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First Baptist Owensboro

November 2017

Table of Contents A Word from Paul������������������������������������������������� 1 Coming Soon to FBC����������������������������������������2–3 The holiday season is upon us! Find out what will happen at FBC over the next two months.

Grace Marriage by Wesley Dunn������������������������� 3 Beginning in 2018, FBC will be a host site for Grace Marriage coaching groups. Invest in your marriage and learn more about this course on page three.

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Play With Purpose by Dave Roberts���������������4–5 First Baptist Owensboro will host Upward Basketball for kindergarten boys and girls beginning in January, so we need your help! Read each volunteer position description on pages four and five and pray about how you can help!

First On Mission���������������������������������������������������� 6 What is First On Mission, where does money given to this fund go, and why is giving to this fund so important?

Know Your Deacons���������������������������������������������� 7 October: A Month in Review������������������������������� 8 Calendar of Events������������������������������������������������ 9 On the Cover: Upward begins on January 6th! You can register your child online at or contact Dave Roberts to volunteer. There are many ways to serve! See pages 4–5 for more information.

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CHILDREN Suzie Horner




ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Michele Burton Susan Dant MAGAZINE DESIGN Maeghan Adams Maeghan Adams Creative

230 JR Miller Boulevard • Owensboro, KY 42303 • 270.683.3505 •

2018 Budget I want to thank the ministerial and administrative staff as well as the finance, personnel, and all our committees involved in putting together the 2018 budget, which stretches us but is reachable with God’s help. Thanks to each of you who gave to help us carry on the activities and ministries for the Lord at FBC. 2018 has great potential for advancing the Kingdom of God. I am looking forward to the things God has in store for us. To God be the glory!

Making, Maturing, & Multiply Disciples! I have completed the series of messages on our new “branding.” I have called it a logo and a mission statement, but whatever term is used, there is no doubt that God has called us to do these things. My hope and prayer is that as you “follow Christ” He will reveal to you the need to make, mature, and multiply others with the gospel of Jesus Christ! I want to remind you of a few things regarding the 3 M’s!

• A disciple is one who

many activities. Here at First Baptist

• “follows Christ”

we will celebrate Thanksgiving with a

• is being “changed by Christ”

Church-wide meal on November 19th

• is carrying out the “mission

here beginning at 5pm. You can also

of Christ” • A disciple maker must be a “disciple” • Spiritual maturity is not automatic but is intentional. • Followers of Christ have a responsibility to “reproduce.” • If you make disciples you always

check out the calendar for the events throughout December. Two that you will not want to miss are Keyboards at Christmas and Candlelight Lord’s Supper. Keyboards will be on December 17th with two opportunities to attend at 3pm and 6pm here in our Sanctuary. The Lord’s Supper service will be at

get the church but if you make the

4pm and 5:30pm. December 24th falls

church you rarely get disciples.

on a Sunday, and that morning we will

• Disciples are the only number Jesus is counting!

only have one Worship at 10am but no Sunday school.

We will continue talking, praying,

We have much to be grateful for and

preaching, and doing all we can to

much to celebrate in the coming

“make disciples.” This is the reason we

months. I close with Paul’s prayer in

have been given the privilege to become

Romans 15.

a child of God. Will you pray that God will help us as a church fulfill the Great Commission of "making disciples," and will you be a part of it?

The Holidays are Upon Us! This is a great time of the year with

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."



November 5 at 2 AM

Sunday, November 12

Don't forget to "fall back" an hour be-

The Kentucky All-State Junior High

fore going to sleep Saturday night!

Choir will sing during our morning


worship services on November 12.

Sunday, November 5 Join us to celebrate the completion of our Phase II project as we dedicate our new facility to the glory of God. The Dedication Service will immediately

This 70-plus voice choir is comprised of students in grades 7 through 9 from around the state. For more information, visit

COMMITMENT SUNDAY Wednesday, November 19

follow our worship service in the Sanc-

On Commitment Sunday, we at FBC

tuary. Our schedule will change to ac-

pledge a portion of what the Lord has

commodate for the Dedication Service.

given us back to the local church. You

Please note, there will be no children's

will receive Commitment Cards in the

church or evening worship on this day.

mail prior to the 19th to give you time

10:00 AM Worship 11:15 AM Dedication Service 11:45 AM Dinner on the Grounds 12:15 PM Tours of the new facility

to pray and decide what you and your family will give back to the Lord’s work for 2018. God has always been faithful to the work of First Baptist Owensboro,

Thanksgiving Schedule

and He desires for us to be faithful to the work and ministry of the church continually. Please note, there will be no children's church or evening worship on this day.

THANKSGIVING DINNER Sunday, November 19 at 5 PM Join us as we gather as a congregation for a delicious meal in the Fellowship Hall. Prices will be $5 per adult, $1 per child, and $12 for a family of 4 or more.

WILSON TRUST APPLICATIONS DUE TO FBC Tuesday, November 21 Applications for this textbook scholarship—available to students in their first two years of college—can be picked up at the Daviess-McLean Baptist Association. Submit applications to Judi in First Baptist's church office no later than Tuesday, November 21.

November 22–26

Our schedule at the church and CLC

November 22 No Wednesday Activities

November 24 Office & CLC Closed

during Thanksgiving will be as follows:

November 25 CLC Open (9 AM–1 PM)

CLC Closes at 8 PM

November 23 Office & CLC Closed

November 26 No Children's Church

Grace Marriage Do you want a better marriage? Do

groups. This is a ministry desiring to

will be transformed into a more enjoy-

you want to grow in enjoyment of one

proactively protect and grow marriages.

able and God-glorifying union.

another? Do you want to protect your

Marriage is foundational to the success

marriage? Do you want to launch your

of a family, church, and community.

marriage out of a stagnant pattern in to

However, the busyness and demands of

a growth pattern? Do you want to get

life make it difficult to be intentional.

on the same page as your spouse so that

In Grace Marriage coaching, a couple

you can be more effective?

makes a proactive effort to protect

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, join a Grace Marriage coaching group at FBC! Beginning in 2018, FBC will now be a host site for Grace Marriage coaching

and grow their marriage by investing one day each quarter of the year to take a big-picture look at their life and marriage. When a couple puts their marriage under the grace of Christ and intentionally works on it, their marriage

by Wesley Dunn, Discipleship

On November 12th, Paul and Wesley will speak on the importance of this ministry at FBC and will communicate how you can be involved. At the conclusion of each service for the remainder of November, there will be a Grace Marriage info/registration booth we encourage you to visit. For more information (cost, childcare, food, and other logistics) and to register, please visit

December Save the Dates December 2 Mission Tea

December 17 Keyboards at Christmas

December 25–26 Office & CLC Closed

December 3 Lottie Moon Week of Prayer Begins Lessons & Carols

December 20 No Wednesday Activities

December 27 No Wednesday Activities

December 24 No Children's Church Combined Worship Christmas Eve Services

December 31 Combined Worship No Evening Worship

December 13 Quarterly Business Meeting

November 2017 | 3


pward Basketball is a national program for developing young athletes mentally,

athletically, spiritually, and socially. The league focuses on skills training, character development, drills, and game play. Most importantly, Upward uses sports to create repeated opportunities for parents, players, coaches, and fans to see, hear, and respond to the gospel. Beginning on the first Saturday in January 2018, Upward Basketball will return to First Baptist Owensboro by hosting the kindergarten league. In recent years, the kindergarten league hosted by another community church has included over 80 boys and girls composing eight to ten teams. Owensboro Christian and Bellevue Baptist will host basketball and cheerleading Upward leagues for elementary grades. Walnut Memorial Baptist will serve as the venue for middle school basketball. All leagues will consist of games played every Saturday,

4 | Connect Magazine

January 6 through February 24. The kindergarten league has unique rules for introducing the game and basic skills to the players. Modifications include the goal height, ball size, and adjustments for various violations. There are no scores kept during the games, and coaches are allowed on the floor with players during games for encouragement and instruction. What will be required of First Baptist Owensboro in order to meet the purpose of Upward Basketball? It will take numerous volunteers to fill various roles, and the more volunteers the less work required of each. First and foremost, we need a Prayer Team of four or five individuals who have a heart for intentional prayer to supplicate for the league and all of the participants, families, and volunteers. We will communicate prayer needs to the Prayer Team throughout the season.

The league needs coaches and assistants an hour or so for each of the eight Saturdays to conduct a time for practice, immediately followed by game play. The main roles of coaches are to teach the game and rules through drills, instill sportsmanship with a competitive spirit, and communicate effectively with athletes and parents. Upward Sports provides all the tools for succeeding, and a coach’s training session will be conducted before league play. Referees will serve approximately two hours on Saturday mornings to enforce the rules and substitutions during the games. Referees have the opportunity to interact with the players and teams and will lead in the opening prayer before games. Upward Sports has teaching resources for refereeing, and a training meeting will also be conducted to assist in learning skills necessary to be successful. Referee shirts and whistles will be furnished. The number of Saturdays

to referee will depend on the number

Concessions Volunteers are needed

of volunteers willing to serve in this

on Saturday mornings to sell nutritious

capacity, but eight to ten referees would

snacks and drinks. Concession pro-

allow for working only two Saturdays of

ceeds will assist in underwriting fees

the eight week season.

for Upward participants in need and/

The league needs Devotion Leaders to share a brief devotion with the fans

or supporting FBC youth programs. We will need approximately two to three

Volunteer Opportunities  Prayer Team  Coaches & Assistants

volunteers each Saturday.

 Referees

provide an opportunity to connect with

Not all volunteers are required to be

families and share the love of Christ.

FBC members; however, FBC will

 Devotion Leaders

We will provide materials to assist those

need a major presence among all those

in leading devotions and/or other half-

serving. All age levels will be able to

time activities.

assist in the various roles! Should you

during halftime on Saturdays. Halftimes

Hosts are needed to ensure the experience for all participants is enjoyable. Team hosts are responsible for connecting with the families of their teams and communicating during the season to build relationships for the kingdom of God. We will need a team host for each team and four game day hosts. One game day host will set up at the CLC entrance each Saturday to welcome people to First Baptist Owensboro.

be interested in volunteering, please contact Dave Roberts at 270-302-0682 or to get more information and assignments. FBC looks forward to “making disciples” through the Upward experience. ■

We have extended registration for kindergarten players to November 17! Register at

 Team & Game Day Hosts  Concession Workers

How Do I Sign Up to Help?  Call Dave 270-302-0682  Email Dave  Visit Dave in the CLC

First On Mission First on Mission (FOM) is the Global Mission Offering of

this year than we ever have then see more kingdom work

First Baptist Owensboro, consisting of five major offerings.

done than ever before!

In the past, we would have separate initiatives for our con-

gregation to give to the different mission agencies. This led to a continual plea for giving nearly every month to a different group. At the establishment of FOM, the church decided it was best to determine which agencies we wanted to support, collect our money into one pool of special mission offering, and then distribute that money according to predetermined percentages. This allowed for one unified voice in giving to and supporting missions without neglecting any of the agencies or running the risk of one of the smaller agencies being overlooked through the course of the year. What has resulted since the inception of FOM is that each of the agencies receives more support from FBC than ever before under the old method. We encourage our church family to give to FOM any time throughout the year. Actually, we would encourage you to give incrementally over the course of the year. Many have historically waited until the end of the year and given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. It is great to give generously around that focus in December, but what happens many times is that so many other things are clamoring for our finances during that season, which can lead to tension in making choices about where we will give and how much. One of the ways to give more to missions in the coming year

Why does Lottie Moon receive so much more? The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions is the largest area of ministry seeking to reach the most people in darkness, the world.

How do I contribute to FOM? •

By going online to

By using the designated envelopes available in the pew or the church office

By Kiosk in the foyer outside our Worship Center

Designating your offering to FOM through your regular giving. All checks should be made out to First Baptist Church with a designation to First on Missions

is to sit down individually or with your family to determine a challenging goal for your household in giving to missions for the entire year. Then divide that amount by twelve months or even by the number of paychecks you anticipate and then give incrementally throughout the year. When a plan like this is in place, you are more likely to give the desired goal instead of waiting until the last month and trying to come up with a large amount. A little every month can grow over the course of the year! When you give to FOM, you support mission work from Kentucky to the ends of the world. Let's give more

Giving to Missions through Budget Giving to First Baptist Owensboro In addition to special mission offering giving through FBC, over 16% of your tithe (budget giving) goes to mission work here in Owensboro, across this nation, and to the ends of the earth. This includes 10% that goes to the Cooperative Program, which supports Southern Baptist missionaries and their work here in Kentucky, across North America, and to the nations.

As Deacons, Bruce Burton and Doug Cavender are tasked with the mission of caring for the needs of our church. Pray for them daily as they seek to serve our congregation and pursue unity in the church.

When did you become a member of FBC?

Despite being incredibly blessed

I made my profession of faith at FBC at

all circumstances. This verse and others

age nine and have been a member ever

keep me mindful that God is always in

since, except while away in school.

control and that true joy is only to be

throughout my life, it is sometimes difficult to find joy and give thanks in

found in Jesus Christ—regardless of our

What passage of Scripture circumstances. has recently impacted you? What are your prayers for 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, "...give thanks the congregation of FBC?

Bruce Burton

in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

That all would have a saving faith in Jesus Christ and a servant heart.

When did you become a member of FBC?

hopes, always perseveres."

We have been members for 17 years.

how much love we have; we never love

This passage reminds me that regardless enough, when we forgive; we do not for-

What passage of Scripture give soon enough, when we are humble; has recently impacted you? we are never as humble as God wants us 1 Corinthians 12:4–7 says, "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seek-

Doug Cavender

to be. The key is to Love one another

What are your prayers for the congregation of FBC?

ing, it is not easily angered, it keeps no

I pray the congregation is seeking God’s

record of wrongs. Love does not delight

will. I pray their daily journey begins

in evil but rejoices with the truth. It

with hearts filled to overflowing with

always protects, always trusts, always


November 2017 | 7

OCTOBER A Month in Review

"If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together." —1 Corinthians 12:26


Sympathy...During their time of loss, we offer Christian love and sympathy to Howard Burton (father, Carroll Burton), Rob (Lesly) Dixon & family (grandfather), and Bob (Hazel) Blackstock (younger brother, Charles Blackstock).

Births...We rejoice with Valerie & Drew Smith (daughter, Zoie; grandparents Wendell & Sharon Smith), Dana & Andy Waldroup (son, Luke Michael; grandparents, Denny & Lee Waldroup; great-grandmother, Myrtle Waldroup), Sarah & Neel Ford (daughter, Julia Neel; grandparents, Steve & Sarah Ford), and Shelby & Noble Laney (son, Preston Eran; grandmother, Alisha Williams).

Weddings...Congratulations to Kaylee Whitehead & Jacob Burton (September 30), Lauren Foreman & Kent Bulle (October 14), and Kelsey Haynes & Taylor Coots (October 21).

Joined by Letter on October 1st Alisha Williams

8 | Connect Magazine

Coming in the month of


1WEDNESDAY 12:00 PM 4:45 PM 6:00 PM


Prayer Lunch Evening Supper Studies for All Ages


KY Jr. High All-State Choir

8:30 AM 9:45 AM 11:00 AM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM

SUNDAY Phase II Dedication Sunday Daylight Saving Time Ends No Children's Church


9:30 AM Jo Nelson Study

No Evening Worship

10:00 AM Combined Worship 11:00 AM Dedication Service 11:30 AM Lunch on Campus 12:00 PM Guided Tours


Awana Parent

Observation Night 12:00 PM 4:45 PM 6:00 PM


Seekers Prayer Group



12:00 PM Prayer Lunch 4:45 PM Evening Supper 6:00 PM Studies for All Ages


Classic Worship Sunday School Elevate Worship Evening Worship Deacon Meeting

Prayer Lunch Evening Supper Studies for All Ages



6:00 PM Seekers Prayer Group


Wilson Trust Applications Due No Wednesday Activities Office & CLC Closed

Office & CLC Closed

No Children's Church

8:30 AM 9:45 AM 11:00 AM 6:00 PM

Commitment Sunday Thanksgiving Dinner

8:30 AM Classic Worship 9:45 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM Elevate Worship

5:00 PM Thanksgiving Dinner


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday




6:30 AM - 8 PM 6:30 AM - 9 PM


6:30 AM - 1 PM


9 AM - 1 PM

8 AM - 4:30 PM 8 AM - 1 PM

Classic Worship Sunday School Elevate Worship Evening Worship

12:00 PM Prayer Lunch 4:45 PM Evening Supper 6:00 PM Studies for All Ages

Our service is broadcast on 90.3 WKWC (Sundays at 10 AM) and Channel 72 (Tuesdays at 7 PM and Wednesdays at 9 AM). Services are delayed by a week. Note: Sensitive information cannot be broadcast. An older service will be aired in its place.

MINISTER ON CALL If you have an after hours emergency, please call 270.683.3505 and press 9 to reach the minister on call.

November 2017 | 9

230 JR Miller Blvd • Owensboro, KY 42303 • 270.683.3505 •

November 2017 | First Baptist Owensboro Connect Magazine  

Upward is back, and we need your help! Find out more in this month's issue of Connect Magazine.