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December 2011

We conclude 2011 with 4,196 Schools in 35 Nations 76,000 Students, 7,557 Graduates

This Month: Sri Lanka Honduras Tanzania End of Year Report

Dear Joshua Nations Partner,

Celebrating Christ Truly we celebrate this season in many different ways, but it is about the birth of Jesus. God birthed Jesus through a virgin Mary. That wonder of all wonders continues in the hearts of those who embrace Jesus as their Savior and as their lifestyle. For many it is head knowledge, but for others it is a daily heart experience of indescribable joy. Many have fallen away because it is a religion and not a vital relationship. God wants to birth this amazing reality afresh and anew in your heart. This is a season of birthing. Love Him and Adore Him daily and you will experience a new and wonderful journey.

Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Savior! I am at home now, listening to beautiful Christmas music, signing Christmas cards, watching it snow and taking it easy. What a beautiful season. It is now time to rest, relax, refresh, re-examine the work we accomplished in 2011 and reload for 2012. Tanzania Before I left to go to Sri Lanka, I met with Pat Loomis. Pat is one of our new JN global representatives working in Tanzania with the translation help of Bishop Nathaniel. He will be setting up Bible Training Centers in four major cities in Tanzania next May. Bishop Nathaniel works with Pat Loomis as a translator

Sri Lanka

I have just returned from Sri Lanka. After thirty hours of travel, we landed at 3:15 a.m., and then drove another five hours to the conference center in Hatton. We had some breakfast and the conference began that very Recommended Reading: afternoon. Several days later, we drove back to The Mary Miracle by Jack Hayford Colombo for another conference. The Lord also provided opportunities to minister in churches on Sunday. The Lord gave us great visitation with healings and deliverances. Twenty-eight people accepted Jesus Christ and another sixty-five committed to start Bible Training Centers. This was a very fruitful trip! Philippines Baerbel, YWAM leader in Davao, helped build this house for a widow lady. We are so proud of this good work, ministering help and hope in the name of Jesus Christ. Way to go Baerbel!

House that Baerbel helped build in the Philippines

Please send your tax deductible gifts to Joshua Nations Dr. Russ & Lana Frase P. O. Box 745728 ~ Arvada, CO 80006-5728 ~ U.S.A. ~ 303.940.6407 ~

Make a joyful shout unto the Lord!!

Honduras James and Yolanda McKenzie will be hosting graduation ceremonies for seventy students in Honduras this month. 2011 Year-End Report

Our Vision To disciple the Nations!

Our Mission Unbelievers become Believers Believers become Disciples Disciples become Leaders Leaders become Fathers Fathers become...

This year, God has allowed Joshua Nations to accomplish so much. We are so grateful for your support and participation in what God is doing in the nations of the earth. This year alone, we... •

Training pastors and leaders in Sri Lanka

Ministered in 15 nations: • • • • •

Cuba Thailand Philippines (twice) Sri Lanka China

Leaders of Leaders

• • •

Italy Venezuela Columbia Peru Ecuador

Honduras Mexico Dominican Republic Tanzania

Supported 25 missionaries on a monthly basis

Started translations in Visaya, Oriya, Singulary, Tamal, Juba Arabic and Romanian!

Printed 24,000 books

Increased by 1,194 new Bible Training Centers

Have grown by 14,800 students

Received 1,100 professions of faith in Jesus Christ

Added 8 new global and international representatives who assist us in this ever-increasing fruitful ministry

Joshua Nations Champions Night OOPS! It has come to our attention that due to mailing errors, many of you did not receive an invitation to our annual dessert fellowship. Please accept my sincere apologies. It was a grand evening and we hope to see you next year.

• • • • •

We conclude 2011 with 4,196 Schools in 35 Nations, 76,000 Students and 7,557 Graduates. GLORY TO GOD, THIS IS WHY WE GO !

December 12 - January 3 Honduras James and Yolanda McKenzie January 15 - 18 San Antonio, Texas Destiny Missions Conference

Have a Most Blessed And Peaceful Christmas,

Russ & Lana Frase

2012 Itinerary January 23 - February 3 Cuba Ten Bible School Graduations

March 3 - 13 Ahmadabad and Calcutta, India Global Advance Front Line Conferences March 15 - 18 India RR World Missions Pastors Conference

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Joshua Nations December Newsletter  

Newsletter from Joshua Nations (a FBCS-supported ministry) for the month of December.

Joshua Nations December Newsletter  

Newsletter from Joshua Nations (a FBCS-supported ministry) for the month of December.