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JetAir, established for over 20 years at London's Gatwick Airport, offers a unique, end-to-end aviation logistics product developed to provide total travel solutions for the Motorsport industry.

JetAir's service differs from that provided by airlines, charter brokers and travel management companies. We offer more than just a chartering service and business travel solutions, but a full flight management service which operates 24 hours a day, year round.

There is no substitute for experience.

Passenger Travel

Whether booking a single scheduled airline seat for one of your staff, a multi-city private jet trip for the team principal, or a series of whole aircraft charters for the entire team, our specialist inhouse teams and IATA travel agency can provide it all. With an extensive range of ground transportation available, we offer a comprehensive end-to-end personal travel service for your entire company.

Global Solutions 24/7


JetAir can control all of your freight logistics, be it by land, sea or air. We understand the importance of precious cargo and ensure we match the right service of aircraft to your specific requirement. With a dedicated whole aircraft charter, JetAir always provides a representative to oversee the landing and handling of cargo. We will also track the flight to provide you with up-dates, ensuring you know where your cargo is, every step of the way.



Media and Sponsor Travel

JetAir are well versed in providing dedicated aircraft charters and group travel solutions for the Motorsport and automotive industries.

In addition to dedicated airport and flight management staff, we can provide; full branding, off airport check-ins, private lounges and upgraded catering. We can also provide a whole range of other enhancements that can help turn time at the airport and in-flight into a first class experience, that delivers the 'feel' of the brand, product or event.

We look forward to working with yo Contact Us

Tatiana Krakmaloff - Director

Telephone: +34 971 70 81 91 Mobile:

+34 661 58 43 42



+34 971 70 38 99


ou | 3 City Place | Beehive Ring Road | London Gatwick Airport | RH6 0

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