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August 2012

Joshua Nations Schools 4,380 Schools in 41 Nations 82,127 Students, 9,998 Graduates

This Month: Global Advance New Bible Training Centers Current Happenings Word of the Lord It is a most powerful thing to get a word from the Lord…one that brings peace and direction. Usually the word comes in a time of one's devotion or in the numerous ways that God speaks to us. I found such words a couple of weeks ago reading the prophet Isaiah in chapter 33 and verse 6. "Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times." We are called to understand the times and to know what to do. The wisdom and knowledge of the Godhead is the mainstay of our salvation. We have a spiritual hoard of deliverances, victories, and continual assurance thr ough wisdom and knowledge. And when we fear God, these treasures are available to us.

Dear Joshua Nations Partner, I am writing to you from a hotel in Dallas just before a very important conference with the Global Advance Ambassadors, pastors from across America. Our continual and increasing partnership allows us to impact the kingdom more effectively and provides more tools for us to use. We thank God for Global Advance and increased vision to establish multitudes of Bible Training Centers around the world. New Bible Training Centers •

In Sri Lanka, thirty-five new Bible Training Centers are opening with over 700 new students!

In Kenya, three new Bible Training Centers are opening.

In Zanzibar, two new BTCs are opening.

Proverbs gives us awesome knowledge and wisdom. When I need an answer, direction or solution I read the book of Proverbs in a sitting. It has never failed to give me all that I need.

Current Happenings •

Former RMBI student Juan Lopez is now a youth pastor in California and is attending seminary.

Two Little Ethiopian Angels

Raymond, one of our Cuban interpreters, was stirred by a graduation message I preached there. He came to the United States and is now planting a church in Dallas, Texas.

In the Verde Island, Mark Gomes is preaching, teaching, and training more leaders to start more Bible Training Centers.

In the Dominican Republic, 100 children are studying their Joshua Nations curriculum. Please send your tax deductible gifts to Joshua Nations Dr. Russ & Lana Frase

P. O. Box 745728 ~ Arvada, CO 80006-5728 ~ U.S.A. ~ 303.940.6407 ~

Make a joyful shout unto the Lord!!

What’s Happening Next: •

On Wednesday evening, September 5, 2012, I will be speaking at Faith Bible Chapel, Arvada, Colorado.

For three consecutive Thursdays, (September 6, 13th, and 20th), I will be teaching about the person, work, and ministry of the Holy Spirit at Headwaters Bible Institute, Activation Ministry Center, Lookout Mountain.

Our Vision To disciple the Nations!

Our Mission Unbelievers become Believers Believers become Disciples Disciples become Leaders Leaders become Fathers

In late September, (September 25-30), Jack Gaudin and I will be speaking at a Global Advance Frontline Shepherd's conference, in Pereira, Colombia, South America. We will also be training leaders to start Bible Training Centers.

Fathers become...

Later in October, (October 24-28), Jack and I will be in Freetown, Sierra Leone training leaders. From Sierra Leone, Jack will go on to Sri Lanka and I will go to Kolkata, India.

Leaders of Leaders

Hungry leaders devour the word in this Bible Training Center in Ethiopia

Right: Dr. Frase and a team member with a cute little Ethiopian girl

Left: Dr. Frase with Girma, the pastor coordinator in Ethiopia

September 5 Arvada, Colorado Faith Bible Chapel September 6, 13, 20 Golden, Colorado Activation Ministry Center Blessings To You, Pastor Russ & Lana Frase

2012 Itinerary September 27 - 30 Pereira, Colombia Global Advance Conference

October 24 - 28 Sierra Leone, Africa Training Leaders To Start BTCs November 4-10 Kolkata, Bengali, India Training Leaders To Start BTCs

If you have changed contact information, please notify us. Joshua Nations contact information is available at the bottom of page one of this letter.

Joshua Nations August 2012 Newsletter  

Newsletter from Joshua Nations (a FBCS-supported ministry) for the month of August.

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