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At Brenham’s First Baptist Church, we are a faith family! In fact, the first step in us becoming a family is our personal faith commitment to Jesus. By faith, we commit our lives to Jesus and begin our faith journey.

At Brenham’s First Baptist Church, we want to help people grow in their love relationship with God. Just as all relationships grow in time, we want people to spend time with God in personal and group worship.

We want all people to know Jesus and His love for them. It is our mission to lovingly lead people to be followers of Jesus.

In personal worship we guide people: -To spend time reading, studying and living the truths of the Bible. -To have a conversational relationship with God through prayer.

Jesus was a servant! He told His followers to serve in humility as He did. At BFBC, we want people to serve in and through the church by going into our community and the world. We serve by: -Making friends wilth all people and lovingly helping make a difference in their lives. -Verbally sharing the Good News of Jesus with those have haven’t heard. -Praying & encouraging one another. -Being like Jesus and meeting physical, emotional and life-skill needs.


If you want to know more about Jesus or our church, attend Connecting @ FBC.

In groups we: -Worship as a faith family in singing, praying, giving, teaching, baptizing and observing the Lord’s Supper. -Gather in small groups to build deep fatih relationships with others. Groups meet on-campus and off-campus.

(See Growth Opportunities in this brochure.)

(See Service Opportunities in this brochure.)

Growth Opportunities Connecting @ FBC

-Every other month we offer an opportunity for you to know a little more about our church and your faith. Connecting @ FBC is led by our Pastor and provides you an informal atmosphere to ask questions you may have about the church or God.

Sunday Bible Study

-At 9:45am each Sunday, we offer small group Bible Studies for all ages. Located throughout our campus, we have discussion-oriented topical and Bible book studies designed to help you grow in your relationship with God.

Home Teams

-Offered at various times each month, Home Teams are a great way for you to grow as you “do life” with others in our faith community. Home Teams usually share a meal together, openly discuss life issues from a Biblical foundation and pray deeply for one another.

Weekly Gatherings

-Throughout the week, during the Fall, Winter & Spring, we provide spiritual growth opportunities in Bible Studies, prayer gatherings and musical worship. -Precept Bible Study - Tuesday 9:00am & Wednesday 6:30pm -Men’s Prayer & Bible Study – Wednesday 6:30am -Pastor’s Bible Study – Wednesday 6:30pm -Ladies Bible Study – Wednesday 6:30pm -Worship Choir & Praise Band – Wednesday 6:30pm & 8:00pm -Children & Student Bible Studies – Wednesday 6:30pm -Ladies Bible Study Fellowship – Thursday 9:30am -Sweet Hour of Prayer – Thursday 10:00am

Service Opportunities Adult Teen Challenge - Brenham Men’s Transitional Living Campus

Baptist Student Outreach/Blinn -

BFBC Discipleship Path Know



Bread Partners - 979-836-1553

Feeding the hungry in Washington County.

New Beginnings Preganancy Care

Faith Mission -

Helping people become more self-sufficient.

Go Drill International - East Africa Providing clean water.

Here I Am Orphan Ministries

Miracle Farm -

A ranch for at-risk teens who want to change their lives for the better.

Adam’s Angels - Serving families who face childhood cancer.

Hope Rising - Care and recovery for minor girls rescued from human sex trafficking and exploitation.

For more info on how you can volunteer at BFBC go to our website:

At Brenham’s First Baptist Church, our mission is to lead all people to be followers of Jesus Christ. God’s love compels us to reach out graciously so all people know Jesus. God’s love moves us to help people grow spiritually. God’s love propels us to serve people locally, nationally and globally.

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