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THE NEW ICE AGE --------- ALREADY STARTING! Nothing to do with humans --- everything to do with the sun

climate Terri Jackson Bsc Msc MPhil MInstP Recruitment officer Principia Scientific International http://principia-scientific.org Founder of the energy group at the Institute of Physics, London

THE NEW ICE AGE --------- ALREADY STARTING! Nothing to do with humans --- everything to do with the sun Terri Jackson Bsc Msc MPhil MInstP Recruitment officer Principia Scientific International http://principia-scientific.org Founder of the energy group at the Institute of Physics, London It is the two century solar cycle which governs the solar physics of the sun. Both the eleven year cycle and the bicentennial component of the total solar irradiance(TSI) have shown an accelerating decline as shown in the graphic. This has not been compensated by a decrease in the emission to space of the earth thermal energy. The average TSI for solar cycle 23 is already less than the TSI for solar cycle 22. This lack of balance between the combined effects of the two solar cycles (the short range eleven year cycle and the longer range bicentennial component)and the earth thermal energy will mean a rapid global temperature decline over the next few years which will continue well into the 22nd century. It is confidently predicted that both the eleven year components of solar cycles 24 to 26 as well as the bicentennial component of the TSI will decline rapidly leading to the start of a new Little Ice Age. There will be no further global warming this century. Instead of worrying about global warming governments should be preparing now for worldwide global cooling and the fast approaching new ice age. Indeed an unstoppable global cooling is in progress which is not in anyway connected with human causes. Ice age conditions will develop and indeed are already developing worldwide with plunging temperatures for example in eastern europe where an estimated 600 have died in the last nine months due to the cold with temperatures in places fifty degrees below. In India at least 140 have died and in Bangladesh at least 80. (one wonders why it is that much of this is not reported in the Guardian or the Daily Telegraph. Is it becauseof politics?). Glaciers are advancing worldwide with increasing snowfalls worldwide. Glaciers in California, Montana, in Alaska in Washington State are all increasing. In Argentina the massive Perito Moreno glacier is growing. Over 90 percent of the 10 000 plus glaciers in the Himalayas are growing. Last winter in the town of Ischgl in the Austrian Alps 17 000 were trapped for two days in ten feet of snow! The Austrian weather centre ZAMG said some places in Austria had not seen snow so deep for thirty years. Advancing glaciers and increasing snowfalls are sure signs of an approaching ice age. While there has been very hot weather in Victoria in Australia recently, last

year in northern Australia Canberra airport recorded a temperature of only 1.6 celsius, the lowest winter temperature ever recorded. (see http://www.iceage now.info the web site of Dr Robert Felix the world`s leading scientist on ice ages.). Why is all of this not being reported in many sections of the UK mainline press? Is it because they want to promote non existent global warming supported by some politicians? There have been record low temperatures in Bermuda. The Mid West in the US has been locked in a deep freeze. In International Falls, Minnesota the temperature dropped to minus 30 in late January this year! At Crane Lake in Minnesota it was 35 degrees below. Up to 16 inches of snow fell in Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and in Utah. Hydro Quebec reported record electricity consumption due to the extreme cold. Half of the global northern hemisphere has been covered with snow. More than 4500 people have been treated since the onset of winter in Russia due to frostbite or hypothermia. Over 200 have died in Russia due to the freezing conditions so far this winter. No reports of all this in the Daily Telegraph or the Guardian. Why? http://newsticker.sueddeutsche.de/list/id/1409339 http://news.yahoo.com/midwest-remains-lockeddeep-freeze-083737259.html http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/ canberra-wakes-to-record-big-chill/story-ebfrikuo1226242592186 Man made climate change does not exist. The climate changes are natural mostly as a result of changes on the sun. The Russian Academy of Sciences in a recent release said that man made global warming is a myth. As far back as 1979 the US National Academy of Sciences(NAS) rejected any mention of the so called greenhouse effect! In a recent paper the US NAS have said that it is the sun and ocean cycles that are the causes of climate change. Nobel prize winner in physics Ivar Giaever in a recent conference in the US reported in Scientific American magazine said that man made climate change is “pseudoscience�. The IPCC assumptions about man made global warming have been repeatedly shown to be false.

Dr H Abdussamatov Head of Space Research Polkovo Observatory St Petersburg and Russian Director of the International Space Station. www.ccsenet.org Applied Physics Research Vol 4 No1 February 2012

1) Over the last 17 years global average temperature as measured by both thermometers and satellites sensors have displayed no warming. Over the same period carbon dioxide levels have increased by ten percent. So large increases in carbon dioxide have therefore not only failed to produce dangerous warming, but failed to produce any warming at all! So humans cannot possibly be responsible for recent extreme weather. 2) Temperatures as measured by ice core data and tree ring data have shown the earth to have been several degrees warmer than today over the last tens of thousands of years. The MWP (Medieval Warm Period 1000-1300AD) was in places four degrees warmer than today. Carbon dioxide levels have been 20 times higher thantoday, even in previous ice ages such as the Ordividian era. Warming in the late 20th century was no differentthan in the late 19th century and early 20th century when fossil fuels could have played no part. Data from 400 000 years of ice core

measurements and using over three decades of satellite measurements, which are the mostaccurate, show no warming between 1978-1998. 3) If global temperature is controlled primarily by atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, then changes in carbon dioxide should precede parallel changes in temperature. In fact the opposite is the case at all time scales. Temperature changes precede carbon dioxide changes by about five months during the annual seasonal cycle and by about 700-1000 years during the ice age climatic cycling. Despite the expenditure of vast sums of money over the last 25 years (more than $100 billion) to date no scientific study has established a link between changes in any significant environment parameter and human caused carbon dioxide. In reports of the NonGovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC), thousands of scientific papers in refereed journals have found no link between human

causes and climate change. All the post 1850 global climate changes have been described as due to natural causes. The IPCC: As a branch of the United Nations, the IPCC is itself an intensely political and not a scientific body. The IPCC charter requires that it investigates not climate change in the round but solely global warming caused by humans(which is actually non existent!). Faced with widespread propaganda aimed at public opinion and young persons and by strong lobbying from powerful self interest groups such as government research scientists, alternative energy providers and financial marketeers, politicians have had no choice but to fall in line. Politicians are mindful to assuage the green intimidation and bullying to which they are increasingly subjected. Also major media outlets have provided unceasing support for measures to “stop global warming”. This Canute like behaviour seems to be also driven by the liberal and green personal beliefs of some reporters. Canute did not stop the tide and neither will humans stop climate change. It is sheer arrogance to think so. However increasingly major scientific institutions are expressing skepticism including the Royal Society, France`s National Academy of Sciences in addition to the Russian Academy of Sciences and the US National Academy of Sciences already mentioned, these last two institutions having been on record as rejecting the greenhouse effect outright. The Amsterdam based InterAcademy Council(IAC), which is made up of the president`s of many of the world`s national science academies, recently conducted an audit of the IPCC in 2010. It found that the IPCC does not properly peer review its reports,the selection of scientists who participate is politicized, the summary for policymakers is the product of negotiation among governments and is not written by scientists. (Read the devastating exposure of the IPCC by top Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise: The Delinquent Teenager, who was mistaken for the world`s top climate expert. Available from Amazon books and also from TinyUrl.com/ipcc-expose). Dr Vaclav Klaus President of the Czech Republic and former President of the EU said recently about believers in man made climate change “their ideas are the ideas of ideologues, not of scientists or climatologists, they have succeeded in establishing the religion of environmentalists as the official

religion of western society”. In fact a judge in the UK in 2010 labelled environmentalism as a new religion on a par with traditional religion. Significant sections of the environment movement worship Gaia, an earth goddess of Greek origin symbolizing their rejection of the judeo-christian values embraced by western civilization. Notes. 1) a recent poll of Swedish politicians has recorded that 6 out of 10 Swedish politicians no longer believe humans are the cause of climate change. 2) A US Senate report records the names of 1000 international scientists who dissent from the man made climate theory. http://www.climatedepot.com/a/9035/special-reportmore-than-1000international-scientists-dissent-over-manmadeglobal-warming-claims 3) the murderous result of the green movement war against carbon resulting in a death toll that dwarfs that of the holocaust and Stalin`s pogroms and purges combined www.cornwallalliance.org/blog/item/thebloody-record-of-the-war-against-carbonand-thegreenmovement-generally/ 4) Over 30 000 graduate scientists sign the Oregon petition stating that fossil fuels use will not harm the environment www.petitionproject.org 5) London`s own long range independent weather forecasters: weatheraction.com(managing director Piers Corbyn) relying entirely on data from the sun, with a ninety percent accuracy. 6) The effects of Solar Variability on earth climate 2013 Nasa paper. Dr Greg Koop et al "even typical short term variations of 0.1 % in incident irradiance exceeds all other sources combined" Terri Jackson 2013

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The New Ice Age Already Starting  

Terri Jackson's latest publication on climate change. Feb 2013

The New Ice Age Already Starting  

Terri Jackson's latest publication on climate change. Feb 2013