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o o B i j r o d y o B the restful adventure enture

I don't know if you know, but for people AND birds adventures usually begin much too boring for words.

The day can be doldrum and no one quite knows when a boring day blooms into an adventure that


written and illustrated by Maxwell and Faye Sevilla Smith

oo Birdy Boojthe restful adventure Boojoo Birdy: the restful adventure is lovingly written by a 6 year old and his Mama. It begins like most adventures, as an uneventful, boring day.... ...that is, until Mama Birdy finds a crack on her egg! Like most little ones, Boojoo Birdy is eager and curious about the world outside the safety of his egg.

But he is too early to hatch!

So our sweet Birdy parents create a wonderful way to share the world through fantastic photographs of places like Paris, Barcelona, and even Marrakesh. Soon, our little early bird has a worldly adventure from the safety of his egg that lasts until the day he is healthy enough to hatch. Share this delightful story with children who need a restful adventure while inspiring them to see many fabulous places of the world!

Boojoo Birdy EBook  

A wonderful story for children who need a "restful" adventure! Written and Illustrated by a 6 year old (former preemie) and his mama. Enjo...