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In a culture that has come to cherish individual rights, expression, and narcissistic preoccupation, we should not be surprised that the idea of family, the meaning of family, and the implications of family are being redefined. Ancient cultures, such as the Hebrews, gave greater weight to one’s tribal and family identity than even to one’s personal name. It was these associations that gave the greatest significance to a person’s identity. In Fiddler on the Roof, Tevye states, “Because of our traditions, everyone knows who he is and what God expects him to do.” It is this connectedness that gives a person an emotional anchor; a sense of belonging, uniqueness, and accountability. It is this connectedness that is being lost and has become detrimental to every representation of family. The diminishment of family is not a recent phenomenon. For those who wish for the family model of the 1950’s, as if it were some golden era for marriage, it was in the mid-twentieth century when, ironically, the most dramatic changes took place in the understanding of marriage and family. The idea of an extended family was reduced to a

less cumbersome version of a husband, wife, and a couple of children. Sociologists were warning us even then that this stripped-down, couple- centered version of family, and the absence of interaction with the larger extended family, would bring tremendous strain to marriages and a corresponding rise in divorce rates. These proved to be prophetic words. When the idea of family is constantly being redefined, you will notice that it is never a growing definition with broader implications and responsibilities but, always, a reduction to the least common denominators. The tentacles of this cultural phenomenon are far reaching, impacting even what it means to be a church family. As pastor and staff, we are committed to helping families in their pursuit of understanding God’s design for family. Thus, for the coming year, 2014, our focus theme will be FAMILY: God’s Family, Church Family, Your Family. Pray daily for your involvement, role, and responsibilities in each of these.

Bobby Dagnel Pastor

AUTHENTIC WORSHIP Recently I went to see my mom in Birmingham, AL. As I entered the terminal, I lined up with everyone else to go through the body scan. As I stood there with my hands above my head, I had this thought: what if we entered our worship experiences with a scan that would reveal the person’s current interior life? Wouldn’t that be fascinating? Can you imagine? Instead of revealing any metal objects in your body (my shiny, new hip always makes an appearance on the airport scanner!), it would reveal things like: • Jealous of across the street neighbor • Only here to please his/her spouse • Can’t wait to get home to watch whatever sport is in season • Needs to be seen as “religious” but is trying desperately to hide his/her addiction • Hopes his/her parents don’t find out what happened last night • Giving God one last chance to make a difference in his/ her life • Longing for someone to know how lonely he/she is • Desperate for a word from God in His Word • Thankful • Passionate about giving God glory This would revolutionize our worship experiences! We would be real—with each other and with God—for we would know that nothing is hidden! We would know that everyone has their own stuff with which they are dealing, and yet unique to them and their own specific journey. In essence, we would be reminded that none of us have it all together! We would be confronted with the stark reality that we are all a mess for we “all fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3.23). And, we would all be challenged to confess our sin, experience God’s forgiveness, extend forgiveness to those who have wronged or disappointed us, and then rise in worship of the God who always sees all that is in us and yet,

loves us deeply, all the time, no matter what! We wouldn’t be able to contain ourselves. We would even begin to see that it’s not just when we gather that we worship but that we worship all the time—with what we do, what we think and what we say. As Paul said to the church in Colossae, “Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the Name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way!” (Colossians 3.17 MSG) With a scanner, we would gather more authentically, and since we are hiding nothing, we would be free of the charades we perform so that folks don’t really know us AND we would be challenged to make our every word, thought and action an act of worship to our great and holy God. What we say to every person in our church or family, what we think about every person in our church or family, and what we do with or to every person in our church or family—all acts of worship?! Paul says, “YES! That’s it!” So, raise your hands in worship knowing God does have a scanner, allow Him to walk you through your stuff so that you can worship Him as He intends—with everything you say, think or do—all giving Him glory! Won’t that be AMAZING? Let’s try it Sunday, shall we?

Ken Draughon Associate Pastor for Music & Worship

how can i give? No really, how can I give? Giving your tithes and offerings as part of your worship is something to look forward to, be encouraged about and reflect on week in and week out. There are many ways to give to the storehouse tithe of First Lubbock. • Sunday Morning – In all three of our services there is an opportunity set aside as part of worship to give as our ushers come forward and a “plate” is passed. • Sunday School – You can drop your tithing *envelope in a specified place in your class or give to your Sunday School teacher. • Sunday Evening – We have an offering plate available at the end of the service. • DURING THE WEEK • Online – Go online to and you will see a box that says “ONLINE GIVING”. From there you can set up a onetime gift or recurring gifts through your checking account, debit card or credit card. • Bank Draft – You can contact our Business Office and set up a recurring bank draft from any of your personal or business accounts. • Your Bank – your bank should offer a “Bill Pay” option. You can set up a regular payment to First Lubbock using that service. • US Postal – We still receive mail and receive many donations through the mail. Send to Business Office, 2201 Broadway, LBK. TX. 79401 • Business Office – You can always come by and visit us in the Business Office at First Lubbock. Our office hours are 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. We would love to visit with you, answer any questions or receive your gift. You can also call 747-0281. Although many of the ways to give are “automatic”, the worship experience and the personal sense of giving to the storehouse tithe doesn’t have to be. Each time you give, no matter how or when you give, there is an opportunity to worship and be thankful to God on what He has given you. Thank you for what you do, Dean * If you have not received your tithing envelope, please contact Susan in the Business Office.

Dean Johnson Business Administrator

Generosity is defined as openhanded, magnanimous, noble, and kind. As believers we would all love to be known by these qualities. Sadly these qualities are not often used in describing many believers. This series seeks to develop a lifestyle of generous living and giving. Generosity began with God and Jesus became the ultimate expression of generosity. The God we worship and serve is a God of graciousness whose nature is to give generously. With such generous grace caring for us, providing for us, loving us, and guarding us, how can we not be generous with all we have? We can live generously because of Jesus and for Jesus’ sake. This is God’s design for how we should live. These four lessons will help us seek Biblical truth that will challenge us to live with a generous and giving spirit. Join us each of the four Sundays in February as we learn together what it means to live out a life of Radical Generosity.

Regardless of your financial situation these guiding precepts will lead you out of the vortex of being an indebted consumer to becoming a sound steward that is able to give generously and obediently.

LESSON ONE Sunday, February 2, 2014 “God is Generous” LESSON TWO Sunday, February 9, 2014 “Developing A Lifestyle Of Grace” LESSON THREE Sunday, February 16, 2014 “Living Generously for Jesus Requires Discipleship” LESSON FOUR Sunday, February 23, 2014 “Following Jesus through Obedience”

of god When I was a kid I went to a small country church in south Arkansas. It was made up of three extended families and at the end of each service we would join hands and sing, “I’m so glad I’m a part of the family of God, I’ve been washed in the fountain and cleansed by his blood.” Then we would head to my grandmother’s house for a dose of some of the best cooking in the south. I come from a very large extended family, so when the Bible uses family as a metaphor for the Church it hits close to home. Family is a powerful metaphor for how we are to relate to each other as Christians. What does this mean for university ministry? College students come to Lubbock looking for a place to belong, looking for community – a place where they can become part of a spiritual family. Families are made up of more than one age group. When my family gets together there are people from every age group represented – babies, kids, youth, young adults, middle aged and senior adults. There is also variety in our family; we like different music, dress differently, have different interests and yet we regularly gather for the simple fact that we are family and that is enough to keep us together. There have been disagreements that have tested the bonds of love, there have been tragedies that have caused us to cling tighter; we gather in dining rooms, at hospitals, and at gravesides. In the same way, spiritual family (Church) should be made up of different age groups – babies, kids, youth, university students, young families, and senior adults. We need spiritual parents and grandparents to reach out to younger people and

invest in the next generation of Christians, giving youth a living example of what wisdom looks like and providing proof that it’s possible to persevere in our faith and not lose heart. There should be great diversity in our spiritual family. There should be different people from different backgrounds with different preferences, but gathering regularly because we are family. We have Christ in common. There will be disagreements and times when the bonds of love are stretched to the breaking point; however, we never give up on our family. We cling tighter when the night gets darker, when tragedy strikes we weep with those that weep. We also laugh together and rejoice with those that rejoice. We journey down the narrow way together through every season of life. Many university students are looking for something beyond the superficial relationships that consume their lives; they are looking for a place that invites them to a deeper place. They are looking for family. I pray that when they visit our church they find a group of broken, dysfunctional people that love each other deeply in spite of our disagreements and differences. I hope that they not only observe this love but that they also experience it as we reach out and invite them to join our spiritual family. I pray that when they visit our church they will find a place to belong, a safe place, a place of grace, a spiritual home. John Schaffner Associate Pastor for University Life

First Lubbock

Family groups have been a new addition to the Underground fold this year. Starting last fall we challenged some juniors and seniors to take up leadership roles and lead groups comprised of students of the same high school, and the middle schools that feed into them. During the course of the year we will have Family Group “Wars” which pits the families against each other in a light-hearted competition. These contests involve anything from answering basic trivia questions to attaching the smallest member of each group to an upright table using only duct tape. It’s been a blast so far. But outside of encouraging somewhat dangerous activities at Underground, we also utilize family groups to form a stronger church body amongst the youth. Each Wednesday during this time every family member will go over their highs and lows of the week and talk about any prayer requests they might have. It’s an opportunity for students to build a stronger bond with the peers that they walk the same halls with week in and week out at school. There is definitely something to be said about the camaraderie that these small groups have built and the source of encouragement they have become.

For the students in Middle School, family groups are an excellent tool for bridging the transitional gap between middle school and high school. For the underclassmen, the family groups are a time to become more involved with the people that see 5 days a week in class. And for the upperclassmen, these groups provide an opportunity to step up as influential leaders in their own ministry. The whole idea behind family groups is to remind students that their walk with Christ does not begin and end with the doors on the First Lubbock campus. We aim to show them that they are not alone in their walk with Christ in their everyday life. They are surrounded by a body of believers who will encourage them, challenge them, and spur them towards living out the gospel.

Joshua Jackson Youth Intern

One of the men working with Brent said, “I can honestly say that he is not the same man I first met him. I am proud of how he has grown, and I am looking forward to watching him grow even more upon his release.” Brent has had the opportunity to impact the lives of others in his jail pod as his positive influence affected their behavior. Please pray for this ministry as we prepare for Brent’s release and for the men who go on a weekly basis to the prison.


A ministry for incarcerated men In March of 2012 First Baptist began participating in the Save A Life Ministry. This ministry is a mentorship program where an inmate is selected by the chaplain of the Lubbock County Correctional facility. A sponsoring church comes alongside that inmate while they are incarcerated and disciples that inmate in preparation for the day of their release. For over ten months 6 men from our church have faithfully met with Brent to encourage, challenge, pray and seek the Lord weekly. One group of guys meet on Wednesday night and another group meet on Thursday morning. Spiritual discipline, relational skills, money management, and budgeting have been some of the topics discussed each week. We have seen Brent make significant progress in not only accepting responsibility for his actions but in seeing his time in prison as an opportunity for God to use him to make a difference in the lives of others.

The anticipated release for Brent will be in April. At that time the Save a Life team hopes to have housing, a job, clothes and necessities for Brent in order to give him the best opportunity to succeed in life after prison. One of the needs that this ministry is seeking to provide is an automobile. If anyone knows of a running automobile that could be donated to this ministry contact Jerry Ramirez at Serving together, Scott Carlin Scott Carlin

Associate Pastor for Family Life

FBC’S 6th Annual

Golf Tournament Shadowhills Golf Course 8AM Shotgun Start $60/person or $240/team Sign up: (

We also have a “Helping Hands” ministry made up of volunteers who can help with things like:

homebound ministry

of FBC

First Baptist Church has a wonderful Homebound Ministry to those of our church family who are no longer able to attend worship and Sunday school at our church building. Not all of these brothers and sisters in the Lord are critically ill, and many watch our services on TV or even by computer. However, we try to minister to them through our Homebound Ministry by assigning a “Homebound Ministry Visitor” to each homebound member who will either make a call or visit each week to check on each member and to see if we can minister to them in any way.

• Going to the grocery store or taking homebound members to the grocery store or pharmacy. • Helping with minor “fix-it” needs around the house. • Help with other transportation needs or other needs experienced by our homebound members. Also, once a month we ask the “Homebound Ministry Visitor” to deliver the monthly magazines of “Mature Living” or “Open Windows” or a new Sunday School Quarterly Learner Book. If you would like to become a “Homebound Ministry Visitor”, or a “Helping Hands Ministry Volunteer” or would like additional information on these wonderful ministries, please contact Randy Holman at 747-1724 or email !

Randy Holman

Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care & 50+ Adults

Lubbock Community Wide Shoe Drive Have you ever wondered what it is like to not have one pair of shoes to your name? Many times I have a hard time grasping the fact that there are those in our world who do not own ONE pair of shoes. The month of April the First Family is going to link arms with others in our community to support a “Community Wide Shoe Drive� for Shoes for Orphan Souls, a ministry of Buckner International. Throughout our church we will have drop off boxes for you to donate a pair of NEW shoes or money that can be used to purchase a new pair of shoes. Locally we have set a goal of 5,000 pairs of shoes to be collected by FBC and other organizations and businesses in our community. Working together we can make a great impact. Jerry Ramirez Minister of Missions & Buckner Initiatives

Guatemala Mission

Several FBC families will be traveling to Guatemala City this summer to distribute shoes for those in need. Many have already signed up for this trip and space is limited.

Get your ticket early!

Guatemala Shoe Trip June 15-19, 2014 Cost is $710 plus travel of approximately $736 per person.

Purchase your ticket online at

Contact Jerry Ramirez at 747-8153 for a link and sign up instructions.

For any questions contact

Price will be $69 after March 11

CHILDREN & PRETEEN JUMP! is an exciting event created for Sunday evenings from 5 – 6:30pm. This semester we have divided into two groups. Kindergarten – 2nd grade is involved with “TEAM KID”. We are helping prepare our kids to face life’s challenges with confidence through high-impact Bible lessons, scripture memorization and FUN! Grades 3rd through 5th are experiencing “Force Field.” When living according to God’s Truth, our kids are protected (like a Force Field) from the consequences of making bad choices. Join us for exciting worship, age appropriate devotions and quirky games!

T&T Bible Quiz (for those who qualify) & Sparks-A-Rama Southcrest Baptist Church Saturday, March 8th 8:30 am -5 pm Registration Deadline: Wednesday, February 12th Come experience all that your child has been talking about…action-packed games they have been practicing all year!

Children Express & Preteen Night Out

This is an opportune time for parents to have a Date Night. Whatever the tasks or events parents have planned, our kids are having a blast! They play crazy games, create wacky crafts, more games and stuff themselves full of pizza and snacks. We finish with movie. Our interns make these themed nights packed with energy. A big “Thanks” to them for making this so much fun for your kids!

First Lubbock

UPCOMING CALENDAR DATES: February: 5: AWANA Kids in Worship 9: JUMP! 12: AWANA Kids in Worship 16: JUMP! 19: AWANA Kids in Worship 23: JUMP! 26: AWANA Kids in Worship Theme Night : Silly Sock Night 28: Children’s Express & Preteen Night Out 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm MARCH: 2: No JUMP! 2: AWANA Kids in Worship (Sunday: Sanctuary @ 5:15) 5: AWANA 9: NO 8 am service (Daylight Savings begins) 9: JUMP! 12: AWANA 16: No JUMP! (spring break) 17-21: Spring Break 19: No AWANA 23: CKC Registration Begins 23: JUMP! 26: AWANA Theme Night: Super Hero Night 27: CKC Planning 28: PNO 30: JUMP!


camping trip

April 4-5

Caprock Canyon State Park Cost: $5 per person plus $5 per person park fee Make your reservation by contacting Scott Carlin at or Kristin Leonard at

Celebrating New Celebrating New LifeLife Brynleigh Grace, daughter of Joshua and Amber Jowers, was born December 6 at 12:12 p.m. She weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and measured 20 ½ inches. Brynleigh was welcomed by big brothers Bryson, Braydon, and Brody.

Tyce Christopher, son of Eric and Kenzie Ward, was born January 9 at 7:40 a.m. He weighed 7 pounds and measured 19 inches. Tyce was welcomed by big brother Jayric.

FBC Staff Anniversaries Kristin Ross Pastoral Assistant [10 years of service on March 3, 2014]

Profession of Faith & Baptism Avery Greene

Dustin Zink

Joined By Letter/Statement Damia Gray Foster Joyce Kyle Keltz Laci Keltz

Pennie McWhorter Mark Wylie Tamara Wylie

Wednesday Lunch Menus: February 5th Lunch: Beef tips, white rice, salad bar, dinner rolls, white cake Dinner: Beef fajita quesadillas, ranchero beans, Spanish rice, salad bar, chips & hot sauce, chocolate cake Kids: Pizza, green peas, cupcake February 12th Lunch: Chicken pot pie, broccoli, salad bar, dinner rolls, strawberry cheese cake Dinner: Chicken spaghetti, green beans, salad bar, garlic toast, white cake Kids: Spaghettios w/meatballs, green beans, diced pears February 19th Lunch: Beef enchiladas, spiced beans, Spanish rice, salad bar, chips & hot sauce, tres leches cake Dinner: Beef & broccoli, fried rice, veggies, salad bar, egg rolls, fortune cookies Kids: Hot dogs, tator tots, cookies February 26th Lunch: Meat lasagna, corn, green beans, salad bar, dinner rolls, banana pie Dinner: Sliced roast beef /gravy, sliced carrots, green beans, salad bar, dinner rolls, chocolate cake Kids: Raviolis, carrots, mixed fruit, snack cakes

Check It Out (Media Library)

Fiction: Fifteen Minutes: Kingsbury I, Saul: Jenkins Lock, Stock and Barrel: Carlson DVDS: Faith Builders-Auto Be Good (Children’s)

Non-Fiction: Freedom of Simplicity: Foster Girl’s Still Got It: Higgs The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent: Lutzer Books On Cd: Cross Roads: Young Damascus Countdown:




6: MOPS 9:30-11:30am 7: Play & Connect (Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe) 17: Ladies Night Out @ 7pm (Caprock Café on 82nd) 20: MOPS 9:30-11:30am 23: Family Dedication Class 5-7pm 28: Play & Connect (FBC playroom) 10am-12pm 28: Parent’s Night Out 6:30- 10:30pm


Sundays• Sunday School: 9:30am • 168 Synergy Groups: 5-7pm HS 5-6:30pm MS Wednesdays• Underground: 6:30-8pm 9: DNOW Celebration

7: Game Day (Lowrie Hall) 7: Serving at St. Benedicts (Neal Sunday School Class)


7: Game Day (Lowrie Hall) 14: Serving at St. Benedicts (Umstot Sunday School Class) 21: Serving at St. Benedicts (Anderson/Stephenson Sunday School Class) 28: Serving at St. Benedicts (Adult 3 Hopson Depart.)


19: Easter Fun Fest 30: Serve at Lubbock Impact



February 14-16 Passion Conference in Houston


15-21: Spring Break Mission Trip (Beach Reach @ South Padre)



Sunday Evening: 2: No Service 9: DNOW Reflection 23: Evening Service w/Lord’s Supper


Sunday Morning: 16: ONE WORSHIP @ 11:00, Sunday School @ 9:30 Sunday Evening: 2: Kids In Worship 16: No Evening Service 30: Evening Service w/Lord’s Supper



19: No Wednesday night rehearsal


18: Good Friday Service 6:00pm 20: Easter 27: Night of Worship in the Spring 6:00pm

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 316 Lubbock, Texas

Mark Your Calendars FEBRUARY

Sunday, Feb. 2: No Evening Service

Sunday, Mar. 16: Sunday School @ 9:30 ONE WORSHIP SERVICE @ 11AM No Evening Service Sunday, Mar. 30: Evening Service w/Lord’s Supper


Apr. 20: Easter Apr. 27: Night of Worship In The Spring 6:00PM

Address Service Required


First Baptist Church . 2201 Broadway . Lubbock, Texas 79401

Sunday, Feb. 23: Evening Service w/Lord’s Supper

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