 RKJ RMA 498 207 RML RMO 112R RMO 115R RNP 9L ROB 813Y ROB 83Y ROD 53N ROF 3R ROG 33R ROJ 6R 1206 ER ROG 63R R86 ERS RDG 6R ROH 17B R9 LER R6 LER ROM 93Y ROM 6Y RON 843M RON 581R RON 586R ROO 173Y TED 120S ROW 113Y ROW 417S RPE 8 RPF 9


S S17 JNA T254 JAL SAL 556X H541 MON SAL 985N LSA 11Y SAL 73R SAL 709X SAL 7T C54 LLY WSA 11Y SAN 65S W54 NDS E54 NDS SAP 50N SAR 81R SAR 4M SAV 49E SAV 382M SAY 3R SAY 170R SAZ 1 L5 SBC 283 SBJ SBL 40M SCA 119P SCA 73R SCA 12R SCA 71P SCA 73P SCA 74P SCC 107K SCC 104K SCO 713L SCR 33N SEA 820K J5 EAT SEL 50N M53 LBY SER 141S SET 805S SET 11S SEV 99W 11 SCX VEG 53X RUF 53X UNE 53X NET 53X COO 153X SEY 63L C415 SFE 391 SFM SGN 700 SHA 61N SHA 66R SHA 24R RSH 4W SHE 8Y SHE 458Y SHE 24R SHE 12S SHE 12Y SHE 412S SHE 138Y SHE 80Y SHH 29 SHT 805S S1 HOE SHO 128 G511 ORT SHO 12T SHO 127S SHP 510W SHP 9N SHR 13Y SHY 805S F51 DHU 516 NS T251 JAL T251 JAL D951 MON LPR 51M F14 SJR SKE 114M 497 SKJ SKY 419S SKY 766S SLA 93R SLA 73R DSL 473R SLK 51R SMA 113R SMA 127L SM17 HYT SM17 HYD SM17 HYJ SMP 635 SMT 27 S17 OWS

SNP 10 S10 AMS N504 BYA SOE 8Y T250 JAL C5 OLD T250 JAL SOL 36Y SON 580Y J950 UTH SOU 150N SOY 3R SOY 6R SPE 19R SPU 125R SPU 12R SPU 12M SPY 50N SPY 80X 8809 SR SRL 89M SS 3504 SSG 96P SSG 989P SSN 691 N25 TAR B57 AGG K57 AGG FDS 733D D15 TEV 9 TOP W57 OCK STO 788F H57 ONE F57 OCK W570 KES STR 470N STU 106V STU 295V STU 813L STU 601R 607 STU STU 985L 5 TUD A451 STU STU 255V S7 UBS STU 427M SUB 4R SUB 84R SUB 3R 8025 UE 83 SUE 78 SUE SUE 89W SUL 114N SUS 51R SUT 16R SUT 13R SUT 78N SV 7757 SVR 78H KSW 413S SYD 769 L66 SYM SYM 78 9886 SZ 2536 SZ

T 215 T TAF 50N TAH 533N TAL 181R TAL 87R TAL 9R TAL 131R TAL 81R TAL 881R TAM 99S TAN 14M TAN 1K TAN 14Y TAN 170Y J74 PPA TAR 44M TAS 235 TAY 483R TAY 116R TAY 119R TBD 5W TBE 95 TBW 34 TCE 7 5309 TD TDU 8 TDV 158W T34 MUK TED 978S TED 298S TEF 51R TEF 125R TEN 15 TEN 7T TEN 77T TES 54K TEX 3R TFC 489 TFV 1J TGU 680E TGW 105L THH 58R THH 59R TIA 4216 TIB 8 TIL 15 TIL 3 TIL 7 TIL 6749 71 MMO TJA 876R 97 TKE 550 TM

896 TMK TNC 94J TNU 700 TNW 81 TOB 813Y TOG 3Y TOL 16Y TOL 5H TOM 45S TOM 45N 9 TOP TOS 80X 32 TOY TOY 5 TP 926 290 TPE TPP 813 TPP 1 4407 TR TRA 173R 7124 CY TRD 900 TRE 113R 608 TRE TRE 5G TRE 54R TRO 73R TRY 913 TSO 157R 407 TTC TTM 45 TTU 628H 7354 TU TUD 348 TUD 496 TUI 6 TUK 1L TUN 358 TUT 73R TVV 86F 8184 TW 5593 TW TWC 681 TYS 4

U UCA 575D UDD 874 UGW 506R 5 UMT P357 UNH UPP 868R URU 330 US 6769 6 USA 59 USA W55 USA W29 USA UYX 83M

V VA 12 VA 2 VA 12 VAC 484 VAL 796Y VAL 169Y VAL 769Y 621 VAL VAM 348D MCV 4N VAZ 21 VBJ 4 555 VC VEA 73S VEF 334M VEN 777T VFC 99 VG 5830 VIL 4 V15 OME M503 VJL M409 VJL H425 VKU VN 9223 VOB 8S VOR 2T V6 VRF VTE 12 VTE 9 VTT 3S VUK 35H 49 VWC VWX 154R

W WA 842 9778 WA 5013 WA WAC 180X 883 WAE WAG 312S WAH 330S WAH 10S KPW 41N WAL 83Y WAL 35S WAL 84Y WAL 35Y 234 WAL W4 NES

WAR 54W PWA 77S WBZ 3 8961 WD WDV 109R 1589 WE 2089 WE NWE 8B WEL 44N WEL 15X WES 7A WES 137K WES 96K EPW 35T WES 77T WES 57T WES 150K AWE 57T WES 71T WES 133K BWE 57T WES 139K WES 7S W377 ONS A988 WET WEY 408M WEY 364M 6449 WF Y623 WFC WGE 555 WGU 669F WGU 708F WGU 706F WGV 59 W115 OND W115 ONS W157 OWS 2484 WJ WJF 541 WKA 1 WLF 638M WLL 4 WM 7710 WME 101 WMR 187 JWO 83N JWO 133N JWO 81N JWO 94N JWO 71N WP 4687 WPC 690 WPE 1Y WPJ 9 G119 WPN WRA 99S WRA 9G WRA 7S WRA 2S WRA 9S WRA 66S WRS 75 WRT 82A WRT 103A WRV 325L WSL 283 1 WTS 441 WU WUT 100 WV 9957 WWW 80X

X XFX 707B XGU 970M 567 XJ XNX 156 XPX 479F XTU 658E

Y YAL 6S YAS 662 YAS 560 KYA 51N YAS 673 YAS 111V YAS 511V JYA 51N YAS 559 YGY 473S YAX 69 YCG 40 YEA 7S YEL 377S YEL 754 YEL 353S YGA 919 YGY 477S YGY 498S YJT 584M YLM 466 853 YMB YMG 777 H385 YMR YOL 4T YRJ 158A YTG 83 942 YUS 643 YUS YWL 314

8.00am to 8.00pm 7 Days a Week

100 000’s of numbers available CM10.17/A64/r


we may not have always been so finely POLISHED, but we’ve always been at the forefront of the modded dub scene. ah the good ol’ days…

1 year ago NOVEMBER 2016

One year ago this month we featured Belgian, Tijl Matthijs’ Mk2 G60 up front, while inside we had a pair of performance Audis from the States, a track-ready Mk1 Golf 1.8T, a 700bhp Mk4 R32T, a Mk3 VR6 Highline, a bagged Lupo 16v and Mk2 Jetta 16v, plus we checked out Eibach’s project Scirocco. Our Dave also flew across the Atlantic to visited the Eurokracy show in Canada, plus we had coverage from Elsecar at the Races, Dustoff, and the VRT Charity Day which wrapped things up.

5 years ago NOVEMBER 2012

A more-door Mk1 Jetta on cover? It must have been pretty special and indeed it was! Inside we shot a couple of slammed A6 Avants and a dumped Mk3 Golf VR6 in Germany, bagged Paul Gormley’s stunning Mk3 VR6T sleeper, Hamish White’s insane 700bhp Sport quattro homage, a Mk4 Golf VR6T, plus we pitched VW’s tiny up! against its sizeable Touareg to see what gave. Also inside we paid Studio InCar a visit and had event coverage from Edition 38, Tatton Park, Croatia’s VW Tuning Show and the awesome MIVW Event in Holland.

10 years ago NOVEMBER 2007

It’s a decade now since we put Venom Motorsport’s Mk3 VR6T on cover. Inside we featured Jay Flath’s Mk5 Rabbit alongside his father’s Porsche 997, plus Ramon Robles’ wide-body Mk3 from the States, then headed to Germany to bag Robert Karner’s 340bhp 16vT, the UK for Alex Wright’s Mk1 G60 and Rob Tonge’s 240bhp SEAT Ibiza 16v on ITBs. When it came to events we had Edition 38 and the Retro Rides Gathering from here in the UK and Broke Down from across the pond.

15 years ago NOVEMBER 2002

It’s fifteen years since we bagged DSP’s low-flying gullwing Mk2 Golf for front cover, while inside we debuted Westside’s Shaz Chunghtai’s Mk1 G60, Scott Norton’s supercharged Mk2 VR6 and Canadian Milios Cadikovski’s shaved Mk2 VR6. We also pitched VW’s Lupo GTI against BMW’s Mini Cooper and had show coverage from the awesome VW Mania event in Belgium, plus Tatton Park and GTI Spectacular back home here in Blighty.


Performance VW

118 PVW the rewind 1117.indd 118

04/10/2017 15:13





AWARD WINNING INDEPENDENT SPECIALIST FOR AUDI, VW, SEAT, SKODA & PORSCHE We offer a wide range of services and products from servicing and repairs to diagnostic work and performance upgrades.

APR tuning for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire â– â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â–  â– 


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  $44$2445 "50$# ($024     $445 "5$# ($$2 **5)'+53. -.3,51+35-//3&5!-/ 3 +)'.&5+1.,1/5.3!51-.531+-. ,51.&5- 53.&531+-. ,5.3! %-,/).,51.&5+-. ,5.3!5#1*#3,51.&5#1*#35 '-&3, .3!5&+1'*-51)**)!3+,51**5.3!5)-*5,31*,51.&5 1,3/, -3,3*53. -.3,5-//3&5!-/5.3!5*-.&3+31&,533%/55+1. 3 **5,'%%*-3&5!-/515'**5!+-//3.5!1++1./ 351+351*,)51*35/)5,'%%*5%1+/,5+)5 5,'%%*-3+,5 31',35)5)'+ +31.'1/'+-. 5)%3+1/-).5!35)*&5*1+ 35,/),5)5 3. -.35%1+/,5!-51+351#1-*1*35)+5,1*351/515&-,)'./5%+-3


.$#&&. +)!'('( %-*')-.'%.+&%, ++'&+&-.$,* !, -.*-#'&%

Tel: 01482 322446 Ricci Concept Motor Company Limited, Unit 11, South Orbital Trading Park, Hedon Road, Hull, East Yorkshire HU9 1NJ

. ..  ( ,.+.)#.,$.),$$--.'(.,#*.+'* )&-+( ,-*(.*- '%-%.,#.+*-.+&%, *')-%.+*-.%# -)".", -&), -.",.!,(-.#%.$,*.$*--.!-&$#& )!+(-.'"!,#".*',* "-)!(')+&.+')-.),()-*('(.,#*. (,"')-


)'&+( +"*)&$+% +"+"+" +'&$ +*)&+ +( **$%)*+#!((+!##((+ + " +#!((+!##!(+ +"'+')% &$**)')*$%')% *'&*+&$**)')*$%')%



I also think there are too many ‘scene’ politics around because of social media platforms, it is so easy to write something derogatory about someone rather than speak to people face to face. Overall though I think it’s still a great scene as long as you don't take it too seriously (Here, here – Ed).


e embers of th founding m e d th re f tu o a e fe n O k1 b, had his M lu c e id y a ts s w e W W f PV first issue o d in the very (see pic) an 6 9 9 ber 1 back in Octo ith VWs to this day. gw is still playin

How long have you been involved in the scene? I bought my first Mk1 around 1990 and went to the infamous TRL for GTI International in the same week to buy my Kamei grille spoiler, a set of mats and seat belt pads. Ha! Within a year I had the engine rebuilt by Steven Skeete (he had that famous two-tone yellow and Lhasa green Mk1). So I have I have been doing this for approaching 30 years I guess. If you didn’t drive a VAG, what car would you drive? I have a few cars at the moment and not all of them are VAG cars. I have a Mercedes 320 CE Sportline Convertible, 1968 MGB GT restoration project and a 1980 Porsche 911SC (that’s technically a VAG, right?) which we imported from the States. I like to drive different cars depending on the mood and weather. Favourite VAG model of all time? The Mk1 Golf has to be my favourite in terms of it being the classic VW that we all want in our collection.

Favourite issue of PVW? It’s a close one between issue one (PVW 10/96) and issue three (PVW 12/96). My first car (LTR 783Y), a Dragon green Mk1, was featured in the first edition, but then issue three featured our first Westside group shoot, which kind of put us on the map! Let’s say both… Favourite PVW feature car? This is a really difficult question as there have been so many superb cars featured in your pages over the years. If I had to pick just one I think it would be Westside Sukh’s Corrado as it was a great car, the way he had it stanced with that super wide look. A close second would be Shaz’s Mk1 Golf, the original black one. I guess I am a bit biased as I have had many fun memories racing both of them on our continental road trips! Worst modded VW you’ve ever seen? I couldn’t answer that without offending someone, but I can say that my own Mk1 Golf had a Rieger rear spoiler which some would say 120

Performance VW

120 PVW Talk the talk 1017.indd 120

was a horrible mod (my defence is that it was in fashion at the time). I did remove it years later and the car looked much better for it! Favourite car you’ve been involved with? I think that my old Mk1 is always going to be my favourite just because it was the first car I owned and modified. But in terms of enjoying the build process it is definitely my current Mk2 R32 as it went through so many phases over the last 12 or so years, from 16v, VR6, VR6 turbo and then finally the R32 swap. It’s my most complete build to date. What are your views on the current scene? The scene is as strong as ever with a new generation of Dubbers building cool cars. I do think it’s easier now to build a show car as everything is easily available as long as you can get a finance deal! My generation built cars a lot slower (as and when funds became available) and we had to be creative because there were no ready made kits or parts available to put your ideas into action.

What trends do you think we will see on the scene in the next few years? I am just waiting for an electric Mk1 to pop up using Tesla power, that would be interesting. I do think the future will be electric and ideally if we can retrofit this technology into our classic cars. Or perhaps add electric drive to existing combustion engined cars as a method of increasing performance rather than reducing emissions. Imagine two electric hub motors on the rear wheels of a Mk1/2 Golf running off the power generated by an additional alternator on the petrol engine. That would give us a hybrid 4wd Golf that could fly off the mark like an Audi Quattro. Remember where you heard the idea first! Favourite show/meet? I am going to be totally biased here, it has to be our Westside Show & Shine event. This is for a number of reasons, I get to bring my family (they would never come to any other show), we get to meet all our old mates that we don't see all year and finally it’s just down the road! Its also the most relaxed, chilled out show of the year where you can munch a fresh, hot and spicy kebab roll while you listen to old school tunes in the most beautiful setting in Buckinghamshire. Favourite alcoholic tipple? An ice cold Coke on the rocks, please. You know I don't drink, Elliott! These views are not necessarily shared by the magazine

04/10/2017 15:14


01792 650 933



EVENTSDIARY 2017/ 2018 2017 R

OCTOBE 23rd D WRAPUP NEW ENGLAN h, Newport, RI ec Be ns sto Eu com www.nedustoff. NOVEMBER 5th ANCE ULTIMATE ST tional Centre Telford Interna www.ultimate-st DECEMBER 9th OUTH MEET DUBZDOWNS fé, Ca e Ac downsouthuk London /groups/dubz


L 11-14th INTERNATIONA AUTOSPORT C NE Birmingham www.autospor


FEBRUARY 2nd-3rd R6 EURO TRIPPE rida, USA Fort Myers, Flo MARCH 11th BS ULTIMATE DUtional Centre Telford Interna -du ate www.ultim 24-25th SHOW y VOLKSWORLD , Esher, Surre Sandown Park rld wo lks vo www. 31st E BRIDGE WATER BY TH cky, USA Louisville, Kentu www.waterbythe MAY 7th MANCE SHOW BHP PERFORce Circuit, Lydden, Kent Lydden Hill Ra www.bhpperfo

18-20th EUEX 2017 , USA Savannah, GA www.sowoeuro 19-20th WEEKENDER RETRO RIDES uit, Chichester rc Ci od wo od Go .org www.retro-rides 20th N pton EARLY EDITIO ome, Northam Sewell Aerodr com 8. n3 www.editio 28th ACKDAY CLUB GTI TR rint Course Curborough Spom www.clubgti.c JUNE 8th VAG ZONE Łodzki, Konstantynow Lodz, Poland

10th K KUTURSCHOC CAR SHOW ernational Stadium Gateshead Int www.eurospot 16-17th G CUMBRIA VACounty Showgrounds, Westmorland Kendal www.cumbriava 22-23rd STRAIGHT ON OUTTA KEMPTRacecourse Kempton ParkEast, Staines Road ames Sunbury on Th www.straighto 22nd-23rd EURO HANGAR Airport Park Township Holland Michigan www.eurohang

Performance VW

122-123 PVW events 1117.indd 122

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Check details before attending as they are subject to change

23-24th ASSIC PLAYERS CL uit Goodwood Circ Chichester www.players-sh 23-24th PLAYERS CLASSIC uit Goodwood Circ www.players-sh 24th O REALLY RETRrd Airfield Drive, Seighfo Stafford ST18 9QE www.reallyretro JULY 1st UNITE VAGABONDS tor Museum The British Mo Gaydon Warwickshire .com www.vag-abond

8th DUB FICTION orn Inn, Hurdlow The Bull l’ th’ www.dubfiction 15th GRAVITY ultural Centre National Agricrk Pa igh Stonele www.gravitysh 21st BREWHAUS 4y, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Schlitz Brewer www.lowersta 29th FITTED UK nchester Event City, Ma om www.fiiteduk.c AUGUST 10-12th VW FESTIVAL e, Leeds Harewood Hous www.vwfestival.

EMBER 31st-2nd SEPT EDITION 38 , Northampton Overstone Park com www.edition38. SEPTEMBERPTEMBER 31st-2nd SE EDITION 38 , Northampton Overstone Park com www.edition38. 9th TIVE LOW COLLECs Stonham Barn l, IP14 6AT Stonham Aspa www.lowcollecti

NOVEMBER 24th STRAIGHT ON OUTTA KEMPTON END OF SEAS E SHOW N SHINRacecourse Kempton ParkEast, Staines Road ames Sunbury on Th www.straighto








November 2017

122-123 PVW events 1117.indd 123



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Fabrication, engine tuning, conversions and management mapping, parts restoration, polishing, plating and coating services available

Audi parts and accessories specialist

Unit 51c, Hobbs Industrial Estate, Newchapel, Surrey, RH7 6HN Tel: 01342 837083 Web:


Unit 6, Cliffside Trade Park, Motherwell Way, West Thurrock, Essex, RM20 3LE Tel: 01708 861827 Web: VAG tuner, performance parts, styling, fitting, servicing, rolling road, software specialist


Awesome GTI, Unit 1 Siemens Road, Manchester, M44 5AH Tel: 0333 240 6823 Web:

VW Group OE supplier and motorsport company that develops and distributes VAG and Porsche ECU upgrades for petrol and diesel engines. Turbo, exhaust, intercooler, brake and fuel pump upgrades through its UK European HQ


Northcott Road, Netherton, Dudley, West Midlands, DY2 9PR Tel: 01384 243004 Web: Servicing and repairs. Audi specialist


Letchworth, Herts Tel: 0845 130 4536 Web:

Car cleaning products, car care products, car valeting, car detailing


Autologic House, London Road, Wheatley, Oxon, OX33 1JH Tel: 0845 338 1992 Email: Web: Independent vehicle diagnostics

AUTOPART WHEEL AND TYRE Prestige House, Sopwith Crescent, Wickford, Essex, SS11 8YU Tel: 01268 560126 Email: Web: Supplier of trade alloy wheels


29 Journey, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA Tel: +1 (949) 362 8700 Email: Web: VW performance and OEM parts


Unit 1, Bullocks Lane, Takely, Bishop’s Stortford, CM22 6TA Tel: 01279 873428 Fax: 01279 873427 Web:

Racing parts and tuning equipment


Unit 1, Siemens Road, North Bank Business Park, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5AH Tel: 0161 776 0777 Web:

Liverpool Tel: 0151 548 8565 Email: web: 


1522 Pershore Road, Birmingham, B30 2NW Tel: 0845 180 1245 Email: Web: Graphic wraps, colour changes


Unit A, Longdridge Trading Estate, Mobberley Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 8PR Tel: 01565 652817 Email: Web:

Wheel alignment, wheel spacers, suspension systems, performance springs and stabiliser bars

Wheels, tyres, tuning, suspension accessories, hardware and more

34 Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, BD19 3LL Tel: 01274 936040 Email: Web:



Tyres, wheels, suspension, exhausts, brakes

Sports suspension

136/138 New Road, Rainham, Essex, RM13 8DE Tel: 01780 525577 Web:

Unit 11, Twigden Barns, Brixworth Road, Creaton, Northampton, NN6 8NN Tel: 0845 060 3020 Web:

Accident repairs, bodystyling and modification, custom paint

Tyres, wheels, suspension, exhausts, brakes

Automotive surface care products


Unit 1-187, Parchmore Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 8HD Tel: 0208 771 9878 Email: Web:

Fulton Road, Wembley Ind Est, Wembley Middlesex, HA9 0TF Tel: 0208 956 5049 Web:

3 Lamport Court, Heartlands, Daventry, Northants, NN11 8UF Tel: 0870 241 6696 Web:



Exclusive UK importer for Stroeve Motorsport and DSP

Performance exhausts

VW, Audi, SEAT & Skoda specialist



Chip tuning/remapping specialist

Alloy parts and tuning accessories



Units C1-C4, Lake Street, Nottingham, NG7 4BT Tel: 0115 978 5740 Email: Web:

Whitting Valley Road Old Whittington, Chesterfield Derbyshire, S41 9EY Tel: 01246 455 004 Web:

Unit 15, Edgwick Industrial Estate Canal Road, Coventry, CV6 5RB Tel: 0247 668 4302 or 0247 668 4372 Email: Web: Audi, BMW, SEAT, Skoda and VW breaker


Unit 12B Central Park Ind Est, Halesowen Road, Netherton Dudley, West Midlands, DY2 9NW Tel: 01384 636459 Web:

1A, Ashville Trading Estate, Bristol, Gloucester, GL2 5EU Tel: 01452 380999 Web:

Units 21-27, The Fort Industrial Park, Dunlop Way, Birmingham, B35 7AR Tel: 0121 626 7981 Web: Mail order parts and styling

INTEGRATED ENGINEERING Salt Lake City, UT, 84115, USA Tel: +1 (801) 484 2021 Web:

Units 1-3, Belfield Industrial Estate, Ilkeston, Derbyshire Tel: 0845 200 8150 Email: Web:


Unit 2, Brewery Works, Powell Road, Shipley, West Yorkshire, BD18 1BD Tel: 01274 533370 Web: Custom leather interior retrimming


10740 Hillpoint #, San Antonio, TX 78217 Tel: +1 (210) 382 7278 Web: Email:

Authorised stocking warehouse distributors for Autotech, ARP, APR, B&G, EBC Brakes, Eibach, Forge Motorsport, H&R, Hawk Performance, JE Piston,Koni, Magnaflow, Neuspeed, Power Slot, StopTech, Techtonics and more!


Unit 4, 755 Thornton Road, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD13 3NW Tel: 01274 834222 or 07989 354730

Custom and standard paint and body work, custom fabrication, mechanics and restoration

Connecting rod and engine component specialist


75 Ash Road, South Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham, North Wales, LL13 9UG Tel: 0844 375 4431 Web:

Castle Works, Castle Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3RX Tel: 01722 321833 Email: Web:




Engine conversions, servicing, maintenance, roll-cages, welding, bodywork and resprays

Performance and tuning equipment

156 Lincoln Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 8PE Tel: 07939 936640 Email: design2shineautomotive@ Web: Custom automotive interior and audio design



Bespoke high performance products

Whitting Valley Road, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, S41 9EY Tel: 01246 455005 Web:

Big turbo specialist, VAG servicing and diagnostics, online shop for performance parts, Custom Code HQ

Oakwell Court, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE17 7BD Tel: 01207 561606 Web: Email:



Exhaust systems


Gould Farm, Duckend Green, Rayne, Essex, CM77 6DF Tel: 07939 305341 Web:



25 Swannington Road, Broughton Astley, Leicester, LE9 6TU Tel: 01455 285852 Email: Web:


VAG specialist

VW/Audi parts and specialist in forced induction



VAG servicing, ECU upgrades performance parts styling, diagnostics, rolling road

62958 Layton Ave, STE 2, Bend, Oregon 97701, USA Tel: +1 (541) 388 1202 Web:

GET LISTED! FOR ONLY £25 a month your business could be listed in this section! Contact

Specialist in bodywork, custom fabrication, general mechanics and Mk4 chassis chops

Unit 25, The Waterways, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 0AW Tel: 01789 298989 Web:


Tel: 0870 990 7536 Email: Web: Suspension supplier

Specialist in custom paint, cars and vans, accident and repair

Unit A, Brook Orchard Brook Road, Bassingbourn, Herts, SG8 5NS Tel: 01763 241188 Web: Email:


Eastland’s Industrial Estate, Leiston, Suffolk, IP16 4LL Tel: 01728 832880 Web: Original Mk1 and Mk2 Golf interiors. Mail order


5780 Main Street, Center Valley, PA 18034, USA Tel: +1 (610) 282 5487 Web:


Suite 7, Gable House, 239 Regents Park Road, Finchley, London, N3 3LF Tel: 020 8346 8999 Email: Web:

Supercharging and performance tuning specialist

Performance VW

124+126 PVW specialist 1117.indd 124

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120-121 PVW 0417 27/02/2017 10:14 Page 120


RIVERSIDE RACING_Layout 1 24/11/2016 16:55 Page 1

GOODRIDGE_Layout 1 28/07/2016 16:20 Page 1 Authorised Dealer

Tel: 0151 486 9838 Riverside Racing, Bridge House, Speke Road, BILSTEIN_Layout 1 25/07/2016 10:42 Hall Page 1 Liverpool L24 9HA

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE SETTING. VRS_Layout 1 26/08/2016 13:23 Page 1

Audi tuner? Then there’s only one place to be…PVW AUDI PERFORMANCE DIRECTORY. 01732 446756 - 07816 215605 email: sARAH.HALLS@talkmediasales.CO.UK A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6 A7 A8 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 RS TT Q3 Q5 Q7 R8


GET LISTED! FOR ONLY £25 a month your business could be listed in this section! Contact




G60/G40 specialist, VAG specialist, air-ride/boot installs, engine conversions

Automotive styling and tuning

Cult society and DSP importer

Unit 2B Railway Court, Sandal Stones Road, Kirk Sandall Ind. Est, Doncaster, DN3 1QR Tel: 01302 885310 Email:


Pottstown, PA 19464, USA Tel: +1 (484) 483 4636 Email: Web:

USA-based import/exporter of European and US-spec VAG parts


Web: Tel: 01604 707750

UK manufacturer of high performance air filters and air intakes


Unit 5, Winpenny Road Parkhouse Ind. Est. East, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 7RH Email: Web:

Engine tuning, bespoke engine conversions, custom fabricated parts, ECU upgrades,VAG servicing and diagnostics, rolling road, four-wheel alignment, performance parts and retail shop


3 Radwell Grange Farm, Radwell Baldock, Hertfordshire, SG7 5EU Tel: 01462 732182 Email: Web:

VW servicing, modification, restoration, detailing, ICE, electrics and track day preparation


Unit 8, Gasoline Alley, London Rd, Wrotham, Kent Tel: 01732 780111 Email: Specialist engineering, lightening and balancing


37 Lanchester Way, Royal Oak Ind. Estate, Daventry, Northants, NN11 8PH Tel: 01327 301901 (UK) Tel: +1 (770) 271 4726 (USA) Web: Performance software specialist, automotive software tuning, performance and service centre


72-82 Belgrave Road, Southampton, SO17 3AN Tel: 02380 558636 Email: Web:

Performance tuning, servicing and MoT centre. REVO software agent. KW Suspension preferred partner. European importer for EVOMS, AWE, Dbilas, Wavetrac, Fifteen52, Podi, BSH and Black Forest Industries. 4x4 Mustang Dyno. On-site nitrous filling


Unit 6 Hyde farm, Hyde lane, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP3 8SA Tel: 0783 0072635

Dustless blasting system for removal of paint, rust, under seal in engine bays, doors, boot, and bonnet shuts, plus wheels. Same day service. Collection and delivery available.


Unit 11, South Orbital Trading Estate, Hull, HU9 1NJ Tel: 01482 322446 Email: Web:

VAG performance mods and engine building, remapping and servicing


Units 16-17, Connect 10, Foster Road Ashford, Kent, TN24 0FE Tel: 01474 814469 Email: Web:


Drakes Lane Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, Essex, CM3 3BE Tel: 01245 362020 Email: Web: VW spare parts and vehicle breaking, specialist vehicles bought and sold


Sheardley Lane, Drotford, Hamps, SO32 3QY Tel: 01489 877987 Web:

ICE specialist and full-car signature builds


Old Engine House, Dolcoath Camborne, Cornwall, TR14 8RR Tel: 01209 613033 Web: Exclusive automotive styling


Britannia Way, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 6QH Tel: 0870 428 5050 Web: Alloy wheel specialist


Unit 2A, Darenth Works, Ray Lamb Way, Erith, Kent, DA8 2LA Tel: 01322 350022 Email: Web:


Rayne Croft Farm, Colchester Road, Coggeshall, Essex, CO6 1RP Web: Tel: 01376 563859 Email: 25 years of custom paint and bodywork. Straight paint and insurance work


Unit 2, White Hart Industrial Estate, London Road, Blackwater, Surrey, GU17 9AD Tel: 08454 505760 Email: Web: Engine tuning,conversions, servicing


Pendle Performance main agent, 17 Bridge Industries, Broadcut Wallington, Hampshire, PO16 8SX Tel: 02392287127 or 07765918384 Email: Web:

Remapping specialist, servicing, MoTs, TDi conversions, diagnostics, dealer for Forge Motorsports, Wolfrace Wheels, PPTuning and Miltek exhaust systems. Discounts for forum/club members. The south coast’s leading T4, T5 and Caddy tuning specialist


Toyo House, Shipton Way, Rushden, Northants, NN10 6GL Tel: 01933 411144 Web:

World-beating tyres from a world-leading company


Unit 1, Gasoline Alley, London Rd, Wrotham, Kent, TN15 7RR Tel: 07866 600948 Web: APR dealer

40 Haling Road, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 6HS Tel: 020 8681 0208 Email: Web:


Unit B3, Spen Beck Business Park, Cleckheaton, BD19 4EW Tel: 01274 864457 Email: Web:

Wheels, Armytrix packages, interior and exterior styling products


9832 Currie Davis Drive, Tampa, FL 33619, USA Tel: +1 (813) 319 5483 Web: Email:

Performance and OEM parts for VW/Audi


Unit 1, Clarendon Garage, Church Street, Ribchester, Lancs, PR3 3YE Tel: 01254 820005 Fax: 01254 820006 Web:


Unit 4A, Roxby Road Ind. Estate, Winterton, North Lincolnshire, DN15 9SU Tel: 01724 854769 Email: Web: Servicing/repairs, retrofitting (cruise control, multi-function steering wheel, navigation, bluetooth etc), VW T5 tailgate conversions, Pendle Performance agent


Spelthorne Lane, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 1UX Tel: 01784 557010 or 07985 423810 Web: VAG restoration, modification, servicing, repairs and engineering


800 Pershore Road, Selly Park, Birmingham, B29 7NG Tel: 0121 472 4285 Hotline: 0870 5143 397 VW styling products


Unit 1, Crusader Works, Elder Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2HD Tel: 01782 833585 Email: Web: Quality new and used VW parts


104-106 Newlands Park, Sydenham, London, SE26 5NA Tel: 020 8778 7766 Email: Web:

Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda specialist


47 Dolphin Road, Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 6PB Tel: 01273 444000 Email:

Mk1, Mk2, Scirocco, T4 and everything air-cooled parts specialist, VW classic parts stockist


111c Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 8JA Tel: 020 8735 9996 Web: VW/Audi specialist, parts, servicing

VW 2000

1 Mill Close, Peakirk, Peterborough, PE6 7PA Tel: 01733 253362

VW breakers, old and new models


Unit 2, Magdalene Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 4AF Tel: 01803 293139 Web:

Alloy wheels bought, sold and exchanged, Eurostyles wheel specialist


Unit 1, Gasoline Alley, London Road, Wrotham, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN15 7RR Tel: 01732 887000 Web:

VW, Audi, SEAT and Skoda service and repairs


Nieuweweg 11, 2685 AP Poeldijk, Holland Tel: +31 (0) 174 246482 Email: VAG tuning, conversions, servicing


Tel: 0800 052 4448 Web:


Tel: 0800 505 3000 Web:


5 Chapman Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Tel: 0800 781 9559 Web:


Tel: 01792 650933 Web:


Tel: 0845 246 9045 Web:






2 The Causeway, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 2EJ Tel: 08448 884888 Web:


Markerstudy House, 108-112 Main Road, Sundridge, Kent, TN14 6ES Tel: 0800 440 2024 Web:


Tel: 0844 557 3054 Web:


56 Southberry Rd, Enfield, Middlesex Tel: 03303 331250 Web:

Performance VW

124+126 PVW specialist 1117.indd 126

04/10/2017 15:17


BBM_qs 17/12/2015 17:29 Page 1

TUNING WERKS_q 21/12/2016 09:27 Page 1


™   ) )  %  '%  - + - &  %'% ™   : C F J > G > : H 5 I J C > C < L : G @ : H # 8 D B ™   W W W.T U N I N G W E R K E S . C O M T U N I N G W E R K E S , 4 0 H A L I N G R O A D , S O U T H C R OY D O N , S U R R E Y, C R 2 6 H S

PVWCLASSIFIEDS Tel: 0906 802 0279

(Lines open Mon to Fri, 10am-4pm, calls cost 65p per minute plus network extras. Calls from mobiles and some networks may be considerably higher). Service provided by Kelsey Media. For complaints or any queries about the premium rate number, please call 01959 543723, available 9-5pm, Mon-Fri.


Fax: 01959 541400 Email: Web:


im u m h o t o x a m For l ude a p t, inc ad impac ith your ed free w d. int

ne pr a re e re t u r o n e s o t P h o a n n o t b a cce p t p e r c t b u a n o n l y re a d e r e W c e r t p e r u e. is s ad v

Complete the coupon below and post to:

PERFORMANCE VW FREE ADS, Kelsey Media, PO Box 13, Cudham, Westerham TN16 3WT

Reach a dedicated audience of PERFORMANCE VW ENTHUSIASTS by placing your advertisement here - for free! You can include a colour photograph and we’ll run your ad for up to TWO ISSUES. ADVERTISER DETAILS:


NAME: .........................................................................


TEL*: ........................................................................... EMAIL (OPTIONAL):........................................................



YEAR: .........................

ADDRESS: ....................................................................

MAKE/MODEL: ...........................................................







TOWN: .........................................................................


COUNTY: ......................................................................


POSTCODE: ..................................................................


COUNTRY: ....................................................................



PRICE: ...........................

(NO MORE THAN 40 WORDS): ..............................


AD CONTACT NUMBER: ...............................................



• We reserve the right to refuse any advert. • Adverts are published subject to space. Kelsey Media cannot guarantee specific issues into which adverts will appear. • This service is for private advertisers only. Anyone trading more than 12 adverts in a year will be regarded as trade. • Traders please call the sales team on 01959 541444. • Each advert can be no more than 40 words. Kelsey Media reserves the right to edit down adverts that exceed this word limit. • Kelsey Media cannot be held responsible for illegible or inaccurate advert descriptions. • Advertisers can include one photograph free of charge. This photo will be published subject to space and cannot be returned. Emailed digital photos must be in JPEG format. • All adverts and images will be kept on file for a maximum of six months. • Advertisements may appear in other relevant Kelsey Media publications.

• When submitting an advert, you all assign all copyright of the words and photos to Kelsey Media and agree to waive all moral rights in relation to the advert. • Kelsey Media’s customer service representatives reserve the right to terminate telephone calls if the caller becomes abusive. • By submitting advertisements to Kelsey Media you are agreeing to the above Terms & Conditions. • No other correspondence can be entered into. • Kelsey Media uses a multi-layered Privacy Notice giving you brief details about how we use your personal information. For full details visit, or call 01959 543524. If you have any questions please ask as submitting your details indicates your consent, until you choose otherwise, that we and our partners may contact you about products and services that will be of relevance to you via direct mail, phone, email and SMS. You can opt-out at ANY time via email or 01959 543524.


1997, 33,700 Miles, £1,000 ONO. One family ownership since new. Grey, black cloth interior. MOT August 2018. No advisories sunroof, rust free, clean, drives well, everything tight. Service history. Please call 07871 547394, Oxford.


1972,47,000 Miles, £4,995. Very good condition. Bare metal re-spray. 1600CC fuel injected engine. Free road tax, new heat exchangers, front disc brakes, MOT March 2018. Please call 01843 593242, Kent. BEETLE

CARAVELLE 1988, £1,750. T25, No MOT, Internal fire damage, Excellent engine (Petrol) and auto box. Requires full interior, new screen and window glass. Hydraulic wheel chair lift installed from new. Please call 07932 652744, North Lincolnshire. POLO

2000, 55,000 Miles, £2,500 ONO. Colour concept. 1.4 TDI. One owner from new. Full service history. Recent new tyres. Timing belt and service. Original car. Excellent condition, viewing recommend. Please call 07565 512884, Worcestershire. VOLKSWAGEN LT31

1983, £1,800 ONO. Pickup drop side flat petrol. 1984CC MOT till December 2017. In working order. Please call 01388606653, Durham. VW LWB T30

2011, £26,000. Unit separate. Professional wired, hook up, integrated leisure, battery, LED, 12v/240 circuits. V5 reclassified. Hard paint. Please call 01772 436944, Lancashire. VW TRANSPORTER 2002, 90,000 Miles, £850. 2LTR. MOT Until Jan 2018. Full service history. Silver. Much loved car owned since 2005. Leather Upholstery, heated front seats. 6CD Multi-changer. Call for more information. 07776 247 386 OR 07526 460 381 CADDY MK2 2000, £1,000 ONO. Dark blue. 1.9 diesel. In excellent condition. Some minor welding at the tail gate area. Please call 07976 268273, Herefordshire.

2007, 95,500 Miles, £10,495. MOT. Chrome side steps and nudge bar fly lined and painted. Full leather seat with arm rest. New VW sports line alloys. News pads and discs. Please call 07843 477711, Cornwall.


1942, £6,000. MOT, Tax free. Welding done underneath. 3-4 bed, cooker, sink, fridge. 2 litre engine, small surface rust some history lowered new twin, electronic ignition. Please call 01932 847849, Addlestone.


£65 PAIR. As new, compete with wires. Chrome finish. 2 inch dia 3 inch stroks. Please call 02083997541, Surrey. VARIOUS CAR PARTS

CARS WANTED BEETLE 1972, WANTED. 1,200CC. Price will pay £3,500. Must be in good condition. No scrap. Good paint. Chrome bumpers. Please call 07507 220278, Bedfordshire.

PARTS & ACCESSORIES FOR SALE BEETLE PARTS 1969, £VARIOUS. Beetle right hand door slight rust, easy repair £65. Speedo in KPH £25. Manual fix your Volks Beetle 1st edition £25. Dinky small window £30. Please call 01843 897546. GOLF MKTT VARIOUS PARTS £VARIOUS. Rear screen £30. Unused single wiper kit £30. Pair crystal H/Lamps £40. Golf MK polished ally, rocker cover plus chrome cap/bolts £50. Please call 01279 725455, Herts. PAIR OF SURFACE LIGHTS

£POA. Tan Rear Seats/Front L/H Seat, Speaker pods, L/H Front Window1/4 Light, Centre Console, L and R Door Cards, Bumper L/H , Front /Rear Rubber Finisher, 1 Kent alloy. Please call 07921 470845. VW GOLF FRONT GRILL

£100. Grill with head lights, cross hair head lights and indicator lenses. 01865 891 176 VW LT DOORS £80 EACH. Rust free condition. From late model offside/nearside. Please call 077523 12211, Berks.

LITERATURE & INFORMATION FOR SALE £85 PAIR. 3.5 Inch. As new chrome finish twin bulbs. Please call 07534431198.

COLLECTION OF CAR BOOKS £POA. Manuals, handbook magazines. Please call 01507 610016, Lincs. NOVEMBER 2017



In shops: 17 NOVEMBER

Available to download: 14 NOVEMBER


What has 1200bhp and runs low 8-seconds 1/4mileS at over 170mph? Don Octaneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s R30 Polo of course! If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t always find a copy of this magazine, help is at hand! Complete this form, hand it in at your local store, and they will arrange for a copy of each issue to be reserved for you. Some stores may even be able to arrange for it to be delivered to your home. Just ask!* *Subject to availability


Please reserve/deliver my copy of PVW on a regular basis, starting with issue: Title First name Surname Address

Postcode Tel

Performance VW

130 PVW next month 1117.indd 130

10/10/2017 10:55



f i n a n c e ava i l a b l e

vag a i r r i d e k i t s








car audio car audio

s e c u r i t y / t r ac k e r

a l l oy w h e e l s


Don’t just upgrade your suspension. Get the OE Black Edition for your Mk7 Golf GTi









Available for Mk7 Golf GTi/GTD/Clubsport

For further details contact your local ST dealer





KW Automotive UK Ltd - 01634 255506 - prices include VAT


1 2 POST




Buy one of our SUBSCRIPTION GIFT PACKS this Christmas and let a friend or loved one choose the magazine they want.

Fill in the form and send to: Subscriptions, FREEPOST RTKZ-HYRL-CCZX, Kelsey Publishing Ltd., Cudham Tithe Barn, Berry’s Hill, Cudham, Kent, TN16 3AG.


Have a passion for cars? Our magazines cover the full gamut of motoring, performance to classic and one marque. from GT PORSCHE is for aficionados off Germany’s most famous sports car maker. Containing model reviews, buying guides, classic features, race coverage and the latest news, GT Porsche is a must for all fans of Stuttgart’s most famous export.



Jackie Skelton


01959 543 747 & quote offer code XPVW Hotline open: Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm.

on maintaining and modifying your Porsche.


As soon as we receive confirmation of your order, we will arrange for the subscription of your chosen publication to start with the next available issue.


Yours Sincerely


Sarah Sharp

Japanese vehicles and with ground-breaking photography, exciting and slick editorial features comprehensive show reports and informative and fascinating features from around the world.

FAST CAR is today’s car culture, bringing together the hottest gear and kit, inspiring guides with the very best cars. As the high performance market place, Fast Car is the magazine for all those working on projects, bodywork or performance.


YES! I would like to take advantage of these special discounted prices. Please start my subscriptions with the first magazine issue after Christmas to:

was the first modified motoring magazine. Every issue is filled with the best cars in the UK, invaluable technical advice, drag racing news and the very best roundup of custom cars, hot rods and street machines.



31 PERFORMANCE VW has been at the forefront of modified VW’s for over a decade now, shaping the scene into the most innovative of its kind. If you’re after the fastest, finest and most fun VAG metal, then Performance VW is for you.

PERFORMANCE VAUXHALL is the UK’s one and only Griffon-dedicated performance magazine. It has the very best modified Vauxhall and Opels from around the world and expert technical advice, step-by-step DIY project guides and show reports.



the cars that built the marque. With its focus on classic models of the marque, Classic Jaguar is the perfect complement


to Jaguar World.

Magazine .............................................. No of issues ........ £............


and racing.

12/08/2016 15:35 GIFT_CARD_16.indd 1

SUBSCRIPTION GIFT PACK OPTIONS No of packs ........ £............

Orders must be received by 11th December to ensure delivery of your Gift Pack before Christmas.


TOP SANTÉ is packed with information on wellbeing, fitness, food, beauty and much more believing every

with seaside escapes, homes, gardening and property make up the appeal of every issue.



THE GREAT OUTDOORS created by hillwalkers for hillwalkers. Wilderness instructors and writers provide enthusiasts with ideas and inspiration through stunning photography, top class writing and brilliant walking and backpacking routes.

6 OUTDOOR FITNESS incorporating Triathlon Plus and Running is the only UK magazine which helps you get fit, train and compete for events. Outdoor Fitness shows you how to train and plan for exciting challenges and how to complete them.

MATCH is essential for the young football enthusiast. Each fan receives the complete rundown on the Premier League, the latest news, results and reports on all the favourite teams together with great cover gifts and collectibles.




8 PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN is the only magazine in the UK to cover park homes, feature the newest models, give practical advice on site living and have a “Questions of Law” service, a sites guide and a garden section.


SCI FI NOW features big news on the best shows, interviews,

woman has the ability to maximise her health and beauty whatever her age.

2 is about what we’re like on the inside not what we look like. Want a magazine that’s explores the way we think, behave and connect? Want to be a better parent, partner or friend? Psychologies will help you become one.


4 CLAYCRAFT is for ceramics enthusiasts to improve their skills and take them to a higher level. The magazine offers numerous practical step-by-step projects and information on clay choice, glazing, firing kilns, design, tools, and product reviews.

reviews containing dedicated sections for sci-fi fans. Each issue also includes a section dedicated to the best (and sometimes worst) films, shows and sci-fi literature.


HOLIDAY LIVING is Britain’s best magazine for giving you holiday inspiration; dedicated to helping you get the most out of your free time and making the most of every holiday opportunity, from glamping to quirky breaks, from cabins to caravans.

10 COLOUR-ME COLLECTION Looking for a simple way to relax for a few minutes... or an hour? Subscribe to this new collection of adult colouring books with fresh, modern themed and challenging designs, all printed on high quality paper to produce quality results.



Then just continue looking through this fold out brochure until you find what magazine suits you.....

Mrs/Ms/Miss/Mr ............... Forename .............................................. Surname ......................................................................................... Address ........................................................................................... ......................................................................................................... ................................................................ Postcode ......................... Daytime phone ........................................ Mobile ........................... Email ...............................................................................................

Christmas The

The No1 magazine for a fabulous Christmas 2017

For stockists turn to page 144




Ho Ho Ho Christmas tags, £3.95, Nancy & Betty Studio


Traditional combo


Easy projects Family days out Board games PLUS WIN books!


A classic white backdrop for your Christmas presents creates a chic, elegant look. You can then introduce splashes of gold, silver and black. Alternate between thick ribbons and natural twine and add a simple star decoration to finish. Christmas Wrapping Paper, from £3.50, Waitrose


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Amarilis Spiral T-Light Holder in Gold, £55,

31/08/2017 11:10

Blue Stripe Fabric Sticky Gift Tape, £3.95, Dotcom giftshop


Treat bags, £2.99 for 12, Talking Tables

The Christmas Magazine 2017

own at this time of into their2017 plates come Magazine Charger Christmas The place setting

year – they make a great base for your and they are readily available in lots of colours. Bronze on grey is a winning combination. Then layer up a white plate and crisp napkin then finish off with a gold pomegranate decoration and a pheasant feather sprig for an individual look. Rustic Gold Partridge ornament, £29.99; Gold Base tealight holder, £14.99; Pheasant feather, £7.99; Pomegranate decoration, £4.49; Wine glasses, £39.99; Dining plates, from £8.95 each; all



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Gold Glitter Reindeer, £15,

Shopping made easy: gift guide! PLUS 24 TIPS TO MAKE THIS CHRISTMAS YOUR BEST EVER!

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16-piece two tone cutlery set, £24.99,




Stag Mistletoe napkin, £22.50 for 4,


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White Magic



anything plus shopping

Festive inspiration!

Christmas wishes present sack, £10, Paperchase

White stars, £3 for 10, B&Q

Let It Snow gift bag, 89p, Home Bargains

Tips and tricks to be ready for





White Ribbon Fabric, £4, Flying Tiger


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Do Not Open Ribbon, £4, The Contemporary Home

Don’t be afraid to combine different textures of ribbon and wrap for the best effects



DELIVERY DETAILS (if different from above)


Brown paper with matt red paper makes for a winning combination for wrapping presents. Add in a unique twist with natural foliage from holly and berries to sprigs taken from your Christmas tree – simply tuck under a ribbon to attach. Up the glamour with the introduction of a touch of red foil wrap for extra special key gifts. Wrapping paper, from £4, Kraft gift accessory pack, £5; all Wyevale Garden Centres.



12 issues at £35


With a range of over 60 titles there’s a publication for everyone! Choose a 6 or 12 issue subscription (with a suitably festive discount) and we’ll send you the pack with an array of over 60 magazines to choose from. Give it to your recipient and they choose the title they’d like to read over the next 6 or 12 months. We provide a pre-paid envelope for confirmation of the title: your friend or family member returns it to us and we’ll do the rest. It couldn’t be easier!

For all gift subscription orders received before the 11th December, we will send a free gift card so that you can inform the recipient of their special gift.

No of packs ........ £............

COAST is for those who love the sea or relish the seaside. Every issue has coastal stories, lifestyle, food, walks, wildlife and interior design which together

provides unique insight into the classic motor market, with its news, auction reports and events of the classic scene. With over 1500 cars and parts for sale in its Free Ads section, the magazine is THE marketplace for classics.



03/10/2017 14:56

This subscription is a gift

6 issues at £18

PERFORMANCE BMW is a high-powered magazine about the fastest of the brand. Interested in going fast? The magazine is full of the latest news on forthcoming models, the best mods and parts together with stunning readers’ cars.


is dedicated to the buying, rebuild and maintenance of cars from the 1930s - 80s. Each issue is packed with great technical advice, simple guides, and project progress, taking you through the nitty gritty of repair and restoration.

CLASSIC CAR MART is the world’s best-seller for the Mini in all its forms from 1959 trailblazers to fuel-injected Coopers. From readers’ cars to buying advice and practical tips, MiniWorld is the definitive read for any fan of this pioneering city car.

is dedicated to surviving originals and restored rarities, through to the maddest custom and performance Minis, every issue has comprehensive coverage of the Mini world with a highly respected technical section.

Want to move to the Coast, cycle the JOGTLE route, find an exercise regime or just want to watch the best SCIFI movie? We have the magazine for you!



advice, and fabulous feature vehicles.




A gift for you...

37 is about pre-1990 Fords, standard or modified - from Populars and Cortinas, and Capris to Granadas, Full of practical advice on buying, maintaining and restoring, every issue reports on shows, events, runs, rallies


Magazine .............................................. No of issues ........ £............ This subscription is for myself

33 ROLLS ROYCE & BENTLY DRIVER is devoted to the history of these two great marques, this new magazine explores and explains the makes and different models from

relives the golden era of Jaguar motoring, profiling the people, places and

20/09/2017 17:19

RETRO JAPANESE monitors the growing popularity of classic Japanese cars. Each month, models are described and, analysed through road tests and reviews, together with buying guides, advice and technical content.

the first Silver Ghost and 3 litre to the present day’s Dawn & Bentayga.


29 FAST FORD is the magazine for Fordpowered performance enthusiasts. Packed with inspirational cars, useful guides, events, projects and updates from the race world. Interested in fine-tuning anything with a blue oval badge? It’s all in Fast Ford!



RETRO CARS is packed with cool cars from the 50s to the 90s. Each month there is practical advice for anyone considering modifying their classic motor together with stories of brave owners and the stories behind their beautiful restorations.


Have a passion for cars? Our magazines cover the full gamut of motoring, performance to classic and one marque. from BANZAI is packed full of performance-orientated

on clubs and forums.


VWt provides a monthly fix of T4, T5 and T6 Van-related content for the water-cooled Volkswagen Transporter fan. Each issue is full of reviews, road tests, industry specialists, road trips, essential technical



is the only magazine for the BMW Mini in the UK, covering the latest news, providing brilliant technical advice and detailed practical articles together with features on real owners’ cars from around the world.



MINI WORLD is the world’s best-seller for the Mini in all its forms from 1959 trailblazers to fuel-injected Coopers. From readers’ cars to buying advice and practical tips, MiniWorld is the definitive read for any fan of this pioneering city car.


TRIUMPH WORLD brings readers a roundup from the much missed Standard and Triumph marques including features on specific models, readers’ cars, buying and maintenance advice plus a section focused

VW CAMPER & BUS covers every generation of the VW Transporter. Each issue is crammed full of the best feature vehicles, technical guides, product reviews and inspirational travel features. Where, what, how-this is the magazine for you.

VOLKS WORLD has focussed on air-cooled Volkswagens since 1987. if you want to be inspired by the very best Beetles, buses, Karmann Ghias and Type 3s and learn what, how, when and how much to buy, this is the only magazine you’ll ever need.


MERCEDES DRIVER reaches out to real Mercedes owners of vintage and contemporary models alike to provide the most in-depth and authoritative roundup of Mercedes information, legend and practical advice on iconic models of the marque.

I do hope you enjoy your subscription and will be inspired, informed and entertained for the next 6 months.


ULTRA VW brings you the very best VWs from around the world including an eclectic mix of Beetles, Campers, Karmann Ghia’s, the occasional Porsche and classic water-cooled Golf too – if it’s a VW, Ultra VW has it covered.

is dedicated to all MGs, from pre-war TFs, to the Midget, MGA’s, B’s , C’s ’s and the MGF Every month, 100 pages are packed with the very best cars, buying guides, road tests, show reports, motorsport and practical advice.


To receive your copy every month, couldn’t be easier or quicker. Go to the gift form on the last page, and confirm both your name and address details are correct. Complete the section with the publication you’ve chosen and pop the completed form in the PRIORITY FREEPOST envelope provided and post back to us.


material, buying advice and expert opinion


15 JAGUAR WORLD is an essential resource for Jaguar drivers, buyers and owners alike. Every month, the magazine features road tests, archive material, motorsport and the latest marque news from around the world - a must for leaping cat lovers!

celebrates some of the finest fourwheelers ever produced with owner stories, rare archive

As you will see, we publish a whole range of magazines, ranging from lifestyle to fitness, agricultural to motoring, transport to animal keeping – there is a title there for everyone (titles are grouped in interest group on this fold-out)! Whether you are interested in the teachings of a yoga ashram, want to follow the restoration of a vintage traction engine, investigate the viability of smallholding and husbandry or enter your first triathlon, our magazines will provide the very best quality coverage of their subject for the next 6 months. Just look through the titles on this gift fold-out (they’re all here) and choose the title you would like a subscription for – you’ll receive 6 issues over the coming months.


BMW CAR demos the CSLs, E30 M3s and M1’s and other marque classics. With road tests of the latest models, it reviews the latest high performance machinery, tuning, prototypes and provides a comprehensive buying guide for the brand.


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Go For Glitter

A runner of real moss is really easy to achieve but looks fantastic. Add beaded pin lights for sparkle then choose grey and white tableware for a sophisticated look. Use sprigs of fern on the napkins, place a bird feather decoration on each plate and give a different silver and white cracker to each person. The stag looks fabulous with his fur scarf! Idris table, £259; and chairs, £99; Pearl lights, £8; Premium crackers, £5; Decorations, from £1; Glitter reindeer, £5; Silver tree, £8; 12 piece ribbed tableware range, £18; Grey tableware range, from £4; 16-piece silver glitter set, £8; White napkins, £4 set of 4; Cut glass ceiling lights, £15; Silver tealight holder, £12; all


The Christmas Magazine 2017

The Christmas Magazine 2017 31/08/2017 10:53

31/08/2017 10:53

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RALLYE L & HARLEQUIN LYE Stripped Golf Rallye 16v 6v on ITBs and R32-swapped Mk3 Harlequin


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Audi’s awesome S1 gets the full KW Clubsport treatment


The American Westside Cartel breaks cover with this stunning Mk1 VR6 turbo



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RALLY L E & HARLEQUIN LYE Stripped Golf Rallye 16v 6v on ITBs and R32-swapped Mk3 Harlequin






Audi RS4 homage gets far more than a wide-body makeover!



Audi’s awesome S1 gets the full KW Clubsport treatment



The American Westside Cartel breaks cover with this stunning Mk1 VR6 turbo




Fully restored Mk1 Golf swallowtail with Mk6 Golf R x! power and 2wd DSG gearbo

WÖRTHERSEE NÜRBURGRING How, where, when and why? We spill the beans

All you need to know – Destination Nürburgring





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