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Perfect Attendance . . . & Baby Calves During the awards assembly at the end of my Kindergarten year there were some of my classmates that received a perfect attendance award. For some reason, that caught in the brain as a goal to try to achieve. So each year when school began, the first thought was to pursue that goal. However, year after year the first week of school found me at home, sick with a fever. With the exception of those couple of days that week, never a day of school was missed. Finally, in the seventh or eighth grade I found perfect attendance for the first week, as well as the entire school year. That memory brought to mind some of the work that accompanied growing up on a farm with cattle. There were times when we lost the mother cow and had to bottle feed the calf. When we first started caring for the baby calf, it was usually weak, because it did not receive the first milk from it’s mother. So with great care and coaxing, and a little patience, we almost poured the first milk into the calf’s mouth, loosing much of it onto the ground. As the calf gained strength, and its natural instinct took over, it began to take the milk from the bottle. During this time we kept the calf in the cow lot to protect it and to keep it close so we could feed it. As the calf grew, it was only natural to let the calf out part of the day, because it knew that when the bus pulled up in the yard, feeding time was soon to follow. Then as it continued to grow, it began to eat grass and we permanently released it from the prison of the cow lot. However, if it was a heifer, we did not let it out with the rest of the herd, we put it in the “little pasture”. This was about four acres, complete with a pond and a bunch of other young heifers that needed to be separated from the bull until it was three years old. You know the old saying, “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” and when one of them would escape, we would herd it back into its special little home and walk the fence row and fix the fence where it found its way out. Then the day came when the heifers were old enough. We opened the gate and shooed them out to run with the other momma cows. It would not have been smart to keep that calf in the cow lot for three years, totally sheltered, totally dependent upon us for all its food and water, not allowing its natural instinct to feed itself and be on the watch for the dangers of the open field and survive the cold winters and hot summers. Sure, as a baby calf we could not let it out, but also we could not keep it totally sheltered all its life until it became of age, and then threw it out in the pasture on its own.


I was reminded of this principle a couple of weeks ago when the answer from Robin was that Luke was out mowing. This meant he had purchased a belt for the lawn mower, installed it, bolted everything back up, gassed it up and went to cut grass without a hitch. Of course, this came after we had already replaced it together at the beginning of the mowing season, and since then, had made several adjustments since we did not get it tight enough to begin with. Then I remembered the time behind Argo’s Phillips 66 station changing the front brake pads on the Cutlass. At the perfect time, Dad showed up as one wheel was totally torn down with no idea how to put it back together. Step by step he showed me first how to pack the bearings with grease, putting a little in the palm of his hand, and pushing the bearing into the grease, forcing the grease into the bearing, continuing this until grease oozed out the top. Then move the bearing around until the bearing was fully packed. After the left side was done, the right bearings was mine to do. Guess who got greasy? Me! He watched, gave me pointers, and let me do it on my own. Twenty-five years later, and many greased packed bearings since, I am so thankful for that approach, not much different than the baby calves. by Stan Andrew

I’m Awfully Well

Finding Time for The Bible

for the shape • • •

• •

• •

Put a Bible under your pillow to read each night before you go to sleep. Wake up ten minutes earlier each morning. Turn off the TV at 8:00p each night and read.(There’s nothing good to watch on anyway.) Read a few verses at mealtime. Keep a Bible in the kitchen, to read while waiting for food to cook, or for water to boil, or near the phone to read while on hold. Carry a Bible in your purse or pocket, to read while waiting in line for doctors or when arriving early. Take a Bible on trips and read on a plane or in a hotel. If you are eating out alone take the Bible with you to read while waiting for your food to be served. Don’t just own a Bible—-read it!

“Blessed is he that readeth” REVELATION 1: 3

I’m In

There’s nothing whatever the matter with me; I’m just as healthy as I can be. I have arthritis in both of my knees; And when I talk, I talk with a wheeze. My pulse is weak, and my blood is thin, But I’m awfully well for the shape I’m in. Arch supports I have for my feet, Or I wouldn’t be able to walk on the street. Sleep is denied me night after night, And every morning I look a sight. My memory is failing; my head is in a spin, But I’m awfully well for the shape I’m in.

Since our theme this month is back to School, I The moral is, as this tale was to unfold, thought maybe you’d like to take a test. See if you That for you and me who are growing old, can unscramble the letters below to discover a book It is better to say, “I’m fine,” with a grin, of the New Testament. Just have to share what 5 year old Lidy, Janis & 1. STU IT _______________________ Ralph Jones’ Granddaughter said. Lidy looking very 2. NOR SAM ____________________ serious said, “I know why Jesus didn’t sin.” Janis 3. MY IT HOT___________________ said, “Why do you think Jesus didn’t sin?” Lidy said, 4. IN THIS ACORN_______________ “Because he didn’t have a sister.” Lidy is pretty sure 5. LEAVE IT ON R _______________ Caraline, her sister, is the entire reason for her sins 6. SHE TAILS NASON____________ being committed. Lidy also said upon arriving at 7. LATIN SAGA__________________ Sonic and getting ready to order. “I will never, ever 8. CANS IS SOLO_________________ have pop, because it has lots of sugar and no protein.” 9. PIN A SLIP HIP_________________ We will be having another Movie Night with 10. SHE IS NAPE___________________ Homemade Ice Cream August19th at 6:30p in the Family Room†† Illa Moore (1.Titus 2.Romans 3.Timothy 4.Corinthians 5.Revelations 6.Thessalonians 7.Galations 8.Colossians 9.Philippians 10.Ephesians)


Sunday Mornings in August 10:45p

We are only a few short weeks from continuing the construction of our Falls Creek Cabin. We WILL BE needing your help this Fall to finish the work. Watch for more details on when the drywall, painting, cleaning, and prep will be started. Will you consider a donation? Naming opportunities STILL AVAILABLE!!! Will you consider a monthly pledge? Your gift can help save eternity for thousands of youth, young adults, men and women as they gather at camp using our cabin.


Important Dates:

“Getting Ready for Christmas� Branson Trip November 4-5 Cost is around $225 Sign-up and pay deposit of $50 now Details in the office, or call 336-2282

Movie Night for Senior Adults August 19th at 6:30p in the Family Room with with Home Made Ice Cream.

Remember the 153 prayer campaign. Keep praying. Oct. 3-6


Making Back to School Easier by Cindy Gunsaulis August has come and it's time to start preparing for the new school year to begin. For many children it is exciting, because they will get to see those friends that they have missed throughout the summer and they just like school. Other children may feel nervous or even scared, because of the unknown. Usually those fears go away after the first few days, as they begin to make friends and know the routine. The following is a suggestion for parents to help the transition from summer break to beginning school and some helpful tips for students as they begin a new school year. Parents Preparing for the Morning Routine In our home summer means a more relaxed bedtime and morning routine. However, when school starts, that all changes. It is back to "early to bed, early to rise" so they can be "healthy, wealthy, and wise" (not sure about the wealthy and wise yet). We also have to start using the alarm again. I just do not naturally wake up before 7:00a. About two weeks before school starts, I start setting my alarm for the time we will need to get up during the school year, and I get up (after a few punches of the snooze button). I then wake the kids and we practice the morning routine we will use during school. We begin adjusting our bedtime as well. This just makes that first day of school so much easier. It has really helped to ease the tension of a tight schedule. Student Tips for a New School Year ~ Get enough sleep. ~ Eat a healthy breakfast. ~ If you take your lunch, make it the night before. ~ Always do your best. ~ Develop good work habits, like writing down your assignments and turning in your assignments on time. ~ Take your time with school work. If you don't understand something, ask the teacher (it's okay). ~ Keep a sense of humor. Mistakes happen, just learn from them and be able to laugh at yourself. People see the way we relate to our family and others. Schedules, assignments, and activities can cause tension and heated "discussions." As Christians we are to be different and sometimes that can be as simple as planning ahead. "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good work and glorify your Father in heaven" Matthew 5:16



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