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Horse Racing Betting System "Discover How To Pick Losing Horses 80% Of The Time... With Betting Tricks So Effective You'll Have The Competition Running Scared!" Follow This Step-By-Step Plan For Laying Horses... And Shovel In The Pounds Practically Overnight. Guaranteed! Let's face it. . .you don't go to the track to lose. And yet, even though you've spent hundreds of hours reading the racing forms. . .even though you've spent hundreds or worse, thousands of pounds on horse racing systems and tipster sheets you can't seem to get ahead. And even after you think you've cracked the code you wind up on a costly losing run that leaves you wondering. . .what's it going to take to turn things around. Nothing puts a downer on the day faster than losing at the track. Having to face the spouse, the kids, the friends after losing several hundred pounds is no walk in the park. But, Money issues are a thing of the past!

Racing Secrets [Exposed] The Definitive Guide to Laying Horses It's almost not fair. I mean, when I was shown how much money can be made laying horses it was like a light bulb had gone off in my head. My mentor put it this way you can be the bookie! They're the ones making money and this is exactly what Betfair and the other online betting exchanges allow you to do. You see, the professional bookie has to offer odds on every horse in every race at every race meeting every day. You, on the other hand, can pick and choose. And when you know what to look for in a losing horse, the chances increase significantly that the horse you choose is the one most likely to lose. With Racing Secrets [EXPOSED] you'll have a proven formula that will put you in the money 80% of the time or more. This step-by-step guide is jam packed with 24 chapters covering every aspect of laying horses because I wanted to make sure to create the only manual you would ever need. I cover everything from the basics to the more advanced strategies. In fact, this killer manual is already making shock waves throughout the horse racing world -- because it's one of the BEST horse racing betting systems ever publicly revealed.

Here's a look at some of what's inside. . . The single most important rule for of making money on horses Break this rule and your chances of profiting long term are practically zero. . .so learn it well! The 7 primary and 8 secondary factors you must consider when deciding which horse to lay. Learn to recognize these and gain the ultimate betting advantage! Discover how to identify the false favorite that doesn't have a hope in hell of winning. You'll make a killing off the foolish punters who put all their money on a horse that won't even finish the race The Truth about the Racing Post Know how to read the race cards and the postdata tables for maximum profits Warning: This single factor is responsible for the majority of losing bets Why bookies count on this and how you can avoid making the same mistake! How to benefit from clueless punters and the bookies who take advantage of them Get this right and you'll be guaranteed value in your bets along with long-term profits The quickest and easiest way to recognize which horse to lay Print out this chart for a shortcut to riches Why bookies are able to profit on every horse in every race With this knowledge you'll be raking in the profits Beyond theory! Discover exactly how to analyze race results with examples from Musselburgh, Windsor and Stratford races. What you must do to make money like a bookie You will know more than 95% of other punters and make more cash than you ever dreamed possible! Plus. . .the psychological reasons why most punters have little success with gambling and often lose all their money. And how to make sure you're not killing your profits by having the same problem.

Presented by Fazal-e-Rehman Khan. Horse Racing Betting System

Horse Racing Betting System  

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