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January 2018




Pastor Paul talks about the new year

Start the new year in God's Word! Let

Discover FBC is now a month-long

and how we can see God's perspective.

this three month plan be your guide.

Sunday School class! Info on page 3.


fresh start, a new beginning,

year that God is causing all things to

I consider bad. However, that little

a chance at redemption—and

work together for good? Paul says that

three-letter word cannot be dismissed.

in my favorite sport, golf—a

we know, and so he is speaking not by

Paul said God causes ALL things to

mulligan. These are ways to express

hearsay or from someone else’s experi-

work together for good. Do you believe

that a New Year is beginning. I am sure

ence. He is declaring that he has had the

God can and will use even the things we

many of you are like I am in this re-

experience and knows God is doing this

label as “bad” and “unwanted” to work

spect; I am excited to start with a clean

in his life. The apostle found himself

together for good?

slate for 2018. As I reflect on the past

many times in jail for his faith, and

year, I can see clearly how God used

there is no doubt Paul saw each of those

the good and the bad to challenge, love,

instances as God working those experi-

grow, encourage, and even discipline

ences together for good.

me in my spiritual life.

This verse has one more caveat. Paul qualifies who can claim it as a promise from God. He states very clearly that “those who love God and are called

Are there things that happened in

according to His purpose!” The coming

Paul’s words to the church in the book

your life in 2017 which you can apply

year will be filled with the good, the

of Romans are easy to recite but some-

Romans 8:28 and believe that God will

bad, and the ugly. However as people

times difficult to accept. In Romans

cause those things to work together

who love God, who are called accord-

8:28 we read these words, “And we

for good? I sometimes wish Paul had

ing to His purpose, we can trust God

know that God causes all things to work

written, “God works all things and it

will cause all things to work together

together for good to those who love

is GOOD,” but he did not say it that

for good. Let’s love God with all our

God, to those who are called according

way. Paul said God causes all things

heart, mind, soul, and body, then look

to His purpose.” That verse flows so

to work TOGETHER for good. I have

for God in all things that He might be

smoothly over my lips, but in reality

also wanted many times for Paul to say,

glorified in and through us this year.

and practice, it is often a difficult lesson

“God causes only the GOOD THINGS

to learn. Are there any life lessons this

to work together” and not the things

DAILY BIBLE READING PLAN Disciples of Jesus take part in regular Bible reading and prayer. We are providing the following plan as a guide to help with these disciplines. Our hope is that participants will be guided and taught by the Holy Spirit to see God more clearly, focusing our thoughts on Jesus each day in a way that changes us from the inside-out. These helps are provided for those who desire further guidance in the disciplines of Bible reading and prayer. Starting and continuing a plan to read the Bible can be intimidating, as well as difficult. We encourage you to plan the best time and location for you and resolve to pursue God each day. This reading plan is for each day of the week, lasting for a quarter of the year. For many, the yearlong plan can be daunting, so this is an attainable goal that has a “finish line” in sight! January 1

Lamentations 1


January 31

Ezekiel 33


March 2

Hosea 5–7


January 2

Lamentations 2


February 1

Ezekiel 34


March 3

Hosea 8–9


January 3

Lamentations 3–4 ___

February 1

Ezekiel 35


March 4

Hosea 10–12


January 4

Lamentations 5


February 3

Ezekiel 36


March 5

Hosea 13–14


January 5

Ezekiel 1–2


February 4

Ezekiel 37


March 6

Joel 1–2


January 6

Ezekiel 3


February 5

Ezekiel 38


March 7

Joel 3


January 7

Ezekiel 4–5


February 6

Ezekiel 39


March 8

Amos 1–2


January 8

Ezekiel 6–7


February 7

Ezekiel 40


March 9

Amos 3–4


January 9

Ezekiel 8


February 8

Ezekiel 41


March 10

Amos 5–6


January 10

Ezekiel 9–10


February 9

Ezekiel 42


March 11

Amos 7–9


January 11

Ezekiel 11


February 10

Ezekiel 43


March 12

Obadiah 1


January 12

Ezekiel 12


February 11

Ezekiel 44


March 13

Jonah 1–3


January 13

Ezekiel 13–14


February 12

Ezekiel 45


March 14

Micah 1


January 14

Ezekiel 15


February 13

Ezekiel 46


March 15

Micah 2–3


January 15

Ezekiel 16


February 14

Ezekiel 47–48


March 16

Micah 4–5


January 16

Ezekiel 17


February 15

Daniel 1


March 17

Micah 6–7


January 17

Ezekiel 18


February 16

Daniel 2


March 18

Nahum 1–3


January 18

Ezekiel 19


February 17

Daniel 3


March 19

Habakkuk 1–2


January 19

Ezekiel 20


February 18

Daniel 4


March 20

Habakkuk 3


January 20

Ezekiel 21


February 19

Daniel 5


March 21

Zephaniah 1–3


January 21

Ezekiel 22


February 20

Daniel 6


March 22

Haggai 1


January 22

Ezekiel 23


February 21

Daniel 7


March 23

Zechariah 1


January 23

Ezekiel 24


February 22

Daniel 8


March 24

Zechariah 2–4


January 24

Ezekiel 25


February 23

Daniel 9


March 25

Zechariah 5–7


January 25

Ezekiel 26


February 24

Daniel 10


March 26

Zechariah 8


January 26

Ezekiel 27


February 25

Daniel 11


March 27

Zechariah 9–10


January 27

Ezekiel 28


February 26

Daniel 12


March 28

Zechariah11–12 ___

January 28

Ezekiel 29–30


February 27

Hosea 1


March 29

Zechariah 13–14 ___

January 29

Ezekiel 31


February 28

Hosea 2


March 30

Malachi 1–2


January 30

Ezekiel 32


March 1

Hosea 3–4


March 31

Malachi 3–4


Discover FBC is designed to help

those adults who may be interested in

Why does membership matter?

consecutive Sundays for the class.

What does First Baptist Owensboro

This is a wonderful time for anyone to

believe (as Southern Baptists)?

attend because it is either right before

membership at First Baptist Owensboro or anyone who is visiting and merely

What is FBC's mission and purpose?

or after one of our worship services on

wants to know more about the church.

What goes on at FBC (worship,

Sundays! In addition, it is a wonderful

ministry, and missions)?

time for families to attend since there

The class is primarily structured for adults who are new followers of Christ

Discovering your purpose at FBC

are Sunday School classes for all ages

or are seeking a new church home and

Introduction to the staff

of children/students that coincide with

attempts to cover the following topics:

A tour of the church building

our time.

Questions you may have

Please join us to learn and discover

What is the Gospel?

What does it mean to be a follower/

We conduct this during our Sunday

more about FBC and our wonderful

disciple of Jesus Christ?

School time at 9:45 AM, utilizing four

family of faith!

New in 2018

Discover FBC is now a four-week Sunday School class! Register online at Our first session begins January 7th.

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First On Mission 2017 GIVING

FOM Total $110,341

Oneida Baptist Institute $4,414 4%

$5,542 5% + $25

Eliza Broadus $6,965 6% + $345


10% + $2,965


75% + $13,660 Totals are comprised of each area's First On Mission offering percentage plus funds designated to that specific area. Learn more about First On Mission at

Total FOM & Designated Giving as of December 27, 2017


A rehearsal from December's Keyboards at Christmas performance.

DECEMBER A Month in Review

"If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together." —1 Corinthians 12:26


Sympathy...During their time of loss, we offer Christian

Darling, Bill (Shirley) Spurrier and Sonny (Linda) Spurrier (Nora Ellen Spurrier Stinnet, sister and aunt respectively), Vicki (Mike) Hoesli (mother, Ora Collier), Lamone (Larry) Mayfield (cousin, Ronnie Mayfield), the family of Margaret Moore, and Ellen McLimore (husband, Perry McLimore).

love and sympathy to the family & friends of Robert (Bob)

Welcom e to Our Church Family!

Profession of Faith on November 26 Patty Pate

Profession of Faith on December 3 Preston Horner




CHILDREN Suzie Horner




230 JR Miller Boulevard • Owensboro, KY 42303 • 270.683.3505 •

Coming in th e month of



Office & CLC Closed for New Year's No Wednesday Activities Upward Basketball Begins 8:30 AM 9:45 AM

Classic Worship (Baptism Service) Sunday School

9:45 AM Discover FBC Begins 11:00 AM 6:00 PM

Elevate Worship Evening Worship


Jo Nelson Bible Study

12:00 PM 4:45 PM 6:00 PM

Prayer Lunch Evening Supper Studies for All Ages


SATURDAY Upward Basketball No Children's Church

8:30 AM 9:45 AM 11:00 AM 6:00 PM

Classic Worship Sunday School & Discover FBC Elevate Worship Evening Worship



Seekers Prayer Group

12:00 PM 4:45 PM 6:00 PM

Prayer Lunch Evening Supper Studies for All Ages


Upward Basketball

8:30 AM 9:45 AM 11:00 AM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM

Classic Worship Sunday School & Discover FBC Elevate Worship Evening Worship Deacons Meeting


12:00 PM Prayer Lunch 4:45 PM Evening Supper 6:00 PM Studies for All Ages


Upward Basketball

8:30 AM 9:45 AM 11:00 AM 6:00 PM 7:00 PM

Classic Worship Sunday School & Discover FBC Elevate Worship Evening Worship Deacons Meeting

31WEDNESDAY 12:00 PM 4:45 PM 6:00 PM

Prayer Lunch Evening Supper Studies for All Ages

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday




6:30 AM - 8 PM 6:30 AM - 9 PM


6:30 AM - 1 PM


9 AM - 3 PM

8 AM - 4:30 PM 8 AM - 1 PM

Our service is broadcast on 90.3 WKWC (Sundays at 10 AM) and Channel 72 (Tuesdays at 7 PM and Wednesdays at 9 AM). Services are delayed by a week. Note: Sensitive information cannot be broadcast. An older service will be aired in its place.

MINISTER ON CALL If you have an after-hours emergency, please call 270.683.3505 and press 9 to reach the minister on call.

January 2018 | 6

230 JR Miller Blvd • Owensboro, KY 42303 • 270.683.3505 •

January 2018 | First Baptist Owensboro Connect Magazine  
January 2018 | First Baptist Owensboro Connect Magazine  

Happy New Year! In this issue you'll find our newest Bible reading plan, First On Mission totals for 2017, and info on the new structure of...