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DESIGN REPORT “Good design, in a real sense, is a social awareness and has always implied morality, honesty, integrity, imagination, originality, curiosity, quality, pride in workmanship, joy in exploration, and not in exploitation.� Wolfgang Weingart - Typography

SIGMUND FREUD MEMORIES In Project 01 I looked into Freud, I want to investigate memories more. Freud believed that by understanding the memories “trapped” in the unconscious, he could explain “unexplainable” behavior. Dali, a member of the surrealist group believed Freud’s theories, and often painted memories of his childhood, like the painting opposite. I think its a real shame when memories are forgotten, or fade. It makes me annoied that there is a real lack of design for those aged 70+.

“There is no need to design specifically for older people, but that stage in their life they know specifically what they are interested in. 9 times out of 10 there is already a publication for their interest.” Jack Clare I am going to look into the publication design area of practice. I want to design specifically for those aged 70+, as well as making my design appealing to a younger audience.

Woman at the Window at Figueres, 1926, Salvador DalĂ­


DESIGN FOR ALZHEIMER’S Design for alzheimers is complicated; emphasizing the important aspects of the design and minimize anything unnecessary, makes it easier for sufferers to understand.

Both Images from Alzheimers Assosciation

GERMINAL COMUNICACIÓN MURCIA CAKE-BOOK A cinnamon and lemon scented book-food, which stimulates Alzheimer’s with desserts that helped bring back memories. The wafer cover says “eat me and you’ll never forget me” (in edible colouring, yellow from egg yolk and black from squid ink). The ingredients label has nutritional and sentimental values. The text on the cover and inside the book appears and disappears like the memory of someone suffering from Alzheimer’s. Created by Spanish design agency Germinal Comunicación. It is appealing to me, as a young design and to those with Alzheimer’s. What can I do that is related? How can I look into this? Look into the way Alzheimer’s sufferer’s feel. How can their feelings be communicated? How can I create something nostalgic to them?

Images from Germinal Comunicaci贸n


ARTHUR THE OLD GENTLEMAN Arthur is an 80 year old gentleman who lives and works in Lower Hardres, a small village outside Canterbury. The majority of residents are aged 70+. He writes stories from his past for the village magazine. I felt it would be a real shame if his beautiful memories were forgotten. Brief: I want to design a publication that appeals not only to the younger generation, but those aged 70+ too. My community of practice is publication design, in particular story tellers. Who are the key players? NoBrow, Julia Donaldson, Eric Carle, and Flora McDonnell. I had previously researched them for my project 01, so I did not feel I had to include the research in this report. How can I successfully tell this story?

“Rather than rehashing the eternal battle between form and content, style and substance, I hope this work questions those tired dichotomists and suggests a different model: form as content, and substance

This was in 1939, when I was 7. He asked if I would like to hold his horse while He loaded his cart. His manner was so nice. I immediately liked him. He went on to be my friend for all his life.

Pieces of coloured card glued on paper, the simple shapes reflect the fuzziness of memories over time. The clarity fades with time.

He had a deep faith in the Lord and you would know where he was as he always sung hymns when he was ploughing.

A digital version of the coloured paper, I have evaluated that it has lost its natural textures, it looks cold.

He used to like the girls and when I introduced my wife to him, he had to give her a kiss. She liked him as much as I did.

Photography style with overlay of old photography, I have evaluated that it is difficult to see, especially for an older reader.

His name was George Parker.

Photography style book, with simple imagery and text.

This was in 1939, when I was 7. He asked if I would like to hold his horse while he loaded his cart. His manner was so nice. I immediately liked him. He was my friend for all his life.

Digital Illustration style, inspired by Paul Rand and Bruno Munari, simple colours and shapes.

He used to attend church regularly and as hymn singing was thirsty work, a visit to the local pub was essential. As for keeping your bowels open there were times when the brew served up did that for you.

Text and colour, drawing from my Alzheimer’s research, keeping it simple, although from feedback, this looks more “bank brochure” than gentle story.

PEER FEEDBACK In a group tutorial, I took my book examples, the range of photography, textures and shapes, to see where to go from here. Below is the feedback I received. “Interesting textures!” “Multi- layered picture has potental - works well” “Interesting photography skills, have you tried watercolour?” “Like the organic textures” “Extensive range of examples” “Choose one route and stick to it.” “Really cool - love the shapes” “Great range of different styles” “Nice range of materials and composition” “Great to see so many trials” “Stick to just one thing, too many options!” “Love it! Lav it!” So where do I go from here? I took their advice, and tried some watercolour, this would make a more organic texture that fits with the organic story.

“We worked no matter what the weather� Watercolour experiementation, it is fitting with the natural theme of the story.

Design Report  

Design Report for Arthur; the old gentleman

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