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PAT T E R N S I N P R O C E S S A Book illustrating the process behind the creation of a Fashion Collection. A series of images focuses on the concept, form, detail and technique considered at each stage of the making. The book highlights these areas through the juxtaposition of mechanical techniques with human trial and error. From concept to final outcome, this body of work demonstrates the beauty in the development and work that goes into the finished collection, offering an alternative perspective to the garments presented. Styling & Photography FAYE JOHNSON Garments PHOEBE FLAXTON

E A S T B O U N D Inspired by the origins of skateboarding in the 1960s, and female skater Patti McGee. McGee was a leader in a male dominated sport, and an inspiration to girls everywhere. She demonstrated that women can outdo their male rivals and still maintain great style. Styling & Photography FAYE JOHNSON Model BRIDGET ALEXANDER

JOY LUCK CLUB A magazine celebrating Bristol Fashion. The magazine reveals how current fashion trends take their roots from influential styles of the 1990s music scene. This nod to 1990s experimental music is reflected in the titles of each photoshoot, and the name of the magazine itself. The magazine evokes the vibrancy of youth and ecleticsm in Bristol style. All words are inspired by the songs and albums of Bristol-based band Massive Attack, an influential 90s band in terms of music and style.

GIRLS WHO LIKE BOYS WHO DO BOYS Series of images illustrating the fun that can be had with gender play and role reversal. Gender and sexuality are not black and white divisions, there are many colourful variants. Styling and Photography FAYE JOHNSON Models FRAN GREY & ANNA-MAY RICHARDS

Portfolio Layout 10.04.13  
Portfolio Layout 10.04.13  

Draft layout for my graduate portfolio.