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Emphasizing worship, spiritual development, fellowship, and ministry to our city and our world.

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July 2015 3 Insight

August Connections Deadline: July 15 Email news to or bring it to the church office. Kelly Stephens, Managing Editor Communications Director / x223 Gloria Koster, Design Manager Administrative Assistant: Learning / x288 Steve Sumerel, Supervising Editor Associate Pastor: Adult Learning / x233 Teresa Allen, Media Library Director / x229 Ginny Carpenter, Weekday School Director / x240 Steve Cothran, Associate Pastor: Students and Family Life / / x235 Ashley Gill Harrington, Interim Minister for Children and Families / / x241 Jessica Hartman, Pastoral Administrator / x231 Jane Anne Hayber, Administrative Assistant: Music and Worship / / x239 Marty Kellam, Food Services Director / x245 Rosemary Kellam, Operations Director / x225 Kate Kitchen, Homebound Ministry Director / 202-5757 Scott North, Church Administrator / x222 Steve Pressley, Associate Pastor / x231 Kim Priddy, Associate Pastor: Missions / x295

4 Happy Are the Pure in Heart

–Faces of the Happy Hearts Sunday School Class

5 Connect with Adults

–Summer Nights @ FBC –A Silver Compassion Thought –Silver Compassion Topic Sessions –Oasis this Summer –New Book in the FBC Library

6 Connect with Youth –Unidiversity –All-State Youth Choir –July Activities Schedule

7 Connect with College –College Kids On Mission at Summer Camps in NC

8 Connect with Children

–Vacation Bible School –Worship in the Arts Camp –New Books in Children’s Library –July Fun for FBC Kids

9 Connect with Missions

–Local Summer Mission Opportunities –“Steps to Success” Kindergarten Camp –YWCA Family Emergency Shelter –FBC Profile/Ministry Survey Update

FBC Women’s Ministry

–Fall Women’s Retreat –Join Our Women’s Email Group –Girls Night Out

10 Connect with One Another Connect with Business

11 July Calendar

–Summer Weekly Schedule –Eventide Worship at Peacehaven Community Farm

12 New FBC Members

Alan Sherouse, Senior Pastor / x231 Doug Vancil, Associate Pastor: Music and Worship / x237 Terri Vancil, Assistant Pastor: Music and Worship / x238 2 | Connections

Office Hours: 9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday Weekends and Holidays: If you have an emergency pastoral care need when the church offices are closed, please leave a message at 338-2438 and someone will return your call.

been for local community impact. The presence of new guests is a reflection of so much work over time. But, what does it mean? Hospitality and welcome are not passive commitments, but active considerations of a dynamic and growing church. ur church sign on West Friendly Avenue displays To welcome all as Christ himself means we must do the message “All Are Welcome” to those more than throw the door open. It means we must who pass. In recent weeks, we’ve come to consider our programming, and whether our weekly experience that if you say that, some people might schedule makes space for all – even those who actually think you mean it! don’t have transportation, can’t routinely pay for Like me, many of you have noticed that in recent a Wednesday night meal, or bring their belongings weeks we’ve had a growing number of visitors from to church with them because they don’t have a among the homeless community in Greensboro. I think home in which to store them. It means considering we all agree we want to be a place of hospitality, our assumptions about the life experiences of our “welcoming all as we would Christ himself,” as the congregants and attendees. It means thinking about old Benedectine practice describes. However, we our language – do we say also recognize that “homeless”? Houseless? the presence of Community friends? Do we a number of new call them “Kim’s people” as community friends is some have affectionately an opportunity and a done? Or might we just call shift. Our pastoral staff homeless people “people”? and church leadership It means we might be asked will be talking about for a ride or some money the opportunity this by someone who has provides us much joined us for worship, and it more, but I also want means we can learn to feel to make sure we’re comfortable saying “No, making space for us to I can’t do that” in routine think together about moments because we know why it is happening that we as a church are and what it means. working to speak a greater The first question – “Yes” to our community Why is it happening? through ongoing and – is answered by our emerging ministries. church’s past and "From Them to Us" by Jeff MacNelly Most of all, it means we will present commitments to be a continue to find opportunity to blur the line between church that seeks to blur lines between community church and community – between “us” and “them.” and congregation. We see it in our long commitments That’s hard work. It’s uncomfortable sometimes. It to service and community outreach, most notably in doesn’t come naturally to us – in fact, even this entire practices like our WE Shelter, our involvement in GUM, article is written with an assumption about just who participation in the Grace Community Meal and composes my church. So we want to assure you of the Arise breakfast, and the leadership of those who the space to reflect honestly together in days ahead have invested in such ministries over time. This historic about what this blurring of lines means, even as we identity marker has found new emphasis in the last few work together to do the work of the gospel, which years as so many have spoken and worked to be a more often than not is hard, uncomfortable, and “church outside our walls.” unnatural. In our recent history, we have sent several Our friend Frank Dew tells the story of a Greensboro messages to the community that we are seeking to businessman who works downtown, and began live deeply into our call to love of our neighbor. In attending Frank’s church, New Creation Presbyterian. January 2014, our friend Amy Murphy, the Chicken New Creation is a church for all – but does more than Lady, was seeking a space where some of our friends any church in our community to offer welcome and who live outside could watch a Panthers playoff hospitality to those who live outside. After attending game, and with a 24-hour turnaround our staff and for several weeks, the businessman was walking down members arranged to host a party in the café. Such Elm Street at the lunch hour. Looking ahead he saw nimble hospitality sent the message that we mean what appeared to be a man who was homeless what our sign says, and we were a church seeking to standing outside a convenience store. Months earlier say “yes.” Around that time, Kim Priddy was hired and his practice would have been to cross to the other has furthered our community relationships, bringing side, but in that moment he found a different thought her own network of community friends and partners, passing through his mind: “I wonder if I know him from and along with our excellent Missions Committee church?” leading us to clarify and expand our community We will continue to be active in our welcome efforts. Through efforts like Church Under the Bridge, and hospitality amidst the opportunities and the our Shower Ministry, growing support of Step-Up, challenges. Maybe before long our church sign can Community Cookouts, and continuing community read, “There is no them. There’s only us.” relationships, we are as well poised as we have ever BY ALAN SHEROUSE


July 2015 | 3

Happy Are the Pure in Heart! …The Faces of the Happy Hearts Sunday School Class


orty. Yes, forty years we have been members of First Baptist of Greensboro. We came here to open a Baptist Book Store Mail Order Center for the Baptist Sunday School Board (now called Lifeway). Those were exciting times but busy times. We liked what we saw and what First Baptist offered for a young family. We became a part of the Sunday School joining what is now known as the “2 x 2 Class.” Later, when life was not as chaotic with the mail order center, I started teaching in the College Department where Ruth Howerton was the director. Several years later, along with a younger couple, Lee and Julie King, I became the teacher and Joye was the Outreach Director in the Singles Department for Young Adults. We thoroughly enjoyed working with this group. Eventually Hubert and Yvonne Johnson assumed the leadership of the group and I continued teaching. Eventually I became a part of the Sunday School Council. Along with Becky Yaun we were the Adult Sunday School Advisors. When we finished our duties each Sunday morning, I made my way to the Happy Hearts class. I had heard they were looking for some additional workers, but had not been successful. It seems people were not comfortable with them. I started playing the piano for group singing. They not only were good singers but they were fun to be around. They were eager learners and they retained most of what they learned. I found myself there full-time as substitute teacher and full-time

4 | Connections


piano player. Their enthusiasm, loving spirits, and their spontaneity make them very special. We find ourselves back where we were several years ago. We need additional helpers. Where some classes find themselves shrinking, we find ourselves growing. On a recent Sunday, we had 40 in attendance. We have six or more Group Homes with anywhere from one to three counselors attending. The counselors get as much from the class as the Happy Hearts. The average age of the current staff is about 75. If we want to keep this going, we need help. Do as I did. Come by and see for yourself. What you will find is a room full of happy students - some using walkers, some in wheelchairs, some requiring adult assistance, some independent, some silent, others who make up for those who are silent. But I can guarantee if you come, you will leave as a different person when you hear Wendy praying, Debbie singing, Grey reporting on someone who is sick, and the whole group singing “If you’re happy and you know it, say AMEN.” Then you will understand why they are called THE HAPPY HEARTS. Want to get involved? Perhaps, you would like to visit the Happy Hearts class, or you may be considering volunteering some time in the class. To explore these options, or if you have any questions about the Happy Hearts class, please contact Steve Sumerel: or call the church, x233.

Connect with Adults

Summer Nights @FBC

Wednesday Nights in July 5 - 6 pm:

Summer Nights starts off with a Fellowship Meal. Make your reservation online or in the church office. Cost is $6/adult and $3/child with family maximum of $20.

6 - 7 pm:

BIBLE STUDY - Dr. Pressley will continue his study of Acts in the Chapel on July 1, 8, and 29. July 1 - HUMAN SCAVENGER HUNT. We will set out on a “Human Scavenger Hunt.” It sounds a little strange, but it is a great way to find out hidden facts about people you thought you knew. July 8 - BUILDING BRIDGES. We all know how important it is to build bridges that unite people or places. But, you may have never built a bridge quite like this before. Come and see what we mean. July 15 - POT LUCK MEAL. Spend a night touring Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth by walking through the marketplace in place for Vacation Bible School. Bring a dish for a pot luck meal and we will also have a build-your-own sundae bar. July 22 - MISSION NIGHT: A evening filled with opportunities to learn and serve. Missions work on Campus! July 29 - FBCs FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS: Got some funny home videos? Join us to watch videos as we laugh and recap the summer! To make “the cut,” get your videos to Steve Cothran by Sunday, July 12!

A Silver Compassion Thought



hat does research show you can do every day that will improve the function of your mind and body as well as give you more energy, less depression and help you make friends? If it were a pill, would you take it? Physical activity is the answer. Some activity is good, if you need to get started. More is better, unless you are overdoing it now. A variety of activities keeps interest high and it should include a work out for your brain, as well. And share activities with others. This encourages consistency and increases your enjoyment. Any amount will help and we can all be in better shape in two weeks than we are today. Let’s get moving!

Silver Compassion Topic Sessions

Monday, July 20 | Room 102

SESSION ONE (6:30 pm – 7:30 pm): Let’s Talk About Where We Are Going Empty nest…sandwich generation…career transitions; these and many more issues dominate the lives of couples moving into the second half of life. This seminar will help couples think of ways to claim a fresh vision of how they will prepare for—and walk through—the stages that make up the second half of live. SESSION TWO (7:45 – 8:45): Estate Planning and Family Harmony Estate planning is not only about wills and the distribution of wealth. This seminar will offer ways to make this a time to plan a legacy of love. Topics will include how to have family conversations around often contentious issues, and actions that can be taken in life that will foster harmony at the end of one’s life.

Take a Break Sundays this Summer at Oasis A Summer Sunday School Option


oin Oasis for a week, a month, or the whole summer. Oasis is an on-going Sunday School class which meets through August 30. It affords the Sunday School teachers the opportunity to catch their breath while their class attends Oasis. In July Oasis will use the Formations Sunday School material. Books will be available to those wishing to attend. In August we will utilize material generated in-house which will examine the same scriptural text upon which that morning’s sermon is based. Oasis begins at 9:30 am each Sunday morning in room 102. We look forward to exploring scripture together with you during this quality Bible study time. Contact Steve Sumerel for more information - | 274-3286, x233.

New Book in the FBC Library

The Daily Bible: In Chronological Order by F. LeGard Smith, Compiler

The much-loved Daily Bible includes several helpful features. Devotional commentary provides historical and spiritual insights and helps readers grasp the flow of revelation and apply it to their lives.

The FBC Library is open to everyone to check out books, DVDs, audio books, and magazines.

Stop by - Check it out! July 2015 | 5

Connect with Youth

Unidiversity Youth Camp p University of Tennessee - Knoxville July 20-25


or 13 years our youth have been going to Unidiversity Youth Camp. This summer camp began in 1993 when four youth ministers decided to get together to create their own youth camp. They realized that pooling the resources and the talents of multiple churches created a great camp experience for their youth. Today, Unidiversity has grown to include over twenty churches from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Kentucky. The camp is led by youth ministers and church volunteers to help youth see themselves as a member of God’s larger Church, which represents many different gifts, talents, styles and viewpoints. Unidiversity seeks to help youth see themselves as unique individuals crafted by the creative power of a loving God who is revealed in Jesus the Christ. The 2015 theme for camp is “It’s Complicated.” Life would be so much easier if we could go back to preschool when we had snack time, recess time, nap time, and learned fun things with fun friends. But, we grow up. As we grow, the expectations and responsibilities we have, grow too. Sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming. Life can be complicated. Going to school, dealing with parents, navigating friendships and trying to figure out faith can make life even more complicated. This summer, 19 FBC youth will explore the complicated areas of their lives and get some help and support for the journey as they dig into scripture and talk about life to seek answers. They will learn and play together to grow in fellowship. They will gather for worship and give God the best they have to offer. They will have a lot of fun! And, we will pray for them.

All-State Youth Choir Western NC Tour | July 19-26


he start of each new year for our high school youth choir members begins with the much anticipated audition or re-applying to participate in the North Carolina All-State Youth Choir tour. These youth who can do anything (or nothing) in the summer when they are out of school choose to participate in “All-State” as it is fondly referred to by them. For one week in July, teenagers who love music meet at a college college campus in NC to begin learning music and melding their voices together and getting to know new friends and reconnecting with returning All-Staters from all across North Carolina. During the week these kids sing, laugh, share, study, serve, love and minister all across our state. This year’s theme is “Light for the World.” “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” John 8:12. The tour alternates between the East, West or Central part of NC. This year it is the West and the kids will be staying at Gardner Webb University. The good news is the final concert is at Ardmore Baptist Church in Winston Salem on Sunday, July 26 at 6 pm. Mark your calendar to hear this amazing choir in Winston or at one of their other locations. The full concert schedule is: 22nd-FBC Shelby, 7 pm 25th-FBC Morganton, 6 pm 23rd-FBC Boone, 7 pm 26th-FBC Lincolnton, 10:30 am 24th-FBC Weaverville, 7 pm 26th-Ardmore Baptist, 6 pm Pray for our 11 youth participating in All-State this year as they travel NC to serve and share the love of Christ! Gracen Blake Jilien Steelman Kendall Gooding Anna Stephens Sam Messick Meredith Twigg Lindley Sample John Weeks Bryce Starnes Lindsay Worsley Cassie Starnes

July Schedule - - Don’t miss out on the FUN! 1-4: High School Youth at CLUE Camp. Metro Baptist, NYC 6 | Mon: Lunch & Love Thy #Selfie. 11 am 7 | Tues: Grasshoppers Game. 12:30 pm 8 | Wed: Pizza & Love Thy #Selfie Small Groups. 5 pm 13-17: Youth helpers at VBS. 9 am - 12 noon 13 | Mon: Lunch & Love Thy #Selfie. 11 am 15 | Wed: Pizza & Love Thy #Selfie Small Groups. 5 pm 16 | Thu: Matinee Movie “Minions.” Following VBS 19-26: All-State Youth Choir. Gardner Webb University 20-25: Unidiversity. University of Tennessee-Knoxville 26 | Sun: All-State Youth Choir Final Concert. Ardmore Baptist, Winston Salem. 6 pm 27-31: Worship In The Arts camp. 9 am - 1 pm 27 | Mon: Lunch & Love Thy #Selfie. 11 am 27 | Mon: Movie Night. Anna Stephens’ house, 1909 Milan Road. 8 pm 29 | Wed: Pizza & Love Thy #Selfie Small Groups. 5 pm 6 | Connections

Connect with College

Stephen Rich


his summer I am working at Gordon College’s La Vida program in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of New York. I am working as a “Sherpa,” or guide, for wilderness trips for high school and college students. Our backpacking trips, ranging form 6-12 days, include either hiking or canoeing trips. These trips are designed to foster individual character growth, leadership development, Christian community, and ultimately growth in personal relationship with the Lord. While on a trip, students are faced with various challenges and leadership initiatives to explore their physical and leadership potential. Students also learn more about what it looks like to live in intentional Christian communities as they trek through the wilderness for extended periods of time with a small group of other students. By going into the wilderness, students are provided an environment away from technology and the demands of everyday life to take a step back, learn about and appreciate God’s creation, and have time to open up their hearts to experience God in new ways. I would greatly appreciate your prayers throughout this summer—pray for the students to experience the Lord in new and life-changing ways, and pray for me and the rest of the staff to be continually filling ourselves with His Spirit, that He may increase in us the strength and faith to bear His image to each other and to the students.

Robyn Cothran


have spent the past 13 summers at Camp Crestridge for Girls in Black Mountain, NC. This is my 3rd summer as a staffer where I serve as a counselor to 11-12 year old girls.

Raleigh Cothran


or 14 summers I have gone to Camp Ridgecrest for Boys in Black Mountain, NC. This is my 5th summer as a staffer. I am a counselor to 11-13 year old boys.

Erin Stephens am excited for the opportunity that I have been

I Courtney Key


his summer I am a camp counselor at Camp Oak Hill. By either sending children down the zipline or seeing a child experience a worship song for the first time, I am able to see God work in them. I am blessed to be able to spread God’s love to them in all of my actions!

given to serve as this summer’s Spiritual Life Specialist at Camp Don Lee in Arapahoe, NC. I lead the “Encounters” Bible study and activities for the campers (ages 6-17). This can be challenging because of the wide range of ages, but I am working with some great staff and that makes it easy. I am also part of the worship leadership team and get to help plan and sing in worship which you know I love! More than anything I love that Camp Don Lee focuses on a small group model that gives campers the chance to grow closer together and use those strong bonds to continue to grow in a personal relationship with Christ. It is going to be a great summer here and I appreciate the prayers of my FBC family for myself, the Camp Don Lee staff and the campers we “encounter!” July 2015 | 7

Connect with Children

...engaging young artists in a life of Christian worship

July 27 – 31 | 9 am – 1 pm

Vacation Bible School

Grades 2-7 (2014-15 school year)

$40/camper. FBC registrants may enroll a guest for $25. Register Online:

July 13-17 | 9 am-12 pm

Campers will explore “Rooms of Worship” in choral music, drama, visual arts, instruments and sacred dance. Campers will bring a bag lunch from home. Drinks are provided by the church. The public is invited to the closing concert on Friday at 1 pm where we hope to see many welcoming faces from FBC and the community.

Can you help us supply our VBS needs to bring Nazareth to life? We are happy to use donations or return borrowed items! • 6 canopy/tailgating tents • 3 mortar and pestles • Solid colored flat sheets (all sizes) • Large baskets • Large urns or pots • Small woven rugs (appropriate for Bible times!)

Class Leaders: Worship | Ashley Harrington, Interim Minister of Children, First Baptist Greensboro

Bring these items to the Children’s Ministry Office beside the elementary wing’s entrance by July 10 and be sure to mark your items if you would like them returned. We still have places for you to participate in a transformative week for children! We still need tribe leaders and shopkeepers to complete our marketplace. If you’re interested, please contact Ashley Gill Harrington - | x241.

Choral | Doug and Terri Vancil, Ministers of Music and Worship, First Baptist, Greensboro Visual Art | Monica Hix, Interim Director of Music, First Friends Meeting, Greensboro Sacred Dance/Movement | Betsy Reeves, Moving Liturgy Dance Ensemble, Burlington Camp Director: Terri Vancil, | x238

Children’s Library - New Books !! July Fun for FBC KIDS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Graberstein I Totally Funniest by James Patterson Danger Down the Nile by James Patterson House of Robots by James Patterson Popular Clone by M. E. Castle Cloneward Bound by M. E. Castle Game of Clones by M. E. Castle Clones vs. Aliens by M. E. Castle Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson Leaf Man by Lois Ehler Olivia Claus by Kama Einhorn Bats in the Band by Brian Lies The Animals’ Santa by Jan Brett Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Ehlert The Noisy, Noisy Farm by Stephanie Stansbie Chick-o-Saurus Rex by Lenore Jennewein You Will Be My Friend! by Peter Brown Llama Llama and the Bully Goat by Anna Dewdney • Drop It, Rocket by Tad Hills 8 | Connections


oin the fun activities planned for kids and families this summer. Mark your calendars! Questions/Information, contact Ashley Gill Harrington - | x241.

• CHILDREN’S MUSEUM - Thursday, July 9 | 10 am | 220 North Church Street. All ages. Cost: $8 for children & adults. RSVP by Friday, July 7. • MISSION DAY - Tuesday, July 21 | 1-2:30 pm | Children’s Assembly Room. All ages. FREE. RSVP by Monday, July 20. Come help us serve! • 5TH GRADE GATHERING - August, Date/Time TBD. Rising 6th graders will get together one last time as they get ready to enter the youth group! • SPRAYGROUND AT BARBER PARK - Thursday, August 6 |9:30-11 am 1500 Dans Road. All ages. g FREE. Bring g a towel and sunscreen.

Connect with Missions

Local Summer Mission Opportunities Abound BY KIM PRIDDY


ummer is underway and our youth are traveling on mission trips to Greenville, SC and New York City. The good news is that you do not have to travel or take vacation days from work or play to continue doing the work of the church. Although I loved the opportunity I had to go to Nicaragua - to go to a foreign land and share God’s love, to immerse myself in their culture, and to be away from home responsibilities, we sometimes just do not have the time and space. This summer there are a variety of nearby mission opportunities that include volunteering at Bessemer Elementary, delivering Mobile Meals, helping out at Rosewood VBS, and serving dinner at Grace Community Church. Most of these activities are family-friendly. If you have any questions or need assistance in finding a place to serve, contact me - | x295.


9 am - 1 pm

t last year’s Kindergarten Camp the children touched volunteers with their enthusiasm for learning. Children learned more than colors, letters, and numbers. They learned about their school, to walk in a line, the location of the library, and how to go through the lunch line. This camp assisted children in building their confidence so that they would be prepared for their first day of school. Come be a kid again by volunteering at the 2nd Annual Bessemer Elementary Kindergarten Camp. Help is needed with breakfast, lunch, music, art, library, PE, reading, and centers. To volunteer or ask question, contact Kim Priddy at l x295.

YWCA Family Emergency Shelter


hanks to the many who volunteered with the YWCA Women’s Winter Emergency Shelter. The YWCA is offering an emergency shelter to women and their families beginning mid-July. For more information about the shelter, contact Jan Hill at or 4040608. Online sign-up: .

FBC Profile/Ministry Survey Update


hank you to all who have completed the ministry survey that was sent out from the Missions Committee. We hope that we have heard from you, but if not, it is not too late! There are two options: Complete the survey online at or fill out a paper copy found on the information boards at the church and return it to the church office. In September, the Missions Committee will share the results with church. The information provided will help us to discern, guide and reveal where we need education with respect to our ministry partners and mission opportunities.

FBC Women’s Ministry

Women’s Fall Retreat

Ocean Isle Beach | October 23-25


ark your calendar and prepare yourself for FBC’s Fall Women’s Retreat Registration will open on July 1. Space is limited to the first 36 to sign-up and accommodations will be cozy. The cost is $100/person ($50 registration deposit and $50 due Sept 1). This will be an intergenerational time for women to rest, relax, grow in spirit and have their spirits renewed. More info: Kim Priddy - or Ashley Gill Harrington -

Join Our Women’s Email Group: We are building a database of email addresses for the women of FBC. If you are interested in receiving information about women’s studies, gatherings, retreats, and more, send an email to Put “women’s ministries” in the subject line and send your name and email address in the body of the email.

Girls Night Out Thursday, July 23 | 7 pm Kelly Cornett’s home 7892 Bufflehead Court Mark your calendar for our July “Girls Night Out.” All women of FBC are invited for a night out to enjoy each other’s company and fellowship together. Bring goodies or drinks to share. July 2015 | 9

Connect with One Another

July Birthdays 1. Cheryl Angel, Gary Beech, Michael Mathews 2. Renee Fila 3. No FBC Birthdays 4. Cynthia Hartis, Molly Lyle, Virginia Vernon, Cathy Wells 5. Louise Garcia, Carol Matthews, Mike Moore, Clyde Rudd 6. Matt Hall, Gilbert Pierce, Carolyn Ripley, Lauren Shriver, Kevin Tutterow 7. No FBC Birthdays 8. Eunice Beavers, Benjamin Hardy, Patricia Hilton, Bryce Russell 9. Laura Cashwell 10. April Eller, Kenny Ripley 11. Margaret Barnes, Larry Canter 12. Kay Hensley, Andrew Kennedy, Lilly Persinger, James Watkins 13. Mark Blakely, Bob Ellis, Christine Garber, Cameron Gooding, Betty Hardin, Beth Shaffer, Cassady Teague 14. Susan Bennett, Bobbie Brown, Ruth Gibbs

15. Pattie Barlow, Benny Pember, Lisa Russell 16. Bill Herring, Mason Lewis, LeAndrea Rainey, Margaret Swanson, Cynthia Townes 17. Corie McRae, Jesse Rainey, Anna Rider, Steve Sumerel 18. Jesse Rainey III, Gary Upchurch, Diane Watkins 19. Tom Boyce, Chad Carpenter, Clyde Mitchell, Allen Putnam 20. Wofford Boyd 21. Joanne Caldwell, Cam Simmons 22. Nancy Fogleman, Virginia Wells 23. Joanne Osteen 24. David Angel, Jim Fogleman 25. Gene Cox, Joe Garcia, Laura Page 26. Patsy Thacker 27. Davis Bennett 28. Jack Sykes, Frances Fogleman, Gene Hester 29. Aidan Eller, Virginia Little, Catherine Snavely 30. Alan Sherouse 31. David Moore, Alex Porter, Kaitlyn Rainey

College Birthdays Kevin Tutterow | July 6

6203 New Bailey Trail, Greensboro, 27455

Andrew Kennedy | July 12

3600 Gramercy Road, Greensboro, 27410

Cam Simmons | July 21

1509 Burlwood Drive, Greensboro, 27410


• Mike Stone and Robert Stone Jr. in the loss of their father, Robert “Stoney” Stone, on May 25 • Monica Hix and family in the loss of her father, John Citty, on June 6 • Richard Martin in the loss of his mother, Bee Martin, on June 7 • Loved ones of Marggie Samuel, on June 13 • Yvonne Johnson in the loss of her sister, Louise Rutherford, on June 14 • Don Wimbs in the loss of his mother, Nelle Wimbs, on June 15 • Winfred White in the loss of his sister, Jean Stith, on June 15 • Loved ones of Ruby Morris, on June 19 • Loved ones of Carolyn Bilyeu, on June 19 • Lynn Greene in the loss of her mother, Norma Kibler, on June 21

Connect with Business June Church Conference Summary The monthly Church Conference took place on Sunday afternoon, June 14, 2015 in the Fellowship Hall. Church Moderator, Hazel Fisher presided. The following motions were approved by the congregation. Larry Putnam, Finance Committee Chair made the following motions: Motion 1: On behalf of the Endowment Trust Committee, the Finance Committee and the Deacons, I move that $1,000 each be awarded to Virginia Little and Bryce Starnes, funds to come from the Bowen Scholarship Fund. Motion 2: On behalf of the Endowment Trust Committee, the Finance Committee and the Deacons, I move that $500 be approved as a gift to Anna Holiday, who served as a First Baptist Missions Intern in the spring of 2015, funds to come from the Randall Lolley Endowment Trust Fund. Motion 3: On behalf of the Building and Grounds Committee, the Finance Committee and the Deacons, I move that $6,786 be approved for the purchase of new cameras for the building’s security monitoring system, funds to come from the Major Repair – Capital Expense Fund. 10 | Connections

May 2015 Financial Highlights


hrough May of each year, we expect to receive about 40% of our budgeted tithes and offerings. This year, through May 2015, we have received about 42% of our budget in tithes and offerings. Compared to last year, the 12-month weekly average at May 2015 of $33,459 is about 5% higher than the 12-month weekly average at May 2014 of $32,825. Net expenses to-date have been lower than expected due to lower utility bills and property maintenance expenses, and higher than expected receipts from facility and parking fees.

Sunday, July 19 Community Lunch followed by Church Conference 12 noon, Fellowship Hall. No reservations are required. $6/person – $20/family max.

Take a Bite Out of Summer…

•1-4: High School CLUE Camp. New York City •1, 8, 15, 22, 29 (W): Summer Nights. 6 pm | Meal, 5 - 6 pm •1, 8, 29 (W): Bible Study. 6 pm | Meal, 5 - 6 pm •5, 12, 19, 26 (Su): Summer Choir. Rehearse 8:30 am | Sing 10:30 am •6 (M): Youth Lunch & Love Thy #Selfie. FBC, 11am •7 (Tu): Youth Grasshoppers Game. 12:30 pm •7 (Tu): WMU Group 2. 102, 7 pm •8 (W): Youth Pizza & Love Thy #Selfie Small Groups. FBC, 5 pm •9 (Th): Children’s Museum. 220 North Church Street, 10 am (Su): StepUp Ministry Clothing Collection. Atrium, 9 am •12 •12 (Su): Finance Meeting. 108-C, 12 noon •13-17: Vacation Bible School. FBC, 9 am - 12 noon •13 (M): Youth Lunch & Love Thy #Selfie. FBC, 11 am •13 (M): Deacon’s Meeting. 102, 7 pm •14 (Tu): WMU Group 3. 102, 9:30 am •14 (Tu): WMU Group 4. Café, 10:30 am •15 (W): Youth Pizza & Love Thy #Selfie Small Groups. FBC, 5 pm •16 (Th): Youth Matinee Movie - Minions. Following VBS (Su): Community Lunch followed by Church Conference. 108, 12 noon •19 (Su): Eventide Worship Service. Peacehaven Farm, 6 pm •19 20-25: Unidiversity. University of Tennessee - Knoxville • 20 (M): Youth Lunch & Love Thy #Selfie. FBC, 11am • 20 (M): Silver Compassion Topic Sessions. 102, #1 - 6:30 pm; #2 - 7:45 pm • •21 (Tu): Kids Mission Day. Children’s Assembly Room, 1 - 2:30 pm •23 (Th): Girls Night Out. Kelly Cornett’s, 7893 Bufflehead Court, 7 pm (Su): All-State Youth Choir Final Concert. Ardmore Baptist, WS, 6 pm •26: •27-31: Worship in the Arts Camp. FBC, 9 am - 1 pm •27 (M): Youth Lunch & Love Thy #Selfie. FBC, 11 am - 1 pm •27 (M): Youth Movie Night. Stephens’ House. 1909 Milan Road, 8-10 pm •29 (W): Youth Pizza & Love Thy #Selfie Small Groups. FBC, 5 pm •31 (F): Worship in the Arts Camp Closing Concert. Sanctuary, 1 pm •Adults •All Ages •Children •Seniors •Weekday School •Worship •Youth


Summer Weekly Schedule Sunday AM @FBC

•Summer Choir - 8:30 am Study - 9:15 am • Bible Worship - 10:30 am •Guest Reception - 11:45 am, 209 • Wednesdays@FBC

Meal - Dinner is •Fellowship served between 5-6 pm

Reservations - Due Tuesday at 12 noon – 274.3286 or Summer Nights - 6 pm Bible Study - 6 pm

• •

Fellowship Meals

Wednesdays @ 5-6 pm 1: Burgers/HotDogs, Beans, Potato Salad, Apple Pie 8: Chef’s Choice 15: Potluck Dinner & Build-Your-Own Sundae 22: From the Garden 29: Salad Palooza

Sunday, July 19 6 pm

Worship and Dinner at Peacehaven Community Farm 1458 NC 61, Whitsett, NC

Worship at 6:00 pm | Dinner on the grounds around 6:45 pm Bring pot luck dishes to share and chairs or blanket to sit on. Wear comfortable clothes. Join us as we worship our God and immerse ourselves in God’s creative majesty. July 2015 | 11

First Baptist Church Greensboro


1000 West Friendly Avenue Greensboro, NC 27401


NO. 179

Responding to the Invitation on May 31 - Joining Sunday

Kate Austin

Barbara Bravo and her son, Thomas Bush

Joanna Bryson

Ruth Caraker

Shaun and Maggie Martin

James Pate (with his wife, Erin)

by Statement

by Statement

by Statement

by Baptism

by Statement

Barbara by Statement and Thomas by Baptism

Profile for First Baptist Church Greensboro

Connections Newsletter - July 2015  

Connections is a monthly newsletter of First Baptist Church Greensboro

Connections Newsletter - July 2015  

Connections is a monthly newsletter of First Baptist Church Greensboro

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