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Fraser first ran to the barn to rescue his two dogs that were struggling in two feet of water. Thankfully, people from Foothills Pet Resort of Cayley came within minutes to take the dogs and free up Fraser to tend to his livestock. When he first got to the pasture he found 80 head of yearlings on an island surrounded by raging flood waters. The yearlings were rotating between knee-highdeep water and the high ground where the water was ankle deep. He figured the water surrounding the island was anywhere from three to 15 feet deep and flowing fast. A helicopter was standing by to herd the cattle to higher ground but Bob was afraid to call it in for fear a helicopter might scare

 e returned to find the H water had subsided and his yearlings were safe but on the move them into running the wrong way toward the brush and trees hidden under the 15-foot-high water. Instead he followed the advice of a couple of older ranchers who had experienced floods in the past. They recommended leaving the cattle to fend for themselves.

Fraser kept tabs on the yearlings until dark and then headed to bed, hoping for the best. At dawn when he returned Fraser found the water had subsided and his yearlings safe but on the move. The fences in the area were demolished by the flooding so once the cattle got off the island they started heading toward town. Fraser and a crew of hastily gathered cowboys headed cross-country to gather up the yearlings and bring them back home. Like  the  Nelsons,  Fraser  has  some unpleasant memories from the flood of 2013 and plenty to be thankful about. In particular he is thankful for the many neighbours and friends who were so quick to help him out in his time of need. c

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