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gemma correll

illustrator gemma correll could spend all day drawing the perfect pooch, instead she decides to chat to nylon uk. by faye maitland.

From Twitter to Flickr it is clear to see Gemma Correll has a slight obsession with pugs! “I’m not really sure how and why I fell in love with pugs. I was more of a cat person growing up.” She goes on to say how her family got a Labrador retriever and she came to fall in love with the furry creatures. “I guess the pug is like a cross between a cat and dog. They are so funny in both looks and temperament.” Gemma has just purchased her dream pug that she has been tweeting about for a lifetime, named Mr Pickles and now even has his own fan site. ºÇÁÄ˺»ÄÇɽºÈÆʾȽλ¶¸º¹Á¾ÉÉÁºÅÊÅÈǺijº¸ÉȾýºÇÌÄÇÀ¶À¾Ã¼ her illustrations fun, extremely sweet encapsulating all things childlike, despite being just 26.

doggy style

Gemma is currently designing some cute notebooks for an Argentine company, along with a few Tees for various companies. There’s something about her style that just oozes charm. Maybe it’s the laidback look of the simple line drawings, accompanied by soft ¸ÄÁÄÊÇȶùķ˾ÄÊÈÁÎɽº¶¼Ã¾IJ¸ºÃɼ¾ÇÁθÄÃɺÃɃ¨Ä½Ä̹¾¹Ƚº come to start these lovely little creations? “When I was still at primary school, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Luckily I was allowed to ÈÀ¾Å¥š·Î¹ºÈ¾¼Ã¾Ã¼ijκÇÈ»ÄǶÃÎÄ»ɽºȸ½ÄÄÁ»¶¾Çȃħ£ÄÉ·¶¹Ⱥº¾Ã¼ as every girl used to hate PE, come on, who wants to wear those hideous PE knickers. Despite skipping the very important PE lessons in aid of her art, Correll did say she had that worry a lot of artists have. “At 18 I had a slight panic and decided I should aim for a ‘proper’ career, so I applied and was accepted onto a teacher training course.” Luckily for us she hated it and pursued the illustration dream, ¾Ãijʺøº¹·Î¶ÃÎÄɽºÇ¾ÁÁÊÈÉǶÉÄÇÈÈʸ½¶È˜¶Â¾ÁÁ¶šÃ¼Â¶Ã¨¾ÂÄú ¡¾¶¶Ã¹Ÿº»»ÇºÎ—ÇÄÌÁ¶ÁÁ˺ÇξÃijʺÃɾ¶ÁÉĽºÁžüœºÂ¶ĩȸ¶ÇººÇ get to where it is now. Asking her what her biggest achievement was so far led her to give such a simple answer, showing just how down to earth this lovely lady ¾ÈƒĦž̶ÈǺ¶ÁÁÎÅÁº¶Èº¹̽ºÃžIJÇÈɼÄɶþÁÁÊÈÉǶɾÄþÃɽºœÊ¶Ç¹¾¶Ã – it was just a little illo, but it had been my dream for a long time!” £ÄÌȽº½¶È¼ÄúÄÃÉÄÅÇĹʸºÌÄÇÀ»ÄǶþÂÅǺÈȾ˺ȺÁº¸É¾ÄÃÄ» ·ÊȾúÈȺȁÈʸ½¶ÈªÇ·¶Ã¤ÊÉIJÉɺÇȁ¡¶ÏΤ¶»}ȺºÄÊǶÇɾ¸ÁºÄÃɽºÂ on p25.) a whole variety of magazines and she’s even got her own shop window in Little Otsu Publishing way out in San Fran. This is all ÅǺÉÉÎÈ̾Ƚ¸ÄÃȾ¹ºÇ¾Ã¼œºÂ¶ÄÃÁμǶ¹Ê¶Éº¹»ÇÄ£ÄÇ̾¸½¨¸½ÄÄÁ of Art in ’06. “The most important thing is to be persistent. You have to do free stuff initially, but only do it if it will give you good exposure. Create a Flickr account, blog, upload any new work and maintain a unique style!” Her blog is a gem to the eye, providing us with an abundance of pretty pics and updates on her arty life. She’s also an avid tweeter, always mentioning the delight that is Mr Pickles. Her dreams are almost complete, with only two more desires set for Correll’s future. “I would like to design Tees for Flight of the Conchords and would love nothing more than to design some doggy clothes.” We can just picture it now, Bret and Jermaine strumming along with a Chihuahua and schnauzer in polka dot dresses either side...




get cape wear cape fly

caped crusader A man of the music, the Get Cape star talks about his latest album, idols and even a surprising love for garage music. written and illustrated by faye maitland.

“I’m massively into wrestling; it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure.” A spot

of spandex and overexcited men grunting and throwing each other around a ring isn’t exactly something you would expect a rock star to like, alas Sam Duckworth does. Well, ½º¾È¹ºIJþɺÁζ¶ÃÄ»¸ÄÃÉǶ¹¾¸É¾ÄÃȃ

When the band ever gets mentioned, mixed reactions happen most of the time. It’s either a) who are they and what’s the long name all about? b) He’s a bit pretentious always banging on about racism and stuff or c) yeah his music is pretty sweet. The latter is what it should really be. For some, Get Cape are still the unknown, yet to you real indie lovers you know of Duckworth’s talent, background ¶Ã¹ÃÄ̽¾ÈĹ¹ÁÄ˺»ÄǶɺÈÉÄÈɺÇÄúIJÁÁº¹ sport, brilliant. He can appear pretentious to the untrained eye, having such a passion for different causes, being heavily part of the ongoing Love Music Hate Racism campaign. Having abuse and punches aimed his way by boozed up boys, simply for being part Burmese, Sam channelled his rage and passion against discrimination into his lyrics. He has come to provide us with some of the most meaningful melodies on the block. Although Sam isn’t averse to other types of tune, with him and one of the guys who he is working on tracks with chat away about the new Shy FX cover that they’ve been working on. “You gotta love a bit of garage; even the old awful classics like So Solid 21 seconds.” Turn up the baseline, I got 21 seconds to chat this rhyme in time…could be a new style »ÄǙʸÀÌÄÇɽ”£Ä”


Meeting the Southend bred Essex lad in his music studio, he

could not be further from the typical stereotype. His large old school glasses make his eyes a little googly, like an old man with some intense lens specs Äöù½¾È½¶¾Ç¸ÄÊÁ¹¹ºIJþɺÁιÄ̾ɽ a good wash, but this just adds to his essence he has about him that says ‘I really don’t care.’ wearing a thick brown parka with hood up, walking with a relaxed swagger, this is a man who is sure of himself, yet doesn’t withhold any arrogance. Men, take note of this. His look and general etiquette are a far cry from that of the typical male louts that are from the overly stereotyped county, although his accent does have a cheeky hint of a twang about it when he offers me a ‘cuppa or a can of ¨Ìº¹ºÃĩÈIJúÈɁ¨ÀÄÁƒ¬½¶É¶¼ºÃɃ The Get Cape music making quarters are basic to say the least. Looking around it’s safe to say Duckworth ¹ÄºÈÃĩɽ¶Ëº¶ij¶¾Ç»ÄǾÃɺǾÄǹºÈ¾¼Ãƒ White washed walls from years ago and a corner sofa that involved me having to play ‘dodge the stain’; the place could do with a spruce up. But then you are greeted by some surprisingly clean glass doors, that slide open to show an amazing array of buttons, thousands upon thousands, the place where the ‘magic really happens’, like they say on MTV’s Cribs. The studio is the piece de resistance of the joint, with it all in mint condition, proving it really is all about the music. “To be honest, I couldn’t have imagined myself doing anything else; it’s what I’d always wanted to do. I just love singing, I love playing guitar, it’s everything I want to do and will probably be everything I do for the rest of my life.” Duckworth is in it for the long haul. Coming to the studio at this time was ideal for Sam, as he has literally just IJþȽº¹¶À¾Ã¼ɽºɽ¾Ç¹¶Á·ÊĦœºÉ Cape Wear Cape Fly”. The album title goes back to basics, keeping it simple

and fresh for the long awaited release, being the follow up from “Searching for the How’s and Why’s” from March 2008. After spending 18 months working on the album, it’s clear the Get Cape star wanted to achieve an album that met his needs perfectly; he comes across as a guy who knows exactly what he wants in life. “It was really good to spend a prolonged amount of time working on something, sink your teeth into something and ¾ÉĩÈÀ¾Ã¹Ä»¶ǺÉÊÇÃÉĽÄÌžIJÇÈÉ started out, a lot more programming and electronic stuff.” Get Cape fans ̾ÁÁ·º¼Á¶¹ÉĽº¶Çɽ¾È̾ɽ½¾ÈIJÇÈÉ album ‘The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager’, being such a hit, it’s likely to see why he would return to such ¶ÈÉÎÁº¾»¾ÉĩÈÃÄÉ·ÇÄÀºÃ̽ÎIJ;Ɂ right? “It’s certainly not the same as the last two records I made. I don’t want to be one of those people who makes a completely different album for the sake of making one, but I’m a IJÇ·ºÁ¾ºËºÇɽ¶ÉÂÊȾ¸¾È¸ÄÃÈɶÃÉÁÎ evolving.”

The new album has stepped up

to the mark, providing us with many a tune that we will get to purchase in June. The tiny segment that we have been teased with on MySpace showcases three of the new songs from the album, all sticking to the style that Duckworth holds, soft sections that follow with bridges that build up to be an absolute crescendo to the ears. ªÃ»ÄÇÉÊöɺÁÎɽºIJÇÈÉǺÁº¶Èº¾ÈÃĩÉÄà there, bugger. He has teamed up with the quirky singer Eliza Doolittle, who just seems like the female version of Sam, music wise, I’m not saying she looks like a man. “We got the song down, wrote it on Sunday, recorded it on Monday and mixed it on the Tuesday.” And they were making love by Wednesday, no wait that’s Craig David. The single titled ‘23’ is set to go down a storm, what better a combo than these two pleasant voices that have a happy sing-along style

so solid

about them. They must have worked well together getting a track done so quickly. He tells me of another song off the album that proved to be a right pain in the arse. “We went through 153 versions! I was so relieved to get that done, you can only imagine, 153 versions of the same song, there’s only so many times you can do that before you go crazy.” Luckily he is still sane and soldiering on, tackling many different projects all at once, a very talented man. Even whilst producing the album, he also produced an EP full of covers. “I love doing covers, there’s something great about working out a song that you love and being able to play it in your own style, saying that I absolutely ÂÊǹºÇº¹¤Ç¾¼¾Ã¶Á£ÊÉɶ½·Î¨½Î›­ƒħ Aiming to also cover a whole album, potentially The Blue Album by Weezer, Duckworth isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. “I’ll probably do it from memory; it’s one of those albums that I could listen to on repeat for hours. I just can’t get bored of it.” All this talk of covers led me to ask whom his dream collaboration would be with. “Vocally, Lauryn Hill, she has an unbelievable voice, but come on that would be far too intimidating. Hot Chip would be fun as well; they’ve got a real playful side and a great energy, a band that are not afraid to take risks.” And that is what Mr Get Cape Wear Cape Fly is, a risk taker, ready for anything, maybe even a duet with an annoying Irish duo. Talking about a performance he is set to do with Rage Against the Machine, the topic of XFactor cannot be avoided. “Those twins were crazy. Imagine me collaborating with them that would be mental. Pretty funny though!” We can only hope that Sam isn’t inspired by the hair-raising }Á¾ÉºÇ¶ÁÁÎ~É̾ÃȶùÈɾ¸ÀÈÉļ¾Ë¾Ã¼ ½¾È»¶ÃÈ̽¶ÉɽºÎ̶ÃɁ¶κ¶ÇIJÁÁº¹ with a new album, tours and festival appearances.

sam duckworth GCWCF



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Articles I wrote for a UK version of Nylon designed to suit their style.


Articles I wrote for a UK version of Nylon designed to suit their style.